13x15 - Close to Home

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Blue Bloods". Aired September 2010 - current.
"Blue Bloods" revolves around a family of New York cops.
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13x15 - Close to Home

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♪ ♪

Guy runs one of the
biggest cartels in Mexico.

Gets to be flown in on a private jet.

BAEZ: Well, soon he'll be
cooling his jets in a federal prison.

That's assuming we can
get him to his arraignment.

(SIGHS) Zaragoza Cartel

has broken him out of two
different prisons in Mexico.

That's why we're gonna
make him disappear

until we walk him into that courthouse.


BAEZ: Rodriguez is even
better-looking in person.

A lot of bodies behind that smile.

BAEZ: You know,
getting him to court could get hairy,

you sure I can't tag along?

Trust me, I'd rather ride along with you

than a bunch of Feds.

Task force leader wants it this way.

Well, maybe I can change his mind.

You could try. He's pretty stubborn.

Thought you were gonna bring me a hat.

If we deliver this prisoner
without getting k*lled,

I'll think about it.

Sounds like a deal.

Everything I've loved and worked toward

is gonna be destroyed
just because of a lie.

Look, I-I'm not the monster that
they're making me out to be.

Scott is a beloved brother and son.

A D athlete with a perfect GPA

who devotes his limited free
time to helping the community.

Do you think the r*pe
allegations will hinder Scott's

- chances of going to the NBA?
- Not one bit.

Those allegations are
nonsensical, defamatory,

and flat-out false.

Are you saying the state has no case?

I'm saying that Erin Reagan,
the prosecutor,

has all but filed the paperwork

for her run for
Manhattan District Attorney.

Let's just say this outrageous charge

has been influenced
by her career ambitions.

REPORTER: Do you think
this case may hurt...

You called an urgent meeting for this?

Lisa Reynolds is tossing
your name around like a salad.

It's part of the job.

She's a big sh*t sports agent.

And that's supposed to scare me?

And before that, she was an
even bigger defense attorney.

I've seen her make people
in this office cry.

Well, she hasn't gone up against me.

So you're not even a little worried

that she's playing this case
out in the press?

And trying it in the court
of public opinion?


Scott Taylor r*ped Shayla Alexander.

The only thing I'm concerned about

is getting justice for his victim.


Human tr*ffick ring we're targeting

is active up and down the East Coast.

The Feds requested our assistance

taking down the New York operation.

Doesn't get much worse than this.

Yeah, they prey on kids as young as ten.

FLEMING: The ring lures
its victims into sex tr*ffick

through a combination
of targeted grooming

and coerced drug dependency.

Hell of a body count, too.

And all of 'em minors.

Except for the two d*ad
Carolina state troopers.

They were adults, with wives and kids.

And that was a tragedy, sir.

But one which we had no part of
in planning or execution.

I understand.

So, what's the game plan?

Infiltrate the ring by placing an
undercover officer on the inside,

catch them in the act
of recruiting these kids.

Who's going undercover?

That's Sergeant Reagan.

He designed the operation.

Well, first of all, clearly
you've done your homework.

And it does seem to be a can of worms

you'd like to open from the inside.

But that said, I think it would be wise

to lead with our best punch.


Well, the Vice Unit's
Human tr*ffick Team

has deep experience in cases like this.

I would like to hand it off to them.

All due respect...

this ring's been operating
in the city for over a year.

Vice hasn't been able
to crack it. I think we can.

Well, not this time.

That is all, Lieutenant.


Have you seriously never
watched Romance Island?

Are you seriously
telling me that you do?

eligible bachelors
vying for the attention

of three women, on an island.

- It's a masterpiece.
- Officer Janko.

- Do I know you?
- Well, you should.

Ten months ago,
you told me my son was d*ad.

I'm sorry...

Don't you dare say that.

Come on, Naomi.

- Calm down.
- Don't tell me to calm down!

- You lied to me!
- I...

You told me they would
find Jamal's k*ller.

