16x20 - Just Desserts

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Murdoch Mysteries". Aired: January 2008 to present.

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In the 1890s, William Murdoch uses radical forensic techniques for the time, including fingerprinting and trace evidence, to solve some of the city's most gruesome m*rder.
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16x20 - Just Desserts

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Effie said the crown will ask the judge

to overturn the verdict in the morning.

I'll be released by noon.

That's wonderful.

I can hardly stand the thought of you

spending one more night here.

Me neither.

Although, the warden has
extended an olive branch

in light of my wrongful imprisonment.

He's invited me to a family dinner.



Dinner will be served shortly.

And you've lived behind
these prison walls

with your mother and
father your whole life?

I have.

That's quite something.

I suppose I'm just a
bird in a gilded cage.


Oh, I meant to say thank you again

for letting me use this
dress for the evening.

It's fine. I don't wear it anymore.


So, your mother tells
me that you're engaged.

- Congratulations.
- Thank you.


- Oh, that must be him now.
- Ah.

Apologies for my lateness,
darling. (CHUCKLING)

Leslie Garland?

Julia Ogden.


- What a surprise to see you here.

Yes. What a surprise.

You two know each other?

Yes. Julia used to be my sister-in-law.

That is, before my brother was m*rder

and she very hastily remarried.



- Dr. Ogden is an inmate at the prison now.

You don't say.

Well, you're certainly
not dressed like one.

I was accused of a crime
which I didn't commit

and I've been exonerated.

I simply need to meet with
the judge in the morning.

Not much seems to stick you, I guess.

Oh, was Dr. Ogden the woman

who caused you to leave
the crown attorney's office?

Oh, come now.

It's all water under the bridge.

I'm an estate lawyer now.

Left the sordid world of crime behind.

Look, Julia, I know our
paths have diverged somewhat,

but I can assure you there's
no hard feelings on my end, hmm?



Thank you, Jane.

I'll have to read your book, Dr. Ogden.

Hmm. You've written a book, have you?

Yes, with my husband, William.

- Hmm.
- I'm thinking of writing one myself,

on prison reform.

Joseph has set up
gardens for the inmates.

And a library.

They do have a calming effect.

Of course, the strongest
deterrent to recidivism

is corporal punishment.

To be frank, I don't believe
that corporal punishment

is ever appropriate.

Well, considering you're an inmate,

I can see why you hold that opinion.

More peas?

Oh, damn. (CHUCKLING)

I've spilled mustard on my jacket.

You put too much on your beef.

- You always do.


Your jewelry is stunning.

Thank you. I inherited
some of my grandmother's.

May I ask about your locket?
It seems to be broken?

I know. Silly, really,
that I keep wearing it,

but it has sentimental value.


Sarah, you shouldn't have
brought that drink to Mr. Hymus.

He asked for it, ma'am.

I don't know why you
don't listen to me, Joseph.

Ice is bad for the constitution.

Wouldn't you agree, Dr. Ogden?

Well, I actually have
never heard that theory.

Mother believes all
drinks should be tepid.


Oh, gee. I'm sorry.

You sure you're all right, sir?

It's just the beef is poorly cooked.

- As usual.
- Hmm.

Hence the need to
disguise it with mustard.


Ah, Jane? Here.

Get this stain out for me, would you?

Everyone, we will reconvene
in the drawing room

in a quarter of an hour.

I'll bring up some Imperial
Tokaj from the cellar.

Until then, I will
be resting in my room.

As will I.

Please feel free to
make yourself comfortable

in the drawing room.

There's more wine in there.

You seem to be enjoying it.



(CLEARING THROAT) Mind if I smoke?

- Mm. I've never cared for cigar smoke, actually.
- Mm.

No bother.

Over time, you'll hardly notice it.

I was just with Joseph in his study.

He's got some wonderful cigars.

Is everyone coming soon?

I've just done this baked
Alaska and it doesn't last long.

Oh, it looks heavenly, Sarah.

What were you in prison for?

Stealing the soul of a great chef?

(CHUCKLING) The beef aside, of course.

I think I'll go find Mr. Hymus.

I'm looking forward to that Tokaj.

Well, while you're up, see if
you can't find my fiancée, hmm?

Oh, and tell her to hurry.

This dessert will not take long to melt.

Mr. Hymus?

Dear God!

Dr. Ogden! What's happened?

- I just found him like this.
- Oh. Is he d*ad?

