02x02 - Chapter 10: Spaced Out

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Perry Mason". Aired: June 2020 to present.
Legal drama based on novels and short stories penned by Erle Stanley Gardner..
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02x02 - Chapter 10: Spaced Out

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HAMILTON BURGER: Good morning.

After an extensive manhunt, two men,

Rafael and Mateo Gallardo,
ages and , respectively,

were arrested for the m*rder
of Brooks McCutcheon.

- The suspects were found

living in a vagrant camp
in the Vernon area

- of Los Angeles.

HAMILTON: The Gallardos
are of Mexican extraction,

unemployed, and were
apprehended together.

- Maria!
- HAMILTON: While the death of any citizen

is shocking,

the loss of a leading light of
this city is truly a tragedy.

I want the words to ring out
to all who can hear me now...

that justice will be done.

The police have performed
their job with honor.

And my office will try this case

with the utmost integrity

to ensure the people of Los Angeles

receive the verdict they deserve.

To that end,

I am assigning my top
deputy to the case,

Mr. Thomas Milligan.


Thank you, District Attorney Burger.

Gentlemen, savages such as these men

have no place in our civilized society,

and the evidence already
gathered against these two

is overwhelming.

Now, I've been tasked
with sending a message

to all who wish to do us harm,
and that message is,

"We will not allow you to terrorize
good, law-loving people."

The ultimate punishment of
death is the only sentence

that I will accept, and I will not rest

until that justice is done.

REPORTER : Mr. Milligan.
Quick question, quick question.

REPORTER : Just a little more, please.



- _


You can actually smell
when ants get at these.

They leave behind an odor.
Gotta be able to recognize that.

Look, my best produce supplier
just left me high and dry,

so I'm testing out some new ones,

which means I'm gonna need
you to draw up some contracts

- once I decide who passes muster.
- Sure.

Well, we'd love to take a
look at the old contracts

so we can have an understanding
of your requirements.

- Oh, we didn't have anything formal.
- DELLA STREET: Oh, of course.

Well, if you need us to
vet any new suppliers...

SUNNY GRYCE: What, so I can
find out they're all crooked?

Thanks. I already know.

No, your job is to make sure
they don't screw me on your end.

All right? You catch all the
crap they try in the contracts,

and then you do the same thing
back to them but ten times harder.

After what you pulled off with Purtell,

we're going straight for the jugular.

We'll get right on it.
Won't we, Mr. Mason?

Uh, yeah, of course. Right on it.


- Is everything okay?
- Yeah.

Marion got the picture fixed.


You didn't like it being
up anyway, did you?

Not really.


DELLA: You didn't say
much in the meeting.

You were... you were handling it.

Sounds like that contract work
will keep you busy for a while.

- That's good.
- You mean keep "us" busy.

Not... not just me.


- Mr. Mason, Miss Street, this is...
- My name is Luisa Gallardo.

We, uh, we came to see
you because my nephews,

Rafael and Mateo, were arrested.

Gallardo? The p... the
Brooks McCutcheon thing?

They didn't do anything wrong.

This is Sofía. Mateo's wife.

- How do you do?
- SOFÍA: Mucho gusto.

- Please...
- Yeah.



LUISA GALLARDO: We don't know
what is happening to our boys!

- No one will talk to us.
- Hold on, hold on.

Who's their lawyer? They should've
been assigned a public defender.

Yes. His name is Frank Dillon.

We... we called and... and
even went to his office,

but he said he was too busy to see us.

Public defenders have a lot
of cases at any given time.

They aren't K*llers!
Rafael is an artist.

And Mateo, he wants to be a mechanic.

I u... I understand all that.
We can't take this case.

Emily Dodson. You save her.


No. No, I didn't.

That was very different circumstances.

But... but you believed she was innocent

when no one else did.

Mrs. Gallardo, we understand
how hard this must be for you,

but we... we can't just
step onto this case.

This firm now specializes
in civil law, not criminal.

We would be happy to put in
a call to Mr. Dillon for you.

Why don't you call here
at the end of the day?

And we'll let you know
what we found out.





(IN ENGLISH) I'm... I'm sorry. I can't.

I'm not... I'm not the right
man for this. I'm not.



Vente, Maria.



- Well, that was...
- Yeah.



The Birch is where Perkins
does most of his business.

The days I sat on it,

there was a whole host
of comings and goings.

I catalogued each person that
Perkins came in contact with.

