01x06 - Crown Jewels

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story", Aired: May 4, 2023.*
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Series is a prequel spin-off of the series Bridgerton that focuses on young Queen Charlotte's rise to prominence and power.
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01x06 - Crown Jewels

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[tense, somber music playing]

[door creaks open]

[inhales deeply]

[exhales deeply]

[door creaks open]

Doctor. It does you honor
that you came so quickly.

Your Highness, I should inform you...

I do not have time for pleasantries.

I returned to Buckingham House
this afternoon,

only to be told that Her Majesty
is no longer residing there.

It seems she has moved to Kew
to be with the king.

You told me that His Majesty
required intensive private treatments.

I did, Your Highness.

Then perhaps you would like
to offer me some sort of explanation.

Inform me
of the next course of treatments?

I cannot.

You cannot? Doctor!

I cannot, as I'm no longer
His Majesty's doctor.

Oh, nonsense. Of course you are.

I have been dismissed.


That is not possible.

The king would not do such a thing.

What is he up to?

It is not the king, Your Highness.

She did this?

[pleasant music plays]

[Lady Whistledown] Dearest gentle reader.

As winter turns to spring,

England wakes
to welcome nature's abundance.

I am so pleased you decided
to ask me to join you on a walk.

- [both chuckle]
- I do enjoy the winter.

But I have been longing
for the weather to turn.

Today is the first fine day.

- Perfect for a stroll.
- Yes.




am contemplating... starting anew.

Why, Violet Bridgerton.

- Hurrah for you.
- Only contemplating.

I try to imagine it.

Another... Another man besides Edmund.

He is all I have ever known.
We were children together. He was...

I had a great love.

I do not expect another.

Yet I suppose my standards are high.

You have a right
to high standards, Violet.

It is a great adventure you embark upon.

[Violet sighs]


Enjoy every moment.

Now, do I need more?

- There is a bit of a chill in the air.
- Hm.

I shall ring for my pelisse.

[exhales sharply]

[chuckles softly]

[pensive instrumental music builds]

[chuckles lightly]

[laughing] Oh, how lovely.


Are these from your travels?

Or do your children send these your way?

[Lady Whistledown]
One can find gardens in bloom

in the most interesting of places.

Discoveries are everywhere.

Mother Nature is sharing her secrets.

There! I am now warm enough.

[both chuckle]

- Shall we walk?
- Yes.

Let us walk.

Sadly, the royal house
remains infertile ground.

It seems as if a certain
continued lack of fruitful bounty

has left a despondent chill
in the palace halls.

Brimsley, this crown is breaking my neck.

It is gloriously regal
to behold, Your Majesty.

I am so hot.

We are all hot.

I cannot breathe in this position.

Move! Switch places with me.

I will not move. This is my spot.

Cease talking.

None of it has any significance.

Without an heir,
this portrait will be meaningless.

A faint relic in a dusty storage room.

Our lineage will be
a page in a history text.

- Mother, you are being most unfair.
- Am I?

Has anyone created a baby yet?

Is there any fruit to show
for all of my efforts on your behalf?

As the eldest... have you been of any
assistance to the Crown in this manner?

[Georgie] I...

Uh... I think what Georgie is trying to say,
Mother, is that he...

Is that his brothers
continue to fail in their duties

as you have failed in yours.

Paint faster.

That we might end this nightmare.


[children sighing quietly]

Will His Majesty be joining us soon?

[sighs deeply]

[Lady Whistledown] This author
has it on good authority

that the queen's growing displeasure
was on full display

at a recent family portrait sitting.

You may continue.

[painter] But...

I need... [scoffs]

They are gone.

Are you saying Her Majesty
is not sitting for her portrait?



- No.
- The family are right there.

Happy and graciously providing you
with a reputation of excellence.

I see them.

Do you not?

I do see them.

[Lady Whistledown] One has to wonder,

will Queen Charlotte's
relentless pursuit of a royal heir

be the royal family's undoing?

Or can a mother's love conquer all?

[theme music playing]

A warm meal and a bath must be a balm.

You seem more yourself. You look better.

Do you... Do you feel better?

You should not have come.

I was most happy to come.

- No.
- I am so sorry.

I should have come sooner. Do not fear.

- I shall remain by your side...
- No.

Charlotte. Listen to my words.

You should not have come.

I do not want you here.


Go back to Buckingham House, please.

Do you hear me?
I said, "Go back to Buckingham House."

That is where you live.
That is where you belong. Go.

I do not want you.

I want never to see you. Leave.

[shouts] Get out!

- I order you!
- No. No, George.

- Charlotte!
- You cannot force me away. I will not go.

I command it! Go!

I will stay!

I command it.

- Please, Charlotte. Please go.
- No.

- Charlotte, you're not listening to me.
- I am.

I have heard that you wish I had not come.

That you want me to go.
That you do not want to see me.

What I have not heard
is that you do not love me.

