Ip Man and Four Kings (2019)

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Ip Man and Four Kings (2019)

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These teachers, can you tell who is the lord?

Teacher f*ck? Do you Ye Wen?

Listen ya! I want to challenge you here now.

Can I ask why you want to challenge me?

Because there can be no two teachers Ye
in the streets.

Who am I?

I was chairman of the 7th Sect sect Conqueror god-devil,

Are You.

So you have Ou Ye.
Master Ou, pleased to meet you.

Do not call me Master Ou, I'm a teacher Ye.

Anyway, kumaklumi keluguanmu.

Kukasih telling you, I never lose
at anyone until now.

Master, we have not been fighting at anyone before.

Shut up!

I hear Kung Fu Wing Chunma for women.

So let's talk about our present stance punches.

Anyone who lose have to put this
last tour in the street.

The winner will be the Master Ye original.

A'Qiang, A'Min.

Yes, teacher.

Ouch! Ouch! Why pretend?

Accept blow first love and
conqueror of evil, boundless love mine.

Do not laugh.

Come pakek! Come pakek!

You said you do not need excessive way.

Used to clean your face.

Do not laugh!

Stop! Little retreat!

Ye Wen, this affair has not finished!

I'll shut perguruanmu sooner or later.

Let's go!

Guru Ye.

Master Ye, you're famous here and far away.

It seemed we were a long time no see,
I see you as an old friend.

I want to fight you for the comparison of science,
not to nyari victory.

So Master Ye, let me fight with you.

Master Fang, you're so polite and simple.
You've known me for a long time.

I'm honored to be fighting
and exchanging knowledge with you.

For now,
there are important matters that need to finish.

I'll see you later here 9 days.

It does not matter who wins,
I'm willing to be friends with you.

What do you think, Professor Ye?

Master Fang, whatever you say.

Old mother was seriously ill,
and want to eat fish, so I bought it.

Master Ye, please do laughs at me.

Your body is capable martial world,
but the heart remains at home.

Master Fang, how could I laugh at
people as well as you.

The world body capable of self-defense,
but the heart remains at home, nice words!

9 days, after our match,

I'll cook the fish themselves, so that we can enjoy it,
and get drunk.

Thank you very much.

CITY Jiulong

Welcome to the Jiulong, Tn. John.

Tn. Zheng, we meet again.

Tn. Zheng, what happened here?

I was just dealing with family matters.

You're pretty cruel too, but I like it.

This daughter no. 1 of Brothel Jinjiao.

Taste pretty good too, please sit down.

Buyers are very satisfied
with the final packaged goods.

This payment for you.

I prefer to do business with you.

Today I'm here to book a
package of goods again.

Sales are quite popular and are very popular in the UK.

All right!

Well, no problem!

But this time I want the goods better.

Could you explain better how?

Tn. Zheng, you'd know more than me, is not it?

For the finer things,

you have to pay a higher price.

During the good goods, money does not matter.

I prefer to do business with you,
look over there.

Get off me, you bastard!

What do you want? Last, let me go!

What is this stuff better as you want?

These items are nice, if so agreed.


There must be no problem.

If I'm not sure about something,
I will not do.

Who are you?

Master Fang, indeed
people who are missing are here.


att*ck! Go get them!

Brother! Brother! Sister ...!

Sister ...!

Sister ...!

Small! Small! Small!

See, right? Do not believe that I did not win.

You win again! It was really lucky!

Bet! Posting! Bet!


Bro, lend me 500 again.

A'Qiang, you often lose a lot lately.

If I borrow 500 again, so you owe 5,000.

You're able to pay it off?

Lend me a little longer,
so I can win my money again.

After my money back, I will pay off my debt.

Well, wait a minute yes.

I'm going to the cashier to get you the money.


Lately pesky continue.

That's how.

I hope we can cooperate well, brother cousin.

Cousin sister, someone merundungku.

Why are you dressed like this?

Cousin sister, I painstakingly manage
college martial.

But just the Ye Wen

perguruannya opened close to my place.

Is not he stealing my business that way?

I want melabraknya,
but he b*at me when I was there.

