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Blue Beetle (2023)

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[craft flying overhead]

[engines powering down]

Lieutenant Carapax, tell me that you've found the Scarab.

-They're cutting into it now.

-Ah. That's exciting.

[Carapax] I've had them working around the clock since we unearthed it about two weeks ago.

[woman] Good.

Let's keep this thing airtight until we're ready to show the board.

Miss Kord. Miss Kord?

-Oh, Dr. Sanchez, hello.


Hi. Actually, that's not my name.

How much longer you think it's gonna be?

We'll h*t the center before sunrise.

[Victoria] Well, push your men harder.

I've searched for 15 years.

I don't want to wait another second.

[Sanchez] Should've called before making the trip out, Miss Kord.

This could be another decoy.

It's in there.

I can feel it.

[deep rumbling]

["Atrevete-Te-Te" playing]


[Jaime] All right.

Let's do this.

[woman speaking indistinctly over PA]

Excuse me, sir? How do I look?

Like you're six figures in debt.


[in Spanish]


[Alberto speaks Spanish]

[in English]

We say nothing for now.

Let's enjoy this moment.

Before he knows.

I'll tell him.

[in Spanish]

[in English]

What the hell? Why not?

Even good news...

[in Spanish]

[in English]

And this is pretty bad news.

I can be joyful.

[Rocio] Your job is the balloon.

[Milagro] Hope I can handle it.

Handle what?

-[all yelling joyfully]

-Hey, hey, hey!

The graduate is here!


-[Rocio] How was your flight?


-Are you hungry?

-Of course.

Here. It's all they had.

-[Milagro] Welcome back, bro.

-Thank you.

-Nana! [speaks Spanish]

-[Nana laughs, speaks Spanish]

[in Spanish]

[in Spanish]

[in English] Now we hug!

[all laughing, chattering indistinctly]

[Jaime] Hey, where's Uncle Rudy?

["La Chona" playing]

[truck horn playing

"La Cucaracha"]

[engine stops]

[whistles sharply]

[speaks Spanish]

[Rudy speaks Spanish, then English] Welcome back, pinche college boy.

Hey! Come on. Get out the car and give me a hug.

No. No hugs, man.

They got Big Brother watching.

There's cameras.

I knew you were gonna say something.

[Rudy] Facial recognition.

Body imaging scanners.

[Milagro] Yeah, and they're all so happy to finally catch you.

You see? It's that kind of talk right there that's gonna get us all busted.

Where'd you get this?

[Milagro] I bought it for Jaime.

A boy? We know it's a boy.

There's probably a bug in here.

Come on. What are you doing?

["Cumbia Poder" playing]

[playing trumpet]

Oh, my God!

I missed this so much.

[inhales deeply]

Good to know some things don't change.

Mom and Dad have something to tell you.


-[Milagro] What?

Okay, he's had his tacos, now let him have the truth.

The truth? What is it?


-[Rocio] We...

We're losing the house.

[spits, coughs] What?


-He didn't take it that bad.

-No, no, no, losing the house?

What does she mean, losing the house?

-The landlord tripled the rent.

-They gave us three months to come up with the money or get out.

I am so sorry, flaquito.

No. Am don't be sorry.

It's not your fault.

It just means that we're gonna have to bust our ass at the shop, right?

Mmm... auto shop's gone.


-You can thank Kord for that.

[Alberto] Brother.

[Rocio] We couldn't keep up.

Especially since your dad, he...

He, uh... had a...

-[stammering] He...

-Dad had a heart att*ck.


I'm fine!

[in Spanish]

[in English]

At least the food's the same.

[speaks Spanish]

Wait, why didn't you tell me?

You were working so hard, mi amor.

We didn't want to distract you from school.

Ma, I could have done something.

I could have come back.

I could have been here.

I could have--

[Alberto] Animo, Jaime.

We figured it out.

We always do.

We have a lot to be grateful for. Mira...

[in Spanish]

[in English]

Yeah. And the last!

Yes, because you didn't apply.

[Milagro] What, so I can get into debt for the rest of my life?

No thanks.

[Milagro sighs]

What? 25%?

Mi amor, these people make nothing.

We are broke.

[Alberto] Let's worry about money tomorrow.

["Sin Ti" playing]

[Milagro] Remember how Mom taught us salsa right there on the front porch?

[Jaime] You were always better than me.

[Milagro] Yeah.

No, I still think you don't know

-how to dance salsa.

-[Jaime laughing]

[Jaime] Yeah, I got two left feet. I can't help it.

[Milagro] Yeah.

Do you remember your 21st birthday?

[Jaime groaning]

I remember the first half.

[sighing] I can't believe we're losing this place.

[Milagro] It was rough.

[Jaime] Yeah, well, I'm not leaving again.

[rooster crowing in distance]

What about grad school?

Well, that's not gonna help the family.

I can't get us into even more debt.

Animo, bro.

Okay, you always land on your feet.

You're "Jaime."

Thank you, but...

[sighing] This wasn't how it was supposed to happen, Mili.

What was supposed to happen?

I was supposed to make it out.

I was supposed to get all of us out of here.

Thanks, bro, but I like the Keys.

-You know what I meant.


[Jaime] Doesn't it bother you that they talk about progress and get everything while we have to sit here and go broke?

You're a Mexican in Edge Keys, carnal.

That progress is not for us.

Okay? The poor go over here and the rich go over there, until the rich want to be here and push us out.

We used to have the other side of the tracks and now they want that, too.

I still have a degree, right?

That's gotta mean something.

I'll get a job.

Not just any job, but a prime job.

Yeah, I'm gonna get the money to save this place.

[Jaime chuckles]

Don't look at me at like that.

Look, Mili, I'm telling you, in five years, we're gonna be rolling in it.

This is just gonna be one of our houses.

We're gonna have the mansion on the water with the marble everywhere, infinity pool.

Yeah, just watch, Mili.

Just watch.

["Sera Que No Me Amas" playing]


Excuse me, Mister Reyes?

You finish scraping the gum off that lounger or what?


This is bullshit.

Wow. "Thanks, Milagro, for hooking me up with this gig."

It's not my fault your future didn't turn out the way you wanted.

How am I supposed to get experience when nobody's gonna give me a job?

Sounds like a "you" problem.


What? I'm keeping us employed, you noob!

[Victoria] Yes, yes, we've finally found it.

Doctor Sanchez is running tests on it now.

-With the actual code in hand...


-...we can move beyond the prototype phase.

-Check it out.

Yes, yes.

There goes Victoria Kord.

-Look at that walk.

-[Victoria speaks indistinctly]

She's kinda sexy in like a...

Cruella Kardashian sorta way.

[Victoria] I don't think so.

-I'm gonna say hi.

-What? No--

Good afternoon, ma'am.

If you want, we could.

It's the breakthrough we've been working towards, General.

[Victoria] Mm-hm.

We're invisible to people like that, Jaime.

It's like our superpower.

Okay. Back to work.

I agree. That's a waste of time, but General,

I am telling you what I'm gonna show you tomorrow night is gonna blow you away.

Yes. I look forward, also.


[woman] Aunt Vicki?

[groaning sigh]


[Victoria] Jennifer, what are you doing here?

I didn't know you were coming.

Oh, Carapax, this is Ted's daughter.

My favorite niece, Jennifer.

So, to what do I owe this unexpected pleasure?

[Victoria on TV]

The world has changed.

Kord Industries faces an unprecedented challenge to secure our assets, both here and abroad, from our promethium mines in Guatemala, to our real estate developments right here in Palmera City.

Introducing the future of private policing:

The O.M.A.C., the "One Man Army Corps."

Where are we going?

Gotta take a sh*t, bro.

Need you to be a lookout.

Wait, but the service restrooms are out there.

Yeah, and I deserve a luxury dump right now, all right?

[in Spanish]

[in English] I...

[Victoria on TV] Using revolutionary Kord symbiotech, the O.M.A.C. connects directly into the human brain, to create a self-contained w*r unit, allowing a single soldier to harness the power of legions.

The O.M.A.C. ensures security Kord can rely on.

A future we can control.

The O.M.A.C.

[pleased sigh]

Think it works pretty well, don't you?

So, this... [exhales] project was shut down years ago.

Why have you relaunched it?

[chuckling] Jennifer, the O.M.A.C. is the future of this company.

You should be so excited.

No, no, no. I really want to know what's at Pago Island?

-That's classified.


It's a secret.

But I'll tell you, what isn't classified is what's gonna go on at this party.

It's gonna be an amazing evening with some very interesting people, so if you wanna come, bring someone and it'll be fun.

All right, see you later.


I know what you're doing, Vicki.

We don't make w*apon anymore.

Whoa, whoa, "we"?

Who's "we"?

You are nothing to this company.

You're an expense.

A brat in her daddy's board seat, jet-setting around the world on the company's dime,

-doing your "charity work."

-My father would never--

Look, your father was handed a company I built... my company.

Which he then proceeded to almost sink with his moronic inventions and his reckless management, and then after he'd done all that, you know what he did?

He just disappeared, and left me to pick up the pieces.

Your father abandoned this company.

And he abandoned you.

I won't let you do this.

Don't get in my way, Jennifer.

Back away.

