02x26 - Starcrossed: Part III

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Justice League". Aired: November 17, 2001 – May 29, 2004.
Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash and other superheroes join forces to battle crime and otherworldly thr*at, keeping a watchful eye on Earth from their orbiting space station.
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02x26 - Starcrossed: Part III

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Previously on "justice league."

This is commander hro talak.

In the name of the
thanagarian authority

We claim your
planet as a garrison

And have instituted marshal law.

It would have been difficult
to storm their watchtower

Without the access
codes you provided.

But if we open a
hole in hyperspace,

It will destroy
this entire planet.

Sadly, yes.

For thanagar to live,

Earth must die.

The so-called justice league

Is in violation of
our marshal law.

They are to be
considered an enemy

And dealt with on sight.

We've lost track of
the justice league.

They've blended
with the populous.

It will be difficult
to find them...

Unless, of course, you
know where they are.

You've got a lot of
nerve showing up here.

The situation is
worse than you think.

I have a fix on their location.

This time...

They will not escape.

Welcome back, lieutenant hol.

You're in my way.
Likewise, I'm sure.

Come with me.

I don't take orders from...

Construction is nearly complete.

The bypass generator will
be operational within the hour.

Evacuate our troops.

I want the bypass activated
as soon as it's ready.


What do you think you're doing?

I'm sorry, sir.

She's guilty of high treason,

Espionage, and
consorting with the enemy.

They're building a
hyperspace bypass.

When it's activated, it
will destroy the planet

And everything on it.

Where did you get this?

From the holocam
I planted on her.

Wait, it gets better.

I did what I thought
was right then.

And that's what I'm doing now.


Get her out of my sight.

Commander, I hated to
be the one to tell you.


Assemble your strike
force and deal with the leak.

This time, don't bother
taking prisoners.


Yeah, I'm impressed.

Let's go wreck it.

How? It's behind a force field.

Force field controlled
from the command ship.

Go shut it down.

I'll take care of the generator.

That thing's the size of a city.

What are you gonna do,
throw a batarang at it?

Something like that.

Good heavens!



Spread out.

They're hiding here somewhere.


All through hiding.

Come and get some!




Let's use our inside voice.




Tails, I win!

Your w*apon are pitiful!

Wait for it.




Let's go.

Mind the glass, sir.

I want you, superman,
and wonder woman

To go to the command ship
and shut down the force field.

And the rest of us?

You're going to help me
retake the watchtower.

It's crawling with
thanagarian soldiers.

How are you planning
on getting inside?

With that.


I have no idea how
to fly this vehicle.

What's this do?


That's not helping.

I'll need one of the hawkmen.

You think I'd tell you anything?

I'd sooner choke on your bones.

Ok by me.

Start with these.

We're running out of time.

I'll take the
information from him.

I thought you couldn't
read their minds.

I'll just have to try harder.


Ow! J'onn!





I have what we need.

I've asked master
bruce to refrain

From leaving trash in the yard.

Why, shayera?

Why would you do this?

I'm trying to save lives.

So am i.

Tens of billions
of thanagarians.

So we trade the humans'
lives for our own?

w*r makes for hard
choices, lieutenant.

It's them or us.

The man I fell in love with

Would have found another way.

Are you talking about me,

Or green lantern?

I didn't want to believe it.

Shayera, I love you.

I can forgive your treason.

I can forgive everything.

Make this all go away.

Just tell me what
I need to hear.

It was a meaningless flirtation.

You were lonely.

Tell me I'm the one
you love, not him!

If you want me, I'm yours.

All you have to do
is spare the earth.

Perhaps you'll forget him once
earth is nothing but a memory.

Shuttle elipson 16
requesting entry.

Confirm docking code.

Docking code confirmed.

You are cleared to come aboard.

We weren't expecting you, sir.

There's been a change in plans.





Commander, the justice
league is approaching.

Kragger's strike
squad has failed.

Launch interceptors.

Pretty bad odds.


