01x51 - Farewell, Heroes of My Heart!

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers". Aired: April 2, 2014 – March 25, 2015.
Some teens join the Avengers to stop Loki from conquering the world.
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01x51 - Farewell, Heroes of My Heart!

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You dared to mock me, calling me a child?

However, it seems it is I who shall have the last laugh!

I will be taking your power now, Dormammu!

W-What's happening?


It couldn't be The DISK Power Absorption System?


All of our slumbering feelings are gathered Quickly wishing for tomorrow.

The light that calls us all together Is waiting to be set free!

Strike 'em down cleverly, let it look like you were deceived.

The world isn't simple anymore.

It's on a countdown to chaos.

Leave that never stopping snooze button alone!

In despair, I'll finally notice it!

All of our slumbering feelings are gathered Quickly wishing for tomorrow.

The light that calls us all together Is waiting to be set free!

"You won't be alone", if you make that promise Firmly believe in it, and your pulse that wishes for it Will go towards a forgiving future And break through!

Farewell, Heroes of My Heart!

Hey loser, the great Rocket's gonna test your mettle!

Don't be reckless, Rocket!





Now then Here I come.

My power is boiling over With this power in my grasp, the Avengers are no match for me!


Do you still not understand?

You cannot reach your true potential with power through despair or power that is taken.


Broadcast this battle to the rest of the world!


Show them how you battle.

Avengers, assemble!

Plasma Blast!

Wasp Sting!


Dormammu's power Shield Throw!

MjÃlnir Throw!

Is not to be taken lightly!

Hulk Sma!

Be swallowed by the flames of darkness!

Quad Inferno!



The children no longer have a biocode connecting them to the heroes But Wasp!

Thor Iron Man!

It's funny Even if we only make it this far I do not believe we will fail in the slightest.


Can you hear their voices?

Yes Since long ago That hasn't changed They still echo strongly within our very souls!

Akira and the others believe in us.

As heroes, as the ones they have unshakable faith in, we won't lose!

We can't let ourselves betray their trust!

Do you think you can win against this power?


"You cannot reach your true potential with power "through despair or power that is taken," you say?


You've entered battles and amassed trust?


Something of that ilk?

They are necessities to reaching one's true potential.

I see Perhaps you do have a point But then What of those who can only find solace in isolation?


I refute thee!

You and your prized morale!

Geez, you're a spoiled brat!

What did you say?


If this keeps up, the armor's gonna go bust!

Take it.

Maria, bring it here.


It isn't like me to say something like this, but The one who should grant the Avengers their true powers isn't me.

You kids are our aces.

Will you do it?

Yes, sir!

I can feel it Etched deep within our bodies Our biocode imprints And with our last Build Up Smash we'll put an end to this!


I hear you loud and clear!


Do it now!


Here we go!


You swine!

Build Up Smash!

Target Lock-On!

Final Repulsor!

Lightning Star!

Shield Ring!


Gamma Punch!

This is Where it ends!

They got him!

Tony, D-Secure him, quick!





My persistence wins this day, it seems.

Now what will you do?

You worms Have no cards left to play!

Plasma Blast!

The source of your faith I shall drop the Helicarrier and everyone on it!

Just you try it!

Conceited guys fall off their high horse!

Your little toy arrows cannot defeat me!

Stubborn as a mule Doesn't look like he has just Dormammu's power.

Right That's the persistent blaze within Loki himself.

There is no chance that I You're mine!

Will ever be beaten by the likes of you!


Cut this out already!

Iron Man W-What are you planning to do?

Unhand me!

Not happening!

I'm holding on till the end!

Are you trying to die?


Great question!

But I'm a firm believer that a good guy can't die that easily!



Hurting yet, Loki?

Even if it's just the cane I can keep it as a moment, maybe.

Master Stark.

Armor damage has exceeded limits.

Reboot the system!

Exceeding limit Nothing left to use, eh?

I can't reboot it remotely either!

I hate to say it, but we need to retreat at once We don't have anything else to take on Loki Even if we re-adjust the Kree Mact's output, f*ring the Kree Mact Cannon now would Wait!

There's still a way!

If the Kree Mact could re-energize Iron Man he still might be able to reboot his system!

