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Christmas Challenge (2022)

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Hello, Laura, Ms. Ross.

Good morning, hello.

Can I take your coat for you?

Oh, no thank you.

Of course.

And how 'bout a coffee?

How would you like your coffee?

I can get you

whatever you'd like.

Anything to eat?

Thank you, I can

get my own coffee.

- Hey, Jasmine?

- Mm hm?

Hey, I think we're fine in here.

Do you mind checking

in my studio

and seeing if they

need any help in there?

- Yes, Sir.

- Okay.

Hey, what did I say

about calling me sir?

Not to do it.

I should just call you Paul.

- Exactly.

- Yes, Sir.

You're right.

So sorry.

She's a good kid.

She's very excited to be here.

Who is she?

Should I know who she is?

I'm usually very

good with faces.

Oh no, that's our

new intern, Jasmine.

It's her first day.

I thought I was losing my touch.

Nah, still got it.

All right, you ready in there?

Let's start talkin'.

Okay, we are on in five, four.

Hello ladies,

and any of you modern

thinking men out there.

Welcome to another episode

of the "Modernly

Independent" with me,

your host, Laura Ross.

If this is your

first time listening,

this is the podcast where we

discuss life as a modern woman

and how you don't

need anyone's help

to do what you

wanna do or to get

where you wanna be in

your life and career.

As always, I'm joined

by my dearest friend

and producer, Paul.

Hello, hello and

good morning, Laura.

You're looking lovely as always.

Ah, thank you.

How are you doing today?

I'm doin' well, thank you.

I think I'm finally

recovered from last week.

That's right.

Last time we were here,

we were getting ready

for Thanksgiving.

And what a Thanksgiving it was.

I had people over to my house

and in true "Modern

Independent" fashion

I made the entire meal

entirely by myself.

So, I'm gonna ask you, and

I want you to be honest.

- Whew.

- Paul?

- Okay.

- What did you think?

I ate myself into a coma

if that's what you're asking.

That is what I'm asking.


I made all of the Thanksgiving

goodies this year.

So Paul, are you

ready for a game of,

Name It!

For those of you who are

new listeners to the show,

Name It is a quick

f*re rapid challenge

where we try to name single

items within a category.

Today's category is

Thanksgiving food items.

Laura, go!

- Turkey.

- Tofurky.

- Mashed potatoes.

- Green beans.

- Yams.

- Apple pie.

- Salad.

- Mac and cheese.

- Pecan pie.

- Potatoes.

Green bean casserole.

A tuna fish sandwich.

I don't think that counts.

I don't know why

I said tuna fish sandwich.

You know, in fairness,

I did have a sandwich that

afternoon before I came over

to your house for

that lovely dinner

because I was scared that I

would get full too quickly,

so I wanted to

expand my stomach.

You pre-game.

Mm hm, I'm quite the pre-gamer

when it comes to eating, yes.

I don't, I just wait.

But given that that's

not an actual answer

for a Thanksgiving food item,

I am going to award

you the point.

Of course you are, thank you.

You're so generous.

For any of you listeners

out there, you can do this.

It takes a lot of time

and a lot of hard work,

but I felt so

accomplished in the end.

Having done it myself,

I think it made the food

taste that much better.

And you can take this mindset

to all other aspects

of your life.

I am getting the

signal from my producer

that it's time to listen to a

few words from our sponsors.

And when we come back,

we're gonna be reading

your comments and emails.

Good show today.

Oh, you too.


So, we've got something

to talk about.

Oh, that sounds serious.

Good news.

Well possible good news.

Okay, h*t me.

Okay, so you know

how we've been doing

this podcast for

the last few years,

and so far things

have been really good?

Mm hm.

We've had great reviews

and a steady increase

in our listenership,

but a few months ago

it's sort of plateaued.


We can drum up some ideas

to get more listeners.

Right, well, I

might have a solution.

You know how we were

talking about reaching out

to one of those bigger

podcast networks?

Yeah, wider audience,

more advertising revenue.

But I thought we were too small

for them to take us seriously.

Well, I reached

out to a few of them.

I sent off some

links and one of 'em

just got back to me saying

we might be the perfect fit

to fill a void in their

female demographic.

Are you serious?

It's nothing concrete

yet by any means,

but you know, they're gonna

be taking an extra look at us.

That's great.


So, I was thinking that since

we're starting off December,

it would be really fun to

come up with a cool idea

to engage the listeners

for the rest of the month.


We have the award show buzz

with all the female nominees

and the progress being made.

Right, which is great but

I was thinking this year,

it might be cool to do something

a little bit more Christmas-y.

I like Christmas as

much as the next person.

Oh, do you now?

Unless the next

person is literally you.

Thank you.

I mean, I like

me some Christmas.

- Yeah.

- But don't we have

enough of it out there?

Oh, as opposed to the lack

of Hollywood awards

coverage out there?

- Oh, oh good point.

- Yeah.

Did you have any ideas?

No, nothing certain yet,

but I'm marinating on it.

Big things to come, I promise.

Hey, congrats.

This is a really

good first step.


Okay, so we will think about

it and we will talk later.

Right now I've got to

meet Mary for lunch.

Oh, that's funny, I'm

meeting Erik for lunch.

Do you think it's

the same place?

Who knows?

But if it is, it certainly

isn't a coincidence.

They're one of those

perfect couples

who tell each other everything.

Something we can

all strive for, right?


- Oh, Jasmine?

- Yes, Ma'am?


You can call me Laura.

I just want to

officially meet you

and welcome you to the team.

Thanks for meeting me today.

I love having a

lunch date with you.

Me too.

But it sounded like there

was something important.

Did you want to talk about it?


So, I'm not sure if you noticed,

you probably didn't notice

because you were a little

busy at Thanksgiving,

running around, handling

everything yourself and all.

Okay, I get it.

Go on.

So, I wasn't drinking

at Thanksgiving,

and there's a very

wonderful reason for that.

Oh my goodness, you're pregnant.

A baby?

Oh, that's awesome!

You are gonna be like

the best dad ever, man.

Thanks, man.

It's still a little early,

but we wanted to

make sure we told

you and Laura first thing.


So, that's what Laura and

Mary's lunch is about.

Well, that and we wanted to know

if you and Laura would

be the godparents.


Are you kidding me?


That would be...

Oh man, that would

be such an honor.


"I'm gonna be a godfather."

Don't do that again, please.

- No promises.

- I know.

"I'm the godmother."

Please, don't do that again.

No promises.

In fact I can guarantee

I will do it again.

Please don't change your mind.


I couldn't think of

anyone else I'd rather.

I'm so excited for you.

And for me, actually.

I'm just a little sad

that we aren't gonna

be pregnant together.

Are you kidding me?

