Freedom's Path (2022)

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Freedom's Path (2022)

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[tense music]

[insects chirping]


[children chattering]


Hi, Mom.


[birds chirping]

[insects buzzing]


[slow instrumental music]


[train chugging]


Life is as simple as a choice.

Good or bad, wrong or right...

...ultimately, it will make us

into who we are.

A simple choice

made in youth...

...can alter the very course

of a lifetime.

It can take us up

mountainous peaks

or along smooth

and gentle streams.

-[Lewis] You ready?

-[William] Ah, the looker.

-[chuckles] Come on.

-[William] You look like

a regular soldier.

It can take us

down into deep

and shadowy valleys...

...hard and treacherous places.

-Come on.


Say goodbye to your mom or what?


No, it ain't worth it.


What a lifetime really is, is

a million different decisions

that someone made...

...and everything

that happens in between...

Well, that's what living is.

-[bugle call]



You know, I'd reckon

after three months of drilling,

you'd be a lot quicker

than Molasses.


Fall in, boy.

[grunts] We've been marching

all damn night.

Come on, sleepyhead.


Double time, quick.

Fall in on next corporal.

-[horse neighs]

-They got us racing

a colored unit

to reinforce the 21st.

Can you believe that?

Negroes with g*n?

Way no n*gg*r

gonna be b*ating us

through our first fight.

I'll tell you that much.

And just imagine them

on the line.

"Can I sh**t, Massa?

Oh, why, thank you, Massa."


You men cut that john

and fall in. Get moving.

[horse neighs]

Not much

more of this I can take.


Attention, company.

Right dress.


[grave instrumental music]

Company, halt.


Son, identify yourself.

21st Ohio.


They had us surrounded.

Outnumbered four to one.

A whole mess of them.

[panting] k*lling

all the wounded they can.

Fall in line

at the rear of the regiment.


There ain't no way in hell

I'm going back there!

Corporal Hyde,

arrest this man for desertion.





Attention, company!

Shirking, desertion

and cowardice

is in fact a m*llitary offense

punishable by prison

or execution.

Now forward march!


[grave instrumental music]

[William breathing heavily]




I don't think I got it in me

to k*ll a man.


-Damn it.

So that's why you been quiet

all morning?

Look around you, William.

How many men in this outfit

you think k*lled before?



-[drum cadence]

-[horse neighs]

[drum cadence]

Let's show these...

sons of b*tches

what us boys from Clearfield

are made of.


f*re by company!







Oh, sh*t, Willie.

I think I got one.


Load, load, load!

[w*r cry]

[cry gets louder]

[tense music]


[men grunting]

[grunting, breathing heavily]

[muffled chattering]


-[men screaming]


William, lie down.


We just, uh, we just

gotta get home. Get home.


We just--

We gotta--

[gasping] We just--

-[men screaming, grunting]


We just... Go home, man.

-Just gotta get home.



[ears ringing]

[somber music]


-[men screaming]











-[men grunting]


[breathing heavily]

[grunts, muffled scream]




[tense music]




[somber instrumental music]


[insects chirping]



[tense music]


[soft clattering]

[pebbles clattering]

[soft instrumental music]

-[Lewis] You ready? Come on.

-[William] Ah, the looker.


Captain, see what he got.

[ears ringing]


He ain't d*ad.

Mm. Mm.

It's okay.


Dee, we gotta keep on.

You know damn well

that boy ain't lasting

until morning. Look at him.

No. He gonna help us

get where we need to go.


He gonna get us k*lled.


Come on, let's get you up.

Come on, come on.

Leave him. We gotta move.


Come on.

Let's get you up. Come on.

[grunts] Come on. Come on.

Find them legs, boy. Kitchum,

-come and get this side.

-[William grunts]

[Dee grunts] Kitchum!


Here we go.

Find them legs, boy. Come on.


Lord, Dee, he's gonna

make us do all the work.


Don't matter if we have

to carry him the whole way.


They bring him on they own

and let us right on through.

Give us strength, Father.


You best not die on us.


He ain't gonna die.

Nah, he ain't gonna die.


[canteen pops]



[grunts, panting]

-All right, this is gonna hurt.




Name's Dee.

[both grunt]

This here is Kitchum.

He takes the kitch, so... call him that.

You just giving

our names out now?

-[Dee] What they call you?

-[William] William.

Is you a pattyroller, William?

You looking to catch you

some slaves?


See, old Kitch...

...he don't trust nobody,

'cause he got a heart

the size of a pea.

[chuckles] There we go.

There. [sniffles]

That'll do

till we get on the camp.


Yeah, we heard

you boys in blue was close... we're gonna

join the fight.

Signing up.

Keep following

this river here north.

We should be just fine.

I'm gonna go see

where them boys run off to.



Y'all boys weren't lying

when you said you move quick.

I told you

that boy was deadweight.

Where Dee at?


-[men exclaiming]


[tense music]


-[man 1] Where they at?

Where they at?


[dramatic music]

-[man 2] ...move on!

-[men shouting]


What the hell you doing, boy?

Get out!

[man 3]

Dee, let's get outta here.

-[men hooting]


There's too many

of them out there, Kitch.

-[men shouting]



No! No!

-No, no, no.

-Damn, Kitchum, get back.



Dee! [exclaims]

[man 3]

Get them!

They're moving the other way.


-I got you. You all right.


You're okay. Look at me.

You're okay, you're all right.



Kitch, you got to help him.

-Kitchum, you,

you gotta help him.

-No, no, no, no, no, no.

You, you gotta

help me get there.

