01x21 - Serial k*ller: Part 2

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Young Lions". Aired: 17 July – 18 December 2002.*
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Series revolved around the professional and private lives of four rookie detectives, the Young Lions, of South West 101, an inner city Sydney police station.
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01x21 - Serial k*ller: Part 2

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- Naomi called it in.

Hadn't seen her for a couple days, got worried.

- [Eddie] Everything was like this when you arrived?

- [Man] Yeah.

- Who lit the candles?

Somebody loved her.

- He's named Gavin Sheppard.

- [Eddie] Gavin Sheppard, you've got an address?

- [Woman] No fixed address.

- Was he close to Christie?

- They were friendly.

And he has a tattoo on his forearm.

- Have you got a pen?

- It's a gray parrot with a pink chest.

- Tell us what happened?

- Yeah, some nutto went berserk at the Lincoln Park.

Tried to injure one of the patients.

Triage nurse got between 'em.

- Irena?

How are you?

Are you okay?

Can you hear me?

- Eddie.

He's a cleaner

at the hospital.

- Yeah, Gavin works inside the hospital.

I want increased security on Rick Daniels's

and on Irena Nedov's rooms.

- Uniforms are on the way, increased security

on Irena Nedov and Rick Daniels.

Nobody goes in, okay?


- I'll get on it.


- It's not her, Eddie.

It's not Irena.

- Oh my God.

- She's not to be left alone for one second,

you understand?

Not for one second.

I've spoken to security and they say there's no way

a cleaner could've gotten past them.

- I wonder, frankly, how much worse?

How much more m*rder dangerous our doomed state

and this idiot police department can get?

Urban lawlessness at its all time peak,

bureaucratic stupidity at an all time nedia,

and a cold blooded m*rder in the hospital.

Would you believe in hospital

in what is supposed to be a secure, and clean,

and germ-free facility, a place you go for peace,

and quiet, and a tonsillectomy or some.

How does something like this happen?

I ask you.

Well, we've got a producer out there right now,

let's ask her.


- Rob, yes.

At this stage, police won't reveal the m*rder man's name

or more than scattered details

on what occurred here tonight.

- That's surprise, surprise, folks.

Imogen, can you tell me what our city's finest are doing

besides keeping things close to their chest?

- Well, Rob, I think they're about to harass me.

- This is a crime scene, madam.

I'm gonna have to ask you to move along.

- Yep, Rob, I'm being asked to move on but rest assured,

more news as soon as it breaks.

- Cameron?


He's been in there.

Wandering around under their noses.

- I didn't check him out, I thought head office had.

- So you didn't ask to see any of his security license

or any of these details?

- He turned up in the middle of a shift, looked the part.

Just put him straight to work.

- How did he get his uniform?

- We keep spares in the locker room.

Probably stole it from there.

- Excuse me, lady, we've been here four hours already.

Are we gonna see a doctor anytime this year?

- Yes, Mr. Johnston, and we want someone to have a look

at Samantha's bruise.

- We're not here for the bruise, the bruise is nothing.

And I know where you're going with it and I don't like it.

If her mother had brought her in here, you wouldn't even

ask that question.

You know, it's bullshit.

- You have to wait your turn.

- I'm gonna need a full description from you.

Anything at all that you can remember.

- Excuse me.

If you'd like to take a seat.

Everything okay?

- Yeah, look, everything's fine.

I don't need to speak to you.

I don't need to speak to a counselor with a degree

in the crime unit to tell me what's wrong with my girl.

I want a doctor to tell me that everything's all right.

- Dr. Ryan is gonna be with you as soon as we can--

- [Danny] I just want a doctor to tell me

that everything's all right.

- Just take a seat, sir, and we'll be with you.

- Look, I've been here four hours.

Why can't I just go and see the--

this is ridiculous.

You know, it's supposed to be a hospital.

I just want someone to look after my little girl.

I'll do it better myself.

Shove your hospital up your ass.

- And I really do hope I get the sack, I really do.

- Looks like it's just you and me, Sammy.


(upbeat theme music)

- Such a crap time.

- Should I go back to the hotel?

- No.

You stay.

Be good knowing you're here.