-I'm not afraid of you.

-[Victoria chuckles]


Maybe you should be.

-[Carapax growls]

-Hey, hey!

Uh, sh... she said to back away, ma'am.


[toilet flushing]


That was lavish!

Oh, sh*t.

And who are you, handsome?

Jaime Reyes.

I think it's time to find a new job, Jaime Reyes.


-You, too, toilet. Go.



[Jaime] Where's the car?

[Milagro] Uh, 47 minutes.

Hey, are you okay? That was--

I appreciate the chivalry, but I can take care of myself, okay?

Totally. But I mean... what a d*ck, right?

She's a Kord.

They're all dicks.

[Jenny chuckles]

Jenny Kord.

We're not all dicks.

-Obviously. Yeah. Uh...

-[Jenny] Uh...

Look I'm...

I'm really sorry about this.

It's fine.

Give me your phone.

Let me give you my number.

Okay. Yeah.

Yeah. Come by Kord Tower tomorrow.


I might be able to get you a job somewhere else in our company.

Yes. Oh, my gosh.

That'd be great.

I'll do anything. Really.


Anything, huh?

Hey, you know he has a degree, right?


-I... Yeah.

-You guys need any pre-lawyers?



-Text me.


Nice meeting you, Jaime Reyes.

Nice to meet you, too...

Jenny Kord.

I think she might be into you.

-[car starts]

-What? No.

[sweetly] Bye.

-You think?

-Yeah. Yeah.

She took one look at your young Mexican-ass, hero-of-the-moment vibe and was into it.

Hey, you know what?

Maybe she'll pull you out of poverty

-like Maria la del Barrio.


Except, she's the rich white dude and you're the Maria!

-Yeah. Okay.


[singing in Spanish]

[woman singing on TV]

[humming along]

-[man on TV shouts]

-[trumpet playing]

[crowd on TV cheers]

[man on TV speaking Spanish]

["Deportivo" playing on phone]


-[typing on phone]

[exhales deeply]

[song continues, muffled]

["Gracias A La Vida"

playing on radio outside]

[Jaime] You drinking?

-Just one.


-Don't tell your mother.

-[both chuckling]

Can't sleep?


[in Spanish]

[sighing] Yeah.

I planted those nopales with

la Nana, when you were a baby.

Look at them now.

Like you and la Mili, grown and beautiful.

You okay?


Sorry, Apa, it's just everything right now feels so out of reach, and...

I feel like I failed you guys.

[Jaime sighs shakily]

We're on a journey, Jaime...

This house, the nopales, el auto shop.


They're just a stop in the journey.

But this isn't the destination.

And what is it?

I don't know.

What's important is that we go on this journey together.

Things don't last.

La familia, that's forever.

That lasts.

[in Spanish]

[both laughing]

-[in English]

Everyone has a purpose.

-[Jaime sighs]

You just haven't found yours.

So what's your purpose then?

I'm still searching, too.


But right now, it's this.

Talking to you, right here.

[speaks Spanish]

[in Spanish]

[sighs heavily]

[in English] Okay.

["No Vamos" playing]

[Jaime gasps]

[exhales nervously]

All right, okay, Jaime.

You got this.


[Alberto speaks Spanish]

[in English] God...

Thank you, Apa.

Ya, pues, you guys can go, okay?

You're gonna be okay, flaquito.

You belong here.

Yeah, cabezon.

You look like an assh*le just like everybody else here.

[Nana, in Spanish]

[speaking Spanish]

[blessing in Spanish]

-[in English] Okay.


-Bring your A-game, bro.


Bring a Molotov cocktail to burn this dump down!

Okay! [speaks Spanish]

Hey, and get me a job, too!

[all chanting]

Jaime, Jaime, Jaime...

They don't get out much.

-[all continue chanting]

-[beeping horn in rhythm]

[Victoria on over loudspeaker]

Hello, I'm Victoria Kord, and this is Kord Industries, a company with the planet in its sight and the future on its mind.

We are taking our cutting edge technology...

Hi, nice to meet you.

Deliveries are downstairs.

Uh... No, no, no.

My name is Jaime.

Jaime Reyes.

I'm here to see Jenny Kord.

Do you have an appointment, Jamie?

-Um... It's Jaime, but--


[stammering] Uh...

Yes, I do have an appointment.

She said to drop by, so I'm sure I should--

-Oh, you can stand there.


Why don't you have a seat, Jamie?

Okay. Thank you.

[clicks, beeps]

[door latches, beeps]

[device humming]

[Jenny] She found it.


[machine stops humming]


[grunts] Uh... Okay...

[Sanchez] Okay.

Just me and you.




No, no, no, no, no, no, no...


No, no, no, no, no!

[phone beeps]

There's been a security breach.

Lock the building.

Lock the building!

[elevator dings]

Jenny! Jenny.


[woman 1] Hey!

[woman 2] Oh!

[man exclaims]

[Jaime] Jenny!

Oh-- Sorry.

Hey, Jenny Kord!

It's me. Jaime from yesterday.

-I'm sorry, I'm in a rush.

-No, that's all good.

But you know, yesterday you said you'd consider getting me a job and, you know,

I can't leave without one even if that sounds too--

Do you think you could pause for one second? Please--

Look, Jaime, this is really a bad time.

Okay. Let's... let's talk while you have lunch.

-[alarm blaring]


-[indistinct radio chatter]

-[guard] Stay on comms.

You said you'd do anything, right?

Yeah. Basically, anything.


-Guard that with your life.


But do not open it.

Do not touch it!

Don't even look at it!

Okay. I'm just gonna guard it with my life.

Yeah, you're a quick learner.


-Good. Now go!

-Okay. Okay!

-Go, go, go!

Lock up the south entrances!

You two, with me!

[guards shouting indistinctly]

[guards chattering]

[indistinct radio chatter]

["El Rey" playing on radio]

[Milagro] So, you went in to get us jobs, and all you brought back was a hamburger?

Okay, I don't think it's a burger.

You haven't looked?

She said not to open it. I--


-[Milagro scoffs]

[Rudy] She's not here.

[Jaime] What?

[in Spanish]

[all chanting in Spanish]

Okay, okay. One look.

Oh, you guys are so childish.

[Rudy] What the hell is that?

[Rocio] Huh.

-[in Spanish]

-[Alberto speaks Spanish]

[in English]

Why was she hiding it?

I don't know.

[Milagro] Hm.

It's kind of a letdown.

The world's biggest tick.

[Rudy and Milagro chuckle]

Okay. You guys are the ones who wanted to see it.

Hey, hey, hey!

Milagro. Okay, look.

Very mature, but she said to not open it, so please--

Mmm, she said for you to not open it, bro.


Stop, stop. Hey, oye.

[Rudy groans, speaks Spanish]

-[in English] It's heavy.

-Okay, okay.

I'm gonna use a motor, all right?

-I'm gonna get my drill.

-Wait, wait!

Don't get the drill!

What are you doing?

God, I hate when you do that.

-[device humming]


[Rudy] Ooh. Is that the new Tamagotchi?

[Milagro] How did you get it to do that?

[Jaime] I don't know.

[exclaims] Ama.

I think it likes me.

What the hell!

[all screaming]

It doesn't like me!

Jaime, it's on your face!

It's on your face!

[yelling] Get it off!

[screaming] Alberto!

[yelling in Spanish]


[Rudy shrieks]

[song continues playing]

[song stops]

[music playing faintly on headphones]

[humming along with music]


[glass shattering]

What the hell?

[Rocio speaking Spanish]

[Jaime panting heavily]

[device whirring, muffled]

Where did it go?

Where did it go?

[Rudy] Oh, man! I'm trying to help you, cabezon!

I think it's inside of me.


Oh, my God! It's inside of me!

Inside you? How?

[in Spanish]

-[Jaime yelling]

-[all screaming]

[grunting in pain]


[all screaming]

[in English] He's possessed!

[Jaime groaning loudly]


Oh, my God.

[Rocio] Jaime!

[Jaime screaming] Milagro!

Jaime! Jaime! Jaime!

Rudy, what's going on?


[screaming, distorted]

-He's moving. He's moving.


[distorted voice]

No, no, no! No!


Damn! sh*t.

That scared

the frijoles outta me.

Are you okay, mijo?

-[Rudy] Cabezon.



[water sizzling]

What the f--

[automated voice]

Host acquired.

[Jaime] Who said that?

[automated voice] System

configuration initializing.

[Jaime] Wait.

You don't hear that?

Don't look at him in the eyes.

[automated voice]

Analyzing host.




There's a voice in my head.

-[system powering on]

-[automated voice]

Hello, Jaime.

-What is happening?

[automated voice]

Begin systems check in three...

Systems check?

[automated voice] ...two, one.

Thrusters engaged.

It's okay. It's gonna be okay!


[Jaime yelling]

What are you doing?

What's happening?

[automated voice]

Escape velocity

protocol engaged.


Where are you taking me?

[automated voice]

Crossing atmospheric layers.

[Jaime screaming] Stop!

[automated voice]

Adjusting pressure

for host protection.

[Jaime panting]

Ay, virgencita, I'm in space.

I'm in space.

Oh, man, I'm in space.


[panting heavily]

What the hell is going on?

