01x16 - My Kinda Leader

Episode transcripts for the TV show "f*re Country". Aired: October 7, 2022 - present.
A young convict joins a firefighting program looking for redemption and a shortened prison sentence.
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01x16 - My Kinda Leader

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TV REPORTER: The Drake County fires

have reached residential communities.

Evacuations are underway
in one of the most

populated counties in all
of Northern California...

Drake County is getting lit up.

TV REPORTER : ... continue to rage for

the sixth consecutive day,

thr*at the community

and a notorious state prison.

TV REPORTER : -mile-an-hour winds

are carrying the f*re
at blistering speeds,

and the apparent cause of
the f*re: arson.

MAN: We have no water. Repeat, no water.

WOMAN: I can't get out.


come check this out.

I'm busy.

REPORTER: ... approaches on
multiple residences and schools

in the northeast of the city.

Yo, Cap's done talking
with that investigator.

Hide the phone.


FREDDY: Yeah, what's
the f*re cop up here for?

Must be about Rebecca's death, huh?

MANNY: Gentlemen.


how's Rebecca's eulogy coming?

It's not.

You know,

I don't think that I should
be the one writing this.

Well, you're the person
who knew her the best here.

An inmate's death can
weigh heavy on the crew,

and they're looking to you as a leader.

I'm technically not the leader.

You are.

When Eve went down out there,
Rebecca stepped up

because we were rudderless.

Look what happened.

That's-that's not just on me.

So, what, it's on me?

Our captain should have been there.

You want to place blame?

Blame the tree, Bode.

You're speaking at her memorial, man.

Not at a trial.

Her memorial.

She shouldn't be a memory.

She should still be alive.


Hey, Chief, can I have a word?

VINCE: Yeah.

Want a cup of my famous Leone mud?

No, I'm not planning on staying long.


This is a notice of my leave of absence.

Losing Rebecca, that-that was tough.


But you passed the competence inquiry.

Yeah, the department's
standards are one thing,

but my own...

She was one of us, and
she died on my watch.

And I would ask you

to give yourself the same understanding

I know you would give
anybody else on this crew.

Yeah, but I'm having a hard
time shaking the feeling

that I let her down.

Hey, Eve...

We're gonna get you through this.

We will, all right?

Well, I-I just don't know
what to do, Chief.

That's why I'm...

Battalion , requesting all units

to Drake County wildland f*re.

Requesting additional units to oversee

the evacuation of Drake County Prison.

You make Rebecca's sacrifice count.

Be of service.

FREDDY: Listen to me, Bode.

I was there.

Cap's right. Sometimes
it's nobody's fault.

Rebecca stepped up when I should have.

Can't always be the hero, dude.

But you got a chance
to step up here, right?

Giving her eulogy...


I'm fourth generation Cal f*re.

I should've known better.

I should've been better.

You did your best then,

and you got to bring your best now.


... risking your life comes
easy to your crazy ass.

Putting words on paper,
saying them out loud,

that's another story.


MANNY: Hey, Three Rock!

Everybody suit up.

That f*re up in Drake County
jumped the Russell Valley.

We're gonna be cutting line

alongside the Shamrock Forest Hotshots.

- Hotshots?
- That's right, Goat.

Federal wildland firefighters,
Type . Best of the best.

They're sent to the worst fires
in the country.

That means we're in
for a bad one, fellas.

So everybody, look out
for each other. Do you copy?

- We copy.
- Let's go.


Team, I need everyone
on their A game today.

Drake County is no Edgewater.

The terrain, the winds...

it's all extremely temperamental.

Kind of like the people.

Especially in a maximum security prison.

Drake County firefighters
are fighting the blaze,

which is leaving the local
services completely overwhelmed

with the evacuation,

so we're gonna help out.

The last thing on the list
is gonna be the prison.

You're gonna help get
those prisoners to safety,

and you're gonna watch
each other's backs.

Always, Chief.

It's good to have you back.

Everyone missed you last week.

Good to be back.


Hey, that was brave,

offering up a kidney.

Well, wasn't able to give it,

so hardly worth a pat on the back.

Yeah, but-but I get it.

Your dad died a hero.

