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Overlord: The Dark Hero (2017)

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No, I was really worried!

You didn't come home for days.

I waited for you a long time.

U-Um, may I ask who you are?

Huh? You don't know her?


I'm here to kidnap you.

Mr. Nphirea, please stand back!

I want to use your talent of being

able to use any kind of magic item

to summon an army of the undead.


Become our tool.

Won't you use the Crown of Wisdom for us?

It's a request from sweet little ol' me.

"The Dark Hero"

Sorry for making you wait.

Not at all.

I finished the registration.

From this day forth, your name is Hamusuke.

Thank you very much, Master.

It spoke!


Is it true the owner is a copper plate?!

He's on such an amazing magical creature,

isn't he actually a famous adventurer?

Hey, you. Are you the one who went

with my grandson to collect herbs?

I am Lizzy Balear, Nphirea's grandmother.

Ah. I accompanied him to

Carne Village as his bodyguard.

My name is Momon.

And this is Nabe, also...

I am the Wise King of the Forest.

My name is Hamusuke now, it is!

So this great magical creature is the

legendary Wise King of the Forest?

That's right. I met him during your grandson's

request and I b*at him into submission.

Amazing! And so, where is my grandson right now?

He went ahead with his herbs.

We are about to head to your

home to collect our reward.

Oh, I see. Then, why don't we go together?

Yes, with pleasure.

Who are you?!

With the Crown of Wisdom, it'll be possible to

cast the seventh tier summon, Undead Army,

that normal people can't cast.

And although it's impossible to

control all the undead we summon,

we'll be able to lead them

in various general directions!

It's the perfect plan!

Mr. Nphirea, please run away from here quickly!


Ninya, you must stand back as well!


You have to go save your big sister,

who was taken by aristocrats!


Give me some of your tears.

I'll cry them for you. Yep.

But, it'd be a problem if you got away from me.

You play around too much.

But you prepared everything so

their screams won't be heard, right?

Can't I take my time with just one?

Mr. Momon!

Yes, Lady Albedo.

We are moving in accordance

to the great plans of Lord Ains.

I have been acting as a foolish

and rich woman staying in the city.

A man that seems to be affiliated with the

bandits quickly came in contact with me.

They plan to hide and ambush us on the road.

As such, I am sure we will

collect many humans tonight,

just as Lord Ains had wished.

It has been quite easy.

Well, I do hope there are

martial art and magic users

that Lord Ains has wished for among them.

While in E-Rantel, Lord Ains

subjugated a powerful monster

known as the Wise King of the Forest,

increasing his fame as an adventurer.

He produced results so quickly.

As expected of Lord Ains.

Lady Shalltear.

I had always wanted to ask you something.

Hm? What?

It seems you do not get

along well with Lady Aura.

Is there a special reason for that?

I do not think we really

have a bad relationship.

I tease her because my creator,

Lord Peroroncino, decided for me to do so.

To begin with, Lord Peroroncino

and the creator of that shorty,

Lady Bukubuku Chagama, are siblings.

Is that so?!

The supreme beings spoke of it once.

What's wrong, Peroroncino-san?

My sister voiced the adult game

I just bought recently.

Oh, Bukubuku Chagama-san.

She's quite a popular voice actress.

I was so excited about the game, too...

No way you can use a game

if your sister is in it...

I have heard that voice actors

and actresses use their voices

to imbue souls into things.

In other words, it is a job

that brings things to life.

I see! Thank you for the information,

Lady Shalltear.

I am honored to learn about

the supreme beings from you.

By the way, regarding our current mission...

How do you plan to capture

the humans, Lady Shalltear?

Lord Ains has told me he does not mind

if I enslave them by sucking them dry.

Only that we must obtain them.

If that were the case, Lord Demiurge

may have been best for this mission.

His skill, Mantra of Command,

can control the mind of others

like Lady Aura's breath.

Sebas. Say that again?

Or does a dragonoid like you wish to

fight to the death in that current form?!

Not at all.

I am merely a little uneasy.

I am worried that your class penalty,

Blood Frenzy, may activate.

I will suppress the urges of Blood Frenzy.

That's right.

I shall complete this mission

from Lord Ains perfectly,

so he will praise me with the words,

"You have done well, Shalltear.

You are my most valuable sl*ve."

I have misspoken.

I failed to realize my words

questioned Lord Ains, who chose you.

Please forgive me.

It seems the carriage has stopped.

So it seems.

Nphirea! Mr. Momon is here!

What's going on?


Wh-What is it?

What's down this way?

It's the storage room for our herbs.

E-Eeek! What is going on? Huh?!


Where is Nphirea?!

He isn't here.


Protect her.

I understand.


It doesn't look to be a trap.

But this...

"I've heard that girls in a team

can cause serious problems."

So that's how it was.

This is a little...


A piercing w*apon.

My grandson! Nphirea is not here!

Nothing was rummaged through,

so their aim must have been Nphirea.

Then, who are these people?

They were adventurers that accepted

your grandson's request with me.

They were your friends?

No. They were people I happened

to work with this one time.


More importantly, what do you think?

About what?

If there was a third tier caster

who can use Create Undead,

the culprits would have been able to gain time

by hiding the bodies or taking them along.

Yet the bodies were left

behind so distastefully.

The culprits didn't care if they were found out

or perhaps they were confident

that they would get away.

Either way, it will be a problem

if we don't deal with this quickly.

Why not make a request?

