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Westward the Women (1951)

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- Hi, Buck.
- Roy! What brings you here?

You guided the
Fullerton caravan , right?


Were you going back to Missouri
to take another to San Diego?


- I heard he failed you.

- Do you take another job?
- Yes!


my valley is rich.

Those horses graze
on the best land in the world.

Wheat, cattle, dressage horses ...

Men, ranches ... the best.

I saw this once.

And I said what I had seen.

They said it was crazy,
but here it is.

It's not crazy.
I have made it happen.

Do you want me to congratulate you?

Not yet. I'll tell you when.

I forgot something;

roots that keep it alive.


Good women.

Handcuffs for men.

Diapers hanging out
and the smell of good food

- coming out of the chimneys.
- What does that have to do with me?

The men want wives
and they have raised money.

They are tired of this life.

Canteens, game ... you know.

I know, but I like it.

Well, you and I are going to Chicago.

I will get the women
and you will guide them here.

5,000 km and you know them
inch by inch.

You've guided caravans to Oregon,
Sacramento, Santa Fe ...

You are the man
to bring those women.

Two things scare me in the world,
and a woman is both.

It would be like going to hell.
Do not count on me.

You look tired.

I'll go take a bath
at Sadie's house.

How much did Fullerton pay you
for the last trip?


I'll pay you a thousand more.

Done deal?

Done deal.

Now that I look at
you , you need a bath too.

I've already bathed.
- Insurance.

How many of those women will you bring?

100 men have requested a wife.

Better bring 150. Hopefully
we will only lose one in three.

- I want a redhead, Roy!
- I'm a blonde!

I don't care,
as long as it's a woman.

I'm not sure you knew
what to do with a woman.

- Let me try!
- You never forget that.

You bring them here!

It doesn't matter that mine
doesn't know how to cook.

I can't guarantee
they are pretty.

What is beautiful for one man is not beautiful
for another.

But you already know me;
I am a man of word.

I can promise you something: they
will be good women.

Be good to them.

Treat them with patience,

and honesty.

They will make you happy.

Make them happy

for yourselves
and for the children who come.

And God help you if not,
because you will see them with me.

Goodbye, take care of my valley.

- Good trip!
- Goodbye!

Good trip!

They are good men.

Let's get something clear, whether
or not you get the women

- I'll get the money.
- Agree.

I'll get the women.

Will you get 150 women
through hell

to marry those?

You've already seen their faces.

And will those men marry
once the women arrive?


They are crazy.

Yes, enough to build
your home in the desert.

I like that kind of madness.


- Sorry, ladies.
- Why?

- I'm sorry!
- I don't see why we can't.

- I'm sorry.
- Let's go!

- Patience Hawley!
- At your service, Captain.

- New Bedford, Massachusetts.
- That's my port.

I thought it was time
to hoist sails and raise anchors.

You put your age on the application,
but looking at it ...

Lightning and thunder. You will not expect
a woman to tell her true age.

But I can carry
my tonnage

and maybe an extra charge.

Sign here.

- Leave it, you're wasting your time.
- Why?

Why? Because that old goat
doesn't like the way we're dressed.

I see you on stage. And do
n't h*t my head with your leg.

Okay, I'll give you more down.

¡Srta. Rose Myers!

In your application, Ms. Myers, you
say you are a teacher.

- Yes sir.
- Good.

I need help. Someone to keep
a journal of our trip.

Sign here.

- Mrs. Antonio Maroni?

- Where is your husband?
- How do you say?

Her husband.

Her man.

You know, man.

My husband? Is d*ad.

- I dont understand her.
- d*ad.

I'm sorry.

Are you sure you want to go to California?

California? Yes Yes.

Women, come to California,
land of great opportunities

of marriage.
A new life in the west.


That's enough for me.

It's okay.




- Good.
- The dog is Polly Maroni.

Polly, Tony and Mom.


- Well, we're done.
- How many do we have?

Almost done.

Mr Whitman, please!

Soy Mademoiselle Fifi Danon,

and she Miss Smith,
Laurie Smith.


Sorry I'm late,
but it was necessary.


Why do you want to go to California?

I am descended
from an old French family.

