01x08 - No Mourners

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Shadow and Bone". Aired: April 23, 2021 - present.
Sinister forces plot against a young soldier after she reveals a magical power that may unite her world.
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01x08 - No Mourners

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Can you feel them?

No heartbeats yet, sir.

How many markers have we passed?

Five, ma'am.

-They're coming.


-I should just tear this down now.

-And what can you really do on your own?

Besides, it would be a monumental waste of power.

This is a bad idea.

- I think it's rather practical.

- What?


I don't see how we step off this boat without you pulling those g*n.

So, cleaning them is a good idea.

I don't mean this.

I mean this.

We are in the worst place in the world, on a ship full of people who want us d*ad, surrounded by monsters who want us in their gullets.

-I should have brought Milo.

-Who's Milo?

The goat.

How many b*ll*ts do you have?

Not enough.

I hate this place.

Why isn't he giving Alina the go-ahead?

-She has one job.



Did the general tell you something?

He told me to have you stop the skiff before we reach the western docks.


To make sure there's an audience.

All clear.

If we were in Fjerda, my people would help.

Help k*ll me, maybe.

I don't like it either, but can't have you out on the streets in Ravka, now, can I?

You are safe here in Arkesk.

I will go north in the night.


This can't be it.

I'm not done tormenting you.

I'm not going back to that whaler's hut.

Well, then somewhere else?

There must be a place where we're not just Grisha and Drüskelle.

Somewhere beyond Ravka?

Beyond Fjerda?

A place where we're just Nina Zenik and Matthias Helvar.

If I go I could never go back to Fjerda.

I would be court-martialed as a deserter.

I'd be branded a traitor to all Grisha.

I know.

It's your whole life.

I can't take that away from you.

But thank you for saving me.


You did the same for me.

And if we stayed together, I doubt it would be the last time.

But I have only known two countries my whole life.

Yours and mine.

What are the others like?

Well, Kerch might be a bit much for you.

On Ghezen's Day, it's customary to ride through the streets naked and drunk on grapefruit wine.

Not Kerch.

Oh, the Wandering Isle.

Well, I can fit in there, no trouble.

-Have you ever met anyone from there?


-They are infernally happy there.

-Yeah, you'll come to like being happy.

You'll never have to grow that damned Drüskelle beard.

I mean you're welcome to grow a beard, but only for the purposes of keeping me warm.

I will keep you warm.

Um I may be hungry.

There's a pub downstairs that serves hot meals.

Maybe they have waffles.

What are waffles?

I can't wait to introduce you to my truest love.

Nah, I'm out of the merchant trade.

I hunt slavers now.

Even out here?

You're a long way from Ketterdam.

They raised the bounty.

20,000 a head.

As long as the c*ptive will testify in court.

That's more than a haul of Kaelish whiskey.

My whole crew gets double pay.

It's clear.

Come on.

-Is there meat in this?



Saints, you're a genius.


Infused with cured boar.

Is this supposed to be sweet or savory?




What is it?

Matthias, what is it?

What's the matter, Matthias?

What's the matter?

Dropped the blood flow to his head, so he's out for a few minutes.

Something you could have done hours ago, right?


-What are you doing here?

-Looking for you.

We got report of a Drüskelle ship taking Grisha north.

So we're on a hunt.

We spied you with the Fjerdan and followed you here.

My Squaller says he's one of Brum's men.

Are there more nearby?

Is that why you haven't k*lled him?

-He's with me.

-He's Your heart is pounding.

Is it for him?

-For the enemy?

-He's changed.

They don't change.

Bring him to the general with us, and I won't name you a traitor.

He must die for his crimes.



This man is a slaver who is taking me to be sold.

-Will you testify in court?

-I'll testify, yes.

Take me with you to Ketterdam.

He's not a slaver.

He's Fjerdan and she's Grisha.

Don't matter to me, a bounty's a bounty.

And we are taking him.

-But you'll just k*ll him.


Well, that's a waste of 20,000 kruge.

So You're already at w*r with Fjerda, Heartrender.

You want a new one with my country?

Is one man that important to you?

Happy sailing.

Do something.


Remember who's driving.

Your power is mine now.

What's he doing?

What's going on?


What's our play?

We wait.

