03x52 - The return of the piano

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Zou is about the day-to-day life and adventures of a young anthropomorphic zebra, Zou (Bizou), and his family and friends.
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03x52 - The return of the piano

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(bell ringing)


♪ Say hey say hi say how do you do ♪

♪ To a fine young zebra by the name of Zou ♪

♪ Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ♪

(whistling) ♪ Meet Mom and Dad Nanna too ♪

♪ Grandma Grandpa All of you ♪

♪ Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ♪


♪ I've got a friend in you ♪

♪ I've got a friend in Zou ♪

♪ I've got a friend in you ♪

♪ I've got a friend in Zou ♪



-tempo music)

(laughter and cheering)

- Yeah, Nanna!

- Yay!


- Oh.



- Go, Nanna, go!




- I want a disco for my next birthday party! And I want Nanna to play!

- Good night, everyone!

- Good night!

- Such fun!


- You were brilliant, Nanna! Thanks so much.

- Mwah!

- Bye, Dad!

- Bye!

- Have a good day, dear.

- Oh. Has your dad gone to work, Zou?

- Yes.

- Oh, dear.

I was hoping he'd be able to help get my piano back.

I've got the piano tuner coming round this afternoon.

- Don't worry, Nanna. Grandpa and I can get it back.

- Uh... I think it'd be a little heavy for you two.

- Oh... we'll get help.


- Oh.

(Mom chuckling)

- Oh, uh, no. I'm so sorry.

Who's going to look after the shop?

- I can manage perfectly well on my own, thank you, Zavier.

And I've got Zinnia to help me.

- Ooh, yes! Goody, goody, goody!

I love playing shops!

- It isn't a game, Zinni


Looking after the shop is the single



- And nor's piano


(both chuckling)

Now off you pop.

- Oh.

- We brought some rope.

We can tow the piano with your car, Uncle Zavier.

- But I

-I just



- Yes! What a brilliant idea!

Ooh, Daddy, what fun! Whoo


- No, I




- Yoo


- We've brought those ceramic dishes you ordered from us.


- Oh, that looks heavy.

- Oh, believe me, it is. I carried it most of the way.

- You carried it most of the way?

- That's what you need, Zou.

A couple of big, strong helpers.

- Yes! Um... we've got to move a piano.

Nanna needs it back because she's got a piano tuner coming this afternoon.

Could you help us?

- Oh, yes!

Of course we could!

- We'd be glad to!

- Yes! We can film it!

A day in the life of two artists.




- But we can't film ourselves if we're pushing the piano, Zoroaster.

- Hmm. Ooh! Zou can film it for us!

- Oh, yes, please!

(excited tweeting)

- Come on, then. We've got a piano to move!

- Off you go, darling.

- Ahem.

- Here they come, Poc!


- Uh, to me.

(zebras grunting)

- That's it.

Steady as she goes.

(Zoroaster groaning)

Keep it coming.

- Easy does it.

- Ow! My hoof!

- Oh!

- Oh, no!

- Oh...

Oh. Ooh! Steady!

(exclaiming) Oh!

Oh! Oh!

(Zou laughing)

- Wow, Uncle Zavier!

That was brilliant!



- That's a matter of opinion.

- Oh, Zoroaster, are you alright?

- I'll be okay.

But look! It's my favourite hoof!


- There.

All ready for the big tow home.

- If my car gets scratched...

- Scene two: The piano gets towed back home.

And... action!

Okay, Uncle Zavier, easy does it.

- Uh... Zavier?

- It's alright! I've got everything under control.

- Oh!

- Oh! Ah!

(brakes squealing)

- Uh...

(chuckling) Um...

I don't think the rope was tied too well.

(Grandpa chuckling)

- No.

Scene three: the return of the piano.

Scene four: the piano gets towed home

- again.

And... action!

- Okay, go!

Oh, Zavier, watch out!

- Huh? Ah...


(Grandpa): To me!

(Zigmund): Easy does it.

(Zowie): Can you just lift?

That's it!

(Zavier): Mind my jacket!

- Whatever is going on?

- Zou and Grandpa are bringing Nanna's piano back.

- Oh, I see.



- Just... just...

hold on, would you?

I... I need to... take a rest.

Ah! Ah! Help!

What's happening?!

(Zou laughing)

- Great stuff, Uncle Zavier!

- Where are you going? We still need you.


- Oh! Come in.

- We've got your piano, Nanna!

- My trousers will never be the same!

- Now, then. Let's see how the journey home treated you.

(soft music)

(discordant note) Oh. Oh!

- Whoops!

(discordant notes)


(tweeting) Oh, never mind.

I'm sure the piano tuner will be able to sort it out.

Uh, still.

(discordant notes)

I don't think I'd better play it until he comes.

- Um, I'll tell you what, Nanna!

We can watch the film I made for Zigmund and Zoroaster!

They haven't asked for their camera back yet.

- A film? Oh, what fun!

- There.

All ready to go.

(Zou laughing)

- You'll enjoy this, Nanna. You too, Mom.

- Ah, there's my piano.

(Nanna laughing)

(Zou laughing)


(Mom laughing)

Oh, look at Grandpa!


(indistinct chatter)

(phone ringing) Hmm?

Hello? Oh, hello, Zavier.

(indistinct chatter) Hmm?

Bizou, it's your uncle. He wants to know whether you've seen a set of keys.

(indistinct chatter) He wants to lock up the shop and he can't find them.

- Oh!

- No, Mom, I didn't see them.

- Oh, I'm sorry, Zavier.

(indistinct chatter)

Okay, then. Bye


- Ow! My hoof!

- Oh! Poor Zoroaster.

- Steady!

(all): Oh!



- Poor Zavier.

(laughing) He's almost fallen inside the piano!

(Zou laughing)

- Oh! Hang on, Mom.

(laughing) There! Maybe he lost his keys then.

(both): Oh.


(discordant note) Yes, there, Poc!

Round about there!


Yay! Well done, Poc!


Poc found them, Uncle Zavier.

(tweeting) They were in Nanna's piano.

- Oh, thank you, Zou.

And thank you too, Poc.


- Ah, Zavier. The piano tuner's been,

and my piano's sounding as good as new.

Perhaps you'd like me to play something for you while you're here.

- Uh, not just now, thank you.

In fact, I don't think I ever want to see another piano ever again.

(Zinnia giggling)

- Don't be silly, Daddy!

We'd love it!

Wouldn't we?

- If you say so, Zinni


If you say so.

- Yippee!!!

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