04x18 - In Sickness and in Health

Episode transcripts for the TV show "9-1-1: Lone Star". Aired: January 19, 2020 to present.
A NYC firefighter relocates to Austin, Texas with his son, where he tries to start a new life while he works to save people's lives.
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04x18 - In Sickness and in Health

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TK: Hey.

Why don't you come back to bed?

I'll rub your back.

Uh, no, thanks.

I don't feel much like sleeping.

You should really try to, babe.

How can I sleep when whoever did this,

whoever m*rder my father, made a widow

of my mother, is out
there breathing free air?

I'm sorry.

You've... you've got nothing
to be sorry about, baby.

No, I think I do.

Tyler, I don't...

We're not gonna use the
word "canceled," okay?

It's just postponed.

You know it's not what I want?

Of course, I know that.

It's just, I can't...

I don't see how I can go
through a-a wedding right now.

I understand.

I'm not going anywhere.

(voice breaking) You better not.

You know, tax season
was last month, son.

You know what's more complicated
than planning a wedding?

Unplanning one.

- Carlos called it off?
- TK: Not called it off.

Just postponed it indefinitely.

I'm sorry.

TK: Now I'm stressing out
because I have to call

everybody on the guest list

and try to get a deposit back
from the florist

and the venue and the caterer,

and I have no idea
where I put the DJ's number.

You don't have to deal
with this right now.

There's nobody
that you have to call today.

Yes, I do, Dad.

I don't know
if we'll get our money back.

We were supposed to get married
in five days.

I'm aware. Let me handle it.


- You would do that?
- OWEN: Yeah.

Come on. Hand it over.

Let me do this for you.

You know, you would have
made an amazing best man.

I still plan to.

I can't find it anywhere.

Don't worry, Mom,
I'm sure it's here somewhere.

ANDREA: I went through
his whole desk twice, mijo.

Uh, are you sure he didn't
keep it somewhere else?

No. No, no, no, no.
Everything that was important

he kept in this desk,

and the company keeps saying
they need the original

or they won't honor it.

"Life insurance."

Is this it?

Yes. Ay, Dios mio.

It was in front of my face
this whole time.

I'm sorry, mijo.
I'm sorry I made you come over.

I feel like such a fool.

CARLOS: You're not a fool, Ma.

(Andrea sniffles)


Let me help you put all this stuff back.

- Ay, no, dejalo.
- CARLOS: Mom, just...

- I can do it later.
- CARLOS: Just let me help.

You know, I-I talked to
a flooring company this morning

to change out
the floorboards with the blood.

Good. I'm glad.

That way your Tía Lucy and the kids,

they can still stay here
for the wedding.

Ma, I'm sorry to tell you this, but...

TK and I decided
to postpone the wedding.

We're gonna start
notifying everybody today.

ANDREA: No, no... Carlos.

Are you sure?

It just doesn't feel right to do it.

Uh, where does the deed go?

Everything for the house
goes in the bottom left.

(drawer rattles)

Does it always stick like this?

Only for the past years.

- That's weird.
- What?

CARLOS: The outside of the drawer seems
way deeper than the inside.

(hollow thumping)

ANDREA: What is that?

CARLOS: It's a false bottom drawer.

- Did you know about this?
- No.

Why on earth would he have that?

Because I think Dad had secrets.

Hi! Come on in, y'all.

- Hey, Grace.
- Hey, Wyatt.

Here we are.

It's the, uh,
Ryder Rehabilitation Center.

- Wow.
- JUDD: Yeah.

Talk about your
Extreme Home Makeover, huh?

Yeah, just, uh, super sad edition.

JUDD: No, no, it's okay.

You know, it's gonna take some
gettin' used to, but it ain't that bad.

We got you your own little
entertainment center.

You got a remote.

You got a charger
for all your little devices.

We got you a new tablet.

Yeah, no, that's-that's
really generous of you guys,

but for real, you did not
have to do all this.

Oh, no, we're just gettin' started.

We got loads of snacks.
We got chickpeas, we got granola bars,

we got vegan jerky.


We got your itching stick.
(clears throat)

Not to be confused
with your reaching stick.

