The Equalizer 3 ( 2023)

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The Equalizer 3 ( 2023)

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( speaking Italian)
Wait here

He told me to wait outside

Let’s go

Why are you two still breathing?

We arrived after

I make sure I understand, you arrived alone to this vineyard for ?

( speaking English)
Robert: You

( speaking Italian)

You know who I am?

( Speaking English)

Robert: I know what you are , you took something that doesn’t belong to you, I’m here to take it back

( Speaking Italian)

You’re a few meters short

Robert: We end up where we’re supposed to be
Your man to my left with his finger on the trigger, is a foot too close , the man to my right is already d*ad, he just doesn’t know it yet, I feel sorry for his family

( g*n blasts)

Senore, Senore

( Speaking Italian)

Too much pressure, he wouldn’t have made it to the hospital

Enzo: He’s about to go into shock
He fell down
He didn’t fall, they sh*t him
Enzo: You brought me a man who fell down
Mind the light, thank you, that’s good, clean the wound

Gio saved your life, did I save the life of a good man or a bad man?

( Speaking English)
Robert: I don’t know none of those things

Enzo : Where are you headed?
( Speaking English)
Robert: Home

Enzo: Not so fast , your wound needs time to heal

Will the bad men find you here?
Robert: No

( speaking English)

Enzo: Did you sleep well?
Robert: Yes
Enzo: I made you tea
Robert: Grazie
Enzo: Enzo , who are you?
Robert: Um Roberto
Enzo: Roberto?

Enzo: Roberto Good I kept my father’s cane
Robert: How long?
Enzo: Three days
Small but simpatico , Roberto to the left, stairs

( speaking Italian)
Good afternoon
Robert: Can I have some tea?
The teabag?
I’ll bring it now

Atimah: I’m sorry, tea is for old ladies and Englishmen

( speaking Italian)
This is my daughter Gabby

( speaking English)
Enzo is a good doctor, brought me into this world, my parents too, most of the people here
These are good people
Robert: I understand
I parked your car behind the station for when you’re feeling better
I didn’t look in your bags

Robert ( on the phone) Sicily, 62 clicks
Collins: Who is this?
Robert: A concerned citizen

Robert: Cantina, south of vineyard , importing crates
Collins: What are they importing? Tree nuts, fruit, nothing strange about that buddy
Robert: 52 crates from Syria
Collins: What’s a Sicilian vineyard doing with Syrian crates?
Robert: So I do have the right number
Collins: How’d you come across?
Robert: Just passing through

( speaking Italian)
I need to repair my freezer, I have no business without it
What do I care about your freezer?
Don’t worry Marco, I’ll pay you next week
We know each other from a long time?
Don’t piss me off, everybody pays

Vincent: I take care of you, you’re my brother, I love you, don’t piss me off
Collect payments, don’t be loud about it
( Glass shatters)
Leave him there for everyone to see

Collins: Synthetic amphetamine
Did the doors?
Had to blow those

Frank Conroy: 11 million, American

Collins: Cameras?
All down at precisely 8:16

One set of prints
Frank: Multiple buyers, one set of fingerprints?

Collins: Use their G hud, it’s smart

Frank; That was money laundering
How’d you come across this?
Collins: Called in, anonymous

Enzo: Big football match today , when I was young, I played
Robert: Were you any good?
Enzo: No, that’s why I became a doctor, going to market, do you want anything?
Robert: I go for you
Enzo: No
Enzo: No you should rest
Robert: You do a lot for me, I’m going , strong

Robert: Spiello I know, is seabass?

( speaking Italian)

Attimah; You’re not supposed to smell the fish, the eyes bright or cloudy , gills , red or pink
Angelo: She’s right
Attimah: I see Stefano sold that hat

Robert; What’d she say?
( speaking Italian)
Angelo: I like your hat

( speaking Italian)
I don’t think God is listening
Time to include you in these important plans
Big plans for Altanese , resorts, hotels

Enzo: Remember what you said when I asked you
Robert: When I first came here, you asked if I was a good man or a bad man?
Enzo: You said you didn’t know , only a good man would say that