And today his death
is officially a cold case!

You lied.

FRANKLIN: Come on.


I'll see you out.

FELTON: You okay?

♪ ♪

DANNY: How was the flight?

Very pleasant.

I wasn't talking to you.

Once we cleared the airport
of cartel assassins,

we got away fine.

That airport was the least
of your problems, Major.

DANNY: Well, you're looking at life.

So I'd say you're the one
with the problems.

I hoped I'd finally get
to meet you, Detective.

My condolences on the loss of your wife.

I think you should keep my
wife's name out of your mouth.

La Mano Sangrienta is
a violent organization.

And the Zaragozas are regular pacifists.

Except for their m*rder, kidnapping,

drug smuggling, money laundering...

I'm a businessman.

My associates have a vested
interest in my liberation.

Your associates are gonna be
very disappointed, then.

I admire your confidence.

♪ ♪


We've got company.


Let the games begin.

Shut your mouth.

You ready?


Pull into the underpass.



Let's go.

What the hell is this?

We picked up chatter your associates

were tracking your arrival.

They want to play follow the leader?

That's just what they're gonna do.

Pull your hat down.

That's how we wear 'em back home.

Take them to the designated location

- and take them down.
- You got it.

The games have g*n.

Your ass is losing.


♪ ♪


GORMELY: I checked it out.

Vice has had eyes
on this tr*ffick ring

for months.

I didn't doubt Jamie's intel.

Yet they're still active.

And what did Vice have to say?

They said they're hard at work on it.

What do you doubt?

You say you don't doubt Jamie's intel...

Right now...

the wisdom of them taking this on.

Fleming ask you to plead his case?

- He did.
- (CHUCKLES) Yeah.

And I agreed because I think
his people would do a great job.

They would.

But there are other considerations.

Like what?

Like two d*ad state troopers.

- Well, that's more the reason to push.
- Sid.

Those troopers weren't just k*lled.

They were tortured and buried alive.


Fleming mention that?


But I don't know if I would either

if it was me trying
to get the green light.

I think you would, Sid.

They're bad guys, boss.

That's all I need to know.

Look, Fleming's great at what he does.

He gets hard, fast results,
while other people get...

caught in the weeds.

- Well, that's a good thing.
- Yes, but

that takes a certain gift
for tunnel vision

with little appetite
for risk assessment.

That's why you still want Vice for this?

You don't want to see
your son go undercover

with animals like that?

My son...

or anybody else.

No, we go at them with numbers
across the b*ttlefield,

not behind enemy lines.

And Vice has the numbers.

And the chops.

It's gonna take a lot longer
that way, boss.

Yeah, but...

at least more of ours
will come home safe.


Detectives, can I ask you a few
questions about Jamal Wilson?

Naomi Wilson sure gave you an earful.

I guess we have you to blame
for promising her an arrest.

That's not an unreasonable expectation.

It is when the vic is a perp.

I've seen the rap sheet.

Then you know that it was a mile long.

So his criminal history
means that his...

k*ller gets a free pass?


Despite what Naomi
thinks, we did our best.

We canvassed the area,

but people weren't
excited to talk to us.

Ten months is a short time

- to call a case cold.
- Not when you've got

at least ten other m*rder
within that time frame.

FRANKLIN: Because the, uh,
seven-year-old g*n victim,

the woman who was k*lled by her ex,

man who caught a stray b*llet

- in front of his -year-old...
- I get it.

People are k*lled every day.

Most of them innocent.

And every day we have to decide
which cases we prioritize.

A drug dealer sh*t in the back
wasn't a priority.

This way.

- Love what you've done with the place.
- Yeah.

Well, too bad it's not one
of your fancy drug cribs.

Sit down.

RODRIGUEZ: I lived in
a sewer for three weeks

the first time I escaped.

Right where you belong.

- Mm.

Just arrested your compadres who
followed us from the airport.

Plenty more where they came from.

DANNY: Good.
They'll end up the same way you are.