You see, my grandfather came here
and settled in New Orleans.

He was a restless man,
it was in his blood.

Helped discover the Mississippi,

the Missouri, the Great Lakes

and some of the little ones.

Miss Danon,
why do you want to go to California?

- We want to change.
- Of what?

Of environment.

Would it be a permanent change?

- Yes sir.
- Yes, Mr. Whitman, permanent.

Sign here.

Thank you ladies.

- Thank you. Thanks a lot.
- Thank you, Mr. Whitman.

They will do. Everything will be fine.

- It's your caravan.
- Get ready. You must speak to them.

I have a lot to tell you.


Our trip from here
to San Luis will be done by boat.

And also from San Luis
to Independence.

There will be some
equipped wagons waiting for us.

They will have to cross
a territory of 5,000 km

Up to my valley in California

It will be a very hard journey.

To tell you about it, I will introduce you
to our guide. Mr. Wyatt?

We will leave Independence,

cruzaremos el Big Blue River,
el Little Blue,

the Platte and the Sweetwater.

We will travel towards the Rockies,
down to the Great Salt Lake

and then the desert.

It is a long, hard and arid road.

Drops rain like stones,

there are precipices, sweltering heat,

dust hurricanes, water shortage.

Lack of water.

Cholera, Indians,
suffocation, stampedes,

stupid accidents ...

They will see graves everywhere

that show the way.

One in three of you
will die before reaching California.

So if you're smart,
get out that door.

It is my best advice.
Follow him. Now.

Very well. They have asked for it.
There you.

Does anyone know how to drive horses?

Don't ride them, but drive them.

Does anyone know how to guide
a team of mules?

A team of four mules.
Stubborn mules with a bit of iron.

- Their names, please.
- Ina Brent.

- Martha Jones.
Jean Johnson.

Margaret O'Malley.

Thank you.

Does anyone know how to use a w*apon?

I mean sh**t
and h*t the target.

Was he referring to this?

That is what I meant.

By the way, I would not

those feminine clothes.

Not those high heels.
They have to walk a lot.

Sometimes they can go on horseback,
but almost always they will go on foot.

We cannot overload the wagons;

the mules are already heavily loaded.

Put on comfortable and sturdy clothing.

And panties.

I mean pants.

I've hired 15 good men
at Independence.

The kind of men
you need in this job.

You four, Jones, Brent,

Johnson y O'Malley,

they will teach the others
how to drive the mules and ...

One more thing. Listen well.

Stay away from my men.

I thought you would like to know
what your future husbands are going to be like,

and I have brought you some photographs.

Ladies, choose your partner.

Lightning and thunder,
what are we waiting for? They are there!

This one has the face of a mackerel.

Which one do you like?

"Cherie", you must choose
between these photos.

We will leave with time to spare.

There is enough food
for the animals.

You are the best team I have ever had.

You can be sure!

You know this job. You are good,
that is why I have chosen you.

We already know each other.
When you sign,

what I order will be done.
It is understood?

My first order is

that you stay away
from women.

- Got it, Cat?
- Come on, you know me.

Yeah, that's why I'm telling you.

Cat, step aside.

What are you doing here?

I'm going to California.
- What is your name?

Ito Yoshishuke Takeyoshi
Gennosuki Kentaro.

What have you said?

Ito Yoshishuke Takeyoshi
Gennosuki Kentaro.

Get up, Ito.

Are you standing or sitting?


Where is the rest of you?

Not very high,

but I fight with anyone.

With you too, big boss.
I may win, but I fight.

- You know how to cook?
- Very well. Prime chops!

Have the coffee hot and handy.
I don't like women cooking.

You all have your own horse
and a long journey awaits you.

- What do you say?
- No more talking and let's go.

You already heard it.
On going.

-150 women. It will be fantastic!
- Bart!


You don't go

- What do you say?
- You do not go. He was very serious.

- Stay away from women.
- Come on, Buck!

Do not touch me!

You don't go

Lift it up high and then down,
as if cutting firewood.

- Give me a hand.
- What is this strap for?

It's the girth. Now the buckle.

Pass me the buckle.

It is done.
Ready to hook it up.