Look here, here!

Primarily that is, that hurts.

Cousin sister, you must balaskan revenge.

Uh, well, okay.

In what manner I pulled dendammu?

Anyway, you make perguruannya lid.

Let someone like that stay alive
there will be a problem.

Boss, let me who ended
his life Ye Wen now.


Let us messing around first.

Attach your bet! Attach your bet!

Put your bets! Hands can not at the table!

Big! Big! Big!

Small! Small! Small!

Big! Big!

Small! Small!
/ Big! Big!


If you follow my advice, you can win, right, right?

Look at you! Always stubborn

do not want to hear my advice.


Ah, yes nice.

Come on, up the stakes!

Posting! Posting! The stakes!

Bring him in.
/ Yes!

Bos, the problem is sorted out.

Here note movements.

Not so A'Qiang, what the hell are you thinking?

Ye Wen!

Officer, what's up?

We suspect you were involved in the m*rder.

Please join us again for interrogation.

/ m*rder f*ck?

You do not talk nonsense!
/ There is evidence?

Officer, what's going on this?

Yesterday 7 of Fang Zhiyong family
were k*lled brutally.

You said Fang family?

This is what we found at the scene.

It's a pocket watch?

Do not pretend you do not know.
All there is here

should come with me to the interrogation.

You deliberately entrap us.
It already you want.

The officer, a pocket watch that was mine personally.

But it has nothing to do with anyone else.

If the police officer wants interrogation for investigation,
let me participating.

Teachers, do not follow them.


Honestly say.
What was your purpose to k*ll Fang Zhiyong?

Is it because you do not dare to fight him?

You're afraid of losing face, so you k*lled him.

Very difficult to clean up contaminated names.

You mean we mistakenly accused you?

Then how do you explain this?

Officer, if I k*ll people,

why I openly leaving
evidence at the crime scene?

You're twisting the facts.

You pretend you do not know.

Stop already!

You can not punish him for no apparent reason.

This interrogation makes me tired.
I just wanted to stretch the muscles.

Get out! Get out! Get out!

Master Ye, please do not be upset if my men.

Come, drink tea.

They do not know anything, do not be angry.


Of course, they stunned men!
Later they will attend.

What makes you more comfortable this way?

Sister Ye, you've saved my life.

I know you personally, however, e ...

Sister Zhang, who actually set me up?

I could not tell. I do not know.

As captain of the ordinary, I can do

just protect you from becoming too suffer.

Here, smoking.

Tn. Henry.

The k*ller had to be immediately put to death.

What ...

Of course, of course, Mr. Henry.

I know, I know.

Tn. Henry, be careful on the road.

Hm, pity and Ye Wen.

Anyone, please come here!


In the case of the m*rder of Fang Zhiyong, Ye Wen guilty.

He should be ex*cuted by sh**ting tomorrow.


Huh what? Hereby orders quickly.

Ya, pak.











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Let's toast!


Tn. Zheng, you did a lot of sense

k*lling people with a borrowed Kn*fe.

You just sit back enjoy the fruits of
the efforts of others.

I admire you.

Chinese proverb says

when the f*re fitting, can be cooked pig's head

and when money is given, the problem would be completed.

Because Ye Wen martial arts champion,

I leave only at police affairs.

With the money, all so easy.

Pupil-pocket stealing hours.

It was enough to send him to death.


Yes boss.

It would be a problem
if you let A'Qiang alive.

Look for opportunities.

I understand.

Let's toast!

Quick check.
There are two cells at the front.

After reviewing it, my job is finished.
/ Home from work, we are all the usual places for fun.

All right.

Who are you?
/ Dont too much asking.

I'm here willing to help you out.
Follow me.

No, if I go out without proof I'm innocent,

then I later found guilty.

Tomorrow they will sh**t you d*ad.
If you die, nobody can prove you're innocent.

Go quickly! Do not be stupid!

If you do not go, would you die.

Do you want to die because of false accusations,
or search for the truth?

Decide now.

Quick, get them!



Do not move!

Why are you hesitating?
If you're not an opponent, I'll be late.

Sorry for kelancanganku.