And one thing's for certain,

- ain't no one watching him but me.

And ain't no real threats to him

that I could see wanting him gone.

- What's this about?
- Oh, down on Central,

Perkins got his hands
in everybody's pie.

- Shakedowns?
- No.

No, just some loan sharking.

Come on. There's a Perkins
in every neighborhood.

Truth is, Perkins sees
better than most of them.

He puts a lot of that money back in,

and he's helping folks out.

Either way, I couldn't suss out
nobody looking to take him out.

Tell you what, take this to
room down at Justice.

Give me your hours. I'll get you paid.

Good work.


DELLA: I heard the press
conference this morning.

- HAMILTON: How'd I sound?
- Exactly like a D.A.

Not sure if that's a
compliment or a jab.

- I'll let you chew on it.
- Huh.

Did Dillon come to you about a plea yet?

For the Gallardo brothers?

No. We wouldn't offer it if he did.

Thank you.


What do you think of this place?

It's magnificent.

Supposedly, Camilla Nygaard
b*rned through architects

to build this thing.

Didn't even name it after herself.

I think she might be
insane for that alone.

DELLA: Why aren't you open to a plea?

These are practically
kids we're talking about.

PHOTOGRAPHER: Over here, Mr. Burger.


- PHOTOGRAPHER: Thank you, sir.
- Kids who k*lled Brooks McCutcheon

for a few bucks and a gold coin.

Thank you. (CLEARS THROAT)

- DELLA: So...

Give them years to life,

they confess in court,
saves you a trial,

saves them from the noose.

With a chance at parole?
No, no, no. I don't think so.

I... I... I've been in
this office a month.

I'm gonna throw something
this big back into the pond?

Anyway, I mean, since when
did you become their lawyer?

Sorry, I was just curious.

So, with whom were you
supposed to be here

- this evening?
- GUEST: Hamilton.

One of the Chandler girls.

But she decided to come
down with German measles.

Or maybe she's as uninterested
in a piano concert as you are.

She is uninterested in
anything but herself.


Thank you.

How about this? The brothers get life.

No parole. No death penalty,

but incarceration somewhere close
enough their family can visit.

We all sadly realize that we
are a guest short this evening

with the tragedy and loss
of Brooks McCutcheon.


But those of us who knew Brooks

also know that he would
want this night to go on.

And so, we dedicate this evening to him.


Now, as many of you know,
I came here from Minnesota

years ago,

a penniless girl, to ply my
trade as a piano teacher.

I soon found some eager students,

and one stood out far above the rest,

and I still ask her to play for us

on these intimate occasions
when we gather to raise money

- for the Los Angeles Philharmonic.

Playing Schubert's Sonata
no. in B-flat Major

is Constance Barbour.




So you can squeeze it
when I fall asleep.


I tell you I took Ruthie and the kids

- to the pier last week?

STRICKLAND: Watched that horse
that dives into a pool of water

- from like feet up.
- I'm sure you're gonna.

I'm figuring it's got to
be a retarded horse.

How the hell else do
you get it up there?

- Normal horse ain't goin'.
- Maybe they get it drunk.

(CHUCKLES) Whatever it is,

they must have a stable
full of 'em ready to go

because no way that thing
doesn't break its neck,

they drag it out and bring in another.

But then get this, the whinnying
f*ck leaps into the tiny pool.

Dives better than Johnny
f*ck' Weissmuller.

- Knocked me on my can.

Ruthie, she loses her wits.

She's boohooing for the
horse, this and that.

Me, I stayed and watched
it four more times.


No one can ever say you're
not a man of the world.

I know what I like,
and I like what I know.

You, uh, you get that
Dodson thing I left for you?


PETE: What?

Did you expect to find
something good in there?


Anyone else know?

Nah. Her name don't mean
nothin' where she did it.

And the holy roller, she just
got him a new Emily Dodson

to go along with a new baby
and just kept right on rollin'.

The Gallardo brothers' aunt
came to see me today.

- Asked me to take the case.
- Ooh, you do get the doozies.

Brother, what comes
knocking at your door.

Well, if I didn't have
bad luck, boy-o...

Oh, I'd have no luck at all.


You still can't do 'em.

You gonna take it?

I'm out of that business.
I need to tell you why?

Milligan wants this one bad.

He's looking to get up
to Sacramento or D.C.

Gonna make all the hay he can
with those two k*ller sp*cs.

