04x13 - The Witch of the Falling Kingdom

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Overlord". Aired: July 7, 2015 - September 27, 2022.
After refusing to log out of a popular MMORPG, a veteran player decides to rule over the game and its NPCs.
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04x13 - The Witch of the Falling Kingdom

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[MARE] This city is bigger

than I thought it'd be.

And I don't see anyone.

There's probably people

hiding everywhere!

And not just soldiers.

I don't think the women

and children fled.

Even if I cause

a big earthquake,

some people might

live through it.

But if I try to burn the city,

people will start

to run and some of

them might get away.

Lady Bukubuku Chagama gave me

all of these powers and I

can't even use them right.

[MARE cries]


No. I can do this!

I'll turn the capital

into rubble

and slaughter every

single person in it!

Burn, smash, k*ll!

Burn, smash, k*ll!

Burn, smash, k*ll!


It's so quiet.

It's still hard to believe

this is happening.

Princess Renner.


Let's go. There's not much time.

All right.

Did something happen just now?

No, but I remembered a plan

that I need to take care of.

We'll get a little revenge

against the Sorcerer Kingdom.

I'm here, Father!

Renner, what is it?

[RENNER] Just a little idea.

A last-minute plan.

Not for victory, but...

Why do you have those?

Our royal treasures. We've

had these for generations.

It's my duty to

preserve our history.

Though all I can

do now is pass on

these relics to our conqueror.

I will be our final king.

The least I can do is

face the end with dignity.

Now, Climb.

My lord!


This is a royal decree.

Take Renner and

escape from here.

There is a secret passage--

take it and it will lead

you outside the city.

That's your last chance

to live. Please, hurry.

There's no need for that.

Don't listen to him.

As I said--

Ignore him. Sorry, father,

but Climb is loyal to me.

He won't follow your

orders over mine.

So I feared.

And yet, loyalty is more

than following orders.

Listen, Climb, in order

to preserve the bloodline

of the Vaiself royal family,

will you take my daughter

and escape this land?

As a reward, I offer you

her hand in marriage.

[CLIMB gasping]

That's very generous.

You flatter me with

such a fine reward.

But I must decline.

Can we get to my plan, please?

Yes, of course, I almost forgot.

I have nothing left

to lose, after all.

Let me take the

royal crown with me.

I'll hide it somewhere

in the capital.

But why?

It's a way to thwart

the Sorcerer King.

We'll tell him we've

hidden our treasures,

the symbols of

this kingdom itself.

And if he reduces

the capital to rubble,

then the trophies of his

conquest will be lost.

That makes sense. As you said,

it won't bring victory,

but it might save a few lives.

Good then.

Climb, I'll leave it to you

to take these and hide them.

Of course, it would be my honor.

Is there someplace in particular

where I should go?

Not to worry.

My brother made a hideout for

us in the warehouse district.

Zanac planned for this?

Indeed. Actually,

it was his idea, as well.

We worked together.

I see. I didn't know he

thought so far ahead.

One last thing.

If that hidden passage

could help Climb,

could you show it to us, please?



Well, I'll be on my way.

I need you to promise me

something before you go, Climb.

Of course, Princess.

Once you're done, you have to

come back to me safely.

I will!

Don't do anything that would

put you in danger, all right?

That means no fighting.

You have to run.

I'll try. I'll come

back as soon as I can.


The kingdom is depending on you.

[AURA grunts]

Allow me to confirm

before I draw my sword.

Young man, you work for

the Sorcerer King, correct?

Uh... Here's the thing.

I'm only here to

collect magic items,

so if you can show me

where I can find 'em,

I won't k*ll you and we can

all be on our merry way.

A bold statement,

but meaningless.

I won't be intimidated

and I'm not here to barter.

If a magic item is desired,

even by a demon,

then it's too dangerous

to hand over.

Wait, that's good! That means

the items are still here!

Okay, one last chance,

if you want to show 'em to me!

Not on my life!

Now, my name is--

I'm on a tight deadline. Why

can't anybody respect that?

Who are they trying to impress?

Well, the mages inside

are probably pushovers.

I bet they'll cave right away.

Oh, you guys can k*ll 'em now.

[SAMURAI screaming]

[AURA] Hope this stuff

is worth it, Demiurge...

[CLIMB panting]

Gotta get back.

[gasping] What?


Oh! Th-Thank goodness.

Uhm, 'scuse me. I'm afraid

you'll die if you stay here.

Uh, an enemy?

I need to finish my job.

I thought hard and it

makes the most sense

to destroy this place first.


Could you leave, please?

If you don't hurry up, I'm

going to end up k*lling you

once I start casting spells.


Once you're done, you have

to come back to me safely.



[CLIMB] All those fires...

This is the end!

[CLIMB panting]

Princess Renner!

Anyone here?

In the throne room?


I'm coming!

You may enter.

