02x13 - Here's Ollie!/Save the Visitor

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Wonder Pets!" Aired: March 3, 2006 - October 17, 2016.
Series follows a trio of classroom pets—Linny the Guinea Pig, Turtle Tuck, and Ming-Ming Duckling—who use teamwork to help animals in need.
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02x13 - Here's Ollie!/Save the Visitor

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Hey, omee, let's play tag.

You'll never catch me.



Come on, kids.

It's getting dark.

Hey, mom, can I have some friends

Sleep over tonight, please?

Sure, ollie, but what friends?

The wonder pets.

They love me.

Of course, ollie.

We'll call them when we get home.

This is gonna be awesome!

A little help?

[Linny] "and the baby worms

"Lived happily ever after.

The end."

Cwazy worms.

♪ Good night

♪ Sleep tight

[Together] ♪ don't let the baby bedbugs bite ♪


[Lively classical music]

♪ The phone

♪ The phone is ringing

♪ The phone

♪ But I'm in bed

♪ The phone

♪ The phone is ringing

♪ There's an animal in trouble ♪

♪ There's an animal in trouble

♪ Linny, can we take a message instead? ♪

I'm tired.

[Linny] ming-ming, someone needs us.

All wight, I'm up.

[Ollie] hey, hello?


♪ Ollie the bunny is on the phone ♪

♪ Ollie?

♪ Linny, tell him we're not home ♪


Hi, ollie.

Is everything all right?

Everything's great.

In fact...

♪ You are invited to a sleepover with me ♪

♪ In my hole underground with my family ♪

[Together] a sleepover?

In your home?

[Ollie] uh-huh.

Uh, can you hang on, ollie?

[Ollie] sure, but I want to...

What do you think, team?

♪ I vote no

[Linny] tuck?

♪ It would be different; that's for sure ♪

♪ We've never been underground before ♪

Tuck's got a point.

It could be exciting.

♪ But a whole night with ollie ♪

[Together] ♪ golly

I think we should go, wonder pets.

After all, ollie invited us.

And he is our neighbor.

Okay, but don't say I didn't warn you.

[Ollie] anyway, want to come?

Thanks for inviting us, ollie.

We'd love to sleep over.

Of course you would.

See you soon, ollie.

♪ A sleepover tonight at ollie's ♪

♪ I wouldn't mind if I stayed behind ♪

♪ Let's go to ollie's

[Together] ♪ let's go to ollie's

♪ Let's go to ollie's


♪ Linny

♪ Ming-ming

♪ And turtle tuck

[Together] ♪ wearing slippers with bunnies... ♪

[Ming-ming] ♪ and ducks

Ollie's going to love these.


♪ It's ollie, ollie, ollie to come get you ♪

Hi, ollie.

We'll be right there.

Cool duck slippers, ming-ming.

Hey, uh, turtle guy, what are yours?


Oh, right.

♪ Let's go, geronimo ♪


This is our last chance to wun.


To ollie's.

♪ Let's go, geronimo ♪


[Tuck] whee!

[Sadly] whee.

Not bad...

For a hole in the gwound.

Your home is beautiful.

Yeah, it is.

♪ Hey, welcome to ollie's

♪ Let me show you around

♪ Welcome to ollie's,

♪ The place to be when you're underground ♪

♪ Check out my dining room,

♪ Where I eat my meals on a big mushroom ♪


♪ You must be ollie's guests ♪

♪ That's my mommy

♪ She likes me best

Yeah, sure.

♪ Welcome to ollie's ♪

♪ I'm glad you could come down ♪

♪ Welcome to ollie's

♪ The place to be when you're underground ♪

Now you're talking, tuck.

♪ Baby oleo is in his crib ♪

♪ He drools a lot, so he's got a bib ♪


Make way for ollie.

♪ That's only my little sis, ♪

♪ Always doing kiddie stuff just like this ♪

What you making, omee?

London bridge.


♪ Welcome to ollie's

♪ I think that you'll agree

♪ The best thing at ollie's

♪ Is that smart, amazing,

♪ And not to mention the handsomest... ♪

♪ And modestest...

♪ Bunny, ollie, that's me

Oh, bwother.

You okay, ollie?


Wonder pets, it's so nice to meet you.

Would you like to see the baby?

[Wonder pets] ♪ yes, please, ollie's mom

Here he is, little baby oleo.

[Wonder pets] aw!

He's so precious.

I'm precious.

And he's so cute.

I'm cute too.

Yes, ollie, you're all those things.

And more.

Bed time, sweetheart.