Do you think the

world could handle

both of us being pregnant

at the same time?


With you I can only imagine.

You know, our kids could

be pretty close in age

if you'd go ahead and

get hitched already.

I'm not even dating anyone.

You could be.

You know, I always

thought it'd be fun

if you and I had kids

around the same time.

You know, they could be

on the same baseball team.

They could ride bikes to school

together, stuff like that.

I'm one very key ingredient away

from making that a reality.

Why don't you just ask her out?



Oh, come on man, you know Laura.

I do know Laura, and I know you,

and I know you two are

perfect for each other.

You're in love with each other,

but neither of you

is gonna make a move.

With her being Miss

"Modern Independent,"

I can hardly imagine that

she'd want me to ask her out,

and she clearly doesn't

see me that way.

So, while you're probably right,

I also really love

our friendship

and I don't wanna mess that up,

so it's probably for the best.

He's my producer and my friend.

That's it.

That doesn't have to be it.

If he was interested,

he would ask me out.

You think so?


He knows you better than anyone.

You think he would ask Miss

"Modernly Independent?"

Yes, that's me,

but I'm also a girl

and I'd like to be treated

like a lady and romanced.

Besides, I don't wanna

risk losing our friendship.

Some risks are worth taking.

Let's be done talking about me.

Let's raise a...

Let's raise a fry to you

and me having a baby.

Well, actually it's me and Erik

that are having-

To you and me having a baby.

To havin' a baby.

We got nine months

to prepare ourselves

for the adventure that awaits.

What's all this "We"

and "Us" talk?

I'm this kid's godparent,

and that is a role I plan

to take very seriously.

To us molding the future.

You know, we could have

toasted without drinks

like normal people, right?

Oh, you think I'm

gonna let my godchild

be raised like a normal person?

Not a chance.

I knew this was

gonna be a mistake.

I can feel that.

You know, I have a

ton of baby names

for you whenever you're ready.

Oh, that's so kind of you,

but I think Erik and now can

take care of this on our own.

Okay, so I'll write

him down for later then.

- Ladies.

- Hey.

- Mary, a hot cocoa for you.

- Oo.

Thank you, babe.


well, do you think

I'd be bold enough

to get Miss "Modern Independent"

a drink and deprive her

of getting one herself?


Well speaking of that, we

should get back to work.


- Gimme a call.

- Okay.

- Yeah, gimme a call.

- Okay.

Nice work.

Y'all have a good show.

How'd it go?

No luck on my end.

She didn't say no, but

she's waiting for him.

He's waiting for her.

So, what do we do?

Now, I think we need to

take this into our own hands.

Hm, what do you have in mind?

Well, we've got our

work cut out for us,

but this is gonna be really fun.

This is gonna be so much fun.


What are you doin' in here?


Don't you have your

own office to do that in?

Yes, but I don't

have a comfy couch

in my office and

you're not there.

Yeah, 'cause I'm

working in my office.

How was your lunch

with Mary yesterday?


How was your lunch

with Erik yesterday?


"They made me

an offer I couldn't refuse."

What are you doing?

Uh, Brando, "The Godfather."

What are you doing?

I think it's pretty obvious

what I'm doing.

We're gonna be godparents!


You gotta work on your Brando.

Yeah, sure.


Well, in other news,

I think I may have stumbled upon

the perfect Christmas

idea for the podcast.

That's funny, so did I.

- Really?

- Yeah.

You first.

Well, I got an email from

a listener this morning

and it suggested that we do the,

Christmas Challenge.

Yep, well, this listener

must have doubled down

because I got the

same exact email.

What do you think?

- I like it.

- Yeah?

Yeah, we do a new

Christmas-y thing

every day leading up

until Christmas Day.

Yes, no, I think it's perfect.

I think it's a really fun

way to engage the audience

and capture the

network's attention.






I present to you, the Christmas

Challenge calendar board.

So, you were pretty confident

that we were doing this?

Was I wrong?

No, you were not.

Well, I'm glad we're

on the same page then.

But the listener's

email did not detail

what we were gonna

be doing each day.

Well, actually I did get a list

and in order for

them to be done in,

but per the listener's

request, I didn't look at it.

Oh, you did this

board blindfolded.

No, I used the

power of an intern.

The what?

- Jasmine made it.

- Oh, yeah, yeah, Jasmine.

So, shall we?


Well, thanks to this listener,

I think this is gonna be

an interesting month

leading up till Christmas,

don't you think, Paul?

I do think so, yes.

I think it's gonna

be a really fun way

to get into the

Christmas spirit, yeah.


All right, well,

let's get started.

Paul, will you please

reveal day number one?

Oh, the moment we've

all been waiting for.

Paul is standing

up and reaching over

to our Christmas Challenge

board and reviewing number one.

Day number one,

"Christmas music!

Kick off the season

by getting the warm,

fuzzy feeling inside

you by pushing play

on some classics,

some favorites.

Any kind will do,

but play Christmas music

and let it work its magic."

Oh, Christmas music, huh.

Well, that's an easy one.

I think I'm gonna be getting

through this list pretty fast.

Okay, so any of you

indie poders out there,

please feel free

to join us on this.

Yes, and we will be

posting every item up

on our website so

you can join along

and participate in this

Christmas Challenge with us.

Hey, make it a family affair.

Or you can join me in showing

that you could enjoy

Christmas independently

if that's what you want.

And I'm gonna do this

one for everyone.

Here's some Christmas music to

get us in the holiday spirit.

You know, it's day two.

Day, number two, indeed.



I listened to

Christmas music yesterday

for like 24 hours straight,

and I gotta say, it's kinda

workin' its magic on me.

What about you?

I listened during

the show yesterday.

I'm ready for my next task.

All right, well let's

roll in five, four.

Christmas time is upon us.

Welcome to day two of this

crazy adventure that we're on.

To reveal day two,

I'm going to throw it to

Mr. Christmas himself,

Producer Paul.

Mr. Christmas.

That's a title I

could get used to.

Paul is reaching up.

He's grabbing number two

from our Christmas

Challenge board

and executes it perfectly.

- "Christmas cookies."

- Oo.

I don't even have

to read the rest

of this because Christmas

cookies are my jam.

Cookies are good.

So, what do I need to do today?

"You are gonna need some energy

for the rest of this list,

so let's give it to ya.

Everybody loves

Christmas cookies."

- True.

- "So, share some

with friends, family,

even strangers,

really anybody who could use

a little extra holiday cheer.

And don't forget to enjoy some

yourself while you're at it."


So you heard it, poders.


"Cookie time!"

We're so lucky.

We get to eat cookies

as part of our job.

Merry Christmas.

Thank you, kindly.

Of course.

Merry Christmas.

Some fresh baked

Christmas cookies.