RODRIGUQEZ: And some of mine will die

and some of yours will die.

So unnecessary.

Then call off your dogs
and stand trial like a man.

I'm El Granjero.

I made my partners rich. They need me.

What's an El Granjero?

"The Farmer."

RODRIGUEZ: My father owned
a small piece of land in Zaragoza.

The Droguistas ordered him
to grow for them.

He refused.

Too bad you didn't try that.


They cut off his hand with a machete.

That's when I decided I'd be
the one holding the knife.

Could've gone another way.

- Mm-hmm.
- In my village, there was only one

road to a better life,

leading from our fields to your streets.

Well, sadly, that road ends here.

It doesn't have to.

- No?
- Mm-mm.


What do you have in mind?

I walk out that door,

in exchange for $ million, apiece.

I always wanted to buy a ranch.

- Breed quarter horses.
- Mm.

That sounds nice.

- How about you, Detective?
- I'd love a boat.

Maybe even one for my dad.

You know, like, a real fishing boat?

Couple of twin , -horsepower engines.

Probably gonna need a crew, too.

Yeah, definitely need a crew.


we can add bribery of federal officers

to your list of felonies.

RODRIGUEZ: In exchange for
$ million, apiece.

Yeah, there is that.

Your loss.

DANNY: Would've been nice.

- Love those ponies.
- DANNY: Yeah.

Oh, well.

Sit down.

I-I don't usually go to parties.

But I'm a senior,

and this was my last Halloween weekend.

So when Scott invited me out,

I felt like it was
my last chance to just...

...be a normal college kid.

And this is Scott Taylor?


When I got there,

he gave me a jungle juice.

And the last thing I remember

was someone...

overpowering me.

And can you point out your attacker?

SHAYLA: I can't.

I can't.


- JUDGE: Order.

ERIN: It's okay.

Do you need to compose yourself?


I don't know who attacked me.


- Order!

ERIN: Shayla, you understand

there are serious repercussions
for lying on the stand?


You gave a statement that Scott Taylor

r*ped you.

I don't know who r*ped me.


My grandfather got me into
the Westerns when I was a kid.

GATES: The Duke's always cool, but

Dean Martin in the Old West
is kind of pushing things.


But Gary Cooper, Henry Fonda...

I mean, those guys made me want
to grow up and become a cowboy.

So what happened?

I'm from Brooklyn.

I'm scared of horses.

- Seriously?
- Yeah.

People are hell of a lot
scarier than horses.

That's true, but I'd rather
have a Ford Mustang

than a real mustang any day.


♪ ♪

Police! Don't move!


It's time to go.

This location's compromised.
We're on the move.

Come on.

♪ ♪

Yep, okay.

Rodriguez is tucked away
in a safehouse in Queens.

Question is how long it'll be safe.

Well, nobody came or went

from the first location
after we arrived.

So no one was followed.

Unless they didn't have to be.


Meaning it's possible one of your people

is playing for the other team.

You think the cartel has
someone inside the task force?

Pretty tough to turn your nose
up at $ million.

Might explain how they tracked us down.

Every member of this group

has been carefully vetted.

Yes, which is an inexact
science, as you well know.

Come on, a well-trained agent
can cover their tracks.

There's a classified file on
every member of the task force.

I'm suggesting we take a look
at every single one of them

who knew Rodriguez's location.

I hope you're wrong.

Me, too.


Uh, what's your take on, um...

...Detectives Franklin and Ricci?

They're solid detectives.

A little old-school for my taste.

Something tells me that wasn't
the answer you were looking for.

I got this case ten month ago
and then it went cold.

You don't sound convinced.

It's a short time to give up.

No one said they gave up.

But face it,

ten months might as well be ten years

without leads, evidence or witnesses.

The victim was a drug dealer.


And maybe the detectives
didn't look hard enough.

Case wasn't prioritized.

I and everyone in this department

would've done the same thing.

My husband said that, too.