-You gotta help me get there.

-Take, take him with you.

Help me take him.

Help me take him, Dee.

Dee! Hey, don't leave me.

Don't leave me.

Hey! Dee!

-[man 3] There's

too many of them.



Kitchum, run!


Billy, no!

[sobs] No!

-[man 4] Easy, boys, easy.

-[man 5] You see them?

-[man 6] Move in left,

move in left.

-[man 7] Covering there.

-[man 8] Over there. Get him!

-[man 5] Get him. Get him.

-[men shouting]



-[g*n in distance]


Hey, hey, look, you're gonna

have to run with me, all right?

-Everything you got. Come on.


-[Kitch] Come on. Come on.


-[men hooting]



-Come on, we gotta move.

-We gotta move.



[men hooting]




I'm gonna tear you up, boy.

[dramatic music]

[screams in pain]



[man 8]

Over there.


Come. Come on.


You all right.

[both panting and groaning]

[somber music]


Oh, you best be worth it.

I don't need your help.

You don't need my help?

I've been trudging

your broken ass

all through these hills.

Billy, Dee, they all d*ad

'cause of you.

You just wanna lay here and die?


You know, fine by me.


[grunts, panting]

Just keep up.

[tense music]

-Some b*tch surprised me.

-This him?

-This the boy who whoop you?


No. That ain't him.

And he weren't alone, neither.

He had a Yank running with him.


[chuckles] I almost had him,

but he, but he...

And then I didn't get

a clean eye on him.

No following dog.

-[Silas] Turner!

-[Turner] Yeah, boss?


You find

whichever n*gg*r favors most...

...and mess him up a bit,

would you?

This sign say "d*ad or alive."

These woods is my world,

and I'm God in it. Hear me?


You let another sl*ve

take advantage of you...

...boy, you fetch one more

from the rest of them.

sl*ve running with a Yankee.

[slow dramatic music]

[grunts, screams]




-[Kitch] Come on, we're close.



Come on.

[grunts] Come on.

I know.

[grunts, pants]

-Come on.




[slow instrumental music]

[insects chirping]





[drum cadence]


[somber instrumental music]

[muffled g*n]


-[William] Lewis.


-[Lewis] We just gotta get home.



[birds chirping]

[dice clattering]

[soft laughter]

[soft laughter]



[breathing heavily]

You can get a might

of fresh air with me.


Well, you back to your mind.





[chickens clucking]

Thank you.

For what you done.

Now, look, don't go saying

nothing about what happened

to Dee and them boys, all right?

Ain't gonna do nobody

no good round here.

Specially on Caddy.

Abner don't want her

finding out what happened, so... far as

anybody need to know,

them boys just

went on ahead of us.

That the truth, right?

Look, Abner gonna give you

a few days to get right.

Said it ain't just

that a soldier be hid out

while there's fighting

still to be done.

And I quite agree with him.

No. Look at me.

Look, if I go back,

I'll be buzzard's meat

the way I am.

I won't last

one g*dd*mn skirmish.

[hesitates] I-- If you milk it,

I can get a few days

before Abner come down

hard on your butt.

Then it's best you go.



-Breathe, boy, breathe.

-Yeah, I'm fine.

-Damn son of a b*tch. Ah.

-Hey. Hey.

-g*dd*mn. Set me down here.

-Hey. Look.


I ain't normally like this.

You ain't normally getting

toe up like that either.

I know you ain't yellow.

You sure got an old mama.

I never know my mama.

Abner found me

while I was running north.

And since I has been here,

so become hard

to get too far away.

And Caddy, she never had

any babies of her own,

so she ain't got

no Mammy or no Pappy.

She gonna find you.

Make you hers.

And Dee was her favorite.

That's why

we're not going around

singing about what happened,

you hear?


Sammy. Come on out here

and help me, baby.

How come no one's

found you out here?

Soil ain't fertile.

Ain't much reason for nobody

to come round these parts.

See Abner, he, he's a free man.

He bought his freedom

and this, this godforsaken land

by hiring out.

Most slaves, they ran off

when the w*r broke out.

So you's a sl*ve then.

You see chains on me?

While Massa round here

barking orders?

I ain't been no sl*ve

since I ran out that plantation.

I'm doing the Lord's work

ever since.

[soft instrumental music]


How many fights you see, Will?


Uh, sh**t...

...I reckon 11 or 12.

Damned if I see no n*gro

with 12 fights...

...sure got us

digging them graves though.

Yeah, well, I guess everybody

gotta prove themselves.

Prove themselves?

Do you expect we want this w*r?

No, I'm just saying that...

Well, this is new for everybody.

It's not new.

We've been in chains

by your people

for a hundred years.

What's all this fussing

out here? Stop it.

A w*r

that destroyed enough lives,

Lord knows I ain't letting it

come in here

around me like this.

Y'all won't see me turn.

These old legs

still kick like a mule.



Well, where you is off to?

Sorry, Missus.

Must have lost my manners.

Excuse me, Master Sir.

I has got to spring a leak.

May I's go unattended

to prove myself to you,

Master Sir?

Them is your brothers in chains

you mocking.

You so sharp and quicker

than a white man I know,

but deep down inside,

you ain't nothing

but a hither n*gg*r

with a loose tongue.

Them boys

fighting for the cause.

Bloodied for it.

While we at it, Dee even gone up

and join with them Yanks,

and here you is.

When you going off

and fighting like Dee, huh?

You such a man.

Now, when you going off

and fighting like Dee?

[soft instrumental music]

[soft harmonic music playing]

That Kitch?