I have been suffering

and alone and believing I am a failure

as a wife and as your queen

because you stay from me
as though I am a disease.

And then today, it suddenly occurred to me
that perhaps there is another reason.

A better reason.

Perhaps you stay away from me
because you care for me.

Perhaps you stay away because you love me.

Do you love me?

I'm trying to protect you.

- Do you love me?
- I... I cannot.

We cannot... This conversation is...

- I can't do this. I never wanted to marry.
- Do you love me?

Charlotte. Please, stop!

Is it because you do not believe
that I could love you?

I do.

I love you, George.

I love you so much
that I will do as you wish.

If you do not love me,
say you do not love me, and I will go.

I will go back to Buckingham House.

And we can live our separate lives,
and I will have this baby alone,

and I will make do
and fill my days and survive.

All on my own. I will do that.

But first, you have to say
that you do not love me.

You have to tell me
that I am utterly alone in this world.

I am a madman.

[scoffs] I am a danger. In my mind,
there are different worlds creeping in.

The heavens and Earth collide.

- I do not know where I am.
- Do you love me?

You do not wish
a life with me for yourself.

- No one wishes that.
- George!

I will stand with you
between the heavens and the Earth.

I will tell you where you are.
Do you love me?

I love you!

[gentle music plays]


From the mo...

[Charlotte sighs]

From the moment I saw you

trying to go over the wall...
I have loved you desperately.

I cannot breathe when you are not near.
I love you, Charlotte.

My heart calls your name.

[George sobbing quietly]

[softly] I wanted to tell you.

I wanted you to know.

This... madness

has been my secret my entire life.

This darkness is... is my burden.

You bring the light.


It is you and me.

We can do this.


When will he come, our little king?


Very soon.

[whispers] Hello, little king.

- Hello.
- [Charlotte sighs]

[Coral] More solitude?


Your cloak makes a fine blanket

if you decide
to have solitude on the ground.


He was kind?

He was joyful.

I felt joy.

Then I'm glad for you.

Lady Danbury.

Lord Ledger.

I am Violet.

Hello, Violet.

What are you doing all the way out here?

Getting out of Mother's hair.

But how can we be in her hair
when our house has rooms?

[chuckling] Violet.

It is nice to see you, Lady Danbury.

It is nice to see you too.

I wish we might see one another again,
but I understand how busy you are.

And how busy you are... with Violet.


- She's growing into a fine young lady.
- Mm.

Perhaps one day, she will have an
unimpeachable reputation much like yours.


My reputation is... quite respected.

What every lady dreams of.

I wish you much happiness.
On this fine day.

I wish you happiness as well.

On this day.

Um... So...

I wanted to thank you

for your... kindness...
after my husband passed.

Lady Danbury, it is your kindness
for which I should be showing gratitude.

Goodbye, Lord Ledger.

Goodbye, Lady Danbury.

[somber music playing]

[exhales sharply]

All is well.

He has dismissed his doctor.

He has a new doctor.

Oh. That is good.

What is his name?

I do not remember names. I am female.

Of course. Apologies.

They are staying at Kew, both of them?

All is well.

- So says the king?
- He is the king.

You have laid eyes on him?

- Spoken to him?
- I am his mother.

- I do not speak to my mother.
- Nor I to mine.

Dreadful woman.

All is well. He is the king.

What of the future arrival?

The baby? The baby is well.

All is well. [chuckles]

Then it is settled.

I will let Parliament know
he is available for an address.

Of course.

[whimsical music plays]

- [door opens]
- [exhales softly]

[whimsical music ends]

[doors opening]

The Prince Regent and your daughter
are here to see you, Your Majesty.

Ladies, away.

Children, come.

What is the trouble now?

Or is there good news?

There is no news.

This is, um...

We come on behalf of all of us.

- Your children.
- You represent the family, do you?


Your siblings have entrusted you
as their champions.

Please do tell me what this is about.

Mother, we only want to have
a discussion about this baby.

- This...
- No, not a discussion.

Your baby race is cruel.


You focus on nothing else.
Georgie is grieving.

- His daughter is d*ad.
- I am well aware.

Yet you have shown him
not one moment of real kindness.

No regard or compassion.

You've shown none of us
regard or compassion.

Do you know how hard we have worked

to provide you with your precious heir?

The herbs, the tonics?

Do you know how many babies I have lost

before they were ready to be born?

I did not.

You lost babies?

We have all lost... [inhales]

We are trying, Mother.

I know this is a difficult task,

but I ask a great deal of you

because I know each one of you
can rise to the occasion.

You do not know us.

Any of us.

You do not learn about us.
You do not care for what we care for.

Our happiness is not your goal.


I want what is best for you.

- As your mother...
- You have never been a mother.

I have done all I could for you.

If you understood the sacrifices,

how hard I have worked
to make sure you each...

[somber music playing]

I have been an excellent mother.