I'm making the world safe for little, old ladies,

knowing you're here in my bed.

- I'll pretend you're here.

- Maybe we should move in together.

(phone ringing)

Can you grab that?


- [Cameron On The Phone] Hey, you should turn on your radio.

Your extracurricular activities

with that Italian chick are out.

- I'm with the Italian chick right now.

- Oh.


- [Guido On The Phone] See you soon.

- Yep, okay, bye.

(phone beep)

- [Rob On The Radio] The rubbish in the police

is just a bad habit, really,

a sometimes inherited bad habit and in this instance,

Guido Martin, who's in--

and I can reveal this lead him denied--

who's in an improper relationship.

I call it improper, anyway.

With Sophia Rinaldi, daughter of guess who--

that's right, Vince Rinaldi,

recently deceased crime boss of a dirty dinner dynasty

now in its fifth generation.

And one of our young detectives up to his neck in it

and he is the startling thing no one seems to mind.

I mind and I invite local area Commander Sharon Kostas

to come in and tell us why she doesn't mind.

- We need to speak after this.

- What about?

- You listen to the radio, don't you?

- Yeah.

- Well you know what it's about.

- She's not a criminal.

- All right, everybody, may I have your attention please?

We're not issuing a media release on this.

We're holding off.

So this is confidential.

Some of you know already.

But we have a serial k*ller active.

His name is Gavin Sheppard, a.k.a Gavin Farmer.

He's years old, Caucasian.

Has a tattoo on the inside right wrist of a parrot.

There's more information on the sheets that

are being handed out.

Now this guy's very, very dangerous.


- Gavin has k*lled give times that we know of.

In the first sequence, he k*lled three people in Perth

that he blamed for a girl's su1c1de.

Now, four days ago, Christie Adams committed su1c1de

and since then, Gavin has k*lled her one-time coach

and now, one of her past sponsors.

He's not finished and he's escalating.

- And as you're probably aware, the previous victim,

he had injuries to his mouth and jaw,

which we couldn't really make sense of.

Unfortunately though, now we can.

The latest victim

has had his tongue cut out.

- Nice.

- Gavin topped the Perth University in three subjects.

This man is psychotic but he's very smart.

- Gavin Sheppard disappeared five years ago,

off the face of the earth.

No employment records, no gas, electricity, no phone,

and no police record.

So he's gonna be hard to find.

We need to keep one step ahead of him to work out

who is gonna be the next target.

I want you two to go to his lair

and I wanna speak to you first.

- Are we still on for this afternoon?

- Ah-- - Ah.

- I'm gonna have to do it to you again, cancel.

- You know, there are healthy cancellations

and I am starting to think that this is a good sign.

- A good sign of what?

- That maybe we're done.

- Done?

- This is a good thing, Cameron.

You don't need therapy more than anybody else.

- I just, I don't know, I just,

I thought it would be more formal than this, you know?

A ceremony, a certificate.

- Then I'll work up some certificates on my computer

tonight, how's that?

- That'd be great.


- [Naomi] Oh, have I done this badly at a bad time?

- No.

I'll miss our sessions, our time together.

- Well, we could have coffee.

We could have dinner.

- Yeah, dinner.

That sounds great.

Let's do that, dinner.

- Okay.

- What did she say?

- Sophia or the job, that's what she said.

- And?

- Well, then I said I'd give her an answer tomorrow.

(Cameron laughs)

- Why did you say that?

What are you trying to piss her off?

- No, I'm not trying to piss her off.

- Well what's there to think about?

- About what I'd do.

- You're serious?

You'd leave the job for her?

- Yeah.

(Cameron laughs)

- What?

Why are you being so like, weird?

- I don't know.

I don't know.

(Cameron laughs)

Got your belt on?

- Yeah, I got my belt on.

- [Cameron] Good, right.

(car engine starts)

- Detectives Parry, Smart, and Martin.

(suspenseful music)

(phone ringing)


Yeah, Tran, what's up?

Oh okay look, call triple oh, I'll be there in five.

Cameron, I gotta go.

(suspenseful music)

- Guido?


This is chapter one of .

There's of them.

The world according to Gavin Sheppard.

