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Butterfly Vision (2022)

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Wait here for now.

Stay here!

These are yours.

Vasylenko Lilia Hennadiivna.

And Staryi Aidar,

everything's as agreed?

Yes, we'll bring you five stiffs.

Five? We were talking about six.

- We haven't found the 6th one yet.

- You'd better.

They were all

at that petrol station together.

We'll look.

- Borozdianyk.

- Here.

- Semenov.

- Here.

- Daurbekov.

- Here.

- Vashchenko.

- Here.

Let's go.

Off you go. Go!

I'm glad to see you.

It's good to have you back.

Look, let's go to the doctor now

for a quick check-up.

Then we'll sign a few papers, OK?

And then we'll leave.

It won't take long. This way.

Have a seat.

- Welcome back, Lilia!

- Thanks.

- I'll be right back.

- OK.

Stick your tongue out.

OK... Let me check your pupils too.

Give me your hand, please.

OK, you can go now.

OK, your consent to be transferred to

Ukrainian government-controlled territory.

Sign here, please.

- You have my consent.

- Well, this is already Ukraine.

Let's see

- How is it going? Who else is ready?

- Me.

Everything's fine, here.

Thank you.

Miss Lilia, do you have a minute?

A word to the Ukrainians

who were waiting for your return?

Hello, everybody!

Honestly, I don't know what to say.

Thanks to everyone who has fought for

or is still fighting for Ukraine.

It was important for us,

while we were there, to feel this support.

We are grateful that we got it.

So, in a few hours a special Ministry

of Defence flight will bring Lilia

and other previously released

prisoners to Kyiv.

You'll be able to get more

detailed comments there

We should be going now.

- Thank you.

- Thanks. Take care!

- Thanks.

- Let's go.

- Let me carry it.

- It's fine.

Did you miss flying?

- Me?

- Yes.

I've never flown before.

This is my first time.

- Really?

- In a plane.

Well, it's necessary.

Butterfly's first flight, huh?

And how does it feel? Different?

Yes! It feels a bit different.







We are at Boryspil airport,

where a flight from Kramatorsk

has just landed.

25 soldiers from the Armed Forces

and volunteer battalions are on board.

Who were in captivity in the occupied

areas of Donetsk and Luhansk.

As you can see,

after a two-hour delay,

the plane has finally arrived,

and it looks like the official

reunion is about to begin.

The former prisoners

are anxiously awaited by their relatives.

Like the wife of Vladyslav Cherepovets,

veteran of the w*r with Russia.

Anxious relatives of Lilia Vasylenko

are also here.

She is the only woman among

the released prisoners of w*r.

The aerial reconnaissance expert

nicknamed Butterfly

was wounded and captured

by the separatists two months ago.

Along with their eager compatriots

and relatives,

Ukraine's Minister of Defence

Anatolii Bolbochan

has come to meet the prisoners.





Look, Vladyslav Cherepovets is

already hugging his beloved wife.

And the legendary intelligence officer

lieutenant Anton Vyshnevetskyi.





And finally, Miss Vasylenko.






Welcome home, Lilia!

How do you feel?

It's hard to say at the moment.

Like I'm here, but still there.

I don't know what to say.

Thank you.

I'd like to say thank you




Lilia, how did they treat you there?

It varied. Mostly fine.

And were you tortured?

- Bastard, I will tell you

- Let's have the next question!


Tokha, could you close the window, please?


you smoke too much.



Tell me about Granny Vira's funeral.

Granny Vira?

It was a decent funeral.

The day was so nice and sunny.

It was cold, but the sun was shining

and the snow was sparkling.

Father Pavlo led a nice, peaceful

memorial service for our grandma.

And the meal afterward was good,

there was enough of everything.

Nobody got drunk.

She spoke only of you until the end.

She didn't want to go without seeing you.

That's it.

That's it.

We're here.

Where's Mom?

She went out.

She forgot to get something.

At the shop.

- Lilia

- Tokha.

What's wrong?

I didn't mean it that way.


Just don't touch me.



I understand.

You need to get some rest.

I don't think you understand.

I do.

You think they didn't call me?

You think I didn't hear them b*ating you?

- I don't remember.

- But I remember.

I remember you screaming.