Gonna hang 'em up like piñatas
and whack the shit out of them

for the whole world to
see, I'm tellin' ya.

That sounds about how our
forefathers dreamed it up.

You know Milligan don't eat meat?

Just fruits and veg.

- He must shit pellets.

How's he lookin' to play it in court?

Ah, simple.

Desperate Pedros walk up on
a rich fella. Stick him up.

Rich fella bravely fights off the
one reaching for his gold coin.

The other one panics, fires.

McCutcheon ends up with
a slug in his head.

Of all the guys in this city
those two stumble across

and sh**t point blank, it's
Brooks f*cking McCutcheon?

Wasn't point blank.

- What do you mean?
- No powder burns on McCutcheon.

What, they got him at range?

- How many sh*ts?
- One, as far as we can tell.

You didn't hear that from me.

PETE: Oh. Clickety-clack.
I know that look.

You can't stop your
wheels from spinning.


I'm just curious is all.
You gotta get home?

Why would I? You got
this place so comfy-cozy.


Besides, Ruthie don't mind me
passing time with you these days.

Since when?

Since I got with the D.A.s.
Maybe a little before.

She figured you got me turned out right.

Got me work.

No way Burger hires me if
I'm not in good with you.

Thank you.

One of those boys gets McCutcheon
with a single sh*t at distance?

That make sense to you?

'Bout as much as a horse
divin' into a pool of water.


Why couldn't it have been jazz?

People don't donate to
jazz, they dance to it.

They dance to ballet, and
people donate to that.

They also donate to D.A. races,

and you have yet to take
a spin of the room.

After packing the room with this
many deep pockets for me to pick,

our hostess would be
disappointed in me if I didn't.

Then go. I don't need a babysitter.

You might be the perfect woman.

Your perfect woman
looks like Clark Gable.



- Good evening.
- GUEST : Good evening.

GUEST : Hello, dear.

- Your dress is beautiful.
- GUEST : Oh, thank you.

Excuse me.

- How'd you do it?
- What?

Keep Hamilton awake
through the entire piece?

I know how he feels about these things.

Well, I thought it was a lovely concert.

Well, thank you. (CHUCKLES)

I try to do these quarterly.

Gather my oil brethren in the
name of something worthwhile.

It's nice to see they all
have a love of the arts.

(SCOFFS) They're cavemen.

Well, actually, that's an
insult to real cavemen.

Cavemen actually appreciate
the art on their walls.

Now, what about you? Hamilton
tells me you're in law school?


Oh, you're going to
work for Ham one day?

Actually, I'm already
working for a firm.

Mm, good. An independent
spirit. You stay that way.

How did you stay that way?

I never married.

Men only ever wanted
to put something in me

or take something from me,
most often my money.

And while I've no
complaints about the first,

it always seemed to end up with
them going for the second.

Must be difficult being a
woman of so much wealth.

No, actually, it's pretty damn terrific.








Nine feet...



Scared kid at night?

Not a chance.

Look, if you're not gonna
take more than crates,

then I can't knock the
price down any more.

There's hardly a profit as it is.

I'd be willing to juice up
a couple gallons for free.

Hey, is that you, Charlie Goldstein?

- Yeah.
- Boy, am I glad to see you.

- Who are you?
- You've been served.

Have a great day.




I'm not late.

No, you're not.

You just look like you
were out all night.

Just until : . I was
working on a case.

Any idea how long this is going to take?


PERRY: Oh, an archery team?

Why does this school
have an archery team?

Are they gonna be hunting
for their lunch on Melrose?

Maybe it's just about
discipline and skill.

- Maybe it's just about fun.
- Remember fun?

- Are you the Masons?
- Yeah.

I'm Miss Aimes, Teddy's teacher. Please.

I wanted Teddy to show you
what he's been working on

- in the science lab.
- You have a lab?

We made crystals.

- He's taken to it very quickly.
- Oh, this looks like glass.

TEDDY MASON: Well, glass is more
random under the microscope,

but crystals are more of a pattern.

Oh, right.

Teddy, do you want to go play
in the yard until first bell?



Thank you for coming in so early
this morning. (CHUCKLES)

LINDA: Teddy's already said
such great things about you.

He's a very sweet boy and
getting along quite well

considering he came in mid-swing.

He has quite a mind
for math and science.

Are you in the sciences, Mr. Mason?


- He's an attorney.
- Oh.

We do a whole section on civics.

It's my favorite subject to teach.

I want the children to be proud
of the country they live in.

