06x03 - Door of No Return

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Snowfall". Aired: July 5, 2017 –; present.
Crime series that revolves around the first crack epidemic and its impact on LA in 1983.
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06x03 - Door of No Return

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TONY: Make no mistake.

He's the prize.

You're gonna get
my family k*lled, pendejo!

Hey, meet me at the warehouse.

I just need to talk to you
about something.

- Chingada madre.

Salut, maman.

Quite an impressive mess
you brought my daughter into.

It's funny,
that's what she said about you.

And fighting with Jerome and
Louie's gonna help you get that?

I don't think I can stop it now.

If I can help open up a door,

would you be willing to walk through it?

JEROME: I was watching the young man

that you was gonna become.

And now I look at you.
Is it my fault that you've become

the bitch-made n*gga
that you are right now?

If you hadn't let yourself get played

by that trick you married, you might...

- n*gga, you ain't gonna do shit!
- Oh, yeah?!

LEON: I don't want to see
the next generation in chains,

so it's time to get out the game.

That mean I'm in charge?

Domino, f*ck.


AVI: You have to study everything
and travel.

So I can just go to Africa?

You're the only girl I've ever loved.

Come away with me.




DODZI: Gyata.


- Dodzi, how are you?

What's up? I'm getting ready
to, uh, to drive my shift.

Have you seen Wanda?

Ah, did you look
on the other side of your bed?

Of course, and she wasn't there.


You sleep too long, man,

and a beautiful lady like that
will get restless.

She kept me dancing all night.

- I had to get some kind of rest.


But wait, um, Lumisi...

she's at her sister's fabric, uh, stall.

- I think she might know.
- Cool, cool, appreciate it, man.

[LAUGHS] Wait, wait, wait,
one more thing, Gyata.

Yeah, I saw Likem
at his sister's, um, herb stand.

What'd that old man have to say?

Uh, so he said
it's-it's about time to go to Almina.

[LAUGHS]: All right, man.

- Thank you, thank you, thank...



LEON: Lumisi!


That was a pretty good sale

- you made me lose back there.
- Sorry, I'm sorry.

- Look, look, I'm looking for Wanda.
- Yeah.

And Dodzi said you
might know where she is.

I do. I do.

- Take me, take me.
- Come with me.



Excuse me one second.

What's up, baby?


Okay, I love this for my grandma.

Oh, that's nice.

- Right?
- This is nice.

Yeah, and then look how it looks on.

I don't know, it might even be for you,

- 'cause that looks good on you.

And I found something for you.

You love that, too?

You see it. Yes.

- How much for this?
- , Ghana cedis.

- Ooh!
- Yeah.

- Okay, so I want this.
- Yeah.



Oh, ah... [HISSES]


Two, please.


- And for you.
- Medaase.

This is living.

- Thank you.



VENDOR: Coconut!

- Mmm!
- Wow.

That's really good.

- That's really good, really good.


It's so good.

It's so perfect here.


Do we have to go back?

I don't want to go.

I don't.


Everything's moving so fast, you know.


There's nothing back there for me.

Just... look at our people.

Look at how beautiful and free.

And then here we can be
whoever we want to be.

Not our past, not our stuff we've done.

But who we really are in here.

People see us.

We're not back getting chased by cops

or sh*t in the back by friends.

Let's just stay here.

I hear everything you're saying to me

and I feel exactly what you feel.

No, Lee, you don't know.

But I have to think about it.

I love it here, too.

I feel free, I...

Trust me.

Promise I'm gonna think about it,

and I ain't never lied to you.

Trust me.

But guess what, though.

I love you.

Prove it. Mmm.


LIKEM: Foreigners from
North Africa and Europe

started buying our people
many centuries ago.

The foreigners bought
Black souls from Black traders

representing the holy Songhai,
Ashanti, and Benin Empires.

That was a result of tribalism.

After a w*r the winners sold

the losers into servitude.

This practice continued for centuries.

It was accepted, it was a part of life,

but things changed when
foreigners bought our people,

and after that they were gone
as if they had never been.

Daughters and sons not d*ad

so they could be buried and eulogized.


Much later we learned
that our women were...

r*ped and defiled.

Young mothers drowned themselves
and their babies.

Brokenhearted men and women
died from typhus,

their wills and bodies shattered.

Nearly two million souls perished

on the Middle Passage
from the motherland

to hell.

Those that survived

could not remember their names...


...their gods, languages,

and their people.



And we did not think about the.

They were souls lost on us.

So we keep that door...


...to remind us of the sins

against the children of Africa...

