02x13 - Pabu

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Star Wars: The Bad Batch". Aired: May 2021 to present.
Animated series that acts as both a sequel to and a spin-off of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.
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02x13 - Pabu

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[music playing inside bar]

[droid beeping]

[music continues on speakers]

[patrons chattering]

Well, Crowder, are we gonna sit here
all day, or can we get to business?

Let's see it.

[Crowder] Uh-uh-uh.
Payment first.


Not until I know it's not one
of your two-bit knockoffs.

[Crowder] Hmm.
I thought you worked alone?

Things change.

I'm teaching her
the fine art of negotiation.

[Crowder] Looks like we have a deal.

- Poison's not typically my drink.
- Impressive, for a pirate.


She's not a pirate.
She's a liberator of ancient wonders.

That I am.

[Bith player grunts]

If you want to k*ll me,
you'll have to do better than that.

Hmm. [laughs]

[kouhun squeals, sputters]

New pet?

[Crowder] I'll be taking the artifact now.

You should've brought
more muscle than that, Phee.

[Wrecker chuckles]

She did.

[neck cracks]

Now it's getting interesting.

[henchman grunts]

[Hunter grunts]

[henchman grunts]

[patrons clamoring]

[Crowder grunts]

Huh? [screams]

[Gonky honks]
Yes, I am playing against myself.

It is the only time
this game is a challenge.

[comlink beeps]
[Hunter] Tech, we need a pickup.

[Gonky honks]

On my way.

- I think it's time to go.
- Wrecker!


Now that was a fun mission.

[chuckles] You got that right.
[Gonky honks]

You know,
Omega was pretty impressive back there.

Her training's paying off.

Oh, I know she's got
the whole soldier-thing down.

But don't you think
she should learn some other skills?

What other skills?

Omega spends all her time with you three.

She needs friends.

Ones her own age
and who don't share her genetic profile.

We never had such a thing.

- I do not see the issue.
- No kidding.

[comlink beeping]

We're receiving a transmission.

- It is from Cid.
- Let's hear it.

[controls beeping]

So, it's been rotations and no word.

You better be d*ad because your
absence has cost me a few scores.

Remember our mutually
beneficial arrangements,

and how well we know one another,
if you know what I mean.

You'd do well to not assume
I am just thr*at you boys.

[controls beep]

You didn't mention you cut ties with Cid.

Our mutually beneficial arrangement
wasn't so beneficial, mutually.

[Phee] Figured that out, did you?
I've known Cid a long time.

She's a useful ally,
but not someone you want to cross.

Do you have a plan?

You're looking at it.

In that case, you all are coming with me.

Head to these coordinates, brown eyes.

[controls beeping]

[Marauder approaching]

Welcome to Pabu,
my home away from home.

It's a hidden sanctuary of sorts.

That's the Archium.
It's where the artifact will be stored.

It holds treasures
from all over the galaxy.

My analysis indicates that
this so-called artifact you recovered is

of very little to no monetary value.

Treasure can mean many things.

Most of the villagers
on Pabu are refugees.

Many of the items I recover
are remnants of their cultures,

and that's worth preserving.

- After all, I am a liberator...
- [man] Liberator of ancient wonders.

[laughs] About time
you showed your face around here.

- Miss me, Shep?
- You've got some competition.


[child] Auntie Phee!

What'd you bring this time?

- Looks like one of a kind.
- Good eye.

That's not all you brought, I see.

This is Shep Hazard, Mayor of Pabu,
and his daughter, Lyana.

Shep, Lyana, meet Omega,
Hunter, Wrecker and Tech.


- And...
- [Wrecker] Put her there!

- [laughs]
- [Shep laughing] Oh.

Phee's never brought
any friends here before.

- Never? Not even Cid?
- Nope.

- So why bring us?
- Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

She must really like you.

All right. That's enough out of you.

- [both laugh]
- [Shep] Then it's settled.

You'll join us for dinner.

There's no saying no
to Shep's famous feast.

Lots of food, drink
and general merrymaking.

You'll probably hate it.
It'll be great.

Lead the way, Shep. I'll catch up.

Gonna put this someplace safe.



Wait till you see it up close.

[Shep] Upper Pabu is
the oldest part of the island.

As we've grown over the years,

we've expanded below the wall
into Lower Pabu.

- [chuckles] Hi, Shep.
- [chuckles] Hi, Mr. Eenta.

How are Sari and Micha?

[laughs] They're doing good.
Thanks for asking, Shep.

Well, uh...
Do you know everyone here?

Of course. We're all like family.

[birds chirping]

[Shep] Come, come.

Make yourselves at home.


Not too shabby, is it?


They're called moon-yos.

The elders say they've lived here
since before Pabu was inhabited.

[chuckles, grunts]

[both laugh]

I have not heard her laugh
like that in some time.

[moon-yos chittering]

Phee said the villagers here are refugees.

Many, yes.
Pabu has been a safe haven

for those forced to flee their homes
during the w*r and others after.

