Bait (1954)

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Bait (1954)

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May I have your autograph please?
- Me too!

Me too, please.

Will you sign it for me please?

My wife adores you. It's for her.

You are my favorite.

Please, your autograph.

Me too.

I'm a great admirer of yours.

Thank you.

Will you sign it for me, please?

I had a dream about you.

I'm very popular, as you can see.

Allow me to introduce myself.

I am.

The Devil.



I suppose you imagine me with
two little horns on my forehead.

A pale face.
Eyebrows raised at both ends.

Perhaps a charming little mustache,
or even a funny little tail.

No .. that's an old-fashioned theory.

Time progresses.

I never show my face.

Oh, you mean that you
are looking at me now?

For this occasion, I borrowed an actor's
face. Rather a good one in my opinion.

But I .. I mean I personally.

Appear only in your thoughts.

As a little germ inside your brain.

Infiltrating your ideas.

Whispering into your ears.

Getting into your blood.


Would you like to see how I operate?

Well, this is just an
ordinary, simple little story.

I'll show you.

May I invite you into my
private projection room.

Are you ready, Lucifer?

Alright .. let's go.

Uhuh .. you stay here and watch.

And no fraternizing. Understand?

Well, look who's here, Ray Brighton.

This is a surprise.
- Hi Jackie. How are things?

Fine, just fine. How's your brother?

Well, he had an accident. Fell off
the hay-wagon and broke two ribs.

But he's alright now.
- Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.

Can you fix me something for breakfast?
I got up early and had no time.

Sure, what will it be?

Oh anything .. usual thing will do.

Oh Annie.

Now what do you want?

Oh .. hi.

Morning Annie .. say, you look nice.

Haven't seen you for quite a while.

She's been asking about you every day.

No, I have not. Want breakfast?

Yeah, a couple of eggs with bacon
and .. make it three, scrambled.

Maybe a piece of cheese
and a cup of coffee.

Better still, make it buttermilk.

Why don't you sit here Ray,
so we can talk a little.

I'm expecting somebody.

On business?
- Yeah.

Say, by any chance, do you know
a guy by the name of Marko?

That Serbian or gypsy or whatever he is?
- Yeah, a heavy fellow with a mustache.

Sure .. I know him.

Don't tell me you do business with him?

What's the matter with him?
- He's a lunatic. Crazy.

Don't get mixed up in
his gold-mine business.

But he had a mine and
he struck it rich, they say.

That was some fifteen years ago.

That city fellow, Waltzer.

Hey Smokey.

Smokey, you remember that Waltzer?

Oh, sure, Waltzer. He was m*rder.

Hell, not exactly.

He was found frozen
to death near the pass.

Two years later, when Marko
returned his gold-mine vanished.

It disappeared. He's been
looking for it ever since.

Why should he waste his time
looking for a lost gold-mine?

The eggs will be ready in a minute.
- Thanks honey.

Did you make a deal with him?

Why not? It's a good deal if
it clicks. It costs nothing.

Just a little expenses and some
muscle work. If we find the mine.

"If" .. that's the catch.

But how can a mine
disappear from the earth?

I'm telling you he's nuts, mixed up.
Maybe that d*ad Waltzer haunts him.

I'm not kidding, Ray. Ask anybody.

He can't seem to find
where the mine was.

Searches the mountains every year,
from one end to the other.

Goes to church.

Speaks of the curse of Satan,
and God's punishment.

You'd better stay away from him.

How are you Mr Marko?

Give me a beer.

I'm sorry I'm late.
I had to sign some papers.

That's alright.
I was a little late myself.

I bet you they talked
about me. I can smell it.


What's the difference? I didn't listen.

Maybe with one ear.

What did they say?

Oh, the same old stuff.
I've heard it before.

You change your mind? Want to quit?

It's too late now.

I'm all packed, papers are signed.
I'm ready to make a fool of myself.

You don't look like a lunatic to me.

So it's that what they said about me.

Take it easy.

You've got to find your lost gold-mine.
That will teach them a lesson.

You bet I will.

Buckets of gold.