These days, it's easy for children
to lose faith in those things.

Not if they go to school
in a place like this.

Well, then I'm very glad they do.

Every child deserves someone
who believes in them.

Aren't all the parents paying
you to believe in their children?

- Perry.
- Aren't all of your clients paying you

to believe in them, Mr. Mason?


MARION KANG: Oh, Miss Street,

Mr. Mason won't be able to make
your eleven o'clock with Mrs. Hunt,

the lady with the spring-making company.

He didn't say why.


I'll do it alone.

Is that the Gallardo girl's doll?

Maria, yes.

Cancel the : with Mrs. Hunt.


RAFAEL GALLARDO: You our lawyer?

He still hasn't shown up yet?

Christ. Uh, no.

No, I'm not. I'm sorry.

Uh, I am an attorney.
My name is Perry Mason.


Are you even ?

Okay, um... (CLICKS TONGUE)

Can you... can you just stick
with me for a second? Uh...

- Rafael.
- PERRY: Rafael.

Rafael, can... can you...
can you hold this?

Thank you.


Now, can you... can you make
your hand like a... like a g*n?

Like, um, like Cowboys and Indians?

- No.
- I'm not...

I'm not trying to jam you up here.

- Really...
- Who the f*ck are you?

Your Aunt Luisa came to see me.

Like I said, I'm...
I'm a... I'm a lawyer.

- And your wife Sofía also...
- Sofía?

- PERRY: Yeah.
- Why you?

Uh, they... they... they read about
a case I did, um, six months ago.

Look, I am trying to help. I swear.

But I need to know what I'm doing here.

- Okay.
- PERRY: Thank you.

- PERRY: You're right-handed?
- Yes.

Can you straighten your
arm? Great. Thank you.

A little higher. Thanks.

Thank you. Thank you. Uh, now you.

- You're right-handed?
- Yeah.


A little higher. Thank you. Okay, so...


... maybe six, seven feet...

Eight. Okay. Thank you.
(CLEARS THROAT) Have a seat.

All right. I, um...

I read the account in the paper,

but, um... now I want to
hear your side of the story.

Our side is we didn't do it.

So why was a bus driver able
to pick you out of a line up?

Because we're on that
bus every Saturday night.

I could pick him out too.

Why are you on the bus?

To collect bottles to
make a little money.

Get the two-cent deposit.

What about the gold coin of
Brooks's that you pawned?

In a trash can over on the pier,
I spot this nice billfold.

And it's empty, but then I feel it's
got a little weight on one side,

so I shake it, and this coin slips out.

It was tucked in there, I guess.

We couldn't believe our luck.

MATEO GALLARDO: That ain't no luck.

- I told you to leave that thing.

But you had to go and hock it!

It was worth something!
You expect me to just leave it?

Just being too f*cking greedy!

I would've hocked it too.



DELLA: I'm looking for the Gallardos.

- I believe it's over there.
- Thank you.


Miss Street?



- LUISA: (IN ENGLISH) Come in.
- DELLA: Thank you.

LUISA: Come in.

- DELLA: Hello, Sofía.
- Hola.

I... I could offer you some...
some coffee or...

- Are those Rafael's drawings?
- LUISA: Yes.

- He's talented.
- He wanted to go to art school.


(IN ENGLISH) Have you decided
to take the boys' case?


Well, no.


Maria left this at our office.


(IN ENGLISH) Uh, I could offer
advice to your defense counsel.



(IN ENGLISH) I am... I am so sorry. I...


I shouldn't have...
I shouldn't have come.

But you did come. You want to help us.

LUISA: Sofía...

I can be anything you need
me to be, Miss Street.

I... I can be the poor
helpless Mexican wife.

Or the brave mother, left
alone to raise her child.

Sofía, you don't need to
pretend to be anything.

You can say that because you
can afford to be yourself.

You want to help us.

Don't forget I was middle-weight champ

- at Camp Logan in ' .
- Ain't nobody forgot.

You forgot. Boxing and wrestling
aren't the same thing, Mo.

They both about balance.
Maneuvering, overpowering.

CLARA DRAKE: Only thing you
overpowering is this conversation.

- MORRIS: Hey, Paul.
- Yeah?

MORRIS: Tell these ladies how
boxing and wrestling are similar.

Not even close.


What you talking about?

Where you been?

Just got us some things
we've been missing out on.

Now, Mo, what you cookin' up?

