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Jacir (2022)

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The people want the

fall of the regime!

The people want the

fall of the regime!


I ain't scared, I ain't

runnin' from pressure

M&m this is mason mangella

He so fly they like how

can I catch em'

Took a loss, but I keep

getting better

Givenchy my sweater

He reach for my chain

And I swear imma d*ad em

And I put the shit on,

you can't put it together

Dem racks by my head and

this strap on da dresser

Still in a trap

Got deals like wholefoods

Spent 2500 on tennis shoes

B.B. king on me damn

I got big blues

Dope boy drip nike jump suit

n*gga throwing sh*ts

Well I bet he catch some too

VVS spent 10 for

da charm too

Tell dat boy we got

runtz we got za too

Piece of shit.

She say want a part 2

I don't even want the hoe

Pass to the crew

I don't give a f*ck

On campus in my trap shoes

500 right now for loose crew

I'm been trying to chill

I tell my n*gga don't sh**t

If it come down to

it, we gonna have to

I was servin 10 a G

could've taxed you

Thought it was a hoe

But you play,

I'm getting at you

Not to mention I've been

running up the racks too

Not to mention, yeah,

my new bitch bad too

Give me about a year,

new car, fast too

I don't even need it cause

I'm good when I walk through

Playing with my money I'm

gonna have the white chalk

Thought u was a bully

Now your folks

want a lawsuit

Different color beige,

cause my white be off too

On the lang shit, I ain't

trippin bitch I'm off you

Take off in this rappin

I'm still trappin

on da side

Cause I done really made 50

off a 3.5

Watch that n*gga, he soft

he playin' both sides

I remember he had

$500 in all fives

n*gga talking, I'm here

they don't slide

Pure backwoods, yeah,

get the most high

I was quiet they all

thought I was shy

Ain't no sweet shit on

god its eye for eye

Who the f*ck knows

what gonna happen

When I put my hands on a


Millionare babe

Shit one thang that's fasho

I'm in LA with

dope in the hills

I be dripping a flood like

I part the sea

n*gga pockets be hurt

money Injury, duh

I put the shit on their copy

I can't blame em' just

watch how I rock it

Might be in Houston

take off like a rocket

I might get rich off the

f*ck closet

Come make that deposit

Mane, god damn, mane.

Every morning with

this same ass shit.

Why your boy be playing

music like that?

It's good song

he remember home.

Y'all f*ck crazy as

hell, bruh.

You gonna have to come up out

that shirt

before your ass get capped

out in these streets.


Your ass gonna get sh*t

You gonna get sh*t wearing

shirts like that, bruh.

Go on and come up out that hoe,

go change.

Crazy ass!


You are late again.

Man, what's your beef, fool?

You're always late.

Guys, it's too early for this

shit, okay.

Listen to your daughter, mane,

she knows what's up.

Watch yourself.

Ay, fool!

What did he just say to me?

What was that word he

just said to me?

Like abed, abeedy, some shit.

I know you know it.

Why you acting shy, n*gga?

What was it?

Come on.

It means what you say.


You telling me he been

calling me a n*gga to my face

for all these years?

I got something for his ass.

That shit crazy, bruh.

Y'all minorities too.

We go through the same shit.

f*ck wanna

be r*cist with me.

Why y'all so r*cist, bruh?


Yeah like...

Don't like my skin tone.

Oh, I'm sorry, oh


I'm no r*cist.

Me like you.


n*gga, you got tape all over


...was a bully now yo

folks wanna law suit

Different color beige, cause

my white gonna be off too

Man, what your ass

listening to, fool?


This trap rapper ass n*gga rap.

Here, get this shit.

You lucky your ass only

been here two weeks.

I got you though.

I'm gonna hook you up.

Bet that.


n*gga, I got a lot to teach you.

f*cking piss me off, mane.

Oh, my boy.

f*ck with your boy.


f*ck with your boy.

Hey, I know you was

cool as hell man.

Unlike that r*cist

f*ck in there.

Why you working here?


say get job,

I get job.

I feel you.

You out here getting

that guap, hustling.

You feel me, yeah.


Yeah, guap, like cheese.

Like money, n*gga.

You gotta do what you gotta

do to get that guap out here.

You feel me?

Whether you selling p*ssy, weed

mane, robbing n*gga,

or working for a r*cist

f*ck like Adam.

You getting that guap.

Hey, get back to work.

You hear me guys?

Back to work.

Yeah we here you, abeed.

You are the only abed here,

I'm Arabic.

Man, you know what Arab

mean in the hood, n*gga?

Mean your ass open from 6AM

to 12 o'clock midnight.

You ain't shit to America.

Oh yeah.

Don't be using that

word on me either.

I know what it mean.

Don't be calling me a n*gga

to my face, you feel me?

Back to work.

Fat head ass n*gga.

Next time,

you say abed.

Abeed is for many.

For one, you say abed.

All right.

Well let's get back

to work, my abeed.




I'm gonna figure it out.

Yes, yes.

Pass those around.

So a big difference in English

is the phonetic pronunciation

of P and B.

I know they're difficult ones.

So let's just start with the

letter B.

When you say it out loud you

can feel it in your throat.

It's B,

as in the dog barks.

And the letter P is almost


P, as in park the car.

Okay, let's try it together.

P, as in park the car.

Bark the car.

- Okay, I'm getting there.

