06x15 - Teen Angst and a Smart-Boy Walk of Shame

Episode Transcripts for the TV show "Young Sheldon." Aired September 2017 - current.*
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It's 1989, Sheldon Cooper is nine years old, living in East Texas and going to high school after skipping 4 grade levels. Spin-off prequel to The Big Bang Theory
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06x15 - Teen Angst and a Smart-Boy Walk of Shame

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Previously on Young Sheldon...

I did not give you a heart att*ck.

You gave me something.


Is my husband your mystery man?

MISSY: Can't believe this.

- Where you going?
- Home.

They clearly forgot about us.

This sucks.

What is he doing here?

MARY: He's a pastor,

and he wanted to be here.

I mean, what is he doing here with you?

I'm gonna stay
at my mom's house tonight.

Fine by me.

Where's Missy?

♪ Here we go ♪

♪ No ♪


♪ No way... ♪

Careful, loud music is
a sign of teen angst.

I'm aware.

Missy honey, I'm so sorry.

You okay?

Come on, let me in.


You forgot me.

[SIGHS] Mandy went into labor.

I had to go to the hospital.

She had the baby, and no one told me?

See? Angst.

Go in your room.

The baby's cute as a button.

Can't wait to meet her Aunt Missy.

I waited at school for an hour
and had to walk home.

No one even called.

There was a lot going on.

The important thing is,

you're safe,

baby's safe, everything turned out okay.

Not everything. My database failed.


Where's Mom?

She's staying at your meemaw's tonight.


Help with the baby.

So, the baby's home? I can meet her?

She'll be home tomorrow.

Then why's Mom there tonight?

- Look, Missy, I've had a long day.
- So have I.

- That makes three of us.
- Sheldon.

I'm in my room, as directed.



♪ Save the complaints... ♪

♪ Nobody else is stronger than I am ♪

♪ Yesterday I moved a mountain ♪

♪ I bet I could be your hero ♪

♪ I am a mighty little man ♪

♪ I am a mighty little man. ♪

- How's she doing?
- She's fine.

She's quiet.

She's breathing, right?

Yes. Hold on.


Mind slowing down?

I'm going .

And I said slow down.

You got it.

- Baby check.
- Still breathing.

All right, we got this.

You remembered to check
the baby's I.D. bracelet

before we left the hospital, right?

- Why?
- To make sure they gave us the right baby.

Don't be ridiculous, I know my baby.

This is her.

Yeah, this is her.

Good. I saw this

Maury Povich show
where there was a mix-up,

and one family got a real clunker.

Well, if she's a clunker,
she's our clunker.




You're up early.

Gave myself extra time in
case I had to walk again.

I'm taking you to school.

Lots of kids walk, by the way.

Like Billy?

His mom didn't show up either.

It was sad, but I can
laugh about it now.



So, is Mom coming home tonight?

I don't know.

What's really going on with you two?

'Cause Billy said you and Brenda...

Drop it.


Well, since Mom's not here,
I made your lunch.

That was nice.

"Try not forgetting your daughter today.

XO, Missy".

That's my name, in case you forgot.


ADULT SHELDON: The next day,
as I walked across campus,

I could feel all eyes were on me,

judging me for my failure.

Look at them laughing at me.

It was the closest I ever came
to a walk of shame.

Well, good morning, Sheldon.

What's good about it?

I'm a laughingstock.

I don't think anybody cares.

But my database failed.

Failure only means something
if you quit.

Well, get ready for
some meaning. I quit.

Hang on.

Are you familiar
with the Fred Astaire song

"Pick Yourself Up"?


From the beloved musical Swing Time?

Still no.

Then prepare to be uplifted.

♪ Nothing's impossible, I have found ♪

♪ For when my chin is on the ground ♪

♪ I pick myself up ♪

♪ Dust myself off ♪

♪ Start all over again ♪

I'm not uplifted.

Well, then buckle up
for the second verse.

♪ Don't lose your
confidence if you slip ♪

♪ Be grateful for a pleasant trip ♪

♪ And pick yourself up ♪

♪ Dust yourself off ♪

♪ Start all over again. ♪


Maybe it's gas. Did you burp her?

What do you think I was doing

when I was patting her on the back?

Did you pat firmly?

The book says "pat firmly".

It was firm, Georgie.

Maybe you need to be burped.

Okay, you're such an expert,
why don't you try?

All right. I was a baby
more recently than you were.

It's okay, CeeCee,

Daddy's here.

- Shh...

Good job.

Well, I just met her yesterday,
give me a minute.

- I remember those days.
- Me, too.

Boy, were you a crier.


Too little, too late.

[SIGHS] Should I help 'em out?

I got it.

Come on, CeeCee, work with me.

This is your father speaking.

Did she quiet down?

'Cause she doesn't sound quiet.

