02x13 - Epitaph Two: Return

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Dollhouse". Aired: February 13, 2009 – January 29, 2010.
A sci-fi drama about a woman named Echo and other 'Actives' who are controlled by a shadowy group.
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02x13 - Epitaph Two: Return

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ZONE: We need to get out of the city.
No tech. No printing.

GRIFF: Look, we decided.
We go underground, deep as we can.

Who are you?

- I don't know.
- She's a dumb show.

This is the way to Safe Haven.

The chair. The memories will tell us
how to get there?

Home sweet home.

I need Topher to put me in the chair.

Back me up on a drive. Hardcopy.

- You're copying yourself?
- In case something happens to me.

I know exactly where we're going.

- MAG: Caroline?
- Yeah.

MAG: Butchers are coming.

I hope we find me alive.





Come on! Move, move, move!

Go, go, go!

How are there butchers
all the way up here?

- We're nowhere near a city.
- Locals. Got hit with a blanket signal.

They were wearing suits.


This was your finer class
of mindless k*ll zombie.

Maybe they were on a corporate retreat.
Who cares?

We still need water and we're low on gas.
If we don't get to Safe Haven soon...

Caroline, we've been dodging the mobs
for weeks.

- Are you sure we're on the right track?
- I think so.

I don't know.
Last time I was up here it wasn't this bad.

I could see over the dash.

- Whose body was this?
- We don't know.

She was printed before we met her.

Stuck your brain in her
because you're supposed to be

the great and terrible Caroline.
The one who knows how to save us.

The tech works.

In my camp in Safe Haven,
no one's been imprinted since we set up.

We still have a chance
to make a true world.

A true world?
Look around, tiny messiah. It's over.

Half the world's been wiped.

The rest have turned into crazies
trying to k*ll the other half.

There's only a handful of Actuals left,
which you, by the way, ain't.

We are lost. We are not gone.

Is it gonna be weird for you
to meet yourself?

- Face to your real face?
- No, it'll be sweet.

You were one of those
magically delicious super whores.

- I bet you looked great.
- Lf I have to kick your ass again...

Yeah. Let me see your ugly mug...


All right, that's enough.
Let's not bruise the merchandise.

Bring out the others.

- Where are we?
- Neuropolis. The city of minds.

- MAG: Neuropolis exists?
- Wait, what?

It used to be Tucson.
Rossum was run from here.

And you just didn't think
to mention that Safe Haven

was parked right next door
to the fricking Death Star?

It had to be.
This is where we got the vaccine.

We were raiding it for tech
whenever we could.

You were here before?

So, what are they gonna do with us?


- Mr. Harding.
- What is it now? I'm eating.

- Of course you are, sir.
- Watch it.

You said you wanted a new suit.
We have a few for you to choose from.

Oh. Well, it's about time.


I can't believe I let this one
get so stretched out.

You'd be just as fat, Ambrose,
if we hadn't run out of shellfish.

AMBROSE: True, but we're having a hard
time finding acceptable replacement bodies

in the chaos out there.

We gotta start taking better care
of ourselves.

You're right. This time I will.

Gonna start on the elliptical.

Where did this body come from?

He's a dumb show.

- Poachers caught him in the wild.
- Was he with anyone?

- Just some girl.
- You idiot.

What's the matter with him?

A couple of dumb shows
never hurt anybody.

This is worse than butchers
by at least a lot.

- It'll be okay.
- Wait, you got a plan, wunderkind?

I guess I do.

- Echo.
- Still living the dream, Harding?

It is a little bit tarnished.

Did you ever think
if you didn't cut off Rossum at the head,

the tech might never
have gotten out of control?

Yeah, you're a model of control, butterball.

At least I'm having some fun.


Please. You know I'm backed up.

- Why do you bother anymore?
- Ask me again sometime.

- Does anyone need medical?
- (SOFTLY) Paul.

- MAG: Over here.
- You do your doctor thing. I'll find him.

She's lost a lot of blood.
She's in hypovolemic shock.

The brachial artery, it's healed up,
but we need to find oxygen.

Or an IV.
Supplement the remaining blood supply.

Here. Let me give you a hand.

- Where'd you learn that trick?
- The same place you did.

