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Ultimate Heist (2009)

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In February , the Turkish army
began a crackdown on the Armenian people.

Sometime later...

thousands of survivors of this
genocide came to France.

To survive and integrate...

most Armenians chose
hard work and sacrifices.

Some do not.

Malakian clan was one of those.


- Want something?
- No. Be quick.


Take it easy!

- Let's talk politely.
- Politely?

Are you kidding?

Come on, get your documents.

Get your things and get out there!

As police
every day you face the danger.

Mortal danger.

Some people hold you
do not respect human life.

Starting with you.

Carrying a w*apon means
be ready to k*ll...

but also die.

You will face situations that
can classify into categories.


First we have White.
Total absence of danger.

I need not dwell here.
For the strips, rarely happens.

Yellow: awareness of the environment.

You are walking calmly
but anything can happen.

Orange: the possible danger.

control routine...

all directions are on alert...

to provide the lowest share.

Finally, the red.

Red is real thr*at.

An individual armed
is before you.

At this precise moment...

a cop who is not psychologically
prepared to use your w*apon...

is a danger to himself and to
who should protect.

So do these questions

"I am ready to risk
my life?"...

"I'm ready to k*ll?"

Good morning.

Lift the leg a little,
push the heel...

- And lift the toes.
- I can not.

I'll help.

That 'hurts.

But you must try.
Or never again walk normally.

- No matter. I'm right here.
- Mom!

Do what the doctor says.

So doctor, any progress?

Not a doctor.
I'm just a nurse.

I only care about the results.
And my mother is better.


How are you today?

That cold hand!
Yet eaten anything.

Go to the kitchen.
Yeva will prepare something.

Fine, but stop smoking.

Can come here?

His part in the cars.

That's all?

Yeah, and stop with the cars.

What will I do to money?

You are talking exchanged.

We have something better to do.

Tuesday, at h.
Come with Rudy.

Your uncle will tell you where
find us.

It is for that kind of service?

For what we do.
Do not worry.

Check the board.

Who are you?


- Okay.
- One moment.

- Why come here?
- Why not answer when I call?

Wait downstairs.
Be ready in an hour.

Élodie, what is the problem?
There are days that I try to talk to you.

Sorry, but I'm very
work. I'm exhausted.

Will it stop with this work.

- Really? And I live why?
- I have money.

Gotta go.
'll Be late.

I know you do not believe...

but things will change.
Trust me.

I'm not joking with you, Élodie.


- Anton, we're late!
- It will take time.

- Daniel called. They are waiting for us.
- Do not worry.

Pay attention.

You will open this safe,
or your family is in danger.

Stop! Stop right there!

Where could he have gone?

- You could have spared him...
- Shut up!

The vehicles were found in
parking lot of a supermarket.

Of course there is digital.

Who needs digital?
We know who it was.

Pretty, is not it?


- You like it?
- Very.

Soon it will be ours.


Let's reform, opening a hotel,
only a few rooms.

Look over there. It will be for the horses.
I'll take care of them.

- You mean horses?
- I will learn!

Come here.

Do not be afraid.


Give me your hand.

Do not be afraid.
Make it open.

Slowly, slowly...

I want to live here.

But only if you're with me.
Alone, I'm not interested.

Come with us.
They throw a party.

- You go on. I'm after.
- Come!

How are you?

Okay, how about you?

I will not.
It's late.

I have not seen you lately,
but wanted to tell you one thing.

You're my son, Anton.

One day, you know,
will take over the business.

Their decisions may
be good or bad...

but never let anyone
question them.

If they see you hesitate,
find that you are weak.

And one of them try take place.

What did you do that night
can not happen again.




I was with her father.

I know.

- They talked about?
- Everything and nothing. Business.

You did not say the ranch?

What did I say?
Imóveis not the beach of his father.


Thus one can buy
installment or two, not more.

I do not care.
Must be half and half.

- I do not want anyone else.
- Sure, but I need a little more.

Get out! She is with me!
That 's true for you too!

Help me to prevent the sale.
I get the rest.