Goodbye forever, Iron Man!


Iron Man the one to slay you shall be I!

For you to fall to another villain I would never forgive you!

Silver Samurai!

How pitiful!

Iron Man what kind of state is this I find you in?


Are you trying to shame yourself in front of your arch-enemy, the Mandarin?

Who are you?


I could pose the very same question!

You want to start something?


It is you who is starting something!

Don't just ignore me!

Impact Beam!

This is no time to be napping!

Stand, Iron Man!

Is there nothing I can do?



I'll be there soon so hold on, Tony!

He took the Kree Mact with him?

That's just way too reckless, Akira!


This is too dangerous for you ki!

Sorry Alright Want me to go instead?

Ah, thanks.

But You're Iron Man's partner.

I get that.

But We don't feel right letting you do something dangerous by yourself Is there anything else we can do?

Cheer for me That'll be enough.

Akira Bro?

I'm sure you can do it.

I don't have to worry about you anymore.



Brat Don't you dare Turn away From a Fight, or else!


Every last one of you Needs to stop being in my way!

Those are It's no use, Akira Run!

Sorry I'm late!


We'll have to save the cheery reunion for later.


There's no end to them Blade!

I am a vampire specialist, but Eh, these are close enough.


The Guardians of the Galaxy!

Took a while to get the Milano back up and running, but We're here to help!

You little!


Let's get 'em!

Open a path!

Roger that!

- Have at thee, fiends!



The rest is up to you!


You're the hero today!


Better not screw up, kid.

Guys thanks!

Akira, one last spurt.


T-That's impossible!

For him to make it all the way here TONYYYYY!




Accursed brat!



You haven't betrayed my faith in you, Akira!


And what of it?


Before the might of Dormammu, you will fall!

Tony, time for an Ultimate Unibeam!

Okay, Akira!

Feast upon this!

I've seen through your moves!

You're a one-trick pony!

And you aren't?



Hidden Command: Activate!



Ultimate Unibeam!

N-Not yet D-Dormammu's power The power of despair has vanished!


This entire fight has been broadcast to the entire world from the Helicarrier.


The fiery passion Iron Man and Akira hold has ignited the flames of hope around the globe.

Right now, hope is overflowing around the world.

There's not a trace of despair's power anywhere!

You can't even hurt a fly now You power thief!


You'll be doing time for all the crimes you've committed up until now.

Akira, D-Secure him!



Oh no!



Do you still have anyone capable of fighting all of them?


I think not!

O light Seethe!


I can only stall them for so long!

Okay everyone, D-Secure them!



This was the professor's plan in our hour of need!

I get it!





That can't be Even if we lack the power to fight, our hearts are still strong!

Strong hearts?

No matter what happens, you trust your friends and never give up!

That's a strong heart!

That is our true power!

Curse you!

You will rue this day!

One day, I shall avenge this insult a hundred no, a million-fold!

Take a chill pill in the DISK.

We did it!

That was awesome Akira!

You did great!

It's all thanks to you guys!

You certainly are A big deal!


- Oopsie-daisy.

- Thanks.

Are you okay?

It was nothing.

Thank you as well.

Yes My apologies.

That's the end of it, huh.

Yeah So Akira About what you're gonna do now I'm I'm gonna study real hard!

And, and When I get older, I'll build an awesome armor!


I showed you that super cool Iron Man design, right?

I'll make that, then I'll Work with you And together we'll I'll be waiting.

My partner.

It's been 3 months since then.

Chris began studying to become a defense attorney.

I hear it's so he can be a hero to people who are falsely accused.

Jessica launched the "Ruban de Jessica" fashion line at the age of 14 and took home the Young Fashion award.

Ed reported everything that happened on his site.

Sounds like he's been running to build up some muscle!

Probably to get beefy, like Hulk.

My bro and dad are, as always, doing experiments all the time.

And the Celebrity 5 escaped the Dark Dimension at some point.

Wonder who helped them out?

Thank you, Master Loki.

I can only see the Avengers via the news on TV now But someday I'm sure We've got an emergency!


We don't have time, so I'll keep this brief!

I need your help!

Will you come with me?

Well duh!
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