And I included some fun

things to help you decorate.

You and Mary can get into

the Christmas spirit.

Oh, thanks, man.

This is very nice of you.


I'm sure the missus will

be very happy to get these.

Mm hm.

I even predated some so you can

just dig right in if you want.

Even better.

Is this part of your

Christmas podcasting?

- Yeah.

- Do I smell cookies?

It's like she has superpowers

now that she's pregnant.

You wanna hang out?

No thanks, I got some

more cookies to deliver.

All right, well good luck.


I'm sure I'm smelling cookies.

What are they?

Okay, well I better get goin'

and you better get

her these cookies.

Yeah, thanks man.

As we said last time,

we are changing up the

format a little bit

to be a daily mini pod

leading up until Christmas.

Paul, will you reveal

what we are doing today?

"Hang a wreath.

There will be more Christmas

decorating to come,

but let's start with

a wreath on the door.

Just a way to warm your heart

as you walk into the door

of your home or office."

Well, I don't have a wreath

on me here in the studio,

but that doesn't

mean I can't get

a little creative and make one.

All right.

Like I always say, don't let

anything stand in the way

of you achieving your goals.

With a little creativity,

out of the box thinking

and some extra red bows,

you can really

accomplish anything.

So, I am gonna have

Jasmine, our trusted intern,

she's brand new and lovely.

You're gonna hear from her soon.

She is going to just put this up

on the site so you can see it.

All that's left to do is

hang up this brand new wreath

that I made right

now on the podcast.

Good luck to all of you out

there on your Christmas journey.

Wow, very impressive.

It looks like we've got a

Picasso in the studio, everyone.

You're so kind.

Hey, how's the

mama to be feelin'?

She's good, man.

Well, consumin' a lot

of Christmas cookies,

but she says it's

due to the pregnancy.

I however, think

it's just an excuse.

Yeah, well, let's

not get in the habit

of cookie shaming pregnant

women now, all right?

Yeah, I guess you're right.

How's the Christmas

Challenge going?

It's going pretty good.

You know, I was

hoping that Laura

might be a little bit more

excited about it, though.

What are you talkin' about?

Well, you know,

I was really hoping that we

could do these things together,

but she seems more interested

in just checking items

off a list than really getting

in the Christmas spirit.

Well, maybe she'll

get into it soon.

I mean, you're only

on day three, right?

Maybe she needs a

little bit more,

you know, motivation

or encouragement.

Yeah, maybe.

Well, I gotta go.

Did you tell him?

I will.

Paul, Mary says thanks

for the Christmas cookies,

and if you have any more, feel

free to dump 'em off here.


I'll drop some off tomorrow.

Thanks, man.

You're a lifesaver.


How's it goin'?

Not great.

What do you mean?

They're taking very

different approaches

and she's not interested in

doing this with him at all.

Well, let's give it some

time and see if that changes.

She can't do the

whole list by herself.

I don't know.

She's a pretty

determined person.

There's still time.

Um, what, um,

what did he say

about the cookies?

He'll bring them tomorrow.


I know, he's a horrible friend

who's clearly not doing his

role as godfather any justice.

Mm mm.

- What?

- I need all these.

It's the season of

giving, not taking.

Good morning.

Care for a breakfast cookie?

What's a breakfast cookie?

They're breakfast cookies.

Wow, what a balanced meal.

Mm hm.

Do you happen to have any-

- Oh, I got you right here.

Very clever.

Thank you very much.


You are rolling day

two into day four.

Well, you don't

have to just stop

an activity because

the day's over.

I mean, I haven't

stopped listening

to Christmas music

since the first day.

It's about getting into

the spirit of things,

not just checking

items off a list.

Well, I think if

I'm doing my list,

the listeners will be happy.

Sure, but keep in mind

we've also gotta

impress the network.

You're right.

I should step it up for them.

Mm, nice.

"For day four's activity,

we are gonna be writing and

sending Christmas cards.

It's a great way to keep

in touch with old friends

and reacquaint ourselves

with those we may

have lost touch with.

Day seven is write

a letter to Santa.

It's an activity that

brings so much joy

to kids each year and can bring

the same to you as an adult."

"Dear Santa,

how are you?

Things are good here."

"Dear Santa,

thank you for all the

joy that you have brought

and continue to bring to

children all over the world.

You are a true

inspiration to us all.

Merry Christmas, Paul."

"I know what I want

for Christmas this year.

I want the network to

pick up our podcast."


"P.S., please help us get

acquired by the podcast network.

Laura really deserves it."

All I'm saying is

that we're a quarter

of the way through this,

and so far, I feel like

maybe you're not caring

as much as I expected you to.

Oh, well, I'm

coming in every day

and I'm doing

everything on the list,

so what is it exactly

that you want me to do?

Well, yeah, you are completing

the list and reporting to

your listeners about it,

which is great.

I just feel like there could

be more energy put behind it.

Does that make sense?


Do you want me to be

sprucing up the podcast?

Like, we could put

some more work into it.

I mean, it's not like we're on

TV or anybody's watching me.

You're right, we're not on TV,

but pretty soon somebody

will be watching you.


I talked to the

network this morning,

they really like

what they're hearing,

but before they

commit any further,

they wanna send

somebody down here

and check out how

our operation works.





Paul, wait, what did,

what are you saying?


Paul, are you...

Hey Jasmine, I need three copies

of this put on my

desk right away,

and then this needs

to be proofread,

retyped and put on Laura's desk

before our two

o'clock recording.

And then this needs to be

collated and delivered to HR ASAP.

I'll get right on these on.

But oh, where is

the HR department?

I don't think I've been there.

Okay, you know what?

Nevermind, I'll just take that

one back then, do it myself.

That was really

painful to watch.

What are you talking about?

I'm talking about

the busy producer guy

routine you're doing.

Well, excuse me for trying

to give off a good

first impression.

Oh, is this person coming soon?

Honestly, I don't know.

I just know that a Michael

is supposed to be here today,

so I figured I'd get

down here to greet him

and then got a little

carried away giving off

the impression that maybe

we're a bigger deal

than we really are.

I know.

You know what?

These need to go

to our sponsors,

so let's just get right on that,

and then this, hi,

needs to be completely redone.


Hi, Chad.

Pay no attention to the

show going on over here.

Paul's just having a little bit

of a nervous breakdown.

No, I'm not.

Thank you.

- I'm gonna go to work.

- Okay.

Real work.

Good luck with Michael.

- Okay.

- Have fun.

- Thanks.

- Okay.

Did I get you the

licensing agreement?


Oh, I forgot to

hand these to Laura.

Okay, I'll get these to Laura,

the podcast host in the

third office down the hall.



And these need to be-

- Tabulated.

Got it.