Yeah, thanks.

But you know what, I don't
know if my fine motor skills

are really reaching stick ready yet.

Well... hold on.

That... (sighs)

...is what these are for.

- Cups?
- These ain't just cups.

These are stacking cups.

So when you use these,

they're gonna help you
rebuild your neural pathways.

Yeah, I read the pamphlets, too.


I don't know, shall we?

- You mean right now?
- Yeah, why not?

Sweetheart, it's been
a long afternoon for everybody.

So I think maybe, uh,
we should let Wyatt get focused

on just settling in.

JUDD: Yeah.

Alright. (exhales)

You wanna, you wanna
watch a movie or something, or?

No. I think I just, I need some me time

if that's okay with you guys.

GRACE: Yeah.

Yes, it is okay.

Um, I'ma check on Charlie.

And, sweetheart, you wanna
get started on dinner?


How about, uh, cauliflower
steaks, that'd be good?

Yeah. Yeah, that sounds great.

I'm glad you're home.

TK: Hey, babe.

CARLOS: Is the input in back

I think three.

What the heck is that?

- It's a VCR.
- TK: VCR?

Where did you get it?

Parents' garage.

What's all this stuff, Carlos?

I'm not sure. It belonged to my dad.

I was over there today helping my mom

look for his life insurance policy,

and I found all this stuff in his desk.

There was a false bottom drawer.

All this stuff was hidden under it.

TK: This one says "confidential."


(TV beeps)

(TV beeping)

Burner phone?

Any idea who he was calling on this?

- No, it's password protected.
- (TV beeps)

TK: You think your dad was running
an investigation off the books?


(VCR hums)

And there was also this.

(static buzzing)

(Gabriel sighs)

Uh, today is Wednesday,
October th, .

My name is Sergeant Gabriel Reyes.

He's so young.

And if you're watching this, that
means something happened to me.

I have uncovered a network of corruption

within the Austin Police Department,

the State Troopers,
and in my own organization,

the Texas Rangers.

These three organizations

have been deeply compromised
by the cartels.

I have names in these files,

and until I can determine
who I can trust

for the safety of myself and my family,

I will trust no one.

It is my intention

to contact the federal agents, DEA, FBI,

and then proceed with a plan of action.

Papa? Papa, where are you?

GABRIEL: Hey, mijo. I'm over here.

Hey. Why aren't you in bed?

- YOUNG CARLOS: Monsters.
- Monsters?

- I had a scary dream.
- Oh, no.

Hey, well, tell me,
tell me what happened.

YOUNG CARLOS: The monsters took me.

They dragged me away from you and Mama

and you couldn't find me.

Oh, no, mijo.

Well, that sounds scary.

But you know what?

Listen to me.

Nothing could ever
take you away from me.

You know why? Because I
would never stop looking for you.

- YOUNG CARLOS: You promise?
- GABRIEL: I promise.

But you know what monsters
are really afraid of?

Kique the Koala.

'Cause he would tear them up like what?

Like a eucalyptus leaf!

(Gabriel laughing)

That's right. That's right.

So why don't we go find him

and he can protect you all night, okay?

- Okay.
- Okay.

Can you make him talk in the voice?

Ay, mijo, it's so late.

- GABRIEL: Okay.

I mean...

(in Australian accent) Alright, but just

for a little while, mate.

- (Carlos chuckles)
- (Gabriel laughs)

Ay. Come on.

ROBERT: I wanna ask one more favor.

- It's the last one.
- OWEN: Sure. Anything.

I want you...

to help me die, Owen.


I've given this a lot of thought.


Now that the tremor
has moved to the other hand...

it... it's a really bad sign.

It means that I am nearing the end

of middle stage Huntington's disease.

And after that, it's... late stage.

My doctor's telling me
that I may only have

two more years left to live.

That is two very long years for them.

I'm not gonna put them through that.

Which is why I need you to help me.

(seagulls calling, waves crashing)

Robert, my whole life
is about saving people.

Cheating death. Uh...

I mean...


I can't do it. I-I'm sorry.