No. You have been our queen,

but you have never really been our mother.

[somber music fades out]

I am off to work in the fields.

We are cycling millet.
Would you like to join me?

Never. I shall stay here
and grow our king.

George. Oh. Uh, you received a letter.

Where is it?


- Ah.
- From Princess Augusta.

My mother is writing me.


[clears throat]

[Charlotte chuckles]

Oh, you are beautiful.

[claps] My wife is beautiful.

[door opens]

[door shuts]

Did you want to say something, Reynolds?

No, Your Majesty.

[clears throat]


His Majesty has good days and down days.

He did.

Now that I am here, his days are good.

He is well.

He is better. Is he not?

He is better now.

But perhaps caution would be...

Reynolds. Let him be.

All he needed was his wife,

and a routine,
and to get rid of that dreadful doctor.

He is well.

Will it last?

And will he stay as he is?


One can hope.


if it lasts, they would have one another.

Yeah, they will be together,

have a marriage, grow old as one.

We would serve them together.

A lifetime.


A lifetime.

[gentle music plays]

It is possible.

But truly possible?

I do not know.


Great love can make miracles.

It can.

Thank you for seeing me, Your Highness.

Thank you
for paying me a visit, Lady Danbury.


I am so glad that you met Lord Danbury,
the new Lord Danbury.

Did I?

I know I met your son. Very handsome.


I have been told

that you had the honor
of a visit by Her Majesty.

The queen was kind enough
to offer her sympathies

upon the loss of my dear husband,
the late Lord Danbury.

Yes, my condolences.

Losing a husband is... inconvenient.

[pensive music plays]

The queen must be very fond of you

to come out during her confinement.



As it is a fact that my son
will inherit his father's title...

Is it?

Is it not?

Whether or not the Great Experiment
will go on past this generation

is something
only His Majesty can determine.

Such a complicated debate.

I see.

[Augusta] Of course,

I am sure I could expediate your answer

if you have information
that may be useful.

I am not sure what information
I could possibly possess

that one as brilliant as Your Highness
could not obtain yourself.

I believe the matter of title inheritance

shall be difficult to settle.

More tea?

I'm sure you could give Princess Augusta
the smallest of details.

Pears! Her Majesty asked for pears
while she was here.

I will not engage with the princess.
I've promised the queen friendship.

If you are friends,

perhaps you could
ask Her Majesty to intervene.

She seems so kind. I'm sure she...

Her Majesty has gone away to Kew.

I cannot simply turn up at Kew.

She's with child. She's in a state.

I cannot do anything
that might cause her upset or worry.

She has enough of that as it is.

What does that mean?

Well, there are the rumors to consider.


Well, I'm hearing that

the Palace stands not on firm ground.

That the king is ill or injured or...

Well, there is something amiss
with the king.

- Coral, that is gossip.
- [scoffs]


I'm not a person for gossip.

If I were, I'd say I've heard
from several kitchen maids

that members of the House of Lords
are concerned for the king's welfare.

There is talk
that the Palace is in jeopardy.

But you are not one to gossip.


I certainly cannot
ask Her Majesty for help if that is true.

[pensive music plays]

[driver chattering]

[indistinct conversation]

[Augusta] This is tedious.

You will tell the king
that his mother is waiting.


I do not understand.

The king is not receiving visitors
at this time.

I am not a visitor.

You are most welcome
to return some other time in the future.

I am here now.

George is not available now.

- Does he know I am here?
- He is occupied.

I may be forced to worry

that you are holding the king
against his will, which would be...

- Treason.
- Yes.

It could be considered treason
if you do not allow me to see him.

The king does not wish
to receive at this time.

You dare to speak for him.

You are not the king.

No, but I am your queen.


you certainly have become comfortable.

You chose me well.

[tense music builds slowly]

You carry just one king in your womb.

The other king, George,
I carried that king.

And while your little king
can hide out cozy and warm

in the embrace of your belly,

my king cannot.

How do you not know
what I have always understood?

From the moment a king is born,
there is no hiding for him.

There is no room for illness or weakness.

There is only power.

I have done all I can to ensure his power,

and you are undoing it.

That is not true...

He is not even trying,
and you are allowing it.

You cannot allow him to hide.

His Crown will not survive.

He has a country.

He has people. He must rule.

Lord Bute is waiting.

The government is
growing restless and suspicious.

George must face Parliament.

This is on you now.

He is yours.

[door opens and closes]

[tense music ends]

Charlotte. How goes the day?

Your mother was here.

- I do not want to see her.
- I know.

I sent her away.

However, we must away as well.

Back to Buckingham House.

- [George] Charlotte...
- You have to address Parliament.

The people need their king.



The most ungrateful whining children.

How dare they speak to me that way.

A better life
they could not have asked for.

[sighs] I was

a most extraordinary mother.

I was a most extraordinary mother.

[clears throat]

Leave us.