You know, the pressure to
follow in his footsteps

and to save the day, it's just crushing,

and when you can't, I totally...

Okay, first of all, hold up.
How do you know about my dad?

Aw, I was just... I was
looking you up online

and I found this...

Looking me up?

What for?


I just thought we could bro up.

You want to bro up?

You keep my name out
of your Google search.

I thought you were taking a leave.

Changed my mind.

Did you change your mind or did
Chief Leone change your mind?

Rebecca died trying to help me.

I don't want to stay home
when I can help others.

JAKE: Hey, Gabs, Eve,

you two walking to Drake County?

Leone, be careful, given Drake County's

temperament towards you.

Can't say I blame 'em.

REPORTER: A mandatory evacuation order

has been issued for
all residents of Drake County.


Battalion for Captain Perez.

You keep an eye out for
my boy up in those mountains

with those Hotshots.

Copy, Battalion .

You keep an eye out
on my girl in that prison.

Especially in those cell blocks.

Excuse us, folks.

Way too many people in here still.

- All right, you're next.
- Mm-hmm.

Chief Leone? Warden Rosaline Henley.

Warden. We're ready to help out

with the evacuation any way we can.

The blaze is coming down that mountain.

Half my guards didn't even

show up for their shift this morning.

And I've got an inmate population

on the verge of a riot.

That's where you come in.

How many in your population?

Five cell blocks.

General population,

high-security; then there's supermax,

Secure Housing Unit.

, inmates.

GIRL: I'm not going.

I want to see my dad.

I know.

What about those families?

- The visitors?
- They refuse to leave.

They're not gonna leave their loved ones

in the middle of a f*re.

GIRL: I want to see Dad.

I know.


What's your name?


Hi, Julia.

You know, I used to visit my dad

in a prison just like this.


Mm-hmm, and we used to play
tic-tac-toe all the time.

My husband is locked up in there.

And there's a f*re coming this way.

We'll evacuate when he does,

not before.


What's this, some kind of w*r zone?

BODE: Kind of. These guys are like

Special Forces, elite firefighters.

Best of the best.

Superintendent Paul Knox?

This is Crew Six.

f*re's running four miles
northeast of the prison.

Calling in request for water drop.

MAN [OVER RADIO]: Solid copy,
Crew Six. Chopper enroute.

Just Three Rock f*re Camp?

We're here to help you
contain this f*re.

Well, that thing on
the other side of this ridge

isn't just a f*re. It's an organism.

It feeds, breeds,

swallows you whole if you let it.

Look at all this smoke.

We've been out here

battling this behemoth for a week now

while you've been glamping
back in Edgewater.

Yeah, well, your Hotshots
and my inmate crew

are one team now.

But there's a difference between

the starters and the bench.

And I've got no room on my squad

for out-of-town choke artists.

We cut line with the best of them.

Well, we're not just
cutting line here, son.

[CHUCKLES] We are the line.

Last line of defense for my town.

That f*re's racing toward us,

and we got a three-mile head start.

Three miles, that's it.




'Cause the last time I was out
in these woods with a Leone,

he cut and ran.

VINCE: Appreciate the lay of the land.

A safe evac plan is everybody's goal.

Not everyone.

The sh*t Callers in the SHU

just called a g*ng w*r
with each other. And us,

and likely you, too.

Okay, I'm sorry, I didn't know
that they could do that.

Oh, well, maybe you should Google it.

Code One in Block . Code One.

GABRIELA: What's a Code One?

Nothing good.


I'm guessing this is a Code One.

It's Randy.


This is no f*re Camp.

♪ ♪

HENLEY: It's a prison g*ng w*r.

The sh*t Callers are responsible.

They've been ordered
to k*ll each other on sight.

- INMATE: Don't touch him.
- INMATE : Waste of space.

INMATE: Don't be wasting
your time on that guy.

- This one's still alive.
- JAKE: Yeah, barely.

Okay, O'Reilly. Hey, O'Reilly,

grab the abdominal pads.

Gabs, check his vitals. Eve, can you...

Could've really used
just a f*re right now.

- This is so crazy.
- Eve.

- I need you in the game.
- EVE: I'm just saying...

His pulse is racing. He's tachycardic.