What's all this?

Dear God. Jane, telephone
the police immediately.


Joseph! Joseph!

Mother! Wha-what's going on?

Your father's been s*ab.

How is that possible?

I locked both of the
doors before dinner!

All of the windows are locked!

No one could have
gotten in from outside!

Well, if that's true...

It means one of us is a m*rder.


(LAUREN): What were you doing here?

I came looking for your father

and I found him lying here.

Why were you hovering over him?

I was checking to see if he was alive!

- Julia, step away from the body.
- I will not.

The sooner I examine him,

the better chance we'll have
of knowing what happened.

Or the better chance you'll
have of disguising what you did!

Lauren, why would Dr.
Ogden k*ll your father?

Maybe Lauren is right. Julia, step away.

Oh, for goodness' sake!

The police said they
won't be here for hours.

They're not coming immediately?

Oh, these wretched police!

Everyone, where were you right before

Dr. Ogden discovered Mr. Hymus?

- I was resting in my room.
- As was I.

I was cleaning Mr. Hymus's jacket.

I got all the mustard
off. I can show you.

And I was Browning the
meringue on the baked Alaska.

And where were you, Mr. Garland,

before you came into the
drawing room and spoke to me?

I told you. I was with
Joseph in his study

and I remained there
when he stepped out.

- Poor man.
- Well, that's everyone accounted for, then.


What is that dreadful woman doing?


I'm taking this to the kitchen.

I'll need cocoa and a paintbrush.


So, everyone has their own different...

Fingermarks, yes.

The oils naturally
present in the human hand

- leave the trace of a unique pattern.
- Amazing.

I can see some clear fingermarks.

Well, now what?

We'll lock this in the cupboard

and then I'll take everyone's
fingermarks to compare.

I'll need an ink pot, a
cloth and several cards.




I love this song.

It's one of my favourites.

So, how are you settling
into university life?

It's hard.

Not everyone's welcoming.

But in here? Well, it's better.

- Hmm.
- All my fraternity brothers already feel like...

well, brothers.

All right, all right!

- Pack it up, everyone! Pack it up!
- Gentlemen,

what's the trouble?

This hall's been booked
already by Theta Gamma Delta,

so, uh, clear out!

We booked this hall with
the Dean. Isn't that right?

Well, he unbooked it.

The party's over, fellas!

You don't tell me what to do.

Harold fainted outside! He needs help!


Let's go.


Please let us through.

We have a medical examiner here.

He's d*ad.

I saw him, just before
he fell to the ground.

He was walking, then he starting
coughing, like he was choking.

- Was he alone?
- Yes.

It was like he suddenly
couldn't breathe.

I waved at him, tried to ask him
what was wrong, but he couldn't speak.

Something was constricting his windpipe.

This doesn't sound right.

Run to a callbox.

Telephone Station House ,
ask for Detective Murdoch.

- Yes, ma'am.
- What do you think, Violet?


I see some watery blood
on his collar, still wet.

He coughed it up before he died?

This doesn't just happen
to a healthy young man.

Staying late this evening, sir?

Yes. Margaret's sister is visiting.

She could not only talk for England,

but the whole of the
bloody British isles!

- Ah, yes. You've mentioned her.
- Mm.

I'm glad it worked out for Julia.

She comes home tomorrow?

Yes. And I plan to spoil her.

(CHUCKLING) Got some new

math equations to look over?


No. Biology.

No rest for the wicked, me ol' mucker!

All right. That's everyone.

Yes. Everyone but you.

Thank you, Mr. Garland.

Jane, come here.

Where is my gold clock?

I don't know.

It always sits on this shelf.

- Where has it gone?
- Honestly, I couldn't say.

I-I can't remember when I saw it last.

Are you sure it hasn't
fallen into an apron pocket?

Don't accuse me. I'm not a thief.

No. You are an inmate of the prison.

That should do it.

Now that we have everyone's
fingermarks on these cards,

we just need to compare it to
those that were on the knife.

Very good. Shall we?


What have you, Miss Hart?

Well, a young man named Harold Tandy,

he collapsed at the university.

He coughed up water mixed with
blood right before he died.

What would cause that?

It's too soon for me to speculate.

- Mr. Buchanan.
- Hello, Detective.

Were there any witnesses?

Just one. A fraternity brother of mine.

He said Harold was alone
when he fell to the ground.

Hmm. Wa-was he someone you knew?