Wait, is that my house?

[automated voice]

Testing re-entry systems.

Wait, wait, wait! No, no, no!


No, no, no, no!

[panicked gasping]

Oh, my God!

Oh, my God, I'm on f*re!


Stop, stop, stop! Oh, God!

Fly, fly!

No. No, no, no.

[automated voice]

Approaching contact.

Oh, my God, I'm gonna die!

[automated voice]

Three hundred meters.

-[Jaime praying in Spanish]

-Two hundred meters.

-[continues praying]

-One hundred meters.

[Jaime screaming]

[automated voice]

Braking systems check complete.

Oh, thank God it's over.

Okay, you can take me home now.

[automated voice]

Flight systems engaged.

Wait, wait, wait...

Don't engage!

Stop, stop, stop!

["Demolicion" playing]

[grunts, yelling]

Listen to me!

You've got the wrong guy!

I swear! I'm a nobody!

[Jaime spluttering]

Oh, come on!


[automated voice]

Testing acceleration systems.

Too fast! Too fast!

[Jaime] Watch out,

watch out, watch out!

-[man] What was that?

-[shockwaves booming]

I don't know what I'm doing!

[woman yells]

-Sorry about that.

-[truck roaring]

[automated voice]

Fine-tuning flight control.


[horns blaring]

Watch out. Watch out!

Pull up! Pull up!

Why are you doing this to me?

[automated voice]

Host overreacting.

Overreacting? You kidnapped me!

[in Spanish]

[in English]

20 minutes, I think.

-Man, has it h*t you yet?


-'Cause it ain't h*t me.


-Man, has it h*t you?

-Nah, man.

[car horn honking]

[people exclaiming]

[Jaime groaning] My back!

[automated voice]

Landing systems check complete.

[pedestrian] What was that?

-[Jaime] Are you guys okay?

-What did you do

to my car, man?

Hey, hey,

do you have insurance, man?

Oh, I'm in so much trouble.

[automated voice]

thr*at approaching.

-[horn blaring]

-[Jaime gasps]


What the hell?

[people screaming, distorted]

[Jaime gasping]


-[people screaming]

-[tires skidding]

[people shrieking]


Oh, no, what did you do?

[automated voice]

Host protection successful.

[Jaime] Hey, hey, look,

is anyone hurt?

Oh, no. Calm down.

I can explain.

There's nothing to worry about.

Oh, my God, there's a kid!

It wasn't me, I swear.

This is gonna sound crazy,

but I'm not in control--

[automated voice]

Systems check complete.

Oh, no, not again.

[shockwave booms]

[people chattering]

I think it just h*t me.

[newscaster speaking Spanish

on radio]

Let me explain that again.

He's technically

not a missing person,

but he is missing.

-But also, he is...


-[Rocio murmuring in Spanish]

-[chiding in Spanish]

[in English]

He exploded out of the roof.

With rockets on his back.

[Milagro] Shouldn't we be

out there looking for him?

-[Alberto speaks Spanish]

-No, no, no!

[drill whirring]

I'm on hold again.

[Jaime yelps, groaning]

[automated voice]

Return landing successful.

Never mind. We found him.


[in Spanish]

[Rocio] Jaime?

[Milagro, in English]

Yo, put those

huevos away, bro.

[Nana cackling]

[in Spanish]

[Rudy, in Spanish]

[Rocio, in Spanish]

-[in English]

It's Jamie, not Jaime.

-[Rocio yelps]

[all murmuring]

[Rudy] Oh, no.

[rooster crowing in distance]

[newscaster reporting

in Spanish on radio]



What are you guys doing?

[comforting in Spanish]

[in Spanish]

[in English] He's alive.

Jaime. Do you feel okay, mijo?


No. No way.


-[Milagro] Jaime, listen,

-there's something on--

-No, not now, Milagro.

-Jaime, I'm serious.

-No, no, no. Not now, Milagro.

-Not now!

-There's something on your--

[Rudy] Hey, Jaime,

keep that blanket

now that it touched

your chorizo.

What is going on?

You can't fly.

You can't fly.

Superman can fly.

Those people on that bus

were okay. They're fine.

Okay. This probably

happens all the time.

Yeah, she wouldn't

do this to me.

Yeah, right. Okay.

[inquisitive grunt]


[Jaime screaming]

[Rocio speaks Spanish]

[in English]

I tried telling him.

Okay, guys. I... I need

to go find Jenny Kord,

'cause she's gonna know how

to get this thing out of me.

Uh, where are my shoes?

Come on, where are my... shoes.

Not the 84s!

These were my favorite shoes.

Okay, okay.

Jaime, what happened?

Where did you go?

Ama, I don't know.

I think I cut a bus in half

and then...

-Cut what?

-...and flew into orbit.

-[speaks Spanish, then English]

Flew into orbit?

-Apa, I don't know.

-That's why I need Jenny. Okay?

-I am calling the police.

No, no. Don't call the police.

No police.

They work for Kord.

What do you think

Kord's gonna do

when they figure out

that some Mexican kid

has that type of m*llitary tech

inside of him?

They're gonna lock his ass up.

And then they're gonna

wipe our minds,

so that we don't tell anybody.

And it's not like

the government isn't

used to locking up

Mexicans anyway.

I mean, this is sci-fi sh*t.

This is CIA.

-This is Area 51!

-Rudy, focus. What do you mean?

What I'm saying

is the government and Kord

are gonna be all over this,

and then they're gonna

start asking for documents.

And that includes you, Nana.

And that includes you, Alberto.

Okay, then fine. I'm just gonna

have to go by myself then.

You are not leaving this house.

Ama, I'm 22!

Besides, what if she's

in danger?

What if she's in danger?

-Jaime, you flew

out of the roof.

-You don't understand.

-He's into her.

-Oh, he totally is.

-No, I'm not.


-Stalked her Insta.

-Where'd I put my...

She's Brazilian,

she lives at the Regent Tower.

And she's single, by the way.

Bit of a loner, though,

if you ask me. I mean...

She's single?

I thought you weren't into her.

What are you doing

with my phone?

You left it unlocked.

[in Spanish]

[in English] Yes, the Maria!

Yes, I said the same thing.

But Maria la del Barrio.

[in Spanish]

[singing in Spanish]

-[alarm chirps]

-[keys jingling]

[truck door closes]

[singing in Spanish]

-[in English]

You hear that, flaco?


[chattering in Spanish]

[speaks Spanish]

[truck engine starting]

[in English] No. No, no.

No. No. No!

[Rocio] Jaime!

-No! No! No!

-[truck driving off]


[in Spanish]

[in Spanish]

[scolding in Spanish]

["Cumbia Sampuesana" playing]

-[tires screeching]

-[horn honking]


So itchy, this thing.

Ay, okay.

No way.

What the...

Wait, what?


[tire squeals]

-[Jenny] Oh, my gosh.

-What are you doing here?

-Just go. They're coming.

-Who's them?


-[b*ll*ts striking]

-[Jenny shrieks]

-Oh, God. Okay!

-Let's go! Let's go!

[Jaime] Okay, okay! Oh, my God!

[Jenny] I told you to go!

You should have started with,

"they have g*n."

-[Jaime yelling]

-Watch out!

[horn blaring]

[Jaime] Oh, Rudy's

gonna k*ll me.

[Rudy screaming in distance]

-[Rudy] Oh, my headlights!

-[glass breaking outside]

-No! My mirrors!

-[Jaime exclaims softly]

What the hell, man? [shrieks]

What's wrong with you? Cabezon!

Do you want some water?

[Rudy] My tailgate!

No, I'm... I'm good. I'm fine.

-[Alberto] Okay.

-[door opens]

What did you do to the Taco?

[clears throat]

And that... that's Rudy.

My name's Cesar, okay?

And only my friends

call me Rudy.

-I'm Jenny.

-[mocking] "I'm Jenny."

Hi, Jenny.

We know who you are.

What are you doing here?

Thinking about

turning our house into

a nuclear power plant?

I went swimming out there

by where your family

has that company.

My testicles are seven times

their normal size.

Shouldn't you be

pillaging cobalt

from some developing country

or something, Jenny?

-Where is it?


-Allow me.

-[family exclaiming]

Rudy! What?

-What are you doing?

-[Milagro] Rudy!

[speaking Spanish]

[Rocio yelling in Spanish]

[in English]

I thought the chingaderas

would come out.

-Come out?


-What is he talking about?

-He's talking about this.

-[Nana exclaims]


[gags] Oh, I forgot

how bad it looks.

[in Spanish]

[in English]

No, it doesn't look that bad.

[in Spanish]

[in English] I've seen worse.


-You don't wanna know.

Okay, what the hell

is this thing?

It's... it's called the Scarab.

It was given to my dad

when I was a kid, um...

It's some kind

of a world destroying w*apon.

Oh, that's nice.


-What did she say?

[Jaime groaning] What?

And did you know what was

gonna happen to my brother

when you stuck him with

this world destroying thing?

No, I swear to you,

I had no idea

this would happen.

I mean, come on.

My father said it can't be

activated by just any person.

It has to choose you.

So I'm guessing

it's chosen you.

[Rudy] No more blind dates.

Okay. So, how do we get it

to un-choose me?

