05x16 - Family First

Episode transcripts for the TV show "FBI". Aired: September 2018 to present.
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Drama about the inner workings of the New York office of the FBI,
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05x16 - Family First

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I was looking for you
in yoga this morning.

Girl, I cannot drag myself
out of bed in time.

Still, here you are.

Just in time to suffer
through a spin class.

[LAUGHS] You're k*lling it.

Really looking great.

All because of your help.


- Ooh!
- Sorry. I didn't mean to scare you.

Would you be interested
in buying some candy

for a basketball team?
We're from our goal.

- Really? Is this even legit?
- Yes, ma'am.

We're collecting so we can
play a game in Philadelphia.

- Are you guys any good?
- Undefeated.

- Is that so?
- It ain't no lie.

[LAUGHS] I'll donate.

Keep the candy bars.

Sugar is not my friend.

- Thank you. I appreciate it.
- Good luck.

- [g*n COCKS]
- Now it's your turn.




It's pretty today.

Well, lookie-look.

You're actually on time.

No bad guys to catch?

What would it look like if I was late

for Mom's anniversary?

So what's your big surprise?

So we all know that

this is Mom's favorite spot
in the entire city.

Winter, summer, spring, and fall.

Mm-hmm, and this was her favorite bench.

Get to it, Tiff.

I'm getting there.



Now it's hers forever.

- No way.
- Tiff...


Okay, come on, let's take a selfie.


♪ ♪

Mom would love this, Tiff.

Yeah, she would.

So how you doing, Bryan?

Um, I'm okay.

Things have been
a little crazy lately, but...


I spoke to Jack Knowles the other day.

He said he was trying to help
you with something at work

and you cursed him out in front
of the entire restaurant.

No, he disrespected me
and I called him out.

Come on, Bryan.

You can't call out your manager

for trying to help you do your job.

It doesn't work that way.


Seriously, Bryan?

You need to go down to that
restaurant and apologize.

No! I'm not apologizing for anything.

You need to stop acting
like a little kid.

You need to stop acting like you're Mom.

BOTH: Bryan!


See, this is what
I'm talking about, Tiff.

These little outbursts,
something's not right.

He's starting to act like Uncle Jojo.

Bryan just needs to get
his life together, okay?

He needs to focus on his work
and his career.

Right... hard work cures all.

Hard work is not a bad thing, Erika.

You're right.

But some of this
mental health stuff is genetic.

It's a disease.

Bryan just needs to grow up, okay?

He needs to stop acting like a child.

- I'm sorry, I have to go.
- Okay.

- Thank you for that.
- Yeah.

Mom would be really proud.

All right.


♪ ♪

Hey. Sorry I'm late.

Just got here myself.

Maggie and OA
are talking to the witness.

- Everything okay?
- Oh, yeah, I'm good.

Hey, I'm Agent Wallace.
This is Agent Scola.

Detective Walton.

What have we got?

Victim is Mia Lopez.

She's a federal correctional officer,

which is why we called you guys in.

We found her badge in her bag.

- Right. Anything stolen?
- Nope.

Seems like it's all there...
wallet, phone, ID.

Any physical evidence?

Yeah, two -millimeter casings.

Okay, we're gonna need
to take those down to Fed

along with any security footage
you might have found.

You got it.

I just saw her.

I can't believe she just got sh*t.

We know this is hard,
but did you see her get sh*t?

No, but I heard it.

How many shots?


When I turned around,
I saw the guy running away.

Okay, what was he wearing?

He was in a black jacket
with a gray hoodie.

He took off running that way.

- Are you sure it was a man?
- Yeah.

Right before the g*n,
I heard him yelling,

"Now it's your turn."


All right, so federal
correctional officer Mia Lopez

was sh*t and k*lled this morning

walking to her car after a workout.

Nothing was stolen,
and according to a witness,

the k*ller shouted "now it's your turn"

before sh**ting her.

So she was targeted?

It looks that way, yeah.
The question is why.

Elise, what else
are we learning about a victim?

Mia was on the job
just under seven years

and worked the last three years
in the segregated housing unit.

Mm, solitary confinement...
means she was dealing

with the worst of the worst
on a daily basis.

Any specific beefs or thr*at?

There was one documented thr*at

by a member of the Latin Kings
a few years back,

but that inmate overdosed shortly

after his release in .

Well, that's interesting,
but it doesn't mean

there wasn't somebody else
who was harboring a grudge

and was smart enough to keep it a secret

until they were released,
so keep digging.