Ah, you know we got these
two Serbian gorillas

that been digging with
us the past few weeks.

Every lunch break, they start wrestling.

Now, say they training
to become professionals.

So, I'm thinking they
may need a trainer.

Oh, I can smell the scheme from here.


Know what? I waste my
oxygen on all y'all.

Well, well, things seem to
be looking up for Mr. Drake.

I mean, it's just a one-time gig,

but... it might turn into more.

Good for you, Paul.

MORRIS: Hell, no.

They got Perkins down at the Birch.

Got him? Who?

- Somebody grease him?
- No, he was arrested.

"By the Los Angeles
County District Attorney

on charges of loan sharking,

racketeering, bootlegging,
and income tax evasion."

Please. Everyone's got a racket.
The mayor's got a racket.

Police got a racket. Mob's got a racket.

You know anything about this?


No, no. This is the first I'm hearing.

Well, I gotta get Lucius's bath ready.

You want to give me a hand, babe?



PEARL: Girls, go get your
cousin ready for his bath.


Water loud enough?

I think so.

f*cking Strickland. How'd I...
How'd I let that cr*cker rook me?

CLARA: You didn't know.

g*dd*mn house n*gg*r.

CLARA: You didn't get rooked.

You had your mind fixed
on feeding your family

and working at what you're good at.

You didn't know.

Did you?

f*ck you accusing me of, Clara?

Don't look at me like that.

I'm not the one you're mad at.

Them crackers north of
Jefferson ain't worth a damn.

That ain't new news.

We just need to be smarter
than they are evil.




Uh, I need to get in there.

- PAUL: Mm-hmm.
- CLARA: Mm-hmm.


- Come on, come on.
- Come on in, Mo.

Thank you. Thank you for that.
I won't let the water get cold.


When you said you wanted to
go out, I assumed dinner.

ANITA ST. PIERRE: Oh, we will,
but I never ever eat before : .


I'll buy you some popcorn
to tide you over.


low blow. Come on, ref.


ANITA: Come on, Dub!
Press him! Press him!

- You do this a lot?
- Oh, any chance I get.

Close the distance! Put it...


There's a story going on
inside the ring in every fight.

I mean, it's better than any movie.


I just see punching and blood.

No. There's so much more underneath.

A fight shows you who you are.

Right now, in that ring,

a man is being exposed
for everybody to see.

- Which one?
- Tommy, the taller one.

See, he's longer than the shorter guy,

and he thought he could keep the
shorter fella away with his jab.

But that shorter fella's willing
to eat those jabs for breakfast

to get on the inside, and
now he's using his power

to pound lanky's body
like a pile-driver.

Yes! Work the body,
and the head will fall.

Oh, there, he did it just then.

Uh-huh. Tommy showed up with a plan,

but now all of his
w*apon are failing him.


ANITA: Oh, he's getting hurt.

He's looked into the
eyes of his opponent,

and he has seen something
that no boxer wants to see.

What's that?



So the taller one's gonna lose.

ANITA: Maybe. Or maybe
he finds his courage

when everything's stacked against him.


Don't let him close the distance,
Tommy! Move your feet!

Weren't you rooting for the other man?

Not if you aren't.

- Come on, Tommy!
- That's it, Tommy!






- What's this?

Before you say anything, hear me out.


I think we should take
the Gallardo case.

After talking with the brothers...

You went to see them.

And the impound lot where
Brooks's car is being held.

I'm sure they invited you right in. And?

I don't think they did it.

Milligan's case has holes.

And I have evidence that weakens
the case against them.

If you're hoping to use it to
secure a plea deal for them,

I already tried. Burger sh*t me down.

Wh... what? You're not their lawyer.

And you are?

You want in on this?

I think it's worth fighting for.

But I don't want to do
it if you're not ready

for another m*rder trial.

It... It's not just one person
this time, it's two.

And a whole family besides.

I don't know.

But I know I can't just do nothing.

And... there's no way
I can do it without you.

We'll just take it step by step.

Build our case. att*ck theirs.

Work the body, and the head will fall.

Our only problem is how
do we afford to do this?

'Cause we're no good to the Gallardos

if we mount an impoverished defense.

I might have that figured out.

First time I heard your
jingles on the radio,

I said to Della, "This
man is a visionary."

Not a person who settles.
A person who conquers.

And conquering is exactly
what we have in mind.

Block after block,
building after building.

Vacant. Vulnerable.