I don't know.

But we better move fast,

because my aunt

will k*ll us all

just to get it back.

-k*ll us?

-[dismayed murmuring]

No, I'm sorry.

I didn't mean that.

She's the one who sent

the assassins.

-[Alberto questions in Spanish]

-[in English] Yeah.

[in Spanish]

[chattering in Spanish]

[in English]

I'm so sorry I put you all

in this situation.

I had no idea

it would activate.

Really. I didn't know.

-That's convenient.

-[all chattering]

But she already said

she didn't know.

She's a Kord, dude.

You seriously trust her?

[Alberto calming in Spanish]

[in English]

We are going to figure it out.

We always do.

Come on, we are the Reyes.

We've dealt with harder things.

-We have?

-[Nana scolding in Spanish]

Animo. We can do this.

[Milagro murmurs]

Yeah. Yeah, Apa.

He's right.

Okay, so, how are we gonna

get this thing outta me?

You know, before it

busts another hole

in our house.

-[Rocio] Exactly.

-[Jenny exhales]

There's a place where

we can get some answers.

But we need the key.

Okay, so where's the key?

At the Kord building.

And they're probably

on high alert over there

since I took the Scarab.

So, what are we talking about?

Laser-based security system?

Wide area motion imagery?

Maybe, uh... photonic emitters?

I really don't--

Because I've been

working on something

that I believe can help us.

And it's almost finished.

If I can get

the mechanical structure right.

Mm. I love you, Ma.

Give me a couple hours.

[people chattering, laughing]

[live band playing

"Tu Seras Mi Baby"]

-[champagne cork pops]

-[people cheering]

[singing in Spanish]

[General Crane]

You're aware that

if you deliver the O.M.A.C.,

you'd be the most powerful

w*apon manufacturer

in the world.

If you buy into this, you can

call me whatever you want.

Oh, if it isn't

the devil himself.



this is Lieutenant Carapax.

He's been crucial to the

development of the prototype,

and I personally handpicked him

for his courage

during the anti-communist

counter-terrorism operations

in Guatemala.

He's the perfect recipient

for the O.M.A.C.,

and a product of the school

of the Americas.

Great to meet you, Lieutenant.

[Victoria chuckles]

Well, can't wait to see it

in action.

-When will it be ready?

-Oh, it's ready, isn't it?

We're just putting some

finishing touches on it.

[quietly] We have a problem.

Well, if you'll excuse us.

Have a cigar,

they're made by real Cubans.

[Victoria] You lost her? How?

My men saw someone helping her.

All right. I wanna find out

who she is working with now.

Because without the Scarab,

we can't complete the O.M.A.C.

I'm on it.

I will bring the Scarab back.

This time

I'll do it personally.

Well, I would hope so,

Carapax, because if not,

all your sacrifices

will have been in vain.

Just think of how much

suffering your body

has been through.

I'm aware

of what you've done to it.

My God... What we've done.

Ignacio, I'm on your side.

Do you not remember what

it was like when I found you?

How badly crippled you were?

How broken?

I am just trying to fix you.



I have to go back to the party.

Now, go get me that Scarab.

[Rudy chuckles]

That's it?

I call it, El Chapulin.


You know,

when you make something cool,

you can call yours

whatever you want, okay?

Here, be useful. Hold that.

[Jaime] You're sure

that this one works?

Thank you. Yes.

Unlike the junk

that Kord makes,

my tech delivers.

Okay. You could have

just said yes.

Okay, cupcake, you wanna

h*t that yellow switch there?


-[Rudy] h*t the yellow switch.

-I just did.

-[button clicking]

[Rudy mutters in Spanish]

[in English] Okay.

Well, at least I don't have to

open that annoying tailgate.

It's going on your tab.

So just give me,

like, one step.

Just gotta give it a little...

[motor whining]

[playing quirky electronic

theme song]

[Rudy] Oh, that's sexy.

[Jenny] Great.

That's... that's great.

Uh, so it works.

-[device powering up]

-Uh, yeah, it works.

I'll keep the truck running.

-Let's go.

-[Rudy] Wow.

[Rudy mutters in Spanish]

[mocking, in English]

"So it works?"

[static crackling]


Something's happening.

[quirky theme music playing]

[narrator speaking Spanish

on TV]

What the hell is this?


El Chapulin Colorado!

[speaking Spanish]


[Victoria, on speaker]

So join me and my little pals

and all of our Kord


[Jenny] The key's here.

...around the globe,

to build a better future.

A Kord future.

She seemed so different

back then.

Vicki and my grandfather

started Kord Industries


and turned it

into a m*llitary powerhouse.

Then, when my grandfather d*ed,

Victoria thought the company

would go to her.

But he left everything

to my dad instead.

-Seems kind of--


[chuckling] Yeah.


Still, my father wanted

to steer the company

in a different direction.

So, Victoria became

obsessed with erasing

my father's legacy.

Could I get a hand over here?

Yeah, sorry. What do you need?

-Just hold this.


There's a signal blocking

our feed.

We're being jammed out.

[Spanish dialogue looping

on TV]

[line dialing]

Lieutenant Carapax?

We got a problem.

-This is the key?


-[watch beeps]

-Okay, let's go.

Let's go.

["Armando Sanchez"

playing on radio]

[muttering in Spanish]

[in English] This is why

I don't let anyone

drive the Taco!

[Jenny] To be honest, I didn't

think the Chapulin would work.

[Jaime] Yeah,

that's Rudy. He's like

the Mexican Doc Brown.

[Jenny laughing]

No kidding. Okay.

-[Jaime] So that's

all you need?


Oh, my God.

I don't know why I thought

it was gonna be

way harder than that.

-[Jaime exhales]

-Oh, sh*t.

The Scarab, now!

What is he doing here?


[Jaime] Should we run?

He's not slowing down.

-Watch out! Watch out!

-[Jenny yelps]

[automated voice] Hola, Jaime.

[Carapax grunts]

Oh, my gosh. How'd you do that?

I have no idea.


Oh, he's pissed.


What the hell is that thing?

The O.M.A.C.



You're going to regret that.

[automated voice]

Defending host.

[Jaime] Oh, my God. Quick!

Go find Rudy!

[automated voice]

Engaging thr*at.

[Jaime] Engage? No!

[Carapax grunting]

[Jaime] Oh, sh*t!

[both grunting with impact]

[Jaime] Okay, wait, wait, wait!

No, no, no, wait! Don't!

[yelling, grunting]

What did you do that for?

I told you not to engage.

[O.M.A.C. servos whirring]

[automated voice] I have

an arsenal at my disposal.

No! No w*apon.

["Bidi Bidi Bom Bom"

playing on radio]

Ooh. And my song, too! Ay!




-What the heck,

where's cabezon?



[Jaime] Hey! Calm down!

Oh, sh*t!

-Let's go, let's go, let's go.

-Let's go, let's go!

[breath rasping]

[Jaime] Let me talk to him.

[automated voice] Verbal

communication is ill-advised

in a combat scenario.

Hey, man, look! I think this is

just one big misunderstanding--

[pained yell]

I didn't mean

to punch you back there.

I promise, I would never--

[loud grunt] I'm not

in control of this thing.

[Carapax grunts]

[Jaime] No, no, no,

let me explain!

Never mind. He's not listening.

[automated voice] Permission

to take over host.

Yes! Anything!

[suit powering up]

[grunting, yells]

[automated voice]

Watch and learn, Jaime.

Hey, wait, where you going?

Come on.

What the hell?

[both grunting]

Oh, my God. My hands are g*n.

[Carapax groaning]

[automated voice]

thr*at neutralized.

[Jaime] Oh!

What's with the blades?

[automated voice]

Eliminating thr*at.

No, no, no.

Put the blades away.

[automated voice] Would you

like to use a different w*apon?

[Jaime] No. I mean,

we don't have to k*ll him.

[automated voice]

Eliminating thr*at.

[Jaime] Are you even

listening to me?

[automated voice]

Eliminating thr*at.

Stop! I'm not a k*ller.

[automated voice]

Command accepted.

-[horn playing "La Cucaracha"]


[Rudy] Cabezon!


Uncle Rudy.

[Jaime] No!

-Holy sh*t!

-[both yelling]


Where do you think

you're going?

[Jaime] Hey! You guys

gotta get out of here!

[yells. grunts]

-[Rudy coughing]

-[Jenny groans]

[Rudy] What's with this guy?


Stupid boy.

Did you think

you could b*at me?

[automated voice]

Recommend lethal measures.

[Jaime] I told you, I'm not a--


[automated voice] Warning,

host concussion detected.

[Jaime groaning]

[yells, grunts heavily]


You should have finished me

when you had the chance.


He's gonna k*ll him.

[pained grunt]

[Carapax growling]

-No. He's not.

-[revving engine]

Hold on.

-[engine roars]


Please, just don't

hurt my family.

The love you feel

for your family

makes you weak.

Cesar! What are you doing?

Okay, Kord girl.

When I tell you, pull that

handbrake and pull it hard.

-You ready?

-Oh, my gosh, this is insane.

[Rudy] Three, two, one.



[expl*sive grunt]

[Rudy] Cabezon,

let's get outta here!


