01x09 - Moving Forward

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Shrinking". Aired: January 27, 2023 - present.
A grieving therapist starts to break the rules by telling his clients exactly what he thinks.
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01x09 - Moving Forward

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Raymond, Paul said he's ready for you.

At long last.

Lisa, let's boogie.

Steven, come on. We're
getting out of here.

What are these for?





- [JIMMY] Fun, right? Come on.

Don't forget Mom.

You sure we should do this today?

It's been long enough. She wanted
you to spread her ashes, right?

I know, but it's a little windy.

- I don't wanna get any of her in my mouth.
- Look, I get it.

It's my d*ad wife's birthday this week.

I've been stuck too.

I think we should move forward.

[STEVEN] It looks closed.

[JIMMY] Yeah. Don't worry about it.

So, I saw you're getting a fancy award.

- [GROANS] Oh, man.
- Don't be judgmental,

but I have a Google Alert on you.

That is so lame.

Wow. I just said very
clearly, don't be judgmental.

- Yeah, but I didn't agree to that.
- That's fair.

Yeah, the APA is giving me
a career achievement award.


Come on, man. It sucks.

Oh. Well, is there anything I can
do for you in this challenging time?

[SIGHS] No. It's just that I'm
not ready to be put out to pasture.

- Can I say something?
- I feel you talk all the time.

I do. But I'm paying
you for it, so I'm good.

Listen, when I came to see
you over years ago...

Twenty-two years ago.

... I was drinking too much,
and my marriage had ended,

and my self-esteem was so low

that I spent most of my time
wondering how I'm gonna k*ll myself.

Now, my life is so good that half
the time I come through that door,

- I don't know what I want to talk about.

[CHUCKLES] Today I was
gonna talk about feeling old

and wondering if I can still
pull off a leather jacket.

- You can't.
- Ouch.


Listen, Paul. You've spent your
whole career helping people.

You deserve to be
celebrated for a minute.

Some people might not agree with that.

[CHUCKLES] Yeah, like who?

Okay. Well, just know that I...

am very grateful.

Thank you, Paul.


You're welcome.

Do you think I could
pull off leather pants?

- No.
- What about a bodysuit?

I think your time is up.

Okay, Lisa. Everybody gets
feedback at work, okay?

But you hear criticism at a ten
when it's been given to you at a two.

You're not wrong.

Hey, you are not your mistakes.

But my boss thinks I'm a idiot now.

That's your mom's voice, not
your boss's. You are not an idiot.

You know how I know that?

It's because you are the shit.

[CHUCKLES] I like when you curse.

- That's why I f*cking do that shit, bitch.

See, this is why you
worth the -minute drive.

'Cause you also the shit.

[CHUCKLES] Lisa, this is not
about me. But please, don't stop.

[CHUCKLES] But g*dd*mn, minutes?

Yeah. It's worth it coming
to see a Black therapist.

I don't have to explain to
you about my mom's narcissism.

Or the fact that it's not codependent

that my whole family goes to the mall

with my cousin when he need a new suit.

[CHUCKLES] Well, we
are a communal people.

Thank you. [CHUCKLES]

[CHUCKLES] But seriously, your
family is codependent as hell.

[JIMMY] So these were her seats, huh?

[STEVEN] Yeah, but it feels
weird leaving her here.

If it helps, you can, uh...
you can talk to her first.

- Seriously?
- Yeah.

- Say all the things you never got to say.
- Everything?

I mean, you can leave out the dream

where she cut off your penis, but yeah.

- Yeah.

Mom, sometimes you were horrible.

Like, really f*cking
mean. And judgmental.

You stole thousands of
dollars from your church.

- Did not know that.
- But you did raise me.

I love you.

That was beautiful.

- Thanks.
- Mostly.

Should we, uh, spread
this lady out or what?

[STEVEN] Yeah.

[JIMMY] Take all the time you need.

Watch my feet though.

[GUARD ON RADIO] Roger that.

I was wrong. We should run.


Right there.

- [STEVEN] Whoa.
- [GUARD ] Security. Stop! Hey!

[JIMMY] Dump as you go. Dump as you go.

Dump and run. Dump and run.




[CHUCKLES] What were you up to?



