01x13 - The Frozen Citadel

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Star Wars: Droids". Aired: September 7, 1985 – June 7, 1986.
Droids follows the adventures of R2-D2 and C-3PO as they face off against gangsters, criminals, pirates, bounty hunters, the Galactic Empire and other thr*at.
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01x13 - The Frozen Citadel

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Steppin' softly in a danger zone

No w*apon in my hand

[R-D beeping]

It's just this brain designed by man

It's got me in trouble again

Trouble again

I put my life in jeopardy

In the service of my friends

I wouldn't care
But it's a dangerous affair

'Cause I'm in trouble again

[R-D whistles]

Trouble again

In trouble, in trouble, in trouble

[Nilz] We shouldn't be long, Bola.

Be careful, Auren.

I will, Mother.

Are you coming, Auren?

Yes, Father!

Nilz, look after her.

[C-PO exclaiming]

Oh, dear. [grunting]

Was this trip really necessary? [screams]

[R-D beeping]

What's the matter, PO?

Aren't you enjoying the ride?

[C-PO] Excuse me, Master Mungo,

but I think this… [exclaims]
…this beast is scrambling my circuitry.

Oh, no! Aaah!

-My goodness!
-[bees buzzing]


-[ape screams]
-[C-PO screams]

Oh, no. What next?


-But how did you get--

Oh, never mind.

-Stay in your seat for once, will you?

Well, here we are. The Pinnacles of Felth.

We'll get a good look at the Roon comets
from this peak.

-[R-D beeping]
-[C-PO screams]

-Oh, it's so good to be on solid ground.
-[R-D beeps]

There they are.

In a few days,
they'll complete their orbit of Roon

and head off into deep space.

For another year.

-[C-PO] My goodness. We'll be stranded.
-[R-D beeps]

I don't know if that little cloudcraft
we borrowed from our friend Governor Koong

has the power to get us home to Manda.

Behold, Admiral Screed.

The rich province of Umboo,
a land of wealth and plenty.

It does not surprise me that the one area
worth having on this planet

is the one area you cannot take.

The Empire has no use for weak allies.

My dear admiral, if a show of force
is needed to satisfy the Emperor,

then that is
just what I intend to provide.

-[ship beeping]

That's one of Koong's ships.

What's it spraying?

[R-D beeping excitedly]

Oh, my.

R's sensors have detected
germ contamination.

Master Mungo, we must remain here
until the cloud passes from the valley.

But Mother's down there! We must help her!

Auren, wait. PO's right.

We have to stay here
until the cloud passes.

Koong, what trick is this?

Have you ever heard of Rooze,
Admiral Screed?

Yes. A strain of germ warfare used
during the Mavvan Conflict.

It destroyed as many Imperials
as it did Rebels.

We've never used it again.


until now.

Koong, you fool! That cloud?

Pure Rooze, Admiral.

Directed at our enemies below.

The vegetation will grow back in a year.

Your methods are too crude, Koong.

What does it matter
as long as the results are the same?

-[alarm blaring]
-[alien on comm] Warning! Warning!

A leak has been detected
in the Rooze containers.

The Rooze is seeping
into the support systems.


Activate decontamination shields.

[Koong] Shut down all intakes
to the command bridge.

Do you hear me?
[coughing] Shut down-- [gasps]

[inhales deeply]

We Koboks are immune to Rooze.

Unfortunately, you can't say the same
for your governor.

[wheezing, coughing]

The Rooze…

The Rooze Sickness…

No. No! Gaff, get me Nilz Yomm.

He's the only healer on Roon
who could possibly find a cure.

As you wish.

[R-D beeping]


Bola? Are you all right?

[gasps] No!

[Bola] Auren?



Easy. We're here now.

-You'll be all right.
-Oh, mother.

[C-PO] Oh, my.

Master Mungo, what kind of creature
would do such a thing?

A sick creature named Koong, PO.

[Gaff] A sick creature?

An interesting choice of words, Baobab.

It seems Governor Koong
is feeling a bit under the weather.

A small accident with the Rooze germ.

Kind of ironic, isn't it?

You monster!

-[Mungo] Auren, no!

[C-PO] Oh, my!

-[Mungo] Hey!
-[Gaff] Ha!



[Auren screams, groans]



-[R-D beeping]
-[C-PO] Aah!


Back off, Baobab.
We'll settle our score another time.

Get your medical bag, old man.

We're going to pay a house call
on Governor Koong.

And bring the girl too,

as insurance that Master Mungo
doesn't try anything.

Come on. Move it!

This will slow the Rooze infection
and let you sleep until I return.

Be careful, my love.


Don't wait up, Baobab.


[R-D beeping]

R says the Rooze will not spread as fast
if the victim lies still and calm.

That means we still have a chance
to save Bola and the others.


Yes, but a cure for the disease
must be found within three days.

After that,
a victim fades away into nothing.

[Bola groaning]

Excuse me, sir,
but R and I were wondering,

have you a plan to find Mistress Auren?