Robert: I can turn and look at you straight on so you can get a better photograph
Collins: You don’t look like you sound
Robert: You do, the way you pronounce your m’s, it’s dry
Collins: I’ll work on that
Robert: You’re welcome by the way, the tip worked out
Collins: What were you doing at a farm with meth basedamphetamine?
Robert: I told you
Passing through
Collins: You don’t want to play games with me, I can take you in and talk about it
Robert : You’ll need jurisdictional approval or you can take me to a black site, t*rture me
Collins: Says the guy who knew what number to call
Where’d you get that?
Robert: Book , little black book

Collins: A lot of d*ad people on that farm
Robert: dr*gs is a dangerous occupation
Collins: Did you k*ll them?
Robert: Do I look like someone who kills people?
Collins: I’m starting to think so

You’re a person of interest
Robert; I’m an interesting person

Collins; Don’t you want to know how I found you?
Robert: That’s easy, you took the St Fairy crossing, saw the cameras on the terminal, ran them back two weeks, saw the license plates on the VW, GPS location, how am I doing so far?

Robert: Two c’s, two l’s

Enzo: You call the mafia, they’re cancer, like cancer there is no cure

Collins: This church has been here over a thousand years
Inside saving someone from being unjustly hanged

Robert: Do you believe?
Collins: In what?
Robert : Miracles
Collins: Similar acts falling in the right place at the right time, no, I believe things I can see, two C’s, two L’s

I’m here to tell you , you’re no longer a person of interest, you’re just an interesting person
On Interpol’s most wanted list, siphoning money from offshore accounts, government agencies, federal funds
dr*gs smuggled to the mainland
Robert; I cleared his name?

Collins: You’re a ghost
Robert: Wooo
Collins: I’m not afraid of ghosts

Why me?
Robert: Why Sicily?
Why the most secure port in the region?

Collins: I’ll circle back to you, then you can answer my question, why me?

( speaking Italian)
Marco: You’re my message boy

( Speaking English)
You like being in other people’s business
Robert: I ‘m trying really hard not to be, you’re making it challenging
Marco: You should stay out of things that are none your concern , it’s bad for you
Robert: I’m allergic to bad things
From the bottom of my heart, I’m believing I’m where I’m supposed to be , what you’re doing , do it somewhere else
Marco: Are you warning me?
Robert: I’m preparing you

That’s the median nerve I’m compressing, on a scale of 1 to 10, that’s a two, that’s a three, you don’t want me to go to four, four, you sh*t yourself, you don’t want that, I don’t want that, they don’t want that , tell your compadres to leave

Reporter: The result of an expl*si*n, there are no suspects

Frank; Did you see ?

Where the drug money was going?

Collins: Were there?
Frank: Plans for a train station

Collins: Why Sicily?
Why the most reliable port in the region?

Frank; Start from the d*ad guys up

Collins: We’re gathering information, i’d to ask these people some questions

Him, you can’t interview

What’s the deal?
Collins: I’m not here to negotiate , I’m here to give you an opportunity , you’re going to give me what I want

( speaking Italian)
Barbarella: I’m the head of police , you were a barbarian, you will always be a barbarbian

Vincent: Get to the hospital quickly, maybe you’ll wiggle a couple of fingers
Do you understand?
We appreciate you giving us a hand on this Barbarella

Barbarella’s been brutalised
Collins: By who?
Don’t know, he had information regarding the investigation

( on the phone)
Collins: McCall?
Robert: You’re looking in the wrong place, it’s not t*rrorists, it’s the Camorras

Robert; I know weakness, I know pain, I know death, I know suffering, because of this place, I know peace, you’re not taking that from me, God is my witness, you’re not taking it from them

Vincent: I take what I want
Robert: You take what you want, I’m right here, take me, not here

Vincent; Here, on the gravel stone, for everyone to see

Vincent: Enjoy it Americano, I’ll be back
Robert: I’ll be here
Vincent: I’ll make this place look like a w*r blew through it
Robert: I’ll be waiting
Hurry up, I’ll see you sooner than you think

Greg Dyer: Did you?
Collins: Wasn’t me
Why for a stranger?
Collins: I couldn’t tell you

Attimah: We won
Robert; I see
Attimah: It’s a big deal for Altanese
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