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Easter, Christian/Spiritual Movie Collection.
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His Only Son (2023)

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[musical swirl ]

[low, soft strings ]

[music brightens ]

[music swells ]


[whispers] Abraham.

- [gasps]

[soft music ]

[wind blowing]

[soft strings ]

[wind blowing]

- Lord...

here I am.


Take now your son...

your only son, Isaac

whom you love...

and go to the land

of Moriah.

And there, offer him,

as a burnt offering

on one of the mountains

I will tell you.


Oh, Lord!




[Solo horn ]

[acoustic guitar ]

[hammer pounds]



What are you doing,


All this commotion...

so early!


- The Lord's asked

for a sacrifice.

- He has spoken

to you?

He hasn't done that

in years.

- I must go

to Moriah.

- Moriah?!

It'll take two days'

to journey--

- It'll take three.

- Why don't you build Him

an altar here...

as you did

in Shechem?

As you did

in Hebron?

- Because He says


- But traipsing

across the wilderness,

as old as we are--

- Sarah!

It is not my decision

to make!

The Lord has said

to go to Moriah.

Take your questions

to Him.

- When do we leave?

- Isaac and I

will go alone.



Why Isaac?

Why not one

of the other men?

- Because the Lord

commands it...

- You know how much

that troubles me.

- I know.

- The road is

a dangerous place, Abraham.

- The Lord has set us

on this path.

He will guide us...


- But still,

let me rest easy.

take a few other men

with you.

[sheep bleating]

- My lord!

- Eliezer.

- How are you

this morning?

- The Lord came to me

last night.

- Truly?!

- I haven't heard you

say those words in--

- In a long time...

- A very long time.

- I must go

to Moriah.

- Moriah?

What reason?

- I must make a sacrifice

to Him there.

- Quite a distance

for a sacrifice.

- Sarah said

the same.

She said I should

take a couple men

along with

Isaac and I.

- Starting to worry about you

in your old age, huh, is she?

- So...

who can you spare?

- [shouting]


- You know, you don't need

to volunteer your own son.

- No, I don't,

but if I must stay here

and manage your house,

at least let me send

my flesh and blood in my place.


he's the best man I have.

- All the more reason

for him to stay here.

You know, there is some truth

to Sarah's worries--

the road can be...


- Abraham...

you forget,

since we first entered

this land decades ago,

I have seen

the bounds of protection

the Living God

has placed around you,

by your side.

There's no place safer

for my son to be.

- Lord Abraham,

good morning!

- Good morning,


- Yes, Father?

- The Lord called our master

to a short journey, to Moriah,

to give a sacrifice


I want you

to go with him...

if he allows.

- Of course.

- Take another one

of your men with you,

and ensure that our master

has everything he needs.

- Yes, Father.

When do we leave?

- As soon as we can.

[soft music ]

- Father?

- Is something

the matter?

- How is your morning,

my son?

- A young lamb slipped into

the narrow wash in the west end.

The other shepherds had

to lower me down on a line

to get her out.

- They had to

lower you down?

- Someone had

to do it...

why not me?

It set us back

a bit, but...

we'll make up time

by day's end.

- Good.

- How about you,


How is

your morning?

The Lord came to me

last night.

- What?

The Lord God?!

- Yes.

- In a dream?!

- He stood

before me...

just as you stand

before me now.

- What did He say?

- He says we are to go

to Moriah, you and I...

and make a sacrifice

to Him there.

- Moriah?

Where is that?

- North,

about a three-day walk.

Pack a bag

and meet me at my tent.

We leave shortly.

- But my tasks--

- Eliezer

will see to them.


- Is everything

all right?

- Almost ready,

making the final


- Remind me your name.

- Me?


- You're one

of the shepherds?

- I do what's needed,

what I'm told.

I tend to their goats,


- Sorry to keep you

waiting, Father.

- Here.

- Are we ready?

- Ready.