[harmonica music]


He's a good boy.

He just needs

some time to hisself.


You best make it right

with him before...


I see five or six

of them paddyrollers

wandering over

this side of the mountain.

Best be careful now.


I don't know

what Kitchum was thinking

bringing that damn

white boy here.

He ain't helping nothing

or no one.


Ain't always about

what's helping the herd, Abner.


Ellis, that soldier

ain't nothing but trouble.

[dramatic music]

One of the big bucks got away.

Jake's coming for stragglers.


He will track him.

You know, when I was a boy,

I worked the fields

from dark to dark like you.

Hands would... cr*ck and bleed.

Thought my back would break

from towing all that timber.

When I come home... daddy would whoop me

like some wild beast

near every damn night.

Turn my shirt blood red.

Just like this. [sniffles]

They say...

...on the inside...


...ain't much different.

That despite

the color our skin...

...we all bleed the same.

You know...

...I pity you folks somewhat.

-I do.

-Boss, we found her.

Yeah. And she pretty too.


Your Massa

really wants you back.

He's paying $800 to...

to find you.

You're gonna have

to keep on catching me

'cause I ain't gonna

never stop running.

Well, yeah.

You run across that river,

any direction, 50 miles,

well, I'm gonna find you.

You run 100 miles...

...someone else just like me

gonna find you.

You go like that all the way

to the end of the Earth.

Well, I'll tell you

how it's gonna be.

First one of you n*gg*r*s

make it to the other side

of that river... a free man.

-God, not you!


[dramatic music]


[man 9 whooping, laughs]

-You're free.

How that feel, huh?


How that feel?


-[Nora] I'm gonna get you.

-[Sammy] No, you're not.


[Nora and Sammy]

One, two, three,

four, five, six,

seven, eight,

-nine, ten.

-[laughing and chattering]


-[Sammy] You can't get me.

-[Nora] Sammy.

-[Nora] You can't get me.

-[Sammy] Bet I will.

[soft instrumental music]



I bet I catch the next one.


Boy, this is my river.

Ah, these fish in here

know me by damn name.


Don't just stare.

You so sure, shake my hand.


Why are you laughing

like some ugly little pig?

[laughs] You got my spit

in your hand. That's why.

Who the hell

shakes another man's hand

wet with saliva?

I don't know. I thought

it was something white folk did.

Oh, yeah. There's a fool

made every minute, huh?

Jeez, I ain't got

the pock or nothing.

Well, how am I supposed to know

what you got?

Oh, that's my fish.

-Oh, no the hell it ain't.


What the hell?

[grunts] Here we go.

-You fooling?


Yeah. There.

Ladies and gentlemen,

introducing William,

Flatwoods' biggest chumpy.




Come on, Willie.

Wanna eat these

before morning come.

Uh, yeah, I'm coming.

[groans softly]



Where you been?

You been gone all day.

Yeah. [grunts]

Little Miss Mary here

act like she ain't know

how to walk right.

-Why you all dressed up for?

-'Cause we're going

out this evening. That's why.

Now go and get ready.

The sun's almost down.


Don't you worry about that.

Clean up.


Going out?


Jubilee, Jubilee


Oh, my Lord


Jubilee in the morning


Our Lord Jubilee


Shout my children

you are free


Oh, my Lord

-Who are all these people?

-My family.


Jubilee in the morning


Oh, my Lord


Jubilee in the evening


Our Lord Jubilee

[laughter and chatter]

[chattering stops]

This angel's name is William.

Lord, don't you know

he's fighting for the Union?


[cheering and chatter]

You gonna just stand there

looking lost?

Best eat some food

before it gone.

-[singing continues]

-[chatter and laughter]


Oh, Lord Jubilee

Don't care

what you taught me

Oh, my Lord

Oh, you know Jesus love me


Our Lord Jubilee


Jubilee, Jubilee


Oh, my Lord


Jubilee in the morning


My Lord Jubilee

[chatter and laughter]


Jubilee, Jubilee


Oh, my Lord




-Our Lord Jubilee

So what do you think?

I've never seen

so many Negroes in all my life.

[chuckles] You all sure laugh

more than hyenas do.


-Yeah, what's wrong with that?

No, nothing. It just...

It makes me happy.

Happier than I been

in a long time.


Jubilee in the morning

-Oh, come on, Willie.

-What is it?

Ain't gonna know

till you take a little swig.






-Oh, boy.

-You all right. You all right.

-It's heavyweight.

-It ain't gonna k*ll you.

-Woah, God.

-Yeah. That's what we call

"Oh Be Joyful."


[rhythmic tapping]

-Lord, give a...


-I want to blow

your trumpet


-There's a lot

that you can handle


-Lord, you wake my people


-We're having it easy


-Oh, blow your trumpet


-Midnight hour


-Midnight hour


-The Lord gave us


-The Lord gave us


-g*dd*mn blow


-g*dd*mn blow


-Blow that trumpet


-Blow that trumpet


-Sure, the Lord

will light up


-Sure, the Lord

will light up


-Sure, the Lord...


-Sure, Lord


-Wake my people




-Thy Lord...


-Thy Lord...


-Blow that trumpet


-Blow that trumpet


[soft instrumental music]


Y'all must be tired

after all that excitement.




Lord, Lord, Lord...

...look at my two mens.

One's as beautiful

and soul-penetrating

as the night.

Another one's as soft

and smooth as cream.


[chuckles] What?

Hey, Willie,

if you was an Injun,

your name would be Cow Udders.


-[chuckles] What the hell?