And you're not worried
the Empire will show up?

Why would they?

We're a remote island
with limited resources.

But if they do, we'll manage.

[Lyana, Omega laugh]

Some come to Pabu looking
for a clean slate.

A chance to start over.

As a father, you couldn't ask
for a better place to raise a child.

Something to think about, isn't it?

You're suggesting we all stay
on Pabu permanently?

[Omega] Aw.
[laughs] Oh!

- [laughs] Hey, come here.
- [Lyana laughing]

She seems to like it here.

A little s*ab
might do you all some good.


- You have your own boat?
- Uh-huh.

You wanna take it out
and watch the sunset?

[gasps] Really?

That sounds like a great idea, doesn't it?

- Can I go?
- Have fun.

[moon-yo chittering]


- What's with you?
- I'm full.

I am never full!

I will note the date and time to
commemorate such a momentous occasion.


What? Huh?

- Hope you saved room for dessert.
- [gasps]

I love this place!


[engines powering up]


[inhales deeply, sighs]

[engines stop]

I spent most of my life
surrounded by the ocean,

- but it didn't feel like this place.
- Why'd you leave?

- The Empire.
- I'm so sorry.

But you're safe here.

You and your friends can stay
as long as you want.

We never stay anywhere for long.

Doesn't that get... lonely?

I never really thought about it.

[datapad beeping]

- It's almost time.
- For what?

See for yourself.

[birds twittering]

[waves lapping]

I am not seeing anything.

Just wait. It'll be worth it.


[inhabitants chattering]

Pretty spectacular, right?

I suppose that is one way to quantify it.


[waves lapping]

What's wrong?

[inhabitants chattering]
[moon-yos chittering]

[chattering continues]

Something's coming.

We need to...

[objects clattering]
[inhabitants screaming, clamoring]

[rumbling continues]

- What was that?
- Just a tremor.

It's no big deal, happens all the time.

- Are you sure?
- Yeah, but let's head in just to be safe.

[engines power up]

[comlink beeps]
[Hunter] Omega, come in.

Are you two okay?

We're fine.
We're headed back to shore now.

Everyone all right?

Well, that was different.

Uh, a small tremor.
It's nothing to worry about.

Part of island life.

I don't think it's over yet.


[screaming, clamoring resume]

- That was not a small tremor.
- No, it was not.

Hunter, I believe this island is at risk
for a significant sea surge.

- How much risk?
- Highly probable to imminent.

We haven't had a sea surge
in more than three decades.

If we were at risk, the early
warning system would've activated.

[siren blaring]

I don't like the sound of that.

[siren continues]

[screaming, clamoring continue]

[rumbling continues]

[siren continues]

The water has already g*n receding.

We must evacuate all of Lower Pabu.

Lyana and Omega, they're on the water.

I'll grab our ship and get them.

You four, move everyone in town
to higher ground.

[panting] Why aren't we moving?


[Lyana] The tide's pulling us out.

- We're gonna hit the rocks.
- We have to jump.

- [Omega] One.
- [Lyana] Two.

[both] Three!

[screaming, clamoring continue]

Please evacuate to Upper Pabu immediately.

Knock on every door. Check every home.

[grunting, panting]

Lyana. Lyana!

Wake up!

Wake up!

[Lyana grunting]

- Are you okay?
- [groans]

I think so.

- We have to keep moving.
- Omega.

Hunter, we're in trouble.

There's a giant wave coming,
and we're too far out.

What do we do?

Keep your locator on, and head to shore.

I'm on my way.

[Omega] Come on.

[screaming, clamoring continue]

- [Wrecker] Clear!
- [Shep] Same!

[Tech] There are too many trying
to get through at once.

They will not make it
before the surge hits.

We must use additional means
to get them over the wall.

We can deploy the rescue ladders.

- Where?
- They line the top of each wall.

Hang on!


You take those ladders.
I'll handle these.

The mechanisms are rusted through.

We will need to manually unfurl them.

This way!
[siren continues]

[clamoring continues]

[siren continues]

- [Shep] This is the last one.
- Eh. Can I help you?

Everything will be fine, Mr. Eenta.
[Mr. Eenta grunts]

What is happening?

[comlink beeps] Omega, I've
reached the ship. Hang tight!


The water's moving too fast!


Don't stop running!

[gasps] There!

I see you. Grab the line.

Over here!

[Shep] Whoa!

[Shep panting]


[sighs] Thank the stars.

[inhabitants chattering]

[moon-yos chittering]

[Wrecker snoring]


We got everyone out in time.

- That's what's important.
- [Tech] Based on my estimations,

it will take several rotations to rebuild
the damage sustained in Lower Pabu.

[Shep] Yes.
Property was destroyed,

but my people are resilient.

- We'll band together and rebuild.
- I was thinking.

We could stay and help out with things.

- I had the same idea.
- Did you now?

That is, if you don't mind us
sticking around for a while.

[chuckles] You would be most welcome.

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