Not well. But I know
Harold's lady friend.

Hmm. Well, perhaps she can inform us

of his whereabouts
earlier in the evening.


Oh! You seem to have spilled
a bit of paint on your...

I was cleaning up when
you called me about Harold.


I understand you were seeing Mr. Tandy?

I told the detective that
you two were together.

Harold was always so cautious
of telling anyone about us.

Only a few people knew.

When was the last time you saw him?

Just this morning, at the library.

Ah... how did he seem?

He was fine.

Which is why what happened
later was such a shock.

And what was that?

He put a letter in my mailbox
breaking it off with me.

He said he never wanted to see me again.

It didn't make sense.


I can't believe the knife is gone.

- Someone broke the lock!
- Indeed.

And you were the last
one seen with the knife.

Mr. Garland,

whatever enmity you
still harbour against me,

please let it go.

This is neither the time nor the place.

I don't know what you're talking about.

(SNIFFING) What is that smell?

(SNIFFING) It's...

It's coming from the ice.
Smells like mothballs.

You're right.

I think it's camphor.

Why would there be camphor in the ice?

Camphor is a poison.

Didn't Mrs. Hymus say
that every time the warden

- had a drink, he felt sick?
- Yes.

And he was the only one
who had drinks with ice.

So who would usually make his drinks?

That would have to be Sarah.


Sarah, I've noticed something
unusual about the ice...

- Sarah?
- Sarah!


Why were you poisoning the warden?

Honestly, Dr. Ogden...
I would never k*ll anyone.

You are a convicted criminal, though.

I served my time.

And it wasn't for anything violent.

I just wrote my boss's name
on some cheques, that's all.

You laced the warden's
ice with camphor, Sarah.

That's a serious offense.

I knew it wouldn't k*ll him,

just make him bilious.

The old coot deserved it.

Well, why did you have
such animosity toward him?

Didn't you see what he does
to inmates in that prison?

Flogs them for the littlest thing!

I've had friends left
half-d*ad from his beatings.


What is it?

Someone's burning these papers.

Looks like someone's
lists and inventories.

I recognize the handwriting.

These were written by Mr. Hymus.

He was just throwing them out.

I use them to get the f*re lit.

You didn't find the knife?

No. I've searched everywhere.

Besides, the baked Alaska Sarah
brought into the drawing room

proves that she was in the
kitchen when Mr. Hymus was k*lled.

Meringue will burn in a heartbeat

if you don't watch it every second.

I never saw the warden.

On my word!

Well, I am loath to take
the word of a criminal,

but perhaps Mrs. Green is
not the k*ller, after all.

(BUCHANAN): What was
Harold doing during the day?

I think he was with Miss Harris.

We know Mr. Tandy was
with Miss Harris earlier,

but what was he doing later in the day?

Well, we was all at the house together.

He was studying in the main
room just before dinner,

and then we all went to
the hall for the dance.

And why would Mr. Tandy
be walking outside alone?

Maybe he just needed some air?

I don't know, Detective.


Thank you, gentlemen. That will be all.

If I have any further
questions, I'll let you know.

These are my brothers.

I don't think they're lying.

You were with everyone
at the fraternity house?

I had two classes, then I took Miss Hart

out for dinner before the dance.

Mr. Tandy was new to
Iota Delta Phi, yes?


He was being initiated next week.

I've heard that some of
these fraternity initiations

can be quite dangerous.

Not these fellows.

They were planning nothing more than

making him drink rye
while doing a handstand.


Hardly what k*lled Mr. Tandy.

But, still, if you could ask around,

just to be sure he was where your
fraternity brothers say he was.

Sure thing.

How well did you know the warden?

Well enough.

He was to be my
father-in-law, after all.

So, who in this house
would want to k*ll him?

I have no idea.

Sarah was very upset
about her past experiences

in prison with the warden,

but Jane is a current inmate.

For a violent offense?

Well, Lauren says it was self-defense.

- Are Jane and Lauren friends?
- Yes.

Apparently, the warden was
constantly shouting at Jane,

how she had scorched his shirts,

or not waxed the floors
properly, et cetera.

He could be a real tyrant
when he wanted to be.

And yet she kept working for him?

Well, I imagine it's preferable
to being held behind bars.

Wouldn't you say, Julia?

Perhaps she had grown
tired of his abuse.

I think a conversation
with Jane may be in order.