What did they say about my partner?
That I k*lled him, eh?

Oh forget it. Drink your beer.

Hey .. is this the right road?

The only one there is.

Where are we going to get
our supplies and gas?

Foley's place. It's the last place
before we start climbing.

You can get everything there.

Hi, Foley.

Back again.

Ah no.

I thought April fool's day
was two months ago.

Don't worry.
I'll find the mine this time.

Oh sure, sure. Yeah, I know.

What's this? Another victim?

Meet my new partner. Ray Brighton.

How are you, boy?

Yeah. You poor fool, you.

How come you're so late this year?

Ray's a farmer.
He had some business to do.

We need gas.

Yeah, and you can check the oil too.

Yeah, well you just go
ahead. Help yourselves.

The gas pump is right outside,
and the oil-drums are right next to it.

Wait just a minute.

Oh uh, Peggy.


What's the matter,
can't you pick up a hose?

Fill it up?

I'll help you.

No, you check the water and oil.

Peggy thinks we need some
service around here.

Customers sure do like service.

Anything for money, huh?

Look who's talking.

What you been chasing all your life?

- That's different.

Oh, gold isn't money.

No, it's a religion.

I sure feel sorry for a nice
young fellow like that.

Alright, we need some groceries here.

So you're Mr Marko's new partner?

Right. Ray Brighton's the name.

My name is just Peggy.

Mr Marko doesn't like me.

So what? Is it that important?

Well, I like to please our customers.

Maybe you're not his type.

They say he's a fool. That proves it.

We like her, don't we Mike?

What's his name?


I have a cousin named Mike.

What kind of a dog is he?

A thoroughbred cross
between two mongrels.

Oh Mike. Isn't he beautiful?

Oh, what a pair of eyes.

Yeah, what a pair of eyes.

Cut it out will you ..

Let me see .. sugar, oil, salt, onions.

Yeah, how about the bacon?

Oh, I'm plumb out of bacon.

I'm going to order some though,
and I'll fetch it Sunday.

Will be a nice trip up there.
- About ten pounds will do.

Alright. Say, young fellah.

I reckon I'm the only old-timer up here
who ain't got some lost mine or other.

So what?

I planned to take the summer off anyhow.

Now I got a chance to dream about.

Wealth, palaces.


You keep away from her. She's no good.

Shut up.
- Don't shush me.

I know what I am saying.

Everybody knows it. She's no good.

She's got a baby already,
but was never married.

Why, it's none of your business anyway.

How much is it?

Well, now, just let me see young fellah.

Hey Peggy.

Come help us put this stuff in the car.

I'll do that.

You take the beer.

Don't forget the bacon.

Happy dreams, you fools.

See .. there is the pass.

There is heavy snow up there
during the whole winter.

And so suddenly.
That's how we got caught.

Waltzer and I.

That's where he d*ed.

Two days and two nights we
were fighting the snow-storm.

It was terrible. Like an inferno.

We couldn't see a thing.
We were traveling in a circle.

Then he collapsed.

I couldn't carry him.

I was almost finished myself.

Now they say I left him there ..

To die.

Have you ever seen a place like this?

You're a scream, old man.

We've seen a dozen such places.
There must be hundreds of them.

The trouble is that all the
cabins were built alike.

Won't the owner mind if we use this one?

What owner? There is no owner.

Sort of no-man's land.

That's funny.

Gee, I'm hungry.

Let's see the place.

What a mess.

I remember seeing this place before.

We can put the supplies up there.

Let's eat first and then
we'll clean up the mess.

You know, after we struck it rich.

Waltzer and I ..

We hardly ate, hardly slept.

The gold-fever got us.

Yeah. It won't get me that way.

And then we couldn't leave.
Because of the snow.

Look, I don't want to hear any more of
it. Why do you keep torturing yourself?

Ah, everything reminds me of ..

It's terrible.

One thing I don't understand.

Why did you wait two years before
you came back to find your mine?

If you came back the next spring you'd
probably have walked right to it.

I came back. But then I
found out about the curse.

About poison-oaks.

