01x10 - A Nasty Jam

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "The X-life". Aired: January 10 – February 28, 2011.*
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Series follows three extreme athletes and their wives as they navigate their lives with their famous careers.
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01x10 - A Nasty Jam

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Woman: Previously on X Life.

but I promised to Nicole I would move to Temecula.

It's kind of my turn to prove it to you

that my bike's not the most

- important thing to me.

- What?

Cory: Nicole and me been through so much sh*t.

I don't wanna lose her.

To make me happy,

say yes to being my wife.

- Yes. Yes.

- Yeah.

Nicole: I didn't know when it was gonna happen

and I'm just really excited to start our life together.

Jeremy: So Deacon just forwarded the message

to the team manager from Mulisha.

They're pretty much telling me I'm not allowed in the pit.

I don't need Mulisha behind me

to go out and win the championship.

Look at all my Mulisha tattoo,

those are coming off.

Susie: Jeremy, you put that spicy sh*t...

No, I didn't. ...didn't you?

I freaking know it.

That makes me wish that I had it too.

Give me the f*cking dog.

Who the hell are you to tell me

if I can go somewhere?

Why is it like this?

We're not supposed to be this way.

My problems with Pierre are a little bit deeper

than I had originally thought.

I'm kind of getting annoyed with Denise right now

because she's just completely out of control

and she's just acting crazy.

f*ck you.

Pierre: What? Seriously, like...

Denise: Are you f*cking kidding me?

Woman: Pierre, why...

There is nothing I did to deserve that.

That's it, like, I'm done,

like, I don't give a sh*t.

I'm just f*cking over it, I'm done.

I'm absolutely done.

Woman: Tonight on X Life.

Cory: Every year, I try to throw the benefit

to raise money for my best friend, Stephen Murray.

I'm nervous because I think

that all my old buddies are gonna show up,

they're gonna know I'm back in Temecula.

We need to go back to Tehachapi.

Nicole: Are you kidding? We're not even staying here?

Why the f*ck do you want me around?

Well, I'm starting to wonder why, too.

So then, maybe we should just take a f*cking break

and I'll go stay at Susie's house.

Well, go to Susie and see how long

they wanna have you there.

Nicole: No, that's gonna break.

Are you kidding me right now?

I did not realize

it was gonna turn into a party.

Things are about to get bad.

Seriously, call the f*cking cops right now.

(music playing)

(music playing)

Cory: Every year, I try to throw the benefit

to raise money for my best friend,

Stephen Murray, who a few years ago,

tried to double backflip, broke his neck,

and he's paralyzed from the neck down.

People, you know, it's for Stephen Murray,

they come down and we get the best riders

that you see at the Dew Tours,

in the X games in my backyard.

The jumps, they're sick on the side of the hill there.

I've got a bands behind me,

I've got Rockstar behind me.

Thousands of people are coming,

it's gonna be insane.

and I'm just excited to put it all together.


Nicole: There's so much to do

before the event today.

I just don't even know

how it's all gonna get done.

So, that makes it a lot...

A lot, lot more stressful.

Are you hungry, honey? What do you want me to make?

Cory: Baby, I'm just stressing out. I got...

Nicole: Yeah, there's definitely a lot to do.

Cory: I kind of getting anxiety. I'm not gonna lie.

I'm nervous because I think that all my old buddies

and old friends and party guys are gonna show up,

they're gonna know I'm back in Temecula.

I'm kind of stressing about it.

Nicole: Yeah. I think it'll be fine

as long as we have good security.

- People stay outside...

- And...

Nicole: ...they don't go near the house.

- It'll be fine. Cory: What I'm trying to say is

we need to go back to Tehachapi

right after this is over.

Are you kidding?

Cory is sadly mistaken.

If he thinks he's gonna drag us

all the way back to Tehachapi.

When is it gonna be about

the right choices for us as a family?

- I need to train. Nicole: You have jumps...

Cory: My compound, nobody distracts me.

I get to business.

Nicole: Your friends are distraction you?

Cory: In Tehachapi, I got two distractions.

Nicole: Okay.

- You and...

I'm a distraction?

- Wait, not a distraction. Nicole: I keep you grounded.

The kids and I keep you grounded.

Cory: They show up at the house, they call me.

Cory, it's called self


- Have you ever heard of it?

- I know how I work.

I work good away from people.

In the middle of awesomeness,

I don't get anything done.

The last past year, it sucked for me.

I need to break records this year,

if I have to move back to Tehachapi to make it happen,

then, um, that's pretty much it.

You're just as great

of a BMX rider here in Temecula

as you were in Tehachapi and you know it.

And you're using Tehachapi as an escape.

I can't believe that you chose today to tell me this?