I already told you: I was
cleaning the warden's jacket.

Yes, but there was
approximately ten minutes

between the end of dinner
and when Mr. Hymus was k*lled.

And I was all the way
at the back of the house

at the washtub.

I understand you and the warden
had a contentious relationship.


That man treated me like dirt.

- End of story.
- Were you fed up?

Did he push you too far
and you finally snapped?

It never got that bad.

Lauren always stuck up for me.

Besides, do you really
think I would do anything

that would keep me in prison
longer than I have to be?

I've seen people do all manner
of things when they get desperate.

Well, I didn't hate him
as much as some here.


You know what I mean.

Mrs. Hymus and the warden?

She hated him.

She was always yelling at him.

If there's anyone here who's
glad he's d*ad, it's her.


We did have our disagreements.

Well, Jane told us that you were
constantly angry at Mr. Hymus.

My husband gave me a beautiful home

and everything I could've asked for.

I'm happy.

Or I was.

Forgive me for saying this, Mrs. Hymus,

but I got the impression
that you weren't.

I'll admit, living inside the
enclosure of prison walls is...

a strain.

Lauren told me you never
went near the prison.

In fact, you hardly
leave the house at all.

Why would I?

To speak with oafish guards?

To teach degenerate
prisoners cross stitch?

- You don't like it here?
- Who would?

I hate living as we do.

And my husband was the most
intransigent man on earth.

But I cleave to my
husband, as the Bible says.

I am a good woman.

- Come now, Mrs. Hymus...
- Leslie, stop!

Could you leave us for a moment?

I would like to speak
with Dr. Ogden privately.

Very well.


(WHISPERING): It was Leslie.

- What?
- Joseph hated him.

But Leslie told me your husband

- couldn't wait for the wedding.
- Ha. He would.

I'll wager Leslie also told
you that he was very successful.

Both lies.

So, Mr. Hymus was against the marriage?

They fought only a few nights ago.

Joseph told him that if he
didn't get his life together,

he would see to it that
the marriage was off.

But is Leslie really
that attached to Lauren?

Enough to cause your husband harm?

No, I don't believe they
are love's young dream.

But Joseph was planning on
giving Leslie a sizable dowry.



Any findings yet, Miss Hart?

He has scratches on
the top of his forehead

and his left ear, deep
enough to draw blood.

Hmm. These wounds are recent?

They appear to have been
made within the last hours.

Any idea what may have caused those?

Hard to say.

You mentioned that he coughed up

- watery blood before he died?
- Indeed.

The only time I've seen
that is in a drowning victim.

But this man was walking on dry land.


Come now, Julia.

You really are stretching things.

Joseph loved me like a son.

You may be alone in that opinion.

Well, what does it matter anyway, hmm?

- You know I didn't do this.
- I know no such thing.

Well, I do. As I told you,

after dinner, I went to the water closet

and then I went to
Joseph's study and I...

- What?

The cellar door.

What about it?

It's always kept shut.
Mr. Hymus is the only one

allowed to go down there.


Well, uh, after dinner

I noticed the cellar door was ajar

and so, naturally when I
saw Joseph in the study,

I asked him if he'd
already gotten the Tokaj.

But he said no,

that he hadn't gone
down to the cellar yet.


Well, it's late enough that
Margaret's sister should be in bed now.

That's my excuse.

How come you're burning
the midnight oil?

Well, the nanny assures me
that Susannah has gone to sleep,

so I thought I would continue
to work until Julia returns home.

Ah, Mr. Buchanan.

What brings you to our station house?

Ah, nothing good, I'm afraid.
I'm assisting the detective.

- Oh?
- Mr. Buchanan was present

when a man died at the university.

We suspect foul play.

Oh, well, I'm sorry to hear about that.

I'll leave you to it.
Good evening, gentlemen.

I've learned that all
my fraternity brothers

went swimming at the
pool before the dance.

So, they lied.

What were they hiding?

Well, they weren't supposed to be there.

It's against university policy.

I'll give you three guesses as to why.

I understand.

Was Mr. Tandy with them?

Yes. And there's something else.

It's-it's probably nothing. Um...


On my way here, someone
stopped me to ask about Harold.

They said they saw the Iota
Delta Phi brothers leave the pool.

And was Mr. Tandy with them?

They saw a group of
Iota Delta Phi leave.

But Nathaniel and
Harold weren't with them.

