26x04 - Deep Learning

Episode transcripts of the TV show, "South Park." Aired August 1997 to current.
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The misadventures of four boys who live in the fictional town of South Park, Colorado.
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26x04 - Deep Learning

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♪ I'm goin' down to South Park,
gonna have myself a time ♪

♪ Friendly faces everywhere ♪

♪ Humble folks without temptation ♪

♪ Goin' down to South Park,
gonna leave my woes behind ♪

♪ Ample parking day or night ♪

♪ People spouting, "Howdy, neighbor!" ♪

♪ Heading on up to South Park,
gonna see if I can't unwind ♪

♪ Mrph rmhmhm rm! Mrph rmhmhm rm! ♪

♪ Come on down to South Park
and meet some friends of mine ♪

You guys! You guys, oh,
my gosh! Oh, my gosh!

- What is it?
- What happened, Bebe?

Clyde just sent me another text.

Oh, what's this one say?

I texted him if he thought
about me all the time,

and he texted back,

"It certainly seems like all the time."

It's hard to get someone
like you out of my mind.


Doesn't he just send
the best texts ever?

- Yeah, he does!
- Sure does.

Yesterday, I texted
him, "How do you know

you're in love with me?" And he said,

"I know I'm in love with you
because spending time with you

makes me feel like I'm home

and I can't imagine life without you."

- Aw!
- That's so sweet!

Clyde wrote that?

- OMG, Clyde.

Do you really care about me that much?

Does Stan ever talk to
you like that, Wendy?

No. Every time I send

Stan a text, he just responds
with a thumbs up emoji.

Yeah, well, Clyde is
just really into me.

Oh, he's texting back!

"Yes, I do care about you that much.

You mean a lot to me and
I care deeply about you."


He sure is in love with you, Bebe!

He's a g*dd*mn dream boat!




Hey, Stan, is there
a time we could talk today?

I'm feeling a little
insecure about some things.


Hey, Clyde, can I talk to you?

- Sure, bro.
- Well, um,

Wendy just came up to me
and was acting all hurt

'cause she thinks
I don't care about her.


And she said that she wishes
I would reply to her texts

the way that Clyde responds to Bebe's.

So, like... how do you do it?

ChatGPT, dude.

- ChatGPT?
- Yeah, dude,

there's a bunch of apps and
programs you can subscribe

to that use OpenAI to do
all your writing for you.

People use em to write
poems, write job applications,

but what they're really good for

is dealing with chicks.

Here. Check it out.

There's tons of ChatGPT
apps for you phone.

So, then I can take
whatever latest dumb thing

Bebe texted me, I copy it,

then I open the GPT app,

Click "respond to," paste
her text here, hit "write."

It just thinks for a second.

"You would look great
with any length of hair!

Trying a new look could be fun."

Copy that into messages and send it off.

It's super easy and convenient
and it saves me a ton of time

because she texts me so g*dd*mn much.

- Jesus Christ!

"I probably won't do it, but
thanks for being supportive."

Cut. Paste. Write. Cut. Messages. Paste.

Send. There.


All done with her stupid shit.

This is a real app?

It'll completely change your life, bro.

Just, uh... Just don't
tell anybody, huh?

If Bebe found out, I'd be a d*ad man.


♪ Wet ink on the paper
makes me nervous ♪

♪ I nearly lose my vision ♪

♪ Then my breath and
my pulse and my mind ♪

♪ Quicken ♪

♪ Head below my knees ♪

♪ I come alive ♪


♪ Keeps me awake thinking back ♪

♪ Oh, my first sight of you
was my first heart att*ck ♪

♪ Every letter makes me lose my reason ♪

♪ Every word is like
your kindest touch ♪

♪ And if I told you ♪

♪ How much I need you ♪

♪ Would you give me
yourself or turn and run? ♪


♪ I read to myself until I go blind ♪

♪ Your words fall around
me all through the night ♪

♪ I can't resist and
I don't want to fight ♪

♪ Will you be held ♪

♪ Will you be touched ♪

♪ By my hand through this paper? ♪

♪ This is all too much ♪

♪ Will we be ravaged ♪

♪ Will we be true ♪

♪ To somebody perfect,
somebody like you ♪

♪ I'm tired of yearning ♪

♪ I'm tired of learning ♪

♪ I need to drink you ♪

♪ My heart has been burning ♪


[BEEP] Hello?