VINCE: Greencrest, we need an
ambulance to Drake County Prison.

-year-old male with
a s*ab wound to the chest.

Paramedics will have a hell of a time

getting to us, given the f*re.

JAKE: Okay, listen, we need
to control the bleed

- and s*ab the w*apon.
- Hey. Hey, hey, hey.

- COLLIN: Lie down.
- Hey, hey, buddy. Need you to be still.

- Hey, hey. I need you to stay still.
- Hey, hey.

- Whoa, whoa!
- Guards, restrain him.

No, his wound is too delicate right now.

JAKE: Hey, buddy, need you to
be still. Buddy, I need...


HENLEY: Knife! Knife!

Toothbrush, technically.

JAKE: All right, keep him
pressured. He's out.

Drake County's been through
so much over the years,

and now this? Because
of some sick arsonist?

Serial arsonist, I'm afraid.

Do you remember the Neil Wallace
Home and Development f*re?

Yeah. I thought that was an accident.

Well, we all did, until evidence...

... linked it to the Hill f*re.

That's terrible.

Do you have any leads?

We are looking into things.

And what makes you think
it's one perpetrator?

I can't divulge that information.

Divulge? Is this a briefing or...

an internal investigation?

I need your help narrowing
down our suspect pool.

We just cleared Captain Perez.

You spoke to Manny
without consulting me?

- That's not protocol.
- I had to.

What we helped bury
in my last investigation,

the f*re he started?

If it had been him...

That would've been
the end of your career.

Also mine.

If you just cleared Manny,

why are we having this discussion?

Because we believe the arsonist
is a firefighter.

At Station .

What? On what evidence?

I'm unable to divulge...

Oh, "divulge", my ass. Come on.

You talk a really big game
about being one of us,

but as someone who's here every day

with my feet on the ground,

I watch them all run into

those flames to minimize the havoc.

And you know we just lost
a firefighter to that cause,

so to stand here and look me in the face

and accuse one of them,

on the inside, of being an arsonist?

Yeah, you got a job to do,
but that's really insulting.

MANNY: All right, fellas.

Keep going. You're doing great.

We cut twice the line

in half your time, Three Rock.

FREDDY: Man, this guy.

Just a different leadership style.

Don't let him get your goat, Goat.

He's not trying to put us down, okay?

He's trying to get us to step up.

This Leone can cut,

but what happens when things get hot?

MANNY: Hey, Superintendent,

how 'bout you address me
instead of my crew?

We're fresh off of losing
one of our own.

Hey, no, I can speak for myself.

Seems like you got
some kind of beef with me.

"Beef". [CHUCKLES]

Yeah, that's the right word for it.

cattle ranches,

, acres, , homes,

and six people.

years back, a wildfire like this one

destroyed this town.

What's that got to do with me?

Well, it has a lot
to do with Vince Leone.

Is that your dad?

Him and a couple of ICs

hesitated. They choked.

Last order I heard was, "Retreat".

I don't believe you.

I wouldn't want to, either.

Now I'm wondering
if it runs in the family.


Hey, Three Rock,

let's go, let's cut
this line double time.

Okay? For those of us
who aren't here anymore,

and to show this guy that
Three Rock doesn't choke.

Let's go!

EVE: He's gonna die if
we don't do something.

The air is sinking
into his pleural space.

JAKE: Yeah, his lung's
about to collapse.

Hey, where's your infirmary?

You're on your own. My medical
staff went AWOL hours ago.

All right, Jake, probies, transport him.

Keep pressure on it.
And hey, watch your backs.

- JAKE: Got it.
- COLLIN: Copy.

GUARD [OVER P.A.]: Code Two in Dorm .

If a Code One is a s*ab, then...

Repeat, Code Two, Dorm .

INMATE: Open this up!


- Code Two is a f*re.

KNOX: This is Crew Six.

Where the hell is my water drop?

You told me you were gonna
make it rain minutes ago.

MAN [ON RADIO]: Copy, Crew Six.

Helo can't fly in this visibility,
with these winds.

MANNY: All right, Three Rock.

Take ten. Water up.

That organism's not taking ten.

Come on, boys. Hey, let's go.

You think I care what
Mr. Organism thinks?