I'm not asking you to k*ll me, Owen.

Just asking you to be there with me...

when I do it.

But you don't know how long you have.

Not really.

And I also don't know how long
I will have the ability

to make this decision.

I need to make it while I still can.

I've got it all... worked out.


It's just gonna be like the disease
took me in the night.

Like it's going to anyway.

I just need someone

I trust to...

Find you.


And to help

get rid of the evidence.
(slight chuckle)

(somber music playing)

I don't want their last memory of me

to be one of disease and death.

I want it to be beautiful.

A perfect moment.

Help me give them that.

SYDNEY STRAND: Robert, come take a bite!

(birds chirping)

(cutlery rattling)

Yvonne, what are you doing awake?

Getting my dad's breakfast ready.

He's gonna need his energy for today.


W... Uh, did you guys decide
what you're doing today?

Well, since the wedding was called off,

Mom thought that we'd go down
to San Antonio for a day or two

and check out the Alamo
and maybe Six Flags.

Ooh, that sounds fun.


We'll see how my dad does.
I guess he told you he's sick?

Yeah, he did.

He never used to eat breakfast,
but I've been making him.

I think it helps.

I'm sure it does.

Actually, Uncle Owen,
I have a favor to ask you.

Sure. Anything.

I need you to make his breakfast for him
after I go back to California.

Could you do that?

I'll... I-I would be happy to do that.

Uh, how does he take it?

recipes say to put a cup of milk

for every half cup of oats.

But I do closer to a cup
and a quarter of milk

or else he has trouble swallowing it.

A cup and a quarter. I got it.

It's very important.

I promise I will measure it
to the fluid ounce.


I really appreciate you
looking after him, Uncle Owen.

I'm really happy he met you.

Me, too.

(man speaking Spanish over phone)

Baby, have you been up all night?

- Shh.
- (beeps)

MAN (over phone): Orale, Ranger man.

TK: Is that your dad's burner phone?

- Yeah.
- How did you unlock it?

(sighs) I cracked the code.

Astros Championship years?

CARLOS: Mom's maiden name.

Andrea Gloria Delgado-Estevez.

A-G-D-E: - - - .

What were you just listening to?

CARLOS: That, I'm almost positive,

was the man that m*rder my father.


(lock screen clicks)

(keypad clacking)

CARLOS: Pablo Martinez.
Mid-level man from one of the cartels.

He'd been leaving threatening messages
on my dad's burner for months.

I used the APD reverse
directory to get his name.

What kind of threats?

Well, for one, my dad
was scheduled to testify

in the court last week
against a, a cartel lieutenant,

David Santos.

Martinez told my dad
to catch a flu and miss court

or he'd catch a b*llet instead.

Two days later, he was d*ad.

So this Pablo Martinez,
he-he-he works for Santos?

He delivered the thr*at.
I don't know if he delivered the b*llet,

but he probably knows who did.

Okay. Um...

What are the Texas Rangers saying?

I don't know.

What do you mean, you don't know?

Think I'm gonna share this
with the Texas Rangers?

No way. You heard
what my dad said in the video.

Yeah, but that video
was locked in a drawer

- for years, Carlos.
- CARLOS: Yeah.

And you know what
else we found in the drawer?

My dad's burner phone,
which is not years old.

The last message was two days
before my dad was m*rder.

I'm alone on this.

Baby, when's the last time

you slept for more than
a couple of hours?

- I'm fine.
- TK: You're not fine.

And you're not alone.
I'm-I'm right here with you.

I know.

And you're right. I'm not fine.

I'm angry.

Because I feel like
if any other ranger had been

g*n down in his own doorway,

an arrest would have already been made.

I know.

So what are you gonna do?

I don't know yet. I don't know
who I can trust other than myself.

I don't think you can
trust yourself right now.

You're exhausted and you are grieving.

And trust me, I know that's when
bad decisions could be made.

Yeah, but if I share this
information with the wrong person...

What about Detective Washington?

You can trust her, right?

Sarina's not a homicide detective.

Yeah, but neither are you.

But she might know somebody, Carlos.


Yeah, she probably would.

So maybe start there.