♪ Baby oleo

♪ Let's count sheep

♪ And you will fall fast asleep ♪

[Together] ♪ one, two, three

♪ Now you're sleeping peacefully ♪

Yay, the baby's asleep!


Now let's go to my room.


[Ollie's mom] uh-oh.

Bowls on heads.

[Wonder pets] huh?


That's farmer johnson picking carrots.

[Together] oh!

Now can we go to my room?

Yes, ollie.

Come on!

♪ This is my room

♪ These are my toys

♪ Wanna play with my dinosaur? ♪

♪ He makes noise

[Ollie roaring]

♪ Wanna put on a show? ♪

♪ Wanna put on a sock?

♪ Wanna play with mr. Frog?

♪ Wanna play with rock?

Ollie? Yeah?

I wanna go to bed.

We're pretty tired, ollie.

Bed? But we gotta play something.

Well, I guess we can play one game before bed.

Let's play tag.

You'll never catch me.



Time for bed.


Ready for bed, guys?

[Wonder pets] ♪ yes, ollie's mom

Yeah, I guess.

[Wonder pets] ♪ good night

Good night.

[Linny] uh, ollie?

Where do we sleep?

Oh, I sleep here,

And you guys sleep there.

You want us to sleep on the floor?

I think it looks cozy.

Thanks, ollie. The floor's fine.

Hey, wonder pets?

♪ What's gonna work?

[Tiredly] teamwork.


Good night, ollie.

♪ This is se-wious


No, it is se-wious

♪ I can't sleep

Wonder pets, if ollie doesn't go to sleep,

We can't go to sleep.

Maybe a bedtime story

Will help ollie go to sleep.

I will take care of this.

♪ Once upon a time, there was a princess ♪

♪ And she lived happily ever after ♪

♪ The end. Go to sleep ♪

Great story, duck.

I'm sure I'll be able to sleep now.

♪ Wonder pets, I can't sleep ♪

[All groan]

What else can we do to help ollie go to sleep?

Ooh, ooh, I have an idea!

Could I come down there and sleep with you guys?

Sure, you can, ollie.


[Ollie] excuse me.

Coming through.

[Sighs happily]

This is perfect:

Four best buddies having a sleepover.

Good night.

[Wonder pets] good night.

♪ Wonder pets, I can't sleep ♪

♪ Listen, ollie, bunny ♪

♪ I can't take it anymore ♪

♪ It's bad enough we're in a hole ♪

♪ And sleeping on the floor ♪


♪ I don't want to hear a sound ♪

♪ I don't want to hear a peep ♪

Ollie, I am se-wious!

♪ Go to sleep

♪ I can't sleep


I got it!

I know how to get ollie to sleep.

He can count sheep.

Yeah, just like we counted sheep for baby oleo.

You guys are good.

But ollie only has one sheep.

I know; we can use these blankets

To dress up as sheep.

Then ollie can count us.

Great idea.

Make some sheep costumes, wonder pets,

And hurry.

♪ Linny ♪ tuck

♪ And ming-ming too

[Wonder pets] ♪ we'll pretend to be sheep for you ♪

♪ What's gonna work?

[Wonder pets] ♪ teamwork

[Linny] ♪ what's gonna work?

[Wonder pets] ♪ teamwork

♪ Ollie the bunny, count all the sheep ♪

[Together] ♪ and you will fall fast asleep ♪

Are you guys gonna baa?

[Together, frustrated] yes, ollie.

Baa! ♪ One

Baa!♪ Two

Baa.♪ Three

[Wonder pets] ♪ ollie's sleeping peacefully

It's about time.

Good work, team.

He's cute when he's asleep.

I suppose he has a certain chawm.

[Wonder pets] good night.










[Panting and barking]



[Bouncy music]


Did you hear something?

Ming-ming, are you awake?

It was probably just my imagination.



Or not.

I better go check it out.

♪ Hullo

♪ I hear you hopping

[Bouncy music]

♪ Hullo

♪ I know you're near

♪ You know, I've got a feeling ♪

♪ There's an animal in trouble

♪ There's an animal in trouble ♪

♪ There's an animal in trouble right here ♪

Nom nom?




I didn't mean to scare you.

It's okay.

You can come out.

I'm tuck.

I help animals--

Or whatever you are.

Nom nom?

Nom nom?


♪ "Nom nom" means you're hungry ♪

♪ Hungry

Want some celery?


You can make things fly.

I know; I'll make a trail of celery.

♪ And you can follow it out of the closet ♪

Ming-ming, linny, you're awake.

Up for a midnight snack, tuckster?

You know, tuck, if you want some celery,

You just have to ask.

