01x08 - The Final Chapter

Episode transcripts for the TV series, "Quarterback". Aired: July 12, 2023 – present.*
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Docuseries told through the lens of NFL quarterbacks.
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01x08 - The Final Chapter

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Here comes the question.

Is Patrick Mahomes' ankle

worth freaking out over?


You gonna freak out?

Like, this is a major deal.

It's fair to be skeptical.

It's fair to say

that this is not 100% Mahomes.

ment*lly, I just told myself every

single day, I was like, "It doesn't hurt."

"It doesn't hurt."

Luckily, I have great trainers

at the facility,

Rick Burkholder, Julie Frymyer.

Feel looser after that happens?

- You have more range of motion?

- Yeah.

- Where do you feel it pop?

- Right there.

As soon as the game ended

and we'd won,

he's like,

"We're gonna figure this thing out."

Julie and him, they trust each other,

and they just went to work.

And stopping isn't the easiest.

When you stop,

is that where you're feeling it?


Stopping, like, it's weird,

'cause I can run side to side.

He's an impatient patient.

As he att*cks on the football field,

that's how he att*cks life.

So that is how he att*cks rehab,

how he att*cks anything in treatment.

He expects everything

to be better quickly.

In working with him,

you have to be on your toes

because you need to get those things

turned around quickly for him.

You're gonna hate this part.



Told you.


We're doing some cupping,

which is gonna help separate the tissue

to try and gain some more range of motion.

Doesn't feel good.

But this is what I need

to help loosen it up.

It's not like you have,

like, a bye the next week.

You're playing an AFC Championship game.

And so, uh, for me,

it was, how can I prepare my body the best

to be as close as I can

to 100% for that game?

- How you doing?

- I'm good. Good.

- Gutting through.

- Got what we want.


- Gutting through. A lot of rehab.

- You need to work your magic.

What's that?

I need you to work your magic

healing powers and put some juju on that.

We're gonna be good, Brittany.

Here we go.

It's an AFC Championship rematch

between the Bengals and the Chiefs

in Kansas City at Arrowhead.

Burrow versus

Patrick Mahomes. Everybody's excited.

- We'll see y'all in Burrowhead!

- Yeah, baby!

You ain't gonna see us tonight,

we'll see y'all in Burrowhead.

Burrowhead? Whoa!

- Yeah.

- Disrespect to Arrowhead continues.

They're throwing a lot

of bulletin board material out there.

Great week at Burrowhead, right?

I know that pisses you off.

They're playing the Bengals.

He hasn't been able to b*at them

on a healthy ankle. This is a huge deal.

Way to play, man.

The Cincinnati Bengals

are headed to Super Bowl LVI.

The first team ever to b*at

Patrick Mahomes three straight times.

Good afternoon, Cincinnati.

I have a proclamation

from the desk of the mayor.

Joseph Lee Burrow,

who's 3-0 against Mahomes,

has been asked by officials

to take a paternity test

confirming whether or not he's his father.

Into the sea ♪

People are saying that

the Bengals,

they might have the Chiefs' number.

Joe Burrow is just

a bad mother Shut your mouth.

They're not scared.

They may be the first team

in the Mahomes era

to not even be fazed by the Chiefs.

In fact, they think they own the Chiefs.

Out of f*re ♪

Joe Burrow, he's gonna do

whatever it takes to win that game.

And so every single time

we go up against that team,

I know it's gonna

come down to the very end.

It's time

for the Bengals and the Chiefs,

a rematch of last year's AFC title game

won in overtime by Cincinnati.

They were riding hot.

They b*at us three times in a row.

I definitely heard all that stuff,

Burrowhead, and the mayor.

He said that, uh, Joe Burrow was my dad,

and they had to take a paternity test,

which is, I mean, just wild.

You never expect someone in that position

to be trash-talking like that.

Just gave us a bit of extra motivation

to go out there and lay it on the line.

Where's Dada at, huh?

Yeah, you see him? He's over there.

Look. He threw the ball.

He just threw the ball.



Normally this type

of high ankle sprain

takes 3-6 weeks to recover from.

Patrick Mahomes is out here

after just eight days.

How you feeling?

I feel good. I feel good, baby.


Three hours of greatness.

- You see him? Dada!

- Love you. Love you.

- You got this. Let's go.

- Love you.

- I love you all.

- Love you!

- Daddy!

- Yeah. You wanna stand up?


Daddy! That is Daddy.

The AFC Championship game is underway.

Here's Patrick Mahomes,

playing with a high ankle sprain.

White 80, set, hut!

Third and five from the 25.

Mahomes in the pocket,

floats it to the left side.

It is caught!

It's caught, Kadarius Toney! Touchdown!

- No, they're gonna say incomplete.

- He dropped it.

It hits the turf,

and that's the right call.

The Chiefs get

a field goal on their first drive.

You want points,

but when you play a great team,

you know those field goals aren't enough.

We gotta finish with seven, okay?

Get in the end zone.

One play at a time. Get in the end zone.

The Chiefs have had

2 possessions, but 2 field goals.

Fourth down and a yard for the Chiefs.


Go white 80, set, hut!

And the g*n,

they roll it to the right.

Mahomes, pump faking,

now fires it late for the end zone.

Caught! Touchdown!

Kansas City, Travis Kelce

from Patrick Mahomes!


Yes, sir! Yes, sir!

