06x11 - In Another Life

Episode transcripts for the TV show "9-1-1". Aired: January 2018 to present.
Emergency response providers who put their lives at risk to save others.
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06x11 - In Another Life

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You've really done a beautiful
job with the house, Maddie.

It's a work in progress,
but it's starting to feel like home.


Hey, once the weather lets up,

I thought we could go
to that flower market downtown,

maybe get some stuff for the house...

Couple of plants, maybe.

Ooh. I'm not sure
they'd live a long life here,

(chuckling): but it's worth a sh*t.

Jee loves flowers.
Anything bright and pretty.

Oh, good.

I didn't want to overstep. I just...

want to help.

Not that you need it. But...

...moving is stressful. For anyone.

Mom, it's okay. I'm okay.

Move has been good for us.

After everything you've been through...

I just want to see you happy.

- I am.
- (Jee-Yun babbling in distance)

But I would be happier

if she would go back
to sleeping through the night.


- (Margaret chuckles)
- (knocking at door)

Oh, I'll get the door.

(rain falling heavily)

Mr. Bear, you're
supposed to be sleeping...


(inhales) Which one?

(siren wailing)

(horn honks)

Chim, now take over!

-year-old male struck by
lightning. Full cardiac arrest.

He was down three minutes
before we started compressions.

HEN: Lightning went through his hands

and out his knee,
right down the midline. Could be

- some damage to major organs.
- CHIMNEY: He's in V-tach!

- (whirring)
- All right, clear!

We got a pulse!

BOBBY: Okay, he has
a history of blood clotting.

He's not currently on any medication,

but he does have an allergy to naproxen!

DOCTOR: Got it! We'll do our best!

Do more!

♪ ♪



(indistinct radio chatter)


(groans softly)

(inhales deeply)

Oh. Good to see you're awake.

Wh-What happened?

DANIEL: You fell off a ladder,

hit your head. Fortunately,
nothing too serious.

No broken bones. Your MRI was clean.

That's good news.

But maybe next time you
decide to go up a ladder...

...you should have
someone there to spot you.

BOBBY: All right, cowboy. Go get 'em.

- I did.
- Still a pretty boneheaded move.

Wow. You, uh, usually talk
to your patients that way?

MADDIE: He talks to everyone like that.

Even his little brother.

Maddie, what are you...

Daniel, why are you
looking at his chart?

Are you gonna second-guess
Pullman's instructions?

- DANIEL: Hmm. Why do you care?
- MADDIE: Guilt by association.


Every time you annoy
him, he comes down hard

- on the nursing staff.
- I swear, of all the hospitals,

you had to work here.

Uh, excuse me, I was here first.

You followed me here, remember?
Let me see his chart.

Wh-What is happening right now?

(chuckles softly) You're going home.

Are you sure you're feeling okay?

- Well, he did hit his head.
- Mm.

(monitor beeping rhythmically)


(stammers) I'm just a little confused.

And his scans look good?

DANIEL: Oh, yeah. He's fine.
He's just being dramatic.

Go back to work. I'll take him, okay?

Okay. Well, if you need anything, Evan,
just call me.

Otherwise, I'll see you guys tomorrow.

- Tomorrow?
- MADDIE: Family dinner.

how hard did you hit your head?


Whose family?

(monitor beeping distorts)

(door opens)


My baby.


- Let me look at you.
- (chuckles softly)

How are you feeling?

Uh, I'm-I'm not sure.

You had us worried, son.

When your brother said
you'd been in an accident,

we didn't know what to think.

DANIEL: That's right. His brother.

Didn't realize that you people
remembered that he had one.

MARGARET: Oh, come on, honey.

Don't be so needy.

Evan just got out of the hospital.

We ought to fuss over him a little.

Uh, you guys, I-I'm fine.

You really didn't have to travel
all the way here.

You mean all the way
across town? (chuckles)

Hey, are you hungry?

People have been dropping off
food all day.

And, oh, your kids,

they sent you all these
wonderful notes and flowers.