We're supposed to...

- serve the community.
- We do.

Did you ask because
you wanted my honest opinion

or because you thought
I would feel differently

because the victim and I are Black?


- What that woman...
- Naomi.

...is going through is horrible.

But finding a k*ller
on any case is tough work.

Finding one ten months later

is like looking for
a needle in a haystack.

So why don't we?

Find the needle.

♪ ♪

What happened yesterday?

I'm sorry.

That's all you have to say
for lying on the stand?

All my life, I've dreamed
about working in the NBA.

And then this happened and...

all my job offers were gone.

I can go after you for perjury.

That would mean time in a state prison.

- What? Prison?
- Yeah.

ABETEMARCO: And at that point,
you could kiss

your dream career goodbye.

I'm sure the NBA has a policy

against hiring felons.

They said if I said I don't know
that all this would go away.

Who told you that?

Lisa said if I identified Scott,

I'd lose everything.

- ABETEMARCO: His agent?
- Lisa Reynolds...

spoke to you?


ABETEMARCO: What else did she say?

That she could help me start my career.

And change my life.

I want to apologize, boss.

I thought my presentation was solid.

- But clearly...
- It was.

Wasn't solid enough
to convince the commissioner.

PC had a fair point.

Vice's task force has
more experience in this area.

Yeah, but they failed to crack this one.

Maybe the problem wasn't
your PowerPoint.

Then what?

Maybe it's your last name.

No, um, I know him.

So do I. But in a different way.

Look, your father is a great top cop,

but the top cop lives by a measure

that the rest of us don't.

Namely, how many of our guys
are still alive

at the end of the day?

And the bigger the number,
the better his result.

You knew about those d*ad troopers.

I did.

But you didn't mention them to me.

Hadn't mentioned it yet.

And they didn't die suddenly, either.

They were tortured
before they were k*lled.

And now you know everything, so...

you still want this?

Yes, sir.

You know, when the need arose,

your resume was head and
shoulders above the rest.

But I almost didn't choose you.

Why's that, boss?

Because I didn't want
One PP looking over my shoulder

every time things got dangerous.

Went through every
single one of the files.

Including yours.

Says you prioritize
results over regulations.

Apparently you have a tendency
to challenge authority.

Only when my boss is a hump.

I'll keep that in mind.

I narrowed it down to two names.

Agent Sanchez

- and...
- Martin.

That's right.

I worked with Sanchez for years.

Man took a b*llet in the stomach

during a raid on a cartel drug lab.

No way it's him.

Okay. Well, that leaves Agent Martin.

Says here he invested in a
bar outside of San Antonio

a few years back.

Right before the pandemic hit.

Lost his shirt.

That bar was his retirement plan.

Sounds like a person
who could use some cash.

Maybe we feed him a little bad intel,

keep the cartel chasing their tails.

Then we bust him.

- After Rodriguez is arraigned.
- Great.


I know he's one of your guys.

Not anymore.

Is Tristan Edmonds here?

Hey, yo, Tris?

There are cops here for you.

Nice tattoo.

That street related?

It is. But I got it when I was inside.

TRISTAN: Officers.

I got it from here, Keon,

- you go take your .
- All right.

Are you in the habit
of hiring g*ng members

- and ex-cons for jobs?
- Yes.

My mission is to provide

the formerly incarcerated
with a second chance.

Is that how you met Jamal?

Jamal and I met in middle school.

We were the only two kids
in the school who loved hockey.

Imagine two Black kids

wearing Rangers jerseys in the hood.

- That sounds like a special bond.
- It was.

We became brothers.

Naomi is like a second mom to me.

I'd do anything for her.

Must've been hard for you to
stay friends with a drug dealer.

TRISTAN: I can't lie,
our lives diverged a bit.

I got a full scholarship
to private school

and he enrolled
in the school of hard knocks.

- Turned to a life on the street.
- Exactly.

I can't deny it was hard
watching him go from...

my goofy sidekick to a thug.