Calm down, slow down.

Not so fast!
Calm! Calm!

Slow slow...



Those mules to starboard
and the others to port!

Okay, try again.
You will learn.

Lightning and thunder, I know,
but ... what about them?

Ok, let's go.

Let's go ahead!
Let's go!

Miss Meyers, please sign.

When you've done that, I want
the caravan ready for tomorrow.

We will leave early.

Sign here please.

Can't write your name?

Won't you teach me?

The next one, please!

Are you ready?

Take them to my valley.

All ready?

- Ready!
- Ready!

- Ready!
- Ready!

- Ready!
- Ready!

- Ready!
- Ready!

- Ready!
- Ready!

- Ready to risk your life.
- You don't think they know how to drive?

I think so.
- Well, let's find out.

On going!

- Arre, from!
- ¡Mula, arre!

- Let's go!
- Ahead!

Let's go!

- On going!
- Go ahead!

Let's go!

- A perfect start.
- Do you want me to congratulate you?

Not yet. I'll tell you when.
You forgot something.

- The what?
- The will of a woman

fighting for a wedding ring.

What have you said?

I said...

That freshwater sailor has been around
our ship for three days.

- Do you know who it is?
- I think his name is Sid.

- Sidney Cutler.
- No love affairs on this trip.

He has noticed you.
Haven't you noticed?

You were married,
right, Patience?

- Yes, and you?
- No.


My husband d*ed,
and my three children with him.

All four drowned
at Cape Horn.

Only the biggest storm of the century
could with my men.

- I'm sorry.
- Do not worry.

Stay the course!

Here's our dinner!
Not bad.

Very good.
Now rest a bit

or you'll be too tired
to eat it.

Go fast.
We will.


Here, try this.
Is very good.

- No. He has very little left.
- Please. Let me help you.

Why in the middle of nowhere?
Why do they want to be fixed?

- You don't know women.
- Me?

You are very young. Wait until you've
bathed as many times as I have.

You will learn.

I have a job for you.

See if you can find
Jim Quackenbush's grave there .

- ¿Jim Quackenbush?
- Sí. Jim Quackenbush.

Jim Quakenbush ...
Okay, I'll do it.

Patience! Take some women
and collect clover leaves!

Cook them! It is what
the Indians do to avoid scurvy.

¡Maggie, Jean!

Pick up the anchor and move.

Let's go get shamrocks.

- Good night, precious.
- Good night mom.

And good?

No Jim Quakenbush.

- You keep trying.
- Morning?

Yes tomorrow.

Excuse me, why would big boss want to
find Jim Quackenbush?

Because we have been friends
for years; inseparable friends.

I couldn't live without him.

Couldn't you live without it?

But he is d*ad.
You have to live without it.

No. I couldn't.

Tell me,

Big boss good head?

Big boss good head.

What do you say?

It is my prayer to sleep.

Ken, no ...

- You do not like?
- You know yes.

And why not?

Come here.

Get on your horse and leave.

Calm down Buck, the way back
is too long.

- No one could do it alone.
- Try it.

You make a mistake.

- You're right, I should have k*lled him.
- We need all men.

Those things can k*ll
the caravan. I've seen it before.

In most caravans
the punishment is 30 lashes.

In mine it's a b*llet.

So use your head. Forget
the women and stay alive.

Now get going.

They pay me a lot of money
to run this caravan.

And I'm going to take it.

Okay, everyone to sleep.
We will leave at dawn.

I hope no man
comes to dock near me.

- You. has something to do with this?
- Me?

- You!
- No.

Do you never shave?

It is always very dirty.

"Cherie," erase those thoughts.

Not that I have such thoughts.

- They are after me.
- What do you say?

And what did you tell me?
Laurie, let's go to California.

It's a new country ...
start over.

Come on, Laurie,
everything will be different there.

Ya ...
- That's what I thought. And I keep thinking about it.

Those thoughts

They keep haunting me

Here we are again.

Let's go. Stand still.

Are you sick?

Lightning and thunder...

You will not be...?

Does anyone else know?

Everyone knows it at home.

That's why I'm going west.

I have done wrong,
and I have suffered for it.

And I don't want my son to suffer!

