07x159 - Do Your Best, Kakarot! You Are No. 1!!" / "Hang In There, Kakarot! You Are No. 1

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Dragon Ball Z Kai". Aired: April 5, 2009 – March 27, 2011.
Goku and his friends fight to save the Earth from the last remaining members of an alien race.
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07x159 - Do Your Best, Kakarot! You Are No. 1!!" / "Hang In There, Kakarot! You Are No. 1

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OpacaLadies and gentlemen, we're terribly sorry for the delay!

OpacaWe now at last begin the final competition for the Tenkaichi Tournament!

Of the participants in this tournament,

we have selected the finest twelve to fight for the prize money,

and for the right to challenge the champion!

Once again, the prize money is being sponsored by Mr. Satan!

Hang tough, okay?

Your Papa and Mama will be cheering for you from the second floor.

Don't get nervous. Relax, relax.

Now then, right off, let's begin the first match!

Okay, come back soon!

I'll be right back!

"Even Stronger!"

"Goku's Dream Never Ends!!"

OpacaThe first match is between Contestant Pan and Contestant Mo Kekko!

OpacaContestant Pan is a gifted little girl, who is only four years old!

OpacaHowever, as if that weren't enough,


... she is also Mr. Satan's granddaughter!

She faces Contestant Mo Kekko, who was unfortunate enough to be defeated

by Contestant Mister Buu in the semifinals at the last tournament.

He is a powerful contender, standing two meters, centimeters!

How cute! Good luck!

Don't you pick on her, Mo!

Thoughts: She's Satan's granddaughter, then?

E-Even so, that doesn't change the fact that this is making a laughingstock of me!

Damn it all!

Still, how did that little squirt get through the preliminaries?

Even if she is Mr. Satan's granddaughter...

Beats me. Well, she could have cheated her way though, right?

Thoughts: I hope you're all right, Pan-chan.

Pan-chan is coming out!

Pan! Don't go too far out there!

Don't make him suffer!

Very well then, please begin!

Thoughts: What choice do I have? I'll toss her out.

She did it!

Well, he's all right! Contestant Mo is still breathing!

He is not d*ad, so Contestant Pan wins the first match!

Way to go, Pan-chan!

A-Are you okay, Pan-chan!?

You're not hurt?

Mm-mm, I'm all right!

There's no reason she shouldn't be, right?

That was really something to see, Pan.

We're next, huh?

Let's give it our best!

R-Right! Please accept my regards!

Now then, the second match will be between Contestant Son Goku and Contestant Uub!

Contestant Son Goku has previously appeared in the tournament several times,

as a martial artist of super ability,

he even has the experience of being victorious once!

I personally expect his abilities to place him among the top class of contestants in this tournament!

I anticipate a white-hot match between him and Mr. Satan's number-one pupil, Mr. Buu!

Facing him is Contestant Uub,

a young boy who has come all the way from his village on South Island!

The oldest of five, he is a hard worker,

who often looks after his younger brothers and sisters!

He absolutely wants the prize money,

and has bravely gone ahead to enter this time around.

Oh, I feel so sorry for him.

For him to have come all this way, just to have Son-kun be his opponent...

This will be the fight of greatest notice this time around.

Indeed it will.

So then, please begin the match!

Don't be so nervous! You can't put out what you're capable of like that!


This isn't going to work.

Thoughts: It's no use. If it comes to that...

Hey there, you! Come at me! You little hick!

Earlier, you were pretending in front of everyone to be a good little boy,

but you're really an incredible brat, ain't you?

And I... let's see... I hate you!

I'm going to knock you flying!

Or would you rather, um, get k*lled, and go back home as a pile of bones!?

Let's see, let's see...

Your mommy's belly-button sticks out!

M-My mommy's belly-button does not stick out!

Well then, she's just a pile of poo!

She's a pile of poo!

What are they up to? All they're doing is talking out there.

Search me.

Thoughts: All right, now for the final blow!

Your daddy is a pile of poo, too!

Neither my father...

... or my mother...

... are piles of poo!!

I'm starting to get excited...!

There's no doubt about it!

You're the reincarnation of that evil Buu!

Come on, come on, what's the matter?

Thoughts: I can't lose! I absolutely cannot lose!

Thoughts: I made a promise to Father and Mother that I would win the tournament,

Thoughts: and bring back the prize money for sure.

Ain't you coming? In that case, I'm going to go at you!

Thoughts: Impressive... Little by little, he's catching up to my speed!

I can't believe it. That kid is learning how to fight while he is fighting!


You're kidding, right!?

W-What is with that boy!?


To think that he's fightin' on equal terms with Goku-sa...

Can it be that the incredible guy Son-kun mentioned is this boy?

Nice going! Nice going, kid!

Go! Go!

Sure enough!