...to remind us...

...of our bargain...

...with the devil.

LEON: That was Black people
selling they own brothers.

WANDA: They weren't alone, though.

At least... they forgave themselves.

Vowed to never do it again.

But they did it, and it was over with.

And here I am.

I was doing the same thing
less than a month ago.

You ain't never sold
your people into sl*very.

I sold 'em crack.

I wrapped them chains
around their necks.

Sometimes I think it's...

easier to escape sl*very than...

...to escape crack.

How so?

If you gave a sl*ve
an opportunity for freedom...

...they'll take that
and never look back.

If you gave the same opportunity
to a crackhead...

...they may always look back.




I got to get free from America, Lee.

There's nothing there for me

but rock and a pimp
that want me on my knees.

I ain't gonna let that happen.

Again. You won't let that happen again.

Why can't you just help our
people back home from over here?

How am I gonna do that?

Use your contacts.

Your money can help places

like Alton's shelter.

You could bring our people over here
to see how beautiful it is.

Okay, but if I do that,

I got to go back to get my money

and set up some kind of system anyway.

They just want to destroy us, Lee.

They want us in jail,
they want to k*ll us.

- They want to break up our families.
- Look, look, Wanda,

I can't do this without you.

Then where does that leave me?


- I love you.
- I love you.


You may kiss.



- WOMAN: It's a celebration!

LEON: Yeah, brother, I'm-a...

I'm-a have to go back
to where we came from

and get my business in order.

Make a way for some people
to break away, you know?

Will you be in danger?

I mean, they ain't k*lled me yet.

See, the slavers of old
held on to their human cargoes

because there was so much wealth.

They slaughtered anyone
who tried to stop them.

They fought in wars to keep
the gold in their pockets.

How can one man stop such a thing?

- Let's go.


EINSTEIN: Africa? Damn.

Y'all went to
the f*ck motherland.

- That shit was f*cking amazing.
- Yeah.

Like nothing I ever imagined.

Primitive as shit, I bet.

Bones in they noses and like that?



Ghana was once...

a ancient Ashanti Empire.


MAN [IN DISTANCE]: Yo, back the f*ck up.

WOMAN: All right, come over later.

So y'all mean to tell me

they had cities and clothes and shit?

Hey, why Deon got all these
armed men all over?

'Cause of Franklin Saint.

Franklin not even in the game.

He wasn't for a minute,
but then he ripped off Jerome and Louie.

Why is Franklin robbing
Jerome and Louie?

I don't know, but then
Jerome hit 'em back,

and from then on, shit's been crazy.

- [g*n]

They say Louie sent
her cops after Franklin,

but I ain't never hear what happened.

Somebody sent men in ski masks
to grab Franklin

- out of his real estate office.
- Go get him!

- Aah!
- What are you waiting for?

Get the f*ck out!

Louie's club got hit after tha.


LEON: What any of
that got to do with Deon?

EINSTEIN: Could have been
'cause Kane's guys k*lled Big D cousin

at the barbershop.


Then Big D went back at Kane,

hit 'em at the car wash.



But you know what the
craziest thing I heard...

is that Franklin almost k*lled Big D

while he was taking a shit.

What the f*ck?




Thank you for your service.

I'm sorry. [CHUCKLES]

What the f*ck are you talking about?

So you're saying Franklin almost
k*lled Deon at, what, Philips?

Look, man, I don't know
what to tell you.

I mean, they say Franklin hate D.


Look, Lee, I got to go.

All right, I appreciate it.

It don't make no sense.

Never did, Lee.

Hood rats

with Uzis and millions of dollars.

Mothers selling babies.

Women like me.

I'm, uh...

I'm gonna go talk to Deon
and figure out what's happening.


Still ain't gonna make no g*dd*mn sense.


MAN: We should head back now

if we want to make the drop on time.

♪ Brothers on the slide ♪

Ten more minutes. He'll wait.

♪ Working on the wrong side ♪

♪ What you gonna do? ♪

♪ You can't win so you must lose ♪

♪ We know ♪

♪ Which way you goin' ♪

♪ We know ♪

♪ Which way you goin' ♪

♪ Brothers on the slide ♪

♪ What you gonna hide? ♪

♪ Reckon your folks late... ♪



Sir. Enjoy.


[LAUGHS]: Come sit.

Franklin, how are you?

Fine, thank you.

Y'all two look like you're having fun.

Yeah, we're having a great time.

Glad to hear it.

So, um, I take it that means we all set?

Tomorrow at lunch.
He will be out of the office,

and his files will be in our hands.