- Topher.
- No! No, no, no!

I mean, yes. Yes, yes. I've been working.

I've been working. Hard at working.
Please don't use a b*llet.

- Don't want to waste.
- It's Paul. I'm here with Echo.

- Echo?
- Yes.

One b*llet a day. Don't want to waste.

One person down a day
until I solve the problem.

They sh**t someone
if you don't invent what they want?

What they need. Every day.
A chain reaction.

Erase the world all at once.

How is he?

He's pretty far gone.

- The prisoners?
- One of them is me.


I think Harding was making him build
something to wipe the whole planet.

I solve the problem,
but people die if I do or I don't.

- A new problem. Chain reaction.
- Hey, Topher. It's me.

- We're getting you out of here.
- I'm so close. So close.

So close to solving both problems.
They would have no idea.

Close to what? Wiping everyone?

The opposite. Reflection. Like an echo.

Put things back the way they were.
Minds back the way they were.

I can bring back the world.

Hey, T.

Come and look at this.

- I told you it'd be worth the wait.
- Awesome.

- Do you want to go show your mom?
- Yeah.

Gently. Go.

Hey, Mom.

Hey, Mom.

- Look, the strawberries are ripe.
- Oh, wow. Those look amazing.

Try one.

Go ahead. You can trust your mom.

Let's save the rest for dessert, huh?
Come here.

Are these from the East House?

Hill House. They need help
finishing the well in the next few days.

Clearly. If this is all they're producing.


PAUL: Topher collapsed
about a half-mile back.

He's malnourished, needs water. Go.


We got him.

They were trying to get Topher
to build a pulse b*mb,

send out some kind of chain-reacting
blanket signal. Wipe everyone.

Everyone in the world? Who's left?

- We came out of LA.
- I'm amazed you survived.

Well, hold your applause.
There were 30 of us when we banded.

- Who's worth wiping anymore?
- ECHO: Maybe a group overseas. Maybe us.

Maybe they're getting tired of me
k*lling them all the time.

- Aren't you?
- Thanks for the insight, mini me.

But you missed the last quarter
of this game. We're not ahead.

The point is, Topher thinks he can flip it.

Create a pulse
to restore all the wiped minds.

Yeah? He also thinks
he's a little teapot, short and stout.

Topher Brink is a genius,

and you will keep a civil tongue
in this house or we'll put it in the stew.

- Good to see you've mellowed.
- What did they do to him?

They sh*t someone in front of him
every day he didn't finish.

- We don't really eat people's tongues.
- Cool.

I've got a rocket scientist or two in here.

They're not Topher's league,
but I don't think it's a fantasy.

- The science seems sound.
- PRIYA: Well, what would it mean?

Butchers, dumb shows, everyone
who's ever been wiped or imprinted

- would go back to their original identities.
- Including us?

- Would go back to their original identities.
- Including us?


You'd finally get to be a real girl.

- It sounds so simple.
- ECHO: It's not.

Anyone with Active architecture,
we'd be reset, too.

Back before it all started.

- We'd forget...
- Everything.

ECHO: Some of us can afford that,
but a lot of us can't,

and Topher doesn't have
everything he needs.

- This is where it gets interesting.
- It was dull?

To avoid the blast and any reverberation,

we'd have to go deep underground
for a year or more.

And what Topher needs
to make the pulse work...

Is in the Dollhouse.

- Come on!
- I guess there really is no place like home.

Hey, hey. We just left that party.
That party was on f*re.

ECHO: We need a guide.

And you two know the city
better than any of us.

I thought there was a vaccine.
You said there was a vaccine!

There was, but this is new.

Zone, power down a sec.
Think about what this means.

It means everything,
and somebody's gotta step up.

The world still needs heroes, kid.


- Did you really just say that?
- What? I was being inspirational.

- You are so corny.
- You're fat.

Enough with the pep talk.
We need to get back.

- You're going to show us the way or...
- She said you don't eat tongues.

Maybe she should start. I have listened
to you whine for way too long, Zone.

- This is bigger than us.
- Fine. Then you take them.

You can send me a postcard
once we've reestablished

some sort of postal system
due to your heroics.

She loves it when you're corny.

ZONE: Look, for your 411,
I'm not some printed freak.