You're the last human

in this palace.

[CLIMB gasps]


You made it.



Sorcerer King!

You must show reverence

towards Lord Ains.

Prostrate yourself!

[CLIMB groaning]

This power, you used it on her.

You controlled Princess Renner!

You did this!

You made her k*ll her father

with her own hands!


Wait, I've seen you before.

You were there

when I had my duel

with Gazef Stronoff,

weren't you?


You may release him.

Sir. You are free to move.

[CLIMB grunts]

All this pain is your fault!


I shall grant you a final honor.

Though I am a king and

you are but a commoner.

I will allow you to fight me.

And... should I win, I will

claim that sword as a prize.

Our kingdom was at peace!

You took that away from us!

You made Princess Renner suffer!

You trampled over the

lives of all her people!

[AINS chuckles]





[AINS] If this was a fairy tale,

the strength of

your pure heart would empower

you to vanquish me,

and love would triumph over

my perceived wickedness.

But this is reality.

Unfortunately no such

miracle will happen!

[CLIMB groans]


You will die in short order.

After all, there's no

value in sparing you.

To be frank, you have

no special talent or

power to speak of.

This world is an unfair place.

But that doesn't mean

you should despair.

Inequality exists from

the moment of birth.

There are those who have

talent and those who do not.

Those who are born into wealth

and those born into poverty.

And thus, the fortunate

live a life of comfort,

while the unfortunate are

left to wallow in misery.

No fault of their own.

But there is a truth, even more

absolute than injustice.

Death. For all life

ends in death,

and all are equal

in its embrace.

And that is I. Death itself.

[AINS] There is only one truly

fair thing in this unfair world,

and that is my mercy as

the overlord of death.

I don't care!



I am Princess Renner's shield!

[AINS] You have a splendid

f*re in your eyes.


Pick it up.

[AINS] It is possible to

harm me with that sword.

Under the right circumstances,

one might even k*ll me with it.



Tell me this.

Will you k*ll Princess Renner

after you k*ll me?




[AINS laughs] What answer

will make you suffer the most?

Or rather, I suspect

that no answer at all

will do the job quite nicely.

I'm not afraid of you!

This is it! Ability Release!


Climb. Take this with you.

What is it?

That ring can transcend

human bounds

and push your strength

well past your limits.

[CLIMB yelling]

[CLIMB grunting, yelling]


Clever. That was a fine att*ck.

[CLIMB screaming]

Climb, no!

[AINS] Is Razor Edge capable

of destroying world items?

Fascinating. I may have

to experiment with that.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

I have to k*ll you first.

He's using magic?

On a nobody like me, huh?




Grasp Heart.


You did well.


If you'll excuse me, woof.

[CLIMB grunting]


Oh, good. You're awake!

[CLIMB grunting]

Princess... You...

That's right! It's me!

Don't worry, Climb. I'm safe.

[CLIMB gasping]

You noticed my wings.

The Sorcerer King used his

powers to change me into this.

I'm afraid that I'm no longer

human. I'm a demon.

[CLIMB gasping]

I know it's shameful of me.

So many people d*ed

and I'm here like this.


You must be confused.

You lost to the Sorcerer King

and you're wondering why

you're still alive, right?


I'll tell you, of course.

But first, I fear I have a

selfish request to ask of you.

As I said, I've turned

into a demon.

Unlike a human,

I'll live for eternity.

I'll be left all alone.

Please, Climb. Stay with me.

Become a demon like I did.


I know you'd never leave me.

Now, I said I'll tell

you why you're alive.

The truth is,

you d*ed back there,

but you were resurrected

by the will of

the Sorcerer King.

He did it as a personal favor

because I pledged

my allegiance to him.


Can you do that?

Can you pledge

allegiance to him, too,

so we can be together?



[RENNER] I'm certain

that the Sorcerer King

will test your loyalty

in some way.

Whatever it is,

I'm afraid it will be

terribly painful for you.

I know that's the only way,

but it still hurts my

heart to think of it.

Don't worry. I'll make

it through for you.

I'm so glad to have you.

But let's not worry about

these things right now.

We have plenty of time.

All you need to do now is rest.

[gasps] Forgive my rudeness,

Lady Albedo!

And I apologize. I should

have thanked you sooner.

It's gone so quickly.

I forgot my manners.

Thank you for preparing the

poison and playing along

with my charade in

the throne room.

The Sorcerer King has

been most generous

in his support of my proposals.

I'm undeserving of such mercy.

[laughs] It's adorable, but you

don't need to be nervous.

The plan to destroy the kingdom

was almost entirely yours,

after all, and you

played your part well.

We know what you're capable of.

You've proven yourself plenty.

Just keep up the good work,

and I'm sure you'll make

a fine addition

as my subordinate.

But of course. I'll do my best.

Lord Ains must think

you have great potential,

seeing how much

trouble he went to.