Hey. Hey.


[SNIFFLES] That's all we get.

But it was so fun.

Okay, I love you a lot.


You can't even hear the music.

I know. I just wanted to
be a part of it so bad.


Hey, can my grounding please be over?

- Yes.
- Really?

In two more weeks.

- Okay, that was mean.
- You stole my car, you little f*ck.

- Fair.
- Hey,

remember how you used to come
lay on the end of the bed?

You'd tell me and your mom about
some song you were obsessed with.

- We'd have a listening party.

Then I'd play one of my
favorite songs for you.

You'd tell me that my
taste in music sucked.

Yeah. I miss that.

If it helps, your taste
in music still does suck.

- Glad you still think so.

Seriously, what is a Goo Goo Doll?



- [FRIENDS] To Derek. Cheers!
- [CHUCKLES] Thank you.

That is so kind. I appreciate it.

Retired, and with that
head of hair? Mmm, mmm, mmm.

The world is yours.

- Oh, stop.

What are you gonna do?

I don't know. I guess the first
year I'll just chill at home.

- Oh.
- [LIZ] That's why I invited you all.

Partly because I'm so happy for you.

- I love you so much.
- [GABY] Aw.

And partly because I don't want any
questions when I take my own life.

- [BRIAN] Oh.
- Whoa.

That was one hell of a toast.

- Thank you.

I have big wedding news.

Are we done celebrating Derek?

It's cool. I might have a big
shindig in a few weeks with friends.

You know, couple hundred people, so...

Are we invited?

- You are now.

I'm sorry, a couple hundred people?

Guys, does D-Bone have
a better life than us?

What can I say? I like
people, and people like me.

That's true. It's annoying.

Hey. Hi. Uh, I think
we moved on to my thing.

- I don't know.
- Oh, sorry.

- Mmm. No.
- Did we?

I don't think so.

Jimmy has been reinstated.

He is once again performing
my wedding ceremony.

- [GABY] Wow.
- Why did you let him back in?

Because I'm a kind
and benevolent prince.

- Okay, I don't know if you're a prince.
- No. No.

I also guilted him for being
a selfish son of a bitch, so...

- Yeah. That's what it is.
- Yeah, that makes sense.

I still don't love these two as friends.

- And we don't give a shit.
- It makes us stronger.

- Yeah. Mm-hmm.
- Yeah. Mm-hmm.


Hey, sorry I'm running late. Let's go.

It's fine. I have to
pee actually. Can I...

Gaby, boundaries. You can hold it.

Are you serious? You know how much
water I drink in a day. One second.


- Good morning. [CHUCKLES]
- Oh, damn. Wow.

Wow, that's a good surprised face.

[STAMMERS] Don't you have
to go to the bathroom?

No. I can hold it in for this.

[SIGHS] Gaby, uh, this is Dr. Baram.

Uh, you've seen me naked.
Go with my first name.

- Julie.
- Hello, Julie. I am Gaby.

Well, I should, um, put some pants on.

But see if you can
cheer grumpy up, here.

He's pissed because he's
an award-winning therapist.

Is he gonna win any awards in
the bedroom? Schwing! [LAUGHS]

Holy shit. I don't wanna
know that. Actually I do.

What? Oh, my God. I'm sorry.

When I get nervous, I start
just saying stupid shit.

And that's what's
happening right now. Sorry.

Are you gonna take her
to the awards ceremony?

Go to the bathroom.

Mm-hmm, mm-hmm, mm-hmm, mm-hmm, mm-hmm.

Ooh, she's fun. [CHUCKLES]

Isn't she?

Uh, look, the award
ceremony is in Vegas,

- and I'm not sure if I'm...
- All right. [SHUSHES] No, no. Relax.

- If I'm gonna go.
- Um, no.

No, much as... as I was flattered

by the invitation from your colleague,

I'm just not sure we're at the
sit-together-through-boring-stuff stage.

Uh, I have never actually been at
that stage, and I've been married.



I don't know where the bathroom is.

Down the hall, on the left.

- Oh, my God. Look at her legs.
- Not a word.

- Congratulations.
- Go.

Okay, I'm gonna...

- But seriously, I'm super happy for you.

This is really inspiring.