He's right. It is one.

So am I.

And this organism can't breathe.

You know who won't be able to breathe?

It's all those fellas
who are down there,

locked up in that prison,

if we don't keep putting in the work.


That could be us.

Was us.

That's my kind of leader.


We're cutting the wrong line.
She's gonna turn.

Nah, there's too much
moisture in the air.

Air pressure's shifting.

She's turning now. We need to move.

MANNY: Well, let's confirm with dispatch

or weather or someone before

- we actually make that...
- You been fighting this for all of an hour.

We've been with her for six days.

I'm telling you, she's gonna

run right around this line.

We're not gonna dance
with your sixth sense, Knox.

The wind's not changing.
We're not moving.

My guys aren't moving.

In fact, the only moving
we're gonna be doing

is right back to our buggy.


How am I not surprised?

BODE: Cap, hey.

Don't give this guy the satisfaction.

We don't retreat.

I'm not concerned about this guy.

What about all the lives at risk?

We can't lose anybody else,

not if we can help it.

KNOX: Hey, Perez.


How's that for sixth sense?


MANNY: Let's go! Let's go!

MANNY: Let's go! Let's go!

Come on. [GRUNTING]

I got you.


Are you good? Hey.

Hell, yeah, he's good.

We're all good. Let's roll out.

Hey, Superintendent,

your guy almost got strangled to death.

But he didn't. And you know why?

'Cause this Leone stepped up.

You just saved a man's life.

Now let's see if you can save a town.

What, you want us to just
roam into this smoke?

We need eyes in the sky, man.

Drones up.

In the meantime...

Here's the prison. Here's the f*re.

She's gonna run through the valley,

around all that line we cut.

Yo, Cap, where are we?

KNOX: There.

Now the f*re's moving,

and so are we. Due southeast.

So, what, you want us to move
closer to the f*re?

Can your crew handle a two-mile hike?

In an out of control wildfire?

No way, man. We're here to cut line.

We are the line.

The f*re's moving, so who
here is moving with it?

I am, sir.

Whatever it takes to save lives.

KNOX: Amen.

I'm your boss.

He's theirs.

I give the orders.

Then give me one.

Are we gonna save Drake County,

or are we gonna retreat
and let it burn down again?

Bode, what happened
to Rebecca was an accident,

but what he's doing
is deliberately putting his crew

and our crew in harm's way.

Sacrificing to save others.

Something I wish I could
have done for Rebecca,

and now I have a chance.

Man, there's a difference
between sacrifice

and su1c1de, Bode.

And I gave your dad my word

that I'd look out for you on my crew.

We got to look out for my dad,

by stopping this f*re
from hitting that prison.

Gabriela's down there, too.

Come on, Cap,

let's show these Hotshots
what Three Rock's made of.

All right.

All right, Three Rock.

On the move, with caution,
one step at a time.

- You copy?

Let's go.


These aren't civilians ready
to evacuate calmly, single file.

These prisoners have agendas

deeper than safety alone.

g*ng agendas.

Not all of them, obviously, but...

a few chaos agents can ruin
things for the whole bunch.


That's right!

Chief, what do we do?

We answer the call.

Warden, you got to open the door.

We can't evacuate
without proper manpower.

We'll be outnumbered.

If the mattress f*re grows,

it'll burn this prison down

before the wildfire even gets here.

You think they're gonna stand by

and politely let you put it out?

When their choices are step aside

or burn to death,
I'm hoping I get my way.

Come on.

Open Cell Block .


So, I need access to your
people's personnel files.

If they're clean, you have
nothing to worry about.

Yeah, I don't really buy that.

And I can throw up a lot of red tape

and slow that down,

between the legal disclosures

and the privacy breaches.

You're gonna have to give to get.

I'd eventually get in, Sharon.



Our investigators missed something

at the Neil Wallace
Home and Development f*re.

An accelerant under the car

matched the one at the Hill f*re.

Whoever's committing these burns

knows what we would be looking for,

knows how to hide their tracks.

Somebody smart.

The burn patterns there also suggest

they used the same torches we do.

Every station uses drip torches.

was first on scene
at every one of these incidents.

No, they weren't. Not at Drake County.

