04x24 - Rampaging Love

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "The Seven Deadly Sins". Aired: November 1, 2015 - June 23, 2021.
Story of Elizabeth, the princess of Britannia, which has been overthrown by the brutal Holy Knights.
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04x24 - Rampaging Love

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What are you doing all by yourself?


Did you have another fight
with your older brother?


Everyone says I'm a coward
who couldn't even k*ll a bug.

Is that what's bothering you?

But the fact is, I'm dragging
my older brother's name through the mud.

Whose dog is that?

Oh, hey!

This little one was hurt
and couldn't move.

I remember…

this sight.

That's right.

What was the dog's name again?

I think you're fine
the way you are right now.

I'm going to get strong.

I want to end this stupid w*r between
the Goddess Clan and Demon Clan quickly.

And then, someday…

That's right.

I've always been in love with Elizabeth.

You did well.

As expected of my younger brother.

Do you think I'll be like you one day?

I guarantee it.


I wanted to become Meliodas.


I am Meliodas.

This is a tale of ancient times,

when the human and non-human worlds
had not yet split.

Meliodas has awakened as the leader
of the Ten Commandments,

the Demon Clan's elite troops.

To save Britannia,
now enveloped in darkness,

and to save her beloved from destruction,

a princess makes a decision.

The immortal order of knights,
the Seven Deadly Sins…

now rise again.

How is Meliodas doing?

I have to say that I'm impressed.

Though it's taking some time,

there's no sign of rejection,
and he's absorbing the Commandments.

What's this, Elizabeth?

You came just to see me?

I've missed you, too.

I do know this man, after all.

But why can't I remember anything?

Lady Elizabeth, please get behind me.


was I…

That's right.

I came here to steal the Commandments.

If I absorb all the Commandments
and surpass my brother, then I…

I am Meliodas.





You mustn't fight him!

sh*t b*mb!

f*re away!

We also have to protect the princess!

It's no good! He's getting closer!

Diamond Shield!

Meliodas isn't an unshaven hulk like you!

True Spirit Spear Chastiefol,
First Configuration!


What happened?

It's okay--



Elizabeth, it's too noisy here.

Let's go someplace quieter.

Like that place
you and I always used to sneak off to.

No way.

Only Meliodas and I know about that place.

That's right. It was our secret.

You're Estarossa.

You're not Meliodas!


That failure of a younger brother who
was born without the power of Darkness,

despite being the son of the Demon King--

What's wrong, Estarossa?



I was always watching you.

The son of the Demon King,
who possesses no Darkness.

The weakling
who couldn't even k*ll a single insect!

People were always laughing at me
behind my back.


You were always by yourself,
and you seemed so lonely.

The only ones who never laughed at me
were you and my older brother.

Before I knew it,
I was always trying to find you.

But the only one you had eyes for
was Meliodas!


can't die yet.

Not until I see you once more!


I'm going to join the battle.


Estarossa isn't currently
in his right mind.

He lied!

He lied to me! Even though he told me!


The three Commandments he absorbed
are showing signs of rejection!


Expel those Commandments right now!

Estarossa! Pull yourself together!

Otherwise, you'll be consumed
by the Commandments!

He's not able to understand
what you're saying!

We'll deal with him,
so please go somewhere safe!

Wait, you two!


That's right.

I confided in my older brother.

About my feelings for you!

And that's when he said it!

I'll work something out
between you and Elizabeth.

Meliodas would never say that.

Your memory is most likely wrong.

He definitely said it!

True Spirit Spear Chastiefol,
Fourth Configuration!



Rush Rock!


If Meliodas is going to steal you from me,
then I'd rather devour you!

Be mine!

Help me, Elizabeth.

-I'll devour you!


Don't hurt anybody else.

I'll do whatever you say.

Don't, Elizabeth!

I'll be fine.


Grand Master, we must go
rescue Princess Elizabeth at once!

I know that!

But since he flew off like that,
there's nothing we can do.

I'll go after him.


Wait. Do you plan to go alone?

Since the Four Archangels are down,
I'm the only one who can pursue him.

Who did you say was down?


You're a woman!

My vessel matured, that's all.

Using my powers takes a toll,
which can cause various changes.

What about Sir Tarmiel?

My vessel was k*lled by the Demons
after that Fight Festival thing.

A vessel won't change
if it was d*ad from the start.

My vessel was a young performer
stricken with a terminal illness.

In exchange for healing her,

I asked her to lend me her body
so I could fight the Demon Clan.

But the vessel will eventually
be destroyed if we keep using our Graces.

Like this Solaseed, as well as
that princess inhabited by Ludociel.

No way.

So I've decided to return it.

I may not look it,
but I do have a conscience.

Sorry, but would you mind
burying this vessel?

All right, then.

Let's go annihilate Estarossa!

Let me go with you.

A Ten Commandment?

What's she scheming?

Enough with the jokes, Derieri.

There wouldn't be any benefit to you.

There isn't a single person here
who trusts you.


I trust her.


That is, I trust Lady Elizabeth,
who once risked her life to save you.

How do you know about that?

Anyway, we're up against
a supersized monster.

The more help we can get,
the better, right?

I've heard that the Seven Deadly Sins
is made up of bizarre personalities,

and now I see it's true.

Come on. Let's go rescue Lady Elizabeth!

Be careful, King!

We're counting on you!

All right! We'll keep heading south
as we fight the Demon Clan!

Try to avoid fighting in any towns
or villages to minimize the damage!

-Got that?
-Yes, sir!

Scraps Captain?

What's up?

I have a favor to ask you.


What is this thing?

It's an area of powerful,
high-density Darkness

resulting from Meliodas' fusion
with the Commandments.

It's impossible to penetrate it
using Teleportation,

or destroy it with a magical power.

And this m*rder intent being emitted
from the inside to act as a warning…

The captain really doesn't want us
to get in his way.

Everyone, stay close to me.


Once we have made it inside,
that is the end.

There will be no turning back.

There will only be one way to get out.

To k*ll Meliodas,
the master of this area of Darkness.


No. There's another way.

To restore Meliodas to how he was.


Wait for me, Captain.

Meliodas, I want to see you.

I need to return to their…

Elizabeth. I swear…

I'll return to your side!
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