Let's go, 15!

That was pretty damn good.

9:59 to go, third quarter,

13-6, Chiefs.

As Burrow throws to the right sideline,

the pass is going to be caught,

reaching up, Tee Higgins touchdown.

Our chance, let's go!

- Come on, boys. Let's go!

- Keep going, nine.

This is about us right here.

This is about us.

How bad do you want it

for each other? Let's go!

Go blue 80, set, hut!

Mahomes fires late

for the end zone.


Marquez Valdes-Scantling! Touchdown!

- Fifteen!

- Great to see it.


Couldn't step up

in the pocket like I wanted,

so I just did whatever I could

to get a lane to throw it.

And of course, I threw it and I was fine,

but landing on that ankle

didn't feel great,

so as much as you want to celebrate,

I was like, "Let me just get

to the sideline as quickly as possible."

- You gonna be all right?

- Yeah.

And now the PAT by Butker.

It is good.

Oh boy, Mahomes.

How limited is he gonna be

with the high ankle sprain?

Great job! Great f*cking job!

We're not done! Great f*cking job!

All right, boys, let's go!

Put the game away! Come on!

7:02 to go in the game.

20-20 tie.

Another nail-biter

between these two.

Burrow throws it long,

coming down near side,

Tee Higgins,

it's knocked away and intercepted!


We've gotta turn up, baby.

We gotta turn up. Let's go!

Go blue 80, set, hut!

You can tell he's not

100% confident with that right ankle.

I was trying to heal

but I was pushing through to say,

"Hey, we gotta keep it going."

Ah. Ah. Ah.

Just walk it off. Just keep walking.

Come on, defense. Give us one right here.

Every time

you go up against Joe Burrow, um,

we know it's gonna be

a fight to the very end.

He's such a competitor.

It's gonna be 2 minutes for the win.

- Let's go! Let's go!

- Let's go!

Who will represent the AFC

in the Super Bowl?

Two minutes to determine it in regulation.

3rd down and 8,

Cincinnati, Burrow retreating.

And now he's gonna be sacked!

Down he goes!

Time-out! Time-out! Time-out!

And the Chiefs have called time-out

at 39 seconds left in regulation.

Holy sh*t. Come on, 15!

This is what I got.

Well, I like them all.

Just keep calling them, Coach.

I'll get the ball in my hand.

I'll get the guys.

Ready to get in field-goal range.

Let's go!

Ready to get in field-goal range.


in the AFC Championship

in the waning seconds of regulation.

Thirty seconds remaining in a 20-20 tie.

All you think is,

"Can we get us a game-winning field goal?"

Let's go. Let's do it. Let's do it.

They're looking

to get into field-goal range

to kick their way into the Super Bowl.

A field goal.

A field goal's all we need. Come on.


Mahomes on one leg.

Dumps it, and the pass

is gonna be caught by Pacheco near side.

Gets tackled in play.

Hey, time-out! Time-out!

- Come on, Patrick.

- 8 and 5!

Come on, babe.

We had 17 seconds, and that's that

gray area that you gotta get a completion,

but you'll have to spike the ball

with no time-outs,

or you gotta throw it

towards the sideline.

Seventeen seconds left in regulation.

The adrenaline kicked in.

I just went for it.

Go blue 80, set, hut!

Mahomes trying

to buy some time on that bad ankle,

moving to his right.

He is now scrambling,

and he's gonna get a first down.

And gets h*t late!

That's a flag!

Mahomes gets h*t late!

It'll be a 15-yard penalty

on top of the gain.

And they're gonna move it all the way

down to the Cincinnati 23-yard line.

You're a warrior!

You're a warrior!

- You good, baby?

- Yeah, I'm good.

Kick it.

Players make plays!

Let's go!

Not thinking about your ankle.

All you think about is

what can I do to give our team

a chance to win the football game?

And that's the competitor that I am.

Eight seconds

remaining in regulation

of the AFC Championship game.

Kick it!

It would be

a 41-yard field goal attempt.

- Boy!

- Love you, bud.

Way to do that!

This will be a 45-yard attempt.

Harrison Butker,

the biggest kick of his Chiefs life.

The spinning kick high,

floating in the air, and it is good! Good!

And the Kansas City Chiefs have won it!

Heading to the Super Bowl

for the third time in four years.

Your daddy just won the game, baby girl!


- Many more, dog. Hey, hell of a game.

- Yeah. You too, brother.

Yes, sir. Yes, sir.

Oh my God. I've never cried in my life.

We're going to the Super Bowl!

- Yes, sir.

- You are a stud.

I appreciate you. Yes, sir.

Yeah! Whoo!

Burrowhead, my ass!

It's Mahomes' house.

We played many great games,

but we hadn't b*at the Bengals.

It was definitely a satisfying feeling.

Just an incredible performance

by Patrick Mahomes,

and now he's got

two weeks to get healthier.

Have fun. This is your favorite.

I know you love this stuff.

Have so much fun.

I know you love this stuff now.

- Make sure you massage his ankle.

- Okay, I will.

Hey, I've been all week.

I've been all week.

I don't say a word

I don't say a word ♪

Was on my grind

And now I got what I deserve ♪

Hold up, wait a minute

Y'all thought I was finished? ♪


Hey, hell of a game.

Let's go win this b*tch.

Let's f*cking go.

One f*cking more. Let's go.