One more thing, beau-fils.

Thank you.

For bringing this beautiful
creature back into my life.

LOUIE: Sorry.

Was riding, lost track of time.


I understand.

Uh, two adult males.

Call it, um, pounds cargo.


Mm-hmm, confirmed.


Wheels up, .

Thank you.

How'd the deal go?


How'd Louie seem?

Same as always.

So, listen, I need you here
at : in the morning.


Uh, we're going to Costa Rica.

GUSTAVO: Costa...

Costa Rica? Tomorrow?

For how long?

I don't know, a day. Maybe two.









Hey, man, when'd you get back?

Not too long ago.

- That's a nice jacket you got there.
- Appreciate it.


♪ Play it on the radio ♪

♪ Play it for G.L.O.B.E. ♪

♪ G-L-O-B-E ♪

♪ Play it at the playground ♪

♪ Play it on the street ♪

♪ Play it for Whiz Kid ♪

♪ Just play that b*at ♪


Hey, what's happening?

DEON: Huh. What's up, Lee?



Look at you.

Back from the f*ck motherland.

Power to the people, my n*gga.


What's all this shit going on?

You and Jerome
and that cop f*cking with Franklin?

He the n*gga f*cking with me.

n*gga tried to k*ll me.


I don't know.

n*gga crazy, that's all.

n*gga done lost his f*ck mind.

He see all this bread I'm getting,

and he want a little piece.

Franklin don't need what you got.

He make his own money.

He used to make his own money.

Yeah, you've been gone
a little while, homie.

Word on the street is
he lost what he made.

That's why he hit
his own uncle's warehouse.

What that got to do with you?

Not a damn thing.

Einstein says you staying
at your old place.

It's the only place I got.

So, what, you trying to come back

and work for me?

♪ Switch the mix, Mr. DJ ♪

♪ Play that b*at, why don't
you play it for me? ♪

Nah, I'm good.

♪ Switch the mix, Mr. DJ ♪

♪ Play that b*at, why don't
you play it for me? ♪

As long as you stay in
your lane, we cool, bro.

♪ Why don't you play it for me? ♪

♪ Switch the mix, Mr. DJ ♪

♪ Play that b*at ♪

♪ Play that b*at. ♪

The Mexican going with you?


The team meeting you
down there are mercs.

They like k*lling.

But if that att*ck comes,

you'll need to take one
of these guys alive.

- Yeah. I know.
- [DRY FIRES r*fle]



- We need to talk. Now.
- TONY: Okay,

let's meet at the usual place.

Okay, see you there.

Something about Avi's
last shipment of arms,

that it might be hit.

Where do you leave from,
where do you land?

I already told you, I don't know.

I can't help you if
I don't know what's going on.

And I can't tell you
what I do not know, cabrón.

Now that we have

the photographs of Louie doing the drop,

we're going to want to move
on Teddy's warehouse

in the next few days,

so make sure you make it back

from Costa Rica, you hear me?



TEDDY: Relax. Wheels down in minutes.


You Ramos?


Teddy. That's Gustavo.

The port at Golfito.

Where at hours, a shipment of cargo

will be arrive and be offloaded
onto third-party transports.


TEDDY: Our objective
is to secure that cargo,

and, if attacked, identify
the responsible parties.


There'll be three teams:
Alpha, Bravo, Charlie.


Three locations, you'll
see them marked there.


He and I will be Delta.
We'll be in the tower.


TEDDY: If the hostiles do arrive,
you'll stay hidden,

you'll wait for our signal,

then you'll engage
and eliminate the thr*at.


TEDDY: Once the location's secure,

I need every member of
the as*ault party searched,

and their gear confiscated.


I'm not talking about being patted down,

I'm saying if they've got
intel in their g*dd*mn socks,

I need it found, you understand?


Securing the cargo and not
finding out who came after it

will be considered a mission failure.


Any questions?


What's the signal?


Hey, Grandma.


WANDA: You look good.

Uh-huh. Thank you.

- Can I come in?
- Uh-uh.

What do you want?

I brought you a present from Africa.

Where are my rose-colored pearls?

I don't know, that was
a long time ago, Grandma.

When I was on the rock. I gave that up.

Like you did them pearls?

[SIGHS] I'm sorry. But...

I brought you a necklace from Ghana.

What the f*ck you want?

I miss you.

You should have thought about that

before you robbed me

and hit me

and cursed me before God.

That's a nice dress you got on,

but I bet you

dollars to donuts that
they's got blood on the hem.

Can I at least leave my gift?