[door creaks open and closed]

Your silence does not bode well for you.

Your Majesty,
you are the greatest of queens...

And mothers.

You are the greatest of queens,
yet you share one trait in common

with all of the people here in the palace.

You serve one person. The king.

That is not a flaw.

It is a gift.

Everyone serves the king.

We all care for His Majesty, above all.

Not true.

Brimsley, you care for me.


And I will continue to do so
until my last days.

[soft instrumental music builds slowly]

Brimsley... have you any family?

Did you never marry?

Uh, no, Your Majesty.

Who could I ever find who would be free
to spend a lifetime with me?

I am here.

Everyone here cares for the king.


Your Majesty.

Send in my dressers.

Yes, Your Majesty.

[driver chattering]

It's lovely to see you progressing.

I do hope Your Majesty
has found the experience to be

without too much discomfort thus far.

It has been...

Life at Kew,
it has not been without discomfort.

And the king,

he must be full of excitement
surrounding the coming of his heir.

It is good to be home.

I have missed your company.

Tell me, what have I missed
while I was away?

As for the ton, I have no gossip
of consequence to share.

I have been occupied tending to the estate
in the wake of the death of my husband.

Of course.

You are mourning a great loss.
And the children?

Is there anything I can do?


Spending time with a friend helps.

This is all I need.


Now, I have asked the royal physician.

And he says getting a baby out of me
shall be quick and painless.

You have babies.

Tell me, does it hurt?

Having children is
the worst pain imaginable.

I knew it.

[chuckles lightly]

Wait, really?


[light instrumental music plays]

It only hurts a little.

And you shall hardly remember it
when it's over.

[sighs in relief] Good.

This may be my favorite place
in all of London.

Oh! Look how tall those have grown.

[Lady Danbury chuckles and sighs]

- [Violet] Agatha.
- Mm.

You told me that your garden did not bloom

until after Lord Danbury d*ed.

- What did you mean?
- [scoffs] That is a change of topic.

No, it is the return to topic.
As I told you, I am contemplating.

Do you want to marry again?

Oh, well, I had not thought that far.

- It would be quite a change.
- Mm.

- I do like my life as it is now.
- Hm.

And the children. Yet I...

- I do not know.
- [chuckles lightly]

Was there ever anyone else for you?

After Lord Danbury?

Did you ever want to marry again?

Or did you ever want to... take a lover?

I wanted to feel alive.

So, there was someone after Lord Danbury.

I have lived a life. Yes.

We are going to need
a... a quiet place to talk.


I have loved and been loved.

And that is all I shall say.

- That is all?
- I am discreet.

Agatha, you have just told me...

you were in love with a man
after your husband.

We are friends. Are we not?

Did I ever tell you
about the queen's brother?

You and... Queen Charlotte's brother?


That is a surprise.

Because... I am discreet.

Lady Danbury, it is lovely to see you.

And you.

Uh, with the birth, it seems I may be
in England longer than I expected.

I... I wonder if I might call upon you.

On me?


You are out of mourning, or am I mistaken?

I'm out of mourning. Yes.

Then, may I call?

[Lady Danbury inhales]

I would like that... very much.

[gentle music playing]

Coral, I have solved my problem.

You asked Her Majesty?
She will secure the title?

No, I spoke to the queen's brother.

Prince Adolphus?

He would like to court me. I said yes.

I shall marry him.

He is German.

He is a nice man.

He runs his own land
and not because of an experiment,

and his title is his own.

But I thought... Lord Ledger?

What of Lord Ledger?

[George] I can feel you watching me.

I like watching you.

You make it more difficult
for me to write.

You are doing a fine job.

- I am sure.
- This is a speech to Parliament.

I can't do a fine job.
I must be brilliant.

These are certainly
the words of a brilliant man.

- And so are these.
- Charlotte.

Perhaps you need a bit of distraction.

- Distraction?
- Yes.

- I believe I have the distraction to help.
- I do not need distraction.

What I need is to deliver a perfect speech
before all of Parliament.

Or do you wish me to no longer be king?

Perhaps I should surrender
and offer them my head.

Put an end to the monarchy.

Let them call me
Mad King George and laugh.

- Is that what you wish?
- Stop.

I am... My deepest apologies.

I need this to...

This is important.

It might be best if we left
the distractions for another time.




Oh... The baby. It is coming.


- I believe so.
- Reynolds!

- [exhales deeply]
- Okay.

[suspenseful music playing]

- Get out of my path.
- Yes, Your Majesty.

Where is he? Why has he not arrived?

She cannot do this without a doctor.
She needs opium!

I was searching for you to tell you
the royal physician arrived.

He's in with Her Majesty.

[overlapping] God save the King.

- Your Majesty.
- Your Majesty.

[Charlotte moaning]

Archbishop. Prime Minister. Hello.

[Charlotte moaning]

- Thank you for coming.
- Your Majesty.