There was one time I screamed.



f*cking bastards! They must die!

I promise you, Lilia,

I will destroy them!

Can I have one?



I'll make them eat their shit

You should be grateful they released me.

There were a lot of people

with visible signs like this

They're not alive anymore.

It's thanks to Magpie.

And probably you too.

Lilia, I couldn't do anything then.

- I know.

- No, you don't.

f*ck, I was watching that jeep

through the sight

Mom is back.

Do you want some yoghurt?

I bought some with prunes and seeds.

I don't know if you like it.

I like everything now.

So you'll eat it?

Here's some cheese and water, cookies.

OK, I'll put this in the cupboard,

and this goes in the fridge.

Lilichka, here's a bathrobe and slippers

and some underwear, socks.

Lilia, dear, did you see this?

And here? Right, cosmetics.

Mom, I'll figure it out.

Why don't you both go home and rest?

But I thought we

I'm serious. Please, take Mom home.

I'm going to sleep.

As you wish.

OK, honey. You need some rest.

Get some rest, darling.

Everything will be fine.

Mom, calm down.

Everything will be fine.

I'm just going to sleep.

Calm down.

- Mom.

- Alright, alright, it'll be fine.

Everything will be fine.


Yes, that's me.

And who are you?

OK, I need about ten minutes.

Yes, you got it.

I'm Synitsyn. Valeriy Andriyovych.

- Do you take sugar in your coffee?

- No.

Guess I was wrong.

Shall we talk here?

Yes, it's fine.

Or should we go for a walk?

Will this take long?

Well, listen.

This meeting is a mere formality.

But I have to ask you a few questions.

First, do you remember how you were

captured by the illegal armed group?

Yes, of course I do.

There was an expl*si*n.

Our unit was bl*wn up,

I went flying and then blacked out.

I see.

Were you held in one place or moved?

If you were moved,

do you know when and to where?

First it was a school basement.

But I don't remember the school number.

Then I was taken to a detention centre.

Lilia, we're also interested

in any details you remember.

Maybe you heard some nicknames,

names, surnames

It's all important.

There was a Russian man.

They called him Chief.

What did you weigh before?

How are you sleeping?

There are some issues here...

Have you had any head injuries?



This will be a bit unpleasant.

Lilia Hennadiivna, tell me about yourself.

What in particular?

Well, there are a number of things.

When was your last period?

I don't remember.

Are your periods regular?

More or less.

How often do you menstruate?

It's been irregular the last year.

I see.

- Any gynaecological issues?

- No.

Nothing that you're aware of.

Any surgeries,

pregnancies, abortions?


OK. Any infections?


All right, Lilia Hennadiivna.

Let's take a look.

Please go to the examination room.

Please lie down. Put your feet here.

Don't worry. Let's have a look.

- Please move your hands away.

- Yes, sorry.

Relax. It will be easier.

No, no, no!

- I'm sorry.

- Just relax. There you go.

Just a bit longer, be patient.

No, no.

No, it won't work this way.

I'm sorry.

- Lilichka!

- Sorry, sorry.

I'm going to examine you gently

and you tell me immediately if it hurts.


- I see that you have tears.

- Yes.


What are you doing?

I can't examine you this way.

Let's try again, okay?

- Does this hurt?

- Yes.

And this hurts.

Just wait another moment, dear.

Alright, that's all.

You can get up.

Good girl.

Lilia, look, I took a sample.

We'll test you

for the most common infections,

but we still need to get

a blood sample in the next room.

For the HIV test,

you need to wait at least three months.

But we can test for syphilis

and hepatitis.

I'll give you a referral.

And you still need an ultrasound.


There's something else I want to ask you.

I think I know what you're going to ask.

Your uterus is a bit enlarged,

but I cannot be sure.

Lilia, please.

Let's see what the ultrasound shows, okay?

Thank you.

- Glory to Ukraine!

- Glory to the heroes!

54th brigade, Radio.

Bakhmut battalion, Butterfly.

Oh, Bakhmut!

Do you know Beard?

Of course.

What a soldier!

He almost knocked out my teeth

at the checkpoint by Marinka.

Our chaplain had to intervene.

Are you a paramedic?

- Aerial reconnaissance.