Kelly, you got that footage
from the scene?

Just came in.

Very good. Throw it up.

Based on the height
of Mia's Honda Pilot,

I'd say our sh**t's ' , ' .

Can you rewind it, see if we
can get enough for facial rec?

Yeah, looks like he's wearing
some sort of surgical mask.

All right, so what else
do we know about the victim?

Any angry ex-boyfriends, husbands?

She was single,
no domestic disputes on record,

not much of a social
media presence, either.

She lived with her mom in the Bronx.

Okay, let's get Tiffany
and Scola over there right now.

- Great.
- Actually, Mrs. Lopez works downstairs.

She's a clerk with the Social
Security Administration.

She's on the way up.

Said she doesn't wanna make
anyone go out of their way.

She was a kind person.

Never had a problem with anybody.

Did she seem anxious

or worried at all the last few days?

Everything was normal,
which is why all of this

is such a shock.

We understand.

It's a lot to take in.

We just need to get
as much information as we can

so we can find the men
that did this to Mia.

I understand.

Only image we have of the sh**t.

He look familiar to you?

Oh, I think I've seen him before.

He was hanging out near my apartment.

Gave off a creepy vibe.

Kept staring at me when I left for work.

Did you get a look at his face?

Well, no, but he was dressed
just like that...

wearing the same sweatshirt and hood.

I think that's the guy.

You tell Mia about him?

No, I thought he was just
some creepy homeless guy.

I should have said something,
told somebody.

This isn't your fault.

But if I would have told Mia...

Ma'am, there's only one person

that did anything wrong here,

and it is the man
who sh*t your daughter.

Okay, here's the lurker
outside the Lopez building.

Mask is obscuring the face,
but it looks like our guy.

- Do we have a height match?
- Yes.

All right, so if this is our k*ller,

it means he was planning the att*ck,

surveilling Mia,
getting her routine down.

So how do we figure out who this guy is?

Hey, lab got a hit on a partial print

on one of the shell casings they found.

Belongs to a Kenneth Nelson,
born - - .

Yeah, I got him.

Kenneth "Kenny" Nelson, age .

He's got a slew of priors...

as*ault, sh**t, witness
intimidation, some drug cases.

Says that he's a member of the
Throgg's Neck Motorcycle Club.

I guess it's a biker g*ng
up in the Bronx.

Well, he's a match for the
physicality of our k*ller.

Any connection to the victim?

He's been in and out of
federal prison over the years,

was acquitted last year
on a narcotics charge,

and remanded to MCC during trial.

Okay, so he definitely would
have crossed paths with Mia.

Kelly, do we have a last known address?

Uh, no, but his probation report says

he tends bar at a place called Rustin's.

It's over in Throgg's Neck.

Hey, I know Rustin's. It's a sports bar.

It's got a seriously rough clientele.

Things could get ugly.

All right, well, this man
has a history of v*olence

and fingerprints
that link him to our homicide,

so let's bring him in but be careful.

Copy that.


♪ ♪

We are in position.

Copy that.

As soon as you pull up, lower your boom,

turn on your bubble gums,
and make a lot of noise

- while you're at it.
- All right.

You got it, boss.


What the hell you doing?

Hey, what are you doing out here?

Kenny, we need to talk.




Kenny Nelson, you're under arrest.

I don't know what you're talking about.

I never seen that woman before.

Mm, your fingerprints were
all over the shell casings

laying next to her body.

- Shouldn't I have a lawyer?
- Why?

I thought you'd never seen her before.

Yeah, I haven't.

We pulled a -millimeter
out of your waistband, Kenny.

Come on.

That g*n's never been fired.

You can check for yourselves.

Okay, you could have used another g*n.

You said it happened
this morning, right?


I was at Rustin's handling
a liquor license inspection.

It doesn't matter if
you pulled the trigger.

You loaded the w*apon.
That makes you an accessory.


Look, I had nothing to do
with that lady being d*ad.

But I think I know why
my print's on the casing.

We are all ears, Kenny.

Yeah, I bet you are.

Only way I can help you is to
implicate myself in a felony.

I want immunity on that
'fore I say another word.

You give us something good
that leads to something better,

we'll go to bat for you.


♪ ♪


I sold that g*n yesterday.

To who?

It's a neighborhood guy.
He comes into the bar.

It's a young guy.

- Okay, you got a name?
- No.

But it turns out he served
with the same unit

as my brother in Afghanistan.

And what unit was that?

First Marine Regiment.