Ah, no!
/ He's my friend.

Kak Ye.
/ Kak Zhang.

What do you see?

You'll be sh*t tomorrow.

You, too, turn your face.


Well, both of you, hurry!

But if I go this way,

later you will be blamed.

Ah! It goes without saying that.

Quickly you go first!
Not much time left.

Come on, hurry! Go, hurry!

Thank you very much.
/ Quick, quick, quick to leave.


Swordsman, let's talk, do not get fights.

I think if you go out in this way,

I can not explain to my boss.

So I want you to pretend

made me faint. Please, please.

Come on, Professor Ye.

Come h*t me, here, over here.

h*t me, not much time left!
Come on, h*t over here!

Mantab blow!

Why are you banging her so hard?

Did he not why-napa?

Do not worry, I made the right strength.

Do not move! Quick catch them!

Do not move!

Go, hurry!


Stop, do not run!

Stop, do not run!

/ Quick open.

/ Big.

Quickly place a bet and stand aside.

A'Tai, A'Tai!

Exit you, you bastard!

What do you want?
/ Out of the way you are!

You bastard!

Is not this A'Qiang of Education Wing Chun?

What is wrong?

You lost gambling again and upset?

Damn you! You cheated me that stealing
hour-pocket teacher

and trapping teacher by accusing him
as a m*rder Fang Zhiyong.

Now the teacher is still in jail.

You must clear the name of my teacher
of this unjust accusation!


gambling then you lose.

Why do you blame me?

You bastard, is not yet finished.

Now I will say everything before you die.

I had committed Fang Zhiyong.

Kujebak teacher with hour-pocket.

Because he alluded to his brother Zheng boss.

He's dumb and blind

for lifting a gambler
like you as a student!

Your teacher will be a barrier boss

in selling the two-legged sheep
come sooner or later.

Only after you mampus,
our business can run smoothly.

Lamb leg two what?

Two-legged sheep's female slaves.

You bastard!

He considers himself great.
Quick throw him!

Yes Boss.

Stop, do not run!



Quick check there!
/ Yes!


Why do you favor?

I help you just because you're innocent.

Who are you?

Answer what you want here.

There's no one here, let's go.

No, the teacher did not k*ll anyone!

Teacher, teacher!

Finally, you're back!

Teacher, teacher!

I hear you're going to be sh*t d*ad in 2 days.
I'm very worried.

I do not know what to do.

I am fine.

A'Qiang Mana?
/ A'Qiang?

Teachers, after you've taken the police,

he gone.

Since then, she did not return.

What must we do?

Teachers want sembunyilah first?

A'Qiang, A'Qiang!

A'Qiang, kenapa Kau?
/ A'Qiang, A'Qiang!

Bring him in!

A'Qiang, A'Qiang, who already b*at you?

A'Qiang, A'Qiang!

A'Qiang, who is doing this?

Who? A'Qiang!

A'Qiang! What happened?

What is this? Tell me!

Teachers, glad you could get out of prison.

A ... I ... I've done nothing wrong.

Teacher, I'm sorry.

I have done nothing wrong.

Teachers, on the day ...

I have the solution.

No need to cut off the hands or feet.

What do you think?

Good, good, tell me!

It was easy.

I just wanted a small object.

Namely pocket watch teacher.

Teacher ... I'm sorry.

Master, this is all trickery ruler Jiulong Town.


I would say everything before you die.

I k*lled Fang Zhiyong.

Kujebak teacher with hour-pocket.

He should not mention his brother Zheng boss.

He will be our boss barrier

in sales of two-legged sheep
in the future sooner or later.

Only after you mampus,
our business can run smoothly.

Master, please forgive me.

g*n, A'Qiang!

g*n, A'Qiang!

Boss, Ye Wen have been helped out of prison.

I'm afraid the secrets we uncovered.

Who helped him?
/ We do not know yet.

I think now more attractive course.

About what he'd come to me?

I understand, I'll tell
4 Heavenly Kings now.


Take this money and give it to his parents A'Qiang.



Do you know why we learn martial arts?

Nyari livelihood for the future.