Ha .. I've got the rash
all over the body.


b*rned like the devil. I was so
sick I had fever. I had to leave.

And then I was afraid to return.

Until I turned to religion.

It's no use talking to you.
They are right. You're all mixed up.

It's no use.

Like a haze over my mind.

For weeks now I'm crawling
through holes and caves.

At least we know a
lot of places it ain't.

Good that you've got your humor.

What else can I do?

I don't mind but ..

But what?

Oh well, the folks back home.

They'll call me a sucker and
they'll be right. What else am I?

So you think that I invented the whole
story? That there was no gold-mine, huh?

Well, to tell you the truth.

[ Car horn ]


[ Car horn ]

Hey, somebody got lost up here.

[ Car horn ]

It's that girl, Peggy.

Say, this is a surprise.
What are you doing here?

Looking for you.

Mr Foley was up here a couple
of Sundays ago, to deliver your bacon.

But he couldn't find you.

So I thought I'd try.
Maybe I'd have better luck.

Where shall I put the bacon?
- Who cares about the bacon?

Gee, I'm glad to see you Peggy.

What got into you?


Yeah, I guess any girl would do it.

Oh don't say that.

Say, how about a glass of wine?

No, I don't drink, no matter
what Mr Marko thinks of me.

You got the bill?

Here, pay it.

$7:80, and a buck for gas.

That's what Mr Foley said.

I don't dare tip you.

Don't be a bad show.
I'll buy something for my baby.

Thanks mister. And don't get too
familiar because of the two bucks.

Mr Marko would say I'm the
least expensive girl in town.


Hey, wait a minute.
I can't let you go like this.

How about a cigarette before you go?


But just for a minute,
then I've got to go.

Did you find your gold-mine?

Yeah, just last night.

When I woke up this morning,
I was so tired from digging ..

I had to stay in bed all day.

Very funny.

It's not enough he's
lost his old gold-mine.

Now he's lost his sense of humor.

Don't shush me.
He ought to know what he is.

I can't to talk myself into trouble.
- Hey Peggy, wait!

Look. Couldn't I take you out
Sunday for dinner and dancing?

I'm sorry but Sunday is the
only day I have with my baby.

Oh .. but maybe I could .. oh wait ..

Peggy, wait!


If you'd be more polite and decent with
people instead of praying all the time.

I am praying for you, that the Lord
may spare you from temptation.

I warned you. I know this woman.

I do my own praying.
Don't worry about me.

I'm fed up.

I didn't know what I was getting
into when I signed up with you.

What do you mean?
You can't leave me alone here.

Oh I can't, can't I?

Well then, let's pack and
get out before dark.

Oh no .. you can't do that.
We have an agreement.

You want to sit here and wait for a
miracle to happen? I've had enough.

Oh .. that woman. The Devil sent her.

To stir up your blood, and make
trouble between you and me.

Shut up!

Oh you're the funniest
son-of-a-g*n I've ever met.

Alright, you old goat.

I'll stay. For a couple of days.

But you'd better remember
where you left your mind.

I cook you good meal.

Real service food. Chilli.

Bring me some wood for the f*re. Go.

I'll outsmart you any time, you.


Marko, come here! Quick!

It's the curse.

A tree fell on him.

Come here, quick!

I think I've found it. The mine.

This is it.

We covered the tunnel before we left.

The cabin was somewhere else.

When we moved out, the brush took over.

That's why I couldn't figure it out ..

My gold.

Look at that. See that gold vein?

My gold!

Fifteen years of nightmares.
Fifteen years of t*rture.

It waits for me all .. all these years.

My gold.

My gold.

Why do you always repeat "my gold"?

It's ours. Fifty-fifty.

Oh no, no, no. Yours is inside.

I found this with Waltzer.

Wait a minute. That was
the agreement. Fifty-fifty.

Ha-ha, you can't take my gold.

I paid for it.
- And I found it!


This is Waltzer's share,
so it's mine now.

We'll see what the lawyer has to say.
- No!

Everybody would know.
There would be a stampede.

They will cheat us out of it.

Nobody must know.