- Wait, did-did you say my kids?
- Well,

your students.

DANIEL: Yeah, it really helps that, uh,

he has the same maturity level
that they do, huh?

(Margaret chuckles softly)

I'm not a firefighter?

- (laughs): No.
- Why would you say that?

Are you sure he's okay?

DANIEL: Yeah, wh-why
do you keep doubting me?

It's not like I'm a doctor or anything.

- What's the score?
- PHILLIP: Penn's up by two.

Oh. Cheers to that.

- Let's just hope Evan doesn't jinx it.
- MARGARET: You know,

maybe you should go upstairs
and get some rest.

What's this?

No idea. It doesn't go
with anything else I picked out.


If you like it,

I love it.

Okay, I'm gonna get you guys
some snacks!

(child screaming)

- PHILLIP: Evan, come on.
- (patting sounds)

You're gonna miss the game.

(commentator speaking indistinctly)


What's with the goofy grin?


Nothing at all.

- (exhales)
- (chuckles)


- There they are!
- Hey!

- Finally, everybody's here!
- (chuckling)

(loud ticking)

Oh, uh, when did they get that?

DANIEL: That's always been there.

He wouldn't know 'cause he never visits.

- Hi.
- Ah. (chuckles)

Don't give your brother a hard time.

Oh, dinner smells great.

- Do you need a taste tester?
- I do not.

No. Uh-uh.

This looks different.

- Did you guys redecorate?

we didn't. Is that a hint?

N-No. Uh, feels different.
Um, hey, wh-where's Jee?

Is that a nickname or something?

Yeah, where's my little princess?

- No. Uh...
- We've been here almost minutes,

- still haven't seen her.
- Thank you.

She is with her dad getting dressed.


- MADDIE: Hi! (chuckles)
- MARGARET: There she is.

PHILLIP: Princess Genevieve!

Or are we going with "G" now?

MADDIE: Uh, no, we are not.

MAN: Well, well.

Look who finally decided to showed up.


Who else were you expecting?

(heart beating loudly)

- Thank you.
- PHILLIP: Here we go.

- I'm hungry.
- MARGARET: I'm starving!

(heart beating rapidly)


- What do we know?
- BOBBY: Not much.

He's alive. Critical condition.

They had to put him in
a medically induced coma

to allow his body to rest and recover.

Next hours are gonna be crucial.

(sighs) Oh, my God, Evan.

A coma? Does that mean...

He's on life support.

Breathing with the help of a ventilator.

BOBBY: The lightning
strike was literally a shock

to his system.
Sent him into cardiac arrest.

Um, that's his doctor there.

She'll be able to tell you
better than I can.

I'll introduce you.

Maddie, you coming?

- I-I'll be right there.
- Hey.

How are you?

I'm worried about Buck.

And you.

What happened?

I was going up the ladder... (sighs)

...and he stopped me
and he went up instead.

- And then...
- (sniffles)

I really need him to wake up.

(Maddie crying)

DOUG: This guy didn't have
a clue what he was talking about.

But, anyway, I mean,
I'm the expert, right?

Who are you gonna listen to,
me or the Internet?

- (chuckles)
- It's not as if I haven't done

thousands of surgeries before.

So I said to the guy,
"You're overthinking it."

DANIEL: Quite the bedside manner.

I'm sure your patient loved
being talked to like that.

DOUG: I've had no complaints.

DANIEL: No, for that, you'd have
to actually listen to your patients.

Or anyone, for that matter.

Uh, hey, uh, pot roast
was delicious, Maddie.

- Really outdid yourself.

MARGARET: Fabulous, sweetheart.

- Thank you.
- Yeah. It was okay.

Yeah. I think it got a little salty.

Oh, I...

You know what? I'm sorry.

- (chuckles) Um...
- DOUG: No.

- Coffee?
- Yes, please.

- MARGARET: Love it.

- Thank you, sweetheart.
- DOUG: What do you think, babe?

You want to go play some cards? Come on.

- Let's all go play some cards.
- Yeah.