He was on a recon team.

So you think he's the one
who m*rder Mia?

Well, that's for you to figure out.

All I know

is that I sold him one of
my -millimeters yesterday,

and that g*n was loaded.

So this is the security
footage outside of Rustin's,

but I can't see his face.

What about the truck? Zoom in there.


Is that truck ...

BOTH: Hensley Tree Service.

Shows its office
is over in Locust Point.

All right, send Tiffany and Scola now.


Hey, what's up?

We got into another argument.

Bryan was going off again.
He ran out of the apartment.

He nearly knocked down Mr. Ortiz.

Now he won't answer his phone.

I know you don't wanna
admit it or accept it,

but he needs help.

I'm in the middle of a homicide case,

so I can't really get involved.

Can't really get involved? Yeah.

I was waiting for that.

Come on. Don't do this right now.


But we need to deal with this
sooner rather than later.

Hey, you know, if you got
family business, I could...

No, it's just my sister.
She's overly dramatic.

It's my little brother.
He's acting like an idiot.

She wants to get him professional help.

You ever think about
getting him in to see someone?

He's just the baby of the family,

and so he just needs
to adjust to the real world.

You know, I saw
my first therapist at .

As much as I bitch about it,
if I'm being honest,

it helped more than it hurt.

Well, Upper East Side's
a long way from Bed-Stuy.

Yeah, that's one of my trucks.

Who drives it?



Michael Landry. Why?

Now he's in trouble with the FBI?

Well, we need to speak
to him about a sh**ting.

I'm sorry to hear that.


I can't say I'm surprised.

Why is that?

You know, I used to be a
knucklehead when I was young, too,

so I got a soft spot for 'em.

But after you and me,
we done punching it out,

I'd be buying you a drink.

With this Landry kid,

he has a hard time moving on.

Fixates on stuff.

So I just get him as much work as I can

and try to keep him out of trouble.

You know where we can find him?

Yeah, pretty sure
he lives with his mother.

She's a real piece of work.

Well, if you talk to him or he comes by,

just don't let him know you seen us.


I don't know what you think he did,

but deep down, he's good people.

Jubal, found the guy that
bought the -millimeter.

Sending you the details.

♪ ♪


Michael Landry, FBI.

We have a warrant.


♪ ♪

Ms. Landry.

Who the hell are you?

I'm with the FBI.

Well, good for you.

No Michael.


Uh, we need to speak to your son.

Why do you wanna talk to my Michael?

I'm afraid he's in a bit of trouble.

Michael in trouble with
the FBI, that's a good one.

When was the last time you spoke to him?

I don't know, a while.

He's had his cell phone shut off.

How long's a while?
An hour, a day, a week?

Something like that.

Okay so you're saying you
haven't spoken to him lately?

I just spoke plain English
to you, did I not?

Ms. Landry, we need to talk to your son.

I don't know where he is.

Now, if you don't mind,
my shows are coming on.

Ms. Landry...

we think Michael might need some help.

Oh, really?

Are you another expert
on the matter of my son?

- No, ma'am.
- It's never ending.

First the marines,
and then those geniuses

down at the so-called veterans hospital,

educated beyond their intelligence,

every single one of them. It's a plague.


If you do speak to Michael,

please let us know.

Michael ain't perfect,
but he's a good soul.

Least he was before they made him

do all those horrible things
over there in Afghanistan.

He wasn't the same after that.

If you're looking for someone
to blame, blame them,

not me and not my Michael.


If Landry's smart,
he's already halfway to Canada.

Just didn't have to be like this.

You know, if his mother
got him some help...

Erika, can I call you back?

He's what?

Okay, uh, well, can you handle it?

No, I just...

okay, okay, I got it.

I'll see what I can do.

Everything all right?

Bryan's at a restaurant

he used to work at, causing a scene.

She said he's sitting
at the bar staring people down,

and he's refusing to leave.

She's just scared
they're gonna call the cops.

I'm sure it's nothing.

I mean, like I said,
my sister has a tendency

to blow things out of proportion.

But the restaurant's
literally on the way.

Why don't we just stop by and make sure

things don't go from bad to worse?

I mean, we're in the middle of a case.

It's not gonna help
my family if I get fired.

No, don't worry about that.

Okay, we get in and out fast enough,

we don't have to explain anything.


Whoa, whoa, whoa.


- Bryan! Whoa!
- Police!



- You called the cops on me?
- Put the bottle down.

Hey, this is my brother.

Please, I can talk him down.