And the pulse?
It doesn't affect Actuals, right?

So I'm not heading back into...


What's that sound?

PRIYA: I thought you said
you weren't followed.

- It's the main gate.
- PAUL: Raiding party.

PRIYA: T, come here right now.



Sorry. English. I got your message.

How can we help?

Sorry if you don't like our methods.
We like to take the offensive.

- Most people have a sh**t-first policy.
- PAUL: Us included.

Romeo, you want to help with this
or do you want to play in the sandbox?

PRIYA: But why him?

I sent word with some of the Actuals
we set free.

- It was a long sh*t.
- He's out of control.

They're freak shows. Tech heads.

Exactly the sort of thing
I'm trying to keep T away from.

They're our only chance
of making it back through the wild.

But I don't want to go back.

I don't want to leave our home.
Go down that hole.

It's not my idea of a vacation spot either.
It's just the next thing.

Do I have to cut your throat?
What are you doing with the boy?

- Showing him my mods, Vic.
- No! No tech in front of the kid.

Do I have to upload that
to your brain myself?

I got it. Log off. Easy.

You know, you can stay.

- I'll do the job.
- Come on.

It just takes me a while to process things,
during which I yell.

I get what's at stake.

Who doesn't want to spend
some quality time

with these awesomely-normal people?

I don't know. It could be all right.
Little Asian's kind of cute.

She's a tech head, Mag.

She's a girl, Mag.

- It's good to see him productive again.
- It is.

- Yes. And who are you?
- I'm Carol...

I'm in the... I'm just some kid.


Damn, you're twitchy. You don't like girls?

Apparently everyone does.
I don't care for the tech.

So you're the w*apon expert?

That... That's what that says, yeah.

So, what, you gotta load that every time?
You can't just store it?

Not unless you're Echo.
We want to stay sane,

we gotta take something out first,
make room for it.

Take out what?


That's great.

- How long have we been on the road?
- A couple of hours.

- How's the kid doing?
- You can call him T.

He sleeps better than I do, that's for sure.

The garden, it looks like it came
a long way since I last saw it.

Three summers ago?
We've had some time to get it right.

I just mean...

- I understand it would be hard to leave.
- It was our home, away from all the horror.

Now I'm condemning him to that house,

that hell I was locked up in
for so many years.

So you can remember him.
Remember raising him.

How ironic.

You'd have to k*ll me
to take those memories.

I wanted him brought up away
from all the crap in the back of this truck.

You and me both did.

That's why we agreed never to tell him.
Keep him away from me.

We agreed to keep him away
from the tech.

- Here we go.
- You chose to stay steeped in it, Tony.

Seduced by it.

You chose to be Victor.

- For our cause.
- For your cause.

- I stopped fighting long ago.
- I was fighting to protect you.

I would do anything for you.
For both of you.

Except the one thing I asked you to do.

Man, you're gonna be hilarious
stuck underground for a year.

- We're not there yet.
- We'll get there.

This thing works,
Rossum is really going down.

Ambrose, Harding,
they'll just be hard drives on a shelf.

Someone's gonna have
to smash those drives.

Which is why we're staying down
until we know we're safe.

- You keep bringing that up.
- Because you keep pushing it down.

You think after the pulse
the world's gonna be all hunky-dory?

I think it's not your fight.

I think, for a good long while,
you're gonna have to be where you are,

and I think that scares you.

I hate when you pretend to know me.

It's not a claim I make.

I've been knocking 10 years.
You still won't let me in.

I've let you in a few times.

When you were sure we were gonna die.

What happens if you're sure
we're gonna live?

What do you think happens?

No, no. Come on. You're my analyst now.
So, tell me, what do you think?

I think you've got 100 people
living inside your head,

and you're the Ioneliest person I know.

- That's kind of sweet.
- Not for the person who's with you.

ECHO: We're gonna enter here

through the Union Plaza metro station,
the service tunnels.

The butchers have k*lled most everyone
in the city and run out of food,

- so they're thinning out.
- No, they got food.

We saw one eating his friend
the other day.


- But it still means there's less of them.
- It also means the strongest survived.

Super butchers. Grand.

VICTOR: We're almost there.
I'll get us as close as I can.