Take a look.

Why, sir, this is the memling
your uncle Oggem gave you.

But it seems smaller somehow.

It is smaller.

I planted half of it on Auren
before Gaff took her away.

You see the way it's pointing?

It'll lead us straight to its other half.

-And Auren.
-[R-D beeps]

You're right about the seed g*n, R.
It may come in handy where we're going.

But this pyramid remains a mystery.

I'm terribly sorry, sir,
but I just can't decipher these carvings,

though I have run them
through all my data tapes.

[Mungo] That's all right, PO.

I know the carvings hold the key
to the Roonstone fortune,

but it's meaningless
if we don't find Nilz and Auren.

[whistles, beeps]

[chuckles] I bet you guys never thought
you'd hear me say that.

[C-PO] It is somewhat of a change, sir.

One of many I've noticed since
you've gotten to know the people of Roon,

and particularly, Mistress Auren.

She is special.

[Koong groaning]


Careful, you fool!
Can't you see I'm suffering?

Forgive me, Governor.

I've seen how painful
the Rooze sickness can be.

None of your rebellious lip,
Nilz Yomm! [coughs]

Not if you and your daughter
want to see Umboo again.

You didn't leave that much to see,
remember, Koong?

Koong, my men and I will be leaving
this afternoon.

What? Y-You can't mean it, Screed.

What about my Imperial charters?

You promised me stormtroopers,
the Star Destroyer, the--

Of course. Upon delivery of
the Roonstone fortune you promised me.

Where is it, Koong?


With enough time, that fool trader Baobab
would lead us to the Roonstones.

Screed, wait!

[R-D beeping]

[Mungo] Good work, R!

Excuse me, sir.

If we fly into the main crater,
they'll most certainly sh**t us down.

I know. That's why I had R
find us a back door.

You mean the one that's erupting?

[Mungo] Hang on. It's gonna get hot!

-[C-PO screams]

[R-D beeping]

What do you mean, "Isn't this fun?"

If that lava hits us, we're done for.
Oh, no!



Oh, dear. My poor legs!

[Mungo] Ouch!

Oh, pardon me, Master Mungo!

-[R-D beeping]

[C-PO] Oh, my, R!

No, R. We are on a serious mission.

We do not want to make snow droids.

-The memling says we go this way.

Come on.

R, your sensors aren't picking up
anything unusual, are they?


Droid-eating kaugor?

[R-D beeping]

Your foolishness will land us all
in trouble some day, R.

Droid-eating kaugor-- [screams]

-[Mungo grunts]


PO, what is it?

-A droid-eating kaugor!

[C-PO] No, R. Come back!

[R-D beeping]

-[C-PO] Master Mungo.

There's your kaugor, PO.

Why, it's a mirror of some kind.

Sir, you dropped this.

Look, Master Mungo. In the mirror.

The carvings on the pyramid.
I can read them now.

They must have been rendered in reverse
to guard their secrets.

What does it say?

[C-PO] "The Roonstone treasure you desire
lies buried above Tawntoom's f*re."

Above Tawntoom's f*re?

That must mean the stones
are hidden in the walls of this volcano.

Koong's been sitting on a fortune
and never knew it.

-[R-D beeping, honking]
-[C-PO] Come along, R.

-We have no time for your silly antics.
-[R-D beeps]

Look out! I think it's gonna blow again!

-[C-PO] Oh, no. Run!

R? R, where are you?

No! Don't touch that mirror.
I think it's some kind of disintegrator.

R? R, where are you?

[R-D beeping]



[C-PO] Oh, my stars! R, you've shrunk.

[R-D beeping]

[gasps] R, mind your language.

I'm sorry, R.

I guess you'll have to wait
for the mirror's effects to wear off.

[C-PO] If they ever do wear off.

-[R-D shrieks]
-[C-PO] Which I'm sure they will.

Just stay calm, R.

Look. You'll be quite safe
in here for now.

[R-D beeping]

Come on. We don't have much time.

I'm close to the cure, Auren.

I'm so worried about Mother.

Will they let us go home
when we give them the serum?

I hope so.

But Koong is not known for his generosity.


I feel so useless cooped up in here.

Hey! Look at this.

It's part of Mungo's memling!

How did it get into my belt?

I think Mungo knew
the two halves would attract each other.

You mean he's coming here?

He doesn't stand a chance
against Koong's men.


[C-PO] The Fortress of Tawntoom.

[Mungo] Cozy little place.

It's a long way up, sir.

Let's go!

Look! It's the Caravel.

[C-PO] Your trading ship, sir.

Yes, PO. Our ticket to Manda
once we rescue Auren and Nilz.

We'll need a disguise
to get past the guards.

Okay, R. You know what to do.

[R-D beeping]

[speaking alien language]


Thanks, fellas.

Halt! What's your business here,


[Mungo] For your dining enjoyment, sirs,
we offer, uh…

Mupple pies, sir.

[Mungo] …mupple pies.

-Move along.
-They're free.