For what?

For whatever the general has planned.

-You figured him out?

-Not quite.

Consider the scenario.

The Sun Summoner fled from his palace, now she's tied to the deck.

We're sailing for a city where another Ravkan general hired Arken to k*ll her.

And I saw his face as he boarded.

I know that look.

He's a man consumed with vengeance.

See it enough in the mirror, do you?


What kind of revenge is he planning, exactly?

We know it requires the Sun Summoner, which makes her valuable to us.

She's the one keeping everyone safe in here.

If we have control of her, then we call the shots.

- We need to thr*at her life.

- What?

Who's this?

- Who are you?

- A stowaway.

Why pick this of all skiffs?

To k*ll the general and save Alina.

I'll ask again.

Who are you?

Mal Oretsev.

- You know Alina?

- I do.

-Who's in control of her?

-The general I'm going to k*ll.

Inej, give him his g*n.


Because if he isn't with Kirigan's crew, he's with ours.

Why this half measure?

Why just carve a tunnel?

You have me.

You have this.

Destroy the Fold.

You said we could.

And why would we destroy the Fold?

It's the greatest w*apon that we've got.


The sun girl is not so useless.

Whatever gets us to Novokribirsk.

As soon as we land, I'm going straight to see my aunt.

You have family there?


My family's Ravkan.

That's why I volunteer to drive the skiffs.

To see them.

Sir, your thoughts?

Lead with diplomacy.

We welcome the Black General and his escort.

But when they're docked, when they're close, k*ll everyone on the skiff.

But the power on display here, it means they have the Sun Queen.

-Are you giving the order to k*ll her too?

-I already did.

But Arken failed me, so we'll do it ourselves.

Sir, she could destroy the Fold.

Then she is a thr*at to our independence.

Why have we stopped?

-What's he doing?


One more demonstration.

You've seen what the Sun Summoner can do.

Now bear witness to what I can do with her power.

Whatever it is you want me to do, I won't do it.

You've done your part.

Now I shall do mine.




What have you done?

No, you don't.

They are traitors who tried to k*ll you.

This is retribution.

What now?

We wait.

Kaz, you can hear him slaughtering a city.

So you understand the scale of his power, then?


The bold move is to strike now.

And the smart one is to get clear of the damned Fold first.

I never said I was smart.

- Can you believe him?

- I'm going with him.

Today, we redraw all the maps.

With the power of the Sun Summoner at my command, I control the Fold.

And its monsters.

I can move it to any border I like.

Engulf any harbor.

Consume any city.

Take what you have seen back to your home countries.

Tell the Fjerdans.

Tell the Shu Han.

There will be no more w*r with Ravka.

All countries will answer to us.

For who would oppose us now?



Keep him alive.

He could be useful to us.



You put your attention on the light that's keeping us all safe, or your friend dies now.

-We wait!

-The action's up there.

-They have the advantage.

-Only because I'm not in the game.

Zoya, what are you doing?

The general wants us to stay put.

Get us out of here.


Do you think I need special power to end your life, Wraith?

Mal General Kirigan, this will only turn the world against you and all Grisha.

You'll be seen not as a savior, but a heretic.



I'll have to give that speech again now.

Help me stop him.



It will take more than this!

You stay in the dark.



It's just you and me now, Alina.

And we are all we need, anyway.

You may have needed me but I never needed you.

Your first words to me were, "What are you?

" This is what I am.

How do you claim such power?

I am the one who k*lled the Stag.

I didn't understand before, but I do now.

You cannot claim what was not given to you.

The Stag chose me.

You chose to betray our people.

I was trying to save us.



You betrayed us first.

How dare you?

He gave you everything.

Remember your place.

Still couldn't sh**t the pretty face.

I've got to stop doing that.

I recommend we get moving.

I've survived for centuries.

Did you really think you could k*ll me?

I don't have to k*ll you, Darkling.

Your past will do it for me.

What happened?

It's Kirigan's Heartrender.

Come on, Alina.

Alina, come back for me, please.


Please wake up.

Please come back.


- Come on, please.

- Mal I'm here.

Don't you dare say, "Meet me in the meadow.

" I've never met a Saint before.

I've never been a Saint before.

Wherever you are, whatever you need my hand is yours.