Cow udders,

like, like the titty,

'cause that's

where milk come from.



what's the matter with you?

Well, Mama, y-- you say

he was soft, uh, a-- as cream.

-That's where

the milk come from.

-Cow udders?

-[Kitch] Yeah.



Child, come now, come.


-[Caddy exclaims]

-[Caddy laughs]

-I'm sorry. It's funny.

It's funny.


Oh, God. Come here, child.

[tense music]

My word, Ellis. What is it?

Just got word.

Our parcel's lost.

Can't find the depot.

Ab does not fit tonight.

I was hoping

Kitchum might have himself

a small f*re in the wood.

If the passenger see the f*re,

Kitchum may send them

to the station.

Yes, sir.


We need you out till dawn.


Ellis, a f*re ain't safe

in them woods.

Too many eyes around.


All's we can do for now, Caddy.

Ain't no other way.

Yes, sir.

What was all that about?

We help to run

the railroad, Will.

Taking slaves up north,

freedom's land.

Abner, Caddy,

they both do the work.

Cooking, cleaning, sowing.

Me, I take them ten miles

up the Hyrum Williams'


He take them on

to the next station.

Yeah, well, I'm coming.

All right.

-Just don't slow me down.

-[Caddy] You gonna take

a wounded white boy

in them woods and start a f*re?

I know you're not that foolish.

All the fighting's out east.

Plus, ain't no paddyrollers

tracking nobody

in these parts, so...

I would just be

sitting by a f*re is all.

Plus, William's a soldier.

Might be wounded,

but he ain't down.

It'll be all right.

I wish I had a conviction

like you, Kitch.

You a soldier in the cause,

ain't you?



A soldier.

Tell me,

what is one damn soldier

gonna do in this w*r...

...let alone

some backwoods sl*ve?

Some Black men I remember...

...with a silent tongue,

clenched teeth...

...steady eye

and a well-poised bayonet.

And he help mankind

along this great consummation.



Yeah, what'd a n*gro know

about anything, anyway?

Well, you must have got yourself

confused or something.

The whole world's

got itself confused.

Whites owning Negroes like they,

like they pack animals.

Like they more valuable

than us.

Come on, Will. I know

you don't think like that.

You better than that, boy.

I'm Yank, okay. Now, of course

I ain't confused.

Will, look at me.

We equal.

You know that, right?

-It's just--

-Just what?

This w*r

ain't about sl*very, Kitch.

It's about reclaiming the Union.

Making things whole again.

They got you

all jostled up, don't they?

sl*very ain't right, Kitch.

And you know I know that.

I hope this w*r

frees your people. I really do.

But ain't sl*very

helping you some?

I mean, it's got you this far.

It's made you the man you are.

There's bound to be

some good in it.

Half the damn country

is fighting for it.

[slow instrumental music]

Look what sl*very's did for me.

Look at me, Will.


-Look at me!

Every scar Master give you

on the outside,

he'd give you

a hundred more on the inside.

Black man ain't nothing

but a cow or a dog

or a f*cking work mule.

A n*gg*r!

What happened?

Master Morris come home...

...drunk as Christmas morning.

He catch me in his study.

I was charged with closing down

the house every night.

That harmonica was just

laying on the floor.

So I picked it up and I...

...I wanna play one note.

[Master Morris]

It's my harmonica.


Just one note.

But you...

...had to go put

your n*gg*r lips all over it.

Now it's ruined.

How was it, boy, huh?

You got the music in you?

I'll make you sing. Get up.

[grave instrumental music]

[muffled whipping]

[muffled whipping]

[muffled whipping]

I can feel the dirt

around me getting wet.

I don't remember him

dousing me with no water.

Master Morris kept screaming

for me to say something.

I ain't say a damn word.

"You like that, boy?

You gonna play some now?


When I come to...

...Morris is gone.

His boys

was herded up round me.

Laughing and spitting on me.

I didn't care none just as long

as their cat-o'-nine-tails

wasn't working on me.

That's when I felt lightning...

...just sh**ting

through my body.

He was rubbing

salt and pepper grains into me.

b*ating me was

punishment, he say.

This is so I don't forget.

I don't know what to say.

Ain't nothing to say.

But that's why

we're gonna win this w*r.

'Cause we got cause to.

We got a reason to win.

Ain't no hiding the truth, Will.

[sniffles] No matter

what any man does

or-- or anybody think,

the truth

is just waiting to be found,

and g*dd*mn it, we found it.

God's in this fight.

God's in this fight.

[soft instrumental music]

[clouds rumbling]


[somber music]

Just a bad dream, that's all.

-Oh, look...


Tell me something, boy.

What you doing

out here in these woods

all alone tonight?

You wouldn't be out

looking for monkeys, would you?

You seen this runaway?

Uh, no, sir.

What about this big old ape?



This here

king of all the n*gg*r*s.

Mighty grayback himself,

Ellis Freeman.

I can tell

he's a special kind of n*gg*r.

Named himself "Freeman."

He been stealing slaves

off every plantation

from here to Mississippi.

They were stating

the Confederacy after him.

[tense music]

[clicks tongue]

I don't know why,

but you smell like a n*gg*r.

You been

helping n*gg*r*s, boy?

Well, sh**t. [scoffs]

We in the South, boys.

Can't smell nothing

but n*gg*r. [chuckles]

The truth is, I'm out here alone

because I was meant to meet

my lady friend Janey out here,

but, uh...

Well, she didn't show, so...

I tell you what?

I see your girl tonight...