- Bark the car.

Let's try it again.

What are you doing with my cat?

I, nothing.

Go on buddy, go.

Come here Morty.

Come on baby.


I no want trouble.



don't touch or talk to my cat

again with that gibberish.

Do you hear me?

Do you understand me?

Nice to meet you.

Don't bother me or my cat again.

Oh boy, oh boy.

Little less conversation

A little more action

A big debate is happening

in this country tonight.

A debate that's important.

A debate that deals in our

national security...

Money, I'm like yeah

How you think got the name?

Told her I'm a dog

I ain't never been tamed

All black everything

All black range type shit

Hellcat fast switchin

lanes type shit

I don't f*ck with n*gga

No new friends

Just g*ng type shit

And these so called

Syrian refugees seeking asylum

are connected to radical

Islamic elements.

Our very own natural security

advisor said, and I quote,

"It is almost a certainty

that !sis will infiltrate."

So you tell me why on earth

should we continue to take

these t*rrorists,

into this country?

Why would we give them shelter?

Why would we give them a place,

to set up their next att*ck,

against innocent Americans?

Little f*ck.

I got flavor them n*gga

been trying to bite it

Like a prost*tute sh**t

Got plenty bodies

If he play him and

god gonna be reunited

Throw me the puss and

think I'mma wife it

I only one night it

So don't get excited

f*cking her crazy

I'll leave her delighted

At a real n*gga party

You are not invited

Might buy a Audamar,

bust down my Audamar

Can't put in drive if it

ain't no expensive car

Haters talk shit today

But she eat my d*ck fillet

A break down the za stuff

That shit up inside the gar

Trying to keep peace

But still ride with

my heater tucked

Ain't got a schedule

Hell no, that man late as hell,

and you ain't gonna say shit

about that?

Two minutes.

It's okay.

Mane, f*ck that. If it

was my black ass,

you'd be all over that

shit, falafel head ass.


g*dd*mn man, this

shit nasty as hell.

Hey, fool.

I got something for you.

I know you be listening

to that wack ass bullshit.

That's gonna get you right.

For me?

Yeah, n*gga, for you, open it.

Yeah, now that's my new shit.

Way better than that

bullshit you be listening to.

So nice.

You know, it ain't nothing.

Thank you.

Yeah, my boy.

Hey, hey, hey, hold on bruh.


What you mean what?

You just kissed me on the jaw,


My country, it's okay.

Well in Memphis, it's not.

Feel me, my abeed


Yeah, bet.

Straight up.

Okay, hold on, hold on. I

gotta show you the shake.

Start off like this,

then like that,

and we snap.

All right, let's try it again.

Uh, uh, yo.

- Yeah, you feel me?

- Yes, yes.


One step closer to

being a Memphis n*gga.

Goodnight, see you tomorrow.

What do you mean?

My god you judge him,

Jerome and me way too much,




- No, no.

- Give.

I don't need your help.

I don't need your help.

No understand.

You think you can stroll

back in here,

and act like nothing's happened?

No understand.


No, no.

Leave it, leave it,

you son of a bitch, leave it.

I can manage by myself.

Tommy, you think you can come

back here

and, and abandon your mother?

Me, Jacir.

No, Tommy, no.


Leave it.

I help you.


No, Tommy, no.

I don't need your help.

I stay out the way

I stay out the way

I stay out the way

I stay, I stay out the way

Out of sight, out of mind

That's my motto

But I still packed that

iron filled hollows

See, I'm from Memphis

They always plottin shit

And you gon learn you can't

trust a n*gga or a bitch

I f*ck with a few

How dare you, get out, get out.

You, give!

The f*ck is you doing?

Little bitch!

Stop it!

Give me that shit, f*ck.

Grab the pills bro,

grab the pills!

f*ck you, f*ck you.

Here, for your face.

Thank you.

Oh, thank you.

Oh, where you going?

No, no.

You are my witness.

You, you have to wait here.

Wait here.


So there's been a home...

Yes, it was a break in.


We have a unit on the

way, so just stay on...

No, I, I can't wait on the


Ma'am, it's standard


I need you to stay on the line.


No, you go away.

Go away.

You got a cigarette?



Thanks, what's your name?





I thought you were all

called Mohamed or...

My name is,


Well, I'm good old Meryl.

Copy, standing by.

Well you took your sweet

ass time getting here.

Is anyone hurt?


Is there anyone else in the

house we should know about?

No, because they ran off.

Okay, not like anybody's asking


but two black guys came into my

house and,

and robbed me.

They took my medication.

They tried to take my purse.

This one over here stopped them.

I don't know how.

Can you describe what they look





baggy pants,

you know, black.

Can you be a little more


Oh, what are you deaf?

522 Delta,

standing by for broadcast.

All other cars.

Responsible for a home

invasion at 503 Philwood Drive.

Two male blacks.

Black masks.

Black hoodies.

10-9, say again?

Male black.

Do you mind if I take a look



Wipe your feet.

What's his name?


I don't know.

He just moved in next door.

He likes cats, I know that.

He likes cats.

I'm Officer Austin.

What's your name?

My name is



Okay, Jacir.

Can you tell me what happened?


wash clothes...




big noise.

See two man,

and take bag,

h*t me.



Can you describe what they look


He doesn't speak English.

Ma'am, please let me do my job.

I no see face.