Cory: So my mind... So I'm stable... So I know...

When I'm feeling anxiety too?

I'm just feeling stressed out.

We're gonna have a million people at our house

that we don't even know

and you're really, really

gonna break this news to me right now

that we're not even staying here?

Cory: Okay, okay, okay. Relax, relax, relax, relax.

Nicole: Why are we even here?

Cory: I'm getting anxiety with people, parties.

- This is all for Stephen.

- You know what, I've...

Cory: And after this, we get the...

I'm done talking about it right now.

There is so much to be done

and my feelings are really, really hurt right now.

I'm upset.

f*ck my life.

(music playing)

What are you doing?

I need to talk to you.

About what?

Pierre and I really haven't talked.

And I, you know, I think it's important that we sit down

and figure out where our relationship is going

and, you know, where we stand.

I don't know, Pierre, we've been having

- a lot of problems and...

- Oh, here we go again.

Oh. Really? Like, I can... I can't...

Pierre: I don't have a girlfriend.

I mean, that's how you really started off,

- with that "Here we go again?"

- No.

Denise: Because you think everything's

been perfect, right?

Everything is so good between us.

Pierre: I don't really see it like that.

Denise: It bothers me that we fight all the time

- and it bothers me...

- Well, f*cking mellow

- the f*ck out, like, seriously?

- It's on me?

Yes, it is you because I haven't been fighting.

I haven't been looking for arguments.

Pierre: (indistinct)

I haven't changed, I'm the same guy,

just been busy, like, been, you know,

doing everything I'm doing

and then, like, you always snap for no reason.

Yeah, it's true, like, you haven't changed to me.

It means a certain ways that that is the problem,

like, you don't ever compromise on anything,

to be quite honest with you.

You know went to that party

and you threw a f*cking drink on me

and you never apologized.

All right, all right. Yeah.

No, I just, like, threw a drink on you out of nowhere,

like, you didn't, like, act crazy all night before that.

So then, maybe we should just take a f*cking break

and I'll go stay at Susie's house.

Pierre: Well, go to Susie and see how long

they don't wanna have you there.

Just go for it.

See how long they're gonna wanna have me there?

- Like, I'm a disease?

- No, but...

Denise: I mean, what did I do to you that's so horrible

that you would even say something like that?


Denise: What am I supposed to do at this point?

I don't know what else to do.

I'm trying to talk to you about it.

Pierre: You're not trying to talk to me.

This is not talking to me.

This is you telling me

that you're going to Susie's, you know.

It's great.

Mr. Cool guy is (indistinct).

It's great f*cking talking to you, Pierre.

- All right, cool. Denise: Just lovely.


I don't want to just walk away from it,

but I can't live this way anymore.

I cannot always, you know,

be the only one standing there

fighting for everything

maybe he'll miss me some, you know.

And it'll make us closer.

Pierre: Nothing's ever perfect

and you just got to realize that

But, like, I can't deal with the, you know,

constant complaining.

Oh, that was fast.

I'm sick of this sh*t. I'm over it.

- So, you know what...

- So, you go find a better man

- if that's what you want. Denise: Yeah.

It's all me, right?

Why the f*ck do you want me around?

I don't understand it.

Well, I'm just starting to wonder why, too.

Denise: I'm a f*cking lucky girl.

Pierre: I was hoping she wasn't gonna see me

because I wasn't really trying to deal

with some relationship problems right there

in front of everyone.

I'm just...

I feel like a mess.

(music playing)

Susie: All right. Well, why don't you just

come up here and stay?

Denise: On my way to your house.

Susie: Okay. See you soon. Bye.

Denise: All right. Bye. Jeremy: What is that all about?

Susie: So, Denise went and talked with Pierre

and I guess he just totally, like, blew up on her.

Denise doesn't know what to do.

I told her she can come and stay here for a couple of days.

Every relationship needs a little bit of a break.

- How many breaks have we taken?

- I don't know,

maybe we'll take another one pretty soon.

Jeremy: Maybe you weren't about due for one.

Maybe me and Denise can take off together.

Jeremy: Then good. Get the hell out of here.

Susie: Have a little break together.

Give me my house back to myself.

Your house back to yourself, Jeremy?

You would have no electricity.

- I know that. Susie: Or no food.

Jeremy: So, how long is she coming up here for?

Susie: Um, I don't know.

I told her to come and stay as long as she needs.

- As long as she needs?

- Well, yeah.

I mean, I don't know what's gonna happen

between her and Pierre.

You know, what if they break up for good?

We might get a permanent roommate.


(music playing)

Thank you, everybody, uh, Rockstar, bands,

all you guys for coming.

Let's get this party started.