- Oh, so you're one of the birds.

Nice to meet you.

So what injuries bring you here?

No injuries. I'm back from captivity.

Right! You're the one Magpie

was fighting so hard to return.

Well, welcome back, Butterfly!

So, what happened next?

You want to know?

Three k*lled in action.

And you know what's in the news?

Wounded in action!

- Bastards!

- A bit wounded.

He called and said there were three KIAs.

One of them was 19.

The guy's mother called him

in the morning.

He was holding the phone.

What could he say?


He switched off the phone

and put it in the kid's coffin.

Well, thanks.

You're welcome.

Is there anyone from his hometown

in the unit?

Nope. The boy didn't tell anyone

he was going to the frontline.

The blood vessels have already formed.

Eight or nine weeks.

Too late for the pill.

Halyna Lvivna will decide what to do next.

And what can we do next?

Probably vacuum aspiration.

But it's up to Halyna Lvivna.

Wait a minute.

Nah, bro, don't wait for me. I left

early to spend some time with Lilia.

I don't know. She's not in her room.

I'm going to look for her.

I said, I don't know.

I'll call you later.

- Lilia, hello.

- Hello.


- How are you?

- I'm fine.

More exams?

Is everything okay?

Yeah, I'm fine. There's one thing

we didn't get to yesterday.


Why are you so early today?

I told you,

I took off from my training.

What training?

The National Patrol.

It's like a movement, or crew,

there are a lot of veterans.

There are some guys from Bakhmut,

from Torets and other units.

We get together, train,

and keep the peace.

- Is that where you got this jacket?

- Yeah.

It's nice.

And what do you do there?

Well, I told you:

we get together, train,

keep the peace, walk the streets.

- We go in patrols...

- On patrols.

Yes. What else?

We put pressure

on pushers and hustlers, etc.


Like the Boy Scouts.

Bug off! Boy Scouts?

Well, your Ukrainian is great.

It's the reading list you gave me.

Now that I'm demobilised,

I can read as much as I want.

Oh, and what books did you like?

The Human is very good.

And Tiger Catchers is just amazing.

Yellow Prince.

The City by Pidmohylnyi.

I've read it twice.

It's fascinating, I can bring it to you.

Would you like that?

I'll empty this.

- I'm going to smoke.

- Sure.


Lilia ran off so quickly

that she forgot her sonogram.

I'll give it to her.

Why don't you b*at the shit

out of me as well?

- I should have opened f*re then...

- Go ahead, b*at the shit out of me!

And sh*t you just like you asked.

So your jeep got away, huh?

What the f*ck?

Your jeep, I said, is gone.

When is the abortion?

Did I say anything about abortion?

Have I said a word about abortion?

I've had some tests.

If everything is fine,

I can have an abortion.

- I'll be right beside you.

- How do you imagine that?

f*ck knows.


- How do you feel?

- Fine.

Lilia, now I am going

to examine you again.

Just a bit of patience... All right.

Now I will get your cervix ready.

It won't hurt at all.

Then the anaesthesiologist will join us.

He'll give you an IV

and you will fall asleep for a while.

It won't hurt at all.

- Are you nervous?

- I'm not.


- Katia, is the table ready?

- Yes.

Thanks. Get the chair, please.

Good morning.

- Did you measure her blood pressure?

- Not yet.

Please do.

Your arm please.

110 over 70.

Her heart rate is 72.

It's a bit low, but within range.

I am going to insert an IV into your vein.

How do you feel?

- How do you feel, Lilia Hennadiivna?

- Fine.

Great. Please give me your hand.

Lilia, where are you going?

- Take off the blood pressure gauge.

- Everything's fine. Wait.

Lilia, where are you going? Wait!

- Are you Lilia's husband?

- Yes, I am.

- Here.

- You're done already?

Follow her!

She mustn't be alone right now.


I'm going to sleep.

No, leave it on.

Lilia, may I lie beside you for a bit?


Too bad we don't have a razor.

Yeah, Magpie.

Ah well.

So, do you like it?

It's kind of like...

Honestly, it's been seven years since

I held a pair of scissors.

You could have told me that before.

- Come on! It's nice.

- Well...

You're probably right.

Let's start dyeing?


- All of it?

- No, only the fringe.