Not a bad idea.


- PHILLIP: South Bay.
- MARGARET: Let's all go

b*at their socks off.

(Phillip laughs)

MADDIE: It's just...

things are complicated at home.


thr*at to k*ll me.

- Buck?!
- Maddie!

- MADDIE: Buck?
- (pants) Maddie.

MADDIE (quietly): Darn it.

(scrubbing sounds)

Oh, hey. Do you want coffee or tea?

- I have...
- Hey, Ma-Maddie, stop.

What are you doing?

I'm getting the
after-dinner drinks ready.

No. What are you doing with
Doug? He's not a good guy.

What are you talking about?
Everything's fine.

(sighs) This is not fine, Maddie.

It happened at work. I...
hit it on a gurney.

Oh, really? Since when
do gurneys have fingers?

It was an accident.


No, that's what you used to say before.

I missed the signs last time.
I'm not doing that again.

Wh-What do you mean, "again"?

I know that you want to leave him,

but y-you're too afraid to try.

I know that you don't think
you're strong enough.

But that's not true, Maddie. You are.

You're stronger than you know,
and I can help you.

Maddie. Hey, hey,
wh-where are you going?

I am going to get an aspirin,

because this conversation's
giving me a headache.

If I have to listen to him
for another second,

I think my head's gonna explode.

(coffee pouring)

Hey, what-what's the deal with them?

Have you noticed anything...
(inhales sharply)

...weird lately? Any-any kind of issues?

With Maddie and Doug?

I don't know. I try to butt out.

You might want to try it.

Yeah. I can't stick around for this.

Starting to feel
like I'm living in a nightmare.

Was life feeling like a dream before?

Hey, if-if...

if someone was, uh...

if someone was in a coma...

...could they have dreams?


Uh, I don't know.

I've never been in a coma.

Do you need a lift home?

Actually, uh, ca...
can you take me someplace else?


Can I help you?

BUCK: When you were in your coma,

after the car accident, do you remember
if you had any dreams?

I'm sorry, who are you?

Right. You-you, you don't know me here.

Um, hi, I-I'm Buck.

We're-we're friends.

And yet, I've never seen you before.

Look, I know I-I might sound crazy.

I think I got hurt on the job
and now I'm trapped in some kind

of alternate universe coma fever dream.

- And I need your help.
- Okay.

Why don't you wait right here,
and I'll go call someone.

- Like the police.
- Wait!

Hey, I-I-I can prove that I know you.


I know why they call you Chimney.

(locks clicking)

The last thing I remember is

we were at this apartment f*re.

It was raining.

I went up the ladder and...

there was a giant flash.

Sounds like you were
struck by lightning.

Yeah, but I don't think I'm d*ad.

It feels like some kind of coma dream.

♪ ♪

- It's a Wonderful Life.
- Uh, yeah.

I-I don't know how wonderful it is.

It feels kind of crappy.

No. The movie. It's a Wonderful Life.

Looks like I'm Clarence.

Uh, okay, well, in the movie,
does he get back

- to his other life?
- Eventually.

He has to learn a lesson,
he's got to figure something out

before he can get back.

Okay, uh...

Wait, do you think
if I die in this life...

...I die in my real life?

Different movie.

Okay, so-so when you were in your coma,

- what do you remember?
- Nothing.

How long you been walking around
in this coma?

- Ballpark.
- Uh, I don't know.

Time is weird.

Maybe two days?

Wait, you've been walking
around an alternate universe

for two days and you're just now
starting to ask questions?

Well, it was
kind of nice at first, uh...

till this thing with my sister.

Wait, maybe that's it.

Maybe that's the thing I need to fix.

Is your sister's marriage
a problem in your real life?

No. (chuckles)

He's d*ad. Actually, she's with you.

- Wait, I'm married to your sister?
- You're not married.

Although you really should be.

Uh, you guys have a kid,
you have a house.

I mean, what else are you waiting for?

Okay, look, Coma Kid,

I don't even know your sister.