Surely you are not entering the...

There is womanly work afoot.

We wait out here.

[Charlotte moaning]

Right. Yes.

[Charlotte shouting]

- [Charlotte moans]
- [door opens]

Your Majesty. She's asking for you.

- I...
- He cannot be in there.

Your Majesty.

Do you like being
Archbishop of Canterbury?

Would you like to remain
Archbishop of Canterbury?

- Your Majesty...
- Do you believe you can remain Archbishop

by defying the head
of the Church of England?


[Charlotte groaning deeply]

[midwife] Good.

[Charlotte sighs]

[chuckles lightly]

You are here.


I am here. Whatever comes.
Whatever you need.

[Charlotte] Ooh, the baby...


He is... [panting]



[George] Doctor, what is happening?
What is to be done?

Your Majesty.

The baby is breached, coming feetfirst.

We have to await the natural evolution.

How long?


- [Charlotte panting]
- Okay.

- You have been here before?
- Four times, Your Majesty.

- What are your thoughts?
- She's losing blood.

That is natural. All normal.


Too much, it seems. If I may.

It's all part of... Nothing to do...

Doctor, were we to leave
all decisions to nature, surely you...


[George] Charlotte.

You are quite strong,
and you shall be fine. Remember that.

- Hey.
- [exhales]

[calming music plays]

I had a horse,

my favorite as a boy,
and he was breached in his mare.

The stable hands, they...

I've seen it too, with sheep, with calves.

There are ways to aid in this situation.
Are there not?

There are methods, yes.

- However, with a royal patient...
- Prepare them. Now.

- I believe we shall need you moved.
- Yes.

Just there to the edge.

One arm here.

- Another here.
- Okay.

Hold tight.

One. Two.

- And...
- [screaming]


He is magnificent.

How is Her Majesty?

Taking a well-deserved rest.

[baby cooing]

[George hushing softly]

Is he healthy?

Are there any signs...

Of what, Mother?

I am only asking.

He is our next king.

Could he be anything but perfection?

He is... perfection.

- [Adolphus] He is a very strong baby.
- [Lady Danbury laughs]


- You are a proud uncle.
- [chuckles]

And Her Majesty must be full of joy.

Not that I've seen much of her.

She and the king
are quite taken with one another.

She hardly spares me a glance.

Though I suppose with the baby, she...

She is rather overwhelmed.
The demands of correspondence

from allies and well-wishers
from Parliament must be daunting.


Agatha, are you all right?


Apologies. I'm feeling a bit not myself.


Perhaps I think I've had too much sun.

Oh. You should go home
immediately and lie down.

- Sit here.
- Oh.

I shall get the carriage.

Thank you.

[melancholy music playing]

[exhales deeply]

It is a surprise to see you again so soon.

You have news?


Of Buckingham House.

I do not have news.

Has there been a decision?

A decision about what?

About the title.
Is my son to be Lord Danbury?

As I told you before, that is a decision

only His Majesty can make.


I would think you would have news
on that issue yourself.

I am told you were there
at the birth... of my grandchild.

I cannot... I could not speak
to the king or queen on such matters.

Such a shame.

I could be so helpful.

Her Majesty is attempting
to run the Crown. I am sure of it.

What do you know? Hmm?


How unfortunate that you
will not speak freely to me.

We had a very fine arrangement,
did we not?

Were not all of your needs met?

Would it not be a shame for you to lose

the very fine estate
in which you now reside? Mm.

[sobs softly]




[hesitates] Stop it.

- Stop it!
- [sniffs, sobs]

No. Do not do that.

- Pear brandy.
- [sniffling]

I have it shipped in from Germany.
Now, drink.

And cease from crying
this instant, please.

- I am sorry. I...
- [Augusta] No.

I do not want to know your burdens
or hear what problems plague your life.

Nor do I care.

When my dear husband d*ed,

I had to throw myself
on the mercy of his father, the king.

A cruel, evil man.

[intense music builds]

My husband loathed him. Hm.

I loathed him.

He was vicious with Georgie.

The bruises.

I had bruises as well.

There were no other options. So I endured.

And over the years, I learnt

I need not be content to surrender

to the uselessness of female pursuits.


I secured my son as King.

I found a way to control my own fate.

I do not like you.

However, you have been...

an admirable adversary thus far.

Our battles bring me satisfaction.

So this... will not do.

You are not allowed to come here and sob.

You may not quit.

Cover your bruises and endure.

Do not lose control of your fate, Agatha.


tell me.

How goes life at Buckingham House?


I believe that news depends on

what is to become
of my son's title, Your Highness.


[intense music fades out]

[George sniffs]

Where is Charlotte?

She's on her way, Your Majesty.

Here I am.

[George] I've been waiting.

I was with the baby. I'm not late.

There is plenty of time.

You look very handsome.

Do you have your speech?

[George] In hand.

Though I'm rethinking
the middle section on the colonies.