Just the fringe is boring.

- Only the fringe.

- As you wish.

Just be still so I don't dye too much.

Sit quietly.

There you go, goddess!

Now we wait around 10-15 minutes.

Have you seen the instructions?

- They should be here somewhere.

- No, not here.

I can't find the instructions,

only some prescriptions.

They don't say

how long to leave the dye in.

From the psychiatrist?


Trittico. Magnesium B6.

They prescribed me the same shit.

Trittico always wiped me out.

I was like a zombie.

What about you?

It doesn't bother me.

You're incredible.

It really doesn't bother you?

I'm not taking any of this.

You're not taking...

What do you mean?

Lilia, what are you doing?

These things aren't prescribed

without good reason, right?

I am not supposed

to be taking these things.

Are you mad?

They wouldn't prescribe it

if you didn't need it.

What exactly are you not supposed to take?

OK, there are substitutes for Trittico,

but Magnesium B6

is fine even if you're pregnant.

That's why I only take Magnesium B6.

Good. Why only that?

You're not joking, Lilia?

How so?


Are you serious?


It's not Tokha's?

It's not Tokha's.

I'm sorry, but what about getting

an abortion?

I didn't succeed in having an abortion.

Maybe you will on the second try?

Maybe on the second try.

And Tokha?

In f*cking shock.

I see.

Oh, Lilia.

Does anyone else know?


- And you didn't tell the investigator?

- He didn't ask.

I get it.

Listen, Lilia.

We can report it as a w*r crime

to that monitoring mission

or the Helsinki Union.

It doesn't have to be now,

maybe in a year, or five,

whenever you are ready.

I won't let this go until you...

You hear me?

Thank you.

- So you can't take the pills?

- I can't.

What about therapy?

Do I really need therapy?

Yes, you do.

Let me introduce you to Liza.

Who's that?

She's very cool.

She's from Croatia.

She has Ukrainian roots.

She and her husband have been living

here since the beginning of the w*r.

They help people.

She's as crazy as you and me.

She works with women who've been

through trauma.

And with kids from the ATO,

and soldiers, through consultations.

You'll like her.

OK. Introduce me.

Thank you.

Lilia, we'll get through this.

Why are you honking? Look at him!

Did you see his number plate?

Why are you ringing the bell

if you can open the door?

I've found my keys.

- We bought everything we need.

- Put your bags here.

And who has arrived?

Come here.

Magpie's busy, so I'll come greet you.

- Hi!

- You look great, all jacked up!

Come serve with me!

No, you'll have to go

without me, sorry.

God, how boring you've become!

Hello! How are you?

Let's move.

There are too many people here.

- Give me something to eat.

- No, I won't give you anything.

Go into the other room.

Your Mom just called to say

they're not coming.

Screw it. Let's go eat.

Let's eat while it's hot.

Tokha, will you have some?

Lilichka, let me serve you.

Friends, we've already toasted

to her return.

Now let's drink to Butterfly.

Yes! Good idea!

I wish you health and happiness.

Let me kiss you.

Commander, stop it!

Look, Staffy is turning red,

there's gonna be a fight.

I'm like her father.

You'd better kiss each other already.

Did you see how nicely I cut her hair?

Let's have the third toast right away!


Fill mine up.

Well, brothers, don't be sad out there.

We'll take care of everything here,

and join you soon.

- Hey, just don't say that rubbish.

- OK, cut the crap.

Zabava, come and sit here.

Sit down! Faster!

- I can't see anything!

- Strike!

What a cosy room we had!

Yeah, with that photo-wallpaper.

Look, it's Lionchyk.

I cut his hair that morning...

And then...

Hey, are you crazy?

Putting this photo in the presentation!


This is a beautiful photo.

- Our armoured car at the wedding.

- You spoiled it.

How so? It got even better.

- It was the best vehicle.

- Fun and smiling.

They borrowed the armoured vehicle...

I, Lilia, take...

I've never seen these before,

but I know.

And promise you love, loyalty,

honesty till death do us part.

That priest is amazing!

With his techno-haircut.

There are very few priests who'll perform

a marriage ceremony on the frontline.

In bloody wreaths.

Won in battle!

Don't be silly, they were beautiful.