[guard] Mmm. [chuckles]

Yum. Yum. Mmm.

All right, R.
Try to find Mistress Auren and Nilz Yomm.

Now off you go.






Stupid Goorl.

[snoring resumes]

[R-D whistles]

Dad, look!

A toy R unit.

That's no toy. That's Mungo's droid.

-Poor R. What happened to him?
-[R-D beeping]

Molecular disruptor, most likely.

I've heard Koong has set a few around
as traps for nosy visitors.

-Is Mungo here?

-Is he safe?


Look. He's growing!

The effects must be wearing off.

I've finished. This is the Rooze cure
for Governor Koong.

And this I made secretly for Bola
and our stricken neighbors.

[R-D beeping]

-What is it, R?
-I think he wants to help us escape.

Is this what you want, R?

Hey! Hold it! [grunts]

Try that on for size, Gaff!

You fool. [laughing]

The Rooze doesn't affect me,
so why should the cure?

I knew a dose of this cure
would knock a human out,

but I wasn't sure
what it would do to a Kobok.

Oh, I do hope R finds Mistress Auren
and her father.

[Mungo] Those pies won't
distract the guards much longer.

More. More!

More pies!

My goodness. Uh… oh! Escaped prisoners!

You! Stop!

[Mungo shouts]

[guards] Hey! [groan]

-[R-D whistles]
-My word, R. How you've grown.

[whistles, beeps]

Mungo! Thank goodness you found us.

I'm glad you're all right.

Admiral Screed, we had a bargain. [coughs]


My aerial drilling platform

is ready to search out the source
of the Roonstones at your command.

Another one of your treasure hunts,

If I were you,
I'd forget about Roonstones.

Look for a Rooze cure instead.

[Auren] There's the Caravel.

[Mungo] Let's go.

[Gaff cackling]

Look out below! It's Baobab.

He's escaping with the cure.


Give me the serum.

Auren. Nilz. Start the Caravel.

R, PO, come with me.

We're gonna make
the deal of the millennium.

[R-D beeps, whistles]

[Screed] After them.

Okay, PO. You steer,
while R operates the laser.

[R-D beeps]

[Koong] No, don't f*re.

He's got the serum. [coughs]

Let's talk a little deal here, gentlemen.

I get my ship
and safe passage away from Roon,

and you promise to leave
the people of Umboo in peace.

And what do you offer in return,
Mr. Baobab?

The serum and this.
The source of the Roonstones.

-[exclaims] R, up there!
-[R-D beeping]

No, R, the other way.


-Blast those meddling droids!

-[R-D beeping]
-Oh! [grunts]

What a time to gain weight.


[Mungo] Behold, gentlemen.

A galaxy's ransom in Roonstones.

The Roonstones.

-They're all here. And they're all--

Commander, impound this fortress.

It is now Imperial property.

-But my treasure.
-The Emperor's treasure, Koong.

Did you really think
we would form an alliance

with a petty tyrant such as you?

-We shall see.
-Stop him!

[stormtrooper] Halt!

-[Koong shouts]


-[R-D beeping]
-[C-PO exclaims]


You won't take my treasure.

You hear me?

[all] No!

You fool!

You've sent the Roonstones
into the volcano.

The lava will freeze.


What have I done?

[R-D beeping]

Master Mungo, R says that the volcano
is the only heat source for this fortress.

When the lava freezes over, so will we.

Let's get out of here.

[C-PO] I heartily agree, sir.

Imperial troops, evacuate.

Lower the ramp. Here comes Mungo.

[Gaff growls]

Going somewhere, Baobab?

[R-D whistling]


-R, stay away from him.

I'll rip you apart for that.

Oh, no!


[R-D beeps]

Sweet dreams, Gaff.

-Let's go.
-[R-D whistles]

Curse you, Baobab.

You've destroyed my fortress, my treasure

and my hold on Roon
that took me years to build.

I have nothing left.


Not even my health.

Here's the serum, Koong.

I don't need this where I'm going.



Some day I'll have my revenge, Baobab.

I'll hunt you down and see you destroyed.

[laughs, exclaims]

Oh, no. No!


So ends Tawntoom's reign of tyranny.

And my great expedition to Roon.

I'm sorry you came up empty-handed, Mungo.

I got more than I bargained for, Auren.

A lot more.

[C-PO] Oh, horrors.

[R-D beeping]

What's wrong with R?

He says he's picked up something
that's jamming his motivator.

Sir, droids can't catch the Rooze,
can they?

[R-D whistles]

[C-PO] A Roonstone.

[all laughing]

The Rooze has been completely cured.

Thanks to all of you, I'm well again.

So, my friends, I must prepare to leave.

-But, sir…

I must return to Manda,
to let my father know I'm all right.

The people of Umboo will need your help
to set things right again.

But I'll miss you.

PO, R, you're the best friends
I could ever hope for.

I must confess, R and I have
a special affection for you, Master Mungo.

-[R-D beeps]
-I'll be back soon.

I promise.

Oh, I do so love a happy ending.

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