MEEMAW: Step aside.

Let me show you how it's done.

- Please.
- Come here. Okay. Yeah.

Meemaw's here now, all right.


- Shh, shh.

Shh. Something's wrong with this one.

Can her grandma have a turn?

- Here, take her.
- Oh...

- She takes after you.
- Oh.

It's okay, sweetie, Nana's here.

Nana? Who picked that?

I did.

Why ain't you another meemaw?

'Cause I'm the only meemaw.


Oh, you got her to quiet down.
How'd you do that?

Nana magic.

MANDY [SIGHS]: Okay, well,

I'm gonna get some sleep,

and I may never come back.


I don't understand. The code is perfect.

It should have worked.

Well, the problem
isn't that it didn't work,

the problem is that
nobody wanted to use it.

So, you're saying we didn't
fail, the public failed us.

No, we failed.

And you've also failed
at cheering me up, so good job.

Here's a thought.

I've been toying around

with this new plasma confinement idea.

Why don't we work on that

and, uh, take your mind
off the database?

What if we fail at that, too?

Then we'll have
two failures back to back.

I'll have to leave the country
or grow a mustache,

or leave the country
until I can grow a mustache.

Well, we don't know
if we'll fail until we try.

Counterpoint: if we don't try,
we'll never fail.

Oh, my little pal,

do I have to sing again?

Little? I'm towering over you.

♪ Will you remember the famous men ♪

♪ Who had to fall to rise again? ♪

♪ So, pick yourself
up, dust yourself... ♪

She's so cute.


How long has she been crying?

Her whole life.

[SCOFFS] I got a brother like that.

- You want to hold her?
- No.

- Scared?
- Yeah.

Smart. Okay, shh...

Sorry I wasn't there when she was born.

Oh, you weren't?

No, they forgot me at school.

I had to walk home.



Then my dad got mad at me,
like I was the one

- who did something wrong.
- Uh-huh.

How is it that color?

She only eats milk.

And Mom hasn't been home,

and I know something's going on,

but no one will tell me anything.

Uh, can you hand me the powder?

Do you know what's going on with them?

- Huh?
- With my mom and dad.


Missy, it feels like someone

just drove a truck through my body,

I haven't slept in days.

I cannot help you right now.

[SCOFFS] Sorry.


Son of a b*tch.

- Pigs in a blanket?
- Yeah.

They're burnt.


Mom doesn't cook them that long.

Thank you.

Would you teach me
how to throw a football?

What? What? Why?

I'm trying to get more
comfortable with failure.

What makes you think you're gonna fail?

The word "ball".

Well, I got to warn you,

learning to throw isn't
something you get right

on the first try.
It... it takes practice.

And does this practice involve
setbacks and frustration?

- Yeah.
- Perfect.

Now, you'll notice that
the shape of this thing

is more like a m*ssile, right,

than it is your typical bouncy ball.

The term you're looking for
is prolate spheroid.

Wasn't looking for it, but thank you.

Now, what do you think

is the most efficient way
to get this thing to fly?

Gyroscopic torque.


Bingo. [CHUCKLES] All right,

now get your fingers on the laces here.

Why is the surface all bumpy?

Used to be made out of pig bladder.

Well... not anymore. It's...

Helps with the grip. Okay?

Now, fingers back on it,
and get your thumb

wrapped around... There you go.

All right, bring your other hand up.

That helps keep her steady.

Bring the ball back to your ear.

And when you're ready to throw,

bring your arm down like
a tomahawk. [EXHALES]

Get that ball spinning.
[EXHALES] All right?


And am I correct in assuming
that more revolutions

will create a parabolic arc
that resists external forces?


All right, whenever you're ready,

let's see if you can reach me.

Let the setbacks and frustration begin.

[CHUCKLES] Good Lord.
That was incredible.

Yeah, I saw it.

Where you going?

To h*t the showers.
Apparently I'm a jock now.

I got the baby to
settle down. Easy peasy.

Take it down a notch, Nana.

I will try, but I don't know if I can.

Georgie on the couch?



And what exactly is it
that's wrong with your bed?

My husband's in it.

So, you're just gonna keep sleeping here

instead of dealing with it?

I'm helping with the baby.

She'll still be crying
tomorrow. Go home.

I will.

I just need my space right now.

I know the feeling.

You're cranky.

You want me to rock you to sleep?

I'm pretty good at it.

Don't touch me.

[WHISPERING]: Did you ever find out

where your mom was the other day?

[WHISPERING]: She was at the hospital

for your brother's baby.


Did you not know he had one?

- It's a girl.

No talking during the test.


- Your mom was there?
- Yeah.

So I was the only person in the
whole world who wasn't there.

Keep your eyes on your own papers.

I'm not cheating.

Well, that's not what it looks like.

I guess you would know
what cheating looks like.

Ask your husband.