You called them!

I didn't call anyone. I swear.

Put the bottle down now.

Come on, guys.

She used to be on the job with you.

This is a family thing. We got this.

He's calling people
and telling them I'm a scumbag.

He called all my friends.

He called Erika.

Now you.

Now everybody hates me.

- Bryan, I didn't call...
- Shut up!

Hey! Bryan, come on, okay?
He didn't call me.

Just put the bottle down, okay,
and where's this coming from?

- Nobody hates you.
- Everybody hates me!

I'm gonna count to three...

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, stop.

Bryan, Bryan, okay, I need you to focus.

Look, look, look, look, focus on me.

Bryan, focus. Okay, focus on me.


You're my little brother,

and I could never hate you.


Please, put the bottle down.

It's okay.

It's okay.


It's okay. All right?

- You just gotta put it down.


I got him. I got him.

Okay, look, this is my brother...

I understand that...

Okay, so can you please,

please put yourself in my shoes.


- It's the JOC.
- Yeah.

Come on.

Mr. Knowles says
he's not gonna press charges.

Just get him the hell out of here, okay?

- Of course. Okay, we got it.
- Okay.

Thank you for your understanding.

Look, I gotta get back to work.
Can you take him home?

Yeah, I got it. We'll talk later.

- Yeah.
- Thanks, Tiff.

It's a good thing that we got there

- before the cops did.
- Yeah.

But I think it's safe to say

some professional help would be
a step in the right direction.

So would some
grown-up style self-control.

He needs to talk to someone,
Tiff, to a professional.

And this professional's gonna what?

Say some magic words
and change his life?

It doesn't happen that way.

People have to work
through the tough times.

They have to deal
with their own business.

Yeah, well, not everyone
is as tough as you are.

That's not what I meant.

No, that's... I'm trying to say that...

Trying to what?

Mental illness is a real thing.


He can't just tough that out.

Let's just get our heads
back in the case.

Focus on that, okay?

♪ ♪

All right, so Michael Landry, ,

he's out there sh**ting people.

First question is,
is it random or is it targeted?

I have to believe it's targeted.

Otherwise, he would
have sh*t more people.

Right, now his mom said
she was trying to call him.

We have that number?

We do, but it's been shut off.

All right, stay on it.

Let me know the second it goes alive.

In the meantime, how are
we doing on the deep dive

into his past?

He wasn't lying to Nelson.

He really was Marine recon,

and he definitely was involved
in a lot of firefights.

Looks like he exhibited some
symptoms of mental illness

during his time in Afghanistan

and received a medical discharge.

Right, so he's a trained warrior adrift

with no w*r to fight.

Yeah, but we're still lacking
motive for Mia's death,

and I am not buying
that she's a random victim.

I found something interesting
on a video scrub

of the cameras around
the area Landry lives.

Looks like the mother probably
lied about seeing him lately.


Picked this up off a camera
top of her block one hour ago.

It's his mother's
Nissan Altima, so no GPS,

but through LPRs and traffic cams,

last thing I can tell you for certain,

he got off of the BQE, Cadman
Plaza exit minutes ago

and there's been
no traffic cam sighting since.

Based on that, high probability
he stopped somewhere on Henry.


Let's get the team to downtown Brooklyn.

♪ ♪

We have eyes on our Nissan,
Henry Street, block,

right outside the federal courthouse.

There's no one inside.




I'm with the FBI.

You're gonna be okay.

Which way did the sh**t go?

He ran to the... to the left.

- What was he wearing?
- Uh, black jacket.

- Okay, call it in.
- Yeah.

Shots fired. Multiple victims down.

Send ambulances.

♪ ♪

Suspect is moving east on Pierpont.

- Everybody down!
- [g*n]




- Stop! No! Oh, my God!
- What happened?

He took my car,
and my daughter's still in it!

So our suspect Landry's escalating.

He left two people sh*t,
one fatally at the courthouse,

and then he carjacked a vehicle
with -year-old Emily Barnes

in the backseat.

So what do we have
on the Barnes vehicle?

It's a Mercedes
with all the latest tech.

I'm just patching into the GPS.

Got it.

Landry is moving north
into Williamsburg.

Yeah, we sent out a BOLO citywide.

All precincts are on high alert.

Very good.

Okay, okay.

Why... why isn't it moving?

What does the vehicle's
operating system say? Is it in park?

Negative. It shows it's still in drive,

but the airbags just deployed.
I think he must have crashed.

Okay, it's the block
of Milton Street, right?