You got an ID on you?

ID card.


Jacir, how long have

you been here?

One, a...


A month ago?


Any family living with you?

At 1125?

No family.

Jacir, you need to go

to the immigration office

and get yourself a

permanent US ID.

Do you understand me?



I wait for paper from lawyer.

You seem like a good kid.

Just make sure you fix this,



Is he an illegal?

Ma'am, it's private information

I cannot share with you.

I'm gonna step outside

to file your report.

Yeah, this is Officer Austin.

Are you an illegal?


What the f*ck man?


You have yourself a good night.

You okay?

You need man,

sleep here?



no, no.

Go to bed.

Go to sleep.

Nice to meet you, Jacir.

I'm Officer Simmons of


Sorry, I late for work.


I know your new here

and you don't understand how

everything works yet, but

think of me as a friend,

someone to help.

Now last night can't happen


If you're trying to stay in this


you can't be showing up

on these types of reports.

Okay, but I help.

Well that's the way you see it.

That's not how we see it.

Now I have to ask you a few


and we'll be done, okay?

Did you know any of the people

responsible for the events


Sorry, I no understand.

You don't understand what?

Me help good old Meryl.

Is bad?

Good old Meryl?

Let me put it to you this way.

You're a guest in this country

and you wanna stay here,

keep to yourself.

Her shit is her shit.

Don't try and be there for

someone you don't even know.

Stick to that advice, you'll be




That wasn't too hard.


I'll be seeing you around.

...is on your team you

must be shittin me

He full of envy

He want your crown

He wanna f*ck your bitch, as

soon as you turn around

Yeah, that's what I'm talking


You feel me.

This how every morning need to


Just like this.

What's up with you man?

Tough guy here stopped

a robbery last night.

Oh god damn!

What you got here with the

ugly stick or something, fool?

You all right?

I like it.

It gives him a little edge.

Well I'm glad you all right,


Somebody robbed you?

Shit, n*gga, you broker than me.

No me,

white lady.

Wait a minute. Let me cut this

shit off.

That shit crazy, bruh.

What you even help her for fool?

Why no?

One day she help me.

Shit, we'll see about that.

But hey,

you find out who did this shit

to you,

let me know, I got something for

their ass.


Hey bruh,

you need to stop bullshitting.

Adam don't play around with

his daughter like that.

I feel

Like a bird with

broken wings

Can't fly, back up

in the trees

This man in the hood,

can't be doing shit like that.

Hey fool, where your ass going?


Walk home.

Mane, get your ass in.

Put your shit in the trunk.

Like a child

- Huh?

- The trunk, n*gga,

put your shit in the trunk.


But it's all gone



Step in

Ah. Thank you.

Good man.

Shit, more like crazy.

Where your ass going?



What the hell do they mean?



- Yes.

- We'll figure it out.

Boat with a hole

That's slowly sinking down

Like a bully

That put me to the test

Got me paranoid

And I can't get no rest

Please, lord

Step in



Step in

Hey, can you just leave it?

Can you just leave the damn

fence and my cat alone?

Cat come.

I no ask to come.

Door open,

cat not inside.


Keep screaming.

Yeah, doing great.


Go f*ck yourself to,

go f*ck yourself too.

Freedom of speech,

and freedom of expression.

Freedom of ideas,

no longer though because

the big tech tyrants.

Do yourself a favor, try this.

Go on Twitter right now

and actually call it

t*rror1st to t*rror1st.

They'll say you can't say that.


Because now you're Islamophobic.

Yeah, they're gonna silence you.

Yeah, tell it to 'em.

There goes my neighborhood.

These snowflakes

have taken things so far

just to force their agenda down

the throats

of every American.

And you want know who's

helping them do this?

Every major media outlet.

The democrats and all the



Hey lady.

Where you been?

You know I've been trying to

reach you for a while now.

It's been a

rough couple of weeks.

I mean I had two f*ck

the other night try to rob me.

Rob you?

Why would they wanna rob you?

What do you need from me, Darcy?

Girl, I'm

just worried about you.

Ain't nobody heard from you

since you left the club.

Don't nobody know where you are.

So I'm calling to make sure you


I like drinking by myself now.

Uh huh, I hear

them pill bottles shaking.

You still on them pills?

You know, I don't

need this shit from you.

I got other troubles.

I got a towel head,

that lives next door to me.

Oh wait a minute.

Now hold up.

Lemme tell you now.

You know, I don't like that.

And that's not you.

I'm not a r*cist.

You're acting like one.

And I'm sick and tired

of being nice and correct.


what's the matter baby?

I mean,

come on, what did you need from


What do you want from me?

You better stop. Uh uh.

You know what?

You don't have to call me


I can take care of myself!

Uh uh, I know you

f*ck you Darcy.

f*ck you.

Morty, where are you?

f*ck, man.



Come on.


Order up.

So how it go last night fool?

You correct,

no help.

Told your ass.


Order up, mane.

Damn, I'm the only

f*ck working here?

Hey fool.

Where you going mane?

Walk home.

Ah, what you got in

your hand right there?


One day I go to university.

I see you.

Moving on up in the world.


What you think about that

junt right there though?

Look nice.

It's for you.

For me?

My cousin gave it to me and

shit, but

at least you can be a little


- Very happy.

- Uh uh.

You ain't fixin' to do

that kissing shit again.