Tacked to a bulletin board.

Yeah, what about those?

Do those need to be shredded?

And do those need to go

to the printers for

balloon printing?

No, stop.

Jasmine, just stop.

Okay, did you say

balloon printing?

What are you doing?

Okay, we're waiting for Michael.

Does that look like

a Michael to you?


Sorry, Paul, I just

really felt that one.

You know, I thought that Michael

would be really impressed

if he walked in on that one.



Are you Paul?


I couldn't help but overhearing.

You're waiting for Michael?

Yeah, that's correct.



I'm Michael.

I'm sorry, what?

I'm Michael.

Well, actually it's

pronounced Michale.

Oh, oh.

You're Michael?


She does look like a Michale.

Okay, thank you

so much, Jasmine.

Hi, I'm so sorry.

It's such a pleasure

to have you here.

Thank you, I'm glad to be here.



Paul, I see that you found a

fellow Christmas enthusiast.

Oh, hi.

It is such a

pleasure to meet you.

I have been a fan of yours

for quite some time now.

That is so nice of you to say.

Thank you.

And I've been loving the

recent Christmas episodes.

It's really put me into

the Christmas spirit

as you may have noticed.

Oh, I even brought some of

the cookies that I made.


And don't worry,

I did it myself.

No pre-made dough or

store bought cookies here.

As you say, we can do anything.

This is great.

Thank you so much.

That's so kind of

you to do this.

I really appreciate it.

And as much as I've

enjoying this, Paul,

I feel like you might

wanna get back downstairs

before we start so

that you can be there

when the big network

big wig gets here.

I don't mean to be rude.

I'm so sorry.

If you would like

a tour, Jasmine,

one of our interns would

love to take you on a tour

or if you're really

close with Pauly here,

he might want you to join

him in the big show down-

- Okay, Laura?

- Yeah?

This is Michale.

Hi, Michale.

Nice to meet you.


Michale is from the

network where ironically

there's no Michael

who works there,

and she's here to check out

how our operation works.

I'm so sorry.

I'm, I'm so sorry.

I'm sorry.

Me too.

So Michale, if you

have any questions

for me before the show, I'm

happy to answer some as well.

Oh, thank you so much.

More than anything, I'm

just happy to be here.

Thank you so much, I'm

really just happy to be here.


I forgot to take

you off of mute.

- Oh.

- There we go.

- Sorry.

- Now she can hear you.


Thank you, Laura.

You can just pretend

I'm not here.

I'm just going to be a

silent observer.


That was my fault.

Okay, well, I'm all set in

here whenever you're all set.

Yeah, we're all sudden here.

We are on in five, four.

So, I count down silently

and then she just knows

to go on and talk.


Hello, hello, hello.

I hope that you aren't getting

too sick of me and Paul yet.

You're probably not used

to this daily dosage from us,

but I really hope that

you're enjoying yourself.


Isn't that right, Paul?

Yes, that is correct.

Okay, well, let's just jump

right into day eight then.

- Oh.

- Day eight.

Yes, day eight.


Oo, a Christmas tree.

Personal favorite of mine.

Let's see what the

card has to say about it.

Oh, right.


In my opinion,

best bakery in town.

Oh, well thank you again

for the hot chocolate.

Oh yeah, it's the best way

to keep warm on a

cold day like today.

Hey, if you two don't mind,

I would love to

tag along with you

when you do your

Christmas tree shopping.

You know, kinda get a feel

for how you work together.

We actually do the

activities on our own.


I just assumed from listening

that you two were really close.


I mean, we've been

best friends for years.

You know, Laura

likes to live the life

that she talks about on the air,

and I guess being independent

is a big part of that.

I see.

Well, I guess I'll just

have to keep listening then.

I'm sure I can get a feel for

your work from the office.

Oh, well, I don't

have any commitment

to being independent if

you'd like to join me.

I'd love to have you.

- That would be great.

- Okay.

I gotta warn you, I do my

Christmas tree shopping

just a little bit differently

than most.

I decided to step

out of the normalcy

of the Christmas

tree lot this year,

and step into nature's

Christmas tree lot, nature.

I'm venturing out into the woods

to pick my own tree

and cut it down.

I hope it inspires you to

know that you can do that too.

And I have found a winner.

The next sound you hear

will be metal to wood,

sawing down the tress and

listening to the tree fall.

Now, the key is to look

at it from all angles.

Most trees have a weak

side and sometimes

that's just what

you need to be able

to perfectly fit it in

the corner of a room.

And then sometimes you need-

- Sometimes you find the

perfect tree from all angles,

which gives you more

room for decorating

and the ability to

put it in a window

so it can be enjoyed

from all sides.



Isn't that a beauty?

I know, right?

Would you like the honors?

I mean, I can give it a go,

but maybe be ready

to jump in and help.

This is the perfect tree.

You've got plenty

of room down there

at the base to make a cut,

but you don't have to

worry about making it even

'cause we'll just

make it straight

before we put it in the stand.

This is so great.

I wonder how Laura's doing.

I hope she's all right.

All right.

Oh, we're gonna do this.

Oh, right there.

Oh, that's the stuff.

Oh, oh.

Take that, nature.

Ah, man.

I cut down the tree, and

I feel so accomplished.

Now I just need to get it to

the car and drive it home.

I need to get it to the car.


Star first and decorate.

You decorate after.

No, no, no.


The star definitely goes last.

Oh, Laura.



I didn't realize

you were out here too.


You okay?

Yeah, I'm great.



Would you like some help?

You know I don't.

All good.



Laura, that's a really

great looking tree.

Oh, thank you.

So is yours.

Are you sure you're okay?

Yeah, yeah.


Well, we'll see you later.

Bye, Laura.

Have you guys see my car?

- Sorry.

- Okay.

Isn't it a good

thing that she's here

and enjoying herself so much?

Doesn't that bode well for

you joining the network?

Yeah, but does she

have to be so happy

with Paul all the time?

He's the producer of your show.

It's kind of his job, right?

Well, it's just ever

since she got here,

they have been

completely inseparable.

She's shadowing him.

No, it's the Christmas

Challenge thing.

Ever since the

Christmas tree day,

they've done

everything together.

Day nine, Christmas

shopping together,

day 10 wrapping

presents together,

day 11 toy donation

together, day 12 eggnog.

Okay, slow down.

There's nothing wrong with

drinking eggnog with someone.

Oh, no.

They decided it would be best

if they made homemade eggnog

from scratch together.

They did the same thing

with the warm hot meal

and hot chocolate

for days 13 and 14.

Well, have you thought

about joining them?

Or asking Paul to do any of

these daily things with you?

I can't.

Why not?

The whole point of my

podcast is that I'm showing

that I can do all of

these things by myself.