Hey, in case you didn't know,

just in case,

we're going to the Super Bowl, man.

That's with a capital S

and a capital B, baby.

- And how about those

- Chiefs!

- Real quick. Real quick!

- Hey-o, hey-o!

Real quick.

Hey, enjoy it.

Enjoy it today. Enjoy it tomorrow.

But then we right back on it.

The job's not finished.

- It's not.

- Chiefs on three.

- One, two, three.

- Chiefs!

Super Bowl week

is finally upon us.

It's all going down in Arizona,

Super Bowl LVII,

featuring the Kansas City Chiefs

and the Philadelphia Eagles.

Mahomes, Hurts,

the duel between these two quarterbacks

is a fascinating one.

I believe in Jalen Hurts.

I believe he will make

a few more plays than Patrick Mahomes.


the Philadelphia Eagles,

oh my God, this unbelievable defense.

And they are healthy,

and that defensive line

just put a b*ating on the 49ers.

They are a physical bully.

I say they're the best team.

They should win this football game.

Only one problem.

Patrick Mahomes.

I don't know. Mahomes' ankle,

is he gonna be able to move around

and do the things necessary?

Welcome in

to Super Bowl opening night,

and what a matchup we have

in Super Bowl LVII.

- How you doing? Good seeing you.

- Great, man, how are you? Good to see you.

Opening night's wild, man.

You're there for, like, two or three hours

of just getting the media done

in order to prepare

for the week of football.

Kansas City Chiefs,

team captains, Patrick Mahomes

What's up? How you doing?

Where am I going? Follow her.

What's up, my brother? How you doing?

Good seeing you, dog.

What's up, brother? How you doing?

Big dog. How you doing, man?

What's up, big dog? Yes, sir.

How you doing?

Good to see you. Good seeing you.

- The best of the best

- Inner logo, that's all she said.

ladies and gentlemen.

Two number-one seeds

from their respective conferences.

- You got the fam coming out?

- No.

I got a crib, like,

six minutes from our hotel.

- Fam'll stay there.

- You buy a house here?

No, I just, like, Airbnb'd it.

I did that sh*t three months ago.

I'm like, that sh*t blast up on the price.

It's good though.

You had a hell of a year, for real, dog.

Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Good luck

out there, man. Congrats. Yes, sir.

We are here at Symphony Hall

in downtown Phoenix.

Under the desert sky,

NFL stars will shine bright

for the 12th annual NFL Honors show.

- You ready?

- Whoo!

Come take pictures with us!

Thank you so much.

Hey, Brian. This is Kirk Cousins.

We're here in Phoenix with your sister.

Just wanted to say hello.

Skol, Vikings!

- Thank you!

- There you go.

- I'm Randi. Nice to meet you.

- Great to meet you.

We played Pat, um,

in the preseason in 2021.

He came over in warm-ups,

first I'd interacted with him,

and he was so friendly.

- My heart is with the Chiefs on Sunday.

- Thank you.

This is my wife, Julie.

- Hi, I'm Randi Mahomes.

- Great to meet you.

- This is my daughter Mia.

- Hi, I'm Julie.

Great to meet you. I'm Kirk.

- Can I get a quick picture? Okay.

- Sure.

Here we go. Come on in.

- I'm her best friend

- Thank you.

- Awesome.

- Thank you.

- Have fun tonight.

- Nice to meet you.

We'll be thinking of you on Sunday.

What's up? Welcome to the NFL Honors.

I am your host, Kelly Clarkson.

We have so many

huge awards to give out tonight.

Are y'all ready for a great show?

All right, let's

Ster, you wanna watch Dada on TV?

He's about to be on there.

Wanna go sit with him so he can show you?

- Sheesh.

- You help me study?


- That Daddy's pen?

- Yeah.

I was invited to go

to the actual ceremony,

but I felt like I needed to use that time

to prepare for the Super Bowl.

I just watched it on the couch

with my daughter and my wife.

I have to make sure

that I use my time wisely,

and so I was actually studying formations

and coverages that the Eagles play.

They're ready for you guys in the wings.

Are you excited?

Yeah. Yeah.

All right.

- Well, hello.

- Hello.

- Okay. Here we go. Chain it up.

- We're ready for you. Yep.

- We have 17, so I think

- That's just the right number.


Well, I got the invite to attend

Honors only a day before the event,

and, to be honest, I'm a competitor. I was

a little upset I wasn't invited to Honors.

I'm going to Phoenix,

and they didn't even invite me.

We had the largest comeback

in NFL history, won 13 games,

and our coach

is not up for coach of the year,

and the quarterback

wasn't even invited to Honors.

Then I got the call.

"Would you like to go to Honors?"

I said, "Yeah, I'd like to go.

It's a little late, but I'd like to go."

Then, a couple hours later,

I got a call that said,

"Would you like to sing at Honors?"

I said, "Hold on. Two hours ago,

I wasn't even going,

now you want me singing?"

But I saw George Kittle's dad

on my flight to Phoenix,

and I brought it up to him,

and Mr. Kittle said,

"You know, Kirk,

it's good to be uncomfortable."

And I thought, "You know, he's right."

That resonated with me, so I thought,

"I'm gonna be uncomfortable doing this,

but that's okay."

And so I got off the flight.

I emailed them back and said I'll do it,

and an hour later we were at rehearsal.

- Daddy. Daddy.

- Leave that there.

Daddy. Daddy.