That's two hours away.
Everyone on my team was here.

How do you know unless you
personally tuck them in at night?

You get me the date and the time

the Drake County f*re started,

and I will get you an alibi
for every one of mine.

You get alibis, great.

If you don't,

I get my access to your files.

You got to give to get.

Warden Henley was not exaggerating.

The entire medical staff bailed.

Okay, million dollar question.
Why don't we?

I mean, I-I signed up
to be a firefighter,

not a prison guard peacemaker.

Look, you want to bro up with me?

Man up first.

GABRIELA: I'd say woman up,

but you get the point, O'Reilly.


Hey, hey, we are helping. I promise.

What's the plan?

All right, we need to make
a three-sided dressing, all right?

Cover the hole, allow the air to escape.

But we don't want that same air

getting stuck back inside of him.

- You hear?
- Ah, crap. They're all locked.

I can make a square out of this.

Yeah, perfect. That'll work.

JAKE: All right, listen,
we're gonna go ahead

and tape down each of the three sides,

allowing the air to escape
out of the fourth.

- Okay?
- Okay.

- Got you.
- Good.

"Julia". Is that your daughter?

I was just talking to her.

J-Julia's here?


And your wife.

Tell her to get Julia out of here.

If she's anything like me,

she's not leaving her dad.


MANNY: All right, that's it. That's it.

That's two miles.

KNOX: We're here.

You wanted eyes in the sky?

J.T., bring that drone
footage over here.

Hideous beast, ain't she?

MANNY: It's too close for comfort.

Just over a mile ahead.

This is where we lay our trap.

Thousand feet of line.

FREDDY: Dude did not
just say , feet.

Let's hear him out.

No, I'm done doing that.

That f*re's a mile out.

You want us to cut , feet of line?

Even with your Hotshot crew,
that's not possible.

You fight f*re with f*re.

Controlled burn.

Faster, more efficient.

With winds past miles an hour?

It's a death trap.

That'll k*ll the brush and us.

Better to die a hero than run a coward.

Listen to yourself.

That tattoo on your neck,
it means "professional".

And right now, you're
the furthest from it.

KNOX: This tattoo?

Stands for "Prometheus".

The god of f*re?

Three Rock, let's pack it up.

You run,

that prison and all the people in it

go up in flames.

That's on you.

And when you

and your entire Hotshot
crew burn to death?

That's on you, homie.

Three Rock, let's roll.

Hey, Knox. As division leader,

you can fold me into your crew.

Come on. Don't pull this.


Bode's got something
he needs to work out,

and that's his choice.

If Knox'll have him.

Request granted, Leone.


EVE: Get back! Get back!

We're here to help!

VINCE: Let us put out
the f*re, all right?

EVE: Hey! Hey!

Stop! [GRUNTS] Get that...


- Hey!
- Get back!

Hey, hey, hey! Hey!

Y'all want to fight each other
or you want to live?

Take it easy. Let us help you.

Let us go!

We're gonna die up here!

Hey, stand back.

Stand back!

What'd you guys start this f*re with?

Pruno. Burns real good.

Then these are useless.

- Jackets?
- Yup.


Burn victim.

We need to get him to an infirmary.

That's not gonna be easy.

Respect, Leone.

When you parole, you've more
than earned a sh*t with us.

You need to be alive to parole, Bode.

Better to die a hero than
run away as a coward.

Man, you can talk like
him all you want, Bode,

but you're nothing like him.

You have so much more to lose, man.

You have friends, you have family.


You forgetting about Rebecca already?

You have misplaced
survivor's guilt, Bode.

And we can debate that all day,

but right now, we don't have time.

Thought you were gone, Three Rock.

If I had to write your eulogy,

I'd say the same thing

you said about Rebecca this morning.

You shouldn't be a memory.

You guys gonna let us through?

Let us get him out.

Come back, we'll evacuate all of you.


- GUARD: Open up !

Hey, get back.


Let's go, let's go, let's go.


EVE: Chief!

Eve, come on, let's go, let's go!

Okay, okay.

VINCE: Eve, come on! Move!



HENLEY: Now do you get
what we're up against?

Let's not do that again.

You know, you could've left him behind.