Isn't this a request fitting for an adventurer?

You're lucky, Lizzy Balear.

I am the strongest adventurer in this town

and the only adventurer that

can bring back your grandson.

If you make a request,

I may take you up on the offer.

True, if it were you...

I'll hire. I'll hire you!

I see. But, I am expensive.

Are you ready to pay the price?

How much will satisfy you?



I want everything.

Now, we will hunt for

Nphirea's whereabouts.

This time, it'll be easy.

Their plates are gone. Even though

all the valuables were left behind.

The culprits took their

plates as hunting trophies.

The plates were probably

collected as souvenirs,

but this time that will be their fatal mistake.

It's the item Locate Object.

I don't have to tell you what we're looking for.


Also, there's a chance that the

enemy is using Detect Locate,

so using Fake Cover and Counter Detect

is the most basic of basics.

I'm sure that this will be

enough for this enemy.

Now, Narberal. Activate it.

Fake Cover!

Counter Detect!

When collecting information with magic,

you must take measures to protect yourself well.

To do a Player k*ll, you have to

collect as much info as possible,

then att*ck hard and swift!

This is the basics from the document

"Anyone Can Easily PK"

that Punitto Moe created.

Locate Object!


That area is a cemetery, if I remember.

Then next, use Clairvoyance and Crystal Monitor

simultaneously so I can see as well.

Clairvoyance! Crystal Monitor!

A pack of undead. It's confirmed, then.

And the ones who took the plates are nearby.

Although, we don't have the

time to collect more information.

We're done.

Did you find something?

The cemetery is their base of operations.

My grandson is there, too?

Yes. Along with an army of undead.


Don't be so surprised.

But the army of undead may

pour out of the cemetery.

Please tell the townspeople

and the guild of this, Lizzy.

Nabe and I will head to

the cemetery immediately.

Wait! Do you have a way to break

through the army of undead?!

I have my way right here.

An army of undead?!

And there's way more than just a hundred or two!

About a thousand?!

Notify the soldiers at the station!

We have to keep them back until help arrives!

What?! Bastard!

R-Retreat... Retreat!

An adventurer?!

But a copper plate is useless.

You guys need to get away

from here immediately--

Nabe. My sword.

All of you. Look behind you.


J-Just who are you?

Open the gates!

Don't be stupid! An army of

undead are on the other side!


Is that supposed to be a problem for me, Momon?

Well, it's fine.

If you don't want to open the gates,

it can't be helped.

Oh, Master Nabe!

Please don't leave me behind!

I shall also go with my Master, that I will!

Create Middle Tier Undead.

Jack the Ripper. Corpse Collector.


Th-They're amazing, they are.

Well, let's go.

Master, please don't leave

me in a place like this!

Lord Khajit, they've come.

Okay, one definite idiot here.

Hello. It's a nice night, Khajit.

Isn't it a waste to spend

the night on a boring ritual?

Hmph. I decide whether the night

is perfect for a ritual or not.

More importantly, who are you?

We're adventurers who've accepted a quest.

We're looking for a certain boy.

I don't have to tell you his name, do I?

Also, one of your allies should

have a piercing w*apon.

Planning to lay low?

Or could it be you're

scared of us and in hiding?

You examined the corpses. You're good.


Well. Looks like he's figured it all out.

There's no point in hiding.

So? Can I ask for your names?

Oh, I'm Clementine! Nice to meetcha.

There's no point in telling you, but it's Momon.

Yeah, that's true.

But how did you find this place?

The answer is under your cloak. Let me see.

Woah! Pervert! Dirty old man!

Just kidding. Talking about these?

Those gave away your position.




I leave Khajit and those men to you.

I will take care of this woman.

I understand.

Be careful above you.


Clementine. Why don't we

fight to the death over there?

Hmph. Okay.

This woman?

Twin Maximize Magic!



You fool.

Goodness. You should just

squash easily like a caterpillar.

Come to think of it, were the ones

I k*lled in that shop your friends?

Could it be you're mad I k*lled your allies?

That magic caster was so funny!

It looks like she believed help

would come until the very end.

Sorry for k*lling them!

There's no need to apologize.

Really? That's too bad.

It's the funniest when I b*at down

someone who says things like,

"You k*lled my friends!"

Why aren't you mad?

That's boring.

Oh, maybe they weren't your allies?

Depending on the situation,

I would probably do something similar.

So reproaching you for that

would be hypocritical of me.

However, those people were

tools to raise my name.

For interrupting my plans,

your very existence is offensive!

Oh, that's right.

Isn't that beauty a magic caster?

She won't be able to defeat

Khaj if that's the case.

She wouldn't be able to b*at me either.

Even Nabe would be able to

defeat someone of your level.

You're so stupid.

I'd slice and s*ab a magic caster easily!

It always ends with that!

I see.

Only a few can fight equally

with me in this country.

One person from Blue Rose

and one from Drop of Red.

The only others, would probably be

Gazef Stronoff and Brain Unglaus?

That's good to hear.

Then, I'll give you a handicap.

That will be my revenge to you.

I don't know what kind of

ugly face is under that helm,

but this inhuman Lady Clementine, who has

already stepped into the domain of heroes,

will never lose to you!

That's why I'm giving you a handicap.

No matter what, I won't fight you seriously.

So you're a fool who can use third tier magic.

Fool? A mere human tick is calling me a fool?

Is it wrong to call an imbecile who

tries to thwart my plans a fool?