- Okay, Eddie, go on.

- Well there's no sunshine in these pages.

No birds of happiness.

- [Guido] Say anything about the m*rder?

- [Eddie] No, there's no names.

Just lots of anticipation, lots of clinical description

after the offense.

Too much description.

- Is this the girl from Perth?

- Yeah.

- Two to go.

Oh, it's just a theory but

if this is Christie's swim team, then there are

six adult support people, yeah?

And if we're assuming that he targets men well then,

two d*ad, two women, two to go.

Wallace, Daniels, don't know this guy...


That's Rob Carne.

The guy that shared your

grand romance with the world this morning.


Just thought you might wanna go and share the good news

that he's a potential target.

- [Elevator Announcement] Welcome to the third floor.

- Thank you.

(pop music)

- Yeah.

This is a tragedy, Daniels was a good man, a good friend,

but you know, I'm about to go on air.

- Yes, well we're concerned that you might be at risk too.

- Oh, that's ridiculous.

- You did know Christie Adams, didn't you?

- Yeah, yeah I did.

- [Guido] You know a man named Gavin Sheppard?

- Well, I know a lot of people, Detective.

- Well it seems he's seeking revenge against anyone

who might've harmed Christie Adams.

- Yeah, well, you know,

I was a swimming commentator.


The worst I could've done to her was maybe

mispronounce her name.

- Look, this man, this other man here,

do you know him?

- Yeah, he's the team Physio.

He's d*ad.

He d*ed of cancer five years ago.


- I'm glad you find that amusing, sir,

but I have to stress this is a very serious situation.

- Yes, it is.

A serial k*ller loose in the city.

As a fact, I'm about to tell my listeners.

Do you mind?

- No you're not because

it's strictly confidential, this information.

You pass it on to the public,

it's gonna hinder the investigation, it's gonna endanger

people's lives, it's also--

- You don't tell me what I say and what I don't say

on my program in my radio station on my airwaves

to my listeners in my city.

I'm sorry, you don't tell me what I say.

- Yes-- - Yes, sir, we do.

- Oh, what?

You with your little Italian mobster morsel?

Yeah, do you seriously think you can continue

in a relationship like that go on, enduring a salary,

which I pay for with my taxes.

Do you?

- The thing is with these people,

these serial K*llers, the reason they're so dangerous

is they suffer from a kind of delusional paranoia.



They think they're God.

You understand what I mean?

You could sort of relate to it, couldn't you?

- FM, you're listening to the Rob Carne,

the voice that listens and the heart that cares.

Well, we're having an interesting day here at--

- [Rob On The Radio] It seems it's not enough

that our police fail to protect you.

You, and me, and friends of mine.

Now, they want me not to warn you that the scum out there

is rising to the surface of this increasingly degraded

society of ours.

There's a serial k*ller loose in the city

and it's due in no small part to the laxity

of the very police who would have me keep quiet about it.

But should I?

The lines are open, --.


- [Gavin On The Phone] What if you're wrong?

- [Rob On The Radio] Sorry?

- [Gavin On The Phone] What if you're wrong?

- [Rob On The Radio] Do you have a point, my friend?

If you do, make it.

If not, make way for someone who does.

- I've got a point.

If you're wrong, you should say you're sorry.

- [Rob On The Radio] Oh, dear.

The shallow end of the gene pool, folks.

Lines are open, --.

- Upstairs, there was a g*n.

The police have gone up.

Upstairs, there is apartments, studios, and pool room.

- All right, you stay here, I'll go check it out.

Thank you very much.

- Just calm down.

Paul, Paul, just look at me.

Right here, mate.

Look at me, mate.

Look at me, just breathe.

That's it, breathe.

Now just keep looking at me.

Keep looking at me, Paul.

- Hi, Donna Parry.

What have we got?

- This is Paul Barton, Department of Community Services.

- He sh*t my partner.

She's still up there.

He's got a g*n.

- Okay, Paul, just relax, okay?

Try and remain calm.

You're saying he k*lled her?

- She fell.

- So she might just be wounded?

- Yeah.

- Have any of you guys called for backup, ambulance?

- Yeah.