So, Mr. Woodson, the only witness

to Mr. Tandy's death out on the street,

was also with him alone
at the pool just prior?


What exactly are we looking for?

Anything out of the ordinary.

A button, a brooch, cigar ash.

Cigar ash?

I don't like what
you're implying, Julia.

Did you turn out the
lights, Mr. Garland?

What are you doing, Mr. Garland?

- Stay away from me!


Dodgy wiring, I guess.

Oh, pity about the wine, though.

- (SIGHS) Yeah. Let's keep looking.
- Mm.

- Dear God!
- What is it?

Château Latour.

The old man had been holding out on me.

- Huh.
- For goodness sake.

Mrs. Hymus's shawl.

She had this on at dinner.

What would she be doing down here?

She never touched a drop.

There's blood all over it.

I don't think she was
down here for the wine.

Mrs. Hymus k*lled her husband.

I don't know what you mean.

Joseph hates it when anyone comes
down here except for himself.

Don't lie to us, Mrs. Hymus.

How dare you!

Mrs. Hymus, we know you
were in the cellar tonight.



I come down here to drink.

It dulls my pain.

I hate this house.

And I hated Joseph. He was a tyrant.

But I didn't k*ll him.

Then how do you explain this?

What is this?

It's your shawl, Mrs. Hymus,

with your husband's blood all over it.

But that can't be. I...

I wore my shawl with the
fringe tonight at dinner.

This is my other shawl.

Yes, but this shawl still
belongs to you, doesn't it?

How did it end up down here, bloodied?

I don't know!

I'll admit, I did come down
here for a drink after dinner.

I heard Joseph and I hid.

When I went up the
stairs, I heard a noise,

and I found him, on the floor, d*ad.

- And did you see anyone else?
- No.

And I knew instantly
that if I cried out,

it would look like I s*ab him.

So I stepped over the
body and I went to my room.

(SCOFFS) Mrs. Hymus, I'm afraid to say

this evidence is very damning.

Mr. Woodson, you were the last
person seen with Mr. Tandy.

Yes, I've already told you.

Saw him cough and then
collapse on the sidewalk.

What happened at the pool?

You both know about that?


Took a while to get changed
and Harold waited for me.

There was no sort of altercation

- between the two of you at the pool?
- No.

Harold didn't even go swimming.

He said he didn't feel well.

I went back to the house
to get dressed for the dance

and the next time I saw
Harold, he was on the street.

Mrs. Hart should have
her post-mortem completed.

I'd like to hear her
findings before we proceed.


I didn't hurt Harold.

He's my friend.

Harold Tandy did not drown in a pool.

Are you sure?

Have a look at this.

- A bug?
- Pond beetle.

I found it in his lungs,
along with some algae.

Harold Tandy drowned
in a pond, not a pool.

But that still doesn't explain

how he was up and about
walking when he died.

I think I can explain it. Dry drowning.

That sounds impossible.

A person can nearly drown but survive.

However, their lungs
have collected water,

which later causes pulmonary edema.

So, Mr. Tandy was in a pond yesterday?

Yesterday, or the day before.

I've read of cases that took
two days to become fatal.

Well, that certainly widens
the window of opportunity.

Thank you, Miss Hart.

Oh, one more thing.

I found traces of green paint
on the victim, inside his ear.

We met someone else marked
with green paint today.


We really should cover him
up, Julia. It's gruesome.

This is a criminal
investigation, Mr. Garland.

- Now, look at this.
- (SIGHS) Do I have to?

The blood on his collar is
still quite red and fresh.


Look at the blood on this shawl.

It's dry and stiff.

I should have seen it before.

It's not his blood.

Someone placed this there earlier.

So, someone manufactured
evidence against Mrs. Hymus?


- What happened?
- Lauren found it!

- This is too much.
- Lauren, what is it?

I felt something poking
me when I sat down.

It was under the cushion.

- (JULIA): Did you touch it?
- (LAUREN): No.

- Your handkerchief.
- Uh, right.

We need the fingermarks on it.

- Well, who put it there?
- The m*rder, presumably.

And who is that?

It's a tented arch. That's impossible.

Who do they belong to?


You k*lled my father?

This must be the knife I used at dinner.

It's not the m*rder w*apon.
We have to keep looking.


- Please, Julia.
- Leslie!

- I think it's best if you sat down.
- (LAUREN): What are you doing?!

This is ridiculous.

What interest would I
have in k*lling the warden?