- Correct.
- Let's get the team over there now.

♪ ♪


It's okay. You're safe now.

Okay, we have Emily. She's alive.

He's gone.

Media is in a frenzy over this.

They want answers,
and we don't have them.

I'd love to give them some,

but I can't find the sh**t's
rhyme or reason yet.

All right, well, what do
we know about the sh**ting

before he hijacked the mother

and drove off with the daughter?

Yeah, there were two victims,
Alex Springer, ,

delivery worker, and federal
magistrate, Angela Mason, .

According to two eyewitnesses,
Landry fired on the judge

just after she came
out of the courthouse.

Springer just happened
to be crossing on her way

to make a delivery,
so it looks like Ms. Springer

was just in the wrong place
at the wrong time.

The judge was Landry's target.

That's two people who work
for the justice system.

I'm seeing a pattern.

Is there any connection between
Mia Lopez and the judge?

So I've been digging in the
judge's criminal case load

going back seven years
that overlap Mia Lopez's.

No nexus.

I think we might have found
a connection on the civil side.

- Can you...
- Yeah? What do you got?

This is Michael's sister, Hailey.

She was taken into
federal police custody

six years ago during
a social justice protest.

She died two days later
of a brain aneurysm

that the family claims was
because of an injury sustained

while she was in custody,

but there's no evidence to support that.

Okay, so what does this have
to do with Mia and our judge?

Right, so the mother sued and lost.

The verdict just came down last week.

Mia Lopez was named as a defendant

because she processed Hailey
at MCC that day

and allegedly refused her
medical attention.

There was an arresting officer
that was also named

as a defendant,
an Officer Ronald Waites.

And let me guess, the presiding judge

was our Judge Mason.


All right, so our is mystery solved.

A mentally unstable Landry is convinced

that his sister was k*lled
because of the arrest,

and he's taking justice
into his own hands.

All right, let's warn everybody
involved in the case...

jurors, attorneys,

and let's start
with the named defendants.

Yes, ma'am. You heard her.

Let's get the team to Officer
Waites' house right now.


♪ ♪


Don't sh**t. I'm a cop.

- We know.
- Where's Landry?

He saw you coming. He ran upstairs.


Cover me.

- He's running.
- Go, go, go!

Uh, he's running out the back.

- Help's coming.

♪ ♪

- Where is he?
- He's gone.

Jubal, Landry was last seen
in Whitestone

near th Street.

We need to set up a containment now.

All right, people,
let's throw everything we have

into cornering Landry.
Where do we stand?

We had him on the
th Avenue traffic cams,

and that's adjacent to a transit hub.

Did he hop a train?

Nothing's popping up
on any of the MTA cameras.

Wait, a lot of cabs pick up right there.

All right, so maybe he hired a hack.
Check it out.

I'll scrub back on the exterior cameras.

Yes. There he is getting into a cab.

TLC license - -Yankee- ,

which is now tracking west
on th Avenue.

Can you get up on the dash cam?

- Negative. Nonexistent.
- Right.

Okay, Maggie, OA, looks like
you're running parallel to him.

Landry's phone is back up.
He's calling his mother.

Looks like the cab is
now stopped at th.

Okay, is the phone in the cab?

Negative... it looks like
he made a -second call

to his mother, and now it's dark.

Even though he's spiraling,
he's smart enough not to go online.

Maggie, OA?

Corner of th Avenue and th.


♪ ♪

We just landed. We have eyes on the cab.

Hey, we're with the FBI.
You're gonna be okay.

I need an ambulance at my location ASAP.

- What happened?

He tried to leave without paying.

When I tried to stop him, he sh*t me.

The guy was crazy, I tell you.
He didn't need to sh**t me.

- Okay, which way did he go?
- I don't know.

I didn't see him.

Jubal, Landry sh*t the cabbie.

We have no idea
which direction he's gone.

Now, you wouldn't expect
such quality in the...

Mrs. Landry.

We know you lied to us about
when you last seen your son.

And we know you've been talking to him.

Haven't you people
made us suffer enough?

Just leave me alone.

I'm sorry about what
happened to your daughter,

but we need you to help us find Michael

before more people get hurt.

My son couldn't do what you're saying.
He's not like that.

You need to stop with the nonsense.

No, you need to stop the nonsense.

First you k*ll my daughter
and now you're making my son

out to be some kind of mass m*rder.

Look, I'm gonna tell you
the truth, okay?

Sometimes when it comes to family

or the people that we love,
it is hard to see

what is right in front of our face.