What would it say

to my listeners

if I was just doing

everything with someone else?

Maybe they would

think it's Christmas,

and it's not about checking

things off of a list

or doing things alone,

but about spending time

with the ones that you love.

Babe, I'm home.

It's day 15,

Christmas movie time.

Speaking of time

with loved ones.

Laura, are you joining us?


You two have a

wonderful time together.

I don't wanna be a third

wheel, or a fourth wheel.

Are we counting the

little one in your belly?

Sweetie, we would be

happy to have you join.

Or you could call Paul.

No, I think I will

go home by myself.

I'm sure he and

Michale are watching

a Christmas movie

together right now.

Think about what I said.

It's so much better to share

these things with someone.


It's that time of year, folks.

It's time to sing.

It seems that the Christmas

board is repeating itself.

If you recall,

we started this adventure

with Christmas music.

Yes, that's true, but

this kind of Christmas music

is to be performed

by you for others.

It's time for

Christmas caroling.

Oh no, that one's way too hard.

Oh, no.

Hey, what's goin' on?


Well, I'm looking up Christmas

carols for me to sing tonight

that won't bring physical

pain to the listener.

Come on, I've heard

you sing before.

You've got a lovely voice.

In fact, we could use that

voice of yours tonight.

What are you talking about?

Well, you know,

Christmas caroling

is usually done as

a group activity.

It's not so much a solo thing.

You know-

- So far it's Michale, me,

Jasmine and her boyfriend,

really nice guy, and then

you, if you wanna join.

I think I'm gonna

do this one solo.

Unfortunately, I don't

know any Christmas carols,

but fortunately I

have the internet.

The internet.

Oh, the worldwide web.

I gotcha.

Bye, Paul.

Okay, have fun tonight.

Thanks, you too.

I think I can make this work.


Uh huh.

Can I help you?



Good evening.

I'm here to carol for you.

I don't need to tell you that,

I should just start singing.

Oh, wait a minute.

My wife loves this stuff.

- Oh.

- Honey.

- Okay.

- Come out here.

- Cool.

- We have carolers.

She'll be right here.

Honey, come on.

I'm coming.

Well, hurry it up.

Why are you yelling at me?

We have carolers.

- Oh.

- Oh, well, we have a caroler.


Oh, that's me now.


On the first day of Christmas,

my true love gave to me

A partridge in a pear tree

On the second day of Christmas,

my true love gave to me

Two turtle doves, and a

partridge in a pear tree

On the third day of Christmas,

my true love gave to me

Three French hens

That's okay.

Two turtle doves and a

partridge in a pear tree

On the fourth day of Christmas,

my true love gave to me

Four calling birds, three

French hens, two turtledoves

And a partridge

in a pear tree

On the fifth day of Christmas,

my true love gave to me

Five golden rings

Four calling birds, three

French hens, two turtledoves

It has been quite

an adventure so far.

And my caroling last night is

something that we may never,

ever speak of again.

And we are well past

the halfway point

and a dear friend reminded

me about the holidays

being about spending time

with your friends and family,

people who mean the most to you.

I really hope that

these daily activities

are bringing you

closer to someone.

It's been a crazy- Told you.

Yep, you were right.

She certainly has

a way with words.

She does.

And with that, I'm gonna throw

it to Mr. Christmas himself

and ask you to tell

us what we have next

for all of our wonderful

people out there.

"With Christmas

growing even closer,

it's time to decorate your home.

It'll fill your spirits

every time you come home

and do the same to

anyone who passes by

and sees the lights shining

the way for Santa to find you."

Well, that's right.

It is time to decorate.

And I hope you caught that.

He said, "Decorate your home,"

not your house because

it doesn't matter

if you live in a house or an

apartment or even a hotel room.

It's your home for

the time being.

Time to make it festive.

I heard what you said today.

Whoever that friend

is sure sounds

like they know what

they're talking about.

Even you have good

ideas sometimes.

It doesn't mean I'm gonna

start listening to you.

So, you aren't even

going to take your own advice,

which was actually my advice?

Actually, I just loaded a

box of decorations into my car

and I'm gonna bring it over

to Paul's house and surprise

him, help him decorate.


Stop wasting time on the phone

with me and get over there.


I'm invested.


Aw, man.

Are you sure you

can spare all of this?

Oh my gosh, it's

no problem at all.

You heard Laura the other day.

It may be a hotel that you're

staying in for right now,

but it's your home, so you

should decorate it that way.

Well, I appreciate it.

Definitely never decorated

a hotel room before,

but I think it

should be pretty fun.

Yeah, you'll be great at it.

I'll load these in your car.

Oh, thanks.

Good morning.

Sounds like you had a

good night last night.

You know what, I did.

I spent the entire night

decorating my house

and you know how I love

some Christmas decorations.

I do.

I'm glad you and Michale

had a good night.


Good morning.



I just wanted to say, Paul,

thank you again for last night.

Yeah, did it all

work out for you?

Yes, perfectly.


So, should we get

today's recording down?


Great, let's do that.

Yesterday's task was a big one.

Well, that depends on the amount

of decorating you wanted to do,

so today we're just

gonna get right to it.

Paul, what do we have today?


Okay, before I read this one,

there's something that I

have to do real quickly.


For all you listeners, because

this isn't a visual format,

I'm gonna let you know that I

have no idea what's going on

and you are not missing much.

Oh, I take that back.

Our producer, Paul,

is, I can't quite describe

what he's wearing.

It's my Christmas sweater.

Yes, it's a Christmas

sweater and it's so very-

- Festive.


I have to know, why

was it under your desk

and are you peeking ahead

to see what we have on

our Christmas calendar?

No, I have not.

When we started this

whole Christmas fun,

I just knew there would be a day

that would arise where a

Christmas sweater was called upon.

So, you hoped there would

be a Christmas sweater day?

Well, maybe a

little bit of both.

Either way, I bought this

beautiful Christmas garment

last holiday season but never

had a chance to wear it,

so when we started the

challenge, I came in,

hid it under my desk

and was just waiting

for the perfect moment to

pull it out, which is now.

It's so you to do that.

And with that, I encourage

all of you out there

to go out and get

a Christmas sweater

that would bring this much joy

to the people in your lives.

Great, and we are out.

Please tell me, like how

long have you been waiting

with the Christmas sweater?

Hey, I could not wait for today.

- Wow.

- This has literally

been marinating inside

of me this entire time,

and I was just scrolling

through social media.

I found it and I was like,

"I do not care what this costs."

Of course you would.

I love the lights on

the trees and the like,

the Christmas string.

Like, everything about it.

Do a little dance,

let me see it.

What's your favorite part?

Of course, it's the

Christmas trees that light up.

Mm hm, it's perfect for you.



- Oh my gosh.

