02x02 - Reason and Blood

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Masters of the Universe: Revelation". Aired: July 23, 2021 - November 23, 2021.
The w*r for Eternia begins again in what may be the final battle between He-Man and Skeletor.
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02x02 - Reason and Blood

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What the hell
happened to him?


Are you okay?

How are you even possible?



Grayskull's store of
secrets is even more vast

than this inter-dimensional
demon can dream!

Somebody get this
guy off of me!

And now to finish him off.


Enjoy some undead.


We won't survive
another round of this.

It's time to go.

This shouldn't be possible!

How are you not d*ad yet?

Feel the fury of Grayskull!

If they
keep going like this,

they're gonna destroy
the whole city.

We have to get
him out of here. Fast!

They've got us surrounded!

How can we get out?

The way we came in.



Zoarvazeka. Shukmota.


Not... again!

This is a new era.

The bumbling idiocies
of the past

will no longer
be tolerated.

Mistakes will be met
with swift, painful...


Tell me how he did that!

As you want, my lord.

He spoke the words empty-handed

and he became
the power incarnate!

I don't know...


I have the sword.

The power is mine
and mine alone to wield.

Why did it answer his call?

I need to know how he did that!

I made you the
Sorceress of Grayskull.

The power flows
only through you.

Did you give it to him?

Of course, I didn't!

I wouldn't.

You had better be
telling me the truth, Lyn.

We will find him
and destroy him, my love.


Adam, He-Man,
or whatever he is now,

is to remain alive
until I learn this new secret.

When I, too, can call down
the power without the sword,

then I will use that very power
to k*ll him myself!

Now leave me!

Oh, uh, Tee?

Did you bring us
to the Mystic Mountains?

Are you all right?

Yeah. I... I think so.


And him?

I have no idea.

It's okay, Adam,
we were in the Palace,

and Teela got us...


Never mind.

I don't understand any of this.

Adam said he wanted to know
what would happen

if he called down the power
without the sword.

And that's what happened.

I don't understand why
he's like this.

Is he ever gonna change back?

And what if he tries to
att*ck one of us?

Do we... fight him?

What are we gonna do, Teela?

I... I don't know!

I don't have any answers!

I'm not the Sorceress!

Maybe not.

But you made magic
and zapped us to this place.

So why here?

I think...
It's like I heard

something call to me.

Th-then we were...

Oh, no.

We lost him once,
we are not doing it again.

Come on!

Easy now...


Thirty hours of this,
don't you ever sleep?!

You're welcome.

I'm surprised you
didn't just k*ll it.

You know the Orlax of Primeria
can't be k*lled!

It's why you
locked it up down here!

Yes well...

I just assumed with all your
newfound stolen power...

There are things
that even I can't do.

It must be infuriating.


So, I understand the Orlax,
but why am I still alive?


Warriors like us
are meant to die in battles,

not in cages.

Then open the door and we can
finish this once and for all.

Isn't this usually the part
where you start cackling?

You knew, didn't you?

All those years,
you knew your great champion

was really little
Lord Weakling.

Adam is the strongest man
I've ever known.

Until now...

Anyway, tell me this,

in all those long years,

how many times
did he call down the power?

Enough to thoroughly
and repeatedly

- hand you your bony...
- Without the sword!

I want you to tell me
everything you know

about Prince Adam's
manipulation of the power.

The fact that you
consider it manipulation,

is why you'll never understand
and will always lose!

Oh, I'm pretty sure this is
what winning looks like,


I'll bet you haven't left
the power return once

since you hijacked it.

You want to know why
we followed Adam?

Because he had all the power of
the universe at his fingertips

but he only chose
to call it down

when someone else
needed it!

He gave it away!

That's what made him a hero!

Tell me more...

He's just too fast.

We'll never catch up!

Uh... guys?

Ugh. Is that a Manticore?

Kinda hard to tell now
after that... thing got to it.

That "thing" is Adam.

He's still in there, Andra,
I can feel it.

Well, the Manticore
sure felt something,

your friend turning him

This is what the power of
Grayskull makes you?

This is what happens
when the power

isn't tempered
by the sword.

It's all rage, no reason.

Uh, Teela...

You need to calm down.

You need to focus.

- Teela...
- It's okay. He's okay.

Adam, you're scared.
You're confused.

We all are.

I don't know what's
happening to you.

Or to me.

I don't know how to fix it...


But I promise,
I am not gonna give up

until we get you back.

We're a family, Adam.

I believe in you.

I have always believed in you.

Even when your real family...

When your father...

Adam... you're hurting me!

Are you okay?

What made him
freak out like that?

Right, well, we better hurry up
before he kills someone.

Is that...?

Point Dread!

It's shrouded by
the power of Grayskull

from Skeletor's
dark magic.

We're saved!

Wait. That's the Royal Seal.

That means that
King Randor is here.

Adam, don't! No!

Uh, I don't know about you
guys, but I'm not doing that.

Adam, wait!

I... I think you'll meet...

Your parents made mistakes.

Mine did, too.

So what?

Let me... go!

Stand down!

No! Can't you see he's...


Is it... possible?

Those eyes...

I did not dream
to look on them again.

The power has smiled
upon our house

and given us
this second chance.

When I thought that
my only son was d*ad,

I scarcely wanted
to be alive anymore.

Let alone, king.

Because I realized that though
I had some success as monarch,

I completely failed...
as a father.

Stand down now!

For years, I've looked at you
and saw only the man

I thought you should be.

And I was so blind to the man
you already are.

I wanted you to be as strong
as our champion.

But now I know that you, Adam,

are stronger than
He-Man could ever be.

Because it takes incredible
strength to wield power.

Yet it takes even more might...

to let the power return.

I was meant to be the king.

But I've only ever
been the fool.

And I'm so, so sorry...

I haven't told you I loved you.

And I never told you
I'm proud of you.


Are you all right?

Why do you do it?


Because I'm not a leader.

Why do you say that?

You've commanded armies,

literally led men to fortune,
death and danger.

I was just carrying out orders.

Not always.

Not after the Great Battle.

After he was gone.

He was never gone.

He was always with you.

Living... no, no...

feeding off your energy.

You make him sound like
a parasite.

Skeletor said he
gives you your power.

But he's wrong.

You are the Sorceress now.

His power flows
only through you.

But he doesn't use it.

He spends all his hours
obsessing over He-Man

and what he sees in that
ridiculous Star Chamber.

I don't know
where he's leading us.

Then maybe it's time you lead.

We're both going to forget
that you said that out loud.

Now turn and leave
this room as quickly as

your filthy seditious paws
can carry you

before I skin you alive
and wear you like a fur coat!

Show it to me again.


Show me every other instance

of the power
being relinquished.

Willingly or not.
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