[tires screeching]

Is he okay? Jaime! Jaime!

Jenny! Snap out of it!


-[Jaime] Don't look,

don't look!

I'm sorry, I'm sorry.


I'm fine, Rudy. Thank you.

All right. I got a T-shirt.

On the side.

All right. Okay.

-[Rudy] Man...


Oh, that psycho

almost k*lled me.

You got the key?

-All right.


Good. Now, let's go get

that Scarab taken out of you.


-Khaji que?

The Scarab's name is Khaji-Da.

How do you know?

I... Something happened

back there. My...

It's like I feel it in my mind.

Is that crazy?


You're becoming symbiotic.


-Okay, where to now?

-Take that exit.

-What? Hold on!

-No, no, no!

-[tires squealing]

[horn blaring]

[Rudy] Does anybody

in this town

know how to drive?

[birds squawking]

[Rudy] Oh!

[Jaime] They're not gonna

look for you here?

[Jenny] No one's been here

since I was eight.

[hinges creaking]

-[watch beeps]

-[mechanism rumbling]

[Rudy] Yeah, I get it.

That makes sense.

[Rudy] So, your dad was all

obsessed with Scarabs, huh?

Where are we?

[machinery humming]

No way.


Ted Kord was Blue Beetle?


What the hell is Blue Beetle?

[Rudy] Oh, you were a kid.

It's like Palmera's superhero.

Like Superman in Metropolis

or the Flash in Central City.

But just, uh...

I don't know,

maybe just not... not as good.

I can't believe

he was the Blue Beetle.

Oh, I get it though.

Eccentric billionaire,

a genius.

El Escarabajo Azul.

Your dad was a great man.

I had no idea.

You can call me Cesar or Rudy.

You can call me whatever

you want, I don't care.

Hey, how come all of this--

-Are you okay?

-I'm fine.

Um, what were you saying?

Yeah, how come this stuff

doesn't look more like--

Nicer? Less ridiculous?

No. But I mean...

Like, look at this.

It's like Batman's stuff,


like if he had ADHD

or something.

Batman's a fascist.

The Blue Beetle,

he had a sense of humor.


My dad was never able

to unlock the Scarab.

So instead, he built his own

tech to fight as Blue Beetle.

If there's a way to get it out,

it's in there.

-[knuckles cr*ck]

-Let's cr*ck into this sucker.



-Damn, you stink.

-This is your shirt.

Come on, I think there's some

of my dad's clothes upstairs.

[Rudy] That's a good idea.

This is gonna take a minute.




When is this day gonna end?



Ay. [chuckles]

[Jenny] Is everything okay?

Um, yes. Yeah.

Yeah, I'll be right out.

Yeah, I think they, uh...

I think they fit.

And they're comfy, too, so...


It must have been

so cool growing up

in a place like this, no?

Honestly, it was...

it was pretty lonely

most of the time.

[Jaime] It was just

you three in here?

[Jenny] Yeah.

That was my mother's

last painting.

Why'd she stop?

My mom d*ed when I was six.

Oh... We don't...

-I'm so sorry to...

-It's okay. No, it's okay.

It's fine.

What was she like?

She was great.

She was great.


She changed my dad's life.

She was the one who taught him

that the world

is a place to protect.


But when my mom d*ed, he...

he really went adrift.

He obsessed over the Scarab

and he would disappear

for days.

Sometimes weeks.

And one day, he...

he left and...

didn't come back.

I'm so sorry, Jenny.

You're really lucky.

This house is...

it's full of stuff.

Your house is full of love.


[voice breaking] A family.


That's a home.

[crying softly]

I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

Sorry for... for what?

I... I haven't

talked about this

in a very long time.

Kinda feels nice to,

maybe, right?

Thank you.


You're a good listener.

My mom says it's 'cause

I got big ears.

[chuckling lightly]

Hey, guys,

I found something that-- Ho!

-Nothing happened.

-Her mom d*ed.

I found something you guys

need to look at.

Uh, great.

That's great. Let's go.

Nice jammies, guey.


[Rudy] Okay. [groans]

I've gone through the files.

So... Ted had a professor,

this guy named Dan Garrett.

The Scarab chose

this Garrett guy

before it chose you, Jaime.

And pinche Ted,

ran tests on him to map out

how the Scarab would react

to the human body.

So, once this Scarab

goes up someone's ass...

It didn't go up my ass.

Okay. Well, it connects

to the brain

and that's what it's trying

to do to you, Jaime,

connect to your brain.

It's trying to become one

with you.


I think you should

ask it yourself.

I mean, this thing

has its own will.

[Jenny] It's sentient.

That's why it chooses a host.

That's why sometimes,

it does what you want,

and sometimes, it doesn't.

Okay, well, who made it?

Can they help us?

[chuckles] This wasn't made

on Earth, cabezon.

-No way.

-Si way.

It's alien.

Yeah. I don't really like

the term "alien."

-You can use it, but I just--

-Whatever, Rudy. Come on.

What happened

to Ted's professor guy?

How did he get it out?

You might want to sit down.

-Or not. All right--

-Rudy, please. Focus.

I got good news

and I got bad news.

The good news is,

I figured out how

to get it out.



And the bad news is

that you have to be d*ad.



[Jaime] What do you

mean "d*ad"?

[Rudy] Okay, right now,

Jaime, look.

It's fusing itself

to every cell in your body.

It's completely coiled

around your brain.

And there's nothing on earth

that could remove it.

It's designed

to protect its host.

To keep it alive.

So you're saying that

this thing's in me forever?


-[Rudy] No, it's not forever.

I mean, it's just until you...

until you die.


I think it's kinda cool.

No, I mean, basically,

you are a superhero, cabron.

I'm so sorry.

I had no way of knowing--

Oh, you had no idea.

So then what are

my options now?

So, option one is

to become an android

for the rest of my life.

Or option two is to hand myself

over to a m*rder

-billionaire psychopath?

-I'm so sorry.

All I wanted was a job.

-[Rudy] Maybe there's a--

-Maybe what, Rudy?

It's all bad news.

Okay, this sh*t just doesn't

get any better for us.

I don't understand

why you can't...

God. [sighs]

Whatever. I'm gonna...

I'm gonna go for a walk.

[Jenny] Jaime, just...

Let me go talk to him.

I think I know

where he's going.

Cabezon, wait up.

[door opens, hinges creaking]



There he is.

I knew I'd find you out here.

[chuckles] Like a cat, Jaime.

[questions in Spanish]


[in English]

I'm sorry for yelling

at you, Rudy.

-I shouldn't have

yelled at you, but...

-[Rudy speaks Spanish]

[in English]

It's not lost on me

that your situation

is a little bit

out of the ordinary.

[light chuckle] Yeah, we're...

we're resilient people.

Life will continue to h*t us

with curve b*lls, and...

difference is, when we

get h*t, we get stronger.

Look at your old man.

He brought me here from Sonora.

I was ten. I think he was 19.

And people think

crossing the border is hard.

Yeah, it's hard,

but you know what's harder?

The next 20 years after,

I mean, la chinga.

But your viejo would work

16 hours a day, bust his ass.

Any ja he could

get his hands on.

Jornalero, bus boy, waiter.

He was a mechanic,

era de todo, dishwasher.

[speaks Spanish]

[in English]

And to get us all here

and to keep us all together.

And not that he wanted to,

he had to.

That's what we come from.

The universe has

sent you a gift, Jaime.

And you have to figure out

what you're going to do

with it.

Maybe this did all happen

for a reason.

Maybe it's time

that we get our own hero.

And not just some

foot up our ass. [chuckles]

Hey, but what do I know, huh?

I'm just some failed promise

that sleeps

in his brother's living room.

Don't say that, man.

You're not a failed promise.

Come on, you're the sh*t!

You know it.

-I am the sh*t.

-Yeah. [chuckles]

And... and I love you.

And I love you, too, cabezon.

Yeah, all right.

-[door creaks open]

-[Jenny] Guys?

[aircraft thrumming]

Do you hear that?

That's Victoria.

[Rudy] Where are they going?


[water running]

[Alberto] You're wasting

too much water.

[gentle music playing on radio]

[Rocio chiding Milagro

in Spanish]

[Milagro groaning]

[pleased chuckle]

[Milagro, in English]

It's always my fault.

[Alberto reassures Milagro

in Spanish]

[Milagro, in English] Yeah.

[Rocio speaking Spanish]

[low rumbling]

[mug rattling]

[Rocio continues in Spanish]

[in Spanish]

[rumble of aircraft


[Alberto speaks Spanish]

[rattling intensifies]

[soldiers chattering faintly]

[in English] Guys?

I think there's somebody

at the window.

[siren wailing outside]

[tarp rustling]

[aircraft thundering overhead]

[man over PA] Jaime Reyes,

come out with your hands up.

Turn yourself in.

We are authorized

to use deadly force.

Jaime Reyes,

come out with your hands up...

[in Spanish]

We are authorized

to use deadly force.

Okay. Okay.


I'm gonna fly. I'm gonna fly.

Let's do this.


Yeah, no chance.




-Dude, no worries.

-Just take your time.

-Thanks, Jenny.

-You gotta force it

to come out.

-What do you...