Jamal had a rap sheet for drug charges.

That's not all.

Jamal was in a g*ng.

I can't eat this basura.

You said you wanted Mexican.

Yes, so what the hell is this?

Mexican food.

GATES: Man's got a point.

Worst machaca I ever tasted.

Tastes good to me.



What did he just call me?

- You don't want to know.


Got it.

What is it?

Our people went to the false
location we fed Martin.

DANNY: Okay.

And they left a message.

What's that?

Agent Martin's corpse.

My offer still stands.

DANNY: Shut up.


This is not on you.

This is on Martin.

He died on my watch.


DUGGIN: This is about Scott Taylor?

Could've saved you the trip.

All I know about Scott

is that he's a fantastic
basketball player.

Well, it doesn't make him a good guy.

DUGGIN: Does in my book.

Dave you were a cop, huh?


Some of the best of my life.

I'm from a cop family.

I know it's not without its challenges.

It has its moments.

Yeah, kind of like when
you know a perp is guilty,

but they're using
their privilege to get off.

- That ever happen to you?

Too many times to count.

Well, that's what we're up against.

Scott Taylor is not who he says he is.

He's hurting a lot of people.

We need your help to prove that.

Sure wish I could help you.


But it is time for me...

to take my break.

You're more than welcome
to hang around till I get back.

ERIN: Okay.



(GRUNTS) Maybe this was a mistake.

I mean, we keep looking for answers

and so far the only thing that comes up:

Jamal wasn't a good guy.

I take it you didn't find anyone
on the street with information?

Let's just say
Detective Ricci was right.

People weren't too anxious

to talk about an alleged g*ng member.

Jamal received a lot of calls
from this number.

How about we see where this trail leads?

Game on.

How's it going in there, Sean?

SEAN: You can't rush perfection.

HENRY: Perfection?

I'd settle for something
edible right now.

Pop, the master is at work.

- "The master"?
- DANNY: Sean is the cook

in his new frat house.

- What are you doing?
- Ordering takeout.

case we need a backup.

- DANNY: Great idea.
- Jamie.

What? How does pizza sound?

Order me a pepperoni.

With extra pepperoni. Veggie, please.

HENRY: Meat lovers for me.

JAMIE: Okay, fine, hold on.

Well, I will have

whatever the culinary artist
is preparing.


The moment you have all
been waiting for.

My specialty...

chicken and penne a la vodka...

a la Sean.

- ERIN: Oh.
- Wow.

ERIN: Are those peppers in there?

SEAN: That's the a la Sean.

Smells almost edible.

Who's up first?

This guy.

- HENRY: Not I.
- DANNY: Yeah, Dad,

you, uh, were so anxious

to try Sean's masterpiece,

why don't you try some?

I'd be honored.

DANNY: All right!

- ERIN: Brave, brave man.

HENRY: Yeah.

DANNY: That's right.

Thank you.

You're gonna love it.

Good luck, Dad.


Oh, gosh.

- DANNY: It's very clay-like.
- SEAN: Just a little more.

Okay. Hope you like it.

SEAN: All right.

- Thank you.
- Yeah.

ERIN: You're a good man.


What say you, Dad?

Ooh, that doesn't look encouraging.


- It's fantastic.
- ERIN: Oh!

- Wow.
- Thank you.


Guess I'm next.

SEAN: Pass the plates.

I'll cancel the pizza.

No, don't cancel my pizza.


Got a minute?

Thought you and Eddie went home.

Yeah, she got a ride with Erin.

I, uh...

I got something I need to say.

This about the undercover operation?

It is.


I know you didn't get
the answer you wanted.

Less about the answer
than the reason behind it.

Jamie, it was purely
a personnel decision.

But I'm the personnel.

And my boss thinks that...

you're trying to keep me
out of the line of f*re.

Well, then your boss is way off-base

and way out of line.

Problem is:

I think he's right.

Well, that just puts you

on the wrong side of the line with him.