Mom, I want you to go home now.

- Why?

- And also, I'm pregnant.

Oh my God! Darling!

That's great.

I'm so glad for you and Tokha!

Oh my God, what news!

Lilichka, I'm so glad for you.

- You were drinking vodka.

- Quiet, please.

Oh my God, what news!

Is it true? It's good, my dear.

Mom, you mustn't tell anybody.

Oh. Yes. OK.

Right, you shouldn't tell anyone

until the twelfth week

to avoid the evil eye.

Oh my God, Lilia...

You're expecting a baby.

You want me to go home now?


I'm so tired.

I'm so happy that you're home,

that it's all over,

that they don't call anymore,

that you will have a baby.

Who called you?

- Nobody.

- Mom, who called you?

Who do you think?

Those separatist bastards!

They called Grandma Vira, too.

They texted from your number,

Granny, I'm going to be ex*cuted.

How many times did I try to take

that phone from her!

She kept saying,

No, I won't turn off my phone.

What if Lilia calls?"


She was waiting.

Do you think it was easy for me?

And you say, "Go home."

I'll go.

Whatever you want.

I'm glad.

I'm glad you're going to have a baby.

I'd better go wash my face.

I'm home.

Tarantino! Doggo!


What's this?

Take your dog away.

Tarantino, get back!

What is this?

Why the hell did you take this out?

What is it?

Can't you see what it is?

Two hand grenades, an AK-74,

a Makarov p*stol, what else...

Where did you get it?

- Where everybody gets it!

- Where's that?

- Don't start!

- Start what?

- Don't you understand?

- No, I don't. Explain.

- Of course.

- What do you mean?

Forget it.

OK, just tell me.

Tell me...

Lilia, the third Maidan

will not be peaceful, get it?

And it will happen

'cause these bastards are out of line!

Bitchwolf was pregnant

when they sh*t her in her car!

- Not in the ATO, but outside Kyiv!

- I remember it very well.

You remember, right?

And you remember that Flint and Wolf

are behind bars for no reason?

That Oak will finish in jail?

Even Catholic in Latvia is in trouble!

The smart ones flee, and the ones

crazy enough to try to do something

are bullied, intimidated,

crippled and k*lled!

We are a constant thorn in their side.

And we have to protect ourselves!

I got these w*apon myself.

And yes, the w*r is not f*cking over!

I'm sorry for burdening you.

It's okay.

I'll get rid of it.

I promise it will all be gone.


Get some rest.

It's just...

It's gonna be fine.

- Combatant.

- I already have two free riders.

So what?

I can't take you all!

Handicapped and vets...

enough is enough!

Shame on you!

This girl fought for us!

Lady! Are you going

to feed my children?

Let's go! Enough chitchat!

Have you no shame?

Don't even try to pay!

This girl fought for us,

risking her life!

I don't need anyone to fight for me.

We don't know where

and how she fought!

All she has to do

is take public transport, it's free.

She doesn't look like a soldier.

This w*r just makes life worse

for everyone!

- Let's go!

- Jeez, why not just let her ride.


It's nothing! I should thank you.

Do you have a cigarette?

You want a cigarette?

- Trying to smoke less lately, but...

- I understand.

You shouldn't have gotten off.

You should've kept pressing

those bastards!

- It's not worth it.

- Not worth it?

If we don't teach them to respect...

It's not worth me getting thrown

in jail on their account.

Oh, yes.

Does bus number 520 go in your direction?

No, but you go ahead.

When I realised that I was pregnant

it was one of the most difficult periods.

Tarantino, keep off!

My head was full of w*r,

explosions, raids.

Go away, it's not for you.

But I'm carrying new life

and we used to joke that my guys

- Hi!

- Hi!

Would get me

a maternity bulletproof vest.

I was at the front until the fifth month,

then my husband, son and I returned home.

Why don't you

take off your jacket?

Look, I won't be home for dinner.

I'm on duty with the guys tonight.

I only stopped in for a minute.

You're out for the whole night?


That's how it is. I'm sorry.

For a girl at w*r,

the first thing is not to be a burden.

Do you want to take some food with you?

No, I'm fine. Bye!

My nickname was Malysh.

Why not Malyshka?