That's not a bad idea.

- You will talk to her, right?
- CARLOS: Yeah.

But not on the phone.

Do you want me to go with you?
I-I can cancel my shift.

No, no, no, no. Don't do that.

And you are right.

I really do need some sleep.

I'm gonna go take a shower.

That's good. Just concentrate on that.

- Yeah, I'm concentrating, Dad.
- JUDD: Well, I see that.

I'm just saying, fit that just right up

against the edge of it there.
It'll fit right on top...

Dad, will you please just stop

with the freakin'
play-by-play, alright?!

(Wyatt sighs deeply)

JUDD: Hey, it's okay.

(Wyatt sighing)

Let's just try this again,
man. You're close.

And this time, just really
focus on your pincher.

- Just get in there.
- You know what?

I'm just gonna call it, okay?

What does that, what does
that mean, you're gonna call it?

Do you know what channel
Judge Judy's on?

(indistinct chatter on TV)

(turns off TV)

You-you think
that this is a vacation or...

Yeah, Dad, no, that-that's what I think.

I think it's a nice little vacation

with my own little personal
bedside commode.

Alright. So is-is that what's going on?

Is that what we're gonna do today,

is just we're gonna
feel sorry for ourselves?

You know what? Don't mock me, okay?

I'm not mocking you.

I am frustrated with you.

For what, because I'm paralyzed?


No. No.

I'm frustrated because you won't fight.

- (scoffs)
- Alright?

I mean, I didn't, I didn't quit my job

to come here and take care of a quitter.

WYATT: Yeah, well, I
didn't ask you to quit, Dad,

so don't put that on me.

But you never even bothered
to ask what my opinion was.

Your opinion?

And what would you have said?

Just forget it, alright?

No, no, no. Wyatt, Wyatt,
you said it, right?

So tell me what you mean.

Let's have it.

What would you have said?

I would have said that
you're in over your head,

and that y-you don't know

how to change a catheter
or a sterile dressing.

That's why I have a nurse
coming here today to show me that.

- And...
- JUDD: For you.

I need somebody who's gonna
encourage me and inspire me.

Not just bully me
and treat me like I'm a baby.

I don't treat you like no baby.

- Really?
- Yeah.

WYATT: You have me stacking baby cups.

You made an actual airplane sound

when you were helping me
eat my cereal this morning.

I was just jokin'.

Yeah, no, that's hysterical.

I just wanna help you, son.

WYATT: I know,
and I appreciate that, Dad.

I just, I don't, I don't think
that this is the best thing

for our relationship.

(objects clatter)

I'll tell you what.

If you wanna take a little break, uh...

I'll go do a load of Charlie's laundry.

(whispering) Dad, you got a minute?

OWEN: Yeah, no, the boys are
just gonna put a pin on the ceremony

until things calm down.

Okay, thanks.

Listen, I-I've got a really big problem

and I'm not quite sure how to handle it.

Sure. Well, what's going on?

Carlos thinks he knows
who m*rder his father.

- What?
- Yeah.

He found this box of
off-the-book investigation stuff

that his dad was hiding from him.

Now, apparently, there's
this low-level cartel guy

named Pablo Martinez

who's been calling Gabriel
on his secret phone

weeks before he d*ed, threatening him.

And what do the Rangers say about it?

Carlos didn't tell them.

What do you mean, he didn't tell them?

He's convinced himself that the
Texas Rangers can't be trusted

and that they might
even be in on it, Dad.

Okay, that is a very big accusation.


Wait. And you say he convinced himself,

but you're not convinced?

I don't know, Dad. I mean,
there was a lot of stuff in that box,

and it was dating back years.

And Gabriel was clearly
playing this close to the chest.

Yeah, now, so is his son.

Yeah. But he is right on the edge, Dad.

I mean, he wants
to find justice for his father,

but I'm afraid he thinks he
might be the only one who does.

You don't think he'd take matters
into his own hands, right?

I really don't know.

Well, there has to be
someone he can trust.

Yeah. I suggested he go to
Detective Washington at the APD.

I mean, they've done, like,
three cases together.

Yeah, smart. And?