And you're leaping to the land of the d*ad

without understanding the

strength of the strong!

Feast your eyes upon this supreme jewel!

Be careful above you.

The Skeletal Dragon is

completely resistant to magic.

It's a fearful enemy that magic

casters can't fight against!

If that's the case... I'll b*at it to death.

What in the world?!

J-Just who are you?!

Are you a mythril--

No, an orichalcum class adventurer?!

The term "lower life form" is fitting

because of your excitable nature.

You red click beetle.


I won't! I won't! I won't let you!

Ray of Negative Energy!

Reinforce Armor!

Lesser Strength!

Shield Wall!

Undead Flame!

Reinforce Armor.

Shield Wall.

Protection Energy Negative.

Acid Javelin!

Defense magic, huh? How troublesome!


I'm the one this is troublesome for, bagworm.

Why don't you stop hiding

behind that and come out?

It can't be helped. Jewel of death!

Take a good look at the power of jewel of death!

A second one...

It seems I've used all of the

collected negative energy,

but after I k*ll you and

bring death to the city,

I am sure it will recover.

I'm tired!

It's true that you have a

lot of physical strength.

Of course you want to boast about it!

But you know--

Are you an idiot?

You're just a meathead

swinging around a sword.

You making fun of warriors?

Then come and att*ck.

You've only been evading me the entire time.

Well, I'd like to...

What happened to the confidence

that you could b*at any warrior?

Skeletal Dragon...

Correct! You know your stuff.

Magic doesn't work on it, so it's

the worst enemy of magic casters!

I see.

Is that why Nabe won't be able to win?

That's right.


Do you have some way of shortening

this distance between us?

Who knows?

Impenetrable Fortress.

Martial art skills...

So hard!

Well, it's fine.

Just means I should att*ck an area

where the armor is thinner next.

Well, I wanted to slice you up little

by little until you couldn't move.

Then I could have played around with you a bit.

Too bad. Too bad.

So you aimed for my shoulder on purpose.

I'm learning a lot from you.

Welp! Here I come!

Impenetrable Fortress.

Flow acceleration!

Stop trying to give me a handicap!

If you don't get serious,

you might end up dying!


I'm learning a lot from this fight.

The existence of martial arts and the

importance of balancing your att*cks.

Huh?! You realize that now?

You're a failure as a warrior.

But why didn't you take damage

with that att*ck just now?

Was it a martial art defense skill?

Well, I realize just how much

I still have to learn.

You have my gratitude.

But we're short of time.

That's enough playing around.

Narberal Gamma!

Show them the power of Nazarick!

What the hell?

Now, att*ck me with full preparation to die!

If you surrender, I might spare you.

You mere human!


Don't be so cocky, trash.

Crush her, Skeletal Dragons!

Narberal Gamma!

Show them the power of Nazarick!

As you wish.

Now I shall no longer fight as Nabe,

but as Narberal Gamma.



She disappeared?

Where did she go?!

She can even use Fly magic?!

But how did she avoid that att*ck?

And though she can use fly, she isn't

running away from the Skeletal Dragons.

Does she have a chance of winning

against complete magic resistance?

There are plenty of ways to win, but first...

Rejoice, mere human.

Loyal to the absolute ruler of

the Great Tomb of Nazarick,

the Supreme One known

as Lord Ains Ooal Gown,

this Narberal Gamma of the Pleiades

battle maids shall be your opponent.


Skeletal Dragons!


Does it hurt that badly?

Teleportation magic?

So teleporting to me and

k*lling me was your trump card!

Of course not.

I was just showing you

that I can k*ll you easily.

Are you crazy?

Though you are a flea,

what kind of answer is that?

I wish you'd use your head a little more.


Let's end this.

I would be rude as a follower,

if I make Lord Ains wait too long.

Since you think that magic

doesn't work on Skeletal Dragons,

let me teach an amoeba like you a lesson.

I'll have you pay the lesson fee with your life.

What magic is that?!

But, Skeletal Dragons are

completely resistant to magic!

Completely resistant?

To be precise, it just nullifies

sixth tier magic and below.

In other words, since I, Narberal Gamma,

can use higher tiered magic,

it cannot nullify my att*ck.

Fool! No human exists in this world

that can use seventh tier magic!

Thank you for being a step to Lord Ains.

Twin Maximize Magic. Chain Dragon Lightning.

Even insects smell good when roasted.

I wonder if this would be a

good souvenir for Entoma.

What are you doing?

Didja give up?

Since I gave Narberal her orders,

I thought I should finish up as well.

Huh? You serious, Bastard?!

You don't even have any martial art skills and

you think you can b*at me, Lady Clementine?!

There's a limit to how much you can piss me off!

When the weak rave this much, it's impressive.

Well, I agree that we should finish this up!

Stride of Wind.

Greater Evasion.

Ability Boost.

Greater Ability Boost!

He's not doing anything?


I'm not finished!

Hmm, I see. There wasn't a

w*apon like this in Yggdrasil.

This is good to know.

No way! Impossible!

Wh-Why didn't you die?!

I guess it's time to reveal the answer.

Undead?! An elder lich?!

Well, you're practically right.

So, how was it? Fighting a

magic caster with a sword?

Don't underestimate me!


This is why I gave you a handicap.

There was no need for me to fight

someone of your level seriously.

In other words, you weren't even

an enemy worth using magic on.

You f*cking shit!

Well, now that I've given away the answer...

