19x18 - Philip to the Rescue

Episode transcripts for the TV series, "Thomas & Friends". Aired: 9 October 1984 – 20 January 2021.*
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British series Based on The Railway Series books that follows the adventures of Thomas, an anthropomorphised blue steam locomotive on the fictional North Western Railway on the Island of Sodor, and several other friends Edward, Henry, Gordon, James, Percy, and Toby.
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19x18 - Philip to the Rescue

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[whistle toots]

[upbeat pop music]

[children] ♪ They'’re two, they'’re four ♪

♪ They'’re six, they'’re eight ♪

♪ Shunting trucks and hauling freight ♪

♪ Red and green and brown and blue ♪

♪ They'’re the really useful crew ♪

♪ All with different roles to play ♪

♪ Round Tidmouth Sheds or far away ♪

♪ Down the hills and round the bends ♪

♪ Thomas and his friends

[whistle toots]

[male narrator] "Philip to the Rescue."

Philip is a very confident little diesel box cab.

When he first came to the island of Sodor

he challenged Gordon to a race.

[horn honks]


On your marks.

Get set.


[honks horn] Whoo-hoo!


[narrator] And Philip still tells everyone that he won

even though Gordon didn'’t actually join in.


[narrator] One day, Philip was working in the shunting yard.

[whistle toots]

Hello, Philip.

How are you today?

Great! Thanks, Thomas!

Hey, look how fast I can get

to the other end of the shunting yard!


[whistle toots]


What'’s the matter with you, James?

Sir Topham Hatt wants me to pull a goods train again.

I'’m such a splendid engine, Thomas.

I shouldn'’t be pulling dirty, dusty old cars.

Oh, James,

did you see how fast I was going?

No, Philip. I wasn'’t watching.


Shall I show you again then?

[laughs] Go on then, Philip. Show us again!

Okay! Ready?

Here I go!


[narrator] Thomas liked little Philip,

but not all the other engines were equally impressed.

[sighs] That new engine... he'’s such a show-off.

All he ever talks about is himself.

A show-off? [laughs]

That'’s funny coming from you, James.

[Philip] Did you see me?

Did you see me?

Did you see me that time, James?

Yes, yes. I saw you.

Don'’t mind him, Philip.

He'’s just grumpy because he has to pull cars.


Oh, are those your cars?

I just shunted those. It was easy!

I usually pull much more than that.

I'’m a very strong engine.

You? Strong?

Well, don'’t you worry.

I'’ll be collecting quite a few more cars before I leave.

Just you wait and see.

Okay. But I bet it won'’t be more than me.

[sighs] See what I mean, Thomas?

[whistle bl*ws]

Always showing off.


[whistle bl*ws]

Ready, Clarabel?

Here he comes.

Come on, you two!

Our passengers are waiting.

-Oh, look, Thomas. -[whistle bl*ws]

I'’ll show that little box cab

what a really splendid engine can do.



Just how many cars are you taking?

[whistle bl*ws]

[whistle toots]

[narrator] Thomas went to Knapford Station to collect his passengers.

[Philip] Look at me, Thomas!

I'’m taking even more cars than James!

But those are empty cars, Philip.

I know. Nice and light.

But it'’s still more than James.

And they do need them up at the quarry.

[whistle bl*ws]

That little box cab can be very cheeky sometimes.

Yes, reminds me of a little t*nk engine

who wanted to see the world.

[whistle toots]

[narrator] It wasn'’t long before James began to feel sorry

that he'’d taken so many cars.

It was very hard to keep them moving,

especially uphill.

-[engine chugging] -[panting]


[train engine chugging]


[narrator] But it was even harder to control them

when he was going down again.

Whoa, oof!

Ooh, ooh!


[brakes squealing]



Oh, no!


[narrator] And then there was trouble.




Help. Help.


[narrator] Meanwhile, Philip had delivered his empty cars,

and was making his way back to the shunting yard again.

Whoa, whoa!

Somebody help me!

-[horn honks] -[gasps]


Who'’s that?


James, what are you doing up there?

Oh, it'’s you!

Whoa! I'’ve had an accident! [screams]

-An accident? -Don'’t come any closer!

I think I'’m going to fall! Quickly! Get help!




See, James?

I told you I was very strong.

Yes. Thank you.

But I still can'’t get up on the tracks again.

Don'’t worry. I'’ll go and get help.

Oh, wait.

I can'’t.

[narrator] Luckily, James'’ guard managed to find a cottage

where he could use the phone to raise the alarm.

[phone rings]


Oh. Oh, I see.

Oh, dear.

Uh-huh. And where exactly has this happened?

[narrator] Percy was sent to fetch Rocky

so that James could be lifted back up onto the track.

Oh, dear.

My splendid paint work is very scratched now.

At least you didn'’t h*t the ground.

Thanks to me!

That'’s right. Thanks to Philip.

Yes. Thank you, Philip.

I'’m sorry I called you a show-off before.

Did you? A show-off?

[Sir Topham Hatt] That'’s funny coming from you, James.

Taking more cars than you can manage

is what I'’d call being a show-off.

I'’m sorry, sir.

[narrator] James had to be taken away to the steam works for repair.

And Philip needed to be repaired, too.

But first...

he wanted to tell all the engines his story.

So I raced out from under the bridge and ka-pow!

James landed on my roof.

[all gasp]

That'’s how I rescued him.


And when Sir Topham Hatt came he said,

"James was a show-off for taking so many cars."

You certainly are a brave little engine, Philip.

And strong, too.

Maybe, but right now, Philip,

you'’re the one who'’s showing off.


Yeah, not as much as James was, though.

[all laughing]

[Gordon groans]

We really must find that little diesel another shed to sleep in.

[whistle toots]

[upbeat pop music]

[children singing]

[whistle toots]

[whistle bl*ws]

[children singing]

[whistle tooting]

[upbeat pop music]
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