...I'm gonna make sure

she gets back to you

in one piece.


-How about that?

Let's go bring the horses.

[exhales] Kitch.

Hey, Kitch!


I thought you was a goner.


Hey, hey, hey.

What you doing?


Making sure

they don't come back.

What about the sl*ve, Kitch?

Ain't no use

in saving those slaves

if we d*ad, all right?

Come on.


[twig snaps]



[whistles back]


-[whistles back]



You Boone?


All right then.

We best get hoofing.

That sun's coming up quick.

How I know who you is?


You got your ticket, ain't you?

Besides, seeing as how

we've been waiting out here

all night for you... got

a pretty easy decision.

Keep walking around broad day

until one of these paddyrollers

finds you...

...or follow after us.

You seen the others I with?

Just you.

You coming?


You gonna be able to keep up?


I ain't got no peg legs.

I'm just sore.


Damn, boy.

I was looking for a yes.

Ain't cr*pple in the morning.

[William mutters]

[birds chirping]

[background chatter]

[Charlotte, softly] Kitchum.

Well, what are you doing here?

I thought you were off with Dee

and the rest of them boys.


Just, um, tending

to a few things, Miss Charlotte.

Is your daddy home?

Uh, yes.

Yes. I'll go fetch him for you.

Uh, hey, what did you mean

earlier about a, a ticket?


It's a genuine ticket to ride

all the way to Heaven.

Promised Land.

So, yeah, you got

one of these, my boy... got angels

watching over you.

Even God's protection.

So who are these

fine young gentlemen?

Well, that there's William.

And this here is Mr. Boone.

Let's get you some food.

Yeah. Surely you must be hungry.

Charlotte, you get

this good man inside and...

...find him a meal.

Well, I, uh...

I heard what happened, Kitchum.

I want you to know

I'm awful sorry.

Boys best be extra careful

out there. You hear me?


Yeah, well,

we best be getting back.



Would you fetch John?

Have him bring up the mule

and some dried goods?

Oh, yeah.

Don't you mind Jackson. He's...

...he's new around here.

He's not used to being free.


You boys take that mule over

to Abner and Caddy

as soon as you can, would you?

Tell them hello from me now,

won't you?

-It was nice

to meet you, William.

-Um, yes, sir.

Take care, boy.


-Thank you.

-He all yours.




Yes, come on.


You know,

if it weren't for your color...

...I'd think y'all's kinfolk.

Oh, we look like brothers?

-I ain't that ugly.



-Well, that's the first time

you done saying something funny.

-[William] Watch my leg.

-I got scared

that you was actually

-turning into a grumpy old man.



It is hotter than hell out here.


You swim?


All right. I'll make you a deal.

You teach me how to swim,

and I teach you

to play the harmonica.

[scoffs] You straight sh**ting?



-Okay then.



Okay, look,

first thing you gotta know

is you gotta swim

with your feet like this.


I-- I can't, I can't see

what you doing.

Well, that's why

I'm telling you to sit here,

right next to me.


-Right here.


So, you move your legs

back and forth like this.

You move your arms

back and forth like that.

-How do I go make me float?

-Like this.


[William chuckles]

[Kitch gasps] Damn! Boy, I--

Lesson one if you learn

how to swim is to get wet.

I'm gonna k*ll you. [gasps]

Okay, swim to me. Swim to me.

I can't swim.

Drive on. Drive on.

There you go.

Look, you move. You can do it.

Kick your legs. Move your feet.

-[Kitch] I'm gonna die!

-No, you ain't. That's it.

-Come on. Move your legs.

-[Kitch] I'm gonna die, boy!


You're doing it!

You're doing it!

[laughs] Yeah!

I got it. Oh,

I'm gonna still k*ll you though.

-I'm gonna still k*ll you.




-You still d*ad.

[both laughing]

You gonna k*ll me?

-I'm gonna k*ll you, boy.

-Yeah, okay.


-Hey, Kitch.


-You're welcome. [laughs]


[whoops loudly, laughs]


Good boy.

[tense music]


Well, I'll be damned...

...if it ain't

little Casanova hisself.

I, in my whole life, ain't never

seen you in these woods once.

Just the time

I'm hunting me

some fugitive Negroes.

I seen you twice in one day.

I was just on my way

back from the market.



Which side you favoring?

Which side you favoring?


I don't know who you is,

but I ever see you

in my woods again,

I gonna gut you.

Bring the mule.

[spurs horse on]




We got our hands dirty.

Oh, there's a flower.

[insects chirping]


Lord, what spooked you?

Had a scare with some bad men.

We got real scared.

Everybody best be

on their high guard.

-These sl*ve runners

hunting around.


Ain't no man...

except the good Lord hisself.

I'm gonna go fetch some supper

and bring it out to you.


You best get packed up.

You, you can't stay

around here no more.

It's no matter. He ready.

No, I ain't ready. I...

I ain't right yet.


Them slaves

you trying to help...

...they gonna be captured

and slaughtered

before they get to freedom.

You wanna help them?

Strap on your Union blues,

and sh**t

every grayback you see.

You know, Abner...

...William ready.

He just wanna make sure

he right before he leave.

Yeah, he's been sour on me

since I got here.

No, that's just Abner.

Hell, he soft on you.

Well, at least you got

a few more days

before you get back to fighting.

Or close to...


How about you teach me

to play that harmonica?

-What, now?

-Yes, sir.

I need to learn

so I can impress myself a lady.

Oh. [scoffs]

Well, Willie,

not trying to be mean, but...

...I don't think you can

impress a lady after she get

a look at your face.