Hm, this is in the way.

Shit! You've got to be kidding me!

Well, let's begin!

No way. No way! Bastard!

If you had been weaker, I thought

I'd finish you off with this.

Well. Death by sword.

Death by broken bones. Death by crushing.

There's not much difference, right?

You die at the end.

Shit! You bastard!

Don't flail so much.

You took your time k*lling her, didn't you?

So, I'll take my time as well.

The dance of death.

I forgot to tell you.

I'm very hypocritical.

I can cure his blindness with magic, but...

...it looks like his mind is being controlled.

This is definitely the source.

All Appraisal Magic Item!

The Crown of Wisdom. I see.

It's an item that Yggdrasil can't replicate.

I'd like to take him to Nazarick,

but since I took the job,

a deliberate failure would dirty

the name of Ains Ooal Gown.

Crumble away. Greater Break Item!

Lord Ains.


Hamusuke shall serve you more

loyally than ever before, he shall!

I see.

More importantly...

Time to return victoriously!

Master! Please don't take

my pledge of loyalty so lightly!


Lord Ains.


Shalltear Bloodfallen has revolted against us.

Hey, now.

Looks like this'll be pretty fun.

My name is Brain Unglaus.

I hope you will entertain me well.

I am cruel, cold, and terrible.

As well as quite a beautiful little monster.

I must say, your nail clipper

sure is dull, isn't it?

I'm an idiot.

Now we are playing tag?

We should end this soon, shouldn't we?

I remember... but...

After tag is hide-and-seek?!


An escape route!

--I have to capture them,

but I want to k*ll them!

--My assumption! A vampire!

--I have to capture them,

but I want to k*ll them!

--Prepare your silver w*apon!

I want to tear them apart

and bathe in their blood!


Capture that woman alive!

Look in my eyes!

Where did you get this potion?!

I received it from a black armored

man at an inn in E-Rantel.

This woman was given orders by the Supreme One?

No, he must be creating friendly relationships.

Why did you come here?!

We were searching for the base

of soldiers turned mercenaries.

Something seemed off, so we split the team...

Split the team?


We had a ranger stationed a

bit further away just in case.

I believe he is heading toward

E-Rantel as we speak.



...consume every human in that forest!

I let two humans escape!

Lord Ains will definitely scold me!

They were defeated?

You're in the way!

Lady Kaire!

I can't believe I have to resort

to using a god level item.

Where are you going?

Call Yuri.

Let us visit the treasure room.

Is this your first time in the

treasury as well, Albedo?

Yes. It cannot be entered without

the ring of Ains Ooal Gown.

That's true.

"Glory to Ains Ooal Gown."

Let's see...

"By this means you will acquire

the glory of the whole world,

and so you will drive away

all shadows and blindness..."


Our destination is the mausoleum ahead.

There is a mausoleum?

The two of you don't know?

Then, what about Pandora's Actor?

I know of him since I am a supervisor,

but I have never met him.

Pandora's Actor. He is the

guardian of the treasury

and rivals us in power and intelligence.

He was also created by Lord Ains himself.

Th-That's right.

I am aware that he is the one

responsible for our finances.


Lord Tabula Smaragdina?!


Wait, you're not him!

Who are you?!

Even if you copy the appearance

and aura of a supreme being,

I would never mistake the one who created me!

I see. k*ll him.


That's enough, Pandora's Actor.

Thank you for coming all this way.

My creator, Lord Momonga!

Y-You look well.

Yes! I'm doing quite well.

And so, what is your business here this time?

I've come for some world items.

World item!

It can change the world!

Immense power!

The supreme beings' symbol of greatness!

The various sacred treasures

sleeping deep within Nazarick.

Are you saying their power

will finally be unleashed?

Whoa. He's so lame!

Yes, that's right.

I plan on taking Avarice

and Selfless, Hygieia's Chalice,

Billion Blades, and Depiction

of Nature and Society.

Yes! I understand, Lord Momonga!

Also, call me Ains now.

My name is Ains Ooal Gown.

I understand.

My creator, Lord Ains.

Stop! Don't look at my dark past

with such cold eyes!

That's right!

I set his clothes and actions like

that because I thought it was cool!

Well, I still think that his

m*llitary clothes are pretty cool...

Is something wrong?

Then, let's go.


Have a safe trip, Lord Ains.

And ladies.


Hey! Come here for a second!

I'm your creator. Isn't that right?

That's correct, Lord Ains.

Then this is an order, a request,

from your creator!

Will you stop with the saluting?


Yes, I mean, how should I put this?

It looks weird.

Your m*llitary garb is fine

because you're strong,

but, seriously, let's stop the saluting?

If it is the will of my god!

Was that German?!

Don't do that in front of me, either.


I'm really begging you.

To think my emotions would have to be

regulated for something like this!

This is more embarrassing

than riding a huge hamster...

Sorry for the wait, Albedo.

Not at all.

Give Yuri the Ring of

Ains Ooal Gown I gave you.

You cannot teleport to the

treasury without the guild ring,

but if you enter this room with it on,

the golems here will att*ck you.

These golems.

Are they created in the likeness

of the supreme beings?

You noticed.

I created them in the memory

of my old comrades.

They look pretty shabby, don't they?

That is not true.

However, you called this a mausoleum

and their likeness is here.

Could it be that the other

supreme beings have perished?

That's not exactly right.

No, that may be the real truth.

Each of them retired after handing

me their equipment and items.