I like that hand with a dagger in it.

I couldn't hold onto yours, so take mine as a replacement.

It's not much, but it'll fend off a bully or two.

I know just what to name it.

Step one for any good plan, a change of clothes.

It's worked for me.


Thank you.

So will you still be trying to kidnap me?

'Course not.

Have you found religion, too?

No, it's just I'm exhausted.

Besides it'd be bad form to kidnap someone after they saved your life.

You are quite valuable, you know?

So is this.

I saw this on a portrait of one of the queens in the Little Palace.

It's not a gift.

It's to keep quiet about who I am.

Where I go from here.

The deal is the deal.

I didn't expect it to burn at all.

But it can be destroyed in the end.

Just like him.

I know that look.

You're staring down your new bully.

We're worse off than we were before, Mal.

Kirigan turned on his own people-- Okay.

You're not ready yet.

Neither were they.

That's not your fault.

Who do you think the world will blame?

We'll come back, I promise.

You will tear it down.

Just not today.

I have to go.


You can't go back into the Fold.

To Novokribirsk.

I had family in that city.

I need to know how much of it is lost.

It's dangerous to go looking for the d*ad.

What you see may haunt you for the rest of your days.

Not going will haunt me more.

You can't stay in Ravka.

The Apparat will try to keep his power.

Blame this on all of us.

The people will turn on Grisha again.

You need to find new allies.

Then I'll come back and reclaim our country.

I still don't like you but I'm grateful for you.

So remember this.

Saints become martyrs before they get to be heroes.

So stay alive.

They'll have to get through me first.

You need more than b*ll*ts and bravado to survive the people hunting you now.

It's a two-day walk to Os Kervo from here, given our condition.

Two days as the crow walks.

We can smuggle ourselves onto a ship to Ketterdam from there.

You berated me for letting her go, and now that's what you're doing.

So what's your angle?

I'm keeping my promise to you.

I swore you won't go back to the Menagerie, and one of these gemstones covers it.

She needs my help more than you.

But we do need you.

I need you.

I want to see the look on Heleen's face when you clear the books.

After that we'll see.




Devil Drüsje.


No, Matthias, please.

I'm sorry.


This was just a cruel joke all along.

To prove a point.

To treat me as I treated you.


This was to save your life.

They would have k*lled you.

It was falling on the mercy of Kerch law, or certain death.

I knew if I said you were a slaver, they would only arrest you.

I am no slaver.

I know, I'll drop the charge when the case goes to court.

"Goes to court"?

Maybe in a year or two.

Meantime, we're headed to Hellgate.

All that awaits us is a dank, stone cell where we'll rot.

Time's up!

Trust me, please.

You broke my trust.

No, I can fix this.

You cannot fix this.

- Get up.

Time's up.

Up you come.

- Matthias, please.

Os Kervo!

Docked at Os Kervo!

On to Ketterdam next!

We set out with a clear mission, a prize of a million kruge.

And a new member on our crew.

So what did we learn?

People with trains are evil.

You can't kidnap a human sunbeam.

And maybe, just maybe, greed is a poor motivator.

True wealth is the friends you make along the way.

I just might be impressed.

I'm talking of Milo, of course.

But I won't have my smelly friend when walking into Ketterdam.

Where Dreesen is waiting for our return.

And Pekka Rollins.

They'll both want our heads once we show up without the Sun Summoner.

Well, I'm sure the boss has a plan.

He wouldn't send us into a death trap.

Tell me you have a plan.

I don't care if it's a lie.

I have a plan.

And, just how this all started we're going to need a Heartrender.



For this to work, it has to be someone neither of them know.

Someone desperate for work, with loyalties only to us.

It'll be a long passage without that wine shipment.

Have a heart.

Novokribirsk is in ruins.

Their Sun Saint is d*ad.

Excuse me.

Is what he said true?

I don't know if she's d*ad.

But she is a Saint.

Did he call us ghosts?

It also means survivors.

But ghosts are what we'll need to be for a while.

Zoya's right.

The whole world will be after you.

I know some people in this world who'd like those odds.

It's you and me now, like old times.

I like those odds, too.

And when I'm strong enough, we'll come back.


And tear it down now that the Darkling is d*ad.

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