It's alright.

Hey, you look like a ghost.
You'd better take it easy.

It's nothing. Just the excitement.

Maybe a little brandy,
or maybe we should ..

We should eat first, huh?


I can't believe it.

It is like in a dream.

We got over two months
before winter sets in.

One of these days I must go into town
to file a claim, so they won't jump it.

Well, won't that tip them off?
- No. I filed a claim for 12 years.

Every summer.

They'll never know when I
really found the gold. Ha-ha.

I want to h*t that mine at least
two hours before bedtime.

Where's the kerosene?
- There.

"You fool."

"Fifty-fifty for a little supply
expenses and some handiwork."

"Don't be a sucker."

"Do something about it."

"There must be a way."

You hire a man.

The gold fever will get him.

See that vein?

Look at that.

Look at that. It goes all the way.

For miles and miles.

Gold. Pure gold.

Say .. we're doing alright.

"See .. all this can be yours."

"Why share it?"

Anybody home?

It's okay Peggy, the
old man is downstairs.

Let me go. I'll scream!
- Come on. You know I'm crazy about you.

I'll cut your throat. Let me go!

Why so particular? What am I, poison?

You live here with the old man.

I'm warning you Chuck, I'll k*ll you.

Let me go, I said!

Okay, I tried to be nice to you.

I'll show you, you little wench.

Let me go!


Peggy, you sure know how
to take care of yourself.

Get out of here.

Get out before I lose my temper!

Thank you, Mr Marko.
- It's alright.

I am really sorry Peggy.

Can you forgive me?

Why, I don't understand Mr Marko.

Oh, for the way I treated you,
for what I said about you.

Why everybody says it.

I had so much trouble when I tried
to defend myself, so I gave up.

I mean, I couldn't afford
to lose my job here.

Well, they had better watch out
what they say about you now.

You've sure changed Mr Marko.

I don't understand it.

Hey, what are you doing
here, you old imposter?

I came to buy some groceries
and file a claim.

File a claim?

Where have I heard that before?

Ah .. you see, one never knows.

Can I have ..

I hope you can read it.

What the devil? Why haven't you gone?

What are you talking about?

I'm back already.

What time is it?

I mean.

Say .. you got it bad.

That's the way it was with Waltzer.


I dream about it.

Piles of gold.

Rocks .. mountains .. glittering gold.

Look at yourself in the mirror.
Come. That you must see.

Is that what gold-fever does to a man?

Everyone who sees you, knows right
away that we've found the gold.

That's why I shave every day.

You're right.

I'll shave tomorrow.

Are you sure you want
to stay over the winter?

Not one grain of gold must remain.

I told you.

Well, I think it will be a long ..


You hear me?

"Now Marko, try to think."

"What is stronger than gold?"

"Diamonds. All the wealth in the world."

"Ah, that's it."

"A woman."

"That's the idea."

"Now, let's work on it."

Hey, did you see that
big cloud out there?

Looks like the end of the world.

Well, a few more days, maybe
a week, and then it will start.

What? The snow?

Are you sure you want
to stay over the winter?

We've gone all over that.
Why do you keep bringing it up?

Got all these things written down?

- Didn't forget anything?

No, and don't forget salt.

And dog-food.
- Alright.

Here's the money.

Say, you old monkey. You look
like you're going out on a spree.

Well, you never know.

Balkanese blood keeps fresh
and boiling. And I feel rested.

Even you look good to me.

Hey Peggy!

Yeah, I'll be right there.

It's not eight o'clock yet.

Just take your time. I just want
to be sure you didn't fall asleep.

I never do, so what
are you talking about?

Peggy .. what are you doing in there?

I'm cutting my toenails
if you must know.

I'll scratch your dirty
eyes out, you old spider.

I was only joking. Come on.

Don't be a little fool.

Go away or I'll call the Sheriff!

You call the Sheriff?
Ha-ha, that's a laugh.

As if he wouldn't know what you are.

Don't you dare! I'm decent.

I got to account for everything I did,
but you, you bunch of dirty hypocrites.

Oh now come, now don't be a little fool.

