04x10 - Fallen

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Servant". Aired: November 2019 to present.
A couple in mourning after an unspeakable tragedy open a door to a mysterious force that enters their home.
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04x10 - Fallen

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[LEANNE] You once told me that
you would do anything for Jericho.

- [LEANNE] Then here's your chance.

All you have to do is say yes.

Just say "yes," and
everything will be okay.

I will give you
everything that you want.

Just say "yes."


I need a moment alone.

Why don't you two go wait in the car?

- No.
- [JULIAN] You're f*cking kidding me.

You're not safe with her. You
have no idea what she's done.

[JULIAN] For all we know,
she could have the stolen baby

hidden in the house.

I don't.

She's right.

There's no baby here.

I know her as well as you do.

I'll be fine.

All right.

Jesus. You're not serious.

We have to start trusting her.

We'll be right outside if you need us.

Come on.

- [LEANNE] Dorothy.


Dorothy, look at me.

What are you?

Doesn't matter.

I'm yours.

And now you don't have to hurt anymore.

And we can be happy again.




But you need me.

[SOBS] Dorothy!

I'll be better. I promise I...

Don't you want him back?





[NEWSCASTER] On the roads and highways,

we are seeing widespread flash flooding,

and the reports of storm
damage just keep coming in.


I'm not afraid of you anymore!

There's nothing else
that you can do to me.

the one thing that I wanted!

Why couldn't I have it?

[DOROTHY] Leanne!



I know that was my son.

I know you gave him back to me.

But I can't let you do it again.

Do you think I was wrong?
Do you think I'm evil?

No. It was the kindest thing
anyone has ever done for me.

I would have given anything to
have had him for one more minute.

And you gave me months with him.

And this pain that I feel now...

that's a part of my love for him too.

I need to feel it.

You're not evil.

I am.

I'm bad. You don't know
how bad I really am.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. I know you.

When our kitchen caught
f*re in Wisconsin,

I ran and I hid in my room because
I knew that the f*re was my fault.

And I knew I would be punished.

And I heard my parents screaming.

And I could have helped
them, but I didn't.

- You were scared. You were a little girl.
- No. No.

For the first time in
my life, I was happy.

Because I wanted them to die.

And the last thing I remember
was Uncle George taking me away.

He brought me back.

But I didn't deserve it.

I'll never be good enough for him.
[SOBS] I'll never be forgiven.

And I'm f*cking sick, and
I'm tired of trying to be...

Can you forgive me?

A mother who k*lled her own child?

You made a mistake.

I don't care what you've done.

I know your heart.

I met you when you were that
little girl. Do you remember?


You should have been loved.

I would have been so proud
to have a daughter like you.


It's too late, Dorothy. I
don't know how to stop this.

You saved me.

- This is all my fault.
- No.

I'm too dangerous to be around.

Let's please go inside.


- Come on.
- [PANTING] Okay. Okay.

[MELANIE] The Schuylkill
River seems to have

exceeded the hundred-year flood zone.

And that, of course, is causing closures

all along the Schuylkill Expressway.

[NEWSCASTER] Downed wires, and now...

[JULIAN] If Dorothy's not back in
five minutes, I'm going in to get her.

[NEWSCASTER] ... incredibly
unanticipated storm. Potentially fatal.

We get it. It's Armageddon.

Oh, you're leaking.

- Shit. Your stitches must have ripped out.

f*ck. [SIGHS]

[GRUNTS] Don't move.


It's Brunello.

This is what love looks like.

[SEAN] Thanks.

[JULIAN] We have to
get you to the hospital.

The f*ck is taking them so long?


I do forgive you.

And Jericho forgives you too.



[NEWSCASTER] People are beginning
to abandon their vehicles

as the streets continue to flood.

- If you haven't made it inside yet...
- Hold this. I'm going in.

... do so immediately.

[SEAN] Oh, they're here.

We need to go back to the hospital
for Sean before the roads close.

[DOROTHY] What? What happened?

Nothing. I'm fine.

Get in.

I think I should stay.

You don't need me to come with you.

[DOROTHY] It's not safe, Leanne.

We don't want you to get stranded
here. Let us help you. Come on.


I just have to get something that
Uncle George left for me, okay?

Take care of them for me.


[MELANIE] Thank you very much, Walker.

Now, this storm is highly peculiar.

It appeared seemingly out
of nowhere last night,

and has only been growing
in intensity. Not only that,

but the sudden storm
seems to be localized

primarily over the city of Philadelphia

and doesn't seem to be going anywhere.

[WALKER] That's right.

In fact, our meteorologist says
it's only getting bigger and bigger,

spreading into neighboring counties.

Oh, and we've just received
word of an accident

that's caused a massive
pileup on ...


[LEANNE] I'm really sorry.

I really hope you'll be proud of me.

[WALKER] Good night to Melanie,

who has gone home a little early
today to be with her family.

I'll be staying here to give you
minute to minute coverage, though,

on this now record-breaking storm.

This is no joke, folks.

Half of Philly have lost power

and authorities are left
scratching their heads

as to how no one could
have seen this coming.