At home he would have
no chance.

But where are we going

it will have them all.

Even a father.

Don't worry, Rose,
he won't run aground.

Form a circle!

- Come on, mules, come on!
- Go mules!

Men, unhitch
the mules and ready to f*re!

Women, empty the wagons
and take cover behind!


I don't know how it goes off.

Come on, cogelo!

The boss says that his arrows wo
n't h*t our b*ll*ts.

I don't think they will att*ck for now.

He says there will be another time.
Surely yes.

What have you said?

I say I'm tired.
I take the day off.

You already heard it.

Attention, listen up!

Only for women!

The rest of the day will be rest!

Don't sh**t, it's me!


Why don't you call me Miss Danon,
like the others?

Is that what you came here for?

If I'm still Danon
when I get to California

will be like Chicago to me .

Calm down, Danon.

Not all California men
want to get married.

You, for example?

I for example.
I know about their bathrooms.

- You wear a good perfume.
- The best.

Does it bother you, Buck?

Go back to the caravan.

The rules are for everyone,
including you and me.

- I promised Roy Whitman ...
- Don't tell me your life.

Let me tell you mine.

It is much more interesting.

I already know his story.

- May I have this dance?
- Of course not.

- Am I not different from the others?
- Well, no.

And remember, stay
away from women.

- Look!
- What happens?

Look at how he bit the stick.

Patience, have you seen
a bat bite?

- What's that about the bat?
- Look at this!

Have you seen Laurie?
Have you seen Laurie?

- Have you seen Laurie?
- No.


- No grave. Not Jim Quackenbush.
- Keep looking.

- What do you say?
- What kind of place would he choose?

They chose it for him.

True. I had forgotten.
Is d*ad.



She is not d*ad.

Nothing has happened
to him that had not happened to him before.

I just h*t
her a little.

I told him not to yell,
but he ignored me.

Do you remember what I told you I would do?

Will you give me the opportunity
to draw?

Thanks, Maggie.

One man is gone
and two have d*ed.

It will be difficult to get to your valley, Roy.

Decide it once.

We signed up to go to California,
but we won't get there and you know it.

That guy is crazy.
He's k*lling men.

Why not one of us?
If you stay, he will k*ll you.

So make up your mind at once.

Come with me, Rose.
We will get back.

- You do not love me?
- I love you.

Come with me.

- I can not.
- Why?

- Because I ...
- Hey ...

- If that's why ...
- Do you know?

Yes, Patience told me.

And still you want to take me?

You are what counts.

Are you coming with me, Rose?

No, Sid.

Why not?

Do you think you should not
abandon the others?

I've done
enough damage in my life already.

Are you coming, Sid?

As you like, and good luck.
You will need it.

¡Buck, Buck!

The men are gone,
and eight women with them.

We are you and I, Sid and Ito.

What are you waiting for?
Make the coffee.

- And good?
- We will return.


We are halfway there,
but the part traveled is the best.

We will not return!

My job
is to take caravans to their destination.

If you lose a caravan, they wo
n't hire you again.

It happened to Joe Kiesling
and Sam Doneghy. Not me.

I don't care what happens to you.
I worry about women.

You will never reach the valley
with only women!

Then I will make them

When you started with the cattle
in the valley, the weakest d*ed.

When we get to your valley you will know
which women are the strongest.

I will work with them until they
are just bones and muscles.

When we arrive you will already get fat.

Wake up! Wake up!

Wake up!

Wake up!

Tonight the men are gone.
All but the four of us.

And with them
eight smart women have gone .

If I give you time to think about it,

maybe they feel sorry for themselves

and be envious
of those eight women.

So I'll make them work until they
're too tired to think.

They will learn to sh**t first.

Get up, have something to eat, get
dressed, and get ready.

We will meet up there.

Get the r*fles out of the wagons.
Come on, let's go!

Don't stand there like stupid!
On going!

¿A coffee, Roy?

- What do you say?
- They are going to hate him to death.

I hope so.

You should not sh**t
unless someone sh**t you.

But if you don't k*ll
them , they will k*ll you.

You see it?


Rest it on your shoulder.

Right on target.
I have h*t the mark.