He said he would,
but I just talked to her.

He's never reached out, and now
he's not answering his phone.

Did you tell her what was going on?

No. I-I didn't wanna
get him in trouble, Dad.

But I-I also do not want him
to get himself k*lled.

Or to k*ll somebody else.



- Who you calling?
- Somebody we can trust.

His name is Pablo Martinez,

the fourth, to be precise.

He's a known associate
of the th Street Kings.

Popped a couple times for running dr*gs

up and down the I- corridor.

So he probably works
for the cartels as well.

- It stands to reason.
- OWEN: Alright.

You have his address?

- Y-yeah.
- OWEN: Good. h*t me.

O'BRIEN: Well, first,
you're gonna tell me

why you had me
pull this lowlife's jacket.

It's better if you don't know.

Not once in my life, has that ever
turned out to be the case.

Owen, what the hell is going on?

My future son-in-law thinks

he may be involved
in his father's m*rder.

Ranger Reyes? Yeah, I heard about that.

- That was terrible.
- Yeah.

And I think Carlos is
taking matters into his own hands.

So now you wanna take matters
into your own hands to stop him?

I have a bad feeling this kid

is about to make
the biggest mistake of his life.

Don't compound this by
doing something stupid yourself.

We should just call this in
if you're worried.

I told TK that I would keep Carlos safe.

Owen, that's a promise you may
not be able to legally keep.

Well, look who's talking.

When your nephew was missing, you
didn't go looping in the authorities.

No, but I knew what I was doing.

Which was?

Trying to keep Andy...


Trying to keep Andy outta jail.

Give me the address.

(pliers clinking)

CARLOS: Building it from scratch

or tearing it down?


Pablo, right?

Do I know you?


But I think you knew my father.

Gabriel Reyes.

(tense music)

We're gonna take a little walk back.

- (Pablo grunts)
- Go.

This is a bad idea.

I said keep going!

This is a real bad mistake
that you're here.


You think you know
something, but you don't.

I know you m*rder my father.

And I need you to say it.

whatever it is that you want me to say,

but it doesn't make it true.

No, no, no, you don't!
You don't get to say that to me!

Tell me something.

Are you married?

You have a wife or a girlfriend
or someone who loves you?

(tires screeching)

Yeah, you know what?
They should be here.

Like my mom was

when you g*n down my father
in front of his house.

- PABLO: Mijo...
- CARLOS: Don't call me "mijo"!

Carlos! Stop!

Owen, What the hell are you doing here?

- I'm here to help you.
- I don't need your help.

Officer, I need you to put
your w*apon down slowly.

- No.
- Is that really necessary?

Yeah, I think it is.
Lower your w*apon now.

PABLO: Put down your g*n.
Please. put down your g*n.

Put down your w*apon slowly.

I said no.

O'BRIEN: I said put it down slowly now.

No! I said no!

- He m*rder my dad.
- Put the g*n down.

- O'BRIEN: Now!
- (yelling indistinctly)

Hey! Hey!

Quiet! Stop it! Listen to me!

I need you to listen to me.

I don't know what it is
that you think that you know,

but this is not you.
And Gabriel would not have wanted it.

Gabriel's not here right now, is he?

But I am.

No, Owen, he k*lled my father.

No. No, you have the wrong guy.

- How can you know that?
- (car door closes)

- You-you called him?
- O'BRIEN: I did.

- You're damn right I did.
- Why?

Because you're not
in the right frame of mind, son.

- No, no. Owen.
- I need you to listen to this man.

He has something
that he needs to tell you.

Owen, there are things you don't know.

The Texas Rangers,
they can't be trusted.

I have proof. My father, he's...

Your father helped weed out
corrupt officers

in three agencies over years ago.

And, uh, Gutierrez there
helped him do it.


- You're a cop?

DEA now.

Right on the front lines.

So, uh, you mind

taking that firearm away from his head?


You're undercover.

PABLO: Well, I was.

Hopefully, my neighbors just
think I'm being rousted again.

No, no, no, no. But you left
threatening messages to my father.

- You did!
- Those weren't threats, mijo.