You're starting out

with a debt to pay.


[ALBEDO] But that's all right.

In fact... I'll reward you

for your next thousand

years of work in advance.

This is another Seed of the

Fallen, for your little puppy.

Thank you for your faith.

And please express my gratitude

to His Majesty as well.

I'll work hard to repay him.

In fact, I'll work hard enough

to repay him several times over.

Heh. On that note, I have

some lingering matters

to attend to,

if you'll excuse me.


Seems I'll be able to clear

that final hurdle after all.

Only one thing defied

my calculations.

I never thought His Majesty

would make a personal appearance

just to play such a

ridiculous role. Oh well!

It didn't take long at all

to make my dream come true.

And all I had to do was

sell out one measly kingdom

to achieve it.

I'm truly blessed.

Oh, Climb. I hope you're ready

for an eternity of

happiness by my side!

We should celebrate,

shouldn't we?

If I were to share my

first time with you,

how would you like that?

Oh, but it's too early.

I have to build your

anticipation a bit, after all.

[RENNER laughing]


Lord Ains.

I'd like to make a request--

if you'll indulge me.

After reading over

Sebas' findings,

there is one place

I would like to see.

Could I impose on you, Lord?


I don't mind.

You are acting for the benefit

of Nazarick, aren't you?

Go ahead. Enjoy.

I plan to, Lord.

[RENNER] Is that you, Climb?

Please, come in.

I'm sorry for being gone

so long, Princess.

I was terribly worried.


I couldn't help but fear

the worst for you,

[RAEVEN] I hear you plan to go

up against Eight Fingers.

Where will you be attacking?


Seven locations.

Also, sister, I have an

important question to ask you.

You're aware that our

beloved older brother

is also taking money from

Eight Fingers, right?

[gasps] Not Brother Barbo.

This could be our

opportunity to depose him!

We should definitely

consider including

his drug division stronghold

in your plan of att*ck.

Taking out eight targets is

obviously better than seven.


What I'm about to tell you

is a matter of great importance.




k*lling this person

is strictly forbidden.

Understood, Shalltear?

Oh, ha-ha! Poke fun

at the vampire,

why dontcha? Jerk.


Hm? What is it, Shadow Demon?

Excellent. It appears

we now have one more

Eight Fingers base

to att*ck tonight.

Mare. You and Entoma will

focus on the new location.


Insolent ant!

I refuse to let a measly human

escape from me unharmed.

Time Accelerator!


Is that...?

[CLIMB] Princess Renner has

requested that I go into battle

without changing my armor.


Hey, is anyone there?

You're s'posed to serve me.



Oh, good. Awake at last.

[gasps] What are you doing here?

I set up a barrier to keep

you isolated from the w*r.

But it was so peaceful

and quiet in here,

I feared you might

sleep forever.

Well! I'm honored you

made the trip to see me!


You're here to save me because

you know what I'm worth!

They thought they could

use me as a scapegoat!

But you... you

understand that I was

a victim and their

envy is at fault!

I never lost faith!

I knew you were wise!

All I've ever done was work hard

to make this kingdom

a better place!

Ha! I admit you've

rendered me speechless.

At this point, I can

only be impressed.

Oh, before I forget,

I brought you a little gift.

How considerate of you!

[PHILIP yelping]


You sullied my good name.

I was kind enough to

associate with you,

and this is how you act?

[PHILIP whimpering]

Your father begged and

begged me before he d*ed.

Not for mercy, mind you.

He wanted to make

sure you suffered

as much as his

people did and more.

I have every intent to

honor his dying wish.

[PHILIP screaming]


Your Majesty, we've come from

our domains to greet

you, as decreed.

[AINS] Marquis Raeven,

was it? A pleasure.

[RAEVEN grunts]

[AINS] Perhaps I should

commend you for your efforts,

but I do detest idle chatter.

Instead of wasting

our time any further,

I suggest we end this quickly.

I trust no one has

any objections?


No, My Lord.

[AINS] The Sorcerer Kingdom's

army will continue its as*ault.

We will destroy the

remaining noble fiefs,

then return home.

In the meantime,

continue governing

your own domains as usual.

We may relocate some

of you in the future,

but there are no such

plans at the moment.

Is all of that correct, Albedo?

Indeed. Just as you

say, Lord Ains.


There you have it.

Govern as you wish

until told otherwise.


Thank you.

[AINS] As you can see,

the Kingdom has fallen.

Nothing remains of the capital.

With that in mind, I'd like

to ask you something.

Of course. As you wish.

[AINS] Do you think

rulers will understand

the futility of defying me?

In lands far and wide?


Yes, Your Majesty.

This rubble will

serve as a monument.

And tales of what befell

the people here

will travel the lands for

countless ages to come.

[AINS] I see. Then it was

well worth the effort.

I am thoroughly satisfied

with this result.
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