Hey, Stan, I didn't get it yet.

Didn't get what?

You asked me if I wanted

a bedtime story about
frogs or a song about swans.

I said a bedtime story!

Oh, yeah, I-I wrote it.

I'll send it to you right now.

Okay, bye!




Okay, children let's take our seats.

I've graded your midterm essays,

and I have to say, for the
most part, they were terrible.

However, there were some
essays that I'm very happy with.

There was a really
great essay from Clyde

on the " s Labor Unions

and Their Effect on the
Industrial Revolution."

Let's hear it for Clyde, kids!

Great work, Clyde.

Thank you. Thank you.

- Uh-huh.
- What?

Someone who never writes
good essays, Butters,

wrote an amazing piece
on "Post-Cold w*r Poland

and the Changing Provision of Security."

Check plus, Butters!

Oh, uh... thanks. [CHUCKLES NERVOUSLY]

We also have another student

who wrote a shockingly good paper.

This one's called "A Feminist
Neoliberal Perspective"

of Post-w*r Afghanistan"
by Eric Cartman!

Ah, yes, thank you, thank you.

And this week, we have a new
student to the check plus club.

For an amazing essay
called "Writing a Policy

About Improving the
Rights of Migrant Workers."

Let's hear it for Stan!


All right, what the hell is going on?!

You tell me what's going on!

Clearly, somebody told
Stan about ChatGPT!

You guys are using it
to write essays, too!

Yes, we are all using it,

and we had a pact that we
wouldn't tell anyone else

because then everyone
will start using it

and Mr. Garrison will figure it out!

So who [BLEEP] blabbed to Stan?

I just told Stan about it as
a tool to text his girlfriend.

God damn it, Clyde!

You don't use an amazing AI
cheating tool to talk to girls!

You're gonna ruin everything!

This can't be open source, you guys!

If everyone starts using ChatGPT,

then we lose our unfair advantage.







Oh, God-[BLEEP]-damn it.


If they find out that we
don't have to work anymore,

then they aren't gonna want to
work and then we're all screwed!

Who's the one who first found ChatGPT

and thought to use it for essays?

- Butters.
- Right.

But then Butters told me about it,

and I told him not to tell anyone else!

Right, but then you went and
blabbed about it to Clyde.

That's right. I was a little excited.

You guys, I'm not going
to tell anyone else!

You really think I want Wendy
finding out about this thing?

Fine. So we're all in it together.

But you guys need to be
careful what you use it for.

Because once you bring
girls into things,

they're gonna ruin it.

Just like sl*very.


Ugh, God, I can't take it, Rick!

What's the matter?

Oh, it's just grading these
stupid papers all the time!

I have to read em' all and
comment on each one of them.

Jesus Christ. Something's changed,

and now a few of the kids
are writing these really long,

detailed essays. I don't
know what's going on.

I guess I've taught them really well,

maybe a bit too well.

Uh, yeah...

Have you ever heard of ChatGPT?

ChatGPWhoza what? The [BLEEP] is that?

There's a few apps now, really. But see?

It has AI and takes any subject matter

and can instantly give you

whatever kind of content you want.

Wait a minute...

There's an app that anyone can use

that does all the thinking
and writing for you?


Well, this is gonna be amazing!

I can use it to grade all my papers,

and no one will ever know!

Uh, yeah, sure.

I'll just type the
title of the essay in,

and it'll generate a comment,

and I don't even have to
read the stupid things!

Yeah, and then you'll
have more free time.

Oh, this is great. Thanks so much!

Just got to make sure nobody
finds out I'm being sneaky

Oh, and... And, hey, Rick?


Thanks for all the
replies to my texts today.

They were really supportive.

Oh. Yeah. Sure thing.


This place is good, right?

Yeah, it's really good.

Well, I know it's not much,

but I just wanted to
take you out somewhere

- to say thanks, Stan.
- For what?