- All right...

let's move.




KELZAR: Leaving without

kissing your mother?


- Don't you leave without

telling your mother goodbye.


Look after

your father.

He's not as young

as he used to be.

- Ha, mistress,

my lord's hair may be gray,

but his legs

are still strong.

- I'll be the judge

of my husband's legs.

- Look after him.

- I will.

- Where have

the years gone?

- We should be

on our way.

- I know.

I know.

Where have

the years gone?

Make sure no harm

comes to our son.

- God is with us.

- God is with us.

[stirring music swells ]




- What's happened?!

What's wrong?!

- What is it,


Are you harmed?!

- What is it,



- I...


I saw...


- You saw a god?

- I saw God...

The God.

He appeared as a man

before me.

He spoke to me.

- What are you


- I must go to a land

He will show me.

- What?

For how long?

- For good.

- Abram...

our good name,

our home,

our place

at the temple.

- Everything

has changed.

I can no longer serve

the gods of my father.

- This is blasphemy.

- You cannot

blaspheme a lie.

- Abram,

don't say it--

- He has promised to

make of me a great name...

a great nation,

that all the families

of the earth

will be blessed


- A nation?

We haven't

even a son.

- We will.

- How long

have we tried?

- He will provide.

He--He will

make a way.

- Abram, you don't

even know this God!

How do you know

this god is even good?!

How do you know

He is even a god at all?

- Sarai...

He is.

There is

no other God.

- How do you know this,


- I know.

I know.

I know.

[stirring music ]

[horses whinny and gallop]

- Clear the path.

[horses nicker and whinny]

- Good day,


Where are you


- We're going north.

[horse whinnies]

- I can see that...


- Up beyond Hebron.

- There's a tribute

to be paid.

This road belongs to Abimelech,

King of Pelesheth.

- I know who

owns this road.

I have given your king

plenty of tributes.

- Oh, you have?

- Have you given a tithe

of those goods you carry there?

- We carry nothing

of value...

- Come now, if you

have nothing of value,

why carry it

at all?

- We have nothing!

- Isaac!

- Don't speak

out of turn, boy--

your grandfather and I

are having a conversation...

- He is my father!

- That's enough,


[supplies thud on ground]

COMRADE 1: Nothing

but food and water...

COMRADE 2: Be sure

to check their persons.

- What is the purpose

of your travels?

- I go to give a sacrifice

to the Lord God.

- The Lord God?

- What is your name,

old man?

- Abraham.

- Once called Abram?

Of the Kasdim?

- The man who defeated

the kings of the east

and freed

the captives of Sodom...

all with an army

of shepherds?

- That was

a long time ago.

- Our king

speaks highly of you.

Mount up.

We're losing

the light.

- May your God

watch over you...

the road holds

the unexpected.

Beware of

the wild beasts...

careful the animals

as well.

- Seafaring dogs.

- Those are my people.

- That's right...

I forgot.

Well, next time

can you tell your people

not to scatter our supplies

all over the road?


Praise be to God,

He has delivered you

from that path.

KELZAR: We should start camp

before it's full night.

- Mm.

These are good.

- That horseman


he spoke of you

leading an army...

When was this?


There was no army...

only herdsmen...

armed with whatever w*apon

we could find.

- And...

the power of God.

[f*re crackling]

- For what purpose?

Why did you need to

save the Sodomites?

- Kings from Shinar

in the east

had come up against the kings

of Sodom, Gomorrah

and their

surrounding cities.

They pillaged

all they could find

and took those

left there c*ptive.

They made it beyond Damascus

before we could reach them.

I had family

among the captives...

So I did

what I had to do.

- My father's

rarely spoken of this.

- I know.

- To travel

that far...

putting your life

on the line...

rescuing all

those people...

only to have them burn

with their cities later.

You must have felt your efforts

were for nothing.

- The people of Sodom were

deeply wicked and depraved.


no different...

when we go

our own way.