Well, this'll do.

You told me it was okay to sell it all,

but I can't do that Peroroncino-san.

Please come back anytime.

Even then, I want to believe that

everyone is somewhere in this world.

What's wrong?

No, it's nothing!

S-See? There's an empty spot, right?

I plan to put a statue of myself there.

Please don't say such words.

Please don't say things like that!

Lord Ains.

The merciful Lord Ains,

who stayed behind with us.

Please! Please rule over us forever.

I beg of you from the bottom of my heart!

Please! Please!

Forgive me.

L-Lord Ains! P-Please promise me.

Promise me that you won't toss

us aside and leave this land!

I'm sorry, but...

Why? Why won't you promise me?!

What are you dissatisfied about?!

If you tell me, we will quickly

eliminate the problem!

If you say I'm the one in your way,

I would k*ll myself immediately!

That's not it!

Listen to me.

The effect of the world item's mind

control over Shalltear is absolute.

In order to defend ourselves against it,

we have to wield world items as well.

Th-That's why you came to get

the world items here, right?

That's right. But I will have

the guardians wield them.


Actually, there's a way to save Shalltear.


One of Twenty, the twenty world items

of unrivaled destructive power,

is back here.

However, the power of a Twenty

is so large, you lose it after one use.

Now that I know there are

world items in this world as well,

and that an enemy is in possession of one,

I'm hesitant to use such a trump card right now.

Goodness. I am such a pathetic master.

Th-That is not true!

The world items were collected through

the hard work of the supreme beings.

I believe their worth far surpasses our own!

Albedo, let me explain my silence to your words.

I plan to fight with Shalltear by myself.

Because of that, I don't know

if I'll come back alive.

Please wait!

I understand fighting against Shalltear!

Leaving her as she is would be most foolish!

But if that is the case, we should

crush her with our numbers!

Why must you fight her alone?!

That's not it, Albedo.

It's just...

Well, there are three reasons.

The first is because I have doubts

that I am an adequate ruler.

Thinking logically, if I thought there was a

chance other Yggdrasil players were here,

I should have thought about

the existence of world items.

Does someone this foolish

deserve to be a ruler?

Your existence here in

itself has worth, Lord Ains!

And we may be lacking,

but we will support you completely!

The second reason is because

there is a high chance this is a trap.

A trap?

Enemies could be lying

in wait with Shalltear as bait.

In that case, they will be wary of

hidden forces if I appear alone.

And the last reason.

I will k*ll Shalltear.

If that's the case--!

If that's the case, I will go!

I will k*ll Shalltear!

Do you have any chances of winning?

Shalltear is strong. That's why it has to be me.

I am the only person who can b*at

Shalltear one-on-one in Nazarick.

True, you may be able to b*at her

with your equipment, Lord Ains.

On top of being physically optimized for battle,

Shalltear is also a holy magic caster

strong against the undead.

In other words, I'm at a disadvantage.

Is that what you want to say?

I am afraid so.

Your way of thinking is correct.

But it is also wrong at the same time.

It seems your knowledge of things

is only as we inputted.

What do you mean?

I will show you that you do not call me the

supreme overlord of Nazarick without reason.

Aura. Mare.

This is where we part ways.

After we separate, begin scouting

the area for enemies.


But if the number of enemies outnumber you,

retreat back to Nazarick immediately.

I understand.

I understand.

Listen, make sure to retreat.

That's also an important part of my plans.

Also, the Depiction of Nature and Society

and Avarice and Selfless are world

items treasured by Nazarick.

They must never be taken from us.

Depending on the situation,

they are more important than your lives.


Well. I used magic to confirm it,

but the owner of the world item that's

controlling Shalltear isn't here.

What's going on?

I've returned.

So? May I ask what is going on?

Lord Ains made the decision.

And we must obey...

Why did you allow such a thing?!

I believe that Lord Ains was lying.

I cannot begin to guess his profound reasons,

but I am sure you noticed it, too!

Yes, it is as you say.

Then, why did you let Lord Ains go?!

When Lord Ains went to E-Rantel,

you objected his refusal of

a guardian so vehemently!

Why did you concede to his wishes this time?!

Lord Ains said he wanted to

defeat Shalltear himself.


I promise you.

I will defeat Shalltear

and return to this place.

I felt true determination from him.

As a woman...

It may have been irreverent of me,

but when the man I love is that

determined to fulfill his will,

I just can't continue arguing with him.

And, Lord Ains promised me that

he would return to this place.

So you based your decision

not on logic, but emotion.

Lord Ains is the last supreme

being that stayed behind!

It is our role to eliminate

any danger that may befall him.

Even if he rebukes us afterwards or

claims our life, we must take action!

Where are you going?

It's obvious. I will have my subordinates--

I see.

So this is why you ordered me here

immediately after my return, Albedo!

That's right.

How foolish!

If Lord Ains perishes,

how will you take responsibility?!

Lord Ains is the last master we

can pledge our loyalty to!

Lord Ains will return.

How can you be so sure?!

Believe in your master.

That is also one of our roles as their creation.

So, Cocytus.

What do you believe are the odds

of Lord Ains being victorious?

Three to seven. Three being in Lord Ains' favor.


I see.

Then let's watch attentively as Lord Ains

beats the odds and wins victoriously.

I'm so stupid.

I know there are better ways of handling this.

Aura and Mare seem to be convinced,

but I'm sure Albedo saw through my lie.

Even so...