And this has been entertaining
for a minute, but I think

it's time for you
to take your show on the road.

Yeah, I, uh, I think you're right.

This has not been helpful.

I should've gone to Cap.
Cap will know what to do.


Uh, yeah, Bobby.

Captain Bobby Nash.


I'm sorry, but, uh,

I got some really bad news for you.

Captain Bobby Nash,
he died five years ago.



Bobby Nash is d*ad.

(heart beating rapidly)

- (panting)
- Whoa, hey. Hey, hey.

Are you okay?

(gasping for air)


Try to calm down! Try to breathe!


(alarm sounding)

CHIMNEY: He can't breathe!

I can swing by the hospital after class.

Maybe bring dinner.

Yeah, everyone would appreciate that.

They've all been practically
living in that waiting room.

How's Bobby holding up?

Oh... not great.

I'm pretty sure he blames himself.

For what? Buck got struck by lightning.

It was a literal random act of nature.
A one-in-a-million chance.

It was completely
out of Bobby's control.

Well, try telling him that.

He still won't believe you.

He's always gonna feel
responsible for his team.

Especially Buck.


I just... I wish there was
something more I could do to help.

I'm pretty sure
that just seeing your face

will be enough.

He's always everyone else's
shoulder to lean on,

but even the strong snap eventually.

Do you think Buck's gonna be okay?

I mean, after everything
that happened with Wendall,

I'm not sure Bobby could
take another loss.

Buck is going to be fine.

He has to be.

CHIMNEY: Hey, hey, hey,
hey! We need someone in here!

His oxygen levels are plummeting.

NURSE: I'll page Dr. Becker.

NURSE : He's not responding!

(Buck gasping)

What's wrong with him?

Why didn't you call ?

CHIMNEY: Because he wouldn't
let me, so I called you.

DOCTOR: Even with
the ventilator, he's not getting

enough oxygen.
He's barely satting at .

CHIMNEY: Maybe he's just having
a panic att*ck.

DOCTOR: His peak pressures
are through the roof

and I'm hearing almost no air movement.

I'm gonna take him off and bag him.

We're almost there. Stay on the bag.

Hey, buddy, can you hear me?

PHILLIP: Did his heart stop again?

No, it's his lungs.
He's in respiratory failure.

Buck can't breathe.

NURSE: His breathing's
starting to s*ab.

DOCTOR: Breathing is s*ab.

Good work, everyone.

(music playing quietly)


Or maybe he's pulling our legs.
He's fine.

Sorry, I-I don't know what happened.

It was like all of a sudden my,
my lungs just stopped working.

And now?

Uh, yeah, no.

(stammers) I feel better.

CHIMNEY: They put him on ECMO.

Give his lungs a chance to heal.

I thought they were worried
about the lightning damaging his heart.

Well, they're worried about his lungs.

Doctor said the force from the lightning

caused a pulmonary contusion.

ALBERT: That sounds pretty serious.

How long does he have to stay on it?

A couple days, at least.

The hope is that his oxygen levels

will increase high enough, hopefully
they can take him off sedation.

And then he'll be okay?

We won't know until
they try to take him off of it.

See if he can breathe on his own.

(indistinct announcement over P.A.)

Maddie, uh...

- took her parents home?
- Yeah.

She and Philip practically had
to drag Margaret out of here.

For a minute, I thought they
were gonna have to sedate her.

Yeah, it must be hard for them.

- Seeing Buck like this, just...
- Yeah.

Your kid almost dying

is probably easier to handle
when you're thousands of miles away.

Howie, they're trying.

So is Dad.

You know, people always tell me

you'll understand your parents
better once you become a parent.

Well, I'm a parent now.

And I understand him even less.

There's nothing I wouldn't do
for Jee-Yun to see her happy.

They ran out of oat milk.

Chim, go home.
It's not gonna do Buck any good

for you to end up in bed next to him.
Pace yourself.

So who's gonna tell him that?

He was asking about Captain Nash.

That's what brought all this on.