[f*re crackling]

[f*re crackling, winds blowing]

[soft, tender music ]



- Lord!


To your descendants...

I will give

this land.

Count the stars

if you are able.

So shall

your descendants be.

[in dream]

- Father...



The sun is risen.

[breathing heavily]

[winds blowing]

- It's late.

- Behold your


...a dead land.

Your flocks

are starving.

Your people will

soon starve as well.

What now,



This--this God has lead you

right into a famine.

- The Lord

has made a promise...

- My time has come upon me

once again.

So not only has He lead you

to a barren land...

He has made your wife

to be barren as well.

We can't stay here.

We need to go

back home...

- No...

no turning back.

- Then what,


- I have heard

from the women here

that many of them

are going to Egypt.

The river is full

and the land, fertile.

Maybe we should

go there as well.

[water burbling]


- So, Esh...

you think your mother's

faring well without you?

- I suppose.

The northern flock

was just sheared.

She's so busy,

she may not have

even noticed I've gone.

How 'bout

your mother?

- I'm certain she fares

better than any of us...

being now

in the Lord's presence.

- Oh, that's right.

I forgot.

- That's all right.

Your mother,


she's probably in a living hell

with you gone.

- What's happened here?

- Who would leave

all this behind?

- That doesn't

belong to us.

- What a waste.

- We should

get moving.

- There's

someone here!

- Isaac, wait!

- Sir?!


what happened?!

Who did this

to you?

- They took

my daughter.

He's bled out

a lot!

- We should load him

into his cart

and take him

back to Hebron.

- Th-they... took...

my daugh-ter.

- What?

Who's they?

- [whispered]

The men.

- What men?

What men?

What men?

What men?!

[somber music ]

ISAAC: Who could have

done this?

- The horsemen.

- From yesterday?

- How can

you be so sure?!

- What do we do

with him?

- Nothing.

- Shouldn't we

bury him?

- What for?

For him to lie

in an unknown grave?

If he's buried,

he's forgotten.

If he's left here

by the road,

he stands

as a witness...

a witness to the depth

of which mankind has fallen.

[soft music ]


Is that Hebron?



- That's Hebron.

[woman coughing]

[Sarah crying]

- We going in?

- Now.

- What are you doing?

- Praying...

- Wait!

- We don't pray

like this anymore,

like the old ways.

We pray to

The Lord Most High...

not to stones or the stars

or the moon...

- I do pray to Him...

and I pray

to Him...

and I pray

to Him...

...just as you said

we should.

But why doesn't He

hear me?

- He hears you.

He does.

- It's been

ten years...

ten years...

since we left home.

You say--

you say

He promised us land...

yet we haven't even a plot

to our name.

You said He promised us


yet here I am,

still barren...

and aging.

- The Lord

will provide.

- When, Abram?!


- When He wills.

- You cannot

have a nation...

if you cannot

even have a son.

[music swells ]

- [whispers]

How much longer?

How much longer,


[loud musical flourish]

[stirring music ]

THE LORD: Do not

be afraid, Abram.

[Abram coughing]

I AM your shield...

your exceedingly

great reward.

- Lord God,

what will You give me,

seeing I remain



And the heir of my house

is Eliezer of Damascus.

You have given me

no offspring.

A servant in my house

is my heir.

A servant in my house

is my heir.

[stirring music ]

THE LORD: This servant

shall not be your heir...

but one who will come

from your own body

shall be your heir.

[background voices and music]

- Some men

are approaching.

Prepare the tent.

Turn aside men,


I have beauties

for all your tastes.


Anything you want,

I have it,

I have it!

If these are not

to your liking,

I have even more

in my city!


you deserve it!

Or not.

Whatever you want!

Whatever you wish!


your desires.


Keep to the path.

- Come!

Whatever you wish,

I have.

He who is weary,

will find rest here!

[donkey brays and nickers]

KELZAR: It's different

than I remember it.