Okay, we have MVP coming up,

Man of the Year as well,

so let's get right to it, y'all

Are you kidding me?

- Who

- I'm sorry. We have one last request.


It's got to be Kirk.

- I'm sorry, Kelly, I just

- Kirk Cousins.

wanted to sing

one quick tribute song to Tom Brady

on behalf of

all the other quarterbacks in our league.

- Shine bright like a diamond. Okay.

- Would that be okay?

Tom's won seven times, went to ten ♪

He's on some beach

So maybe Kirk could win ♪

- Wait, you can really sing.

- Yeah, yeah ♪

Since he's been gone ♪

Wait, hold on. Hold on.

He's got 1,000

His neck is so heavy right now.

First of all, you can really sing. What?

Like, I didn't Okay, Kirk Cousins,

I would totally press my button. Okay.

You're by Daddy?

He sees you being wild.

Can you be careful, please?

Rowdy girl.

It's time for

one of the biggest awards of the night.

Please welcome two-time NFL MVP

Kurt Warner, y'all!

Daddy's about to win. Can you watch?

And the 2022 AP most valuable player is

Patrick Mahomes.

Whoo! Go, Daddy!

First, I want to thank God

for giving me this platform and putting

so many amazing people around me

to help support this dream

I've had since I was a little kid.

To my wife, Brittany, and my baby girl,

Sterling, and my son, Bronze.

- That's us!

- This crazy life we're living

- Daddy

- means nothing without y'all.

Thank you for always being there for me

through my good times and my bad.

Love y'all.

We love you.

I was able to win the MVP,

which is special.

It's so hard to really appreciate it

till after the season

'cause you know that ultimate goal

of winning the Super Bowl is still there.

You ready to go to bed?

Right there.

- Ready to go to bed now?

- No, I watch football.

You watch football? Okay.

- I watch football.

- I watch football.

It is Super Bowl weekend,


right here in the Valley of the Sun.

We want to welcome you

to the 2023 Super Bowl breakfast.

Every year, I've gone

to the Super Bowl for different events,

and not been part of the game.

It'd be a shame to finish your career

and have never gone to Super Bowl week

with the right reasons, to actually play.

That's certainly the goal,

but, um, this year, the chance to be

recipient of the Bart Starr award,

you know,

it's a tremendous honor to win that award.

Can I get my youth

flag football coach in here?

- Yeah

- Get my flag football coach.

- Here we go.

- Good to see you, Coach.

- How you doing?

- I'm doing well.

Yeah, here we go.

Three, two, one. Stay there.

The Bart Starr award

is given every year to an NFL player

who, uh, they believe

best exemplifies character and integrity

not only on the field,

but in the home and in the community.

To sum up the life of Bart Starr

in a few words, you'd say "leader,"

"respected," "humble," "coachable,"

"hard-working," "persevering," "faithful,"

"loving husband and devoted father."

Who doesn't want these words said

at the end of their life?

You'd miss something very significant

about Bart Starr

if you also left out "Christian."

He understood, just as I do today

football will one day end.

And life will be based

on much more than football.

You play this game for team awards,

and, you know, the individual awards

are gonna come on occasion,

but for me

and the individual awards I've won,

this one would be the most meaningful

to me because of what it represents.

It's an honor to receive an award

in his name. I hope at the end of my life

to have someone speak of me

as we have spoken of him today. Thank you.

The wait is almost over.

Thirty-two teams started the season

with one goal in mind,

and now the two best teams

stand one win away from glory.

Coast to coast

and around the world,

it is Super Bowl LVII,

live from State Farm Stadium in Arizona,

for the right to win

the Vince Lombardi trophy.

Here are the Chiefs,

third Super Bowl in four years,

against the team that has really dominated

in the NFC side, the Philadelphia Eagles.

I thought it was a better

feeling to be in that third Super Bowl.

I was more satisfied. I was like, "Hey,

all that work you put in every year

that hasn't paid off,

paid off this year to get to this game.

Now let's go out there and win it."

All we gotta do is be us, baby.

Us is good enough. Let's go do it, baby.

Ain't this

What they've been waitin' for? ♪

Kansas City Chiefs

and the Philadelphia Eagles.

Super Bowl LVII.

Uh ♪

I used to pray for times like this

To rhyme like this ♪

So I had to grind like that

To shine like this ♪

See my dreams unfold

Nightmares come true ♪

It was time to marry the game

And I said, "Yeah, I do" ♪

If you want it

You gotta see it with a clear-eyed view ♪

Got a shorty

She tryna bless me like I said achoo ♪

That's a song that I usually listen to

to get myself ready to go every week,

and I didn't listen to it because

it's the Eagles' song. "Fly, Eagles, fly."

They tell me, "Get 'em"

I got 'em, got 'em ♪

I did it without a album ♪

I did sh*t with Mariah ♪

Look, I'm on f*re ♪

Icy as a hockey rink

Philly Flyer ♪

I'm warming up, and it comes on.

I'm like, "I know it's their song,

but it's getting us turnt too."

I don't say a word, I don't say a word ♪

Was on my grind

And now I got what I deserve ♪

- Hey, hey, hey.

- Look at those stunning shades.

Our guys sit here.

We will, we will ♪

- How many tickets you had to get, bruh?

- A million.

A million tickets, a million hotel rooms.

Did y'all plan this?

- No!

- What the hell?