We gonna pound it.


Come on, take it for a spin,



What the?

I ain't say I was gonna

hold your shit but alright.


very nice.

Ay be careful mane!

Somebody gotta wash dishes.

- Woo.

- Yeah mane.

Got you a new whip.

Ah, very nice.

f*re that thing up.

Very good.

Thank you, my friend.


Why you help?

Cause bro,

I know what it feel like to be


Since I was born, I had

two strikes against me.

One being a man,

two being a black man.

Ain't no handouts.

I can get sh*t down by

the same f*ck

who supposed to be protecting


How the f*ck I'm supposed to

feel safe?

Build a better life for myself?

I see you though mane.

You got goals and shit.

You got drive, just like me.

I'm out here doing this music


hustling every day.

Waiting on my sh*t.

Soon as I get it though,

best believe I'm gonna take it.

n*gga out here be threatened

by shit like that though.

This ain't even what life all

about bruh.

They be trying to get you down

and shit.

People like you and me,

shit, we from a different cloth.

You done seen shit.

You done been through shit.

You remind me of me.

You my unicorn n*gga.

My unicorn abeed.


my brobibi.

Man, your ass didn't understand

a single word I said did you?

Come on man, I got

some shit to show you.

Go on, put that

junt in the trunk.

What's up y'all?


We out this thing!


we in royalty right now, mane.

Shit finna be crazy.

Hey what up OG?

What's up Al? How you feeling


Man I'm good fool.

It's my boy Jacir,

homie from Syria and shit.

What's up Jacir?


You a long way from home.

I seen that shit on TV.


Man, that man don't understand


your ass saying, fool.

But that n*gga right there,

he done see way more shit than


flagging ass n*gga

act like that had seen.

You ready to spit your verse?

Let me get homie straight,

and let me get myself

straight, you feel me.


Go on, h*t this junt mane.

No good.

Man, come on mane.

It's for the mood and shit.

Come on, get your mind right,


Get your mind right, mane.

Smoke it n*gga, don't smell it.


Uh huh.

Give me that shit, man, you


Aight, I'm about ready, fool.

All right.

Let's drop.

Let me tell you something,


This oppression shit, fool,


This shit been happening,


Tired of these flagging

ass n*gga, mane

Acting like they give a f*ck

Fake ass fightin' and shit,


f*ck dat, mane

Shout out to all my

unicorn abeeds, mane

My unicorn n*gga, mane

Been fight you bitches

Mane, I'm sick of this

All this r*cist shit

Tryna keep us down

f*ck your politics

You ain't hearing me

You ain't seeing me

But I won't be denied

You 'bout to feel me

You 'bout to feel me

Thinking about the struggles

of my day to day livin'

That's why I stay

on my hustle

I gotta get out and get it

Yeah, bitch I want

what is for me

Inhale some potent weed

Fifth of yak, as I stack

another BAG

But when the drought is on

Barely making ends meet

Look at our history

Injustice runs deep

They do us in the ghetto

Like they do

'em in Aleppo

I'm talking w*r zones

Out in this wicked streets

Now in the hood, we got

these hatin' r*cist

Brown abeed

Some of my own got the

nerve to look down on me

f*ck 'em

This is every day reality

Don't trust 'em

Not what they say and

half of what you see

Back at the shitty job

They eyes reveal the hate

Gotta watch these opps

and crooked cops

And stay outta the way

Promises from politicians

Where the reparations

Kept us down

With poverty we talking


You 'bout the feel me

Always get it how you live

This is how it is

Do what you gotta do

It's k*ll or be k*lled

New day, new time

It done got real

Lotta money drying up

Blood gonna spill

And we talking worldwide

Shit is unreal

The rich is getting richer

Poverty's still here

Pushing racial divide

It's right before our eyes

It's like we hypnotized

With doom gloom and fear

How many out there gonna make

it for another year?

How many out there really

wanna just stay in the clear

The tension's getting thick

I see the bullshit

Help, help please help.


Dr. Andrews.


Oh my god.



How is good old Meryl?

Sorry, are you guys family?

No, he's her neighbor.

Sorry, I can't

give you any information

unless you're family.

He's worried

because she's older and

lives alone now.

Unfortunately we see this

kind of thing happen every day.

Usually accidental drinking

with overuse of pain medication.

Either way she probably

shouldn't be alone

when she's discharged.

Does she have any relatives?

We found the son in New

York but we can't reach him.

But you should make sure

your friend here stays put.

Police will need a statement.

Waiting areas down the hall on

the right.

Okay, will do, thank you.

The continuing conflict

in Syria is once again

the topic of this week's UN


The death rate is climbing

and those who are most

affected are the children.

For more...

Oh God, why are you here?

You're the last thing I need.

I bring.


Oh no, my babe.

I missed you.

You be okay?


- You feed him, you give him?

- Yes,

I give food.


Come sit.

It's okay.

Cat here, me here,

we look for you.

Your English is so bad.

Sir, I told you family only and

come on,

we can't have a cat here.

Just a minute.

Wait just a minute.

I"m gonna grab something to


and when I get back.

I promise they'll be gone.


I promise, okay.

Thank you.

I take cat.


Oh my boy.

What's up man? You

ain't said shit all day.

You straight?



Hey, you remember that

track I did the other night

at the studio?

I finished it.

You trying to hear it?