- You lived

in Hebron?


We all did.

That was before

Isaac's time.

I was actually

born there.

- Was Ishmael

born there as well?

- Yes...

he was born there

as too.

[bird cawing]


- Sarai!

- What?

What on earth?

- The Lord came to me!

- Hagar, bring a bowl

of water!

- Are you hurt?!

- No.

- Where have you been?

It's been

over a day.

- With the Lord.

He came to me.

First, in a vision

and then here in this tent.

- What?

- Then He took me out

into the night.

- Mistress...

- Place it

on the table.

- And?

- He says--He says

He will give me descendants

as numerous

as the stars!

- (quietly)

My lord...

- I'll take care

of it.

- Here, sit.

When I woke yesterday,

I looked everywhere for you.

Before long,

I began to panic.

- I'm sorry.

- I thought

the Mesopotamians

had come

in retaliation

and taken you

from me.

- I should

have told you.

I'm sorry.

- Finally,

I found Eliezer.

He said you had taken a heifer

and some livestock.

- Yes, yes,

the Lord has--

- Required

a sacrifice?

- No.

He has made

a covenant...

the promise of descendants

and this land.

- Abram,

I heard this before.

- No, but now

there's more.

The Lord has made

a covenant.

It cannot

be broken.

- Well, how does He intend

to bring this to pass?

Through the line

of Eliezer?

- Eliezer of Damascus

will no longer need be my heir.

The Lord has said that my heir

will come from my own body.

- Your body.

- Yes.

- Your body.

[crying] I am like a dry seed

in the summer sun...

I can bear you

no heir.

- No...

the Lord has said--

- The Lord has said He will

make a nation of you ...

give you


give you

an heir...

of your body...

not mine.

- No.

- Yes.

For ten years--

for ten years

He has promised this.

I understand now.

I understand.

If the Lord

has restrained me

from bearing children...

go into my maid, Hagar,

the Egyptian.

- Why would you

say that?

- Perhaps through her

I'll bear children.

- No, I can't!

I can't go

and lie with--

- Abram, noble men back home

do the same.

- But this can't

be the Lord's plan.

- When He first

came to you in Ur,

He told you to

leave your country.

He told you to

leave your family, hmm?

Maybe all along...

you needed

to have left me.

- No.


- [crying] Husband,

He has a plan for you.

- Sarai.

- I will not

stand in your way.

- You're not standing

in the way of that.

You're standing

by my side.

You're my wife.

- Yes...

now, let me be

a good wife.

[soft music ]


[wind blowing]

[donkey braying]

- We'll stop there

and make camp.

I'll gather wood and kindling

for the f*re.

- Why don't you

have Esh do that?

- No.

We need to be unpacked

before we lose the light.

- Yes, right.

- We can use some of the wood

we already have.

- No.

We'll need

all of it...

for tomorrow.

[Kn*fe slides out of sheath]

- Father!


It's only me.

- This place is sprawling

with wolf tracks.


Should we move camp?

- No; they'll fear the light,

once the f*re's lit.

- They're nearly

all set,

so I thought I'd come

and give you a hand.

- All right.

tie this bundle.

Get the f*re started

before we're in the dark.

- My lord.

May I ask you

a question?

Why is the Lord having you

trek all this way

for a sacrifice?

- I don't know.

- You don't know?!

- Well, if sacrifices

earn greater favor,

then you're sure

to gain--

- The Lord's favor

is not earned.

- But...

how can you say that,

when, clearly,

you've earned it yourself?

- I have earned


One who thinks he can stand

before the Most High God

and offer his own filthy,

feeble deeds as a bargain...

is blind to

the holiness of God,

and blind to the depths

of his own sin.

- Blind...

So am I blind?



- Everyone's blind...

until their eyes

are opened.

- Is that

some sort of riddle?

- If the Lord God

stands infinitely holy...

then any sin

must pit us infinitely

opposed to Him.