- Who just had a baby and looks good?

- I know!

- Thanks!

- Good luck.

How are you?

- Good to see you.

- Nice to see you too. Hi.

Say hi.

Every seat is filled, as you might guess.

This is the best day

in football for me.

Just, these are moments

that you don't know exactly

when it's going to h*t you

that you're in the Super Bowl,

that you're playing

in the biggest game of your life,

and it all starts to h*t you,

what this moment is.

Hey! Hey, embrace this moment.

Everything we worked for

is for this moment.

- Right here.

- Embrace that sh*t.

Everything you got

for the guy standing beside you.

It's gonna take everybody.

Let's go out and find a way

to drag our ass across the finish line.

Let's go win the game. Chiefs on three.

- One, two, three

- Chiefs!

Here he comes. Look. Dada.

Say "I love you, Dada!"

- Thank you. Love y'all.

- Good luck. Kick some ass.

You got this.

After two weeks of waiting

Let's get it. All day, baby.

Let's do it, baby.

we are finally ready

to start this game.

The 57th Super Bowl

is underway.

We're watching football.

Yeah, I'm watching football.

Are we watching football?

Football. Football. Whoo!

1st down and goal-to-go

for the Eagles

at the one-half yard line of Kansas City.


It is a one-yard

quarterback sneak by Jalen Hurts.

7-0, Philadelphia.

Come on, babe.

Do your thing. Do your thing.


7:14 to go, first quarter.

Mahomes in the pocket, floats a pass,

near side. Kelce over the shoulder!

He's got the catch!

He's got the touchdown!

That's all f*cking day, dog!

That's all f*cking day!

And this game is tied at seven.

We just keep rolling. We do what we do.

That's right. We do what we do.

Yes, sir. Yes, sir.

And now the Eagles,

they're moving at the Kansas City 45.

Hurts wants to throw

and he's throwing long for AJ Brown.

Oh sh*t.

Comes back to it

and catches it,

touchdown, Philadelphia Eagles.

And they get a seven-point lead again.

One punch, then another punch.

It's been a lively first half.

Come on, D,

get us a turnover or something.

By himself in the g*n

is the quarterback Hurts.

Third and six from his own 48.

He'll try to blast his way.

He fumbles the ball.

It's bobbling and loose.

It's picked up by Bolton, the 30,

footrace, 20, 10, five, touchdown!


Hurts, the fumble.

- We're tied at 14.

- Hey.

Big-time play, you right back on it, dog.

2:39 to go.

Chiefs have had just one possession

in this second quarter.

g*n snap.

Hurts'll run. Got a block.

He runs in, touchdown.

He's propelled the Eagles to a 21-14 lead

with 2:20 to play in the first half.

Let's score. Let's go do it.

Let's go do it, baby. Let's go. Let's go.

Let's go put one in before the half, baby.

Here we go. Here we go.

Right in the two-minute.

Let's get it, baby. Let's get it.

Love the f*cking moment, men.

It was a third down.

The momentum was on their side.

So I wanted to put it on the line

and make a play happen.

Now, the Chiefs

at third and 15 at their own 31-yard line,

trailing 21-14.

I faked like I was gonna pitch,

and I felt like I had a chance

to go get that first down.

And he's hurt.

Mahomes is hurt.




You all right?

He rolled it.

And a re-injured ankle here

for Patrick Mahomes.

What we were afraid of.

- Yeah.

- Let's go.


- You feeling it right there?

- Yeah, it rolled out.

It's all this out here.

That bother you when I push?

- It's just it's just sensitive as f*ck.

- Okay.

I'm good.

Like when you tweaked it before?

I'm good.

Where's it hurt?

On the outside.

Did he land right on it?

He, like, wrapped me up and, like, rolled.

It just f*cking turned.

Hey, let's go, baby. Let's go.

Let's go. It's on us, baby.

Luckily, it was right before half,

so I didn't have to go out

before the half.

Birds, 24, Chiefs, 14.

And Patrick Mahomes

will tend to that ankle.

If Mahomes' ankle injury is as bad as

the grimace on the sideline indicated,

that really could hurt Kansas City.

You have that long halftime,

so I was able to take my shoe

completely off, cut the tape off,

get it moving again,

get that mobility a bit back,

and then ment*lly prepare myself

to go out there and play that second half.

We know

that we are capable of coming back

from any deficit at any time,

and there's not gonna be anybody

freaking out in the locker room.

My halftime message was

I felt like we weren't being ourselves.

I felt we were playing like we were in

the Super Bowl, not just playing football.

And I wanted to tell the guys we just

have to go out there and love the game,

show that energy, that love for the game

that everybody's come to know

from the Chiefs.

What do you need?

- To win this game.

- I know.

I think having that rest

and that time

to let the ankle and that sensation

kind of settle down a little bit

All right, I know it hurt.

ment*lly tell yourself you can finish

just one more half of football.

Then you can worry about it off-season.

The Chiefs will have

the ball to start the 3rd quarter.

We've been in this position before,

so we know what we can do to respond.

I just told myself, "Let's just go play.

Let's leave it all on the line

and find a way to give our team

a chance to win the game."

I need that energy, O-line! Let's go!

Chiefs get it first.

We'll see Mahomes right away.

He's gonna play, he's gonna gut it out.

He's tough. We'll see how it affects him.

Left hash! Left hash!