Pick up the striker.

Aim lower, because the g*n
rises when f*ring.

It takes a long time
to learn to sh**t.

I am not very clever.

Now slowly, slowly ...

I'm sorry.

Do not stand still.
Recharge. Faster Faster.

This woman doesn't know how to do anything.

It takes speed.

You have to support it on your shoulder.

It's like punching. First
you pick up momentum and then it happens.

Have you seen it?

I have seen it.

But I'm not sure I understand.

I had just handed him the r*fle and ...

Better get her away from here, Patience.
See what you can do.

My son!

My son!

Okay, let's move on.
We do not have much time

and yes a lot to learn.
On going.

On going!

He doesn't want to leave.
And I can't make him understand.

He hasn't said a single word.

Try to understand it.

You can't stay here.

It would be of no use.

Please let's go.

You will not leave her!


People who lose their minds do
n't last long.

You cannot talk to a woman
who does not understand what is being said to her.

You have already tried.
Do you think I'll get it?

You know what to do.

¡Patience, hope!

- Try talking to her.
- Thank you.

And what language do I speak to you?

Ito, get the dog and tie it
under Patience's wagon!

Lightning and thunder ...
Let me try to talk to you.

It is like talking to a seal.
What do you want me to give you a fish?

Come on, come on, come on!

This is so that you do not
come close to the wagons.


Patience, please.

Can we untie it now?


You could commit su1c1de.


Mackerel face!

Easy, easy!

Watch out!
You almost step on my glasses.

Don't leave them where they can be stepped on.

Enough already!
I said enough and enough!

I forgot it.
He doesn't understand Japanese.

I speak their language.

You really like it.

I will never be
such a good boss as a child.

But I'll try.

Please, Polly, come with me.

Come with me, Polly.
I tell very good stories.

I teach Japanese and you learn.

Wait to try my food.

I will make you a big man.

I never cook for a dog
that doesn't like my food.

You be a good dog, Polly.
A good dog.

Careful, careful!

- I'm sorry.
- You're sorry you didn't h*t me, right?

Come on, get on with it and ...

- He doesn't say a word.
- Too bad she's the only one.

Is it too heavy for you?

- I do what I can!
- Then do more.

Me, always me!
He always watches me!

- I don't know what I've done to him.
- Easy, "Cherie", easy.

You cannot do more.
Don't let me ...

Shut up for once!

¡Tirad, tirad!


All right, who's going now?

Come on, this has been done before.
And right here!

Only they were men.


Okay, let's do it, girls.
Let's do it.

Slowly, carefully.

Slow down now.

Calmly ...

Be careful!

Be careful!
They give it too much rope!

Shut up, freshwater sailor,
stop yelling at us all the time!

You'll see how we do it.
Slow slow...


If she weren't so tall, I'd kiss him.

Who goes now?

Bring me the spices.
We will do rabbit a la Danon.

To here.

I failed!

Back, back!

Hold back!

Bring the wagon here, let's go!

No broken bones, I think.

Don't tell me
you were worried about me.

You know that I will not die
in another place that is not my valley.

And maybe not even there.

You may decide to live forever.

¡ Danon, Danon!


- Have you seen what he's done?
- It wasn't his fault, either ...

Was it not his fault?
Who sh*t?

The mules have gone mad.
Can't you learn

- from anyone in the caravan?

- We didn't do it on purpose.
- Don't talk to me in that jargon.

I do not know what it says
nor do I need to know.

- You're an idiot, a mule ...
- Shut up!

Roy shouldn't have let them come.

Do not stray from your cart.
Do not move.

Everything it touches spoils it.

- Damn pig.
- Shut up!

What do you say?

I say you are wrong.
It is very hard,

no man would do
what these women do.

And Danon makes two or three times
more than others.

Don't tell me I'm wrong ...

even if it does.

When you're wrong, I'll say so.

Even if you don't like it.

Let me go.
I will go to the fort.

I don't know if I'll make it, but I don't care.
If I stay I'll k*ll that animal!

Buck, Buck!
Danon leaves.

She is absolutely crazy.

This one for having busted the horse.

- And the second why?
- That for me.