Why mused with that place?
There are others.

I want that.

To business!

Come on, health!

Stop drinking!

What is this? I'm fine!
You're being a pain!

Lord, can not stay here.

- Who are you?
- I am the owner.

Get out. We're having fun.
I'm fine!

It is troubling customers.
Learn to drink or stay home!

We finished drinking
and let's go.

- No, leave now!
- Easy!

- The club is mine!
- f*ck!

Do not give us orders!

I do what I want here.
Know who we are?

Of course I know.

The children of some
b*tch of the road.

Go away! Go away!
Go away!

Ready... Let's start over.

Then, they were not celebrating
that theft?

We know you did not h*t
the owner of the club.

Not hungry?

You're a nice guy.

Do not eat or drink, do not talk.

It's quiet.

It will not bother anyone in prison.
The guards will worship you!

Let's go to the next room.
It is quieter.

- Coffee?
- No, thanks.

Nobody h*t me.
I fell.

A nightclub is dark.

I tripped and h*t head table.

That's it.

Are you kidding?

Chief, we have a problem.
The guy is changing the deposition.

Hey, what? What?

What do threatened to do?

k*ll his family?

Incendiar the club?

Have you changed your region, Malakian,
but changed methods.

The mansion Marigny... was you.

A man was k*lled there.

Wherever you go, there are deaths.
That will stop.

Next time, you must
do more to deter...

- A nightclub owner to get rid of.
- Are you threatening me for what?

October , . I was
the mall during the sh**ting.

It was only a lieutenant at the time.

You lost a son there.
I have a friend.

- It's all we have in common.
- Goodbye, sir.

- Where is Anton?
- I do not know.

Where does it go when
not at home?

I do not know, Milo.

Your child does not tell me everything.

- Maybe with a girl.
- A girl?

What girl?

Anton knows several girls.

This mass is dedicated...

to the memory of Georgy Malakian.
Georgy was a boy...

who left us too soon...

cut down by v*olence
world have chosen.

Peace to his soul and the soul
all those who loved him.

You do not look good.

No, I'm fine.

Élodie, I feel that there
something wrong.

Is your Armenian mysterious?
Will not tell me?

- At least tell me what he does.
- I do not know.

His name is also secret?

His name is Anton.

Thank you.

Step to pick you up at h.

Anton! Romeo!

Check this.

Remember poker Zakar's house?
I left him with his pants down.

He says he is bankrupt
then emptied his shop.


- It's Italian. The best.
- I can not use it.

It's kid. Kid!

- I have one. There is no better!
- We can not leave with the same shoes.

Then choose another.


need to talk to you.

About an old project.

- What kind?
- A hotel in Camargue.

A legal business.

Are in progress.
Want to invest?

- Milo knows?
- No.

Wait, Anton.

Why do you want to work?
The service at the mansion went well.

We can not do things without your
father know. You know how it works.

I know.

How much do you need?

thousand... thousand?



- Good morning, sir.
- Good morning.

- What do you want?
- This.


- Let's grab.
- I did not.

- This.
- Come on.


Those plants have thorns!

Ruben, come on.

Anton, how are you?

What is this?

To be ready next summer,
we must start now.

What is this?
We had a deal!

You talk about money,
but only get promises.

I need to see the color of it.

For now, I'm playing the
account, but will not go far.

There are people with much money
willing to invest.

I'll pick up the money.
Do not trust me?


Give me a month.

- Why not do it with...
- My father?

No chance.
Let him out of it.


Not one more day.

It's always the same thing.

They want results,
but we take our men.

The ministry wants to give a
end to slot machines.

As of today, this is the priority.
Put your men in it.

- And Malakian?
- Forget them for now.

How? It is a problem,
and we made good progress.


You do not bring evidence.
Before the judge...

- We can!
- There is nothing concrete in this issue!

Use informants.

We will not achieve that.
Nobody dares to rat on Malakian.

I'm confused, Saunier.
In Paris, you had good grades.

What are you doing here?
I know your record.

Do not make the Malakian
a personal matter.