- Either of you two married, kids?

- No.

- All right, do you wanna take Paul outside

and look after him for me?

- Sure.

- You can come with me?

- What?

I'm dispensable?

- No, you're cute and you're single.


Department of Community Services, what were you doing here?

- We came to get the kid.

- You've got a kid up there?

- [Paul] Yeah.

- [Ben] Jesus, that's blood.

- Let's go.

- Shouldn't we wait for backup?

- Nah, to be bleeding that badly, it's obviously an artery.

- What's the guy's name?

- Daniel Marks, Danny.

- Danny.


Danny, this is the police.

I want you to come out of the flat

with your hands above your head.

Danny, there's a woman injured outside,

she needs treatment really badly.

I don't think you want her to die.


Danny, I'm gonna come up to the doorway, all right?

I don't want you to panic.

- We shouldn't do this.

- Cover me, all right?

Give me your tie.

(suspenseful music)

It's all right, Danny.

It's okay, don't panic, all right?

My name's Donna.

Are you okay?

Just gonna put this around you.

- Let go of the g*n.

Take it off!

- [Donna] Easy, Danny, okay?

It's all right. - Just take it off!

- [Donna] Danny, just take it easy.

- Shut up!

I'll sh**t you, lady.

I don't care, I'm not going back to jail.

I've already sh*t someone.

Now take care of the g*n, do it!

- It's okay.

(police sirens)

- Where is she?

- Third floor, trying to rescue the injured woman.

- Is she okay?

- She's fine.

She's fine, Eddie, she's fine.

Don't go in until we've set everything up!

- Take a sh*t from up here.

- Hey, no, no, no.

No one is doing any sh**ting unless it goes through you

and then you come to me.

- Oh no, we can't do that, Sharon.

- You have to do that.

I've got one of my people in there.

- We go in?

- Yeah.

- [Donna] It's okay.

- Shut up!

- Just try and relax.

It's gonna be okay, all right?

You just hang in there.

- [Danny] Shut up!

- I'm gonna get her out of here.

- So what?

- Look, I don't know what this is about

but I don't think you want it to be about m*rder her.

She's gonna die.

- Good!

You know, I didn't walk into her house

and try and take her kid away.

You know, so she dies.

I don't care, lady.

I'm gonna die, you're gonna die,

everyone's gonna die.

- If you wanted her to die, I don't think

you would've sh*t her in the leg.

Come on, Danny.

Come on, let me get her out of here.

- [Danny] No!

(suspenseful music)

- Is she okay?

- She's trying to talk him into letting

the ambulance get to the woman.

- Okay.

We need clothes, all right?

- Give me the g*n.

Put the g*n under the gate, slowly!

Do it.

- You gonna let me call in the ambulance?

- [Danny] Put the g*n under the gate and you call 'em in.

- sh*t.

- [Danny] Put it under the gate!


- Kay.

- Stand up!

Stand up!

Turn around!

Don't you move.

Call 'em in.

- Ben?

Call 'em in.

- I want nothing funny!

- Nothing funny.

- [Donna] There's a tourniquet.

You're gonna need to loosen it.

- Yeah, sure.

- As soon as you can.

- Come on!

Hurry up!

- One, two, three.

- f*ck off!

Move that, pull that gate shut.

Pull it shut!

Now leave us alone!

Lock the gate.

Lock it!

- Yep, yep.

(chains rattling)

- It's done.

- Now step back.

Close that door, that one!

- Yep!

(doors slamming)

- Come on, guys.

I need these lines in here A.S.A.P.

- He's Daniel Elford Marks, he's ,

in and out of institutions and foster homes

from age eight and into boys' home at ,

jail at .

Two terms as an adult.

- Any history of abuse?

- He's a victim of abuse, if anything.

Now here, he's had a conviction of armed robbery two years--

- The guy's really revved up.

He's got a . bolt action, he's got Donna's Glock as well.

- She gave him her w*apon?

- Well she got the woman out.

- She a trained negotiator?

- No.

- [Police On Radio] We're getting cables through one,

maybe two ventilators.

Couple of minutes.

- Stay there.

Stay there!

(heavy breathing)

Don't look at me!