[frustrated panting]

Oh. Oh.


-You're a genius.

-I know. What'd I say?

You said this thing's

gonna protect me, right?

-[Rudy] I...

-It's not gonna let me die?

No, no. I mean, when you die...

-All right,

let's see if it works.

-[Rudy] I wouldn't test it.

-No, no, no, Jaime!

-Wait, wait, wait, Jaime!



Well, back to the Tacoma,

I guess.


[indistinct chatter]

[soldier on radio] We have

the Reyes house surrounded.

The family's inside.

[Victoria on radio]

You know what to do.

Round them up!

Breach team, go.

On me.

We're in!

Fan out. Flash!


-Get the light on.

-I got your left!

Back room, clear!


-[family whimpering]

-Hands on your head.

Don't move.

-Okay, okay.

-[soldier] Don't move!

-Don't touch my family!

-Get up!

Let's go! Up, up!

Hands up! Watch your two!

-[Milagro whimpers]

-Miss Kord,

we found the family.

[soldier 1] We got 'em

coming out.

[soldier 2] Take 'em out.

Let's go.

-[soldier] Drag them out!

-[soldier commands in Spanish]

[Milagro yelling]

[in English]

Come on! Let's go, come on!

-[Rocio] Let her go!

-[soldier] Move, move!

[panicked, indistinct shouting]

-Let's go, let's go!

-[glass shattering]

[Rocio yelling]

[Nana shouting angrily

in Spanish]

Let's go!

Do not resist!

-No! No! No!

-[w*apon cocking]

[Alberto shouting in Spanish]

[Nana shouting in Spanish]

[soldier 1, in English]

Get on the ground.

On the ground!

[soldier 2] Get down, now!

Let's go, now!

[soldier shouts in Spanish]

The kid's not there.

Find him!

[Milagro panting]

[soldier] Is he inside?

[in Spanish]

[soldier, in English]

Where is he?

[repeats Spanish]

[in English] Where is he?

Where is he?

I could use

that arsenal right about now.


Thought you'd never ask.

Hell yeah!

[soldiers yelling]


[Jaime] Nice work, Khaji.

You guys okay?


-Sorry, I'm late, Mom.


-[w*apon cocking]

-Wait, what?

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Look, don't sh**t.

I don't wanna hurt you guys.

[Victoria over radio] f*re!

God damn it!

I said don't sh**t.

-[Rocio yelps]

-[g*n continues]

Oh, my God. I'm bulletproof.

Let's see what you can do.

Target the family.

[Victoria over radio] Engage.

[soldier] Take 'em out.


[grunts] I got you guys.

Don't worry.

It's gonna be okay.


Okay, let's see what you got.

[Khaji-Da] Eliminating threats.

What? No, Khaji, no k*lling.

Yeah, that's more like it.

[all yelling]


Get out of here.


[Alberto urging in Spanish]


Analyzing thr*at level.

Okay. Let's do this.



[laughs] Hell yeah!

[all panting, whimpering]

[soldier] Down on the ground!

-[Milagro] Papi!


-[soldier] We got one.

-[fearful gasping]

[in Spanish]

-[soldier] Stay down.

Don't move.


Stay where you are.

[cursing in Spanish]

-[Milagro] No!

-[soldier on radio]

We got another one.


Come to papa.

[all grunting]

Carapax, ready the claw.

[claw mechanism powering up]

[shaky whisper]

Daddy, I'm scared.

[weakly] Everything

is gonna be okay.

[Khaji-Da] Jaime, your family.

[soldier] Stay down!

[Jaime grunts]

Okay, come on, Papi.

Mili, get Dad outta here. Go!


-Okay. Okay, let's go.


[Khaji-Da] They have a w*apon.

I suggest we retreat.

No way. They att*ck my family,

we're gonna finish this.

[Victoria] And...

[grunting in pain]


-[heart thumping]

Dad, no. Dad, what's wrong?

Dad! Dad!

[crying] No, no, no! Dad!


No, no, no.


-[Milagro] No!



Now, what's happening?


Symbiotic systems...

-Khaji, do something!

[sobbing] Dad, no!

Dad! Apa!



[panting, whimpering]

No. No, no, no.


No, Jaime.

-Jaime, watch out!

-[Jaime gasping for breath]

[yelling] You! You!

What do you want with us?


[Milagro] Dad, no!

[Jaime] What are you doing?

Get this thing off of me,

you psycho!



-[Rocio screams] Mili!

-[crying] Alberto!

-[Nana speaking Spanish]


Let me go!

-Khaji, do something! [groans]

-I got him. Let's go.

Apa! [yelling]

[Rocio pleading in Spanish]

[calling for help in Spanish]

[Rocio yelling in Spanish]

[family crying]


-[Rocio] Rudy. Rudy, Rudy.

-[speaking Spanish] Wake up.

[Jaime yelling indistinctly]

[groaning loudly] Apa!

[weakly] I'm gonna come...

I'm gonna come get you.

[Rudy] Call an ambulance.

[sobs, echoing]

[sirens wailing]

[defibrillator charging]

-[medic] Clear!

-[paddles thumping]

[medic] Clear! Clear!

[faint voices, echoing]

[monitor flatlines]


[Milagro whimpering, sniffling]

[Rocio murmuring to Milagro]

[Nana speaking Spanish]

[in Spanish]


[in Spanish]

[Milagro crying]

[Nana addressing Milagro

in Spanish]

[Milagro sniffles]

[in Spanish]

[Rudy agreeing in Spanish]

[crying, in English]

Nana is right, Mili.

We have to go and save Jaime.

How? Okay,

we don't even know

where they took him.

[Jenny] I might know

where he is.


Come with me.

I can help.

[Jenny] Watch your step.


-[doors rumbling]

All right.

Let's do this.

[paint can rattling]

[Rocio speaks Spanish,

then English] Let's go.

[Milagro] Okay, okay.

I'm done, I'm done.

Okay, guys.

Let's hope

this Kord tech works.

[motor thrumming]

[switches clicking]

-[buzzer buzzes]

-Hang on.


[mechanism powers down,

powers back up]


-[systems humming]

[powers off]

[powers on]


-[automated voice] Welcome back

to the Bug Ship, Teddy.

Oh, that's sexy.

[Rocio] Look at you.

[Milagro] This is sick.

[Rudy] Thrusters!

-Let's go get our boy.

-[Jenny] Let's do this.

[Rudy] Jenny.

[Nana laughs]

Okay. Good, good,

good. Good.

[speaking Spanish]

[speaking Spanish]

[in English]

So, what's the plan

when we get there?

We'll burn that bridge

when we get to it.

[Milagro] That's not

how you say--

[all yelling]


[Rudy] Ama, I'm flying!


[Victoria] After 15 years,

everything we've done,

every sacrifice we've made,

has led to this moment.

Finally, the power

of the Scarab will be ours.

[Sanchez] Almost there.

[Victoria] We are going

to change the world, Carapax.

Are you ready?

I'm ready.

[monitor beeping]

[Milagro groans]

[in Spanish]

[in English]

Is this thing bulletproof?

[mutters in Spanish]

[in Spanish]

[mutters in Spanish]

[in English] Well, do you guys

wanna see Dad's toys?

Wait, is that

Kabloom bubble gum?

[Jenny] Oh, no, no.

That's not what

you think it is.

It's just a special prototype

my dad was designing for me

when I was little.

Do these things work?

Mm... some of them.


-[glove beeps]


[nervous chuckle]

Oh, that's the Bug Shield.

Try pressing another button.

[Milagro chuckles softly]

Yeah, you know what?

I think I'm keeping this one.

Okay, so, how are we

supposed to learn

how to use these things?

[heavy w*apon clicks,

powering up]

[Milagro] Nana?

Hey. How do you know

how to hold that so perfectly?

[in Spanish]


-[hairpin clatters]

[Jenny] This is where

they took Jaime.

Pago is a Caribbean island

off the coast of Cuba

that Kord bought from Batista

in the 50s.

The place is a fortress.

Okay, how the hell

are we gonna get in there?

[in Spanish]

[in English] What the hell?

Mili, one day, we gonna

have to talk

about Nana's

revolutionary past.

Her what?

[in Spanish]

[speaking Spanish]


[in Spanish]

[Jenny, in English] Yeah,

the generators are here.

-[Nana] Mm.

-We could blow them up

-and knock power out.


[praising in Spanish]

[in Spanish]


-[Milagro, in English]

Damn, Nana.

-[Nana laughs intensely]


[breath echoing, faint]

[shuddering gasp]

Hey, who are you?


What're you doing?

Get me out of this thing,


[Victoria] Is there a problem,


[whispers] I'm sorry.

You're sorry? You're sorry?

What does that even mean?

Tell her to get me out of this!


It's okay. It's okay.

Yeah. Listen, kid.

The Scarab chose you,

that's true.

But it doesn't belong to you.

It belongs to me.

But now that you've

activated it,

we can transfer its code

directly into the O.M.A.C.

What are you

even talking about?

No, no, Miss Kord.

It could k*ll him.

Oh, bummer.

Well, but sacrifices have to

be made for the greater good.

And this is yours, Jaime Reyes.

Do it, Sanchez.

With all due respect,

my name, again, is not Sanchez.