There is nothing worse for a cop
that the lack of objectivity.

- They committed m*rder.
- I know.

I know.

They have a good trip?

We came quietly.

- Okay, Milo?
- Well, Franck, fine.

Every year, with casinos,
hotels, shops...

lot of money changes
hands on the Riviera.

During the loading and
transport, safety is priority.

But when the money
is inside the plane...

mission complete:
the cops go away.

Therefore, during the minutes between
loading and takeoff...

the aircraft is unattended.
That's where we come.

How many men does it take?

Ten at the most.

You really want to know how
is your part, right?

It's not what everyone wants?


For each one of you.


Interests, Anton?


It is tempting, Milo, but risky.
We need to know a little more.

I'll show them.

The entrance to the airport is here.

The train arrives here.
The plane is parked.

After the passengers,
they remove the ladder.


How long it is with this girl?

What girl?

I'm not stupid. The nurse.
How long you been with her?

- I do not know, Milo.
- Since she started to come here?

I do not know.

We want to bring a bit of money.


- How much?
- Between and thousand.

I need to organize.

Is more than usual.
Then your percentage drops to .

You know I get because
the operation is risky.

- That's expensive money.
- But money is clean. I guarantee it.

Okay, good.

Anton... he will participate?

- Why ask?
- Nothing much.

Yes Tell me.

We have a small business together.

A business?


What type of business?

It's nothing.

I like Anton.
He is your son.

- Ms. Leconte?
- Yes Why?

Inspector Saunier.

I chose to come here
instead of summoning it.

I wanted to talk to you.
I come in?

It is for you.

- What is it?
- Open.

What should I do? Choose one?
It is a gift from the police?

Not come here to meddle
in his private life.

I'm in a research...

and my duty is to inform them of the
family activities Malakian.

Malakian clan.

Who is that?

The doorman of a mansion
was stolen.

- What do I have to do with it?
- Nothing, directly.

But Anton Malakian participated
Theft mansion...

and the m*rder of this man.

- He would never do that.
- Maybe.

But it is a d*ad end.
Sooner or later he will come to an end.

To find what?

Or probably the same as
happened to his brother.

I need your help, miss.

We can still avoid it.
But only you can help.

Is my card.

If you know something, call me.

What can I do for you, Milo?

- I need equipment.
- I'm listening.

A team of men.

r*fles, flak jackets
of b*ll*ts and grenades.

And also a ML.

What will you do with all this?

Abdeslam Halami,
years, retired.

He left France years ago and returned
to Lebanon, his homeland.

We know that he has given
continue the business there.

Facade: Import and export
for the Mediterranean region.

Mainly dates and exotic fruits.
It was only interrogated once.

So what?

He convinced the judge that the Syrians
the company used to arm France...

when things got hot in Beirut.


The photos of that meeting
Malakian of...

Identified all?

It's kind of complicated.
Some I do not know.

In any case,
is certain that something is arming.

This guy...

- We want it to be watched.
- Okay, but how?

Now we are only two.


Seven minutes.

If we take the road,
as planned...

they can make a block. If
we use boats, can not stop us.

We found the creek
where we started...

we parted and headed
the north in two cars.

In minutes,
will be km ahead of the cops.

Your idea is good, son.

It will be a nice coup, and we
together. Do you have what it takes.

Men will hear you.


What's between you and this girl?

The nurse?

I know who are dating long
time. What does she know about us?

Nothing. Think I chatter like
woman? Talking sleeping?

Pay attention. With that draws ago
us, we can not make mistakes.

We are a family.
It is different.

She can not understand us.


can betray us.

This girl...

To finish with it.

Do you understand?

Yes, I understand.

Let's go.



I'll send Coutard replace you.

Mirelli, you hear me?

- I'm listening.
- My way.

What is he doing?

Who is this, Milo?

A cop.

A cop bastard.

Get out, Mirella!
Get out!

Okay, Saunier.
You're back to the case.

He was here last night?

Stop, Miss.

The road is closed.


There is no reason to quit.

They can not know
what we are preparing.