- I'm gonna put my arms down, all right?

- No you're not!

Just leave 'em up.

Don't think I won't sh**t you.

(police sirens outside)

- I saw you at the hospital, didn't I, Danny?

- You here about that?

- No, no, no, mate.

I'm here because of the woman that you sh*t.

Is the little girl all right?

- Shut up!

You, shut up!

- Danny, is she all right?

- Shut up.

Just shut up.

- [Donna] Danny, is she all right--

- Please, just, just be quiet.

Just for a second, just shut up.

Just let me think, please.


- I've got a report from the hospital that there was

possible child abuse.

- [Sharon] Physical or sexual?

- Physical.

We don't know about the other 'cause we never

even got to see her.

- Well if you didn't get to see her,

how do you know she was in danger?

- There was a report from the hospital counselor

stating that the administrator

believed that the man was violent

and threatening

and the girl had

signs of abuse.

- [Alpha Two On radio] Alpha Two, by for Alpha One.

- Come in, Alpha Two.

- [Alpha Two On Radio] Alpha Two in position.

I've got clear view of the target premises.

Intermittent sightings of the target.

- Your discretion, Alpha Two.

Your sh*t.

- [Alpha Two On Radio] Copy that, Alpha One.

- [Eddie] We have picture and sound.

- No you're not!

Just leave 'em up!

For once, it's gonna be me that decides what happens next.

Leave 'em up!

- Danny, I just wanna talk to you, mate.

I just wanna talk, I just wanna talk.

- You have nothing to say.

I've already sh*t somebody.

I've already lost.

- Just you and me.

Danny, Danny?


- [Samantha] Daddy?

- Just come here.

Turn around.

Turn around.

- [Samantha] Daddy, Daddy?


- [Danny] Stand there.

- [Donna] No worries, no worries.

- [Danny] Hey, bubba.

- [Samantha] Daddy, Daddy?

- Hey, bubba.

Are you feeling better?


You look better?

You were sad for a while?

You wanna go back to bed for a little bit?


Stay up for a while.

How bout you come around here.

Big girl's chair.


- Hello.

- Hello.

- [Donna] What's your name?

- Samantha.

- Samantha?

That's a very pretty name.

My name's Donna.

- [Danny] You want some lemonade?


The chemist said you can have as much as you want.

- Danny, stay away from the window.

- What?


- [Donna] Just telling you, mate, stay away

from the window.

- Why?

- Stay away from the window or they'll sh**t you.

- Ah, sh*t.

- Come here, bubba.

Come here.

Come in close.

I just wanted her to leave.

You know, and she grabbed the g*n.

Now everything's stuffed.


I waited four hours.

You know, four hours with a sick kid.

You know, finally they pay me a little bit of attention

and all they wanna know about is the bruise.

You know, and if I'm the real father.

You know, and they're threatening D.O.C.S.

And what they're saying to me is that they're gonna

take her away from me.

I couldn't let that happen.

- And are you her real father?

- Yes!

You know, I'm her real biological father.

But I'm her dad.

- How did she get the bruise, Danny?

It's just a question, it's not a judgment,

it's just a question, okay?

Just a question.

- She just fell over.

Kids fall over, you know?

All this for nothing.

- So where's mum, hey?

Where's mum?

- She's in jail

for being poor.

- What have we got on her?

- Hayley Carter.

Driving unlicensed, unregistered,

she's had three convictions for that.

- Slow learner.

- Or poor, like he says.

- We got that number?

- Yeah.

(phone ringing)

- Hello?

- You're our Danny.

This is Detective Inspector Adam Gallagher, police.

I hoped we'd have a bit of a talk.

- [Danny On The Phone] What have we got to talk about, mate?

- [Adam On The Phone] You have some matters

that we need to resolve, mate?

- [Danny On The Phone] You know, I can resolve

this situation in one second.

One second.

I don't need to talk to you about it.

- [Adam On The Phone] That's your right.

Anyway, look, I'm here to help if you need me and

what was it you wanted?

- I wanna see Hayley one more time.

Just one more time.

I wanna see Hayley and Sammy together.

- [Adam On The Phone] You know, that,

that's possible.