- Will you have more common sense?
- Yes thanks.

- Everything will be fine now.
- Where did you think he was going?

I did not care.

- It's okay. Let's go back.
- It has done.

- Do what?
- Come get me.

- Yes?
- Get ready.

For what?

I'm going to tell you how much I love you.

- Yes?

Since I saw
your beautiful face for the first time .

- What?
- You are handsome to me!

Interesting, rude ...

I even like your beard.

- Did you like to hear it?

- Well, I'd like to too.
- Very well.

You are tough
and even your beard I like.

you are very funny.

- Do you want me to tell you that I love you?
- So difficult?

Don't you think it's
something hasty that a man ...?

It's the first time that something has
gone too fast for you, right?

Your head is not in place.

And so?

So yes.

Grab it!

Well, I was waiting for you.

- Roy, I'm sorry, if I'd been ...
- Things wouldn't be any different.

Could you have faced
100 Indians with a revolver?

I have something to tell you

and sorry for dying.


when you said
you would take the women

Without the help of the men,
I wasn't sure if you could.

Now I am.
I know they will come.

Take them.

Take them to my valley.

I can die in peace.

Sorry, Roy.

Said women
can come

But I don't think
we'll make it after this

I was wrong.

He be right.




Mr. Whitman is d*ad!

The last thing he said was
"take the women to the valley."

I'm sorry I can not do it.

They have fought and some have d*ed.

But there are too many things against it.

Ladies, we will be
back in the morning.

―― ¡ Yo no!
--¡ Ni yo!

―― ¡ Ni yo!
--¡ Ni yo!

--Ni yo.
--- ¡ Ni yo!

―― ¡ Ni yo!
--¡ Ni yo!

Just leave us the map, Mr. Wyatt.

Okay, ladies, if that's
what you want, you will have that.

How many have we lost?

Susan Brewster.

Nora O'Brien.

Emma Raedermann.

Dorothy Taylor.

Helen Smith.

Zofia kareg.

Sidney Cutler.

Big boss, what is that?

An Indian cemetery.

They bury them high so they can
reach their hunting grounds sooner.

If you want, they sure
get your hair cut for free.

- What do you say?
- No thanks.

Let them hunt happily
with their hair.

Are you still looking
for Jim Quackenbush's grave ?

- I can't find.
- Keep looking.

Come on!

Patience, leave them alone!

They settle their differences
like ladies.

Aren't you ashamed?

Do you fight
over a piece of broken glass?

You do not know what it is to suffer.
Ask me.

I do know what it is.
I have lost my son.

And I k*lled him. I k*lled him.

My son, I k*lled my son.

My son.

My son. My son.

My son.

I k*lled my son.

Let's go!

Put that wagon there!

You, back!

Faster Faster!

Come on, run! We will!

Big boss!

¡He encontrado
a Jim Quackenbush!


¡He encontrado
a Jim Quackenbush!

Well, what a night
you have chosen.


Jim Quackenbush!
Very interesting.

- Bring a shovel!
- Big boss, anger.

Bring a shovel.

- Yes, big boss.
- Bring two shovels.

- A shovel.
- Two shovels!

Two shovels ...

Come on, dig!

- Anger!
- Cava!


Be careful
not to sink it too deep.


Not so carefully.

Big boss,
why be careful?

Wait. Just a moment.

What is it?


- Anger!
- If you want to call it that.

- What do you say?
- Good for old Quackenbush!

Are you crazy? What do you do?

I saw a performance in San Luis.

Bad man says

"you pay rent."

"I can't pay rent."

"You pay rent."

"I can't pay rent."

"I pay rent."

"My hero!"

How I'd like to
whip like this.

Yes, I'd like to
whip like this.

- Like this!
- Like this!


Help help!

Something happens in the wagons.

Poor Laurie.
My poor Laurie.


And deliver us from evil,
for His is the kingdom,

the power and the glory, forever.


Pay attention!

We must travel lightly.

Throw what
is not necessary from the cart.

It will be very hot there.

We will wait for the sun to set.
We have very little water left.

Okay, download!

You have weathered
the gale so far

And you won't give up

All my toiletries.

I can't throw them away.