I didn't think I'd be able
to have sex when I got old...

- Go.
- ... but I'm gonna f*ck forever.

- This is awesome.
- Stop it. Stop it. Go.

It's nice to have you working here.

The exciting world of
corporate accounting. [CHUCKLES]

- Hope you're having a little fun.
- Are you kidding me, Dad?

I love scanning these documents.

If you let me do this when I was a kid,

I probably never
would've played football.

- Yeah, okay.

I appreciate the job, Dad. Thank you.

Aw, son. I'm just glad
to see you doing so well.

- Good. Keep it up.
- Yes, sir.


Now that I got a job, I
can finally give you this.

No prouder moment for a therapist
than when his patient pays him rent.


Is there any way you can be
happy for me and still mad at him?

Yeah, I can do that. Good on you, kid.

- What's the matter with you?
- So many things, Paul.

Hey, uh, listen, I was... I
was thinking about your award.

Why is everybody obsessing
about this g*dd*mn award?

What award?

Oh, Paul's been nominated for a Grouchy.

They give it to whoever can
spend the most time pissed off

for absolutely no reason.

- Ah.
- You got this in the bag, Paul.

All right, look, they give you
these career achievement things

at the last possible moment,

when they still think
you can make a speech

and not just stumble up there

and-and go, "Blah, blah, blah,
blah, blah," and shit yourself.

If that happens, standing ovation.

My life is over.

And the cherry on the top is my
daughter thinks I'm a selfish prick.

Look, these things you're talking about,

they're just roadblocks, right?

- You gotta blow through 'em.

What if you invited Meg and her
family to Vegas to celebrate with you?

What are you, nuts?

Meg's barely talking to me,
and Mason is ten years old.

What's he gonna do, gamble and whore?

Hey, Vegas is for families now.

So what he's saying is
you and your grandson

could gamble and whore together.

He'd never be able to keep up.

I go hard.

- Thanks for coming.
- Yeah, well, I'm here for one reason only.

Was that me in the painting or what?


- Yeah, it was you.
- What did you say?

It's you.

Thank you. Hearing a man say I'm right

really greases my f*cking peach, dude.

should've said it more often.

Listen, about what I said at
the art gallery, I do regret it.

But I forgave myself.

I went on a whole-ass journey.
It took less than two minutes.

But that show was sick. And it
is nice to see you k*lling it.


Reminds me of who you
were when we first met.

- Do you think we could ever try again?
- Excuse me?

What? I don't think we ever fell
out of love. I just f*cked things up.

I mean, you're still the funniest,
sexiest woman I've ever seen.

[GROANS] Oh, God. I'm so
annoyed this is working.

Wanna get out of here?


Yeah, that'll work for me.

[CHUCKLES] Shit, I can't
believe we're doing this again.

Well, it makes sense, you know?

I mean, once you crack the sex
seal, you're gonna keep doing it.

- Yeah.
- Plus, I'm... I'm really good at it...

- Oh, yeah. Yeah.
- ... since I started Zumba. Yeah.

[EXHALES HEAVILY] We're a good fit.

Really? You think, like,
penis-vagina alignment?

I mean, it is... It's snug down there.

Aw, thank you.

- Well, that's both of us.
- What? Oh.

- Griffins.

You f*cking saved my ass earlier.

I mean, I was this close to
taking Nico to pound town.

I mean, he was talking about
how much he changed for me

and how he's still sober,

and how sexy I was, which
you know I love that.

- You do f*cking look sexy.
- Oh, my God. Thank you.

- Yeah.
- Still, what was I thinking?

I missed out on so much
to get him through rehab.

Like, I passed up a teaching
job. I ditched conferences.

I lost out on so many opportunities
just to make sure he was okay.

So thank you for your safe, safe dick.

Yeah. You're welcome.

He wouldn't like it if I told you,

but my dick doesn't
like to be called "safe."

What about, like, maybe
"bold" or "majestic"?

What about "decent"?


How about...

"working-class dick"?

- Yeah, he likes it. He likes it.
- [GASPS] Oh, shit. He loves it.

I gotta consult with me union.


- Hey, babe.
- Hey.

Wanna go with me to get the mail?

You want me to walk with you
to the end of the driveway?