You know, my health deteriorated as a child
when living in Foshan.

Then my parents sent me to practice
martial arts to strengthen my body.

As an adult,

I practice martial arts to protect themselves
so that no other person has handled.


I think, learned martial for
helping the weak and fight evil.

I even intend to rob the rich
to help the poor in the future.

But now I think it's just shallow thinking.

Then why should we practice martial arts?

We learn kung fu and martial

so ourselves someday have the ability and courage

to defend our nation and people.

A'Min, comfort the families A'Qing.

Clean up our college well.
Remember, often to practice martial arts.


If outsiders want to see the ruler of Jiulong Town,

they have to bring 4-admission.

The entrance sign was kept separate by the four Heavenly Kings.
Cooking goddess, god Drink, Bitch Goddess and Gods Gambling.

Between them, the God of Gamblers Shan Youcai

always hanging around the charge port.

To unravel this mystery,
I must start from him.

1 dragon, 4, 5, 6, apparently
a stranger around here.

Naga, 1, 2, 3, a man without fear of
going through the gap.

1 triplets same level,
not too late to admit defeat now.

Excuse me, do you have the-Wealth Spreader

Gambling legendary god, one of
the four Heavenly Kings?

I am the God of Gamblers collector-Real.

Namaku Ye Wen.

Ah, what a coincidence! I'm looking for you.

You've come to me first.

Sorry, can I ask?
/ Why are you asking questions?

Rehearse your knoweldge first came here.

Dewa Judi, I just want to go in
the City Jiulong to seek the truth.

Then you have to b*at me first.

It seems today not a good day for gambling.


I wonder who that fearless.

So apparently you, Professor Ye.

Matter what brings you here, Professor Ye?

To find someone.

You're lucky, I memorized this place.

Who do you want to meet?

Daughter No. 1 in Brothel Jinjiao, She Qiangwei.

Why do you want to see?

I want to borrow Signs, Sign.

But not as easy as it

can get a sign-ins.

You apparently.
/ I do not know you're talking about.

You've helped me the other day.


You must have the wrong person.
/ I'm not mistaken.

You've saved me,
why now you're in my way?

If you want to stop me,
why yesterday you help?

If not for the late-city guards,

I probably would have starved to death.

He invited us and taught martial.

We will never forget his kindness.

However, after the guard-old city d*ed,

everything changes.

Now all four of us

no more than a dog Zheng Delong.

What's the point so Princess No. 1 in house-Brothel Jinjiao?

We're just a tool for him to make money.


Our family lives
in his hands.

Therefore, we can not refuse his will.

Zheng Delong completely cruel
and harmful to our own citizens.

I heard the news, tonight

a number of our people more
will be sent to the UK for sale.

Guru Ye.

In Jiulong Town, there is no legal restriction,

good and evil were mixed.

Pukulanlah who became the rule.

Only you are the only hope we have.

Therefore, I have to help you.

In other second-Branded kept by
a brother and sister disciple.

Unfortunately they did not like me to help me.

Therefore, in order to get Signs Sign,

you can only rely on yourself.

Master Ye, beware.

Please try.

The waitress, a bowl of dumpling message.

What do you want to eat?
/ First, I want to order a serving of roast goose leg.


A serving of shredded chicken stew.

Then a portion of steamed grouper.

A plate of seaweed soup.

Also Signs Sign which allowed
entry to Jiulong Town.

The dishes are quite expensive.

Do you not think about it again?

In the world of martial arts,
there is no command over me.

Ye teacher, what do you have to match it?

You both should know that

British colonized our country and harass our people.

Many children and women are sold abroad
by Zheng Delong.

to become a sl*ve of foreigners.

Although I was only a martial arts expert,

I can not stay silent,
do not do anything at this time.

Similarly, there is no command over us.


Why are you here?
/ Sis, sis, let alone Professor Ye entered Jiulong Town.

No way, he is our enemy.

You know what the crime Zheng Delong.

We had no choice.

Did you take a cold look

our citizens abroad to be sold to a sl*ve?

Currently only Master Ye our expectations.

Why should we prevent it?