How can a man

bridge such a chasm?

We are lost at sea

paddling into the wind...

until the Lord

comes to us ...

He makes the way.

I gave sacrifice

after sacrifice

in the temples of the gods

of my fathers...

thinking I was

nearing the divine.

But all of it,

all that effort,

all those rites

and rituals,

all I was doing was--

was paddling

into the wind.

- You were sacrificing

to the wrong gods.

- False gods.

But even if I were sacrificing

in the name of the Lord,

my faith was placed in

my own abilities, not His--

how much

I could give,

how much

I could do.

I believed

I could--

I believed

I could...

right my own wrongs.


in spite of it all,

in spite of

all I'd done...

in spite of myself,

while on my way to serve

those demons I called gods,

the Lord Himself

came to me.

He appeared

before me.

And--and in an instant,

I was undone.

When I saw Him,

I saw myself

for who I really was--


apart from His grace.

- Your eyes were opened.

- Then why

all this way?

Why go

all this way?

Go through

all this effort?

- Because this is

what the Lord commands.

- If He's the One

who makes the way,

why would He

require sacrifices?

- I suppose...

He has us do this

in remembrance,

as a reminder.

- To remind us

of what?

- That death

is the penalty for sin.

- But how is

that not--?

As you make


you are,


making payments

for the sins you've done,


your own wrongs.

The death you say

He requires...

it is a life

for a life.

ISAAC: How does the life

of an animal

measure up to

that of a man?

- It cannot.

- Then why journey

all this way,

if only

for some symbol;

if that's

all it is?



that's enough


- Who can know

the mind of God,

His ways,

His thoughts?

He has His reason

for commanding a sacrifice,

be it a symbol,

or a memorial,

whatever the purpose,

the Lord knows...

and it must be good.

- You believe that?

- I must believe that.

- I don't know,

to trek so far...

seems more like some act

of penance for some great sin.

[somber music ]

- She shall be a wife

to you as well.


[Sarah crying]

- Lord have mercy.

[owl hoots]


- Oh, Lord...

my sin has been great

before You, I know.

And if this is

Your retribution,

it is just.

But Lord God,

I beg You...

I beg You

for Your mercy.

Do not let my sins

be on my son's head...

the son

You promised.

What's Your purpose

in this?

If this is

Your judgment on me...

then take my life,

not his.

Take my life,

not his.

Not his, Lord;

take me.

Take me.

Take me!

Take me!!


Lord, I lay--I lay

my life down at Your feet.

It is Yours.

Please hear me,


Please grant me this,

by Your grace,

Lord, please...


Please hear me.





- Your brazenness

last night...

is unacceptable.

You will

show him respect.

- Just as he shows respect

to me and my people?

- Esh...

he's right

when he tells you

that you're better off

in his house

than with those people.

They're ruthless

and wicked.

- So I should drop down

and kiss his feet

for giving me the honor

of being his sl*ve?

- Much better to be a sl*ve

to the righteous

than a sl*ve

to the wicked.

- Righteous?

Are you


Or is your flattery

only because of your position?

- What position?

- You're the son

of the chief servant.

Do you not see how

advantageous your situation is?

- I love my master.

- With Ishmael and his mother,

Hagar, banished,

if anything

were to befall Isaac,

His inheritance would revert

back to your father,

back to you.

- No.

- Oh, so this has

crossed your mind.

- Stop.

Isaac is

my friend.

- And Ishmael

was mine!

- You've given the devil

a foothold in your mind.

Shut your mouth

and put away those thoughts.

- Think of your progeny.

How else will they be

anything more than slaves?

- That's enough!

Don't give me a reason to

bring a report to my father.

- Your master's not

as righteous as you claim...

[intense music]

[sheep bleating]

- Sarai?

What's wrong?

- Everything is wrong.

- What?

- Don't play ignorant

with me!

I have followed you

all these years.