Open the door Peggy.

Say, I'll buy you a nice new dress.

What do you think I am?

I wouldn't take anything from you
if I had to die first, you .. you ..


Open up, it's me.


Don't cry Peggy.

Pack your things and come with me. Come.

And if anybody touches you,
I'll blow his brains out.

Where can I go?

The whole town says I'm no good.
Nobody will give me a job.

Don't worry about that.
We'll talk it over.

Make yourself beautiful.

Put on your best dress,
and I take you out.

Huh? Go.

Just a minute. What's the big idea?

You, shut up.

Thank you.

Oh, I like that number.
I have that record at home.

How do you feel now?

Oh, I feel fine.

How about you?
- Oh, I'm quite happy.

Say, you look nice.

That's a nice dress you have.

Well, I made it myself.

You know what I like about you Mr Marko?

You're the only guy
that leaves me alone.

The others are mad.
They must be sick or something.

You know, what you need is security and
protection from all these foul people.

I have something in mind,
but I don't know how to say it.

Would you consider ..

Spending the winter up there
in the mountains in the cabin?

You mean to cook and keep house for you?

Well, I wouldn't dare to ask you to
come there as a maid or as a servant.

What I mean is ..

You know?

No, I really don't.
Why don't you tell me?

Would it be very silly
if I asked you to ..

To marry me?

Is it much of a shock? I'm too old, huh?

Oh no, no.

I just don't know what to say.

Well .. forget it.

I know I made a fool out of myself.

Oh no Mr Marko, it's just that ..

Well, I'm sort of speechless, I mean.

That you'd consider me good enough to
give me your name and your protection.

After all, I'm ..

The baby would have a name and people
won't dare to say things about you.

Where is it now? I mean .. the baby.

About twelve miles from here.
In a catholic children's home.

So what's the answer, Peggy?

Well I ..

Let me think it over.


I thought something happened
to you. Where were you?

Where were you?
- I had some business in town.

I expected you last night.

By the way .. meet my wife.


Well, you can put your things here ..

On the table before we start organizing.

How do you like it here?

Hey, what kind of a joke is this?


About you being married.

Do I need your consent?

No but ..

But of all the people in the world ..

To marry her after what
you thought of her ..

So I changed my mind.

You can put your phonograph here.

It won't be in the way.


Is it true?

Sure it's true. What kind of a
joke would that be anyway?

Can I put my things over here?

You can have the whole corner.
All it needs is a few nails here.

You can put your wardrobe over here.

The best thing.

I didn't even have a chance
to wash my stockings.

You can do it in the morning.

- I just wonder.


Is this the only room here?

What did you expect? A suite?

Well, no but uh ..

How are we going to sleep?

Now you got me.
I really forgot about that.

How are we going to sleep?

I'll take my sleeping-bag
out to the mine.

No you can't do that. You'd catch
a cold. I need you in good health.

Alright, I'll stack the supplies at one
end and throw my sleeping-bag up there.

Oh no. Couldn't I? I mean ..

I'm the intruder here.

I wouldn't let you sleep up there.

After all, the best is none too
good for the blushing bride.

That's enough, mister.
- Peggy.

He doesn't mean anything bad.
We must get along.

Until next spring.

Here, let me help you.

Thanks, I can do it
myself. Nothing to it.

Can't you fellows hang up a couple
of blankets in one of the corners?

I need a little privacy.
After all, I have to ..

Say, how about that
Indian blanket in the car?

It's big and you can put a rope on it.
- That's a good idea.

There's not even a place
to put the dishes to dry.

We'll do something about that too.

Oh say. I almost forgot to tell you.

I h*t a high-grade
streak this afternoon.

Oh, I'll drink to that.

What did you say?
- A high-grade streak.

Where is it? What did you do with it?

Take it easy.

Here it is in the honey-can.
Take a look at it.

Stop the phonograph.

Look at that.

Pure gold.

Peggy, come see it.

Look at that.

Isn't that beautiful?

So, you found your gold-mine.

Didn't you know?

Yes. Isn't that beautiful.
What do you say, Peggy?