What will I look like
when he sees me?

Is this all you intend to leave?

Very well, there you.

They will throw it away if they want
the wagons to hold.

There are sand pits there

and they can sink into them.

Be careful where they step.
On going!


Quiet. Slowly.

Easy now.

It has a broken leg.


Stop it, Hoppy.

What are they doing?
Get out of there!

Is going to have a son!

- Here?
- Yes here.

Danon, don't walk away.

Go ahead, Hoppy!


What do you say?

I say "poor woman, poor woman."


Come on, let's get it up.

It's a boy!

- Watch out.
- Is beautiful!

Is beautiful.

How about? Look at them.
Home Sweet Home.

That's. I listened.

How beautiful!

- All right, ladies!
- Please?

Ladies, please let us go!


Let's go!

Pete, Jasper!
We will!

My little pet.

- Water!
- Water!

Come on, mules!

What happens!?
We have already arrived!

Whitman Valley
is past that hill.

- Who is going to have a child now?
- Nobody.

- Well then ...
- We won't go into town.

- No what?
- These are rags.

We will not enter as beggars.

You go and bring
us clothes that make us look like women.


We won't move
until you do.

And listen,

if the men come around
before we're ready

- they will never return.
And we mean it.

And no jokes.

All right, ladies,
if that's how you want it.

Let's hoist the sails
and gather the lines .

There's a cool breeze,
and I smell men nearby!

¡Buck Wyatt ha vuelto!

He's back!
Wyatt is back!

Women women!


Buck Wyatt is back!

Buck Wyatt is back!
Buck Wyatt is back!

- Where's Roy, Buck?
- Roy is d*ad.

- What?
- Roy is d*ad.

- And the women? Where are they?
- Yes where?

- Where are the women?
- In the hills.

Well come on, come on!

- You're not going anywhere.
- What do you mean?

You have had them for yourself
these last four months.

Stay if you want,
but I'm going for them.

No one will go.

That is how they want it and it will be.

They don't want you to see them
until they are fixed

And if anyone gets within 100 meters,
I'll put a b*llet in here.


You were one
of the first to come west.

And you were
with the Donner people

and you know what it's like to work hard.

But none of them have been through
the hell they have.

They are true women,
good women, great women.

Let's see if you are men enough
for them and know how to treat them.

And God help you if you don't.

Whitman is d*ad,
but I'm still here.

They must be fantastic.

I know you don't have
women's dresses around here,

But maybe you have
Indian tablecloths, handkerchiefs and blankets.

Spread the word.
I want anything you do

- make a woman feel pretty.
- Yes, let's find something!

What have you brought?

- Is beautiful!
I know what I'll do to myself.

There are more tablecloths ...

I think there is...

All ready?

All ready!



Stay where you are.

Try not to look like a bunch
of kids with bulging eyes.

When they arrive in front of the pavilion,
you come to their aid.

You help them get off their wagons.

And you let them in first.

We're here, Rose.
Let's go.

Let's go ahead!

Let's go!

Let's go.


Look what you want,
but it will not be you who choose.

Since leaving Independence
I have been seeing two things:

this photo and the rump of a mule.
Don't ask me which one I like best.

The photo has sent me,

and I have come with the photo.

And only I will choose him.

Don't run so much, it's not you!

It's you.

Lightning and thunder, what are you waiting for?
This is not the time to be shy.

A redhead.
You are prettier than I expected.

You looked tall in the photo.

Don't worry,
I'm tall enough.

From the photograph, I
thought it must be Italian.

- You are Italian? I am from Milan.
And I from Genoa.

- I love Genoa.
And to me Milan.

You will surely
like California too.

And we will have many oranges.
Many, many oranges.

Many, many oranges.

Many oranges.

May I have this dance?

And what do we do with my son?

I will take care of him.

The next.

Can you shorten
the ceremony a bit ?

You cross 5,000 km.

Not crossing five meters?

Other women cross.
Lightning and thunder!

Don't be time to be shy.

Where are you going?

I do not go anywhere.

I was waiting
for you to come stop me.


Shall we get in line?

- I have shaved.
- Handsome and smooth.

Your face is beautiful

and I love it.
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