All this r*cist shit

Trying to keep us down

f*ck your politics

You ain't hearing me

You ain't seeing me

But I won't be denied

You 'bout the feel me

Man, I'm sick of this

All this r*cist shit

Trying to keep us down

f*ck your politics

You ain't hearing me

You ain't seeing me

Very nice.

But I won't be denied

Big star.

You got to feel me

Oh yeah, I appreciate that,


I ain't trying to be in

no kitchen my whole life,

you feel me?

This shit right here,

this shit gonna gimme me that




You feel me.


Bitch, I want whats for me

Inhale some potent weed

Fifth for yak

As I stack another BAG

But when the drought is on

Barely making ends meet

Look at our history

Injustice runs deep

They do us in the ghetto

Like they do 'em in Aleppo


Super legit.

Did they teach you that in

English class?

Super legit.

Thank you.

When nobody wants to listen to


that anybody says,

you're either with us

or you're against us.

This is this idea of what you

have now.

You can't even have a

conversation anymore.

This is the problem with

your side of the aisle.

Anything you disagree with,

you immediately throw down the

race card

or the Islamophobic card.

I didn't mean to wake you.

Allow for a grand debate.

And they allow for freedom

of speech and religion.


I'm okay.

It's just these damn pills.

I'm just not myself.

I understand you, friend.


Yeah, not so fast, okay.

Give it some time.

What's your story?

Where you from?


Syria, well,

well let me just tell you.

You ain't too bad for a Syrian,


They're gonna

destroy us. That is not.


I call.

What, you wanna use the phone?

Yes, please.

Yeah, sure.

But I thought they gave

you all a free phone

and a laptop when you got here.


Well, I don't care

'cause I ain't paying

for a f*cking thing here.

Let me tell you.

I go work,

come after.

Yeah, it's a free country.

No problem.

Oh God.

Good morning, Mrs. Jackson.

Another brown one.

Excuse me?

I see your friend is

keeping you company.

He's not my friend.

Mrs. Jackson,

do you have any family members

we can reach out to, please?

There's some concerning things.

Listen, it's not a big deal.

I know I overdid it.

It's my knees, my, my knees.

They, they hurt me all the time.

I mean, I'll, I'll sort it out.

The pain is certainly a

problem as are the pills.

Look, I'm not a junkie.

And we're gonna

arrange pain management.

- For you.

- I just a...

I just overdid it.

I just, I just took too much.

I, I, I know, I know what I did.

I know what I did wrong.

It's okay.

We have looked at

your cat scans in detail

and are concerned about

tumors in your lungs.

And we need to work you up...

To discuss some things

a little more with you

and your family members, please.

No, there's nobody.

Everything okay?

Just come join me.

How about

a couple of green teas?


You sure have been a busy little


since our last talk.

What I do?

Showing up on another police


I try help.

Yeah, had to help.

I know.

But what we talk about?

- Stay to yourself.

- Stay to yourself.


So if you understand,

what am I doing sitting here

having close to the same


we had a few days ago?

You wanna stay here,

go to work, school,

then home, that's it.

Remember, I snap my fingers

and you, my one headache

out of hundreds, gone.

Stop scaring him.

Sorry, sir.


No, I don't care who you are.

You can't just go around

threatening people with


We'll get you a lawyer.

Little lady,

it's not a thr*at, if it's true.

Never cross my desk.

He'd be a ghost,

which is what I want him to be.

Next time, walk away

at any sign of trouble.

We have an understanding now?


Thank you for your

time and the lovely tea.

Okay. It's Okay.

Home sweet home.


Morty has a life of his own.

So you fixed the fence?

You like?

Needs a coat of paint,

but yeah, it looks good.

Yeah, no, for sure.

Listen Jacir, I,

I know we butted heads,

but I wanted to tell you that...

Please, it's okay.

I'm not apologizing.

I mean, for what it's worth,

I just wanted to say that

I was looking for a fight

and I thought you would've given

me one.

I come back.

So how long do you know each


Just a few weeks,

since he started working

at our restaurant.


And you're dating?

No, we don't really date in my


My dad's a little strict.

So you're?

Single, I guess.

You're too pretty to be single.

Thank you.

Hey, do you wear that thing,


The hijab?



Good because you know,

you just need a little makeup

and I mean, you can, you,

you got everything going on.

Don't be so shy.

This isn't Afghanistan,

wherever the f*ck that is.


Mrs. Meryl, I wish you a speedy



Pretty girl.

I cook food.

Hey Morty.

Do you think

that this is the awful stuff

he listens to and wakes

us up every morning?

Microphone, check two, three

Smoking on some real good


Gotta take away my stress

Right na ment*lly free

Ain't no drama right now

Everything a 100 right now



Cloud number nine right now

Listen to the b*at then start


In a melody and da groove

Let the lyrics manifest

Ain't lying, I'm just

speaking my truth

Do the music that I love

Everything that I see

Taken me anotha puff

Let it flow naturally

Everything's cool right now

Everything's cool right now

Ain't no drama right now

Ain't no drama right now

Everything's cool right now

Everything's cool right now

Ain't no drama right now

Ain't no drama right now

Everything in coming out

Reppin' Memphis, Ten dirty


M's up

Dis us

Get wrong

Pow pow

Take me a swig

of the brown

Hen Dog, Remy, maybe crown

Got something sexy

on the way

So you know I'm about to b*at

it down

Real good stroke, you neva


Love to hear her moan, making


Smack it up, flip it, turn


Smack it up

Everything's cool right now

Everything's cool right now

Everything's cool right now

Everything's cool right now


- This is good.