And back.

- [ALICE] Hey, guys.
- Oh, hey. Hey, guys.

k*ll me.

If Liz said she'd help with your
catering thing, why don't you ask her?

Nah, we were just joking around.

Besides, I got a new
job working with my dad.

Hmm. How's that going?

I am very grateful for the opportunity.

- Oh, damn.

You ever look at this tree?

Her graceful trunk.

Her sturdy limbs.

She's beautiful.

Derek, do you wanna f*ck that tree?

I don't think it's legal.

Please tell me that's
not what's stopping you.

Okay. I'm gonna help get Liz on board.

We can get Gaby to help.
Plus, I've got a rock.

I'ma need you to connect some more dots.

Liz gives all her best polished rocks
to the people she loves the most.

She's only given one to me,
Derek and two of her three sons.

So, the ceremony will start, and
then I'll give the opening remarks.

Sure you wanna hear this now?
You don't wanna be surprised?

- Yeah, I'm good not being surprised.
- Okay. [CHUCKLES]

So, I'll be standing right next to you.

Liz is the audience.
Whenever you're ready.

- Are you gonna be this close?
- I'll probably be this close. [CHUCKLES]

Charlie will be right here.

Don't worry about him.
He'll be looking at me.

[JIMMY] Okay.

Yes. Up top. You got this, buddy.

- That's Charlie.
- He'll like that.

wanna... Give me a second

- 'cause I worked really hard on this.
- Yeah.

Yes, yes, yes, yes. [CHUCKLES]

Oh, man.

Yeah, this-this definitely reminds
me of when you married Tia and I.

- Tia and me.
- Nobody cares, Liz.

- No, it's wrong.
- Come on back.


I need a second.

- Wow.
- This, not good.

No, although now I'm really
looking forward to this wedding.

I just gotta shake it off.
I'm good. Gotta get loose.

[BRIAN] Yeah.

Oh, in high school basketball,

when someone would talk shit to
me, it would really motivate me.

Will you pretend like you don't
think I'm gonna be able to do this?

Don't have to pretend.
This is a disaster.

- Okay, f*ck you, Liz.
- Yeah.

You know what? This time
I'm just gonna read it.

- No emotion, just words.
- Yeah, that'll work.

"Marriage"... Nope.

I'm f*cked.

Without a drop of lube.

Liz. Normally funny, not today.

Today it's a little funny.

Not today. Too stressed. My
parents arrived yesterday.

My dad's already asked if all
gay couples kiss at the end

or if some bump fists.

Brian, Brian, calm down.

I freaked out a bit, but I
promise you I'm gonna get there.


- f*ck you, Liz! This isn't about you!
- Man.

This is about Brian and
imaginary Charlie and I.

- Me.
- Liz, don't provoke me!

You're supposed to be the audience.

So unless the audience is a group
of blueberry-eating assholes,

you're not in character.

- f*ck you!
- Take a walk. She's not worth it.

f*ck you, Liz.

You are not gonna ruin the best
day of my life, you grammar witch.

These are good blueberries.

- [MEG] How you feeling?
- Oh, I'm feeling good.

Feeling fine. That's not why I called.

Um, I...

[CHUCKLES] I know it's the
worst place in the world,

but what are your
feelings about Las Vegas?

Well, don't judge me,
but I f*cking love it.

[CHUCKLES] I do too.

Um, I was wondering if
you and Mason and Dave

- could join me there this weekend.
- Oh.

- My treat.
- Wow.


sh**t, we can't.


[STAMMERS] Mason's got a
school play this Saturday.

Uh, okay, well, how about
if you could come Sunday?

- I could stay an extra couple days.
- Why does it have to be this weekend?

It's no big deal, but I'm getting

this lifetime achievement
thing from the APA...

Right. Right. No, I almost forgot.
Work first, everything else second.

- No. Come on. Let me start over.
- [MEG] I gotta go, Dad.

- It could be any weekend.
- I gotta go.



You don't know nothing about
nothing, and you give horrible advice.

One of your patients?

No, that's my boss and mentor. Yeah.

Oh. Hi, Paul.

Um, Paul, are you in a good enough mood

for me to ask you for an annoying favor?

Um, no.