[Jaime] Hey, hey!

Get me outta this thing!

-[fly buzzing]

-Damn it.

[Bug Ship engines whining]


[Jenny] Rudy.

[Rudy] Yeah, I see it.

[Jenny] You're going too fast!

[Rudy] Here goes nothing.

-Hold on, hold on!

-[all yelling]

-[Rudy] All right. All right.

-[all shrieking]

[gasps] Incoming!

Brace for impact!

[soldiers shouting]

[all screaming]

[groans loudly]


[soldier] Let's go, let's go!

On the wall! Engage. Engage.

[Rocio] Rudy, do something.

Rudy, we need to move.

We need to move.

["Kickstart My Heart" playing]

[Rudy] Here we go!

-[all yelling]

-[Rudy] Whoa.

Okay, okay.


-Get out of the way. Sorry!

-[Nana shouting in Spanish]

[soldiers screaming]

-[in English]

It's like I can't miss.

-Right there, right there.

[soldier groans]

[in Spanish]

-[in English] Twenty points!

-[Rudy] Whoo-hoo!

[soldiers grunting, screaming]

Activating cloaking system.

[Bug Ship voice]

Activating bug fart.

[Bug Ship farting explosively]


[soldiers coughing, gagging]

[Rudy] Take that!


-[soldiers yelling]

-[Jenny screams]

[Bug Ship squeaks]

[Jenny exhales]

-Yeah, this way.


Hey! Come on.

I know you can hear me.

[breathing heavily]

Just let me out!

[grunts explosively]

[Jaime struggling, panting]

[Victoria] I'll keep it safe.

Start the transfer.

And when it's complete,

k*ll the kid.

Get me out of here!

But, Miss Kord,

we could learn so much

from his connection

to the Scarab--

We can learn a lot more

if we take it off his corpse.

[Jaime] Let me out! No! No!


[screaming continues]

[indistinct radio chatter]

Milagro, here, hide!

[metallic rattling]

Holy sh*t.

Okay, I think we're good.

What the...

Victoria, you crazy b*tch.

[Milagro] What the hell

is this?

[Jenny] Fully operational

O.M.A.C. systems.

Enough to build an entire army.

[Sanchez] Miss Kord, this...

this isn't looking good.

[Victoria] What's going on?

[Sanchez] Oh, no.

The Scarab download

is generating too much power.

Our systems are spiking.

[Victoria] What does it mean?


The transfer is k*lling him.

[Victoria] He can't die before

the transfer is completed.

His pulse is dropping.

Well, just fix it!

[gasping deeply]

[Alberto, echoing] Hey, flaco.


What's going on?

What are you doing here?

You know.

No. Apa.

[comforting in Spanish]

[in Spanish]

[speaks Spanish]

[Jenny] Milagro, here.

Help me with these.

[cracking, rumbling]



This is not your time.

You have to go back.

[in Spanish]

[in English] Please.

I understand everything now.

My destiny was

to be here with you.

In this moment.

To help you cross into it.

[in Spanish]

[in English]

This is your purpose.

[in Spanish]

[in English] It's time for you

to accept your destiny, Jaime.

[breathing rapidly]

How am I gonna

do this without you?

[in Spanish]

[in English] How am I

gonna know what to do?

[in Spanish]


[in Spanish]

[in English]

I love you, too, Papi.

[speaks Spanish]

Something's happening.


His brainwaves, they're syncing

with the Scarab's frequency.

Right there.

They're connecting.

I need you, Khaji!

They're becoming one.


[monitor beeping]

[Victoria] We've got the code?


The transfer's complete.

-The code is ours.


It's working!

[Jaime panting]



[panting] Oh, no.

[soldier] Go, go, go!


[panting heavily]

[sharp groan]


Okay. Here we go.


[electronic ticking]



[Jenny] Okay, let's go.

[Milagro] Yeah.

[Carapax screaming distantly]


-[suit warbles, sputters]

No. No, no, no.

[Carapax yelling]

Sanchez, stop him!

[panting] Oh, sh*t.

[Carapax screaming]



Get your family

and get off this island, okay?

-Wait, wait, wait. My family?


-What do you mean my family?

-[door slams]


Sanchez, you moron.

What are you doing?

My name is not Sanchez,


It's Jose Francisco Morales

Rivera de la Cruz!

-[Victoria] What are you doing?


-[Jaime yells]


[Victoria] Stop him, Carapax.

Go. I'll be fine.


Okay, Khaji, come on.

-[loud thudding]



All right, Khaji, activate!

[Khaji-Da] Rebooting.

Rebooting? Are you kidding me?

[O.M.A.C. powering up]

Oh, God. Oh, no. Oh, no.



-Go, go, go.

-Okay, okay, okay.

[rumbling, cracking]

Milagro, wait.

-Oh, no, no, no.

-What's wrong? What's wrong?

-[Jenny] No, no, watch out!

-[Milagro screams]





Finally, I can feel it.

[growling softly]

[exhales] Oh...

Now this look really suits you.

-[loud buzzing]

-[klaxon blares]

Okay. [panting]

Okay, Khaji.

All right, Khaji-Da.

You got this. You can do this.

Come on! Let's go! Let's go!

-[suit hums, then falters]

-[Khaji-Da] Still rebooting.

Come on!




[soldier] Freeze!

-Stay right there!

-[w*apon cocking]

Come on.

-[w*apon powering up]

-Don't move.


[soldier] Take him down.

-[powerful w*apon f*ring]

-[soldiers screaming]

-[f*ring ceases]

-[Jaime gasps]


[in Spanish]

[Jaime, in English] Okay.

Where did you learn

to sh**t like that?

[in Spanish]

[urging in Spanish]

[soldiers chattering]

[w*apon clicks]

[soldier] Keep your eyes


[prolonged battle yell]

[in Spanish]


-[soldiers screaming]


-[w*apon spinning down]

[contented sigh, laugh]

[in Spanish]

[calling in Spanish]

[rocks clattering]

[muffled booming]


[coughing] Milagro!


[Victoria tutting]

Jennifer, Jennifer, Jennifer.

What a mess you have made.

[soldier] Let's go.

On your feet. Get up!

[Nana and Rocio

speaking Spanish]


[Rocio speaking Spanish,


[in Spanish]

-[in English] Yeah.

-[muffled booming]

-[muttering in Spanish]



-[Jaime] Where is she?

Milagro and Jenny.

They're in there.

[Jaime] Oh, you gotta

be kidding me.

Okay, I need to head

back in there, okay?

[Rudy] Yeah.

What about the suit?

It's not working right now.

I can't deal with it.



-[speaking Spanish]

-[in English] Okay.

[in English]

Uh... Rudy, what's that

chongo thing called again?



I know you can hear me,


I want you both

to get it together.

Find your strength, mijito.

Use the pain we're feeling

and turn it into power.

I want you

to go back in there...

[in Spanish]

-[soldier grunts]

-[Milagro gasps]

-I found one of them.




[all grunting loudly]


-Drop your w*apon.

-Oh, g*dd*mn it.

[gasps in pain]

[Jaime] Hey! Pendejos!

["I Ain't Goin' Out Like That"


[suit powering up]

[Khaji-Da] Rebooting complete.

Get the hell away

from my sister.

-I'm out.

-I'm out.

You ready Khaji?

[Khaji-Da, in Spanish]

Come on, let's get it.

Who's first?

[all grunting]



[Jaime] Oh, you want some?



[pained yell]

Wait, wait, wait! Watch out!

Engage the target.

[soldiers yell]

[chuckles] Let's go!


Oh, man, there's more.


[soldiers grunting]

[Jaime yells]

Grab him!

What the hell?

Get 'em off of me!

[Khaji-Da] With pleasure.

[all yelling]

-Thanks, Khaji.

-[Khaji-Da] De nada.


[Khaji-Da] One more left.


-[Jaime] Get over here!

[soldier yells]

[pleased chuckle]


[Jaime] Come on.

[chuckles] Come on.

Nice slap.

[in Spanish]

[in English]

Okay, I deserve that one.

[Milagro] I thought

I'd never see you again.

I told you I wasn't

going anywhere.

-[Milagro] Well, you did.

-Yeah, that wasn't my--

[exclaiming in Spanish]

Rudy! Rudy!

[in English]

Mili, oh, my God. Oh, my God.

You're safe.

I thought I lost you.

[Milagro] No, no. Look.

-[Milagro laughing]

-Hey, hey, hey.

Wait, wait, wait.

Where's Jenny?

We got separated. I don't know.

-Okay, we have to find her.

-[power surge humming]

Okay, we're gonna find her

before the others do

because I--

Watch out!

[Jaime yells]

What the hell was that?



O.M.A.C. incoming, Jaime.

Ah, crap. [grunts]

[Jaime yelling]

[both grunting]

[Jaime] Get off!

Okay, let's do this, Khaji!

Give me rockets or something.

[Khaji-Da] Deploying blasters.

[Carapax groans]

Okay, now give me blades.

Okay, now give me--

[pained grunt, yelling]

[Khaji-Da] Careful,

he's stronger than before.

-Okay, I get it.


[Milagro] Okay,

which way do we go?

Go to the Bug Ship.

It's that way.