You sure?

Jamie, the toughest part of my job

is putting officers at risk,

and in this case,
the risk was just too big.

But I'm willing to accept it...

But that's not your call.

I assign hazardous duty
to my most experienced people.

In this case, that was the Vice team.

Danny's guarding Diego Rodriguez.

It doesn't get more dangerous than that.

You could've had the most experienced

US Marshals handling it, but you didn't.

Danny has been fighting
that cartel for years.

He knows the territory.

And he's earned your trust.

That's right.

And I haven't.

I didn't say that.

You didn't have to.

I'm just as capable.


I know that.

It doesn't feel like it, and...

I think I've earned the right
to do my job

without you looking over my shoulder.

And so have I,

without you looking over mine.

♪ ♪



- Armored vehicle en route?
- Yeah.

minutes out.

Then we can dump
this yo-yo at the courthouse.

- Are they ready on the other end?
- Yeah.

I'm gonna bypass
the main security checkpoint,

circle around to the back,

enter through the south.

- Sounds like a plan.

This just came for you, Detective.

- You know who it's from?
- No.

Thanks, Serrano.

Everything okay?


Have these been authenticated?

NYPD and DEA both authenticated.

And have the local authorities

where our kids are been notified?

Yeah. I'd like to bring Jack and Nicky

home to the city forthwith.

I'll take care of that.

Rodriguez's arraignment
is in a few hours.

Once he's inside that courthouse,
cartel can't touch him.


This is their last chance
to get him back, Dad.

That ain't gonna happen.


Danny, our family's been subject

to thr*at before, so...

Cartel plays by different rules.

They came for my wife,
I couldn't stop them.



How do I deliver Rodriguez

when it puts our family in danger?


You do your job.

And I promise you, we'll do ours.


It's time to confess, Scott.


Look, I didn't r*pe Shayla.

Okay? We had fun.

She was just mad I wouldn't date her.

I'm actually not speaking about Shayla.

I'm talking about... Brittany Campbell,

Megan Lee

and Destiny Powell.

Now, that wiped the smile off your face.

He doesn't know
what you're talking about.

We got access
to the campus security logs.

ERIN: All three of those women

lodged sexual as*ault complaints
against Scott,

and, just like Shayla,
mysteriously recanted.

Which we're guessing is your handiwork.

A guess isn't evidence.

No, but the nondisclosure agreements

that all three of these women signed...

ABETEMARCO: ...that were drafted up

by your former law firm...


That's a coincidence.

We've spoken to all
three of these women.

They're ready to press charges.

And we hope Shayla will, too.

LISA: My client will sue
them for everything they have.

And they are all ready for that.

He'll cooperate.

We're still looking to
go in the first round,

so jail is a no-go.

What kind of deal you offering?

Oh, I'm not actually offering a deal.

Then why are we here?

To tell you face-to-face

that you're both gonna go down
for what you've done.

- Yeah, that's a...



Go, go.


Hey, we want to talk to you.


Come on.

Yo, look, I ain't no snitch.

How well do you know Jamal?

- We ran together.
- And by "ran," you mean "sold drugs"?

Your words, not mine.

Is that why you wanted him d*ad?

I didn't say that.

Jamal's phone and text records
prove otherwise.

No, no, y'all got this all wrong.

Then make it right.

Look, yeah, I was mad
Jamal wanted out, but...

- I wouldn't have k*lled him over it.
- Wait...

Jamal wanted out of the g*ng?


Could someone have k*lled him over it?

I don't know.

Looks like we're gonna
have to take this guy in.

- Yeah.
- Okay.

Look, look, right, but...

I do know that

no one was as pissed as Tristan was.

Tristan Edmonds?


Why would he be mad
about Jamal getting out?

So much for being detectives.

Y'all ain't even know
Tristan is Ace Double Trey?


So what'd your father say?

DANNY: Same thing he always says.

"Do your job."

He's got some bulldog in him.

DANNY: Toughest guy I know.