Okay, well, I don't care.
I'm gonna do it anyway.



- I'm applying for a professorship.
- A professorship?

Gaby, academia is the
fifth circle of hell.

It goes babies, musicals,
magic, kale, academia.

Don't come for magic. You know
I went to magic camp, okay?

I can pull shit out of your
ears that would astound you.

- Leave my ears alone.
- Okay.

What do you want?

Um, I was wondering if you
could write me a recommendation.

Why are you chasing a professorship?

Because even with my
current patient roster,

I still have the bandwidth.

And we've talked about this.

More teachers that look like me mean
more therapists that look like me.

And I'm not talking about
tall and hot as shit.

I'm talking about...

- Black.
- Exactly.

Plus, with all this safe dick
I'm getting, I got plenty of time.

What is safe dick?

Simple, uncomplicated sex
that doesn't ruin your life.

- So, Julie...
- Oh.


Even though she is a woman, could
be thought of as "safe dick"?


- Cool.
- Mm-hmm.

Write whatever recommendation
you want, and I'll sign it.

Are you sure I'm not putting you
out? I could sign it for you too.


- Isn't this place great?
- Very nice.

It's a small wedding, so we're
only gonna spend a million.

- Really?

- He doesn't always get sarcasm.
- Mmm.

Brian says that about anyone
who doesn't like his jokes.



- Ooh, there's the wedding planner.
- Hey.

- [CHARLIE] Be back in a sec.
- Okay.

I like him.

Me too.


I'm really glad you're here.

I wouldn't miss it.

So are you gonna go with
the classic tuxedo look?

Uh, a classic tuxedo will
be one of my outfits, yes.

- There... There'll be costume changes?

Yeah, just like my th birthday.

been meaning to ask you...

Jimmy was supposed to be my best man,

but now he's performing the ceremony,

and, um...

I was hoping you'd
stand up there with me.


Well, that's... that's
nice of you to ask, Brian.

- But, you know, I'd...

I'd be happier just
sitting with your mom.

Course. Yeah. No problem.


Being grounded sucks,
but he's been around.

You know, checking my
homework, making dinner.

Total dad mode.

- And that's good, right?
- Yeah.


Give me my hat back.

You told me to wear it
'cause it's hot and sunny.

But now I'm hot.

Okay, damn.

[JIMMY] Hey.

- [PAUL] Hey.
- Am I interrupting?

- [ALICE] We just finished.
- [JIMMY] Okay, cool.

- Am I allowed to make fun of the hat?

I wouldn't.

You want a lift? I'm gonna
visit Mom, if you wanna come.

Mmm. No, I biked. Plus, I have
to help Sean with something.

- Yeah.
- You good?

So good.


Paul, before you get back to
that newsroom from the ' s...

- Sorry, you always call me on my shit.


I think it's time for
me to return the favor.

- Think I'll pass.
- You don't get to pass.

Oh, damn.

Look, you invited Meg to
Vegas. You got b*rned. It sucks.

But you know what? At least
you let her know how you feel.

And you gotta keep doing that.

He's right.

Who asked you? Or you?

The weekend with Meg fell
apart 'cause of the award thing.

But they can just mail
me the stupid thing.

Jesus, now you're not gonna
go? You're being honored, Paul.

Come on. I'll go with you.

That's not exactly a selling point.

What about this, um... this doctor
that you're having S-E-X with?

You're sleeping with your doctor?

Oh, my God. Is she
cute? Do you like her?

Gaby says that he does.

Gaby also says, and I
quote, "Her legs are insane!"

- Okay.
- f*cking Gaby.

You like her, Paul. Ask her.

Why is it so hard for
you to be vulnerable?

This whole Fortress of Solitude thing,

it's getting old.

Sometimes you gotta put yourself
out there. Make a big gesture.

People love a big gesture.

Huge gesture.

- Are you done?
- Only if you're gonna listen to me.

Then we're in a tricky spot.

You know I'm right.

Whoa. It felt f*cking
good to say that to you.

Hey, I love you both.

[ALICE] Bye.


[ALICE] Come on.

I told you he's doing better.

It's f*cking annoying.


So, I see you are serious
about White Guilt Catering.

I'm not sure I settled
on the name, but yeah.