I was warning him.

Santos and his people
were gonna put out a h*t

on your dad if he testified.

So this is the cartels.

Your daddy never took the stand.
Didn't need to.

Santos cut a deal.

So, then...

who did it?

We just don't know.

How could I have been so wrong?

Hey, let me tell you
something about obsession.

You may think it's sustaining you,

that it's giving you purpose.

But what it's really doing
is just eating alive

everything that is good in your life.

And believe me, eventually
there's nothing good left.

But somebody m*rder my father.

How can I just decide to move past it?

That's the only way you can get past it.

To decide to.

And forget about it?

OWEN: No, you won't
forget it. None of us could.

But the brutal reality is,

is that you might not ever know
who did this.

And if you can't make peace with that,

then your father's life isn't
the only one that g*n took.

To Gabriel.

Te quiero siempre, Papa.

He knows.

(glasses clink)

(door opens)



You talk to your dad?

Do you mean, did I rat you out

or did he call me
as soon as you left his place?

You didn't rat me out.

You kept me from making
the biggest mistake of my life.

You saved me today, TK.

You saved me first, Carlos.

And now I need you
to help me keep from making

the second biggest mistake of my life.

Tyler Kennedy Strand...

if you're not doing
anything this Saturday,

will you still marry me?


are you sure?

This is the only thing
I'm sure of right now.

Yes. I'm sure.

(TK laughs softly)


Yes, I will marry the hell outta you.


(TK sighs)

PAUL: Friends, family.

We gather together on this day

to celebrate the union
of Carlos Tomás Reyes

and Tyler Kennedy Strand in marriage.

They choose to make their commitment

not only to each other,
but to the world.

TK, Carlos, surrounded by a sea of love,

your family and your friends
wish you joy.

May you laugh together often.

May you surprise each other daily.

And most importantly,

may you stay out of the ICU
for at least a year.




when I first met you,

you looked at me

as if you knew something about me
that I didn't know about myself.

You saw me for the man
I hadn't yet become.

And you lit the path
for me to get there.

I spent so long feeling like
I didn't deserve happiness.

Or even a future.

Like maybe I was too broken.

But you changed that.

And whenever I see you

and whenever I'm with you,

I feel whole.

And I vow...

Carlos Reyes, to take care
and nurture your heart

for the rest of my life

as if it was my very own.


You memorized it, didn't you?


(guests laughing)

CARLOS: Tyler Kennedy Strand...

you're the dream I would
not allow myself to have.

I have lived my life
in, in so much fear.

Closed off.

Shut down in ways I didn't realize.

You are the key that unlocked me.

The fact that I'm standing here
with you today,

before God, my family,

everyone is nothing short of a miracle.

You're a miracle, TK Strand.

My miracle.

And the greatest adventure
(voice breaking) of my life.

And no matter where
the journey takes us,

I vow to be by your side.

I vow to be the caretaker

of your wild heart.

We both ended our vows with "heart."

PAUL: Yeah, you did.

With these vows, TK and Carlos

bond themselves to one another.

And as a symbol
of their lifelong commitment,

they will now exchange rings.

With this ring, you are made holy to me.

For I do love you as my soul.

You are now my husband.

(echoing) It's all gonna be okay.

TK is gonna be okay.

(inaudible dialogue)

GWYN MORGAN: We saved his life, Owen.

And now he gets to have one.

(inaudible laughter)

Then by the power
vested in me by the Internet,

I now pronounce you married.

You may kiss your husband.

(guests cheering)

(cheering and applause)

("Come Rain or Come Shine"
by Ray Charles playing)

♪ I'm gonna love you ♪

♪ Like no one's loved you ♪

♪ Come rain or come shine ♪



♪ High as a mountain ♪

Where are you at, my love?

- I'm right here with you.
- GRACE: Mm-hmm.

Thinkin' about Wyatt?

♪ Come rain or come shine ♪

Uh... Yeah, a little bit.

Well, you know, Leigh Ann
is with him, so he's okay.

JUDD: No, I was just thinking that...

he ain't even gonna be able
to dance at his own wedding.