Laying there, waiting to be conquered.

Expansion, Sunny.
That's the name of the game.

Mr. Mason and I have identified
this cross section of key locations.

Or as you probably remember what
we used to call them in the w*r.

- Perfect targets.
- Perfect targets.

These empty lots are behind
in their property taxes,

and inches from foreclosure.

Now, you can buy these
markets free and clear,

make them into new Sunny's
in almost no time at all.

DELLA: A Sunny Market
in every neighborhood.

In five years, you could
be the king of this city.

- Pretty great.

I mean, it's what I've
always dreamed of.

Well, this is just an idea.
I mean, to put it into practice,

it would take an enormous
amount of legal advice.

Contract negotiations, zoning,
bankruptcy law, title transfers,

dealing with creditors.

Hundreds of hours of our time.

- How much do you want?
- A simple retainer.

- A thousand dollars a month.

It's not much to ask to become
the King of Los Angeles.

You got a set of b*lls on you, Mason.

Who else would you want on your side?


Can I see it again?


BAILIFF: All rise.

The court will come to order.

Case number , arraignment hearing

in the matter of the People
versus Mateo and Rafael Gal-ardo.

Mr. Mason, how do your clients plead?

- Not guilty, Your Honor.
- Not guilty.

Very well. Please take your seats.

Now, onto the question
of bail. Mr. Milligan?

The defendants are being
charged with the heinous crime

of coldblooded m*rder.

Now, in light of the circumstances
of the crime itself,

we're asking that bail be denied

and that the defendants
be held in custody

for the duration of the trial.

PERRY: Your Honor, we believe
our clients should be released

on their own recognizance.

They have strong ties to the community.

What ties? They live in a vagrant camp,

and they're a flight risk to Mexico.

They've never been to Mexico.

THOMAS: Well, they'd sure
blend in if they did.

Maybe go on a nice k*lling
spree down there too.

PERRY: Your Honor, could
you please instruct the D.A.

to refrain from smearing our clients?

Don't be so touchy, Mr. Mason.

Then will you at least instruct
the D.A. to be more logical?

Why would my clients try and blend
in and then go on a k*lling spree?

All right. That's enough, counselor.

Your, um, Your Honor, as much
as we all sympathize enormously

with McCutcheon family's
tragic loss, um,

having them here is clearly prejudicial.

Do you mind if I decide
what is and isn't prejudicial

- in my courtroom?
- No, Your Honor, that's your job.

Thank you. Bail is denied.



- REPORTER : Hey, there they are.
- Here we go.

REPORTER : Are you disappointed
that your clients were denied bail?

Oh, we didn't expect they would
be given that consideration

in light of the prejudices
already being shown in this case,

but we will continue to fight

- for their fair treatment.
- So you believe they're innocent?

We wouldn't have taken
this case if we didn't.

The evidence against
Mateo and Rafael Gallardo

isn't just flimsy, it's see-through.

It's all circumstantial.

And we intend to prove that at trial.

So you're not concerned about
rumors the forensic report

will show Rafael Gallardo's fingerprint

was on Brooks McCutcheon's car?

- Uh, well, w... uh,

we haven't seen that report,
so until it's released,

- we'll just have to wait.
- Mr. Milligan!

- PERRY: Thank you.
- Mr. Milligan, sir, Milligan.


f*cking Milligan.

He wouldn't have leaked
it if it wasn't true.

And now it gets reported twice,

once as a rumor and
then when it's confirmed

by the report. f*ck!

I let him blindside me.

Can't wait to see our stupid
faces tomorrow in the papers.

Are you gonna kick yourself

every time you think
you've made a mistake?

We've just started this thing.

No, I just wish Milligan was
as dumb as I wanted him to be.



RADIO ANNOUNCER: The crowd has swelled

outside St. Vincent's Cathedral,

by this announcer's estimates,

to well over , grieving souls.

- Mourners toss purple tulips...

RADIO ANNOUNCER: ... the same
flowers Brooks gave his loving wife,

Elizabeth, every week.

You can bet Milligan will
have one of those flowers

on his lapel every single day in court.

There's a Mr. Drake to see you.

PERRY: Oh, uh, bring him in.

Bring him in.

You got a secretary now?

PERRY: You can talk to
Della about that one.

Um, appreciate you
coming by, short notice.

Strick said you really helped him out.

Sounds like, uh, he'd use you again.

And again and again.

You think there might be something
steady to latch onto there?