It would seem to be just as Goku said.

He apparently is the reincarnation of Buu.

Yeah, that's the only thing that I can figure.

They're even! They are even!

Both Contestant Son and Contestant Uub are not retreating one step!

Contestant Uub has incredible power!

Even with his small body, he is easily tossing Contestant Son about!

This is for what you said earlier!

- Grandpa! - Look out!

Grandpa, hang in there!




Oh, dear! Is Contestant Son down?

Awesome, kid!

How awesome!

You really got me that time.

Alrighty! Come on!

I'm not about to lose...

I made a promise...

I'm not about to lose...

I'm not about to lose...!

I'm not about to lose... I'm not about to lose...

I'm not about to lose!

It can't be!

T-That's impossible!

Y-You're floating!


That's right, you still haven't learned how to fly through the air yet, huh?

That's only normal, since you haven't had a teacher,

and you probably never even thought about it.

I'm sorry about saying those bad things earlier. Forgive me, okay?

I wanted to know what you were capable of.

If I hadn't done so, it didn't seem like you would have gotten serious with me.

Just as I expected, you are who I thought you would be.

You're impressive! Awesome!

But you ain't accustomed to using your power.

This is the first time you've ever fought like this, huh?

Let's see, now...

All right, I've decided.

I'll go live together with you at your place from now on, and teach you how to fight.

Once I do that, you'll become much, much stronger.

That's okay, right?

S-Stronger? B- but...

What's wrong?

Our family is poor, and all. That's impossible.

That's why I insisted on coming here, for the prize money.

No problem, no problem. Don't worry about money.

I'll get some from Mr. Satan.

He makes quite a bit from being a hero, after all.


There's no reason to be so reserved. Besides...

From now on, if the time comes when there's some emergency,

you're the only one who will be there to protect the peace!

Wait there a second!


OpacaGuess what, I'm going to go live together with him at his place so that I can train him.

Opaca- G-Goku-sa! - Son-kun!

I don't know how many years it will take,

but I'll come home every once in a while.

Look after things for me, okay?

Um, Father, why in the world...?

See ya!







What's the matter, Pan?

Is it true? What you just said, is it true?


No! Not being able to see you, Grandpa... I don't... I don't want that!

Hey, hey, hey, Pan. It ain't like we'll never see each other again.

I said I would come home once in a while, right?


Yeah, I promise! So don't cry.

All right, that's a good girl.

Don't you guys skip out on your training, either, now!

Just like with him,

the peace of the Earth from now on rests on your shoulders, after all.


I'm going to train too!

And I'm going to get a lot stronger, just like you, Grandpa!

All right, that's the spirit!

Now, then...

Sorry about this, Vegeta.

And after I talked you into coming all the way out here...

Hmph. In puny matches such as these, neither you or I,

or that Uub kid there, could go at it to the best of our abilities, anyhow.

Ain't that the truth!

See ya!

Well, let's go! Hop on my back!

R-Right... L-Like this?

Your house was on an island to the south, right?


Hold on to me tight!


All right! Here we go!

C-Contestant Son!? Contestant Uub!?

What are we supposed to do about the matches!?

- He's gone! - W-What's going on?

Default on Top: Granpa, bye-bye!

- He's not serious... - He can't be...

Training, he says? What does that mean?

He's gone!

What in the world was Son-kun thinking!?

Really, he's always done whatever he pleased!

It's been a long time since I've seen Goku as happy as that.

You're right.

- Hey, what's going on? - Beats me, I don't know what's up.

Kakarrot, I can understand your reasons.

You're not training that kid, the reincarnation of Buu,

just for the sake of keeping peace.

So, Uub...


Once your training is complete,

let's you and I have a proper match against each other again, okay?


To tell you the truth, that's what my biggest goal is!

Ain't you excited, Uub!?

To be able to come across someone so incredibly strong!?


Sure you are!

All right! Let's go get stronger!


No, no! You say " Ohh!"


One more time! Let's go get stronger!


Thoughts: Son Goku, the warrior who has continually fought and overcome limits

Thoughts: in order to keep the peace on Earth, as well as the universe,

Thoughts: now makes his departure.

Thoughts: Come back soon, Goku!

Thoughts: Everyone is waiting for your return!

Thoughts: Hi! I'm Goku!

Thoughts: After years, a new series is about to begin!

Thoughts: It's been a long time since the battle against Majin Buu,

Thoughts: and now some strong guys appeared!

Thoughts: The Gods of Destruction, Beerus and Champa.

Thoughts: Well, they are gods somehow...

Thoughts: So I'll fight against Beerus or anyone else with everything I got!

Thoughts: Then I will become much stronger!

OpacaThoughts: The broadcast of "Dragon Ball Super" begins soon!

OpacaThoughts: Be sure to watch!
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