I have clung to you

through every trial,

every day,

every week,

every month,

year after year...

waiting for what you claimed

the Lord has promised.

And now,

after all this...

what do I have?


A husband that

I must share...

a bed that

has been stained...

and a hope that

has faded away.



Don't act like

you care for me!

It's you!

- It's your fault!

All of this

is your fault!

Your fault;

it's all I have.



I'm such a fool.

- I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry

for this long-suffering.

We must believe the Lord's

working something in it all.

Look at me.

We must cling

to our faith.

- As you did...

when you went

into my handmaiden?

- You gave her to me.

I protested.

- You protested?!

- Yes.

- The child in her belly

would say otherwise!

- You suggested that.

- I was a wife striving

to please her husband!

Seeing the disappointment

in your eyes,

month after month,

year after year.

[crying] It broke me,


I was broken.

So in weakness,

I gave my maid

into your embrace.

But you--

you embraced her!

You took her!

You laid with her!

You! You!

And now that she

has conceived,

I am disgraceful

in her eyes--

walking around like

this is her household.


I hear the whispers.

The way she looks

at you.

The way she looks

at me.

She vies for my place.

And she has it.

- No.

- Yes!

- No, she doesn't

have it.

- You may have

your heir,

you may have

your nation,

you may have


But know this...

your house now stands

divided, Abram.

And it's on you,


Let the Lord be the Judge

between you and I.

- Listen to me.

My wife, I--


- You what?

- She does not

have your place...

If there's

any contention,

do with her

as you will.

Hagar is your maid.

- Do not preach to me

about faith any longer.


Is today the day?

- Hmm?

- We'll make it

to Moriah today?

- [softly]


We'll make it

to Moriah today.



How can the Lord be so good--

as to give us all this?

What can we ever give

in return?

- We should

be on our way.

- Father?!

What have I done?

- You have

done nothing.

- Your silence and separation

these past few days...

what is it?

- Sometimes...

sometimes the Lord calls us

to great tasks...

impossible tasks.

- Is anything too difficult

for the Lord?

- No.

No, my son...


KELZAR: All's loaded

and ready, my lord!


Is this it?


This is Ephrathah.

- I have never

noticed that before.

Is that from your time

in Egypt?



these aren't


- What does it say?

- I don't know.

This was

my father's staff.

It was his father's

before him,

His father's before him,

and so on,

It's a language

now forgotten, I suppose.

- I never knew that.

- And some day

he'll hand it down to you.


May I see it?


This is amazing.

- One more thing

for you to inherit.

- These last days

on the road,

a question has

lingered in my mind.

If you were willing

to save wicked Sodomites

from the hands of foreign kings

all those years ago...

why do you hold

such a bitter disdain

for the Pelishtiy,

my people, today?


I do not disdain them.

- Then why are you so quick

to belittle them,

and so quick

to blame them

for the m*rder of that man

on the road?

- I disdain

their deeds--

and I blame them

for that man's m*rder...

and for the robbing

of his daughter,

because it is like them

to do such a thing.

- Oh, it's like them

to do so?

- Yes.

- And how

do you know this?

- Because they

once took my wife.

They placed her in the harem

of Abimelech their king.

But the Lord plagued

his house and his people.

So when he found out

she was my wife,

he gave her back--

along with wealth and servants

as repayment.

And so you and your mother

entered into my household.

Praise God Abimelech

hadn't yet lain with her.

- That still doesn't prove

that that man's daughter

was taken

by men of Pelesheth.

- No,

it doesn't,

but the odds

are in their favor.

Wicked kings are renowned

for storing up stolen women.

Ask your mother

if she would disagree.

Ultimately, however,

in this world,

all men are capable

of such evil.

- Even you?

- Yes, even me.

Apart from

my God's grace,

all men are capable

of much worse.

Praise God that

He has delivered you out

from under

such taskmasters.

- You pride yourself

on being a safe haven

for pagan refugees?