This is completely f*cking insane.

We should be going now.
None of us are safe here.


Are you okay to wait?

Let's give it another minute.



Hey, Leanne. Um... [CHUCKLES]

... so weird. I was
just thinking about you.

Do you think about me a lot?


Well, I was gonna call
you after work today

and see if you maybe
wanted to go out sometime.

I'd love to.

[TOBE] Okay. Great. [CHUCKLES]

What do you wanna do?

[SMACKS LIPS] We'd go to this restaurant
where you cook your own pizza.

I swear it-it's fun.

And if you don't want to do
that, we can go mini golfing.

Let's do both.

[TOBE] Okay, s... sure. Let's do both.

What should we do after?

[TOBE] After, we could
go get some gelato

and maybe walk by the
river if it's not too cold?

But if it is too cold, I will,
of course, give you my jacket

- because I'm a [CHUCKLING] gentleman.

Let's go tomorrow.

[TOBE] Okay. Yeah.

[STAMMERS] Although I don't know if, um,

it'll still be raining tomorrow.

I mean, this storm is insane.

Do you hear they're
closing some roads down?

It won't be raining tomorrow.

Okay, then. Tomorrow. It's a date.

Um, listen, I-I should be
getting back into work.

But, um, I'm really glad
that you called, Leanne.

Me too.

[TOBE] Bye.


If you haven't done it already,
we encourage you. We urge you.



[LEANNE] I used to try
really hard to make you happy.

But it was never enough.

But it's okay because
I have a new mother now.

And I don't need
anything from you anymore.

I wish that I could
ask you something now.

What does it feel like...

when you burn?

[JULIAN] This is f*cking
nonsense. [GRUNTS] I'm going in.





[DOROTHY] Drive around back.

[DOROTHY] I'm at Spruce Street
and the whole building is on f*re.

Someone's trapped inside.

Spruce Street.

What... Please hurry. She's inside.

- Leanne!
- [JULIAN] Leanne!

[SEAN] Holy f*cking shit!
Julian, don't get too close!

[JULIAN] Oh, my f*cking... Oh, my God!

[SEAN] Shit! Dorothy,
don't come here! Stay back.

[DOROTHY] Oh, my God. Leanne.

[SEAN] Stay back.

You did this!

No, Mr. Turner.

We tried, but we couldn't.

She had to do this herself.

She made her own choice.

She has chosen to save us all.











[POLICE OFFICER] That's a nasty injury.

Hospital said your stitches ripped
while all this was happening.

You gonna be all right
to answer some questions?

Yeah, I'll tell ya
anything you wanna know.

[OFFICER REYES] The f*re department
couldn't determine the source.

All they know is that it grew fast.

Guessing it was a gas leak of some kind.

Have you had these
types of issues before?

It's an old house.

You, uh... You waiting for someone?

The body bag.

[CHUCKLING] Well, we haven't
found any remains yet.

Are you sure someone was in there?

Do you have a place to stay tonight?

Yeah, I booked us a hotel.

Think of it as a blank slate.

You'll get compensation.

You can do the place
up really nice again.

Fix all those things
that bugged you before.

I don't think we're coming back.

I remember you.

You were there that day.

The day my son died. [INHALES DEEPLY]

You were kind to me.

[WHISPERING] Thank you.



the d*ad are always with us.

Maybe not in physical form, but...

Lots of people say
they feel that, Dorothy.

I'm sure there's truth in it.

And I think that maybe in some...

spectacular moments...

we get to see them again.

I got in a bad wreck when I was .

Crashed my parents' car doing
miles an hour on the freeway.

I didn't have a pulse when
the paramedics got there.

And I always felt that maybe

we were brought back
because we understood pain.

We're supposed to help good people
dealing with horrible things.

People like you.

[SOFTLY] You're one of them.

Church of the Lesser
Saints, they-they saved me.

They helped me join the police
force. And when I was ready,

they asked me... [BREATHES SHAKILY]

... to keep an eye
on one of our sisters.


They didn't find her body yet.

Maybe the cult covered it up.

Maybe somehow she made it out.

Leanne is gone.

We have the worst
f*cking luck in the world.

I don't know.

I think we might be all right. [SIGHS]

Let's start over.

[CLICKS TONGUE] I'll call a cab.

You never gave up on

[SOFTLY] Thank you.

You came back to me.

[SOFTLY] Come on.


Can I have a word?

I already answered all
the police's questions.

[SIGHS] W-What is this?

[SIGHS] We need to talk.

About what?

It's over.

Christmas last year, your heart stopped.

- [FRANK] What?

- He's not breathing. Do something!
- [SEAN] What?

[FRANK] Um, CPR! Something!




- What? No.
- Well, you're sober now.

Maybe you're seeing
things a bit more clearly?

You probably feel stronger.

- I think I have to go now.
- When you're given a second chance,

it's for a purpose.

[SIGHING] Oh, Jesus.

What are you trying to say

What the f*ck are you trying to say?

I think you know.

We'll be here when you're ready to talk.

We're family now.

Holy shit.
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