What has gotten into you?

Well? Answer your mother.

So the only time you two talk
to each other is to yell at me?

- That is not true.
- Oh, really?

Where have you been sleeping
the last couple nights?

Whoa, you do not talk to us that way.

And you do not talk
to your teacher that way either.

Sheldon says obnoxious
things all the time,

but it's fine 'cause he's special.

This is not about Sheldon.

- For once.
- [LAUGHS]: Oh.

We forgot to pick you up
one time. Cut the drama.

One time? You've been
forgetting me my entire life.

Everything is Sheldon,
and now Georgie has a baby,

and you two are fighting. [SCOFFS]

Might as well be invisible.

- Not today you're not.

- ♪ We are family. ♪


Not an appropriate song for this moment.


Hello, Niblingo. Little nibling.

What is it, Sheldon?

I was hoping I could try
to calm your baby down.


I'm trying new things
to build up a tolerance

for setbacks and frustration.

So you want to use my child
for some kind of experiment?


Okay, here you go.

♪ Soft kitty, warm kitty ♪

♪ Little ball of fur ♪

♪ Happy kitty, sleepy kitty ♪

- ♪ Purr, purr, purr. ♪

Are you freaking kidding me?

I'm not happy about it either.



No, no, no, no, no, no.

♪ Soft kitty, kitty, kitty. ♪

Sheldon, come back.

Dr. Linkletter, I need your help.

Of course.

Let me just drop everything
so I can be of assistance.

Thank you.


I'm trying to embrace failure,

and I realized that social subtleties

like sarcasm can sometimes evade me.

You don't say.

No, it's true.

And I was hoping you could pepper

our conversation with sarcasm,
so I can try to identify it.

Oh, boy, when do we start?

Now would be great.

Sheldon, that was sarcasm.

Oh, let me try again.

Is this about your database?


You know, I was also working
on a database

that I thought would be
more successful than yours.

[CHUCKLES] Sarcasm?


Oh, darn it.

Wait, was the "no" sarcasm?

- No.
- Are you sure?

- Yes.
- Ugh,

I'll never be comfortable with failure.

My point is, I was experiencing
something similar,

and there's no shortcut through grief.

Those are wise words.

Thank you.

It was smart I came to you.

You're clearly an expert
on humiliation and defeat.


- No.
- Leave.

- Sarcasm?
- No.


- Go to your room.
- Fine.

And you're gonna apologize
to Mrs. Wilkins.

MISSY: That's not her name anymore.


Can you believe her?

Well, maybe this wouldn't have
happened if you were around.

Are you really trying
to blame this on me?

I'm not the one sleeping
across the street.

I'm here with our kids.


So you want to get into this?
Let's get into this.

What is going on with you and Brenda?

- Nothing.
- It doesn't seem like it.

What, you're honestly saying
that you don't light up

every time Pastor Rob's around?

Maybe I do.

Nothing ever happened.

I wouldn't do that.

[SCOFFS] What, you saying I would?

- You tell me.
- I wouldn't.

But you like being around her.




What happens now?

I don't know.





What are you doing here?
Where's the baby?

She's fine. She's with Connie.

I just needed a couple minutes.

Which was...

a couple hours ago.

I'll go check on her,
unless you want to.

Actually... [SCOFFS]

I don't know what I want.

What does that mean?

My daughter hates me.

What difference does it make
if I'm there or not?

- You know that ain't true.
- Really?

Because all she does is cry,

and I'm tired all the time,

and even your brother is better
at soothing her than I am.

You're just a little
overwhelmed. It's normal.

Why aren't you?

Well, we can't both be
freaked out at the same time.

We got to take turns.

When's your turn?

Already had it.

I was so scared when I got to

the hospital, I...

I got back in my car and drove away.

While I was in labor?!

Don't h*t me. We're sharing freak-outs.

- And I still came back.

What kind of parents are we?

The new kind,

the well-meaning, dumb kind.

We're gonna get better, right?

- We ain't got no choice.

I'll let you sleep. I'm gonna
go check on CeeCee.

Thank you.

What are you smiling at?

Just thinking.

We might've conceived CeeCee
in this very garage.

Okay, you're gross. Leave now.

- Bye.


What are you doing?

Oh, um...

I'm just gonna be staying
at Meemaw's a little bit longer.


You all right?


What's going on?

My database...

I've-I've never failed like this before,

and it frightens me.

Oh... sweetie,

I'm sorry. Sometimes,

no matter how much
we want things to work out,

they just don't.

ADULT SHELDON: Dealing with
failure is a tricky business.

You can face it head on
and try to overcome it.

Good job, Mama.

ADULT SHELDON: You can avoid it.

Thanks for letting me stay.

For as long as you need.

You can try to drown it out.


Or you can try to talk
to someone about it.

And some people choose to run.
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