Oh, I wouldn't take
that even if there was.

Your pal, he hoodwinked me
into jamming a okay fella

- into a pretty big jackpot.
- Oh, shit.

Drake, I... I... I didn't know.

I was... I was just trying to
throw some work your way.

If I had known...

Perry, I stepped into it.

Well, then maybe we both have
something against the prosecutor.

You... you heard we took
the McCutcheon case?

We could use your help
investigating this thing.

Might let you even the score.

We already have some evidence
that might prove their innocence.

Look, if you believe they did it...

Perry, I don't know what to believe.

I believed that you would
have more work for me.

Perry, I believed that your
friend would be on the level.

And like I said, I am sorry.
I don't... I don't know what I...

- What else...
- What do you need?


But I don't know how we're
gonna get there. Do you?

Honestly? No, I don't.


at least I believe that.



Thank you.

PERRY: This is everything
found on Brooks and in the car?

Everything we got.

No rips, no signs of a struggle.

Excuse me.

PAUL: This guy owned the
Morocco gambling ship?

Yeah. That's what they're reporting.

I read the Luxe was set on f*re
a couple days before the m*rder.

You think that's got
anything to do with this?

They're out in international
waters to avoid the cops.

They wanted the Wild West, they got it.

That's a Santa Monica number.




PERRY: What's with the second belt?


Is that an M?

This thing was a sinking ship
both figuratively and literally.

I found a judgement against the Morocco

for dollars for an unpaid bill

to a company who reattached
its starboard propeller.

Reattached? What, it fell off?

Yeah. Apparently,
the Morocco's a real piece of shit.

Brooks also stiffed another company

that went down to get the
propeller when it fell off.

And that's just the start.

There's a trail of bills,
liens, unpaid debts.

And every time a
creditor came after him,

he'd liquidate and dump
the Morocco's ownership

into a new shell company.

So the company that owns
the Morocco racks up bills,

can't pay them, and then sells the ship

from that company to another?

Leaving nothing behind to
make good on the debts

and screwing everyone who's owed.

Don't tell Sunny about this.

What kind of rich kid
can't pay his bills?

A broke one. But who'd want him d*ad?

We've got to figure out
what's going on out there.

You feeling lucky?


PERRY: You got room for two more?

Where's the employee taxi?

Meet you there.



Can I get you a drink?

Yeah, I would love a scotch and soda.

Boy, is this some joint.

I mean, I've never been to Morocco,
but if it's anything like this...

Are you from there?

Yeah, Morocco by way of Burbank.

Oh. (CHUCKLES) But it... it's swanky.

I heard the owner got hurt or something,

but I guess if you run a
place as nice as this, right?

He wasn't hurt. He was k*lled.

Oh. I... Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that.

- Did you... did you know him?
- No. Excuse me.


BUSSER : The high
rollers never come here.

They all go to the Rex or
the Tango down the way.

That because this ship
is in such rotten shape?

We were in dry dock all last
week from an engine problem.

Didn't make a red cent,
and it still don't work right.

But you still got all
this produce coming in.

Only vegetables we ever get.
Mostly carrots and potatoes.





MECHANIC: Yeah, the real
problem is the engine.

Should've replaced it years ago.

We got a lot of problems.

Just give me four more hours,
all right? Pumps, lights?

MECHANIC: We'll do our best,
boss, but that last fix ain't holdin'.

Just get me through the f*cking night.


Are you f*cking kidding me?


Oh, what an honor to
have Detective Mason

on board our humble vessel.

I guess McCutcheon picked the wrong cop,

huh, as muscle to partner with.

Where are my manners?
You've come all this way,

the least I could do is have
my boys give you a tour.

Don't let him get off this ship.





PERRY: We got to go.


Uh, ladies and gentlemen,
If I could have your attention

for just a moment!

Uh, my name is Perry Mason.

I'm an attorney. You may know my face.

I just want us all to raise
a glass this evening

to an honored guest that
we have with us tonight.

Detective Eugene Holcomb

from the Los Angeles Police Department.

Here he is, this gentleman
right here in the tuxedo.

Let's all show our appreciation.


GUEST: Here, here!

Well played. Come back anytime.











Mr. Crippen, there's
a phone call for you.

Thank you.

GRIEVER : We are so sorry
for your tragic loss, Lydell.

Thank you. Thank you. I appreciate...


UNKNOWN CALLER: Goldstein's d*ad.

Very well. (SIGHS)


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