Well, I'm happy for both of you.

Didn't you know?

Of course I knew. I just
married him for the gold.

Peggy, stop that.

Say .. how come you forgot to tell me?


I was a little surprised
about your marriage.

You mean, my marriage upset you so much
you forgot to tell me about the gold?

I'll go get the blanket.

What's biting him?

Search me.

Peeping Tom.

You know, it's getting
quite cold at night.

Well Peggy, how are you doing?
How is your comfort?

It's alright. I'll get used to it.

We'll improve things as we ..

Say .. that's beautiful.

That's your wedding present.
- Uhuh. It was nice.

So, let's h*t the hay.
It's getting late.

You'll sleep on the upper bunk.

It's easier for you to climb,
and I'll take this one.

Wait, I'll help you.

Goodnight Peggy.

Goodnight Mr Marko.

It's quite cool. I kept it
under water for a while.

Under .. hot water I guess ..

Why, I do my best. What more can I do?

It's alright, he's just teasing you.

Aren't you coming to help us?

I only have two hands.

Well, that's exactly what we
need here. Your two hands.


It's gold-bearing ore. Don't spill it.

Look what you do.

I'm sorry, I never ran a
wheelbarrow before.

You got to learn it.
Now turn it over and dump it.

Oh no. Hopeless, lousy.

Here. Look, go away.


This is no work for you.
Why don't you tell him?

Don't worry about me.

- I'm alright.

Is that what he married
you for? To sl*ve here?

It's none of your business.

I can take care of myself.

"It's working wonderfully."

"Just keep it up."

Gee, it must be noon. I'm hungry.

Why don't you go and fix us
some lunch. I'll handle this end.


Come on, Mike.

Where are you going?

Your partner told me to
fix lunch. He's hungry.

Oh .. he is? Ha.


Next time let me tell
my wife what to do.

Okay then, tell her she don't
have to work so hard any more.

That's very generous of you,
but we have a deal, fifty-fifty.

In work and profits.
- So that's it.


Now I can understand why you
changed your mind about her.

Why you married her.

So somebody could hold
your end of the work up.

Why, that's not marriage.
That's just a dirty trick.

Say, why are you so concerned about her?

What is it to you? Jealous maybe?

Well, let's not talk about it anymore.
You're right. It's none of my business.

Wait. Let me finish. What's the hurry?


Gee, I .. I need a haircut.

Say, I ought to take half a day off and
go to town when I've finished that spot.

Say, you can bring me a few things.

Some cleanser, wood polish,
and bobby-pins and wool.

And you can bring some magazines
for the long evenings around here.

The Good Book never makes
the evenings seem long to me.

Okay, we'll all sit around and
read the bible. How's that?

The boy sure has changed
since you came here.

Maybe he doesn't like me around here.

Maybe it's the other way around.

How's that?

Maybe .. he's in love with you.

Mr Marko, I want to tell you something.

Something that's been on
my mind for a long time now.

Since our marriage ceremony,
you've never kissed me.

You've never embraced me.

And you let me sleep up
there on the upper bunk.

A woman.

I mean a wife, wants to belong.

For her own protection, she
wants to belong to her man.

It gives her .. security.

Don't you understand that?

Now look at me. Don't I appeal to you?

You sure caught me
unprepared for your speech.

I don't know how to explain it, but you
see I'm a man of principle, of religion.

After we are through here
with the gold-digging.

And we come back to our own home.

And I'm ready to raise a
family, then I'll have a ..

Justification for it. I don't know if
you understand, but that's how I feel.

Oh you're up already.

Yeah, isn't it beautiful.

It's nice and warm outside.

Just like a fairy-tale.

Just beautiful.

I heated some water for you.


Oh, look at that.

The "Lady in Ermine" we always
called it when I was a kid.

It is exactly as it was
with Waltzer. Overnight.

Here we go again.
- What you say?

Nothing .. there goes my haircut.

And my magazines.

Oh I know how to cut hair.

I used to practice on Foley.

Peggy, why don't you put on something?

Oh I forgot.