I'm about to be released
tomorrow morning.

I have no idea why you would do it.

But you have blamed everyone in
this household except yourself.

I wouldn't put anything past her.

She's responsible for the
death of my beloved brother.

- (GASPS) What?
- Your first husband, remember?

Leslie Garland is trying
to frame me for this m*rder

and I can explain to you all why.

Green paint on Harold?

Are you sure?

You had green paint
on your sleeve earlier.

It was just a silly sorority thing.

You must admit,

it's quite a coincidence, Miss Harris.


Please help us.

We use it in our initiations.

We paint all the new girls' faces green.

Do any other groups use green paint?

My sorority is the sister
to Theta Gamma Delta.

They paint new brothers green, too.

Why would Leslie frame you?

It fits in with his previous behaviour.

Leslie Garland blames me
for his brother's death.

So, for some time, he made my life hell.

What did he do?

He posed as a sequential
k*ller who was after my husband.

He tried to keep us
apart. He terrorized me.

I sent some letters, Julia.

I was angry. You ruined my life.

You cost me my job at the
crown attorney's office!

That's the least that you deserved.

You're pathetic.

My brother would still be
alive if it weren't for you.

Look, his cuff.

There's something brown
on your shirt, Leslie.

It looks like cocoa.

Why would you have cocoa on your sleeve?

He took Dr. Ogden's knife
from the dinner table

and he dusted it with cocoa.

Well, how did he get the knife bloody?

Oh, Mr. Garland.

- You didn't!
- You don't understand.

None of you do. This woman is-is evil!

You framed Dr. Ogden!

Leslie, it was you!
You k*lled my father!



How could you?

What are you saying? O-of
course I didn't do it!

Did you k*ll the
warden just to frame me?

Now, wait a minute! This
is getting out of hand.

Everybody out! I need to
speak with Dr. Ogden a-alone.

Will you m*rder her, too?

(g*n THUDS)


It's all right.

I can defend myself,
if it comes to that.

Let's go, everyone.

Apparently, these two have some
unfinished business to discuss.

All right, we're alone.

What is it you have to say to me?

I'm sorry.

You admit it?

Look, Julia, I have no
idea whose fingermarks

are on the m*rder w*apon, all right?

But I saw one last
chance to get my revenge

- for what you did and I took it.
- For what I did?

I didn't k*ll Darcy!

But he'd still be alive
if he'd never met you.

Don't you think it's
time you let this go?

You're right.

This anger towards you's been
eating me from the inside out.

I hate not being a
crown attorney anymore.

Went into estate law,
but it's just so boring.


Perhaps this could be
a fresh start for you.

You could find a career
that is truly fulfilling.

I fear marrying Lauren
is a mistake, too.

(SIGHS) My life's such a mess.

(SIGHS) Leslie...

It's not too late.

You're right.

- What are you doing?!

Oh, I thought that's what you wanted!

You really are a pissant!

How does Theta Gamma
Delta haze their initiates?

That's a secret.

This is a m*rder
investigation, gentlemen.

We don't have time for secrets.

m*rder? He had a heart
att*ck, or something.

Had nothing to do with us.

Please answer the question.

We paint 'em green and
we make 'em swim ten laps.

In a pond?

Grenadier Pond. Why?

Okay... ah-ha!

I'm leaving.

I don't have to listen
to any more of this.

- What?
- Let's go.

- Chick, this is serious.
- Let's go, Ralphie.

- The detective needs to talk to everyone.
- Don't touch me.

Am I under arrest?

You just might be.

- I can explain.
- There's nothing to explain.

You took my gold clock.

It was in the dining room

and I've just found it
in the kitchen cupboard.

But I didn't steal it!

Then how did it come to
be in your possession?


Did he confess?

Is he guilty?

I'm not sure.

Lauren, you cannot marry that man.

- He's horrible.
- Sarah! It's none of your business.

Are you saying that Leslie's guilty?

- Perhaps it was you?
- Don't turn on me!

It's your mother who hates him so much!

- I don't know who you think you are!
- That's enough!

Everyone be quiet.

Mrs. Hymus,

where did your husband
keep his outgoing mail?

In a tray by the front hall.

For the mailman to pick up.

I'd like all of you to
move into the drawing room.

I'll join you there in five minutes.


Harold Tandy was initiated
into Theta Gamma Delta.

And it k*lled him.

Detective, are you aware that
Chick is Miss Harris' brother?