They don't stand a chance.

Ok. The watchtower's ours again.

So, where's your secret w*apon?

You're standing in it.


You mean we're gonna...

Take the watchtower out of orbit

And drop it right on top of
their little science project.

Get them to the escape pods.

Is that the last of them?

Yeah, the tower's
completely pest-free.



What are you doing?

Can't risk having the watchtower

Burn up on reentry.

I'll have to guide
it in manually.

Gentlemen, it's been an honor.


Intruder alert!

All available security
forces to engineering deck!

Belay that!

Green lantern is mine.




[Metal clanging]


I should leave you to burn.

The force field
control is over here.

That is what you came for, yes?

You want it,

All you have to do is get by me.

It'll be a pleasure.

No... This won't be
like the last time

You took something
that belonged to me.

Anything I took
was freely offered.

Maybe you should take
better care of your stuff.


I've beaten you, little man.

Any last words?

Yeah, you can kiss my ax.







Hro, enough!

The fight's over.

You're a soldier,
not a m*rder.

I'm a fool...

For ever loving you.

It didn't have to be this way.


It did.


We're cutting it a little close.

Have you shut off
the force field?

Not yet. Where are you?

Aboard the watchtower,
guiding it to target.

That's insane! Get out of there!

Negative. I'm staying with it.


Was he worth it?

This isn't about him,

It's about us.

Don't k*ll these
innocent people, hro.

Find another way.


There's no us anymore, shayera.


Just a fallen traitor

And a soldier with a job to do.

She won't save
you again, lantern.

No woman's skirt to hide behind.

No ring.

What are you going to do now?

I was thinking of introducing
you to my friend here!

All construction personnel
now en route to mother ship.


Begin activation sequence.


That all you got?

My grandma hits harder than you.


Always have to be
the hero, don't you?

Right back at you.

[Men grunting]

Who's next?!

Stand down!

Lower your w*apon.


Our mission is a failure.

There's no more reason to fight.

Let them go.

I hope you're pleased
with yourself.

It will take years for
us to rebuild elsewhere.

Then you'd better get started.

This is snapper carr reporting.

In a stunning turn of events,

The thanagarian forces have
ended their occupation of earth,

Departing for locations unknown.

Once again, the world
owes a debt of gratitude

To the selfless heroism
of the justice league.


They've been in
there a long time.

Yes, miss, they have.

If I may be so bold,

I'm neither a superhero
nor a soldier,

So I'm hardly qualified to judge
your actions by those standards.

But I do know this:

Without the great
sacrifices you've made

We wouldn't be here to
share this nice pot of tea.

Whatever they
decide in that room,

In my eyes, you'll
always be a hero.

She exploited our weaknesses,

Betrayed us...

Come on!

She was in the ultimate
no-win situation.

But when push came to shove,

She came through
for us, just like always.

She's a pariah to her people.

We're all she has left.

Believe me, j'onn,

I feel for her,

But after everything
that's happened

I honestly don't know if I could
ever completely trust her again.

We're arguing in circles.

It's time to take a vote.

They've sent for you, miss.

Thank you, alfred.


Before you start, I
have something to say...

I came to this
planet as a patriot.

I had a mission,
and I carried it out.

What I couldn't know was that I
would come to care for the earth

And her people...

That I've come to
care for all of you.

I've spent the last 5 years
torn between my feelings

And my duty.

I won't ask you to do the same.

Therefore I am resigning
from the justice league,

Effective immediately.


No hawkgirl, no javelin,

No watchtower.

What's gonna happen
to the league now?

Do we all just walk away?

No, we rebuild,

Starting today.

J'onn's right.

Earth still needs us,

And we'll never let her down.

It's our duty.

You never asked how we voted.

It doesn't matter.

So, where are you gonna go?

I don't know.

Someplace where
the fate of the world

Isn't in my hands,

Someplace where there
are no more secrets,

No more lies.

Was it all a lie?

I love you, john.

I never lied about that.

I love you, too.
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