So, the Rockstar Girls just showed up

and DJs pumping music,

the jumps are dialed, the pros are here,

and I'm super excited,

and it's about to be nuts.

Cory: Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo.

Guess who just showed up.

Stephen Murray is in the building.

Yeah. Give it up, give it up.

Here he comes.

Here he comes.

(music playing)

Cory: Oh, my God. You guys made it.

- Hi. Denise: Hello.

- Hi, hi.

- How are you doing?

I'm so happy to see you.

Cory: Where's PLG?

- I don't know.

He's coming?

- I guess.

- Oh, no. One of those?

- Yeah.

- Oh, wow.

Denise: I'm hoping that there's not gonna be any drama

and that, you know, maybe when I see Pierre,

you know, he'll see me across the room

and realized how much she misses me

and he'll want to talk to me

and, I don't know, I'm just hoping

something good will happen.

(music playing)

Man: Yeah.

Woman: Oh, my gosh.

Jeremy: That was cool, that was cool.

(music playing)

Man: Yeah.

Man: Cool dive b*mb. Oh.

Cory: Watching all these talent, watching all these kids,

I mean, I'm watching them do the tricks that I designed.

Living in Tehachapi is just gonna make me

come up with some more dope tricks

and invent some more, you know,

stuff that's never been done and, you know,

let the young bucks follow that.

Man: Watch, watch, watch.

Cory: Yeah, yeah.

Denise: Should we be wearing helmets,

I feel like I just have a helmet on.

Pierre: When I walked in, I really didn't expect

seeing Denise at the event.

So when I saw her, I just walked past her

because I wasn't really trying to deal

with some relationship problems

right there in front of everyone.

Hey, I brought a board too.

I don't know, like, if you wanted, uh.

like is there an auction or anything?

All right, where is it?

Nicole: So you wanna go after him?

What's the matter?

Oh, I mean, I know what's the matter, but...

Denise: He just walks past me,

it just basically is like a big f*ck you,

like, I don't care about you.

You know, I don't care that you're hurting.

I don't care that you're sad. I don't care.

It hurts.

I can't be here right now. I'm just over it

and I'm emotionally drained and I need to just go,

be by myself and figure out

what's gonna be good for me.

I have a big decision to make

and I don't know what I'm gonna do.

I'm just really confused right now

and I don't know what's gonna happen.

(music playing)

Woman: Coming up.

Nicole: No. That's gonna break.

People get really, really out of control

and it's totally disrespectful.

Seriously, call the f*cking cops.

Man: Check this out.

(indistinct chatter)

(music playing)

Berserk is going on.

The benefit was emazing.

We raise about $,

and now it's time to party.

- Let's go dance. Man: Let's go.

We're dancing. We're dancing.

(music playing)

Nicole: When I look around the benefit,

there's a lot of people here

and I know things are about to get bad.

(music playing)

I think it's time to shut it down now, don't you?

Or not.

No, that's gonna break.

Are you kidding me right now?

I did not realize

Full of people that we don't know.

I'm starting to see people get really,

really out of control and it's totally disrespectful.

(indistinct chatter)


This is a benefit for Stephen.

Fighting is not okay.

Seriously, call the f*cking cops right now.

And so that's where I draw the line.

Get the f*ck out.

Cory: Thanks for coming everybody.

Okay. Everybody go. Everybody go.

Everybody, let's go. Everybody got to go.

At the end of the day, all this hard work,

all this planning, all this drama,

I mean, all of these are so worth it.

I'm happy. Stephen was happy

and I guess I did a good job.

I don't know. I'm happy the jam was sick.

- I'm happy we raise money.

- It's the dog's bollocks on it?

- Yeah. Stephen: You helped me out

big time, man. Thanks a lot.

Oh man.

- Anything for you.

- Yeah.

Just seeing all kinds of new tricks are being done,

new kids. It was...

It was awesome.

Man, I got...

I got to be honest with you.

Just getting... Just knowing people

knowing that I'm back here,

it gives me anxiety, dude, like...

- What do you mean?

- When I'm in Tehachapi,

I can concentrate on my career

and my couple years left.

I owe it to myself to go out with a bang.

Not go out wishing that, you know,

I should've took this last couple years

serious, you know? Living here,

I feel like I can't really do that

because just like, you know, a party friends

and stuff like that. And it takes away

from what I wanna do so I'm, like,

I'm in between my career

and hurting my girls feelings. So I just...

I don't even know what to do, dude.

Stephen: I hate to put it bluntly, but, you know,

you could be out there training a winner

and that a


-old is gonna show up

and kick your ass.

- Hey.

- You got it.

Stephen: Hey, float like a butterfly, man, remember?

Your career, it don't last forever man.