Well, that is most interesting.

Because Miss Harris, your sister,

told us that Mr. Tandy

wrote her a most uncharacteristic letter

after they last saw one another,

breaking off their relationship.

Did you make him do that?

How would I make him write a letter?

By showing him that you'd
k*ll him if he didn't.

You pretended to initiate
him to gain his trust.

And then held him underwater.

You scratched his head with your ring.

All right.

I had a little fun.

But I just scared him so that
he'd stay away from my sister.

Yeah. Chick wasn't anywhere
near Harold when he died.

His actions k*lled him.

It's called a dry drowning.

And it was at your hand, Mr. Harris.

I suppose we'll have to
see how much jail time

a judge and jury feel you deserve.

Please, sit.

Mrs. Hymus, I don't believe
that Sara stole your gold clock.

Thank you, Dr. Ogden.

I believe that Lauren gave it
to her in exchange for a favour.

(LAUREN): What do you mean?

I'd like to draw everyone's
attention to this.

These old letters of the warden's

were found in the stove in Sarah's room.

I told you, I used them as kindling.

Did you?

Or were they examples of
the warden's handwriting

used to forge a letter?

What letter?

I found this in the outgoing mail tray.

It's a letter to the
head of Port Credit prison

stating that Jane March is pardoned,

fully and completely,
effective immediately.

I don't know anything about that.

But why would Lauren ask Sarah
to forge a pardon letter for Jane?


I've noticed that all evening,

you've been reaching
into your apron pocket.

Please show us what you have in there.


You can't make me.

You will do as Dr.
Ogden says, right now!


(LESLIE): The other
half of Lauren's locket.

Lauren and Jane were
planning to run away together.

But Lauren...

You told me you loved
me! I can't believe this.

Hold your outrage, Mr. Garland.

Oh, please! You can't possibly believe

that I knew anything about this.

Earlier when I was searching
for the real m*rder w*apon,

I was just about to
look in this sideboard

when you stopped me at g*n.

(PHYLLIS): The knife!

I'm not a betting woman,

but I'd wager if I compared
everyone's fingermarks

against those on this knife,

they'd match Lauren Hymus's.


You were just supposed
to get me pardoned!

My father would have found
out and ruined everything.

This way, we could have our
freedom and my inheritance.

It would have been perfect.


That must be the police.

Well, they took their
sweet time, didn't they?


Why is Jane being arrested?

She didn't know of my plan!

Jane's sentence will be lighter,
but she's still part of this crime.


Was everything we had a lie?

Yes, Leslie. You repulse me.

(SIGHS) That's rather harsh.

I had thought you were
the only way out of here.

And then I met Jane.

Well, Julia, although our night together

did have a grisly catalyst, I
must admit I did rather enjoy

our time playing detective.

No hard feelings?

Mr. Garland, you tried
to frame me for m*rder.


Did you find the m*rder
w*apon in Lauren's bedroom?

Yes. Along with a packed bag.

I thought Lauren k*lled her
father for his inheritance

and kept a bag close by in case
she was looking suspicious, but...

Well, I thought she did it for us.

So, you knew that
Lauren k*lled her father,

but you did nothing?

She was my fiancée!

Officers, take this man
into custody, as well.


- Trying to ruin my life again?
- You did that yourself.

You'd best watch your back, Julia Ogden.

I'll see to it you pay for this.

Don't keep the officers waiting.






I wasn't expecting to see you.

I wanted to surprise you.

We were up all night. I thought
you'd take the day off and sleep in.

Oh, I couldn't sleep.

Neither could you, it seems.

- I didn't want to miss a class.
- Oh.

Well, how about an early dinner?

- That sounds perfect.
- Good.

But Violet, do you think we
can get through a single date

without some calamity?

Um, we'll see.


There's never a dull moment around you.

Isn't that why you like me?


It's not the only reason.


I'm just glad she's too young

to remember that her
mother was imprisoned.

She missed you.

I missed you both, so much.

I'm so glad to be home.


What else can I get you?

I'll make you anything
you heart desires.

Honestly, I'm not fussy,

as long as it's not steak,

cocoa, uh, baked Alaska,

or Imperial Tokaj.

Right. What is Tokaj?

Well, it's a Hungarian, uh...

I-It doesn't matter.

Were you really up all night
solving the warden's m*rder?

Put the kettle on, then come back

and I'll tell you the whole story.


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