- Ain't no drama right now.

Very good.

Everything's cool right now

Everything's cool right now

Everything's cool right now

Everything's cool right now

Everything's cool right now

Everything's good right now

Ain't no drama right now

Ain't no drama right now

Ain't no drama right now

Everything's cool right now

Oh, no, no.

Everything's cool right now

Everything's cool right now



- Yeah.

- Okay?

It's okay.

I'm, so I'm not used to,

to dancing


I understand.


We going to eat something soon?

I bring food.




that was good.


Not like the hospital food.

Happy you like.


Where'd you learn to cook like


Learn at the

restaurant I work.

Oh that, that Arab restaurant.


You come?

No far.

No, I wouldn't be caught

d*ad in a place like that.

So you never told me.

What's your story?

No story.

Come on, don't hold out on me


I mean, what did you do when you


living where you're from?




- Yes.

- Yeah.

I was a

student, university.

What'd you study?


I make big, big building.


Oh that's good.

Are you going to

go back to school?


when I make

money more.

When you make more money!

Yes, yes.

That's cute.

Do you have a special girl back


You don't have to be so


You know that girl?

She likes you.

So you better stop being a p*ssy

so somebody else doesn't take


I think dad for her no like me.

It's not his life, it's

it's, it's your life.

You okay?

I call hospital?

No, no.



I just need my f*cking pills.

Give me.

This was a

half full.

What did you do with the rest of

my pills?

I take.



And here I am thinking

that maybe you're a nice guy.

For once,

just once,


I wanted to believe that

someone wants to help me

without wanting

something in return.

But no.

No, you just wanted to be nice

to me

so you can have my f*cking


No, I think I help you.

Do you know

how much pain I'm in?

Do you?


Get out.

You're a guest in this country.

You want to stay here, keep to


Don't try and be there for

someone you don't even know.

I'm not paying for this.

I understand sir.

May I get you something else?

If you don't like the way it was


why did you eat the entire meal?

I dunno how it is back where

you idiots come from, but

in America,

- The customer is always right.

- What did you just call us?

Bless your heart.

I'm so glad that they let you


but let the men handle this.

Excuse me.

Listen sir, I'm sorry for my


I will get fix it.

Hey man, you're the one

who walked in an Arabic


Screw off snowflake.

Okay, now you're just

being a f*cking troll, man.

Listen to me, you little shits.

Calm it man, calm it!

Take it easy.

I have friends who d*ed

fighting for my rights and


So in this country, my country,

when the meal is bad,

we don't pay for it.

You don't like it, go

back where you came from.

Hey bruh,

Ay y'all ass need to roll

like right now type shit.

We don't lay down and

take that shit no more.

Your ass either need to get out

or get knock the f*ck up outta



Let's get outta here Nancy.

f*ck these towel heads.

f*ck outta this place.

Adam, this some bullshit, bruh.

Why did you guys do this?

I can handle people like him.

Baba, you need to stop

letting people like him

walk all over us.

Then lets clean that mess up

and go back to work.


What's up fool?

Hey, hey, hey.

What's up?

You help me?

Help you with what?

I need more.

Oh damn, bruh.

Not you too.

If you wanna smoke a blunt,

we can smoke a blunt,

you feel me?

That shit ain't for you.

Not for me.

For good old Meryl.

Oh, if that's the case, hell no.

You ain't finna get me in

trouble with that shit.

Please, please.


All right bruh.

I'll see what I can do, man.


You sure you wanna do this fool?


I make mistake.

I fix.

n*gga, what you doing?

Hide face.

Who you hiding from, n*gga?

You ain't gotta do all that.

Ah, shit, my guy mane!


I grew up with

him back in the day.

My boy. What's up with it?

Oh play boy!

Hey, you can stay back here.

Know what I'm saying?

What's up, homie.

What's up, man?

Mane, you already know baby.

People just dying to see us,


Who's that n*gga behind you?

Oh nah, he

cool, that's my n*gga.

Aight say less mane.

What you trying to do?

Yeah, I'm

trying f*ck with them Oxys.

Two C-notes and a bill.

g*dd*mn n*gga,

what you so high for?

Mane, you better be glad

I went to school with your

brother back in the day.

You know what I'm sayin'?

Its dry season mane!

f*ck with you guy mane,

I got you, you hear me?

Yo man, let me get two rocks.

The f*ck, are you a

cop or some cr*cker?

No, no.

Mane, get your

bitch ass back outta here, mane.

Come on, man, just two rocks

and I'm outta here.

Oh shit.

Get to f*ck in the car, J.

Go, go.

We almost d*ed over some pills.

You happy, n*gga?

f*ck, f*ck, f*ck, f*ck

That is some bullshit, bruh.

The f*ck, bruh.

For us?

Hell no, Memphis police slow as


Come on though.

1650 recap...

at 415, there is juveniles

All right,

that's about it.

Have a good night.

- 551 delta.

- Thank you.

Nothing to report here.

I'm gonna go get some grub.

All gone.

Everything gone.

Damn, bruh, that shit crazy,


They been doing us like that for


They tear that shit down,

we build it right back up.