Parliament will appreciate
all of your thoughts.

You are ready.

[George exhales deeply]

Thank you.

Off you go.

- He is going to be brilliant.
- Of course, Your Majesty.

He is the king.

[tense music builds slowly]

[breathing deeply]

[book shuts]

[breathing forcefully]

Your Majesty.

Your Majesty.

Your Majesty.

[door handle rattles]

[tense music continues]

What was it? Did his speech not go well?

His Majesty did not deliver a speech.
He never got out of the carriage.

What do you mean he never got out?

His Majesty could not
get out of the carriage.

Well, what happened? What did you do?

- He seemed quite fine when he left here.
- He was not fine.

[tense music recedes slightly]

Your Majesty, forgive me.
Only, he was not fine.

He was not.

That was merely hope.

Wait here.


George, it is me.

- [George] Charlotte?
- Yes.

Reynolds told me what happened.

I am here.


George, where are you?

[George] I am sorry.

George, dearest. Can you come out for me?

[tense music fades out]

I want to.

But I cannot.

The heavens.

They cannot find me under here.

I am hiding.

You are hiding from the heavens?

- They are thwarted under here.
- George, all is well.


All is very, very wrong.

Tell me.

[gentle music playing]

I could not get out of the carriage.

I could not even
read the words on the page.

I am not a king.

- I'm no one's king.
- You will do better next time.


There is no better.

There is no cure.

This is who I am.

I will be here sometimes.
And sometimes I will be...

You can leave me.

I would understand,
and I would let you go.

- George. I will not leave you.
- You should.

- I will not.
- You have half a husband, Charlotte.

Half a life.

I cannot give you
the future that you deserve.

Not a full me.

Not a full marriage.

Only half.

Half a man.

Half a king.

Half a life.

If what we have is half,

then we shall make it the very best half.

I love you. It is enough.

I am your queen.

And as long as I am so,
I shall never leave your side.

You are king.

You will be king. Your children will rule.

Together, we are whole.

It is quite dust filled under here.

It really is.

I am so sorry
that I did not give you a choice.

That I did not tell you
the truth of who I was before we wed.

You did tell me the truth.

You said you were just George.

That is who you are.

Half king, half farmer,

but always just George.

That is all you need to be.

I do not know how to repair
what happened at Parliament.

Mm. [sighs]

I fear it will overtake my crown.

If the Crown cannot go to Parliament,

we shall bring Parliament to the Crown.

Perhaps it is time we opened up
the doors to Buckingham House.

[birds chirping]

[whispers] Shoo.

She's being courted.

[exhales deeply]

You are quiet today.

I do not mean to be.

Come, tell me of your week's adventures.

Um, I made some headway
with trade agreements.

The British are an interesting lot.

- I do not speak of the ladies, of course.
- Of course.

[chuckles lightly]


My business is complete.

My nephew is born.

I am... to return home soon.

I did not think you would stay.

We shall see one another
on your next visit.

No. I...


Would you consider returning home with me

as... my wife?



- I...
- I know. I know. It is quite soon.

You are barely out of mourning.
We have only just g*n to court, but...


I will not say words
with hearts and flowers

because I know you are not
a hearts-and-flowers woman.


But there is something here.

Between us.

I feel it.

And I believe we could be happy together.

[sighs] Adolphus.

[gentle music plays]

[softly] Do not answer me now.

Think on it.

I shall await your response.

Yes, my lady?

Ask Humboldt to open the attic.

There's a... a crate.

I will need one of the ones
from my father's house.

And, um... let the cook know

that I am inviting Lady Danbury
to tea on Friday.

[Lord Bute] I would like to know.

Were you aware?

Of course I was aware. I am always aware.

- Am I not?
- You are often aware, but...

So you are aware of this?

What do we talk about?

They are throwing a ball
to introduce the new prince.

A ball? Ah, yes, that.

[chuckles lightly] It is a lovely idea.

I do not believe
you had any knowledge of a ball.

I had knowledge.

You did not mention it to us.

The Palace need not mention
all news to you.

I was made aware.

You have lost control.

I am the mother of the king.

- [Lord Bute] You are not the queen.
- I have control.

[Harcourt] He could not
address Parliament.

They say he is farming his days away.

[Lord Bute] How goes
His Majesty's medical state?

He is in fine form.

[Lord Bute] So says his doctor?

I have control.

The Crown is safe.

Her Majesty has invited
the world to Buckingham House.

The king will be on display.
If he cannot perform...

He will perform.

Parliament wants to discuss measures.

I am holding them off.

This ball is his first social appearance.

The king must be... the king.

[tense music playing]

[up-tempo regal music playing]

[both panting]

[indistinct overlapping chatter]

- The flowers are wrong.
- They're not wrong.

- They're not the correct color palette.
- Did you choose?

I believe this is the queen's choice.

- It is His Majesty's ball.
- She is the hostess.