There, it's snowing outside.

What's the idea? I'm not blind.

I thought you had no time to look.

Oh, you're getting more
senile every day.

What did he mean by that?

What does it mean "senile"?

Oh I don't know. I think it
means "clever" or something.

He's a nice boy.

I think you should give him the haircut.

Mr Marko.
- Yes?

Would you wash my back for me please.

It's already soaped up.

Oh you mean ..

What are you doing over there?

Say a good word for
me too. I sure need it.

I hope I don't catch cold.

You've enough hair to stuff a mattress.

Ah .. a little shorter at the
back of the ears if you please.

Hey, you want me to cut off your ear?

I can't understand why you married him.

Lean forward and hold still please.

Or why he married you, for that matter.

First he talked me out here and then ..

That was clever of him, don't you think?

Yeah, maybe.

Sometimes I think he
enjoys seeing me upset.

He gets a kick out of me
being crazy about you.

Are you?

I stopped dreaming about the gold.

You shouldn't have said that.


Because I want a peaceful life.

Mr Marko is nice to me. He's the
only guy who leaves me alone.

That's a nice recommendation
for a husband.

What is it?

I just saw him.

He was spying on us.

I like to watch you make those.

Go ahead, try one. I'll show you how.

Why do smoke those home-made ones?

Because I ran out of the other kind.

Say .. that gives me an idea.

Why don't we take a couple of days off?
Go into town. What do you say?

What's the matter?
Don't you like our company?

That's not the point. We're rich
now. We've got lots of money.

To buy Christmas presents with.
Christmas is just around the corner.

No. The pass is miles away.
Miles of deep snow.

Things have changed Marko,
since you were snowed in.

There's a highway across the pass now.

A bus passes there
twice a day. Both ways.

It's only about ten miles. And I can
make snow-shoes for all three of us.

Oh, I wouldn't let Peggy go
through such an experience.

Why don't you go Ray. Take a
week off. It will do you good.

It's cold.

He's in his shirtsleeves.
He'll catch cold.

Say, why are you so concerned
about him? What's going on here?

Well, isn't it important to you
that he stays in good health?

What a wonderful wife.
Always thinking of her husband.

Cut it out, will you.
If you don't trust me, say so.

Ray. Come in here a minute.

Sit down.

Now listen, you two fellahs.

I've had enough trouble in the past.

I won't let anyone push
me around anymore.

Mr Marko here suspects us.

I know I've a bad reputation, but it's
just because people won't ask questions.

They just condemn you.

When I married Mr Marko,
I remembered what I said.

"Through thick and through
thin, until death do us part".

Believe it or not it
meant something to me.

He gave me back my self-respect,
and he gave my baby a decent name.

I'm grateful.

But I won't let anyone interfere.

So no monkey business.

No flirting, no passes.

And no suspicions. Let's keep it decent.

Now, I think I'll fix a little tea.

You must be cold, Ray.

Pick up the cards.


Well I sure got a good spanking.

I'm sorry Peggy that I
misjudged you again.

But that son-of-a-g*n, that Ray,
he always looks at you so ..

So what? Let him look.

I like to look at him, too.


Why don't you dance together, you two?

Go ahead.

Why, you really are nuts,
you old buzzard.

Why? I want to show
you that I trust you.

Go ahead. You're young people. Have fun.

Come on Ray. I haven't danced for ages.

Let's keep a distance apart.

Oh, this is a nice one.


Ray. Please don't spoil our fun.

Oh, this is a wonderful view.

I could scream with joy.

Go ahead. Scream.

Oh go ahead.


You know, it's a lot different up here.

Away from the cabin.

Some yellow metal in a honey-can
doesn't mean so much now.

I always heard that
gold-fever can ruin a man.

I think I'm out of danger.

The gold has strong competition now.

I'll be glad when the winter's over.
Then we won't see each other anymore.

When we say goodbye,
it must be for keeps.

Let me hold your hand.

There's no harm in that.

Nice and warm in here.

Where shall we put the tree?

What is it?

Mike. He's sick.

Oh no, he's just resting.