Yeah, we'll figure something

out, dad.

I don't wanna hear any

more bullshit from you three.

This has happened because of


If you had just let me

deal with him in my way,

he never come back and do this.

Where were you two, huh?

I keep telling you,

but you didn't listen,

this is not our country.

For them, we are nothing.

We have to live by their rules.

- Na, man, it ain't

- Just shut it.

I'm tired of hearing about

your black lives matter.

And your liberal hippy bullshit.

And you have no family left.

But I'm not your family

and my daughter is not

going to be your family.

Stay away from us.

I don't need you to tell me

how to deal with my life.

Wait, Jacir, come back.

Mane, Adam,

your ass be bullshitin',

I quit.

r*cist ass n*gga.



I got Morty.


come on.



really nice girl called me and

she's worried about you.


she told me what happened.

Oh, so, you have a phone?

No work.

I bring from home.

Do you wanna use my

phone to call someone?

You wanna talk about it?


Nobody hear me?

Look, I, I'm,

I'm not good at a lot of things,


I am good at listening.

Why they do this?

Paint bad words.

People do stupid things, that's


You know you make yourself

crazy when you think about why.

But they say go home.

Go home, where?

Things will change, they'll get


Everybody say get better.

Everybody say get better.

Not true.

Everywhere I go, people don't

like us.

What I do to them?

You no like me.

That's not true.

What I do to them?

I was man before

now what?




Arab country treat me like dog.

Europe put me in cage like dog.

No home

for us.

All this

world, no home,

anywhere, nothing.

We belong nowhere, huh?

Where'd I go?



I'm so sorry, I,

I didn't know you lost so much.

Back home,

no family.

Everybody die.


no family.


not talk to people.

I'm not gonna pretend I,

I know what you've been through,


I do know what it is to

lose someone you love.

Your kid?

Well, I'm pretty much

d*ad to him.

I never hear from him.

And my,

my husband d*ed

a few years ago.

I just think that's why I'm,

I'm such a mess.

Sorry for him die.


Me too.

You would've liked each other.

Will you take me back to my


I wanna lie down.

You sing?




You sing now?


Why no?

I eventually gave up trying.

That's my,

that's my husband Jimmy and my



He stayed in New York

when my husband and I moved


Very pretty people.

Oh, it's,

it's just so much easier to

tear things down than to build

them up.

I know.

Jacir, you should take that girl

and go somewhere and

start a new life.

You can do that 'cause

you've done it before.

You're strong.

Where'd you get this?

Don't tell me, I don't wanna


Police, open up.

- What did you do?

- Police,

open up.

I no want you in pain.

Jacir, open the door.

What do you want?

Anyone else inside with you?

No, not like it's any

of your business.

He's running

through the backyard.

Head north.

Get in front of him.

Can't you leave that boy alone?

Ma'am, unless you want go

to jail for aiding a fugitive,

- this conversation...

- Stop.

Go after him.

Thank you for your time, ma'am.

You people.

Hey, stop.

Get back here.

Stop moving






Oh god.




Hands up.

- I warned you, Jacir.

- Stop struggling.

Let's go.

Come on,

on your feet.



and Immigration Services.

All visitors

So that's not you?

You're lying.

We both know that's you.

You're trying to play me?


Sorry sir.

Need you for a moment.

Oh, great.

Uncuff that kid now

Why should I do that?

Because I was

with him that night, cowboy.


Yeah, fine.

Hurry up.

You are one lucky son of a


She just saved you.

You're free to go.

How are you?

You okay?

Good, let's get the f*ck outta


Aw Meryl, why you do this?

Hey, I'll stop when I need to.

Besides, I'm celebrating.

For what?

Well, I got your ass outta jail

and it's,

it's my birthday.


Oh happy birthday.



all right, come on.

Take this old lady home.


Tonight, you and me go club.



I guess my dad was f*cking right

about you

Do you have any idea how used I


Every time you f*cking

called me and you needed me,

I showed up, okay.

Don't you dare do that.

Just go.



You look very pretty.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Oh, you're not taking me out

like that.



No, I have an idea.


Take that jacket off.


Come on.


Jimmy loved the way

he looked in this shirt.

Come on, I'll help you.

Come on.

Looks good.

Tonight will be fun.

Look at me.


Very nice.

Okay, little short, but...

I like.

- Looks great.

- I like.

Thank you.



- Woo.

- For you,

for me.

Gin, my favorite.


I didn't think Muslims drank?

Everybody's different.

You don't say.

Bi sah tek

Do what now?

- Bi.

- Bi.

- Sah.

- Sah.


Bi sah.

Bi sah tek.

Bi sah tek.

Tek, yes.

- Cheers.

- Bi Sahatek.

Say what?

All right, we're gonna have

to teach you how to drink.



You ready?

No, let's smoke some more.

Well, well, well, look at that,

will ya?

How you doing?

In the flesh, is that you, Ms.


How you doing baby girl?

I'm good.

Hi, hi Darcy, how are you?

I'm good.

How are you?

You look beautiful.

No, you look beautiful.

You're the one.

Jacir, this is Darcy.

Darcy, this is Jacir.

It's good to meet you.

Thank you.

Nice to meet you.

Yes it is.

Don't worry,

he's a lost soul, just like me.

I see.

You naughty girl.

I am naughty.