- He is the king.
- She is the queen.

- The sculptures are in the wrong position.
- I'm walking away.

- Excuse me. Excuse me.
- [woman] Yes, sir.

[Reynolds] May I see those?

[Brimsley scoffs]

[Reynolds] Mm.

- He is quite a handsome man.
- Yes.

And you would not have
to worry about your future.

- Yes.
- Or the title issue.


And it does signify
that his sister is Queen Charlotte.

Imagine staying at the palace
when we come to visit.

- Mm-hmm.
- I've been practicing my German.

Ich diene der Konigin.

That means, "I serve the queen."

You would be a queen. Never another
moment's worry when you are royalty...

Stop talking, Coral!

[sighs deeply]

Thank you.

I'll be down in a moment.

- You are going to say yes to his proposal?
- Good night, Coral.

[door opens and closes]

[breathes deeply]

[string section playing faintly]

[Charlotte] Ramsay is... odious.

But it is a very nice portrait.

A portrait for which I did not even sit.

I am an insertion.

It is still us.

- You and me.
- Yes, but not real.


[exhales deeply]

[softly] Look at you.

You are a rare jewel.

[gentle music playing]

[breathing shakily]

You and me.

You and me.

Are you ready?


[regal dance music playing]


A lady does not stretch her neck
like a giraffe.

I want to see the queen.

The queen has not yet made an appearance.

She behaves like a street urchin.

- She will humiliate us.
- She is perfect.

She'll bring us nothing but accolades.

I told you she's not yet ready
to be out in society.

She's more than ready.

Is that not right, brains?

Yes, Father.

Oh, look! There's Lady Danbury.

She looks marvelous.


[fanfare playing]

Their Majesties, the king and queen.

If he cannot even face his people,
he is finished.

George. George.

- Do not feel any nerves.
- I'm fine.

Do I not seem quite fine?

You are hurting my hand.

- [George] Charlotte.
- Softer.



Let us smile and wave.


[light applause swells]

And let us dance.


Keep your eyes on me.

Do not look at them.

There is no one here but us.

[classical rendition of
"Nobody Gets Me" playing]

You and me.

You and me.

[guests applauding]

[man] Well done.

We thank you all for joining us

to celebrate the arrival
of our new prince.

Unsurprisingly, given I am the Third,

we have chosen
to name him George the Fourth.


To your future king.

[all] To our future king.

- [distant] Cheers!
- Cheers!

[indistinct murmuring]

[light classical music playing]


[light classical music fades out]

You dislike crowds as much as I do.

Another way we are a match.

[Lady Danbury] True.

I needed a moment to breathe.

It is such a crush out there.

[Adolphus] Mm.

My sister is... a shining success.

- Mm.
- [Adolphus chuckles] I am happy for her.

It would be nice
to be happy for myself as well.

And for us.

What would our life look like

if we married,

and I went back home with you?

- It is probably treason to say this here.
- [Lady Danbury chuckles]

But my province...

[whispers] ...is the greatest place
in the world.

- [chuckles]
- The best people. The best food.

- That sounds nice.
- It is.

I would rule, of course,
but you would have certain duties as well.

We are more egalitarian there.

Most of the wives at court
are older than you,

but you will like them
once you learn the language.

And it is good that you are young.

It means you can have more children.

More children. [chuckles]

Agatha. I will raise
the Danbury children as my own.

I will care for them as I do you,

but I must have an heir.

Perhaps two or three.

Two or three. Yes.

You can travel with me.

We can even come back here to England

every few years
if you're worried about missing home.

But you will not miss home for long.

There will be festivals
and b*lls and charities and...


A... Agatha?

I cannot marry you.

I am sorry.

Uh... Um...

I... I have made you nervous
with so much talk of change.

No. I cannot marry you,

but only because I cannot marry anyone.

[hesitates] You are a wonderful man,

and something in me had been awakened.

So I felt hopeful.

I believe if I said yes,
this could be different.

Better. Likely it would be.

You would've saved me
from a thousand different problems.

You would've rescued me. You would've
listened to me and cared for me.

Yet it does not change
what I know to be true.

I cannot marry you.

I cannot marry anyone.

I never want to be married again.

Adolphus, I spent my life

breathing someone else's air.

I do not know any other way.

Now it is time that I learn
to breathe all on my own.

[Adolphus] Agatha. Do not do this.

Look, you are...

This... This is
a terrible mistake you are making.

Perhaps... I am making a terrible mistake.

But it is mine to make.

I do hope you will forgive me.

[breathing deeply]

[takes a deep breath]

Thank you.

It is a lovely ball.

It is.

We enjoy hosting.
We shall... do it more often.



I have only ever wanted him to be happy.

He is happy.

You make him happy.

Thank you.

Your Majesty.

[classical rendition of
"I Will Always Love You" playing]

Shall we dance?