- Pride myself?

If I can point man

back to his Creator...

then to God

be the glory.

- Point man

back to his Creator.

Is that

what you were doing

when you banished your own son

with his Egyptian mother?

- Eshcolam!

My father will hear

of your insolence!

- It's all right.

I'd rather answer

his question

and bring truth

to light

than allow animosity

to fester.

When Isaac

was very young,

Ishmael's scoffing towards him

became too much to bear.

We had seen the same contention

in his mother years before.

Eventually, the Lord had said

to send them away.

- The Lord said.

- It brought me

great pain...

but the Lord says

He will make a great nation

of him as my seed...

and that 12 princes

will come from his line.

- Does that help

settle your conscience?

- Get out!

- I'm not finished!

- Yes, you are!

- You give yourself license

to do whatever you wish

as long as you can say,

"the Lord has said!"


your son--


Kelzar, wait.

ESHCOLAM: --enslave

whoever you wish,



mutilate the men

of your house!

- Wait!

- I know

your intentions!

You come plant yourself here

in my homeland

and seek to build a sl*ve army

to overthrow my people!

You think you deserve

this land?!

- No...


neither do you.

What man deserves

any good thing in this world?

- You expect me

to praise your God

for giving me the privilege

of being your sl*ve...

...O master

of righteousness ?!

- That's it!

I'm going to bring you

back home by a rope!


grab the vine.

- What torments you,


Take your hands

off me!

Tell us what

you're hiding!

What you scream of

at night!


- Ahh!

- This is my land!


[horse neighs]

[galloping horse hooves]

[horse nickers]

[horseman laughing]

[horse neighs]


Well done, old man.

Seems our

warrior shepherd

is still one to be

reckoned with...

even in the twilight

of his years!


of the Kasdim.

- Abraham.

- Having a bit

of a scuffle, are we?

You know, you shouldn't charge

your master like that.

Especially one known

to conquer kings.

You'll be fortunate

if he doesn't

put you to death for it.

ABRAHAM: It's only

a misunderstanding.


If I'm not mistaken,

you were headed

to Hebron.

Did you miss it?

It's a day's walk

back that way.

- "Beyond Hebron"

is what I said.

- Beyond...

certainly well beyond.

If you were

more truthful,

I would've been

more intentional

about collecting

a tithe

for the extent of which

you used my king's road.

- Looks to me like you've

taken enough "tithes" already!

- Isaac,

quiet yourself!

- Looks to me

you need a lesson

in speaking

out of turn, boy.

- We are far

from the coast.

Abimelech has no territory

this far into Canaan.

- Our king

is a man of ambition.

- And since when

does tithing

require robbing a poor father

of his daughter?

- You speak of what

you do not know, boy.

- Put your sword away.

You can take

whatever you want.

- I know exactly

of what I speak...

a man slain

on the road,

whose dying lips only spoke

of his stolen daughter.

- Isaac!

[girl crying]


You snakes!

You think you can flee the

condemnation that awaits you?!

- Come to me.

I will give your flesh

to the birds of the air

and the beasts

of the field.

- Let the girl go!

- We've come only to sacrifice

to the Lord God!

Take what you want;

we'll be on our way!

- How about I take you

as a tithe?

- You will not!

- So be it.

My life...

for hers.

COMRADE 4: She's used goods

now anyway.


We can make him

an effeminate!

- [laughing] Many in the court

will love that!

- You will do


other than leave

right now!

- Stop!

How about I cut a tenth

of your son's body...

we'll call it

a day?

- My son

speaks the truth.

You cannot escape the eternal

torment that awaits you.

The road

you're on now

will only lead

to f*re and flame.


let go of my son!

- Isaac!

- Watch out!

SARAH: Do not preach to me

about faith any longer.

If all your hopes were

dashed upon the rock...

and all that you loved

was lost...

would your faith

still stand?

Or would you curse God

to His face?