Might take some time, but.

- [Danny] Why, mate?

I thought you said you're a cop?

- I have to get authority too, mate.

Tomorrow at the earliest.

- You have that first thing.

- [Adam] Yeah, okay.

Okay, we can work towards that.

Now, I want you to put Detective Parry on the line.

- Mate, I don't care what you want, all right?

I'm sick of you people telling me what to do.

(busy signal)

- [Man] It's off the hook, sir.

- It's Donna's operation now.

- [Adam] She's not trained.

- Yeah, well leave it to her and wait.

All night.

All week if we have to.

Everyone, I want you to rusty yourselves into shifts.

We're in here for the long haul.

I want everyone to make sure they get a break.

- And look, I'll hang around here

if you wanna take off for a bit.

- No, I'm all right, thanks.

Everything okay?

I've got it covered.

- Just for now.

- Yeah.

- Sorry, I'm

a bit

distracted right now.



- Not to me.


Is it a work thing?

- It's a develop inappropriate feelings kinda thing.

- Sure they're inappropriate?


- Oh, trust me.

I know better than you do they're inappropriate.

- About Guido?

- Yeah.


- Why is it pathetic?

- Because it's wrong.

- Well, you spend more time with him than anyone

and trust him with your life, it's natural

you'd develop feelings for him.

- Maybe it's a safety thing.

- In what way?

- The safety of falling for someone you know damn well

isn't gonna fall for you.

- Why wouldn't he love you?

You're gorgeous.

- I'm really tired right now so I'm

probably getting everything wrong.

This coffee is just a coffee?

- Okay.


My mistake.

- No.

- No, no, it was.

Truly it was.

It's ridiculous.

Running away.

- She's in love with you.

- What?

- Oh God.

- What?


- You too?

- I don't even know what we're talking about.

- Yeah, Irena Nedov.

Yes, it's Eddie Mercia calling.

And just calling up to see if there's

any news or anything?

All right, well you call me if there's any changes please.

Can I give you the number?

Oh, have I?

Yeah, that's right, I have two, yeah.

Okay thanks.

Thanks, bye.

- So how long have you and Donna been partners?

- About eight months now.

- Seems pretty nice.

- Yeah, yeah, she is.

- Who's that?

- Daddy.

- You know that stuff you were saying to Gallagher before?

About seeing Hayley and Sam for the last time?

What was that about?

- Nothing.

It's just something I wanna see, that's all.

It's not too much to ask, is it?

- What are you planning, Danny?

- [Danny] Nothing.

- They met Miss Fish.

"What fine hat,"

said Miss Fish.

"I must get a hat."

- [Eddie] Don't you got a home to go to?

- Thought I'd hang out.

- Appreciate it.

(soft piano playing)

- Do you play?

You sing?

- I write a little bit.

- Yeah?

- Try to.

- You gonna play something?


Go on, put your money where your mouth is.

(piano playing)

♪ She walked into the night ♪

♪ Eyes were ablaze she was looking ♪

♪ For something ♪

♪ To get her alone to sing her a song ♪

♪ She is helpless ♪

♪ She can taste the sin ♪

♪ But she doesn't know where she's been ♪

♪ She is all alone she's lost she doesn't know ♪

♪ Where she's going ♪

- Did you write that for Hayley?

♪ She sells her soul to the night ♪

♪ The mask that she wears is a comfort ♪

♪ To hide all her pain ♪

♪ And her life built with shame she is desperate ♪

♪ To make a new change ♪

♪ But how can she when it's all she knows ♪

♪ So she takes another h*t ♪

♪ And tries to forget all her pain ♪

- They need you, Danny.

Hayley and Sammy.

You know that, don't you?

- They're the only people that ever have.

- Well why settle for one more time when you can

spend the rest of your life with them?

- Because I can't.

I'm going back to jail, aren't I?

- Yeah, but that's not for that long.

I'm years old, I still need my dad.

When Sammy's my age, she's gonna need you, mate.

Her and Hayley.

You want that.

(phone ringing)

- Hello?

- [Rob On The Phone] Danny Marks?

- Yep.

- [Rob On The Phone] This is Rob Carne.