-Oh, is that right?


-Yeah, yeah, yeah.

-Oh, oh! Oh.

-Okay. Oh.

-[William] Yah. Come on!

-[Kitch] Okay, I...

-[William] Help me!

-[Kitch] I'm not...


-[Kitch] Oh, oh, oh, oh.


-[William] There you go.

-[Kitch] Let me go.

-[William] Go sleep, Kitch.

-[Kitch] Oh, okay.

Look, I'm not fighting

no cr*pple...

Oh, you best start, my boy,

'cause this cr*pple

whooping your ass.



-[Kitch] All right.

-Oh, there you go.

-[Kitch] All right.

-Oh, you ain't

even trying, Kitch.

-[Kitch] That's it. Okay.

-[William] Okay, here we go.


[laughter, screaming]

[soft instrumental music]

[tense music]



Just got paid visit

from our boy.

Says Hyrum Williams

down in Cottonwood...

...using his plantation

to hide out that runaways

we was looking for.

-You sure about that?

-That ain't the best part of it.

Says two men... that sl*ve.

A white man with a n*gg*r.

Said Hyrum Williams

gave a mule as payment.

[scoffs] That boy...

...he's a Yankee.

You find out who else

working with Hyrum Williams.

We ain't gonna

take care of it now?

Um, mm-mm.


We k*ll one little rat... of them catch wind,

run off, find a new home.

I'm gonna bring out

all the vermin.

Burn them all at once.



No more rats.

[Jake chuckles]

You let them boys know.

The Yankee... mine.

[insects chirping]


[Caddy humming]

Children go

where I send thee

How shall I send thee?

Do the other one.

I'll take that.

-[William] You take this?

-[Caddy] Yeah.

[William sighs]

There you go.

We're gonna put it up there,

let the sun make it brand-new.

I know you must miss

your family, honey.

-Course I do.

-Yeah, your mama?


Good having help. [chuckles]

-Happy to help.

-Thank you, baby.

I don't want Abner to know, uh,

Kitchum was...

but, you know, I don't be

feeling my best all the time.

I been needing

a little help around here.


-Don't stop, now!

[chuckles] Okay.

Lord, some people

you can't give a compliment to.



[Caddy humming]

[upbeat harmonica music]

[laughs] See, well, you hold

your lips like this, right?

And then you blow here.

[plays note]

Like that sound.

And when you blow here...

[plays notes]

...same sound.

Yeah, you look like an imbecile

with your lips like that.


-Yeah, this is useless.

You're never actually

gonna teach me how to play.

No, you just stupid, is all.

[laughs] Yeah.

The sound look like

an ugly blonde woman

I'm trying to swim.

"Help me, Will!

Hell, save me, please!

I'm drowning!"

-Get off me. Get off me.




Say, Kitch.

What made you and Dee

stop and help me

at the creek that day?


All the whining you was doing,

whole Reb army

would have found you, and us.

-He had no choice.

-No, I'm serious.

I been going

over and over in my head.

I can't quite figure it.

You must have passed

plenty of hurting men that day

asking for help.

We came across you quite sudden.

Blind truth, you scared me.

I gave you a quick look

up and down,

and I wrote you off.

You opened your eyes.

And you looked right at me.

I don't know. Something,

something about that look

just felt familiar.

And it felt like...


Yeah, it's funny.

-It the truth.

-No, it's funny 'cause...

[soft music]

After the fight,

I was... hurting real bad.

[scoffs] I saw my mama.

I could reach out and touch her.

That's when I started

to feel death pulling at me.

After a while,

it started to feel nice, so...

...I asked God if he would

take me home to Him.

That's when I opened my eyes

and saw you boys

standing over me.

Looks like Ellis'll be needing

our help building another f*re.


[soft instrumental music]


Oh, watch the stars

see how I run

Oh, watch the stars

see how I run

If the star run down

in the west downhill

You ought to watch the stars

see how I run, everybody


Watch the stars

see how I run

Oh, watch the stars

see how I run

If the star run down

in the west downhill

Watch the stars

see how I run

-[male chants]

-Watch the stars

see how I run

Oh, watch the stars

see how I run

If the star run down

in the west downhill

Oh, watch the stars

see how I run


And the day

is past and gone

The evening shadow appear

Oh, may we all

remember well

The night of death

drawing near

-[Nora] You like hunting?

-[William] Hunting?

Uh, yeah, sure.

You've been hunting?

-I k*lled about

two rabbits or so.

-Two rabbits?

[laughs] What, you telling me

you k*lled two rabbits?



You like them g*n? sh**ting?

-[laughs] Do I like them g*n?


[laughs] I don't know.

Uh, I guess.

You know, you gotta

protect yourself, right?

So everybody's gotta learn

how to use a g*n.

Abner says if I ever touch

a g*n in that house,

I'm getting a big whooping.

[laughs] Yeah.

Yeah, I don't doubt that.

Yeah, I wouldn't wanna

get a whooping off Abner,

I'll tell you that.

-I'm waiting for one.



What about the w*r?

Your experience with it?


Everybody's gotta be a man,

do their part.

I don't know, I guess

this w*r's part of that... I'm doing my part.

[soft instrumental music]


I see them troubles

on your mind.


This w*r was supposed

to change me.

I left Lewis lying there

all alone.

Boy, you take one thing

from Ellis Freeman. Take this.

There ain't no rules in w*r.

They gonna tell you there is.

There ain't.

Some fight with the g*n...

...some with the chain.

But only real w*r there is

is with the mind.