For stepping up and
working on communication

when I asked you to.

Oh, that's cool.

The things we've talked about, Stan,

it's really helping me.

I don't feel so alone and misunderstood.

I've been so scared for
so long to tell anyone

what happened to me when I was six.

- Yeah.
- And...

everything you had to say
about it was just right.

It really changed the way I
think about the whole thing.


And when you said the same
thing happened to you, I...

I couldn't believe it.

Were you at home when it happened?

- Yep.
- But you're right.

We can't dwell on those things.

You're right about a lot of stuff.

There was just that one
thing I don't understand.

About the boating
accident in Switzerland?

The boating accident in Switzerland...

was tough.

I thought you said it was great.

It was great. And very tough.

But how did it cause the
thing with your cousin?

Oh, shit. What time is it?

It's a little after : .

Oh, shit. My mom told me to be home

right at a little after : .

Sorry, Wendy. I-I gotta get going.

No, no, no, that's totally
okay. I gotta get going, too.

Okay, cool.

Thank you so much, Stan.

Thank you for being the
only real thing in my life.


"Oh, Bebe, your name is like a song.

A melody stuck in my head so long.

I can't help but smile
when I hear it said...

Bebe, the name always in my head."

Oh, God, so obvious.

"I dream of spending
my days with you, Bebe.

In South Park or anywhere that maybay.

Talking, laughing, just being together."

"In a dream I hope will last forever."

Excuse me, Mr. Garrison?

♪ Beruhre meinen korper ♪

Mr. Garrison?!

Oh, yeah. What?

I'm sorry, but I need to
address your class really quick.

Oh, yeah, yeah, sure. Go ahead.

M'kay, kids, I need to
discuss a very serious matter.

There is a rumor going around
that someone at this school

is using open AI
technology to do their work.


Well, that's crazy! Who would do that?

Now, I know that everyone
at this school is honest,

hard-working, m'kay, wouldn't...

Wouldn't even want
to use this "ChatGBD."


Oh, m'kay, but the school board

has decided to call in a company

that can detect AI in schoolwork

and make sure nobody here is cheating.

They... They are gonna what?

So we're just gonna collect all
the school work that we can...

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

And we are gonna have them analyzed

for any AI contributions, m'kay?

Well, those are... Those
aren't, uh, quite ready.

Don't worry. We'll get
these all back to you

after the testers look through them.

M'kay, kids, sorry for the intrusion.

Get back to your day. M'kay.

God [BLEEP] dammit!

I told you guys this was gonna happen!

What are we gonna do?!

There's nothing we can do. It's over!

We've lost our unfair advantage.

That's not what's important.

If they find out I've been
using open AI for class,

Wendy's gonna know I've
been using it with her,

and it's gonna crush her!

Dude, same. Bebe's
gonna [BLEEP] k*ll me.

And who's fault is that, you guys?

I told you that once
you bring women into things,

they ruin it just like they did sl*very.

Okay, Eric, could you explain

exactly how women ruined sl*very?

No, I can't, because I can't
use [BLEEP] ChatGPT anymore

'cause we got [BLEEP] busted!

Look, maybe...

Maybe this AI-detection
technology won't work.

It doesn't matter if it doesn't work.

Cat is out of the bag now!

This was supposed to be our thing

for us to get ahead, but now...

God dammit, get the [BLEEP] out of here!

M'kay, I'm just a little confused.

You think we shouldn't
have the kids' schoolwork analyzed

for using AI writing apps?

Look, it's just...

It's really unfair to the kids.

I mean, what are we saying?
That we don't trust them?

I mean, geez!

But don't you think if kids
aren't writing their own papers,

we should know?

Oh, what are people afraid of?

That AI is gonna replace
real writers?

That Hollywood is gonna become

just a bland recycling of old ideas?

It already is! AI might help it!

Well, I don't know
what you want me to do.


Mr. Mackey, the technician

from the school advisory board

just pulled into the parking lot.



Someone here using AI technology
to do their classwork?!

If there is ChatGPT being used here,

I will find it.

Shadowbane! Fly!




Uh, hello.

I'm the counselor here
at South Park Elementary.