Don't you think this is a huge

gamble as well, Shalltear?

I don't even know if we can

resurrect like we do in Yggdrasil,

but I'm going to start a battle

with our lives on the line.

Even so...

I will k*ll Shalltear!

I don't want to see you guys k*lling each other.


I am Ains Ooal Gown!

And this name cannot ever know defeat!

Body of Effulgent Beryl!

As I thought.

Unless I unleash an actual att*ck,

you won't go into to battle mode.

Just like in games!

Then, Shalltear.

Sorry, but I'll have you wait

a bit before we engage.


Bless of Magic Caster.

Infinity Wall.

Magic Ward, Holy.

Life Essence.

Greater Full Potential.


False Data, Life.

See Through.

Paranormal Intuition.

Greater Resistance.

Mantle of Chaos.


Sensor Boost.

Greater Luck.

Magic Boost.

Draconic Power.

Greater Hardening.

Heavenly Aura.


Penetrate Up.

Greater Magic Shield.

Mana Essence.

Triplet Maximize Magic, Explode Mine.

Triplet Magic, Greater Magic Seal.

Triplet Maximize Boosted Magic, Magic Arrow.

Now, let's begin!

What's that?

I-It's probably super tier magic.

That's a spell that surpasses

tenth tier magic, right?

Still no enemies. Or are they still watching?

This should be a good chance to att*ck...

Goodness, I really have no idea what's going on.

Big Brother Momonga! I'm setting the time!

Bukubuku Chagama-san...

I wonder why I can't mute

the voice on this watch.

I will borrow some strength from all of you.

Well, let's go.

Super Tier Magic, Fallen Down!

Lord Ains!

That really hurt!

It wasn't much of a present,

but did you like it, Shalltear?


I have to k*ll such a powerful man as Lord Ains!

Hey, why do you still address me as "Lord"?

That is obvious.

A supreme being such as yourself

can only be addressed as Lord Ains.

Who is your master now?

My master...

Why am I fighting you, Lord Ains?

No, that's not it.

Because I was att*cked?

I must use all my strength to counter

and destroy if I am att*cked.


I don't really understand,

but now that I've been att*cked,

I must destroy you, Lord Ains.

I see. I understand.

Your current state, that is.

Oh, my.

What is the matter, Lord Ains?

Will you be able to b*at me like that?

Ains Ooal Gown does not know defeat.

Shalltear, you will bow down before me!

How terrifying!

Watch out.

Sorry, Shalltear.

Triplet Maximize Magic,

Explode Mine is cast there.

Maximize Magic, Gravity Maelstrom!

Wall of Stone!

Maximize Magic, Hold of Rib!

Shalltear, I forgot to mention this.

I prepared various traps in the area.

Why don't you just flap your wings over to me?

Lord Ains, I will not be provoked so easily.

You've trapped the air as well, haven't you?

Was it that obvious?

Yes, quite obvious.

Of course I didn't.

That was the only mine spell I casted.

I don't have enough MP to cast

spells that may not give results.

I wonder how much I'll be able to

damage her before I run out of MP.

As expected of Lord Ains.

Attacking straight on will not

let me close our distance.

However, as a magic caster,

Lord Ains' strength only exists with MP.

If I can extinguish his MP,

he won't stand a chance against me,

who can fight on HP alone.

This Pipette Lance heals my wounds in response

to the amount of damage I deal the enemy.

Because of that, Lord Ains cannot summon

a creature to fight on the frontlines.

He knows that weak monsters

will only feed the Pipette Lance.

Oh, poor Lord Ains.

He has to fight me all alone!


Mana Essence!

He has so much MP.

How did he obtain such power?

However, since Lord Ains

specializes in necromancy

he cannot become an unbeatable force for me.

It bothers me that he isn't wearing

his normal god level items,

but a staring match will get us nowhere.

First, I should heal to prepare

for an extended battle.


I won't allow you time to recover!

Maximize Magic, Gravity Maelstrom!

Greater Teleportation!

Delay Teleportation?!

Drifting Master Mine!

Not good enough!

Maximize Magic, Astral Smite!

Maximize Magic, Thousand Bone Lance!

Greater Teleportation!

I won't let you escape!

Negative Impact Shield!


Lord Ains, did you know I had a skill like this?

Oh? I've never seen it before.

I wonder how long you can play tough, Lord Ains.

This is called Purifying Lance.

A skill that summons an object.

As expected of a holy element

w*apon for use against magic users!

Looks like this is really effective against you!

Don't underestimate me!

Maximize Magic, Reality Slash!

That's not normal recovery magic.

What did you do?!

Don't be so surprised, Lord Ains.

This is another skill.

Please do not think I'm cheating.

Lord Peroroncino gave me this power.

Perhaps this is proof that

he is superior to you?

It sounds like you really feel

that way on the inside.


Let's do this, Shalltear.

No matter what skills you have,

know my magic is superior!

A sh**t-out, Lord Ains?

If so, I won't lose.

Though there are limits to how

many times I can use these skills!

Maximize Magic, Reality Slash!

Purifying Lance!

You must have used a lot of your MP, Lord Ains.

Though I've pretty much used

up my skills, I still have MP.

How about this!

Maximize Magic, Vermillion Nova!

Triplet Maximize Magic, Call Greater Thunder!

f*re based att*cks don't work?

Lord Ains, it looks like you

have taken measures against f*re.

Compensating for your weaknesses

is part of the basics.