You win that fight,

and there ain't

no other fight left.

But long as you

wrestling your mind, boy,

you more sl*ve

than them field n*gg*r*s.

You win your mind, you free.

[soft instrumental music]

[William sighs]

-[William] Ah.

-[Kitch] Mm.

[Kitch grunts]


Ellis is late as usual.

[both groan]



Ooh. Whoa. Ooh, that's a stink.


You started on this fighting.

Yeah, you stink.

That's why I sleep upwind.



Yeah, well,

if I be needing a bath...

[grunts] be needing one too.

Come on.

-Ah, it's cold out here.

-Come on, it's good for you.

Ah, ooh, damn, damn.

Ooh. Come on.

You gonna wash the stink

off you, Kitch. Come on.

Yeah, just get it.

-Oh! Hell no.

-Come on, just

take the stink off.

I-- I'll wait. Uh, you get

as clean as you want.

-Whoa, Kitch.

-Stop it, Willie.



-[William] Damn.

[dramatic music]


Who else you got here, hm?


-Think that

I'll let it run away?


We darn already got him.

I'm gonna ask you one last time.

Where... hiding...

...the rest of those... apes?

[tense music]



How about that?

You got some more spit for me?


A little?


No more spit?

[screams, groans]

We know that's your railroad.

You know what this is?


What about

a little porch monkey?


What have you...


Son, there's worse things

than dying.

No, we didn't thr*aten him.

Did we, son?

We didn't thr*aten you.

We just paid him a little.

Now, Mr. Freeman... gonna die knowing

all your efforts were in vain.

-We gonna k*ll...

-[g*n cocks]

...everyone you love.

[Ellis mumbles a prayer]


[somber music]

How much we'd pay you?

[g*n cocks, g*n]

[dramatic music]

We're gonna hunt you down

like dogs!

You hear?


Turner, mark the spot.

Coming back for the body.

[both panting]


Swing low

Sweet chariot

Coming for to carry me home


W-- What happened?

-They k*lled Ellis.

-[Caddy] What?

-[Abner] What?

-[Caddy] Who?

sl*ve runners and his men.


-[Kitch] They know

about the railroad.

We gotta make it

to Hyrum Williams' plantation.

-[Caddy] Boy, you better

leave my clothes alone.

-[Kitch] Mama, we gotta go.



What you doing?

Making it look like

don't nobody live here.

-What's happening, Mama?

-[Caddy] What?


-Willie, come

and take this inside.


Abner! Oh.

-Kitchum, wait.

-Willie, grab the clothes.



Abner, stop them.

Oh! Kitchum!

[gasps] Oh.

Stop it!

Stop it, Kitchum.

I ain't leaving this house.

This is my home.

And ain't no w*r, no monster,

no crazy white man

gonna pluck me from it.

I's got children

all over this land.

And when we's all's free,

this is where they coming.

-I ain't leaving.

Not for a minute.

-Look, Caddy--

This damn w*r

done ripped my family up.

But as God is my witness,

I ain't gonna let it destroy it.

I ain't leaving, you hear me?

I ain't going!

They k*lled Dee!

Billy, Zachariah,

all of them d*ad.

He sh*t them in front of me.

And we gotta go.

[sobs] Oh, no.


[sentimental music]


Nora, tell Caddy you love her.

We leaving.


No. Give me back my baby. No!

[crying] No. No!

-What you doing, Kitchum?

-[Kitch] L-- Look.

You tearing my family up!

-Can't you see

I'm trying to save us?

-[Caddy] No!


-[Kitch mutters]

You take care of the children...

-...and make sure

that they're safe.

-[Caddy crying]

Just like you seeing us do.

You're a fine man, Kitch.

A fine man.

[Caddy cries and shouts]

What we gonna do?

Master Hyrum gonna

hide you all out a few days

and get you

on to freedom's land.

Uh, we can't be

leaving them alone like that.

Look, it's either them

or Nora and Sammy.

Can't be both.

It's time that you start

acting more like a soldier

and less like a little boy.

There's a fight coming.

We gonna be ready.

Well, I'm coming with you then.

I'm ready to fight.


You see that baby

there on your back?

You gonna leave him?

He need you more than

any fight need you.

You got charge over him.


Come on, Willie.

We gotta keep moving.

I ain't been

in no 12 fights, Kitch.

I runned off

my first skirmish.

I wasn't injured

fighting neither.

I stabbed myself with a bayonet

so that I could play d*ad.

Look, I wanted to tell you,

but I didn't know how.

I-- I, I'm not a warrior

like you are,


-You damn right you not!

You a coward.

Mama say family

ain't supposed to fight.

No, he ain't your family,

Nora. I am.

He don't care about you.

Can't you see?

He running from all this.

Only reason why he stay is

'cause we been feeding him

and taking care of him

like some suckling baby.

-You ain't nothing

but a damn leech.

-Oh, K -- Kitch.

Don't come near me!

'Cause I swear I'm about

to do something I'll regret.

And that's the Lord's truth,

Willie. That's the Lord's truth!


What we gonna do?


You staying at Hyrum's.

I'm going back for them.

Now hush up.


How shall I send thee?

I'm gonna send thee

two by two

Two for the Hebrew children

Born, born

They were born in Bethlehem

[breathing heavily]




Children go

where I send thee

How shall I send thee?

I'm gonna send thee

Two by two

[Caddy sobbing]

[Caddy humming]



He was born in Bethlehem


[somber music]


[breathing heavily]

This him?

[breathing heavily]

This that n*gg*r what stuck you?


Yeah, that's him.