BUCK: So what happened to him?

Was it on the job?

It was the alcohol.

No, that's not possible.
He was in recovery.

He took it very seriously.

HEN: Maybe he was before, but

there was this plane crash.

Flight LB .

- Told you.
- The next day he didn't show up

for work, so you went over
to check on him.

I was with you in my other life.

No, not in any life.

Captain Nash was a quiet guy.

He kept to himself. I didn't even know

he was suffering until it was too late.

Why am I even having this
conversation with this person?

See? The crazy just sucks you in.

Hold on, the day of the crash,

Bobby kind of lost it.

- What do you mean? Lost it how?
- Well,

I made him mad and he
shoved me up against the wall.

Captain Nash shoved you?

HEN: Okay, if I'd seen that,

I would have known something was wrong.

My not being at the is what
pushed him over the edge.

Or maybe it was just
some random butterfly effect

and the entire world
doesn't revolve around you.

Eddie Diaz.

Army vet,

came from Texas, joined the

- right before the big earthquake.
- Angry guy.

Hey, you'd be angry, too,
if you lost your kid.

I mean, you'd have to stop being
a kid first and then have one but...

Wait, wait, wait,
what do you mean "lost"?

What happened to Christopher?

His grandparents took him to Texas.

After a nasty custody battle.

They said Diaz was unfit.

That he couldn't be a firefighter
and a single dad.

He tried to bring him
to the firehouse a few times,

- but Captain Righetti said no.
- BUCK: Eddie.

This-this is my friend Carla.

- Nice to meet you, Eddie.
- BUCK: Carla.

He never met Carla.

I'm sorry, but he insisted
on coming here.

I need to see Buck.
I have to talk to him.

You know they don't let kids in the ICU.

I don't care.

Maybe we can find a work-around.

Excuse me. How you doing?

I was wondering if you knew
of any job opportunities

in this hospital?
I'm a home health caregiver and

I'm thinking about transitioning
back into the field.


I couldn't tell him no.

Is he sleeping?

EDDIE: Something
like that. He's resting.

So the machines can do all the work.

Make him feel better.

What are all these tubes?

That's part of the ECMO machine.

It takes his blood
and puts extra oxygen in it.

And then that blood
goes back into his body.

Can he hear me?

I bet he can.

Hey, Buck.

It's Christopher.

I know you're sick,
but it's only temporary.

You're gonna be okay.

That's what all the machines are doing.

Making you better.

But wherever you are,

you have to come back.

Wherever you are right now,

you have to come back.

- Tell me again why we're here.
- I'm not sure.

I think maybe I'm supposed to come
back to where it all started.

I guess that makes sense in the rules

of this alternate universe.

I-I have this weird feeling
like I'm running out of time.

Ooh, a ticking clock. Plot twist.

You were having trouble
breathing before, right?

- Yeah.
- What if that wasn't a panic att*ck?

You guys are talking about
this place as an alternate reality.

But it's not.

If you're in a coma,
then this is all in your head.

Meaning this place is still
connected to that body.

If it can't breathe, you can't breathe.

So he feels like he's
running out of time...

Because my body is.


May, I'm just not hungry.

If you can tell me
the last time you ate something

other than an energy bar,
I'll leave you alone.

You know you're really starting
to remind me of someone?

Do not say it.


Any updates from the doctors?

No, nothing yet.

Buck is still hooked up to the ECMO.

They're gonna reassess
later tonight, but...

for now it's just wait and see.

I know that must be hard for you.


Not being able to do something.

Mm. Yep.

Especially since it's Buck.

Come on. Mom brought
two kids into the marriage.

You brought one.

Yeah, I suppose so.

That's a good kid.

You're always talking
about how stubborn he is.

How he never knows
when to leave well enough alone.

So he's gonna find his way back to us.


Yeah, he's gonna be okay.

And you're gonna be okay.

I love you.

I love you too, May.

BECKER: Looks like the ECMO worked.

His oxygen level has improved
enough to take him off of it.

That's good news, right?