But when he saw
those pictures, he was...

he was scared.


DANNY: We think we can
protect these kids, but...

if the cartel wants
to get to them, they will.

Yeah, I've been thinking about that.

Zaragozas want Rodriguez back alive.

Something happens to him,

they go back to Mexico,

start fighting over who takes his place.

thr*at to your family goes away.

Except we're not gonna let that happen.

Let's say we get back to the safehouse

and you mosey down to the corner
for a Big Red.

A what?

It's a Texas thing.

Now, if Rodriguez has
a chance to escape,

goes for my g*n...

I've got no choice but to defend myself.

Problem solved.

Mm. Problem solved
until you get jammed up.

Ain't no cameras
in that safehouse, hoss.

I'll be all right.

I appreciate you trying
to help me and mine,

but I can't let you do that.

Besides, there...

there may be another way.

My office intends to charge Scott Taylor

with three additional counts of r*pe.


We'll also be charging Lisa Reynolds

with harassment and witness tampering.


We will not be taking any questions,

we will let the rest of this
play out in court.


ABETEMARCO: You did great.

I can see the headlines now:

"Erin Reagan and her handsome
sidekick save the day."

Thank you for taking time
out of your busy schedule

- to meet with us.
- I would do anything for Jamal.

Except be honest.


Why didn't you tell us
you're an Ace Double Trey?

- Tristan, is that true?
- Ma.

- Are you...? You're what?
- It's not that simple.

He's using this restaurant
as a front for laundering money.

EDDIE: You've been
lying to Naomi for years.

I think she deserves the truth.

You don't get it, Ma.

I worked hard to pull myself
up out the gutter

and make a name for myself.

To make you proud.


And Jamal.

He was my right-hand man

and he went and messed it all up.

By leaving the g*ng?

Jamal wanted to go to the cops.

He wanted to blow
the whistle on this place.

Talking about he wants to go
legit and live a clean life.

Everything we built would've
came down if he left.

I did what I had to do.

You k*lled your best friend.

- Oh, God.
- I was protecting what I built.

You k*lled my son!

You k*lled him!

- I'm sorry, Ma.
- You k*lled him!

You did it. I had to do it.

You k*lled...

- You...
- Okay.

I had to do it.



Time to go.

My people will never let us
get to the courthouse.

If there's an ambush,
you're the first man to die.

I'd rather go out like that than

waste away in some supermax prison.

Well, personally, I don't give
a damn what happens to you.

But there are other people
that you might want to consider.

Such as?

Well, your people thr*at my family.


You can't blame me for that.

But I do.

Take a peek.

GATES: Your daughters are beautiful.


How the hell did you get this?

It was taken hours ago at your ranch.

Lovely place.

You can't thr*at my children.

You're a cop.

DANNY: Yeah, I am.

But if something were
to happen to my family,

I probably wouldn't go on being a cop.

I'd be so distraught.

There's no telling what I would do.

GATES: Call off your men.

DANNY: Call off your men,

and we'll call off ours.

Remind me never to mess with you.

Right back at ya.

I think you earned that hat, partner.

Thank you.

What say we mosey off into the sunset?





He's here.

Let's have him.

Please have a seat.


About last night.

You were d*ad wrong.

Sorry you feel that way.

I do not think Danny is
a better cop than you.

Different, yeah, but not better.


And I hate feeling that somehow

I'm supposed to prove that to you.

And I resent being put in that position.

I didn't mean to...

Yeah, well, I know that.
At least I think I do.

The effect's the same.


that is father and son stuff

and that's not what we do here.

Lieutenant Fleming was
delayed in the field,

so you will please debrief him
on this meeting.

I am transferring Vice Unit's
human tr*ffick investigation

of the Carolinas Ring to your team.

Along with their intel and their assets.

Thank you, sir.

I will need full debriefings

before any undercover is inserted...

in person, open-ended,
because I will have questions.


And one additional request.



Be careful.

Yes, sir.


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