Do you know who I am?

- You're the radio guy.

- [Rob On The Radio] Yeah, that's right.

The radio guy.

- How'd he get through.

Send him off the line, cut him off.

- [Rob On The Radio] You're on the air.

This is your chance to be heard.

What do you want?

- [Danny On The Radio] I'm on the radio?

- Yeah, that's right.

Listen, as we're talking to Danny Marks live,

he has one of our many inept police officers held hostage.

They've spent thousands of dollars of taxpayers' money

babysitting him through the night.

Dealing with his petty issues so what are the issues, Danny?

What's your problem?

What do you want?

- I just want a fair go.

- Ah, the great Australian cry for fair go.

And what he means, of course, is welfare.

A free lunch, a free ride, isn't that right?

- I don't want anything for free.

I just wanna...

I just want everyone to leave us alone.

I just want a life.

- Oh, you want a life, Danny?

Well you've gotta earn it.

Now, I don't know where you people get this idea

that you're worth something just because you exist.

I'm sorry, you don't.

You're worth something when

you've done something worthwhile.

So, Danny, what have you ever done that's worthwhile?

- Danny, hang up on him.

Hang up on him!

- [Rob On The Radio] We're listening, Danny.

- I've got a little girl.

[Rob On The Radio] Ah.

No, you don't.

Danny, no you don't.

You're not the father to that little girl

and you're not married to her mother so

I really just don't know how

to describe you. - Hang up on him.

- How would you describe yourself, hmm?


How bout a waste of space?

Sad, isn't it?

These cheap thugs with their cheap g*n

and their cheap ambitions.

You give them a chance to express their aspirations,

don't even have a single dream worthy of that name.

- You should take her out now.

- Danny, I'm not leaving here without you.

- Yes, you are.

Just please, there's the keys.

Please take her.

- Don't you have anything you wanna say to her?


- I can't.

- Danny, look at her.

Look at this little face.

Look at this little face.

- Just go.

- [Donna] She loves you, mate.

- Please, just leave me.

Just go. - She loves you, Danny.

- Just take the keys, you can go.

Please just give me a second.

I just need to think, go.

Please take her out.

Just take her out please.

(mellow piano music)

- Danny?

Danny, there are people who love you.

I know you love them, like Hayley and Sammy.

You're a good man, Danny.

I know that.

Go on, mate.

Eddie, put the g*n down, he's not gonna hurt anyone.

Are you, Danny?

Are you?

- [Adam] I want that radio guy charged

with hindering an investigation.

- [Gavin On The Phone] I just wanna hear you say

you're not perfect.

- [Rob On The Radio] Oh of course I'm not perfect, friend.

I never said I was.

- [Gavin On The Phone] Then why do you condemn others

for their failings?

- [Rob On The Radio] We improve by striving to be the best.

You and your bleeding heart pals would like us all

to be mediocre.

If the meek inherit the earth, what sort of pathetic,

second rate place is it going to be, hmmm?

Where we worship the alternate.

- [Gavin On The Phone] What's wrong with the alternate?

Christie Adams was an alternate.

- [Rob On The Radio] Now what do you know

about Christie Adams?

- [Gavin On The Phone] She was a friend of mine.

Rick Daniels exploited her and you humiliated her

for coming in second.

Just like you did that man a minute ago.

- It's Gavin Sheppard.

- Get a trace on that call.

- [Elevator Announcement Over The Phone] Welcome to

the third floor.

- He's gonna k*ll Rob Carne.

He's inside the building, he's in the lift.

- Get onto B.K.G.

Get every available car over to the radio station,

FM, corner of Sussex and Darling Street.

Set up a perimeter.

- [Gavin On The Phone] No, you can call me Gavin.

- Gavin.

Okay, do I know you, Gavin?

- [Gavin On The Phone] I want you to say I'm sorry.

- Uh,

well that's a familiar refrain.

What is it about this obsessive need

you have for absolution, Gavin?

- [Gavin On The Phone] I don't need absolution.

- Uh-huh.

- [Gavin On The Phone] You do.

- [Rob] Oh really?

- Imogen, it's Detective Smart.