We knew it was gonna be a big first drive,

and so I felt like just me

getting in that huddle

and just not even talking about the ankle,

not doing anything, it showed the guys

that I'm gonna put it all out there.

Here we go!

Hey! Hey! Hey, come on. You're good.

So main target right, U-left, 96 counter

It's that mobility

that is so key to his game

and making some big plays,

so obviously something we'll

pay attention to here in the second half.


And it is a catch by Kelce,

and he's gonna have a first down.

And Mahomes looking all right

on the ankle there.

Come on, baby.

Come on, Patrick.

In the g*n, Mahomes.

Second down and three,

ball at the 18 of Philadelphia.

You're good, babe.

Running around, looking

Now he's going to take off.

Has the first down,

still on his feet,

Mahomes down to the five.

Well, forget about the ankle,

somehow he's gutting through it.

Hobbling his way

for a Kansas City first down.

I think that run told me

that the ankle was gonna be good enough

to go finish this game.

Go blue 80, set, hut!


Opening possession of the second half.

Patrick Mahomes,

you know that ankle hurts.

Let's go. We right in it.

But he took 'em 75 yards

for the score.

Good job. Let's go.

Good sh*t. Good sh*t.

Patrick Mahomes had

a 14-yard scramble on third down,

showing you that the ankle was okay.

Great job, 15.

- Can you do that?

- Yes. Yes.

- And you're good with that?

- Yeah, I'm good with everything.

When we get the ball, we go score.

We go score a f*cking touchdown.

Let's go. Let's go.

We start the fourth quarter,

Eagles, 27, Chiefs, 21,

Kansas City on the move.

First and ten

at the Eagle 44-yard line.

Mahomes has time,

over the middle, has his man.

It's caught by Smith-Schuster.

This is our chance.

Come on, guys.

Go blue 80, set, hut!

Mahomes looking to throw,

has Schuster open again.

JuJu Smith-Schuster

heating up on this drive.

Gonna do a left 30 X-sail,

a 35-Y corn dog.


Quick throw.

Toney's got it. Toney walks in.

Touchdown, Kansas City!

- Hey! My dog!

- Way to be great, dog.

Coach Reid sometimes calls run plays

knowing we'll go for it on fourth down,

so he called that play,

but it also has a pass option.

They always tell me,

if it's there, just take it.

Originally, I was gonna hand the ball off,

knowing we'd have a fourth-down scenario,

but the way we'd drawn it up, it worked

perfectly like it had done in practice.

They tried to pass off the motion,

which they're really good at doing,

but we hadn't shown

the fake motion and back out.

Kadarius Toney couldn't be more wide open,

and the Chiefs have

their first lead of the game.

Great call. Great call.

Great call. Great call!

You feel a ton of momentum.

You can feel like it's starting to happen.

Everything we worked for

is starting to happen.

Just the second punt

of the day from Philadelphia.

Come catch it. You're good. Let's go.

Toney on the run.

Still up on his feet.

Toney has a wall.

It's another block.

Toney inside the 20.

Toney still going

and he's down to the five!

Yeah, baby!

We back, baby! We back!

To have that big play

in that moment,

you try to stay even-keeled

as best as you can.

We're rolling.

But we're not done,

we gotta get in the end zone and score

in order to keep

that momentum in our favor.

Hey, here we go.

Yeah, go, O-line. Go, O-line. Get Pokémon.

We made Andrew Wylie

our eligible offensive lineman,

and the circle that we did was supposed

to take the attention off of Wylie.

Oh, here they go! Here they go!

Go! Go! Go!

Then I remember right before the play,

number 22 pointed right at Wylie

and was like, "Hey, I got him,"

and I was like, "Well, this play

is definitely not going to work."

Here we go.

Skyy Moore in motion.

Mahomes, what's he going to do?

He's going to throw

for the end zone. Incomplete.

Come on, Patrick. We gotta score.

It's 3rd down, goal-to-go

at the four-yard line of Philadelphia.

Hey, mic 57-Y! It's cover zero!


Up fast, left side wide open.

Skyy Moore, touchdown!

Kansas City!

A four-yard touchdown pass,

Mahomes to Skyy Moore.

Let me keep that ball.

Keep that ball.

Kansas City, 35, Philadelphia, 27.

Hey, and we were in the wrong formation!

I know we were. I know.

That's why I went the motion to right.

I looked out at the motion

and I realized that

we didn't have the formation right.

- The play was the wrong formation.

- Yeah.

I saw they were in cover zero

and I just knew this play was

literally perfect for cover zero,

so I was like,

"All right, let's roll with it."

And so I motioned Skyy

Man wide open.

Touchdown, Chiefs! It's Skyy Moore!

I was trying to get cover zero protected.

Hey, mic 57-Y! It's cover zero!

I looked right and tried to motion,

and KT pointed that way.

I was like, "f*ck it."

Let's roll. Hey, all right now

Hey, we're not done, bro.

This sh*t ain't Hey, let's go.

Let's f*cking go. Let's go! Let's go!

Get a stop right here.

Hurts looking for a block,

and he gets there.

He's in.

We're tied at Super Bowl LVII.

Let's go do it, baby.

Let's go do it, baby.

Hey, they left the game with

"put the ball in Patrick's hands"?

Oh, it's over.

Let's go do it, 8-7.

Let's go do it, dog. Yes, sir. Yes, sir.

You just be you.