-But where are you going?

-I'm gonna get Cabezon. Go!

[both grunting loudly]


Critical wing damage.

[Jaime] Scratch my back?

Well, I'll scratch yours.

[Jaime yelling]

[Carapax grunting]

All right, big boy.


You do not deserve this power!

[blade clanging]

[Jaime] I thought you'd

h*t harder than that.

[grunts with effort]

[Jaime] Okay, we need

something else, Khaji.


Accessing energy reactor.

[suit charging up]

[Jaime] There we go.


All right,

you wanna dance, huh?

Now, give me a sword.

So I can make whatever

w*apon I want, huh?

[Khaji-Da] Whatever

you can imagine, I can create.

Let's party.

[yells, grunts]

[Khaji-Da] Nice choice.

-[Jaime] Let's go!

-[Carapax growling]


[Jaime] Home run! Whoo!


[Jaime] Oh, yeah!

[laughs] Come on.

That's all you got?

[Khaji-Da] Let's not

get ahead of ourselves, Jaime.

[Jaime] Khaji, don't worry.

We got this.

[both grunting]

[triumphant yell]

[both straining]

[Jaime] Okay, this is a little

harder than I thought.


[pained grunt]


Regenerative systems critical.

What the hell?

[Carapax] There can

only be one of us.

[Jaime] Khaji, do something!

[both grunting]

[Jaime] What's wrong?

Can't breathe?

[Carapax grunting, growling]

[Jaime grunts, straining]

[Jaime yelling]

[Khaji-Da] Jaime,

I cannot protect you anymore.

[Khaji-Da] I'm sorry.

[Jaime groaning]

Khaji, Khaji, stay with me.


[Carapax] You are still

a scared little boy.



[Carapax] I told you,

the love you feel

for your family...

makes you weak.

[defiant scream]

[Carapax grunts in surprise]


[in Spanish]

[Rudy, in English] Come on!

Come and get me.

[shouts in Spanish,

then English] Come on!



Oh, sh*t.

[Jaime] No!





Your O.M.A.C. has failed.

Jennifer, you don't know

what the O.M.A.C. is.

Carapax is just a prototype.

This is the only thing

that's important.

The Scarab code.

With this, I can make

a thousand Carapaxes.

This is the culmination

of my life's work.

This is the Kord legacy.

This is our legacy.

Not mine. I'll make sure of it.

You're... you're gonna side

with that Edge Key trash

over your own family?

That Edge Key trash...

knows more about

family than you ever will.

I know. No, I know

about family.

I know about my family

that overlooked me,

just the way that you are now,

because you are

just like your pathetic father,

who didn't have the guts

to do what was necessary

for the greater good.

I wish that Ted were here now

to see this.

[in Portuguese]


-[Victoria] Oh!


[alarm beeping]

[struggling grunts]

[grunting, yelling]



[Jaime] No! We're not done!

[violent grunts]


Jaime, thr*at disarmed.

You're losing control.

[Jaime] You think

that you could b*at me? Huh?

You should have finished me

when you had the chance!



O.M.A.C. neutralized.

Recommend to disengage.


[panting, grunts]

What are you doing?


We are not K*llers, Jaime.

-Let him go.


What about Dad?

What about Rudy?

[Khaji-Da] During the transfer,

I unlocked his memories.

Let me show you.


[doctor] What if he doesn't

survive the procedure?

[Victoria] Then we'll just

get another one.

[doctor 2] It could k*ll him.

Sacrifices must be made

for the greater good.

[Ronald Reagan] This country is

confronting a brutal challenge,

from guerrillas

armed and supported

by others outside Guatemala.

[woman] The United States

is committed to restoring


and to address the root causes

of the violent insurgency.

[Ronald Reagan] We know

about the problems

confronting Guatemala.

Perfect. Round them up.

[jet flying overhead]

[echoing] Mama!

[echoing] Ignacio!


[echoing scream]

[breathing shakily]


Do you understand now?


Hey! Cabezon!


You're wrong.

That love that

I have for my family...

that's what makes me strong.

All right, give it to me.

Come on.


-Yes, that.

[screams] No!

Now what have you done?

No! No, no!

[Jaime panting] Jenny?

-[Jenny murmuring, relieved]

-It's okay.

Carapax, k*ll them.

k*ll them both!

[in Spanish]

[in English] Okay.

[Victoria] What are you doing?

They're getting--

[Jaime] Okay.

[Jenny whimpers]

[Victoria] No.

Wait, Jenny, wait.

Go back to the Bug Ship.

I'll be right behind you.


-I promise.

We can be partners, huh?

I'll f... I'll fix it.

I'll fix you.

We can find another Sanchez.

Do you remember everything

that I've done for you?

[in Q'eqchi]

[Carapax's suit powering up]

[whispering] No.

Khaji, what's he doing?

[Khaji-Da] He's maxing out

the energy reactor in his suit.

I advise we back away.

[humming power intensifies]

[mother, echoing] Ignacio.

[laughs gently]

[in Q'eqchi]

[Victoria] What? What?

What, no! What are you doing?

Stop! No! No!

[in Q'eqchi]

[in English]

Sacrifices must be made

for the greater good.

No! Please! No!

Ignacio, no! Stop!

[Khaji-Da] I suggest we run.

Okay. Oh, sh*t.


[Jenny grunts]

Milagro, pull!

[Rudy] Rocio!

[speaks Spanish]


[exhausted grunt]

[all panting]

-[Jaime chuckles weakly]

-[whispers] You okay?



[Rudy] Cabezon.





-Yeah. You know...

-[in Spanish]

-[Jaime exclaims]


-[Rocio speaks Spanish]


[in Spanish]

[all crying]

[crying softly]

It is a delicate moment

for Kord Industries.

And of course, we mourn

the loss of Victoria Kord.

But I'm looking forward.

As I was saying,

we will no longer make w*apon.

What I want to do is honor

my father's legacy.

It's not about destruction,

it's about building

a better future.

It's not about taking

from the community,

but giving back

to the community.

What are we gonna do now?

Animo, Rudy, okay?

We're gonna get through this,

we always do.

[woman calling out in Spanish]

[man, in English]

Hey! The Reyes are here.


[animated chatter in Spanish]

[in Spanish]

[indistinct chatter]

["Sabor a Mi" playing]

[men chattering, laughing]

[indistinct chatter]

[Milagro] Nana.

[Nana grunting,

speaking Spanish]

[in English] Okay.

-[both laughing]

-[speaks Spanish]

[addresses family in Spanish]

[in Spanish]


[in English] Where, Ama?

We don't have a house.

Rudy, we have, like,

half the Edge Keys

in our yard right now.

I'm sure they'll be happy

to help us out.

[speaks Spanish, then English]

Of course

they're going to help.

Yeah, until when?

Until Kord pushes us out?


I wouldn't worry about that.

[pleased chattering]

[Rocio] Jenny, Jenny.


[in Spanish]

[in English] I think it's time

to return the Edge Keys

to the people

that made it great.

Sounds like the Reyes family's

rubbing off a little bit

on Jenny Kord, no?

[Jenny] Kord has a lot to learn

from the Edge Keys.

Starting with you, Rudy.

Wait a minute,

did you tell her to say that?

Rudy, I didn't say sh*t.

That sounds like something

that you would say to her

to tell me.

And don't worry,

Kord Industries

will fix and give you back

your house.

[Milagro exclaims excitedly]

[all chattering]

[man] Excuse me.

-Here you go.

-Thank you.

-Here, Rudy.

-What's this?

I felt really bad,

so I got you a new tailgate.

[laughter, chattering]

How do you like that, cupcake?

Oh! Wow, it's blue.

A little on the nose, no?

-[Rocio] Rudy.

-Rudy. "Thank you."

-I'll think about it.

-[Jenny] Yeah, take a look.

-Oh, wow.

Come on, help me like it.

-[Milagro] I'm inheriting that.

All right, I gotta go.


How about I walk you out?

-Yeah, sure.



So, uh...

when am I gonna

see you again?

Soon. I hope.

Where are you headed?

To my dad's.

I want to look at

my mom's paintings again.

I forgot how beautiful

they are.

Cool, cool.


What if I gave you a ride?




I feel a surge of blood

rushing towards

your mid-region.


No, no, no. Not you.


What's it saying?


["Nada Personal" playing]

[suit humming]

[family hooting and cheering]

[all singing

"Jaime la del Barrio"]



Hold on.

[nervous chuckle]


[Jenny yelling]

[song continues]

-[heavy thud]

-[devices powering up]

["I'm All Out of Love" playing]

I'm all out of love,

What am I without you?

I can't be too late

I know I was so wrong

I'm all out of love,

I'm so lost without you

-[static crackles]

-[music skips and repeats]

[man over radio] Hello, hello?

Oh, my God, it's working.

Okay. Um...

Whoever turned on my computer,

get a message

to my daughter, Jenny.

Jenny Kord.


tell her that I love her,

and that I'm sorry,

and her dad is alive.

Ted Kord is alive.

[quirky theme song playing]

[announcer speaking in Spanish]


[announcer continues

in Spanish]


[announcer continues]


[announcer continues]

[pleased laugh]

[Rudy] Oh, that's sexy.
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