...I been looking for you

for some time.

[scoffs] Now, you tell me where

you're hiding the Yankee...

...and this will be over

real quick.

You best tell me

'fore I burn that heap down

with that old dusty hen

still in it.

[labored breathing]


[slow instrumental music]

Ugh. [groaning]

[ragged breathing]

-[g*n cocks]

-[Silas] Where is he?


[heavy breathing]



I know you're out there.

I know you're out there hiding.

Bring him.

[f*re crackling]

[heavy breathing]

[instrumental music]

Ah. Ah. Caddy!




[insects chirping]



[tense music]



[Kitch gags]

[Kitch grunting]

[groans and gasps]

-What's that?


-What you saying?


-You talking to me?


[gasps, breathing heavily]

[Kitch pants] He ain't coming.

He left the fight two days back.

You best pray he gonna come.

Almighty God is my witness,

you best start praying.


Don't you touch him,

you son of a b*tch!

I'll k*ll you,

you piece of sh*t!

Don't you dare touch him!

I'll k*ll you,

you snaky son of a b*tch!

I'll k*ll you

with my bare hands!


I'll k*ll you.



Look at this big, brave Yank

been freeing my slaves.

Little Casanova.

Son of a b*tch.

And you got gumption, boy.

I'll give you that.


I tried saving Caddy, Kitch.

I tried.


f*re ain't k*ll her.


She d*ad long 'fore that.

Right, Jake?


That's right.

I stabbed that witch

just like you stabbed me.

-Eye for an eye.






[Kitch gasping, groaning]


[William groans]

Stop it.

Stop it. You'll k*ll him.

Stop it!

Stop it!

Turner, that's enough.



Get him up.

-[Jake] But, boss...

-I said get him up!


[somber music]

This all feels

terribly unfair on you.

You having to watch

these horrible men...

...t*rture this poor n*gro

to death.

So I'm gonna let you...

...put him out his misery.


Spare him all that pain.

Please. Please, please, please!



Only one sh*t,

so don't go... push down.

[sentimental music]

I love you

like a brother, Kitchum.

[g*n clicks]


Damn, Turner!

He really don't like you, do he?


Hm. "I love you

like a brother, Kitchum."


-[Kitch groans]

The only thing worse

than a n*gg*r

-is a real white boy...


...thinking he is n*gg*r.

Look at you.


Look at you.

Betraying your own kind.

You got me. Set him free.


-You hear that, Turner?

He say set him free.

So go on then.

Set him free!


You gonna watch the last breath

leave his chest.

[panting, gagging]

[dramatic music]

Behind you!









No, no, no, no, no.

No, no, no, no.


I got myself money.

[gasps] You buy yourself

some freedom.

I am a free man, boy.








[William groans]

[instrumental music]



-[Kitch] Willie.

-Hey, hey, hey. Hey, hey, hey.

-Hey, hey, hey.

Hey, hey, hey, hey.

-No, no!

Hey, I'll tell you.

I'll tell you, okay?

I'm gonna,

I'm gonna fix you up, okay?

-I'm gonna fix you up, Kitch.


Okay, okay.

J-- just, just hold tight, okay?

No-- Nora, see, W-- Will--

William gonna take

y'all back to Isaac, okay?

He gonna get you

to freedom's land.

You-- you take care

of your brother.


-I'm gonna get them there,

Kitch, okay,

but they're expecting you too.

[ragged breathing]

Take, take care of this for me,

all right?

Just, just for a little while.

You my brother.

[groans] Okay?

[sobs] Kitch.

[heavy breathing]

Don't you do it, Kitch.

Don't you!

Don't you do it, Kitch.

Come on, Kitch!

[sobs] Don't leave me

here, Kitch.

Don't you do it, Kitch.

Don't you do it!

Don't leave me here, Kitch.


Don't leave me!

[sighs] Come on, Kitch. Come on.


[sentimental music]

[Nora crying]

We ready for him now.

He gonna rest with Henry.


[man 10]

It ain't right to leave him

out here all exposed, you know?



Come on, Nora.

It's what I owe him.

[slow instrumental music]

[instrumental music]


Singing, oh, good Lord

I want you to help me

Oh, Lord

I want you to help me

Yeah, Lord

Yeah, help me on my journey

Oh, help me on my way

Ah, ah, oh, oh, Lord

I want you to help me

Singing oh, oh, Lord

I want you to help me

Whoa, oh, Lord

I want you to help me

Yeah, Lord, yeah

Help me on my journey

Lord, help me on my way

Ah, ah, oh, oh, Lord

I want you to help me

[sentimental music]

Follow the river north

till the forest...

...then you head west.

You'll run into a small depot.

Tell them

Hyrum Williams sent you.

When I tread

the verge of Jordan

Bid all my anxious fears


Bear me through

the swelling current

Land me safe

on Canaan's side

I am weak

But Thou art


Hold me with


Powerful hand

Bread of


Bread of


Feed me

Till I want

No more

Bread of Heaven

Oh, bread of




Sometimes when I fall

into one of them deep sleeps...

...I can hear their voices

calling out to me.

I open my eyes...

...I look for them...

...but they ain't never there.

[train chugging]

They left me long ago

for that Promised Land.

[slow instrumental music]

They live on in the deepest

recesses of my memory.

Imprinted on my heart,

and intertwined

in the very fibers of my soul.

I wait patiently for the day

God will reunite me

with my brother.

Until that day comes...

...I will tell any soul

willing to listen...

...about my brother...

...who led me down

freedom's path.

[instrumental music]
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