- Nobody would've blamed you.
- GUARD: All clear! Close !


I was answering the call.

He could've died back there.

You could've died, too.

I need a firefighter, not a fallen hero.

Eve is cleared.

This is a waste of my time.

Took an extra day's leave?

What are you doing in Drake County?


No, no, no, no, no, no.

Jake and Collin, give us a hand.

I-I got it, I got it.

Whoa, whoa, hey. What happened?

VINCE: Wildfire wasn't enough.

They had to start their own.

I can't be in the same
room as this dude.

- GABRIELA: What do you mean?
- His people s*ab me.

- JAKE: Hey, hey!
- What do you mean?

- His people s*ab me.
- Drop the scissors.

- COLLIN: Jake, watch out!


Hey, are you okay?

It's like you said.

Man up to bro up, right?

It only scratched my jacket.

Yeah, well, you just did both, probie.

You know, you guys don't
have to k*ll each other.

There's a f*re on the way.
It'll do it for you.

We got no choice.

The sh*t Callers run this place.

Yeah, I've heard.

Getting pretty sick of it.

Warden, I want to talk
to the sh*t Callers.

HENLEY: Chief,

we're talking the worst of the worst.

Hey, if they can call for a w*r,

they can call for a truce.

This contained f*re doesn't
look very contained.

Can't control it with these winds.

Calculated gamble.

By the time the f*re gets here,

there'll be nothing left to burn.

If any part of this plan
goes wrong, we're boxed in.

Like we're setting a trap for ourselves.

You're starting to sound a whole lot

like your father's son.

Maybe I am.

Are we hunting together or not, Leone?

You sure you want to do this?


But I have to.



Gentlemen, I'm Cal f*re
Chief Vince Leone.

Edgewater. Battalion .

I was hoping maybe we could have a word,

leader to leaders.


♪ ♪

KNOX: Dispatch, where
the hell is my water drop?

Wind's at miles an hour.

They can't fly in.


Two heads, right?

Right now, they're closing
in on us from either side.

This organism is about to consume us.

You want to cut and run like your daddy?

Go ahead.

You know, I'm starting think

that maybe my dad didn't back down.

Maybe he didn't cut and run.

Maybe he used caution to save your life.

And maybe he shouldn't have.

I'm not buying that.
You've got plenty to lose.

This crew,

they'll follow you
into the flames of hell

because they trust that
you'll never take them there.

Give the order, sir.

It's an honorable one.

Same one my dad gave you.



be advised...

... Shamrock Hotshots pulling out.

MAN: Copy that, Crew Six.


What? What'd he say?

Any of you guys fathers?

I'm a dad.

My son, he's actually
out there right now

trying to keep this wildfire

from getting to this prison.

He's an inmate firefighter.

He's one of you.

And this f*re doesn't give

a damn about your g*ng w*r.

It just wants to k*ll you.

Guess what I'm asking you to do

is ask yourselves one question.

Do you want to be remembered as leaders

who saved your people?

Or ones who let 'em get b*rned alive?

Well, I'm hoping that nod
is for the first option.

GUARD: Let's move them out.


Let's go. Let's go.



How'd you do it?

I didn't.

The sh*t Callers did.

Given the choice,

most people would rather
be a hero than a villain.

VINCE: All right, is that everybody?

EVE: Yeah, Chief.

Did you see him?

They told us they're
getting everyone out.

Everyone's getting loaded
onto buses to evacuate.

Your dad, too.

[SIGHS] Thank you so much.

Is he safe? You promised me he would be.

He's safe.

He got a little hurt,
but we treated him,

and he's gonna be okay.

He-he got hurt? How?

Julia, I know that you worry
about your dad a lot.

But there's someone else you got to love

and care for just as much, if not more.

You understand?

I-I think so.

You know, you can't help people
until you help yourself.

REPORTER: Capricious
winds have again changed

the direction of the f*re.

REPORTER : The winds
turned the f*re back

to a line cut by Hotshot firefighters.

REPORTER : The f*re died out on
an abandoned patch of cut line.

REPORTER : Shamrock City
Hotshots and a crew

of incarcerated firefighters
have saved Drake County.

Authorities have confirmed
that a serial arsonist

was responsible.