Because I didn't want the

separatists to know that I'm a girl.

Here you go!

As a girl,

being captured is inconceivable.

My comrades were ready

to do anything, even k*ll me,

to keep me out of captivity.

Sure I like having my nails done,

sipping my morning coffee,

not thinking about shelling.

And reading ladies' style magazines.

But I'm not a girly girl.

Good morning everyone,

National Patrol here.

We are going on a quest to save

a princess... I mean a forest.

Let us know in the comments

how the sound is, if you can hear us.



Look at this guy.

And his unsophisticated tool

for saving the forest!

He's practically disabled, but he's

going to save the forest. He rocks!

The sound is good.

Thanks for the comment.

Guys, please repost if you support

cleaning out the forest.

Good morning! What've you got here?

These are our belongings.

Wait, wait! What's your name?


- Marusia?

- Let me through!

Marusia, who is this?

Your breakfast, dinner or supper?

- We don't eat dogs.

- Really? Wait, let's chat.

I don't have time.

Marusia is very busy.

OK, guys, let's move on.

Where're our boys?

Let's catch up!

A little fir was born in the forest,

it grew up in the forest...


Let's go! Look at this scene!

Come on! Tear it down!

Come on! Let's clean the forest!

What a stench!

It smells like urine and d*ad meat.

Tear it down!

Tear it down already!


Oh, here's the d*ad meat!



Your Honour, watching the video

just now, you had a chance to reaffirm

that the defendants were aware

that the victim was inside the building,

but it did not stop them

from further action.

The persecution believes it

to be sufficient reason

to reclassify the case

from Article 119 to Article 115

of the Criminal Code of Ukraine

with the motive of xenophobia

as an aggravating circumstance.



The court is adjourned until 1 p.m.

on Monday, September 13th.

Please rise!

Let's go, if we tell them now,

they will release him on Monday.

They won't have time to amend

the case by Monday.

Tokha! Let's go tell them now!

- Halya, calm down!

- Calm down, please.

I suggest that we tell them

right now she's pregnant.

They will let him out by Monday.

OK, let's try.

Face to the wall,

hands behind your back!

f*ck, Tarantino.

Hello, Magpie.


Remember you told me about Liza?

Who deals with rehabilitation.


Better today.

With the little guy? OK.

I can't walk the dog.


Can you bring me something to eat?

I haven't eaten for two days.

OK. See you.

Shame! Shame! Shame!

One, one-one, one, two, three.

Shevchenkivskyi Court

has just chosen a preventive measure,

chosen a preventive measure...

for the defendants of the August

att*ck on a Roma camp.

August att*ck, August att*ck...

Tolia, let's start recording,

because they're about to come out.

Freedom to Vasylenko!

I'm ready.

Tell me when I can start.

Glory to Ukraine!

May I start?

Shevchenkivskyi Court

has just chosen a preventive measure

for the defendants

in the case of the August att*ck

on a Roma camp.

One of its residents

d*ed from the injuries sustained.

The judges have decided that all

the defendants will be detained

without bail,

except for former volunteer soldier

and ATO veteran Anton Vasylenko.

The mitigating circumstance in his

case is the pregnancy of his wife Lilia,

who was held c*ptive by the militants

and freed this past May.

Well, I think that's enough.

I'm done.

Shame! Shame! Shame!

Do you intend to return

to the National Patrol?


- Glory to the nation!

- Death to the enemies!

- Ukraine!

- Above all!


- Lilia. What the f*ck?

- I have the same question.

- I'm serious.

- You think I'm not?!

What was I supposed to tell your mother?

It wasn't my idea

to pull you out of there.

Did I f*cking miss something?

When did you start pitying

Gypsies and separatist kids?

When you started to think it's fine

to k*ll unarmed civilians.

We didn't f*cking k*ll anyone!

You're not at w*r anymore.

- Don't smoke in the car.

- Why not? You smoke too.

Not anymore. Don't smoke in the car.

Oh, f*ck, we're expecting a baby.

What do you want from me?

Why the f*ck did you tell

about the baby?!

You think nobody would find out?

It's pretty obvious.

Hello, friends!

So, on Thursday,

one of the n*zi raiders

who destroyed a Gypsy camp was

released and put under house arrest.