♪ But it's not for me ♪

♪ Who is it for, then? ♪

♪ It's for him

Yeah, it's for him.



♪ Don't yell; you'll scare him ♪

Scare him?

He's the one with one big foot.

You're not from around here, are you?


♪ I think that's a no ♪

We're linny, tuck, and ming-ming.

We're the wonder pets.

♪ We save animals in trouble ♪

♪ We've saved more than a few ♪

[Together] ♪ but we've never saved an animal like you ♪


Maybe he's a guinea pig.

He sure eats like one.

Before, in the closet,

He made that celery fly.


It's true.


♪ Can you make this celery fly? ♪

Nom nom.

♪ Well, he was doing it before ♪

♪ Yeah, sure

Where are you from?

Where is your home?



He doesn't understand.

♪ Home is where you eat and rest ♪

♪ A birdie's home is a birdie nest ♪


Ooh, home.

He comes from the peanut?

No, ming-ming.

I think he's pointing at the stars.

The stars?

♪ Do you come from outer space? ♪

♪ Come from space

I knew it.

He's a visitor from space.

♪ Space is your home? ♪

♪ Home

♪ Do you want to go back? ♪

♪ Home

♪ Don't you have a spaceship? ♪

♪ Home, home, home ♪

I think

His spaceship's gone.

♪ Poor little visitor ♪

♪ He wants to go home ♪

♪ But he just got here ♪

♪ But this is serious ♪


♪ Let's save the visitor ♪

[Together] ♪ let's save the visitor

♪ Let's save the visitor ♪

[Tuck] come on.

♪ Linny

♪ Tuck

♪ And ming-ming too

[Together] ♪ we're wonder pets, and...

♪ Ooh ahh ooh


Let me help you with that, visitor.

Wonder pets, we need to think of a plan

To get the visitor home.

I know; we can make a space boat

And fly him home.

Great idea, tuck.

Now, visitor,

We are going to sing a song

Called teamwork.

Eam ork?


Teamwork is when we do things together.

Please feel free to sing along.

♪ What's gonna work?

[Wonder pets] ♪ teamwork.

♪ What's gonna work?

♪ Eam ork.

Very good.

That's it.

Way to go.

[Together] ooh!

Hop in the space boat, wonder pets.

We've got a visitor to bring back home.


I can't push it.

The visitor's too heavy.


Let me explain.

♪ This is se-wious


No go?

Sorry, visitor,

But we can't bring you home if we can't fly.


Wonder pets, confewence.

Okay, here's what I'm thinking.

I fly up into space by myself...

Uh, guys?

I enlighten the other visitors.








You know.


I told you he could make things fly.

I will never doubt you again, tuckster.

Okay, here's what we'll do.

Tuck, you help me push the space boat.

Ming-ming, you point the way.

And, visitor, when I say, "fly,"

You make us fly.

Wow, big team today.

Ready, everyone?



He's ready.


Okay, visitor. Fly.

[Triumphant music]

[Wonder pets cheering]

[Wonder pets] ♪ wonder pets, wonder pets

♪ We're on our way

♪ To help our friend the visitor ♪

♪ And save the day

♪ We're not too big

♪ And we're not too tough

[Wonder pets] ♪ but when we work together,

♪ We've got the right stuff

Go, wonder pets, yay!

We're in space, wonder pets.

Quite a backyard you've got here.

[Visitor] uh-huh.

[Tuck] look, it's the visitor's ship.

[Visitor] home, home.

Good eye, tuck.

Let's bring the visitor back to his ship.

I hope you're not late for dinner, mr. Visitor.

Hi, spaceship.

We're the wonder pets.

Can you hear us?

[Deep electronic music]

♪ Excuse me, tuck

♪ Did the spaceship just sing? ♪

♪ Roger that, ming-ming ♪

Now what, linny?

Let's sing right back to it, wonder pets.

Sing what?

Sing, sing.

Um, let's see.

♪ What's gonna work?

[Plays "teamwork" notes]

[Wonder pets] ♪ what's gonna work?

[Musical flourish]

[Together] ooh!

♪ Linny

♪ Tuck

♪ And ming-ming too ♪

[Wonder pets] ♪ we're wonder pets

[Visitor] ♪ and visitor too

[Dramatic music]

[Ming-ming] look, it's the visitor's mommy.

Or daddy.

That light takes him back to his ship.

It's time for you to go home now, visitor.


Can I have a hug?


I'll miss you, visitor.

Call us.

I think this calls

For some celery.

Nom nom.


♪ Bye, friends

[Linny] bye, visitors!

Have a safe twip.

♪ Come back soon ♪

Come on, wonder pets.

Let's head for home.

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