Leadership is about trust.

And we trust those who lead us.

And, uh, a good leader

gives you that trust right back,

believing that you'll do the right thing

no matter what.

Even when you fight their authority.

And the right thing
for me to do today was...

was to come up and-and stand
here in front of you all...

... while we remember Rebecca.


You know, I'm... I'm lucky that
someone reminded me of that.

Thanks to Rebecca's sacrifice,

one of Cal f*re's best
lives to fight more fires.

I'm surprised to see you here.

Shouldn't be.

Chances are, the person
we're looking for is here.

BODE: We all have to
be here for each other.

You're wrong.

I would love to see proof of that.

Truly, Chief.

I'm working on it.

BODE: ... than the person
she was when she left.

We fight fires with hand tools.

All we have is each other, and
the line that we hold together.

And Rebecca held that
line on and off the field.

You raised a good kid there, Leone.

You know, she...

she was always looking
for a way to help.


Words aren't really my thing. [CHUCKLES]

Uh, Rebecca knew that.

She hooked me up with an art class.

She will always be remembered.


♪ ♪

♪ A guitar won't change the world... ♪



Whoa, what's this?

Is this a, um, a "Thank you

for not letting me get shivved" beer?

[SIGHS] Close.

It's premium "Sorry I was a jerk".

They have it on tap.

I'm... I'm sorry
if I came on a little...


You know, I tend to do that.

You know what?
Don't even worry about it.

Look, my... my father

isn't my favorite topic of conversation.

Okay. Trust me.

I get it.


Yeah. Yeah, it seems like

everybody else knew him
better than I ever did.


well, it hurts.

If I had a nickel

for every time someone
asked if I'm related

to the great Kirk O'Reilly...

Well, he is the great Kirk O'Reilly.

- That's a lot of nickels.

♪ Always goin' around... ♪


still want to tender
that leave of absence?

You know, it felt good
to answer the call today.

Beats sitting at home with my feelings.

You know, you should
look into some counseling.

Cal f*re has those resources, you know.

Yeah, but...

do you use them?

[LAUGHS] Um...

It was different back in my day.

How so?

Well, it used to be like
a bell you couldn't un-ring.

There was a fear
of being labeled, and...

Or, worse than that,
getting put behind a desk.


So how did you cope?



Family. f*re. Repeat.

Lucky for you, times have changed.

You got different options.

[QUIETLY]: Look into them.

♪ I woke up on the wrong side ♪

♪ Of the truck bed this morning ♪

♪ With a bone-dry bottle
of Jack I was pouring ♪

♪ Damn, she got some nerve ♪

♪ When she kicked me to the curb ♪

♪ Guess you can say
I got what I deserve ♪

♪ 'Cause I woke up
on the wrong side... ♪

Yeah, I mean, it's like we could all be

one mistake away from
ending up in that prison

we were in today.

- Yeah. Yeah.
- You know?

Well... like two or three mistakes.

Or, like, one, like, really big one.


Oh, probie.

What? Hey, come on, what was, uh...

What was your big one?



When I was in fifth grade,

I set my bedroom on f*re.

Wow, I was not expecting that.

Um... accidentally?


Yeah. You know,

I, um,

I remember standing there,

just watching the curtains
go up in flames.


I didn't call for help right away.

I don't know why, but I thought

that if the flames got big enough,

then maybe he'd come back home.

Your dad?

And what happened?


Vince came instead.



Lucky you.

Yeah, lucky me.


I need to talk to someone,

and it can't be Vince.



I'm flattered to be runner-up.

What's up?

It's the arson investigation.


Snow brought me up to speed.

She thinks it's someone at the .


No way.

She's right.

I wanted to get alibis for all of them,

so I pulled their Bell Pass logs.

He was at the Drake County f*re
when the blaze started.

Who was?


Come on, Sharon.

All of the evidence points to him.

Eve, Gabriela, Collin,
every one of them was here,

every one of them
is accounted for at every f*re

except for him.

He doesn't just fit the profile,

Manny, he is the profile.

The hero complex,

being at the scene of the crime.

I don't believe it.

Except Vince and I are
the only ones who know...

... that this wouldn't be the first f*re

that Jake has started.
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