- Get outta here.

- Look at this.

- You gotta be kidding me.

Did you- Oh my gosh.

It's amazing.



Literally I am in awe right now.

I mean, what are the odds?

We look so cute.

I feel like we need-

- Oh, great minds think alike.

All right, okay.


I listened to

your podcast today.

Sounded like you and Paul

were having some

fun times in there.

I assume it went

well at his place

with the house decorating?

I'm afraid not.

What are you talking about?

Well, first of all, I did go,

but I never made

it outta the car.

Did you chicken out?

No, I didn't make

it outta the car

because when I got there,

Paul walked out of his

house with Michale.

So, I left before

they could see me.

But what about today?

Well, yeah, we had

a moment, but then...




Don't give up.

Honestly, I think I'm too late.

I missed my chance.

And honestly, it's

better this way.

She is perfect for him.

They're like two happy little

Christmas elves together.

Now I just need to focus on

making the network deal happen.



Paul, I'm sorry

for bothering you.

You're not bothering me at all.

What's up?

Can we meet for

breakfast in the morning?

Yeah, sure.

Office break room at eight?

No, away from the office.

Can we meet before we go in?

Yeah, sure.

Is everything okay?

Yeah, yeah.

Everything's fine.

We'll talk at the cafe.


I'll see you in the morning.

Okay, bye.


Oh, let me- I got you covered.

Oh, thanks, but I don't do-

- Do coffee for the

month of December?

I know, it's hot chocolate.

It really is a

wonderful month, isn't it?


So, what's goin' on?

Michale's not gonna

walk in here is she?


Okay, I wanted to talk

to you away from Michale,

so that means away

from the office.


You've been spending

a lot of time with her.

Yeah, she's been really helpful

and a lot of fun to do the

Christmas challenges with.

I know.

Where do we stand

on the network deal?

We don't really talk

that much business

when we're together.

I mean, we talk about

you and the podcast,

but not exactly where we

stand with the network per se.

Okay, well, we're coming

to the end of the month

and soon she's gonna go back

to wherever it is she came from

and I wanna make sure that

we did everything possible

to make this happen.

So, what can I do

to win her over?

She thinks you're awesome,

and she loves the podcast.

I don't know.

Maybe just spend

more time with her,

give her the chance to

get to know the real you,

see how awesome and amazing

the real Laura Ross is,

and then like me, she'll

fall completely in love with,

you know, um,

she'll fall in love

with the idea of

acquiring the podcast

and be a win-win for everyone.

So, I'll join you two on some

of the upcoming Christmas

challenges, I guess.


Yeah, that would be great.


Only eight more

days until Christmas,

so let's make sure

to make 'em count.


Man, I do love hot chocolate.

You're such a child.

At heart, yes.

A child at heart.

It is one week till Christmas,

and we are getting down

to the nitty gritty

of this Christmas Challenge.

I really hope that you've

been enjoying yourself,

either listening to our exploits

or joining along with us.

Paul, will you tell

us what you have next?

Apparently Paul has decided

to keep this one a secret

and enjoy it all by himself.

No, there's no way I would

deprive you of this one, Laura.

Oo, I don't like

the sound of that.

Today we are going to

be visiting Santa Claus.

Like, take a kid to Santa?

No, you wish.

"As a child, one of the

most cherished moments

was always going to visit Santa.

You sit on his lap,

he listens to you

and his presence magically

brings you warmth and love

and you usually get to

walk away with a candy cane

and an unmatched sense

of wonder and excitement.

It is now time as adults

for you to go and

regain that feeling."

So I'm all for this,

but I think this should be

a group activity, right?

Let's all go see Santa.

Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho.

Now, Sammy, I know you've been

a very good girl this year.

How do you know?

Well, because you're

on the nice list.

But I haven't

checked it twice yet.

You have been good, haven't you?

Yeah, I was really good.

Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho.

Well, that's so good to hear.

Well, in that case,

I think you can count on getting

that robot for

Christmas this year.

Does that sound good?

- Yeah.

- Good.

Ho, ho, ho, ho.

Have a very Merry Christmas.

Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho.

Thank you, Santa.

You're welcome.

I really think we got a lot.

Come here.

Was this so much fun?

Ho, ho, ho, ho.

- Say bye.

- Bye Santa, love you.

Okay, let's go.

Come on.

Ho, ho, ho, ho.

And that is what we are trying

to recapture for ourselves.

I can't ever remember

being that happy.

Hello there.

Is your little one around?

Did they run to the potty?

Oh no, we're here to see Santa.

What do you mean?

We're here to see Santa.



Well in that case I guess,

you are about to

meet Santa Claus.

He's just the greatest, right?


We're really excited Yeah.

To meet Santa Claus.

He's super great.

This is gonna be the

best day of my life.

I love Santa so much.

I just can't even.

Okay, that's good.

That's enough.

Now remember, Santa has

lots of other kids to see,

so you can't stay

up there too long,

but he loves you so much and

is so excited to meet you.

We can even take your picture.

My good friend Chipper

right over there

just got a new camera

last Christmas,

and he would be happy

to take your photo,

or we can use mommy and

daddy's camera as well.

Not a daddy, but

you can use my camera.

All right.

It looks like he just finished

up with his last friend.

Who wants to go first?

I'll go first.

Right this way, little girl.


Well hello, little girl.

- Hi, Santa.

- Ho, ho, ho, ho.

It's so nice to see you.


Come over here and

sit on Santa's knee.

- Oh.

- I'm not gonna break,

you know?


I'll sit right here.

Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho.

Now, have you been a

good girl this year?

Yeah, for the most part.


That's nice to hear.

You know, Laura,

we all make mistakes sometimes

and may upset our mommies

and daddies and our friends,

but as long as we

work really hard

to make it right and be good,

you will for sure get

on that nice list.

Thanks, Santa.

Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho.

Now, what is it you

would really like

for Christmas this year?

I think I know what I want.

I know exactly what I want.

Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho.

Family photo.

Very fun.

Looks like it's time

for another field trip.

Okay, everybody scooch in.

I have a lot.

- Oh.

- Scooch in.

We're taking a family photo

and you guys are my family.

Thank you so much

for doing this.

I can take the picture.

Well, thank you,

but you're family too.

You've been here

for almost a month.

Get on in here.

And I can figure out how to do

the timer on Paul's

camera, is it?

Paul, do you think you

could figure out the timer?

I am not so good

with that camera.

Austin, could you set

it up on a timer for us?

Thank you so much, Paul.

Thank you, Austin.

Okay, where should I?

Oh, squeeze in right here.



Everybody look at the camera.

Everyone say podcast.


Let's take a look.

All righty.

Well, thanks for coming over

to help make gingerbread houses.

I think this is gonna be fun.