You may ask what merits his release?

I'll tell you! It suddenly turned out

that Anton Sanych's wife is pregnant.

She is a k*lling squad

member, like him.

She was serving

a fair sentence for terrorism

in a Luhansk People's Republic prison.

This is Lilia Vasylenko,

Ukrainian intelligence officer

and g*n with the nickname Butterfly.

In your language it's "Metelyk," right?

So why should we give a shit about

these dillweeds?

Curious people who remember

arithmetic from primary school

can count how long Mrs Vasylenko

has been free.

Of course they didn't dare disclose

the term of the pregnancy,

but you can see

with the naked eye that

for the fifth month her belly is too big.

A logical thought creeps in:

maybe this k*ller squad member

has finally received

her long-awaited

punishment from the militants.

While her brave soldier husband,

having k*lled enough children of Donbas,

must now hide from just punishment

behind his wife's belly,

where another such child is growing.

Thank you.

We have to talk.

Let's meet before I leave.

OK. Thank you.


Can you at least take Tarantino

for a walk?


OK, I want to live at Magpie's

for a little while.


I want to live at Magpie's

for a little while.

Or maybe with Mom for some time.

I'm tired.

I need a break.

- And you are, too.

- I'm not tired. No, Lilia.

Tokha, you are tired.

You are on a bender.

You're under house arrest?

It seems like you're chained to the bed.

To be honest, I would have left earlier,

but who would walk your dog?

This is stupid.

No, it's not.

I need a break.

I'm tired.

- Are you leaving me?

- I'm not leaving you.


- You've never seen this before?

- What is it?

An elbow, a foot, a hand or a heel.

It is even weirder to touch

than to see.

Gross! f*ck.

Anyway, he's about to pee.

I'm taking him for a walk.

I'll come back and we'll talk.

Tarantino! Come here!

Lord, what's that smell?

What happened?

Get out of here.

Get out of here right now!

- Glory to Ukraine!

- Glory to the heroes!

Today we have all suffered

a great tragedy.

Tokha is gone.

VOLUNTEER BATTALION BAKHMUI have no words to ease your grief.

Anton was...

a man of principle.

He was brave,


and always saw things through to the end.

Some people may not understand

his act or may judge him,

but all of us,

who were his brothers-in-arms,

should respect it.


you once said

that you don't believe

in the past or in the future,

that you live only for today.

Well, today you hurt us a lot.

And although you're our friend,

you're a soldier above all.

Here is my final command:

hold your position in heaven.

We will meet there.

- Glory to Ukraine!

- Glory to the heroes!

Friends and family of the deceased,

you may now come and bid farewell.

Ukrainian citizen

Anton Oleksandrovych Vasylenko

has passed away.

May fond memories of him remain

in our hearts

for years to come.

Be strong.

- Lilia, come sit with us.

- No, I...

- Don't you want to talk to us?

- Hunk!

I see you've got quite a belly.

You can't even squeeze

into your uniform.

Hey, soldier!

- How did you manage to put it on?

- Soldier!

I'm asking you a question!

How did you get the uniform on?!

I was wearing this uniform, Hunk,

when carrying you out on my back.

What have you got to say

about my uniform?

We're leaving.

- Let me see you out.

- No.

We'll go on our own.

Get some rest.

- Goodbye. Call us.

- OK.



What did he say to you?

Nothing! It's f*cking amazing.

- What's amazing?

- Crying is f*cking amazing.

Yes, I would also cry it all out.

Cry, Lilia, cry.

Mom, I'm fine.

Olha Serhiivna, maybe it's time

to start wrapping up?


We'll give these candies away

for the peace of his soul.

Somebody's handbag.

I'll get it later.

Lilia... What's this?

Easy, easy. Careful.

Let me help.

f*cking shit.

Don't worry, it'll be fine.

We're here.

Move it! Face to the wall,

hands behind your back.

Have you had any surgeries before?

Hey! Lilia! I'm asking if you've had

any surgeries before.


- Any allergies?

- No.

- Chronic diseases?

- No.

If you resist, it will hurt. Relax.

It will be worse if you struggle!

Here's the operative site.

And here too.

Lilia? Lilia?

- Let's start?

- Speak, bitch!




- Is her heart rate OK?