- [guard] Excuse me, sir.
- [music ends]

[Brimsley] What are you doing
rustling about out here?

How dare you step away from your duties?

[guard] Apologies, sir.
Her Majesty has visitors.

You have delivered your message.
You may go.

I will be along.

["I Will Always Love You" resumes]

[song fades out]

[Brimsley clears throat]



Have you come to complain,
or have you come to see the new portrait?

No, Mother. We...


We come bearing news.

Your Majesty.

[gentle music builds slowly]

Are you quite sure?

Yes, Your Majesty.

I waited for quite some time,
so there would be no doubt.

You will have your heir, Mother.

Oh! [sniffles]

[Edward] Uh, Mother.

Well done.

Both of you.

Victoria thinks it will be a girl.

I hope that will be all right with you.

A girl is wonderful.

And a strong queen
is just what this country needs.

[both giggling happily]

Thank you.

Thank you.

[Charlotte sighs] Oh.


Lady Danbury.

Uh, Your Majesty.

Thank you so very much for the...

You refuse my brother.

Give him hope of union,

of happiness,
then break his heart at my ball.

In my home.

Your Majesty, I...

His humor may lack wit.

And yes, his condescendence
knows no bounds.

He is, however, a person of fine character

and pure heart.

And someone in your position could find
much worse options, could they not?

They could indeed, Your Majesty.

Please accept my apology.

- Tell me what I might do in order...
- Adolphus will survive.

What concerns me is
what I am to do with you.

The fact that you did not come to me
with your concerns.

Your fears regarding
your inheritance. Your title.

The fate of your family.
Of all the families recently titled.

[Lady Danbury] I apologize, Your Majesty.

I only didn't want to place
my burdens on top of your own.

Yours which seem so...

We are one Crown.

His weight is mine, and mine is his.

One Crown.

We rule for the welfare
of all our subjects.

New and old. Rival and foe. Titled or not.

You tell me my castle walls are too high.
I tell you they must be.

High as the sky,
if necessary, to protect you.

To protect all our worthy subjects.

I suggest you shift your fear into faith

and come to us
with your concerns directly.

To do otherwise would suggest
we are incapable of addressing them.

Unless that is what you believe.

Lady Danbury.

You may go.

I shall send for you soon.

Your Majesty.

Oh, indulge.

For once. For me.

I'm ordering you.

I'm afraid my sworn commitment

to the welfare of the Crown
outweighs your order, Your Majesty.

[George] Impossible.

Off with you.

Finally, someone who will drink with me.

- I will not.
- You refuse me as well.

- I do.
- Nonsense. You must.

I must not.

For a while.

[guard] Your Majesty.

The stakes are too high.

The fates of too many
rest on us securing your line.

Our line.



You and me.

And them.

And them.

- Agatha.
- [both chuckle]

Come in.

It's lovely to see you. [chuckles]

I wish it were a day for a stroll,
but, oh, the weather.

The weather does not obey our wishes.


Sit over here.

Oh, those.

Those are my birthday hats.
I believe I may have told you about them.

[Lady Danbury] Yes, you did.

Your father made them for you.

Every year on your birthday.

- Correct?
- Yes.

- Huh.
- And I used to make them for Edmund.

And there are the ones I used to make
for the children over the years.

You keep them all on display.

I did not always, but lately, I...

I suppose I am feeling sentimental.

Look, these are the ones my father made.


They are cheerful.

Are they not?

[Lady Danbury] Hm.

They are. [chuckles]

I thought I'd enjoy them for a time

before I pack them back up, let them go.

You're packing them away?

Well, yes.
It is a rather large collection.

However, they are filled with memories.

Ones that I do not want to let go of.

[melancholy music playing softly]


Oh. Goodness, the tea.

We should sit. [chuckles]


I believe you should
leave the hats where they are.

They are lovely.

As you say...

cheerful. [chuckles]


[Lady Danbury] Hm.

[cheerful music plays softly]

[driver chattering]

[horses snorting]

[crickets chirping]

Do not hover, Brimsley.

I'm quite capable of seeing him on my own.

[George murmuring]


Do not bother me in... in... in the sky.

[Charlotte] George.

It is me. It is your Charlotte.

I have some news, George. Wonderful news.


[George murmuring indistinctly]


[George] To there... To there...

Or there. Could it be there?

Or there.

[gentle music playing]

[Charlotte] Just George. Farmer George.


Hide from the heavens with me.


- Why, hello.
- Hello, George.

It is quiet here.


We have succeeded.

Our son, Edward,

he has married,
and his wife is with child.

Edward is going to be a father?

- Yes.
- [both chuckle]

Your line will live on.

Our line.

Our line.

[gentle music swells]

Thank you.

Thank you.

Fancy meeting you here.

[Charlotte laughs]

[George chuckles]

You did not go over the wall.

[tearfully] No, George.

I did not go over the wall.

[gentle music fades out]

[closing theme music plays]
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