He's not in the clear yet.

It still remains to be seen
if your son can breathe on his own.

So what's next?

We're gonna lower his level of sedation

and then unhook him from the ventilator.

And what happens if he can't
breathe on his own?

Let's see what he does
before we go down that road.

The machine did its job.

Now the rest is up to your son.

I didn't find anything.

Neither did we.

Probably 'cause
we didn't know what the hell

- we were looking for.
- I think maybe

we're supposed to be looking for
something that doesn't belong.

You mean like that.

I don't know why that's there.

You're looking for answers.

Maybe that's a clue
to where you'll find them.

What if the plane isn't just a plane?

What if it represents something?

Bobby! I told you to leave, Bobby, now!

You know I'm a terrible listener.

Or someone.

Thank you, guys. I-I got to go.

Hey, hey, wait up!

♪ ♪


Oh. Hey, kid. Fancy meeting you here.

Thought you were d*ad.

What are you doing here?

You tell me. It's your dream.
I'm just living in it.

Living my best afterlife.


So I am d*ad.

Close, but not quite.

Hey, what do you think these do?

- (rattling)
- Mmm.

This place is way too messed-up
to be heaven, but, uh,

I don't really believe in hell.


I'm in purgatory.

I never really understood
the concept of this.

Is th-is this a waiting room,

do I just have to hang here
until my number is called

or is it, like, a-a punishment,

a time-out... do I have to do
some type of penance

before I'm allowed to move on?

Listen, kid.

You need to relax.

None of this is real.

Ah. That's the good news.

The bad news is it can

be real enough
to keep you here if you let it.

Uh, wh-what do you mean?


Look, you're alive.

And there's me.

Ooh, I busted out the
rosary beads. Must be serious.


How am I there and here?

Well, Evan Buckley, this
is your deep, dark subconscious.

(door closes)

- Here you go, darling.
- Oh, hey,

can we back up for a second.
Are you telling me

that's my wife? I mean, some things
did work out for me, didn't they?

Do-do you know what's
happening to me in there?

Depends on how you look at it.

You could be dying, you could be
fighting for your life.

It's kind of up to you.

Which way you leaning?

I don't know.

This felt pretty great at first, but...

then the Doug thing, now the you thing.

Well, don't think you can bring me

back from the d*ad even in here.


I think you can fix the Doug thing.

All you have to do
is introduce Maddie to Chimney

- and then let nature take its course.
- W-W...

- Would-would that work?
- I don't know.

I'm not exactly bound
by the laws of physics

and logic in here. I know what you know.

You know, it's funny, uh...

my whole life,
my parents never really saw me

'cause they were so caught up
in their own grief.

It felt like I was an annoyance
they had to deal with.

But-but here...

Here, they finally see me the way

I always wanted to be seen.

I matter here.

No, kid.

If what matters to you most
is how other people see you...

...then you haven't
learned a damn thing.

Bobby, it's time.

Go take a break.

(door closes)

I don't know if you can
hear me, Evan Buckley.

But I do know that you never give up.

So don't start now.

That man has lost

two children.

He cannot survive losing you.

So wake up, damn it.

- Wake up.
- Yeah, I-I'm trying.

Just need to figure out

what to fix to get back.

Maybe you should just give up.

Did you know you were clinically d*ad

for three minutes? Things aren't
looking good for you.

How come you're such a jerk
in this reality?

Because I am losing patience.

When are you gonna learn?
Brothers die, children

and wives die, sisters
get b*at up by their husbands.

- You can't fix everything.
- You know what,

well, I fixed you.

Oh, really? How?

'Cause I joined the .

Well, welcome to the , Buck.

Thank you. And I made you mad.

And I made you cry.

I made you laugh sometimes, you know?

I drove you crazy, but I think
you spent so much time

trying to make sure that
I didn't get myself k*lled

that it made you remember
what it is to live.

("Fix You" by Coldplay playing)

So, basically, you were Buck.

Yeah. I was Buck.

And that's enough?

I think it is.