Well, listen, I'm not gonna be


I'm just gonna invite you to

come in

and just have a good time.


Bring that sandwich and your

fine self.

I'll see you in there, you know

what I'm saying? okay.

She's nasty.

You go?

Okay, yeah

come on.

You ain't hearing me

You ain't seeing me

Mother f*ck your politics

Clip full of hollow tips

Mother f*ck your politics

Clip full of hollow tips

Clip full of hollow tips

Clip full of hollow tips

Clip full of hollow tips

Clip full of hollow tips

Appreciate y'all coming out,


you know what I'm saying.

Give a round applause for the


you know what I'm saying.

My name Jerome, I go by Al


You about go take a break for a


But next,

Queen of Soul, Miss Darcy

is coming to the stage.

Appreciate y'all.

Love y'all, mane.

I'm out this thing.

Oh my boy.

My f*ck boy, that's



Very good

Appreciate that, mane.

I appreciate y'all

coming out supporting me.

I love your music.

Aw, we do what we can.

You know what I'm saying?

Hey my boy, good seeing you out.

Appreciate that shit you did,

keeping my name out that

shit with them law.


my brobibi.


But hey, f*ck all that.

That ain't what we here about.

It's a f*ck


First I wanna say

f*ck that n*gga, Adam.


f*ck that n*gga.

All he give a about is

his f*ck self.

We about to spread our wings

and we about to fly up out this


That's what's up.



Bi Sahatek.

Bi Sahatek.


Yes sir.

So how you holding up OG?


How y'all doing?

I can't hear you.

I said how you doing?

Somebody clap your hands and say


I'm doing all right.

It's a good night.

And I'm also awesomely happy

to see a dear friend of mine

that I've been knowing

for quite a long time.

Put your hands together for Miss



How you doing baby?

How you doing?

And guess what?

She's celebrating

a birthday tonight.



We gonna have a good

time with this.

Yeah, we gonna have a good time

because I'm gonna ask a dear

favor of her,

to please come up and sing

a song, would you please,

- just sing us a song?

- No.

Yes baby.

You can sing.

Put your hands together,

make her come on, come on baby.

Come on and sing.

Come on up, baby.

Come on up.

Come on up and show

what you know how to do.

Come on.

You know I love you

and I miss you so much.

- Oh, baby.

- Oh.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Ms. Meryl.

Go Meryl.

Oh boy.

Do your thang, mane.

Oh, Miss Darcy,

I haven't done this in a long,

long time.

You can do it, honey.

It's nice to be back.

I'm a little rusty.


I give it a go.


"Night by Night".

"Night by night".

Night by night

Here I stand

Wind through my window

Drink in my hand

Cool me down

From a long, hot day

Night roll on

Pain roll away

I need my babe

I need my babe

Tears on my pillow

I can't be saved

I need my babe

I need my babe

One hand on the bottle

I can't be saved

Sing Meryl.

To my darling, Tommy,

things haven't been the

same since your dad passed.

I know we missed so much time


and I regret that time we lost.

Whatever it is that you do,

don't worry about me.

I'll live to my dash,

and all I want for you is to

live yours with no regrets.

Come on, Morty, stay with me.

Love you, your crazy mother,


I need my babe

I need my babe

Tears on my pillow

One day I'll be saved

I need my babe

One hand on the bottle

One day I'll be saved

So you work tomorrow?

- Yeah.

- Brobibi.


Gotta get their money, mane.

You hear me?


New job, same dishes.

Thank you guys.

Thank you.

It's good to see you.

Ladies and Gentlemen

wasn't that beautiful?

Yes, sir.

That's how you do that!

Miss Meryl, ladies and


Put your hands together for her.

Are you ready for some more?

You sing very good.

Oh god, well thank you

for making an old lady

really happy tonight.


You young inside my friend.


Well, I'm proud to call

you my friend, Jacir.

Thank you.

Take picture.

Aw, I got you.

Microphone check two three

Smoking on some real good


Gotta take away all

my stress

Right now ment*lly free

Ain't no drama right now

Everything a hundred

right na!



Cloud number nine right now

Listen to the b*at then

Start sinking in a melody

and da groove

Let the lyrics manifest

Ain't lyin' I'm just

speakin' my truth

Do the music dat I luv

Everything that I see

Taking me another puff

Let it flow naturally

Everything's cool right now

Everything's cool right now

Ain't no drama right now

Ain't no drama right now

Everything's cool right now

Everything's cool right now

Ain't no drama right now

Ain't no drama right now

Everything in coming out

Repping Memphis, Ten dirty


M's up

Dis us

Get wrong

Plow plow

Take me a swig of the brown

Hen dog, Remy, maybe Crown

Got some sexy on the way

So you know I'm 'bout

to b*at it down

Real good strokes,

never drown

Love to hear her moan,

make a sound

Smack it up, flip it, turn


Smack it up, flip it, I'm a


Everything's cool right now

Everything's cool right now

Everything's cool right now

Everything's good right now

Ain't no drama right now

Ain't no drama right now

Ain't no drama right now

Everything's cool right now

Everything's cool right now

Everything's cool right now

Everything's cool right now

Everything's cool

Everything's good

Everything's cool

Everything's cool

Everything, everything,


Everything, everything

Everything's cool right now

Everything's cool right now

Everything's cool right now

Everything's cool right now
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