But, it should be impossible to

prepare countermeasures for all

elemental weaknesses completely.

Then, I should stick with the

element he is most weak against.

Maximize Magic, Brilliant Radiance!

Maximize Magic, True Dark!

That's your weakness, Lord Ains!

Cocytus! What is the meaning of this?!

For the undead Lord Ains, the holy

element is a deadly weakness.

Since his equipment focuses on f*re protection,

it is impossible for him to guard

himself completely against it.

I used holy magic one after another,

but Lord Ains still far surpasses

me in a battle of magic.

Though it looks like I was

able to lower his MP quite a bit.

Body of Effulgent Beryl!

Defense magic?

But, that's a good idea.

I'll be physically attacking from here on out!

This is such a disadvantageous fight for me.

Huh? Lord Ains?

Then, why do you not retreat?

Well, that's true.

It's just... I'm very selfish, Shalltear.

I don't want to run away.

Perhaps no one would understand,

but right now I feel fulfilled as guild leader.

I wonder why?


Though I held the position of guild leader,

I mainly dealt with business and regulations.

But right now, I am fighting

on the frontlines for my guild.

It may just be self-satisfaction.

Do they not label such things

as the pride of man?

You may be right.

Well, I dampened the mood with boring chatter.

Let us continue.

Summon Household!

Sharks Cyclone!

Body of Effulgent Beryl, Activate!

Wall of Skeleton!

Maximize Magic, Force expl*si*n!

Greater Magic Seal, Release!

Magic Destruction!


She recovered!

Triplet Maximize Magic, Reality Slash!

Negative Impact Shield!

It's come. It's finally come.

Shalltear's final trump card...


Summon Household.

These numbers are a bit of a problem.

I'll take care of all of them

at once with range magic,

but how should I deal with Einherjar--

Wait. Huh?!

That's dirty!

Even if friendly f*re is allowed,

I can't believe she used her own

summoned household to heal!

Skill, The Goal of All Life is Death!

Widen Magic!

Cry of the Banshee!

This is the end.

As expected of Lord Ains.

All of my household has been k*lled.

Though I was saved by the resurrection

item Lord Peroroncino gave me.

However, your MP should now be running on empty.

And on the other hand, my HP is completely full.

You're right.

You were amazing.

Like you, Lord Ains, I have almost no MP

left and I have used up most of my skills.

You did well to get this far.

I'll accept that honest praise of yours.

So, do you have any last words?

Well, that I'm at a disadvantage

and that I'm weak without my MP...

...I'm grateful you thought that way

and fought me without holding

anything back, Shalltear.

If you had fought cautiously,

I wouldn't have been able to

execute everything this well.

In PVP, player versus player,

the most important thing

is how well you can deceive your

enemy with false information.

For instance, though you changed your armor

so that holy att*cks aren't very effective,

you pretend they are.

Or, though you're still weak to f*re,

you suffer through without flinching.

When my friend Peroroncino made you,

he told me many things.

Since I've come to this world, I've made

sure to memorize all of the NPC data.

Even so, the one I know the most after

Pandora's Actor is probably you.

You said you didn't know my skills...

I was lying, of course.

I thought you'd use them more

boldly if I acted that way.

If you saved Negative Impact

Shield until the end,

I may not have stood a chance.

Perfect Warrior!

I had planned on finishing this

with hand-to-hand combat as well!

Impossible! That is the armor

of that supreme being!

Lord Touch Me?

Correct. That is Lord Touch Me's armor!

However, one cannot wear it unless

they are world champion class...

Perfect Warrior!

If you use magic to change to warrior class,

you can equip their w*apon

without a class penalty.

I cannot believe he can even

use world champion armor.

He thought so far ahead!

That sword!

Takemikazuchi Hachishiki?!

That is Lord Warrior Takemikazuchi's!

Didn't I tell you, Shalltear?

"Ains Ooal Gown does not know defeat."

Know this.

The strength of the people from

Ains Ooal Gown stands before you!

And you did not have any chance

of winning from the start!

Shalltear Bloodfallen.

I am the leader of the supreme

beings of the Tomb of Nazarick.

Feel the power of the man you

all respect and call your master!

An opening!

Where is there an opening, Shalltear?

That is Lord Nishikienrai's--

What in the world...?

The holy element!

Get away!

How dare you make me utter

such an ungraceful sound!


...Houyi's Bow!

I-Impossible. No way!

That is Lord Peroroncino's w*apon!

How did you-- No, where were you hiding it?!

I will tell you the answer!

I used a cash shop item.

It can't be. Those wooden sticks?

I don't have any MP!

That w*apon can only be blocked by magic!

Even my special skills!

I should have saved some of them!

No, wait...

Do you understand now?

Everything happened according to my plans.

A-At this rate...!

That's good resolve, Shalltear!

This is where the climax begins!

Lord Ains has won.

Why is that?

In my eyes, the battle seems far from over.

Shalltear has given up on defense

and put everything in offense.

If I were in the same position,

I would have no choice as well.

Lord Ains continues to change

from w*apon to w*apon.

In other words, since she doesn't

know the next w*apon he will use,

there is a chance that stepping

back will be a foolish move.

Especially since she was

shown the long range bow.

but to fight at a distance where

her Pipette Lance may reach.

I see. I've come to understand the situation.

And against Shalltear, who has given up defense,

Lord Ains has pulled out the axe...

Blood Sucking Meat Devourer.

Thank you, Cocytus.