I need you to get Carne off the airwaves.

I need you to get him into a secure place.

- Are you joking?

He'd f*re me.

- Gavin Sheppard is inside the building.

- [Imogen On The Phone] Well he can't be, we have security.

- I'm telling you, he's inside the building.

Now get Carne off the air, all right?

We're on our way.

- [Gavin On The Radio] How many people out there

have to despair and die because they fear inadequate

in the face of your elitist propaganda.

You can k*ll with your tongue, you know?

Your turn is coming.

- Oh, I see a thr*at from a human slug

and I'm supposed to be quaking in my boots?

You're out there sliming your way under some rock

and I'm supposed to be afraid?

You're a moron, Gavin.

You are a moral maggot.

- [Gavin On The Phone] At least I can say I'm sorry

for the things I've done that are wrong.

Can you do that?

Can you apologize for the things that you've done

that are wrong?

- Why would I apologize to a sociopath?

I mean, I think that's the proper medical term, isn't it?

It means that you're aware, you're actually aware

of all the pain, and all the misery you're causing

all over this city and you don't care.

Isn't that right, Gavin?

You just don't care.

- [Gavin On The Phone] Do you?

- Do I what?

- [Gavin On The Phone] Do you care about the fear

and misery you cause?

- Well if I did cause any, Gavin, I would.

That's the difference between us, isn't it?

- [Gavin On The Phone] Then say you're sorry.

Say you're sorry for what you did to Christie Adams.

- Oh, I see.

And what do you imagine I did to her, Gavin?

- [Gavin On The Phone] You k*lled her.

You made her stand in front of her swim team

and you told them all that the only useful purpose

losers have in this life is to define winners.

- Pick up, Carne.

- [Gavin On The Phone] You told 'em Christie was good

for that and nothing else.

Do you remember that?

- Hey, Gavin.

You're getting boring.

You know that?

You know, for a psychopathic k*ller,

you're nowhere near as sexy as you could be.

Whatever Hannibal Lector had, well you missed out on it.

There you were, my friend.

A medical breakthrough, a post human monster.

- [Gavin On The Phone] No.

Just an average man who's tired of being stepped on

by you and others like you.

Think of me as the worm that turned.

- Oh, I will indeed.

A worm is right.

You know, a leech.

A blood-stained parasite on the nether regions

of this once great nation that's been dragged down

by freeloading bloodsuckers.

You know, people would have us go down to some

second level, Egalitarian, mediocrity.

But not me, my friend.

Piss flows downhill, scum flows downhill,

human aspirations, you know what?

I don't apologize for that.

And if you, your bland, and dribbling Keith and Kim

don't like that, well why don't you just

crawl back under whatever rock you came from?

You understand?

- I just wanna hear you say you're sorry.

- Ah sh*t!

- Come on, say it!

I can't hear ya!

Say it!

Say it!

- Drop it! - Drop it!

Drop it!

- Drop it!

- [Cameron] Back off, back off!

- I checked with the hospital, D.O.C.S. worker's is okay.

She confirms the g*n went off accidentally.

- Hey, um,

you think you could check in on Samantha

every now and again for me?

- Yeah, I will.

- It was good.

You know, pegging that he was inside the building.

- Thanks.

- You're a good cop.

I enjoy working with ya.

- Danny, do you mind stepping aside for a minute?

We've got a very important man here waiting to be charged

and he's accustomed to using the express lane,

aren't you, Mr. Carne?

- What's he in here for?

- Hindering an investigation.

- Yeah, he'll be going to jail before you are.

- [Donna] So I'm sure you don't mind letting him

step through before you, hey Danny?

- Donna?

Anyone can handle this paperwork.

Might even do it myself.

If you wanna get back to the hospital.

- That'd be great, thanks.

Good luck, mate.

- All of you.

- Thanks, Sharon.

- Hi.

I thought you might be fired.

- Oops.


- Don't let her change you.

- She's not trying to change me.

She just keeps me on track.

And backup.

It's just a work thing.

- It's not a work thing, Guido.

- No?

(car engine starts)


I just...

Do you wanna see a movie or


- Who with?

(upbeat music)

- Been giving marching orders.
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