You know the most important

thing is, family.

Cory: To tell you the truth,

I expected Stephen to agree with me,

but he didn't. I'm sick,

tired of trying to make two things right.

I got my future wife and my kids to think about,

but I've been married to BMX for years.

I wish I can have my cake and eat it too,

but, um, it don't work like that.

So, f*ck man, I don't know what to do.

I'm confused, man, I don't know.

It gets tricky.

I don't know what to do.

(music playing)

Cory: You know, I went to Stephen to ask him

for his advice. And he gave me some good advice

and said, you know, family is everything

and he's right. But, I mean,

I got to feed my kids too, you know.

And that means I have

to stay focused out in Tehachapi,

so it's really tricky for me.

Nicole: Seriously, babe, we need to talk.

- Hi, honey. Nicole: No, we need to talk.

Cory: I keep saying all this stuff.

Here's what I'm thinking, honey.

Last night was pretty hectic and crazy

and that's exactly what I wanna stay away

from my riding career.

I'm trying to make a change for us,

the kids, and our life. I love you.

And I want you to be happy.

So if I got a train

and carry on my career right here in Temecula,

for you then I need to figure out

a way for me to make it work.

Are you saying that we're staying?

Yeah. I'm always gonna have my family.

I'm not always gonna be able to ride bikes.

So when those two

are up against each other,

it's all about my family.

Nothing is more important than that.

I can't move the kids and you around, back and forth,

and, you know, this is craziness.

I'm so happy we're staying.


Cory: But yeah, we'll stay, honey.

I'm sorry that I put you through

all that back and forth stuff

and, uh, yeah.

I appreciate it.

Cory: I'm glad you're happy, honey.

(music playing)

Susie: Hi. Jeremy: Hello.

- What's going on? Man: Hi, how you been?

- Good, and yourself?

- Hi.

- Hello.

- Dude, the back and green.

Man: (indistinct) like?

Susie: Oh, I haven't seen that one.

Man: Yeah, that just came in.

Jeremy: Moving forward this year with my career,

taking charge of this b*tch.

I'm making new deals of my existence sponsors.

Susie: Have you guys thought about doing an accessories

to go along with these shoes, like maybe a hat

and a t

-shirt combo?

I think that would be awesome...

Susie: I know it's always been like a conflict.

I'm gonna (indistinct) all that right now, too.

Getting rid of Mulisha tats because I'm tired

of all their bullshit and it's time for me

to just move forward in my life.

Susie: It's a big deal.

No more Jeremy and Mulisha.

Jeremy: Mm


Susie: I never thought it was a good idea

that you have those tattoos, but I never thought

that you'd be covering them up.

Jeremy: And I'm super excited for the next phase in my life

and have a lot of fun, hanging out with Sav,

hanging out with Sus.

Our relationship is solid, man.

I'm pumped. I got a good

-ass chick,

she got my back, I got her back,

we're ride or die until the end.

Susie: Life is so good right now.

You know, I married my best friend.

We've made a beautiful family.

We're making better changes for the future.

I don't know what the future holds for us.

But something tells me

that I got nothing to worry about.

Man: Well, that was a good start.

I like it better now.

Man: Good job, buddy. I'm proud of you.

Thanks, dawg.

(music playing)

Denise: At this point, I just think

it would be really smart, you know,

for me be able to take a break

because I can't do this anymore.

I'm so exhausted.

You know, I've lost myself in this relationship.

I don't even know who I am anymore.

You know, I need to figure things out

and I need some clarity away from him.

I need to clear my head

and just take a break.

I just can't... I can't live this way anymore.

(music playing)

Pierre: Me and Denise have been together

three and a half years and it's been a long ride,

but this is really not working out for us.

We just keep fighting way too much

and I think if we go separate ways,

I think it's definitely gonna be the best thing

for both of us.

(music playing)

Nicole: What? What?

What was that look in you?

After years of being with Cory,

I'm more in love with him today

than I've ever been.

I'm so proud of him for, you know,

where we are right now today and, you know,

everything that we've overcome together as a couple.

We did it. You know, we made it.

And it feels like a fairytale.

You got so big, Lala.

I came a long way. You know, time has changed

and I couldn't be any happier.

You know, I feel like everything's

where it needs to be. I got a beautiful family,

beautiful, supportive girl,


-riding has been so good to me.

And I just, you know, I'm just so happy

because life is so good for me.

Cory, really?

Oh, my God.

Man: Hmm.

(music playing)

Cory: Oh, yeah, yeah.

(indistinct chatter)

Cory: Foot grab.


What's up with that?

(indistinct chatter)

Cory: I'll take that all day long.

Nicole: Oh. Cory: We got people right here?
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