The next transfer
is that in weeks.

We have to stay hidden.
It is difficult for all of us...

for our families...

but do not forget who you are.

And we're all here meeting.

We are of the same family...

we have the same roots.

What about the boats?

It's all right.

Meanwhile, be discreet.
No more confusion.

Our families are safe.
Nodes ..

Overwinter there.

's Me.


I do not want this life.

You're gone without saying anything,
not talk to me.

It speaks of his family, you.

His brother d*ed?

Who told you that?

It was Rudy?

Answer Who told you that?

Cops. They came to my house
to tell me of your life.

I'm pregnant.

See you Tuesday at
my office, right?

I'll be waiting.

Do not make that face.

We had an agreement,
but I could not wait.

Will I have the money here
a few days!

Anton, we are friends.

Maybe it was the business
right for you.

You did not trust me.
I gave him my word!


Who you signed?

It's confidential.
It's business.


Say, come on! Say!
Say you made a deal with my father!

The deal was between me and you!
Nobody! Nobody!

What is wrong with you?

The deal is still in the family.
I or you, what difference does it make?

- Toda.
- If you descontrola...

lost the distance,
creates the danger.

You talk of lack?
The cop on the platform, the sh**ting...

what was that?

He participated in the m*rder
his brother.

And what did you do will bring him
back to life?

You do not understand.
The problem is this girl.

Pay attention.
For me, it's all over.

I'll leave you with their ghosts.

Let's take that too.

Bordighera, Italy

Have a nice day, miss.

Thank you.

Hi, beautiful!

Hi, Rudy!

It is beautiful here.

Only old.

Be bored.

Paid to you as soon as possible.

That is why we should
back to work.

It's for next week.

- Everything is ready.
- Enough, Rudy!

You are being cruel.
Think about it...

his father has lost a son.

- You can not do that to him.
- Stay out of it.

He is suffering.

I hate to see it that way.

Good morning, Milo.

Sit down, Rudy.

He will not return, Milo.

I will not ask where he is.

I swore to Anton.

I know you keep your word.
Because you only have one word.

Because you are confident.

That's why it works
for me, right?


This girl...

she needs to disappear.

Milo, you know...

Anton is my friend.

I can not do that.

So... to
I need you?

watch movies and series!

Are all wondering possibilities.

Here are all transfers
next month.

The regular and irregular.

- Something in the wiretapping?
- Nothing yet.

Good ..

Check the values of transfers
with banks, list them by size.

- Did you see Rudy today?
- No.

His car just passed.


I go to the pharmacy.
Need something?


I'm fine.

It's okay.





You do not understand.

I'll never be what you want.


Let us unite for the
has to be done.

And then you leave me alone.

Or break me now.

What will win today...

will last forever.

Then you can do whatever you want.

Away from us, m.

What a geek!

Passengers began supply.

They have just arrived.


Good morning, gentlemen!

I am responsible for security.
Can I take them to the control tower.

- Come on.
- Follow me.

Saunier here.

The airport.

What do we do?

Let's continue.


I need a taxi, please.

These cameras cover
area outside?

We are beside the sea.

We look for birds before
each runway.

They are leaving.

Start the car.

- Good morning, sir.
- Good morning.

The plane is starting to taxi...

- Where are they?
- Who?

Where are they?

They leave the runway for takeoff.
It's safer.

Give me the walkie-talkie.

It Saunier.
Back immediately.

Our part is over.

Back now. Do not leave until
the plane has taken off! Is that clear?

The cops! Officers!

They returned


Lock us down!





Call someone.
Do passengers get out.

Spread the men!

Do not sh**t!
Passengers on the track!

Stand up, lady.
Protect yourself.

No one sh**t until I tell you!
Get all here!

Coutard! Call someone!
Block the exit of them!

Charly, come with me!

Protect me!

Do not stand there!

Go to the car!
Do what I say!


Help him!






Hold on, Anton.

Hear me?
Hold on.

she's waiting for me on the beach...

Lead Me, Father...


Good morning, miss.

You have a visitor.

His father .

My father?
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