Oh, sweetheart,
you don't know that for sure.

JUDD: No, I know I don't.

Guess I'm just afraid he's
already thrown in the towel.

GRACE: Listen.
He's barely had enough time

to pick up the towel, okay?

Let alone throw it in, okay?

So why don't you dance
with your wife right now?

- Yes, ma'am.
- GRACE: Yes?

JUDD: Mm-hmm.

♪ 'Cause I'm gonna be true ♪

You know, the last time we did this,
you walked out on me.

Oh, I promise
that won't happen this time.

♪ You're gonna love me ♪

Can you see yourself having a...

another one of these in you?

Oh, honey, I can dance all night.

I meant a wedding.

Oh. Well...

Hmm. Had you asked me
that six months ago,

I would have said, hell, no.


♪ Unhappy together ♪

♪ And wouldn't it be fine? ♪

And now?


Let me just say this.

You are very lucky
no one's tossed out a bouquet.

♪ Or sunny, yeah ♪

♪ You're gonna love me ♪

♪ Like nobody's loved me ♪

♪ Come rain or come shine ♪

♪ Happy together ♪

(sighs) Reposado. Neat, please.

♪ Unhappy together ♪

Spin you around the floor?

I need to, uh, prepare myself
for when they play "YMCA."

(chuckles) Can't wait. You
do all the, uh, arm gestures?

Hmm. It's like landing a plane.

♪ We're in or we are... ♪

Your brother and his family
seem to be having a good time.

♪ Yeah ♪

It's like a perfect moment.

♪ I'm with you always ♪

♪ I'm with you rain ♪

♪ Or shine ♪

♪ Do you remember ♪

♪ The st night of September? ♪

♪ Love was changin'
the minds of pretenders ♪

♪ While chasin' the clouds away ♪


♪ Our hearts were ringin' ♪

♪ In the key
that our souls were singin' ♪

♪ As we danced in the night... ♪

May I join you?


Thank you, mijo.

But shouldn't you be out there
with all your friends?


I'm exactly where I went to be.

♪ Ba-dee-ya, dancin' in... ♪

How are you holding up?

♪ Ba-dee-ya, never was... ♪

I'm good.



I think this is
the best night of my life.


That makes me so happy to hear, mijo.

- (guests cheering)
- TOMMY: Hi.

- Can everybody hear me?
- Tommy!

- NANCY: Yeah!
- TOMMY: Yeah?

Alright, well, that could
be unfortunate.

(chuckles) Um...

Uh, I just, I wanna start off by saying

uh, that

I was pushed into this
by a certain paramedic.

TK. Um, so if it all
goes badly, it's his fault.

(guests laugh)

- Yeah.
- Babe, what did you do?


told me that this was
his mother's favorite song.

So as much as it pains me...

I am honored to do this for Gwyn

and for you.


this is from your husband.

(piano playing "Being Alive"
by Stephen Sondheim)

♪ Someone to hold you too close ♪

♪ Someone to hurt you too deep ♪

♪ Someone to sit in your chair ♪

♪ And ruin your sleep ♪

♪ And make you aware ♪

♪ Of being alive ♪

♪ Being alive ♪

♪ Someone to need you too much ♪

♪ Someone to know you too well ♪

♪ Someone to pull you up short ♪

♪ And put you through hell ♪

♪ And give you support ♪

♪ For being alive ♪

♪ Make me alive ♪

♪ Make me alive ♪

♪ Make me confused ♪

♪ Mock me with praise ♪

♪ Let me be used ♪

♪ Vary my days ♪

♪ But alone ♪

♪ Is alone ♪

♪ Not alive ♪

I'm really glad I got to know you, Owen.

Even a little.

Well, big brother...

you ready?



It's gonna be okay.


(orchestra continues
playing "Being Alive")

♪ Somebody crowd me with love ♪

♪ Somebody force me to care ♪

♪ Somebody let me come through ♪

♪ I'll always be there ♪

♪ As frightened as you ♪

♪ To help us survive ♪

♪ Being alive ♪

♪ Being alive ♪

♪ Being ♪

♪ Alive ♪

(music ends)
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