Well, I would've had

you over to my house,

but I figured it'd

be more festive here

and I don't wanna

make any assumptions,

but did you happen to have

all of these ingredients

already in your house?

That assumption would be

completely correct, yes.

But what Christmas

would be complete

without all the gingerbread

house fixins, right?

Well, thank you guys

for letting me tag along.

I would've had you

over to my hotel,

but well, it's a hotel.

That's a good point.

So, have you all

done this before?

I have.

It's been a tradition in my

family since I was a kid.

Oh, cool.


I'm sure I did it

as a kid or in school.

I just have no recollection

and I have not done it

since I entered the

boredom of adulthood.

Hm, well, before we begin.

Up on the house

top reindeer pause



Gotta set the tone

for the evening, right?

Okay, let's get started.

Oh, how do we do that?

Okay, so your plate

is your workstation,

but also think of it

as your foundation.

The walls and the roof are

gonna be made outta gingerbread.

Is that why they're

called gingerbread houses?

You know what?

I never thought of it that way,

but you might be onto something.

I'm so wise.

And then you're gonna use icing

to hold everything together,

and I suggest getting a

good layer on the bottom

so it holds the walls up,

but if you want to

cheat a little bit,

you can use a few of these

toothpicks to prop the walls up.

But don't tell anyone I

gave them to you, okay?

Thanks for lookin' out for me.

- No problem.

- Hm.

Other than that,

the sky's the limit.

You can make any kinda

house you want to.

I suggest probably putting a

door and some windows on it,

but hey, you do you.

Who are the residents

of these houses?

Oh, that would be those

fine friends of mine.


Did you make

gingerbread men and women?

Oh yeah.

Do you think I would

work with this one

for as long as I have and not

have a little sense

of female empowerment?

Good on you.


Let's get started.

Let's do it.

All right, let's start.

Okay, so where is

my foundation from?

Rooftop, rooftop

Up on the rooftop

Up on the housetop

reindeer pause

Out jumps good

old Santa Claus

Down through the chimney

with lots of toys

All for the little

ones Christmas joy

Ho, ho, ho

Who wouldn't know

Ho, ho, ho

Who wouldn't know

Up on the housetop,

click, click, click

Down through the chimney

with good St. Nick

Up on the rooftop

Up on the rooftop

Rooftop, rooftop

Up on the rooftop

Well, ladies, we did it.

Or looks like two of us did it

and one of us sort of did it.

Hey, my gingerbread

house has a story.

It's a jailhouse, and

people in jail deserve

a happy Christmas as

well, and this person is,

he wanted to be home so

badly he climbed all the way,

like dug a hole all year

long and he's coming out

with his cellmate and

they're gonna run home

just in time for

Christmas dinner.

Yeah, I think the takeaway

here is there's no wrong way

to celebrate Christmas.


Merry Christmas.

Are you sure you didn't break

through the roof

of the jailhouse?

Well, that's the guard.

- Oh.

- I see it.

It's like a control tower.

Are you ready for this one?


I don't know if you're ready.

Oh, come on, bring it on.

A good old fashioned

Christmas party.

All right, folks.

We are going to have a party.

I imagine people all over

the office are slowly closing

their computers and

getting ready to celebrate.

Well, keep in mind not all

of our listeners

work in an office.

That's right.

You can translate this to

mean whatever works for you.

As long as you're celebrating

this joyful season with

the people in your life.

Dashing through the snow

In a one horse open sleigh

Over the fields we go

Just laughing all the way

Bells on bobtails ring

Makin' spirits bright

What fun it is

to write and sing

The sleighin' song tonight

Oh, jingle bells,

jingle bells

Jingle all the way

Oh, what fun it is to ride

in a one horse open sleigh

Jingle bells, jingle bells

Jingle all the way

Oh, what fun it is to ride

in a one horse open sleigh

Oh, wow.

Isn't that something?

Yes, thank you to Sarah

from our marketing department

for sharing her gifts with us.

This is really special.

If any of you are talent

scouts here in the audience,

she is the real deal.

Mm hm.

And we still have plenty of room

if anybody wants to

sign up to show off

their hidden talent tonight.

Oh, and if you haven't given

out your Secret Santa yet,

tonight would be the perfect

opportunity to do so.

Oh, who do we have next?

Oh, next up we have

Jude who juggles.


One of our technical

directors at the studio.

Apparently he has other talents.

- Yes.

- Come on up, Jude.

Wow, how about that?


Did you know Jude could juggle?

When he started showing up

at the office a few months ago

with bruises all over his arms,

I thought there might be

something up with that.

I feel like the practice

was probably worth it.

Do you know how to juggle?

I do, yes.

I juggle things at

the office everyday.

Very funny.

What about you?

I do not, no.

Well, there's no time to learn

like the present is there?

Hey, Jude, can we get a couple

of those juggling b*lls up here?


- Are you serious?

- Why don't you give it a go?



Here goes nothin'.




Thank you, thank you.

- Great.

- Very wonderful attempt.

Next up we have John, the

nicest custodian in the state.

He's gonna tell

us all the secrets

that he learned by

going through our stuff.

Excuse me?

Yeah, I'm just kidding.

He's gonna do magic!

Everyone, give it up for John.

I can't believe you guys put

this Christmas party together

on such short notice,

and it was so thoughtful for you

to let all the employees

out early today.

Well, thanks, but

it's all credit to Paul.

Oh, come on.

He's the super producer here

and him putting together

this party is his talent.

I have been very impressed

with Paul in my time here.

Thank you.

Laura, this is for you.


I drew your name

for Secret Santa.

Thank you.

This is-

- Open it!

Oh, 'kay.


I didn't know what to get you.

I mean, you're Miss

"Modernly Independent,"

and you're so good

at everything,

but then I saw you try to

juggle, and it was great, and-

- It's okay, I was horrible.

Well, I thought you

might like to learn,

so I asked Jude and he

said you could have these,

so Merry Christmas.

Thank you.

Sincerely, thank you.

This is so thoughtful and

yes, I will be mastering this.

Okay, well, I have to go

get set up for my talent.

I'm up next.


Have fun.

Good luck.

Wow, she's just somethin'.

Our next performer

is a new member

to our team as of recently.

Yes, she has been a

wonderful addition to the team

and you've no doubt seen her

running around the office.

Yes, please welcome our talented

and valuable intern, Jasmine.

Hey, everyone.

I'm here today to talk to you

about scuba diving, all right?

And what we need to

know first of all

is that safety is

number one, okay?

So, we wanna get our

buoyancy clearing all set.

Make sure you have a

safe zone of entry.

All right?

Let's check our pressure next,

our air pressure, all right?

We wanna make sure

we have enough time

down there, all right?