As you can see, Blood Sucking Meat Devourer

is unbalanced and lacks accuracy.

However, since Shalltear has given

up on defense, it isn't a problem.

Everything in this battle has gone

according to Lord Ains' plan.

However, Shalltear can recover

using her Pipette Lance,

but the warrior class Lord Ains

cannot use any other magic.

Isn't Lord Ains at a disadvantage?

I do not think that will be a problem.

The Supreme One announced

that he would claim victory

under the name of Ains Ooal Gown.

This feeling!

Lord Ains! It seems you will be

the one to run out of HP first!

Do you really think so?


Big Brother Momonga! The timer you set is up!

Lady Bukubuku Chagama?

Hey, what do you think the timer was for?

If everything until now has been

going according to my plans,

what do you think this means for the both of us?

It's the showdown.

This is the end of our battle.

What are you saying? My HP is still--

A super tier magic att*ck can't take

you down when your HP is full.

Doesn't that mean I just need to bring

your HP down to the point it can?

Though I am weak at direct physical combat,

I am superior in magic defense.

Now, here I come, Shalltear!

Super tier magic!

Lord Ains, why are you using magic

that has a long cast time here?

It can't be. Another cash shop item!

Fallen Down!

Hail Lord Ains Ooal Gown!

The Supreme One is truly the

strongest of all Nazarick...


Stupid. She got mind controlled

even though she's undead.

Sis, did you do something?

It's nothing.

The battle...

Hm? Lord Ains' complete victory.

We're heading back.


Now, I will begin Shalltear's resurrection.

Albedo, keep an eye on

Shalltear's name on the list.

If she is still under mind control...

Lord Ains, if that happens,

we will be the ones to take care of her.


Allowing Lord Ains, the Supreme One,

to face any further danger is

the most foolish of decisions.

No, but...

If Shalltear continues to revolt against us,

the guardians here will be her opponent.

Please step down, Lord.

I understand.

Guardians, if that happens,

I will leave it to you.

You just have to be by our side, Lord Ains.

If all of the supreme beings are gone,

to whom can we pledge our fidelity?

And, even if we know we weren't tossed aside,

it is lonely if no one is here.

You're right.

It's lonely when everyone is gone.

Guardians, protect me.

Now let us begin!


It costs million gold to revive Shalltear.

Shalltear, resurrect!


Please be at ease.

It seems the mind control is gone.

I see.


Lord Ains?

Thank goodness.

No, I'm sorry.

Everything was because of my mistake.

Oh, no.

I do not know what is going on,

but it is impossible for

Lord Ains to make a mistake!

So this is where my first time will be!

Lord Ains, I believe Shalltear

is a bit exhausted.


That's true.

Huh? Oh...

We'll talk over the details later.

By the way, Lord Ains.

Why am I in the throne room?

The way I am dressed and the way

you are treating me, Lord Ains...

Did I cause some kind of trouble?

You don't remember?

I-I do not.

So the one who used the world item

on Shalltear remains a mystery...

Do you feel strange in any way?

I do not think so.

I see.

Lord Ains!

My chest is gone...

Do you even know the situation

you were in until now?!

I see. So you don't remember.

The worst blunder a guardian can make!


Shalltear, you did something

unforgivable to Lord Ains!



Do you understand the meaning

of our existence as guardians?!

Lord Ains' heart went through so much pain.

I-I think so as well.

To begin with, you always

drown in your own desires...

Lord Ains.


Please scold her well, Lord Ains.

Seriously! Don't hold back on this idiot.

True. I believe you should

give her some harsh words.

Shalltear, accept the words

of Lord Ains properly!

B-But, don't be too harsh. U-Um, that is...

I'll tell everyone here and now.

I am the one at fault.

I didn't think of the possibility, though we

gathered so much various information.

Shalltear, you are not guilty of anything.

Remember this well.

Thank you very much.

I will have Demiurge explain everything to you.


By the way, Sebas has yet to return to Nazarick.

He is bait.

We still don't know why Shalltear was targeted,

but it is likely that Sebas,

who accompanied her, may be next.

Albedo, gather a team that can

scout the area near Sebas in stealth.


Though Sebas is bait, I do not plan

on allowing the enemy to bite.

If the enemy approaches, we will take them down.

We will meet the one who used the

world item on Shalltear someday.

I will be sure to pay back this debt!

Also, I may have underestimated things a little.

There is definitely an unknown enemy

nearby that can harm Nazarick.

I would like to take immediate

steps to strengthen Nazarick.

I was thinking of using my skill

to make an army of undead for it.

About that, Lord Ains.


The undead creation skill

that you have, Lord Ains.

A human corpse can only make undead

that is level or below, correct?

That's true...

Actually, Aura has found

a village of Lizard Men.

Why not att*ck and destroy them?

The Black Scripture, the strongest

sector of the Slane Theocracy,

was defeated by a mere vampire...

Lady Kaire att*cked with

Downfall of Castle and Country,

but she was injured before

the mind control was complete.

There were two d*ad and one

severely injured, so we retreated.

How should we deal with this?

The whereabouts of g*n from the

Sunlit Scripture is still unknown.

The Windflower Scripture is currently chasing

the traitor that stole the Crown of

Wisdom from the shaman princess.

Since we currently lack the forces,

we can only keep the area under

the most basic of surveillance.

And, if there is someone who

can defeat that monster,

that is who we should be the wariest of all.

I understand.
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