04x186 - How You Use It

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Boruto: Naruto Next Generations". Aired: 9 May 2016 – present.
Boruto Uzumaki follows in his father Naruto's footsteps by training to become a powerful ninja, but being the son of the city's leader comes with its own unique challenges.
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04x186 - How You Use It

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How You Use It

Young Lord… Are you really okay?


You and Chamaru should hide there!


Mitsuki, how does it look?

Not yet. I don't see him.

Even though he doesn't have his Byakugan anymore,

it's evident that he's still a powerful warrior.

Don't let your guard down!

Yes, sir!

Of course not!

After what he did to Mr. Mugino…

I respected and held in high regard,

the way you fulfilled and lived the life of a shinobi.

You're wrong.

I'm not a shinobi.

I'm a tool.


Ao said that he gave up being a shinobi

and became a tool.

In that case, we have to defeat him

with our power as shinobi!

Ao's coming this way!

They call this hiding?

Though it seems like they're serious

about settling things here and now.

Come on out!

Lightning Style: Snake Lightning!

You're not getting away–!

f*re Style: Flaming Meteors!

Why you–!

Successive att*cks without any concern for chakra depletion.

They're up to something.

Behind you!

Dr. Katasuke's Scientific Ninja Tools are really something.

They're quite durable too!


f*re Style: Fireball Jutsu!

You guys just don't get it, do you?

Now, Mitsuki!

Yes, sir!

Let's hit him in tandem!

– Yes, sir! – Yes, sir!

I know what you're doing.

You should know such att*cks aren't enough to take me down.

Which means this is a diversion.

I don't see the Hokage's brat.

Did he take Dr. Katasuke and escape?

No, it's the opposite.

He's the fulcrum that their plan rests on!

He's likely in my blind spot waiting for his chance to strike.

Come out, Boruto Uzumaki!

I'll make you my victim instead!

You need to emerge…

before your friends drop from exhaustion, don't you?

Come on!

From the side?

From behind?

Or perhaps…

…from above?

How unfortunate.

I saw through the whole thing.


No, you don't know anything.

A shadow clone?

W-What is this thing?

This Scientific Ninja Tool is…

draining my strength!


I'm fine!

Damn it!

Looks like you're pretty drained!

Your movements slowed down a bit!

You got me, kid.

But that doesn't change the fact

that your jutsu won't work against me!


In short, this is a jutsu that absorbs jutsu, right?

So, I just had to absorb the one you had.

You brat!

As with anything, it all depends on how you use it…


Young Lord!

It went well, Dr. Katasuke.

But I wasn't able to finish him.

That thing is useless now.

You won't be able to absorb jutsu anymore.


Big Bro!


Big Bro!

It's all right! He's still breathing!

What the hell?!

That suddenly came from the sky!

Those are–!

You really got me…

What the hell are those?

I never thought I would have to use these Mirror Drones.


They seem to be devices that transmit Lord Ao's chakra over long distances,

allowing for remote att*cks.

In short, he can launch

a barrage of jutsu b*mb from above like rain.

So, this is his secret w*apon.

I was really hoping…

not to have to resort to using them, but…

Yeah, I understand why.

This style of fighting isn't ninja-like at all.

Are you trying to provoke me?

Not really.

That's just my honest opinion.

It looks like you chose to be a tool of the Kara

or whatever they're called, instead of being a shinobi.

But it seems to me like you still have

some lingering attachments to being a shinobi.

I died…

as a shinobi!

And thanks to them, I was reborn.

I was useless,

but they gave me new powers and gave my life meaning.


This marks the end of shinobi,

with their paltry and antiquated powers.

We must make the transition to a new power.

As their tool, my life was given meaning.

Do you know why Mugino died?

It's because he didn't have power.

If he had power…

he wouldn't have died.

Why you–!

Not everyone can become strong like your father.

That's right.

For many, it's impossible to achieve.

They only suffer loss and end up exhausting themselves.

That's why we need a new power.

Whether or not it's ninja-like is of no concern to me.

I gave up being a shinobi.

I'm a new breed of human, one that has new powers!

Sarada! Mitsuki! Take care of Sensei and the Doctor!

Huh?! Hold on, Boruto!

Leave this to me!


He did it!

Water Style: Wave Surge!

This level of Water Style can't overcome my drone's Jutsu b*mb.

Oh yeah?

I guess you really were a shinobi of the Hidden Mist,

since you're so critical of my Water Style.

Can I ask you something?

I'm sure you could have returned to your village.

Why didn't you go back?

I couldn't.

Even if I was able to walk using the Doctor's prosthetics,

I couldn't live as a shinobi anymore.

I was surviving helplessly…

but what was waiting for me was my death as a shinobi.

Even so, you're still you!

Even if you couldn't fight–!

Try to imagine it.

One day, you're suddenly robbed of your powers as a shinobi.

Could you accept yourself in that state?

I literally…

became powerless.

I was no longer able to live as I had before.

The Kara…

gave me power and meaning to my life.

They let me live,

so I decided to dedicate my life to them as their tool.

If that's the case,

I won't lose to you.

I truly commend you for pressing me this far.

But now, you're done for!

A shadow clone. It's certainly a powerful jutsu.

But while all of your clones are physically manifested,

you can't replicate any complex contraptions.

Thus, it's obvious that you're the original,

since you're wearing that gauntlet.


Don't be hasty! Wait right there.

It will be your turn once I'm done with him.

Now then.

When we met on the Thunder Train…

I thrust a screwdriver at you like this, right?

If you were my enemy back then, you would have died.

But it seems that fate was merely delayed.

If you're…

not a ninja…


You can't b*at me!

I see! He armed one of his clones with the gauntlet!

A ninja must read the hidden meanings within the hidden meanings!

Where are you?!



Well done. You win.

Do it.

I can't move anymore. I've no will left to fight either.

You could k*ll me easily with that paltry screwdriver right now.

Avenge Mugino.

I'm sure he'll be happy about it in the afterlife.

What do you think you're doing?

You can fix your broken arm and leg with it, right?

Showing mercy to an enemy?

How naïve, like father like son…

Keep that up, and it will inevitably lead to your death.

Konohamaru Sensei!

Did I pass out?

Where's Ao?!

It's all right.

The battle's over.

I'll never forgive you.

But I'm a shinobi.

My power isn't meant for k*lling someone who can't even move.

How foolish.

It's like you said.

It all depends on how you use it, no matter what it is.

So, even that power of yours…

You should be able to use them to do good, right?

I am a tool.

A tool doesn't think about how they're being used.

That's not true!

That only refers to the Scientific Ninja Tools implanted in your body.

You're alive! You're not a tool!

A tool wouldn't mourn the death of his friends.

If you can stand and walk…

using the limbs that the Doctor gave you…

Don't give up… on living!


Big Bro!

We'll hand Ao over to the Leaf.

We'll contact headquarters and wait for backup to arrive!

Roger that, ya know!

Good grief.

In any case, well done, all of you.

This task far exceeded the scope of a genin mission!

You're quite right!

They're shinobi anyone can be proud of anywhere!

The future looks bright.

Koji Kashin!

Summoning: Steam Toad!

Ao, the hero of the Mist…

I can't believe you couldn't complete this mission.

It seems I put too much reliance and faith into you as an Outer.

He's with Ao!

So that means he's part of the Kara too!

Also, this strange chakra is no joke!

Who the hell are you?!

Next time on Boruto: Naruto Next Generations:



I am Koji Kashin.

Nice to meet you… Boruto Uzumaki!
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