I thought you said there weren't many left.

There aren't.

But they're all here.


We were born ready. Well, not technically.



ECHO: Paul, let's go. Move them out.

Move! They're armed!

All up.

We got them underground.

VICTOR: Move it! Move it!
Everyone into the tunnel now!

Go, go, go!


Hey, hey, hey. It's okay. You're gonna be...


That's all of us. Seal the door behind us.

- What about...
- That's all of us.

We go down here.

Wait. Last time we were here, your zombie
day spa was crawling with butchers.

We need to drop some C4
down the rabbit hole.

ADELLE: Then you risk destroying the tech
Topher's looking for.

If there were any butchers down there,
they've probably torn each other apart.

Well, let's find out.

I try to be my best.

- Oh, hell.
- ALPHA: Nope.

You'll have to keep digging
if that's where you want to end up.


I thought we lost you in Reno.

I kind of let you think that.
I lost my stomach for the fight.

Thought I'd help out some people
who could use it. Cleared this place out.

No wonder
there's so many butchers up there.

They know about the dumb show buffet.

Victor, why would someone do something
so horrible to your face?

- Psycho.
- Lapsed.

We've got wounded. Get Mag down here.
I'll prep the meds.

- Where's big bad Ballard?
- We lost him.

- Man, I'm sorry. When did that happen?
- Ten minutes ago.

Tell me where to look, darling.

Some things aren't on the Cartesian plane.

Is the tech you're looking for in the lab?

The pineal gland,
the seat of consciousness.

I made it the seat of destruction.

How many people do you think
can sit on it before it breaks?

- You don't mean the chair, do you?
- No. No, no, no.

- What if there wasn't anything?
- Then we took a road trip for nothing.

- ROMEO: We'd be okay with that.
- What on Earth do you think you're doing?

KILO: We came here for some juicy new
prints, not to let you take our world away.

ECHO: If you stay down here,
you'll be shielded just like us.

You can stay who you are.

The ohm resistance of 10 meters
of concrete is the equivalent of...

No. We changed ourselves
to survive up there, to thrive.

Even if we don't get wiped by the pulse,
you're still destroying who we are.

I've taken down guys twice as bad as you
with g*n twice as big.

Our g*n aren't pointed at you, sister.


No! Told him again and again and again.
g*n don't help me think.

g*n don't help me think.

- (SOFTLY) We can take them.
- (SOFTLY) You'll get him k*lled.

What's going on, Rome?

Upgrades, Vic.
Tell me you haven't thought about it.

Hold up. We tweaked ourselves
to fight the w*r. It's ending.

Not anymore. Not if they don't have him.

And with all the tweaks on this computer,
we'll rule the wasteland.

- Why wouldn't you want that?
- Because we're not freak shows.

Well, okay, maybe I am. And Echo.

Topher's a little off,
but Adelle, she's a class act all the way.

- Alpha...
- ALPHA: It's just that I have worked so hard

to have a peaceful life here.
It's harder for me than most.

VICTOR: Hey, I get it.

You think I don't want every one
of those skills f*ring through my head?

I know how good it feels.

Skip learning the hard way.
Skip the long hours.

The sweat, the training,
just to feel the thrill of perfection.

But if we're gonna rebuild the world,
I want to do it myself.

Sorry, boss.
That means you stand with the Luddites.

Did he just call me a Luddite?

You looking for these?

I'll take him to the holding cell,
the tiny one to medical.

Figure out what to do with them
after we set off the EMP.

Let's go, Romeo.

Oh, God, she's so cool.


It's okay. It's okay.
Everything's gonna be okay.

He's tired.

- He's much worse when he's tired.
- Tired?


It was like this when I bought the place.

k*ll your idols. There's a piece of truth.

- I'm very glad you didn't clean up.
- Well, it spoke to the schizophrenic in me.

Well, both of them, actually.

He didn't come back for the tech.

He came back for an idea.

Synapse fires and I find a solution
before the problem.

How many times does B come before A?

- "sn*per." "Demolition." "Ernesto."
- He gave it up, Priya.

He knew he couldn't take you,
and he'll be back for these, I guarantee it.

- Well, let him!
- Priya!