I need investors, and
you said you were in.

We were kidding around, and now
you're pretending we weren't?

I was, but now I'm getting kinda scared.

Hey, you're okay.

- You're in on this?
- [GABY] Yeah.

I love to support
small Black businesses.

What businesses do you support?

I am a Black business.

It's a lot of money. I
would have to talk to Derek.

- Everyone, calm down.
- Okay, copy that.

Hey, D-Train.

What up, G-Spot?

You cool if Liz gave grand
to Sean's new catering business?


Took a while for him to come
around, but he did. You in?

I don't know. I'm super busy right now.

Liz, remember when you gave this to me?

You're invoking the rock?

- That's a pretty-ass rock.
- [ALICE] Mm-hmm.

- I want one.
- No, you haven't earned it, "G-Spot."

You gave it to me when Mom died,

and you said that it
meant that you love me

and that you'd always have my back.

And this last year, you've shown
up for me over and over again,

and I'm so grateful, so thank you.

You're welcome.

And maybe it's unfair to ask,

but I was wondering if you could
show up for me one more time

- and help out with Sean.

That is the most
manipulative you've ever been.

Yeah, that was good shit.


Let's do it.

- Yes!
- Yay!

- All right.
- There it is.


You know what? I could help with
marketing, PR. I'm great at merch.

That's the best part. You
don't need to get involved.

I'll take care of everything.

- Cool.
- Thank you. Thank you.

[WHISPERS] Good job.

- You're the best. Thank you.
- You rock, Liz.

Hey. Come here.

You get your little
feelings hurt? Sorry.

- Let me get one of those rocks.
- No.

Come on. Don't be like that.

- No, you played me today.

- Oh, hi. [CHUCKLES]

Would you like to go away
w-w-with me for the weekend?


Um, now.


You know you're a
ridiculous person, right?


Uh... [GROANS]

Okay. If anyone asks,
you invited me a week ago,

and I-I deliberated a great deal.

Oh, okay.

- Give me five minutes.
- You got it.

You still got it, man.


Hey, you.

Okay. [GROANS]

- Oh, my God. They're beautiful.
- Yeah?

I had to make up for last
year's birthday debacle.

I really did think we'd both
love a gigantic television.

Anyways, happy birthday. I love you.

Let me fix you.

- We're late.
- No, it's gonna be perfect.

You know what you're going to say?

- [SCOFFS] I'll just wing it.


- Excuse me.
- [AUDIENCE MEMBER] Yeah, sure.

Are these seats taken?

Dad, what are you doing here?

Vegas is too hot.

Besides, I love fourth-grade musicals.

- Dave.
- Paul.



So which one is yours?

I think it's the big gray mouse.

- It's an elephant, Dad.
- It's an elephant?

- The big gray mouse that's an elephant.
- Good-looking elephant.

Yeah, he's a good-looking boy.

- Behold, the mighty jungle.


[WHISPERS] I knew you liked her.

- [WHISPERS] She's not with me.
- Oh.





- [ALICE] You're up!

Good. Okay, hi. I wanna show you a song.

- Holy shit. Listening parties are back.

Okay, this is gonna put you
in a good mood immediately.




Okay. I get the appeal.

- Don't ruin it for me.
- Okay. All right.

Okay. Thank you.

We play this on the bus
on the way to away games.

Oh, my God. Summer gets so hyped,

she crushed a Gatorade
bottle on her head.

Oh, my God. That is so Summer.

- Mm-hmm. So Summer.
- Tell her to never change.



- Hey, when is your next game?
- Mmm, I think next Tuesday. Let's see.

- Oh, shit.
- Huh?

We forgot Mom's birthday.


No, I... Uh...

- Oh.
- Oh, my God.

You asked me if I wanted
to visit her yesterday.

I did.

We didn't forget. I forgot.

I forgot. f*ck! f*ck! Oh, my
God. Why didn't you tell me?

I thought that maybe you knew,
and you just wanted some space.

- Shit! Shit! I'm such a piece of shit.
- No.

- No, sweetie.
- What's wrong with me?

How did I forget? I forgot...

- It was... It was a mistake.

- Honey, look at me.

It's okay.

No, it's not.




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