Maybe we're afraid or we just
don't wanna deal

with the damn truth,
but you know as well as I do

that your son is out there,

and he is hunting people down
with a g*n.

♪ ♪

Is it really him?

Yes, that is Michael.

We understand that he's angry
about what happened to his sister,

but this obviously is not the best way,
for him to express his anger.

And this is not
going to end well for Michael

unless you help us find him

because right now,

there are a lot of law
enforcement agents out there

looking for him,

and they got g*n too.

So please,

tell us what you know before
more innocent people get hurt.

I'll do what I can,
but I don't know where he is

or what he's doing.

Well, we know you spoke to him twice.

Did he say anything?

He wasn't making any sense.

He was so angry. That's all I know.

He just kept saying that he was

doing what he needed to do,
that Hailey deserved justice.

Okay, and that's it? No specifics?

He was yelling about the doctor,

that he was the worst of the worst.

Does this doctor have a name?


Jubal, we've got Landry's next target.

This Dr. Schultz, he told the jury

my daughter's head trauma
didn't cause her death.

Don't believe that
for a damn second, but...

Thank you, Ms. Landry.

Please don't hurt my boy.

We need help over here!

- He's hurt!
- Somebody help him!

He's not moving.

- FBI. Get back!
- Move!

- Step away! Move!
- Get out of the way!


It's Schultz. What happened?

He's been sh*t. Ambulance is on its way.

Okay, did you see the sh**t?


I need your help
to staunch the bleeding.


Come on, Dr. Schultz.
Stay with us, okay?

We're gonna get you to a hospital.

We're losing him.

- Come on. Come on, Schultz.
- Where's the ambo?

He's gone.

Forget the ambo.

Roll the crime lab.

Somebody give me some good news.

Still no visual on the ground,

but NYPD is doing containment
and a grid search.

I think I got something.

Landry's phone just went live.
He's calling his mother again.

All right, good thing
he's still a mama's boy.

- Where's it pinging?
- Williamsburg.

No visuals, but I have a lock on GPS.

He's heading north on Kent Avenue.

Nice. Can we be more precise?


Got him. He's approaching North th.


♪ ♪



- What are you, crazy?

Come on! Get off my car!

♪ ♪

Hey! Landry! Stop!


♪ ♪


- Hey!

I'll sue you!





♪ ♪

Landry, freeze!

Drop the g*n!


♪ ♪

Just put the g*n down.


Take it easy.

They k*lled my sister.

I understand.

You lost someone
you were close to, okay,

but this is not gonna bring Hailey back.

Don't you dare say her name.

Just set the g*n down, all right?

Then we can look into what
happened to your sister.

It's too late for that.

Michael, please.

You just need help, okay?

- Set it down.
- Shut up!

You people think you can
get away with anything,

that you'll never pay for what you do.

Your mother loves you, right, Michael?

Do you really wanna leave her alone?

♪ ♪

It's too late.

It's just too late.

- Michael... Michael, no!
- [g*n CLICKS]

♪ ♪

Hey, um, I need to get over
to my sister's.

- Do you mind?
- Yeah, of course. Go ahead.

I'll take care of the paperwork.

- Uh, hey, Tiff.
- Yeah?

Just don't forget,
Dr. Scola's on call / .


If you need to talk.


♪ ♪

What... what's going on?

We need to talk

about getting you help.


For what?

Your mood swings,
your anger, your paranoia.

I mean, it could be nothing,
but if it's not...

No. No way. I'm not doing that.

I'm not crazy.

There's nothing to be ashamed of, Bryan.

It's an illness.

Just like any other illness,
you just need some treatment.

Maybe just someone to talk to

who has an open mind about this.

No. No way. I'm out of here.

Bryan, no, no,
you're not walking out, okay?

That's not gonna happen.

What the hell does that mean?

That means that either you're
gonna come with me and Erika

voluntarily and get evaluated...


Or those police officers
at the restaurant today,

they're gonna come back,
and they're gonna arrest you.

♪ ♪

You wouldn't do that to me.

Come on, Bryan.

Let's just do this.

It's gonna be okay.

We just have to get
in front of the problem.

I promise it's gonna be fine.

I love you.

We love you.

We love you, Bryan.

Let's just do this.

I'm scared.

I'm scared.

I got you, okay? I got you, Bryan.

- Got you, okay? I got you.

You gonna be good.

Come on. All right?

Come on.

Come on.


♪ ♪


♪ ♪

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