I wonder if I'm in here somewhere.
"Memory of Priya."

Pulls it out of his head,
along with being human.

- What the hell is wrong with you?
- This. This tech has been eating at my life.

He's in love with you.
Are you really that thick?

This isn't something
that comes on a drive.

They tried to pull it out of him.

They wiped his mind for years
and he never stopped loving you!

You want to k*ll the tech?

k*ll it! Shut it down! Lock him out!
Give him nothing!

You can string him along for years!

You've had years together,
and what did you do?

You waste it!
Never tell him that you love him!

Never tell him that you're grateful for him!
He's d*ad!

He's d*ad!

(SOBBING) He's just d*ad
and I never told him.

Paul's d*ad and I'm alone.

I'm all alone. I'm always alone.


lecture one in a three-part series

entitled Neural Plasticity
in Relation to Cortical Imprinting.


Her face has a look about her.

The most effective way
to imprint new pathways

is with a timed electrostatic charge.

It simulates the natural rewiring process
of the brain. Basic neural plasticity.

Every action affects our neural topography.
We literally become what we do,

not what we've done or what we will do.

We're best defined by our actions
in the moment.

With a wavelength
of more than two meters,

little damage is done
to the surrounding tissue.

Thank you.

Greater than two meters.

- The connection goes there.
- Yeah.

Does this mean we're finished?

- Where do we set off the device?
- High up. Higher up.

The higher the better.
Gamma rays bounce off the atmosphere.

- Is my old office high enough?
- Yes, yes, yes. Perfect.

It'll hit the stratosphere.

A minor expl*si*n cascades
into a major chain reaction.

- expl*si*n?
- TOPHER: It does the work for you.

You said it could only
be activated manually.


You're not coming back?

Small price to pay.

(WHISPERING) I didn't want
to cause any more pain.

Is now a bad time to ask for a favor?

T, I'd like you to meet your father.



I'm Anthony. But you can call me Tony.

- That's my name, too.
- Yeah.

Can I help you burn stuff?

You don't have to do it, you know.
At least not alone.

I do. I'll fix what we did to their heads.

You fix what we did
to the rest of the world.

Your job is way harder.

- Man, you don't waste any time.
- Shut up.

I don't have to. I'm going.

Our tiny messiah's gonna be
a 10-year-old soon.

Somebody's gotta look after her.

- Caroline told me.
- And you, stumpy, are going nowhere.

- Except maybe down.
- Take care of her, Zone.

Try not to have any influence on her
of any kind.

And, you know,
look us up in a year or two.

Not if you paid me.

Hey, Mag?

What did you do?

You know, before.

I was at Berkeley. Sociology. You?

Landscape architect.

I would never have called that one.

People are such a mystery.

- ECHO: Alpha just left?
- He said he couldn't stay.

And if he was gonna become
what he was before...

He won't. He's evolved. He will again.

Well, I think he'd like to be alone
when he finds out.

Just in case.

- And the rest of them?
- I'll lead them out.

Make sure they all come through
the pulse all right.

I'm really the only one who can.

- Ever the shepherd, huh?
- Leading them into the light.

For good.

Funny that the last fantasy the Dollhouse
should fulfill would be yours.

I don't have any fantasies, Adelle.

More's the pity.

Alpha said to dismantle
all the tech in the building.

He said you should start with the chair.

- Having second thoughts?
- No way.

I'm the lucky one. I get to start over.




And I fall on my knees

Tell me how's the way to be

Tell me how's the way to go

What happened?

It's a long story, kid. Don't worry about it.
Everything's gonna be all right.

Tell me how's the way to go

Tell me how's the way to be

To evoke some empathy

Danger will follow me now

Everywhere I go

Angels will call on me

And take me to my home

Well, this time

I just wants to be at home

And I fall on my knees

Tell me how's the way to go

Am I...

- Are we...
- You wanted me to let you in.

You sure you got room?
I got a lot of baggage. Childhood stuff.

We will work through it.

We've got time.

Tell me why I feel so low

Angels will call on me

And take me to my home

And angel will fall on me now

Everywhere I walk

Angels will call on me

And take me to my home

And angels will call on me now

Everywhere I go

And angels will follow me now

Lead me to my home
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