'Cause if you don't

have enough time,

you're gonna run out of time,

you know what I'm saying?

We don't want that, all right?

So we've got air checked.

We got our buoyancy checked.

All right.

Make sure we have our water

nice and nice and toasty.

Just kidding, you

can't control that.

You kinda just gotta do whatever

you're gonna do, you know?

All right.

So, air check.

Cool, all good.

All right.

And then we're gonna enter.

We'll do entry, that's next.

All right, we're in the water.

All right,.



No one's gonna believe

that we saw that.

We will, we'll know.

All right, let's put out a call.


We got limited air here, guys.

We gotta be careful.

All right, so solid form.

We got the froggy

as the first one.

Goin' on.

All right.


All these limbs, we're

gonna make it happen, okay?

All right, there we go.

Look at us go.

Look at that, that's a whale!


You won't be able to see that

without being in

solid form, all right?

How much longer do you think

we should let this go on?

From the ground, up to the top.

Yeah, I think we should

put a stop to this.

Yeah, I think so.

Actually, Laura,

do you think you could

handle this on your own?

I had Paul for Secret Santa

and I was kinda hoping I could

give him his gift

if that's okay.

Yeah, sure.


- Cool.

- Don't!

It's dangerous.

The real question is when

you're under that big blue,

you know, and you're lookin' up,

think about what your future

self on land would say.

Would they want you

to have this journey?

Think so, but I'll

tell you what,

you can't go under

unless you got safety.

Underwater safety up top foot,

you know what I'm sayin'?

All right, thank you

so much, everybody.

Wow, thank you so much

to our resident

scuba diver, Jasmine!

Thank you.

I was afraid I would

look silly up here,

but scuba really is one

of my biggest passions,

so thank you.

You looked great.

Really great, and educational.

That is a tough act to follow.

So, I'll take my turn.

Ladies and gentlemen,

it is time for a

Christmas classic

that I will try to do my best,

but I would really love it

if you would join in with me.

I'm sure you'll know it.

It is a Welsh melody

from the 16th century

by beloved Scottish

maestro, Thomas Oliphant.

Deck the halls with

boughs of holly

Fa la la la la, la la la la

'Tis the season to be jolly

Fa la la la la, la la la la

Don we now our gay apparel

Fa la la la la, la la la la

Troll the ancient

Yuletide carol

Fa la la la la, la la la la

You guys are wonderful at this.

Now, the original Welsh lyrics.

Just kidding.

We are gonna have

Sarah from marketing

come back up and

entertain all of us.

Sarah from marketing!

You sure know a lot about

Christmas Carol history, huh?

I did do a little

bit of research, yes.

Well, I thought it was great.

Thank you.

Do you know where Paul is?

Michale said she

had a present for him,

but she wanted to give

it to him in private.


They're really cute

together, aren't they?


Paul and Michale.

They're like two peas

in a pod with how much

they both love Christmas

and both being producers.

It's really cute.


And in conclusion,

I think we have the most

talented office around.

I totally agree.

I hope that you enjoyed

whatever festivities

you were able to put together

or are planning for the future.

And most importantly,

we hope you had time to

enjoy this with a loved one.

Let's move on to the next day.

"Some Christmas

traditions we all know,

but we don't know

why they continue

to stick around year after year.

Mistletoe is one of those.

If you're standing

under some mistletoe,

it's bad luck not to

give someone a kiss.

So find a loved one, find

some mistletoe and find luck."

Well, you heard it, folks.

Paul's the producer and you

have to do what he says.

Only two more days.

Great job, everyone.

Keep it up.

Okay, and we're out.

Good work.

And I really think this has been

a wonderful idea

for the podcast.

Yeah, it's been great.

Hey, Laura?

There's something

that I've been wanting

to talk to you about.

I was just wondering if you

had some time maybe later we-

- Hold on, I've gotta get this.


Hold on just a minute.

Hey, this is gonna

take a minute.

Did you have a question

for me or anything?

Oh, no, no, I'm fine.


I didn't see Michale,

So when you go see her tonight,

make sure to bring

some mistletoe.

See you tomorrow.

I really thought we'd been

connecting these last few days.

Maybe it's not

what it looked like.

No, I think it was clear.

And honestly, it's my fault.

I missed my chance.

And I'm really happy for him.

They're perfect for each other.

I'm sorry.

Me too.

Thanks, I'm gonna be fine.

I'll talk to you tomorrow.


Well, our Christmas Challenge

worked exactly as we wanted.

Well, that's great.

Unfortunately, it worked for

Paul and Michale, not Laura.



Well, there's still time.

According to Laura, it's

gonna take a Christmas miracle.

Is there enough

ice cream in there for two?



How did, why are you up here?

I wanted to tell you something.

How did you know I'd be up here?

Well, I think I know you

better than just about anyone.

Well, yeah.

Look, I've got something

to say and I just,

I can't wait any

longer to say it, okay?

Where's Michale?

Michale went home,

but I'm not here to

talk about Michale.

Wait, Michale went home?

What happened with you two?

- I thought-

- I love you.


Look, after the Christmas party,

Michale offered me a job working

as an executive

producer at the network.

That's so exciting.

But I told her no.


Because I'd have to move away.

I thought about it, and the

more I thought about it,

the more it didn't feel right

and I realized that it didn't

feel right because of you.



I have felt this way about

you for the longest time

and I just didn't

know how to say it.

And I didn't want to

ruin what we have,

but I think you're the most

amazing person in the world

and working with you has been

the best experience

of my entire life.

Everyday, I look forward

to coming into the office

because I love my job.

That's because I love you.

I mean, I have my own office

and I don't even use it

because I wanna be close to you.


We don't want bad luck, do we?


No, we don't.

It's been a crazy

adventure here podcasting

this Christmas Challenge.

I am so thankful to

the mystery listener

who sent this to us.

You have changed our lives

more than you will ever know.

For our 24th day activity,

we have started a new

Christmas Eve tradition

of spending the

holiday together.

Something that I look forward

to doing for many years to come.

And now we have

come to the last day

of the Christmas Challenge,

which means it is Christmas Day.

Merry Christmas to you all,

and thank you for being

a part of this with us.

Remember, family can

mean so many things.

So, for your Christmas

dinner with family,

make sure that you're spending

it with the ones you love.

So, here we go.

I still feel strongly

that you can do anything

you put your mind to.

It's okay to be independent,

but I've learned that it's

okay to have help sometimes.

In fact, some things

are better shared.

And starting in the new year,

you are all going to

be sharing this podcast

with a lot more people

because we will be joining

the Podworks network,

which is very exciting

because we will be reaching

a much bigger audience.

So this Christmas, be

sure to raise a glass

to the ones you love.

I guess all there

is left to say is...

Merry Christmas!
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