- Yes!

We can stitch her up now.

Shut up, you bitch. f*ck!

- Don't do it, please. Please!

- Hands off!

- Oxygen?

- Flowing.

- Good morning! How did you sleep?

- Fine.

- How are you feeling?

- Good.

That's good that you feel good.

Let me take a look at you.

Your little girl is fine, too.

She's in the newborn

intensive care unit.

She's breathing by herself.

I think this evening

you can finally see her.

What would you say to that?

Yes... I'm curious.

Get some rest.

Here she is.

- You can touch her.

- What?

You can touch your daughter.

- What is her name?

- I don't know.

Come on, eat up.

Have you tried

breastfeeding her again?

No, I still don't have any milk.

What can you do.

Are you done? That's it?

Good girl!

My beautiful little girl.

- How are you, girls?

- Hush.

- She's about to fall asleep.

- Sorry.

Look at her, isn't she beautiful?

- You're living here, aren't you?

- Yeah.

Look who's yawning!

She has Lilia's nose, see?

So pretty!

- Better guess where I've been.

- Where?

Where have you been?

- I found Tarantino.

- Are you serious?

I saw his picture on Facebook

this morning, and went right away

to this lovely couple.

Here, we'll celebrate.

They were looking after him all this time.

He was in the Podil area.

Imagine how far he ran!

Poor thing.

- You took him back to your place?

- Where else could I take him?

Here is a soother.

My son is in seventh heaven.

Shall we weigh her?

- Ready to be discharged, Lilia?

- Ready.

Let's go, or you can just give

the baby to me.

- I have more news.

- What's the news?

- Liza got a passport.

- Wow, that was fast!

I'm surprised too. Maybe because

her grandmother was from Ukraine.

So that means they can take her

from here themselves?

In theory, yes.

But you'll have to take her away

from your mom.

I can't imagine.

Will you be able to tell her?


I'll tell her.

And Tokha's parents too.

If you want, I can tell them.

- Yes, please.

- OK.

- Excuse me.

- Yes?

Could you please help me

get to the WC?

Yes, no problem.

Hold on to me.

Thank you.

What was the code? 38?

Are you crazy? After surgery!

Lilia, you said you're going to see

the baby once again?

Please, give this to her.

- Mom, how will I do that?

- Please, I beg you, give it to her!

I bought so many things for her,

and I'll give them away.

But I made this shirt specially for her.

Let her have it.

OK, I'll give it to her.

- Do come join me soon, OK?

- Yes, I'll come.

- Don't stick around here long.

- OK.

It's time.

In this whole world we now have

only each other.

Please, come soon.

- I will.

- Good-bye!

- Lilia!

- Good afternoon!

I'm glad to see you. Come in!

- Mustafa is also here.

- Hello.

I'm happy to see you.

I can't express how grateful we are.

She's just fallen asleep.

Maybe you want to see her?

Yes, thank you.

Have you picked a name?

We did the moment we saw her.

- Marion.

- Marion.



Beautiful name.

It suits her very much.

Do you already know when you are going?

I hope I will have

all of my documents by next week.

Are you leaving for a long time?

I am signing contract

for one year and after we'll see.

I hope in a year we'll be able to

go abroad together too.

If we pass the language exam.

It would be great.

I mean... If she asks,

when she grows up, you can always...

Yeah, of course.

We understand.

I sent Vira contacts of my colleague here.

And he wasn't working in our centre

so you have nothing to be afraid of.

And you can go on with therapy with him.

OK, thank you.

Because I feel much

better after the therapy, in fact.

I fall asleep easily and have no dreams.

I'm glad to hear that.

And bureaucracy should not

be a problem for you.

In court, the claim should be enough.

Unless the enforcement services

try to contact your mother.

Don't worry,

she won't cause any problems and...

By the way...

She wanted you...

to have these.

Thank you.

No, I should thank you.

OK, I must be going.

Don't! Maybe some...

- coffee or tea?

- No, no, no. Thank you.

I have a dog

and I have to take him for a walk.

What was your weight before?

Any surgeries?




Lady calling Pound.

Lady calling Pound.

Requesting permission to begin

area reconnaissance.

- Recon permitted.

- Roger!


Launch it!
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