Sounds like someone just figured out
the answers for himself.


Sweet kid.

Hey, man, I just met your sister.

- She's kind of awesome.
- Great,

- that's great.
- Why don't you come with me?

I think we can convince her
to leave that Doug guy.

Maybe later!

Can you help me find my dad?

Sorry, but you're not real
and I got to go.

I'm always gonna feel guilty
for that one.

Oh, come on, not again.

Where do you think you're going?


I can't stay here.

Evan, please don't go.

We know we haven't
always been there for you,

but we're here now.

Let us make it up to you.

We will spend the rest of this life

making up for everything
we didn't do in the other.

You don't have to do that.

I know you did the best you could.

And I will always love you
no matter what.

But I don't belong here.

Down your face

And I

Tears stream

Down your face.

You're not leaving, are you?

I have to.

My life isn't here, it's-it's there.

What about me? (chuckles)

You're not just gonna leave me here.


Daniel, this is hard for me.
Please, don't make it harder.

I-I finally know what
it would have been like to have

an older brother and I...

I love you.

But you're not real, none of this is.

The real world sucks.

That's the beauty of this place.

It can be anything
that you want it to be.

You can have it all here.

Like the family you never had.

I do have a family.

Not the same one I have here.

But one that needs me.

DANIEL: Do they?

Daniel, stop doing this.

Okay? I have to get back
before it's too late.

It's already too late.

That real world family...
They've given up on you.

They're pulling the plug, Evan.

N-No, no, that...

that's not what's happening.

DANIEL: Oh, they're
just waiting for you to die

so they can move on
with their lives without you.

They wouldn't do that.

And yet...

BECKER: And now we wait.

See if he takes
a spontaneous breath on his own.

DANIEL: They don't care about you.

Why would they?

You're not good enough. Never have been.

The only reason you were even born

was for spare parts,
and they were defective.

Wasn't my fault.

We both know
you don't really believe that.

MADDIE: What's wrong?

His oxygen is dropping.

If he doesn't take a breath
in the next few seconds,

we're gonna have to
reconnect him to the ventilator.

BUCK: Right, uh, this,

this is all happening inside my head,

which means I've been talking
to myself the whole time.

Hmm? Upside... uh,

I don't have to feel bad about
not listening to you anymore.

What are you doing?

I have to get back.
I'm running out of time!

It's impossible.
There is no way in there.

You're stuck here with me.

It's not impossible! There is not

a locked room anywhere that,
with the right tools

and enough time, you can't break into.
I know that.


'Cause I'm a firefighter.

There's nothing for you in that room.

No one in there needs you.

I'm not going back for them.

I'm going back for me.

("Fix You" playing)

Lights will...


(crying, laughing)

Guide you home

And I will try

To fix you.

First thing I do

when I get sprung out of here:
order pizza.

I am so done with hospital food.

Mm, get a lottery ticket.
You did get very lucky.

Two pizzas.

You experienced a very traumatic event.

You're going to need to give
your heart and lungs a chance to heal.

- For how long?
- Few weeks.

No strenuous activity
and no heavy lifting.

You want to tell her or should I? Okay.

Uh, I'm not usually
the "take it easy" type.

Oh, she has been warned. Not by me.


You have some visitors waiting outside.


(all laughing, clamoring)

- (lively chatter)
- Oh, wait, wait, wait,

- it hurts, it hurts!
- Gentle, gentle.

- Oh, sorry.
- Aw. Ooh, ooh! No. (laughs)

(indistinct chatter)

Mm. (gasps)

- EDDIE: Give him a hug.
- BUCK: Ooh, do I have

some stuff to tell you guys, though.

- Thank you, thank you.
- (Eddie buzzes)

Yeah. (buzzes) Too soon.

- BOBBY: A schoolteacher, huh?
- Yeah.

- What subject?
- I don't know.

Never actually made it
inside the classroom.

Which, I guess, kind of tracks.

Yeah, it makes sense.

Helping people,
serving the greater good.

Following in your parents' footsteps.