Should I hide

what I am about to do

from Abraham?

For I have chosen him,

so that he will

command his children

and his house

after him,

to keep the way

of the LORD.

This is how the LORD

will fulfill to Abraham

what He promised him.


Get away from him!

Don't touch him!



The king will have your head

if he gets word of this!


You must leave now!


It's not worth it!


Saddle her up.

Let's go...

I'll leave them

for the vultures.


I am God Almighty.

Walk before Me

and be blameless.

[crows cawing]


My Lord!


THE LORD: No longer

shall you be called Abram.

Abraham shall

be your name.

For I have made you

a "Father of many nations."

As for your wife,

no longer shall

you call her Sarai.

Sarah shall be

her name.

She shall be

the mother of nations.

Kings of peoples

shall be from her.

I will bless her


Your wife, Sarah,

will bear you a son,

and you shall

call his name--





- Father,

are you all right?!

THE LORD: I will confirm

my covenant with him...

as a permanent


- I'm all right,

my son;

I'm all right.

ABRAHAM: Are you all right...

my love?

Are you all right?


- I feel... there's a child

growing in my belly.

- Are you certain?!

- It's impossible!

Who would believe it?!

- Is anything too difficult

for the Lord?


- We'll go up

and worship;

then come back

to you.

- My mother...

and my father...

devoted their lives

to the gods of Damascus--

striving to earn favor

from wood and stone.

Then one day,

that man

entered their city.

Where would I be

without him?

Where would

my mother be?

When all of the world

went wicked,

the Lord chose that man

out from the wicked,

that hope

may endure.

[music swells ]

[owl hoots]


My Lord Abraham!



- I'm here,

my son.

- We have the f*re,

the wood...

but... where's the lamb

for the burnt offering?


Your son!

Your son is here!


God Himself

will provide a lamb

for the burnt offering.



- The wood, now.

- [crying]

I don't deserve this.

[whispers] God

is so good to us.

He keeps

His promises.


What's wrong?

- Forgive me.

- For what?

- The Lord has said--

the Lord has said for you

to be the sacrifice.

- What?


- I don't know.

- Ask Him.

Speak to Him;

perhaps there's

another way.

- I did!

Every night

as I lie awake!

Every moment

of our journey!

Every step

toward this place,

this has been

my heart's constant cry.

Silence has been

His only answer.

- Have I done wrong?

- No... no.

You have done

no wrong in my eyes.

- Am I not the son

He intended for you?

- You are!

You are

the son of promise.

He has promised

a great nation through you...

you, Isaac;

He has called you

by name.

- Why then

must you k*ll me?

- I don't know.

I don't know.

Whatever He's doing

in all this...

whatever He's

trying to teach...

whatever He's

trying to show...

I'm lost.

I begged for Him to let me

lay my own self down...

but that's not

what He's asked for.


So, now--

now, I must

lay down my son,

my only son,

whom I love.

And we must have faith

that our God,

the giver and the taker

of life...

has the power to give life

once again.

I believe that.

Look at me.

I know that.

I know that.

- As do I.

I don't want this.


not my will...

let His be done.

[both crying]

[stirring music ]

- Give me the strength

to do Your will.

[music swells ]

[lightning strikes, thunderclap]

[Sarah screams]




- Here I am.

Here I am, Lord.

THE LORD: Do not lay a hand

on the young man.

Do nothing to him.


THE LORD: Now I know

that you fear God...

since you have not

withheld your son,

your only son,

from Me.

- What's happened?!

- He has spared you!

The Lord

has spared you!

[ram bleats]

A substitute.

The Lord will provide

in this place.


in the Mount of the LORD

it shall be provided.

THE LORD: By Myself

I have sworn.

Because you have not

withheld your son,

your only son,

in your seed

all the nations of the earth

shall be blessed...

[distant crying]

- Truly,

this Man was...

the Son of God.

[stirring strings ]


[soft strings ]
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