I'm going to close this door,

and if you want to leave it on the knob,

you can do that.




say it's the love of drugs

and money that keeps the
death toll high and climbing.


This is a good moment.

Enjoy it.


I didn't think she was coming.

Yeah, me neither.

Hey, Mama.

- Hi, baby.
- Hi.

Hi, baby.

Thanks for coming.

There it is.

Everything you've been fighting for.



It's for Jerome and Louie.


I appreciate y'all seeing me.

That's all right. Welcome home.

Brought you something.

Your man outside opened it.

Guess he thought I was bringing
y'all a b*mb or something.

It's a wedding gift.

Aw, you got us a wedding gift?

Yeah, I figured better late than never.

When a member of a tribe travels,

they use this as they passport.

The man who gave me this
said it belonged to a chief,

and that was his wife's face,

so it just made me think of y'all.

Thank you, Leon.

You're welcome.

JEROME: It must be nice,

you run off to Africa.

Come back, wave that
shit in our face, right?

No, I-I came back to talk,

and I don't think you want
to hear what I got to say.

Don't say it, n*gga.

Jerome, if you was in my
shoes, what would you do?

I can't just sit back
and let this shit happen.

Sure, you can.

That's the easiest shit in the world.

Okay, well, it ain't easy for me.

Why is that?

f*ck, you high and mighty now.

LOUIE: You see them
b*ll*ts out there, Leon?

They came at us here.

Then they came at us at our
hotel on our f*cking honeymoon.

And when Jerome extended
his hand, Franklin bit it.

Okay, I understand that,
but if you k*ll Franklin,

or Franklin k*ll you,

that'll destroy Cissy and
the whole f*cking family.

JEROME: The f*ck it got to do with you?

You ain't family.

What you mean by that?

JEROME: You know what
the f*ck I mean by that.

Franklin used you.

He used you the same way
that he used us.

Got you out here catching bodies.

And then, 'cause you
k*lled a g*dd*mn kid,

now you see the light, n*gga?

And now you come here and what?

You want to make peace?


Forgive and forget?

Get the f*ck out of here, little n*gga.

Take that dumb shit with you.

This is yours, you can do
whatever you want with it.



GUSTAVO: How long do we wait?

Why, you got somewhere else to be?

TEDDY: You all right?

Been reading the papers about this w*r.

Some say it will end soon...

...and your side will win.

You guys have the expression,
"Don't count your chickens"?

Yeah... No cantes victoria.

But it gonna end, right?

Yeah, someday it will.

And then what happens to you and me?

Reckon I'll go my way, you go yours.

Así nomás.


Green light.





You good?

Who sent you?

Tu puta madre gringo.

All right, collect everything you can.

Five minutes, we're out of here.

¡Cinco minutos! ¡Vamos, vamos, vamos!


What are you hoping to find?

No mames.

Now what? What does it say?

- TEDDY: I don't know.
- You don't know?

I know who wrote it.

The Russians.

GUSTAVO: The Russians?

Tried to blow up this operation.


Sup, Lee?

What's up?

Come on in.

What the f*ck happened here?

Jerome and f*ck' Louie.

Sent dirty cops here
to search the place.

Had a warrant and everything.

But you don't keep nothin' here, though.

And they weren't looking for nothing.

You gonna leave?

When I'm good and ready.

Shit, um...

I got burgers, n*gga.

Wish you was back there by now?

It was so different.

Couple weeks in,

all of this shit started to fade.


Kev, Tianna,

money, rock...

But, the end of the day,

being gone just...

It ain't feel right.

Felt like I was running, you know?

FRANKLIN: What's it like over there?

That shit was beautiful.


But hard.

They been through so much.

Colonial rule,

one coup after another.

Warring against they people.

Sounds familiar.

Yeah. But they did get a new leader.

A man who will do what needs to get done

to push the country forward.

Even if that means bloodshed.

That's some shit Avi talked about a lot.

He said the world would have
wiped the Jews out

if they hadn't fought.

v*olence as an act of salvation.


Avi's gone.

What you mean, gone?

He's d*ad?

His warehouse got b*rned down.

Nobody's seen or heard from him since.

You know who did it?

Sorry, Lee.

I felt that shit, too.

Listen, man, you know, I...

I know I haven't always
done shit the right way.

Nothing I can do about that now.

But my back is against the wall, man.

And I know that you're
trying to figure shit out.

But hear this.

If you gonna be here
and be in this shit...


...then you got to pick a side.

Otherwise, take your wife,

get on a plane,

and get the f*ck out of here
while you still can.

You hear me?

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