Oh, my parents.

They were really different.

Uh, they were happy.

Proud of me.

I have to say, it-it felt good
to have them care.

Well, they seemed to care
a lot out here, too.

They were pretty worried
about you. We all were.

I know, uh... you busted out
the rosary beads and everything.

How do you know that?

I don't know. Just do.

Sounds like a crazy trip.

It was crazy, uh...

Ev-Everyone was pretty different.

Uh, except Hen.

She was exactly the same.


Well, what about me...
How was I different?

You were, um...

You know, you-you were
still Bobby, actually.

Uh, you helped me figure some things out

- and find my way home.
- Good.

Though I still find it hard
to believe that you voluntarily

left a world where
you could fix everything.

Not everything.


Trust me, it's...

it's better here.

All right.


Well, look at that.


Every time.

(Jee-Yun babbling)

- Can I help with dinner?
- Uh,

thanks, but I think I got it.

Are there more people coming?

It looks like
you're cooking for an army.


Actually, I didn't cook any of it.

People have been dropping stuff off

since Buck's been in the hospital.

So I thought we'd have
a bit of a potluck.

Well, it smells delicious.

I'm sorry that it's taking so long.

Reheating is more complicated
than I thought.

That's okay. I think your father

is enjoying the time with Jee-Yun.

Yeah, and I think she's really enjoying

being spoiled by her grandparents.

He's sorry.

Your father.

Myung, I appreciate
what you're trying to do,

- but you don't have to.
- His staying away

- had nothing to do with you.
- Really?

'Cause I felt like it did.

He was ashamed. He was a failure.

That's why he could never bring himself
to come here.

Failure how?

He runs one the biggest
tech companies in Seoul.

Not in Korea.


Everything in this country represents

- a failure for him.
- Right.

He couldn't make
his business successful.

He couldn't save his marriage

and he couldn't convince you
to come back to Korea with him

after your mother died.

I didn't know that.

Your father is not a mean man

but a proud man.

And often...

the pride gets in the way
of what is important.

I think you might have that in common.


(laughs) Oh.

(Jee-Yun laughing)

Pop Pop funny.

Hey, she just called you Pop Pop.

More importantly...

she thinks I'm funny.

Yeah, I guess
that's what grandads are for.

I hope you guys are hungry.
There's plenty.

Oh, you didn't have to go
to all that trouble, Howard,

just because it's our last night.

I tried to tell him that.

Yeah, about that. Uh...

(Jee-Yun babbling)

We really haven't seen much of you guys

since you've been here,
with Buck in the hospital

and all, so I was thinking
maybe you guys should

stay a few more days?

We don't want to overstay our welcome.

You're not.

I just invited you.

(Jee-Yun laughing)

Let the healing start...

I don't think I've ever
been happier to see this place.

Wow, that's a lot of "get well" wishes.

Yeah, there's a lot more
at the firehouse.

Why don't you sit down and relax?

Get off your feet.

Yeah, let's get you set up on the couch

so you don't have to walk
up and down these stairs.


You don't have a couch.

Why don't you have a couch?

Oh, that story is, uh, too long
to tell while standing.

- Are you planning on getting one?
- Yeah.

Eventually. I'm-I'm good
with the chair for now.

No, you can't recuperate in an armchair.

I'm getting you a couch.

Maybe a nice sectional

or a sleeper sofa for your guests.

- Who's coming to stay with me?
- PHILLIP: You didn't think you were

getting rid of us that easily, did you?

I hear there's a game on this afternoon.

Which you can't watch without a couch.

Okay, Mom, seriously,
I'm good with the chair.

Do not fight me on this.


Help me find the measuring tape.

Uh, kitchen drawer.

Top left corner.

Bring me back to it...

And we might as well
find some area rugs.

You want something
to pull it all together.

Warm it up a little.

Oh, she is going to redecorate
your entire apartment.

- You know that, right?
- It's okay, I don't mind.

♪ ♪

It's kind of nice. (chuckles)

Let the healing start.
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