This is one of our
teachers, Mr. Garrison.


have been hired by the
Park Country School Board

to determine if any students

are using generative AI
technology to do their work.

Uh, yes, we're excited to work with you.

We have a lot of great students here.


It only takes one student.


And then it spreads like a cancer.

Come, Shadowbane!

Let us find this ChatGPT-using cheater!



I'm gonna get fired. That's it.

Mr. Garrison, can I talk to you?

Oh, is it important, Stan?

'Cause I'm kinda dealing
with some stuff right now.

Yes, it is important.

You know, when you've
done something wrong,

sometimes the best thing to do

is just come out and admit it.

[SIGHS] Okay.

Okay, you're right.
How did you find out?

Clyde told me about it.

I came to you because if they
find something out about me,

and you punish me,

it's gonna really hurt Wendy.

I don't wanna punish anyone, Stan.

- I completely understand.
- You do?

Sure, I think most the world does.

I mean, why does it
matter who uses AI apps?

It's just like having a
good writer's assistant.

Yeah, like a good writer's assistant.

Yeah! I mean, you're still the one

taking the time to, like,
push the buttons and stuff.

Yeah! So you really don't think

Wendy would be upset that I used ChatGPT

to respond to her texts?

Hold on. People can use it

to respond to other people's texts?!


Rick! That lying piece of shit!

But we were just saying
it was understandable...

No! This is totally different!

Whoever uses it for messages
is a [BLEEP] monster!


M'kay, everyone, please just stay calm.

They got him!

They found the kid
that's been using AI apps.

Get back! Get back, all of you.

I have the student isolated inside.

W-What exactly have you found?

We went through thousands of papers.

But then Shadowbane
detected Chatbot writing

in this student's phone.


There, you see? She's going crazy.

Oh, no.

What is going on?

Oh, God. No, no, no, no.

The GPT stuff on her
phone didn't come from her.

Keep all the children back, Mackey.

We can't let it spread!

I will go inside and get her confession.


You have been cheating
on your schoolwork.

- No, I haven't.
- Say it!

You have used ChatGPT
to write your essays for you.

Now humble yourself before the school!

I write my own essays.

I don't know what to do.

I'm not creative enough to
think of a way out of this.

Wait. That's it.





Once upon a time,

there was a boy named Stan
who lived in South Park.

Stan loved his girlfriend very much,

but lately he hadn't
been truthful with her.

One day, when Stan got to school,

he was approached by his best friend.

Dude, did you hear what
happened to your girlfriend?

No, what about her?

Dude, she got caught
cheating on her essay.

Just then, Stan noticed a
commotion down the hallway.

This student is going
to jail for cheating.

Drugs are bad, m'kay?

Hold it right there!

Look, everyone, we can't blame
people who are using ChatGPT.

It's not their fault.

Well, whose fault is it?

I'll tell you who.

It's the giant tech
companies who took open AI,

packaged it, monetized it,
and pushed it out to all of us

as fast as they could
in order to get ahead.

Open AI is so powerful
that it has to be something

that everyone can use,
control, and contribute to.

Or else AI will be
controlled by corporations

who just want an unfair
advantage like Cartman does.

Hey! Screw you, you dumb Jew!

We don't want big corporations

deciding what's ethical
and acceptable for AI.

We were all taken advantage of,

and that's why my girlfriend
would totally understand

that I used ChatGPT to
respond to her texts.

That's right!

Well, I guess we can
let you go now, ma'am.

I will find these tech companies
who are trying to use open AI

for their own gains,
and I will stop them!

M'kay, kids, I think we
can all go home, m'kay?

Everyone was happy,

and Stan's girlfriend
completely forgave him.

Thanks for saving me, Stan.

You're welcome, sweetheart.

Class dismissed!

ALL: Yay!



Boy, I'm sure glad that's over with.

Yeah, but...

I'm still really not
sure what just happened.

Well, now at least
we know that sometimes

a good ol' thumbs up from a human

is better than a machine-generated lie.

Yeah. Yeah, you're right, Stan.

I love you.

Dude, how did you pull all that off?

ChatGPT, dude.
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