We don't gotta be nobody but us, dog.

The game is tied,

and the Chiefs will have the ball

and five minutes and 15 seconds.

At that point,

you have to have the mindset of,

"We're gonna find a way to score

and put the pressure back on them."

Mahomes in the pocket.

Smith-Schuster with the catch.

There's Mahomes,

and Travis Kelce should have a first down.

First and ten, Kansas City,

with 3 tight ends

at the Eagle 44-yard line.

Go blue 80, set, hut!

Here comes pressure to the outside

as Mahomes steps up. He's gonna scramble.

He's at the 40,

bad ankle, 30, bad ankle, 20.

Tackled from behind

down to the Eagle 18-yard line.

- A 25-yard scramble.

- Go!

He's giving

everything he has right now.

He's been trying so hard!

What a run by Mahomes of 26 yards.

Don't underestimate

how tough Patrick Mahomes is.

It's just the adrenaline.

You don't think about it

when you're playing.

You just tell yourself

you got to go out there

and be a competitor

and win the football game.

You push through it.

I was able to make the big run

to get us into field-goal position.

Then at that point, even though

you try to make positive plays happen,

you still let the clock run a little bit,

and how can we either score a touchdown

or get down there close and kick

a field goal with time running out?

So fourth quarter clock at 1:54,

we're tied at 35.

Third down, eight.

Chiefs at the 15 of Philadelphia.


Mahomes, pressure.

Lofting one, end zone. Incomplete.

Holding! Holding! Holding! Holding!

There's a flag at the ten.

Hang on, there's a penalty.


Prior to the pass,

holding, number 24, defense.

Five-yard penalty, a*t*matic first down.

Oh man.

That is a game-altering penalty.

Kansas City's in control

of the clock for sure now.

- Church mode. Church mode. Church mode.

- So don't score.

McKinnon on a counter,

left side at the 10.

Go down!

Angling to the 5,

and he's going to slide down at the one,

very smart, in bounds.

- The clock will move.

- Yes. Yes.

Time management, baby. Time management.

And the Chiefs call time-out

at 11 seconds to go in Super Bowl LVII.

It'll be a 27-yard

field-goal try for Harrison Butker.

Yeah, I gotta watch this real fast.

Oh my God. Come on, buddy.

For the lead.

Butker up.

Got it!

Let's go!

And Kansas City leads 38-35

with eight seconds to go.

The Chiefs

eight seconds away.

Here we go.


has all day. Now some rushes come.

Gonna throw it as far as

his arm can take it, which is well short.

And the Kansas City Chiefs

have won Super Bowl LVII!

For the second time in four seasons,

the Lombardi trophy

has a red and gold reflection.

The Chiefs are champions

of Super Bowl LVII!

- Yeah!

- I love you. I f*cking love you.

- I love you, dog.

- Yes!

Pour your heart out every time, baby!

Watch out. Watch out. Watch out.

- I'm so f*cking proud of you, baby!

- Give me my daughter.

Winning the Super Bowl,

it's the faces of your family

that have been with you the whole time.

Those faces, when you see them,

that makes it even more special

than you even celebrating,

'cause those people

have supported you through thick and thin

- I love you.

- I knew you could do it.

- Love you.

- Love you.

to when you win it. They're always there.

And so to see the joy in their faces

is more special

than the joy that you're feeling.

Hey. Hey. You just won the Super Bowl.

Do you understand that?

- Oh!

- You played your ass off!

The first quarterback

in NFL history, Mahomes,

to win the MVP during the regular season,

being on the number-one scoring team

in total offense, and win the Super Bowl.

- Hey, last question.

- Second camera. Ready?

Give it all you got. One, two, three.

I'm going to Disneyland!

You're the most talented I've ever seen.

I appreciate that. Yes, sir.

I gotta keep Coach Reid around

for a while.

- I know.

- I ain't letting him go anywhere.

- Hey, look who it is.

- Hey.

You see Coach Reid?

She knows you too. She pointed.




There was two moments for me.

I think the first one was when

I sat on the field, my daughter was there,

'cause she wasn't

at the first Super Bowl that we won.

Can I have a kiss?

Give Daddy kisses.

I love you. You on the football field?

You on the football field?

And I always knew

that I wanted her to be a part of it

and get to experience being on the field

even though she might not

ever remember it.

And then I was able to hug my dad

after both Super Bowls.

Hey, let me go get my dad.

I wanna talk to my dad.

Let me go talk to my dad real quick.

Let me go talk to my dad.

Love you.

You f*ck,

I ain't never seen nothing like you.

You're different.

I love you.

I love you to death, baby. You know I do.


Yeah! Yes! Yes!

Him saying

I believe the words that he says,

"I've never seen anything like you."

It's just surreal, 'cause, I mean,

I grew up and that was my hero.

He played professional baseball.

It still hasn't sunk in with me,

winning two Super Bowls.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Super Bowl LVII MVP, Patrick Mahomes.

I wanna shout-out my teammates, man.

We challenged each other.

It took everybody

to win this football game,

so shout-out to my teammates.

We're Super Bowl champs, baby. Let's go!

Hey, brother.

- Hell of a game, man.

- Congratulations.

Keep leading those dudes.

You're a hell of player.

Yes, sir. Hell of a game, dog.

- Enjoy.

- Yes, sir.

I love you, dog.

- Yes, sir.

- I f*cking love you, bro.