But we have taken an oath of loyalty to the Zheng family.

How can we possibly betray Zheng family?

You're wrong.

We have sworn to be loyal to
the king Zheng good,

not at the cold-blooded Zheng Delong this.

If Tuanku Zheng still alive,

he will let us do this.

Just give me the sign-Sign him.

Thank you very much.

Master Ye, beware!

Do not be messing around like this.

Mana Ye Wen?

One day has passed.
/ Inspector, please hold your anger.

I've been trying to find him.

You liar!

I see all of your guys
to clean the office all day.

What do you mean to act like this?

Kukasih tahu ya, Zhang Xianmin,

if you fail to find Ye Wen tonight,

will kucopot foothold as captain.

Please dont.

I'll find him tonight, I promise.

Then quickly find him now.
/ Yes, sir!

Inspector, that cup.

Captain, captain, I want to report.

We've cleaned the floor fillings 5 ​​times.

We also had to clean the office five times.

Won praise your performance.

Very good!

This floor mop fast 25 times.

Pak Zhang.

What is wrong?

Ye Wen did not people randomly.

Anyone who can b*at Ye Wen
would be a major prize.

We're in trouble now.

Not thought you did let Ye Wen entered.

Do you know

if he had defeated
martial artist from Japan and England we?

No need to fear him.
This is my place.

Good game still has not g*n.
/ Nice game f*ck?

Do not worry.

Colleagues of all, you guys ready?

Let alike headed Jiulong Town.

Inspectors not give orders, we can not act.

If we go, what will we get out?

I know that you fear.

But right now we are again critical state,
all have a task.

Bad people there colluding with Britain,

kidnapping and trafficking as well as the
k*lling of our Chinese people.

Because we wear this uniform,
must bear our responsibility.

Ye Wen dare to break the bad guys nest alone.

Cook the team much as we fear?


Preparing to move.

I would know who dared to depart.

What are you all here?

Do not get together here.


Zhang Xianmin, who gave the order?

Why do you make trouble here?

Nobody gave me orders.

I merintah myself.

You give commands without permission.

I can f*re you right now.

As a police officer,
if I did not dare to uphold justice,

I'd better quit this task.

Come on!

Who will join me?
Marching forward now.

Come on.

Come on, let's go!

Ah, presumptuous right guys?

Ye Wen,

do not be stupid.

Did you have beaten Master Fang?

He's a real man,

but very stupid.

She came here to bring reinforcements weak.

You do not deserve to be a martial artist.

Will kutegakkan justice

for the sake of Master Fang

and all the prisoners here.


Wake up you, you worthless!

Did not you say no one can b*at you?

Hurry up!

Come on!

I am a British citizen and this is our territory.

You can not defeat me,
just let go of me.

Is this the right place your territory?

Since ancient times,

Hong Kong has been part
and parcel of China.

Now this is only leased
to the country for a while.

I never heard that

landlord tenant calls himself.

Place here.
/ Master!

Catch them all.
Take them all.

Teachers got any?

Come up!

This! That one! Catch all of them!

Come up!

Stand fast!
/ Capture everything!

You, standing all!
Quickly, the road!

The police officer, you've finally come.

Get him now!
He's been h*t,

I am an Englishman.

You want to be arrested?

Corresponding request.

I am also a British citizen.

Bos Zheng,

I'm here just to find you.

Let's go!
Quickly take him!

Come on, quickly!

Take them, take them all!

Take them all!

Stand up! Way!
Do not be absurd!

Take them all! Fast!

Quick! Street!


Quick! Street!

Has been repaired?
/ Yes.

Let me try.

I will try.


in my opinion, teachers,

I'm sorry if presumptuous,
the teacher is not fit to be a carpenter.

Teachers should indeed teach punches only.

You agree, right A'Min?

Teacher, had been repaired?

Let me try.

Very strong.


You're not just good at hitting,
but also adept at fixing things.

Fixing is much more difficult than destroying.

Is much easier to do evil

rather than doing good.

Master, your words difficult to understand.

Later, if you were in my shoes,

you must understand.

Master Ye, please allow us to be there.
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