- You are the f*cking GOAT, bro.

- Way to lead those boys.

- Yes, sir. Ah!

- Hey.

- Two of 'em.

- Yeah, I know.

Two of 'em.

We ain't done though. We ain't done.

So happy for you.


Ah! Ah!


It's so special.

I don't think it's even winning the game.

It's all the hard work paying off.

You put in so much work

that people don't see.

Waited till the last game, huh?

Love you, dog. Way to get up in there.

I was able to win the Super Bowl

with a brand-new group of guys.

I think only 10, 11 guys were on the team

that won the first Super Bowl with us.

To experience that with them,

the guys that hadn't

been in that experience before,

it was special.

It's just something you remember

the rest of your life.

Oh goodness.

It's not even

I can't Doesn't even sit in.

Hasn't even sank in yet. It's just

So proud of those dudes, man.

I got, like, no sleep,

and then you fly to Disneyland.

Then you're sitting there

with Mickey and Minnie

and you're just looking around

just like, "Dude, this is surreal."


- Hi, Sterling!

Beautiful Brittany!

I watched the Super Bowl once,

and the quarterback's like,

"I'm going to Disneyland."

Such a simple phrase,

but being able to say that

and being on top of the world,

I'm glad I've been able

to say it twice now.

Hollywood ♪

Hollywood swinging ♪

I spent the day at Disneyland,

and then you go to Jimmy Kimmel.

All of a sudden you're on that.

You're like,

how am I even in this position?

In this Hollywood city, yeah ♪

Please welcome the MVP,

number 15 in the flesh, Patrick Mahomes.

Who is that? Is that your dada?

That's your dada.

Can I get you an ottoman for the ankle?

Is it okay? Is it all right?

You saw. I was cutting out there.

I'm ready to play today.

- Are you?

- So it's feeling all right.

I wanna ask about one particular play.

Let's roll that play.

Okay. It almost looks like

a Jewish wedding reception or something,

you know, when you did it.

We worked on that play for so long.

And then I knew

We try to disguise it with

all that different stuff before the snap.

What is that play called?

So Wylie, who is the guy

we were trying to get the ball to,

is a big Pokémon collector,

and so it was a Pikachu formation

and it was called "gotta catch 'em all."


So what time did you

go to bed last night?

I fell asleep on my nap ride

over from Disneyland to here.

- So that was my sleep.

- Gotcha.

I get one day off

to get my rest,

and then we parade on Wednesday.

Chiefs Kingdom, ready to see you there.

- And now you got two beautiful, um, b*lls.

- Kids. Yeah. Yeah.

Yeah, kids.

How big's your shelf?

I'll put them next to each other

in the trophy case.

Patrick Mahomes, everybody.

Thank you so much, Patrick.


Sterling Skye, did you watch your dada?

So funny!

- Whoo.

- MVP!

Got the real challenge coming

this off-season.

I know. Time to clock in, baby.

Thought winning the Super Bowl was hard.

- She ain't lying.

- Thought winning the Super Bowl was hard.

- Two of these bad boys.

- Oh yeah.

How about those Eagles,

as we look at

our defending conference champions here?

They went out

and got a new backup.

Marcus Mariota is

the new backup behind Jalen Hurts.

- Good morning. How you doing?

- Good.

- Congrats. You're going to Philadelphia.

- I am. Yeah, it's far.


you better get some warm clothes.


- We will.

- When do you go?

Uh, in a couple weeks.

It's far. It's cold. But I'm excited.

I was really hoping for something west.

I was, um, you know,

trying to come back closer to home.

And, um, Philadelphia was very supportive,

and to be a part of a team like that,

um, a play from winning a Super Bowl,

is really special for me.

I'm looking forward to the opportunity

to work with Jalen

and the rest of the team

and just try

to make an impact wherever I can.

I feel like

there's a bit of a gradual process

to go from the end

of one season to the next.

When the Super Bowl is over, that's when

you know it's time to move forward.

But even then,

there's a little bit of that buffer of,

"Hold on. I'm not quite ready

to dig into the next year."

"I need to catch my breath."

This is the division championship T-shirt

and hat that I knew when I got it,

it would go in this memory room

when I got back home to Michigan.

While that was a special day,

part of a special season,

I'd like to think

there's still more out there to go get.

This little notch in the room

was meant for a Super Bowl trophy.

I'd like to have to move

all this out someday

to make room for a Lombardi trophy.

Next is, you enjoy the off-season.

The first about month, you enjoy

those times with the family and friends.

Right to the fish t*nk, baby.

Our, like, best friends,

for their housewarming gift,

they wanted to get us some cool fish,

which is an amazing gift.

- They got these cool fast ones.

- They got us these guys.

- There he is.

- That's my favorite with the long tail.

He just flies around here.

And then Sterling's favorite is Nemo.


- We already named him Nemo and

- That's his corner.

That is his corner.

Pass to me, babe. Come on.

Let's see it.

Good pass.


You learn when you play in the Super Bowl,

that off-season's short.

You have that parade

as many times as you can.

Kansas City, we're the world champs.

Can I get a "hell yeah"?

Hell yeah!

We ain't done yet.

And so you already get back to working out

because the goal is to win the Super Bowl

every year that you have a chance to.

When I'm done with my career,

I wanna look back and have no regrets

of how I've worked

and what I've put out there

in order to have

as much success as possible.
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