I think he's dying.

Oh no.

Oh, no.

How did this happen?

What is it?

Poor little Mike.

Is he sick?

He's dying.

Coyote poison. It fell from the shelf.

It's freezing.

Must be at least six below.

Ray, will you do me a favor?

Climb up and get the salt.
The can's almost empty.


Hey, where is it? I can't find it.

I don't know, you two guys brought
the supplies and stocked them.

Marko, where's the salt?
- Hey, what do you say?

Where did you put the salt?

I don't know, I handed it to you.

You stacked it there.
Don't you remember?

Well then, we're out of it.

You're kidding.

Maybe I'm blind, but I don't see
any salt up here anywhere.

Ah, it's impossible. Wait, I'll see.

Oh ..

I think I forgot to buy
some on my last trip.

That was a really good Christmas dinner.
Peggy, for this you deserve a medal.

Well, I didn't have enough salt.
But what could I do?

It was alright. Too much
salt is unhealthy anyway.

Not enough is worse.
What are we going to do about it?

Let's forget about it.

To friendship.

Health and wealth.

See, I've got a present
for you two fellahs.

I didn't get anything for her.

It's not much. Here ..
- Oh, look at that.

Gee, Peggy.

This is a wonderful thought.

I didn't expect anything.

When did you make it?

Oh I just had a little wool
left over. It's nothing.

I ..

I have a Christmas present
for you too. For both of you.

In my legal papers, it says share 50/50.

Well, now there's three of us.

Peggy works as hard as we
do, so we split three ways.

Oh, no. No Ray, that wouldn't be fair.

Well, it seems fair to me.

Of course, I ..

I cannot speak for Marko's share but ..

How about it, Marko?

Well .. you sure put me on the spot.

It's a nice thought.

Peggy, for this you should
give him a nice kiss.

Go ahead.

No. That's not a kiss, that's an insult.

I mean, a real, nice kiss with a clinch.

Go ahead.

Well, I don't know what you've
got on your mind, you old devil.

But you asked for it.

That's what you wanted, wasn't it?

Sure, sure.


You'd better bring some punch and let's
make some music and have fun, huh?

Oh I don't know, I can't eat.

Sometimes I wish that
some of the gold ..

Would change into salt.

Like running out of fuel.

Oh, they can't be that bad.

I feel fine.

I'm eating the same thing.

Yeah, you will see later on.

Ran out of salt with a fellow named ..

Brown, some years ago. In the hills.

We almost went crazy.

After two months we came
back to town, each one ..

Bought a sack of salt, we
sat down and licked it.

I .. I tell you .. it tasted ..

Sweeter than honey.

Why do you have to
keep talking about it?

I know it's my fault.

I remember, I had it on the list.

I must have forgotten with all
this .. marrying business.

Well, I tell you what I do.

I make a pair of snow-shoes.

The weather is nice. I know my way.

I'll go into town and buy some salt.

That's a crazy idea Mr Marko.
You can't do that.

You mean I'm too old?

Well no.

Why don't you go, Ray?

Oh no, I won't let him go.
Why should he pay for my mistakes?

No, no, no.

It's no danger.

The weather is nice.

The sky is clear.

The snow is quite soft.

I think I will even enjoy the trip.

So what's the difference? I'll do it.

What is it?

Why do you look so perplexed?

You must be joking.

You don't really mean to ..
- To leave you here alone?

Why not?

Can't I trust you? Didn't
you ask me to trust you?

What better proof can I give you?


Why don't you both go?
It would be easier that way.

To leave you here alone? A woman?

Nobody would steal me.

Let's not talk about it.
I've made up my mind.

Now wait, what do I need?

I need a willow, deer-hide strips.

You can help me Ray. I'll show you how.

I know how. That's not the point.

Can't you see you're upsetting Peggy?

I don't know why. I leave tomorrow
and the next day I'm back.

Is that so bad?

You're the boss, Mr Marko.

You must know what you're doing.

Is this a thr*at?

If you're so smart, answer for yourself.

Why are you two so jumpy?

Don't you trust yourselves?

Marko, either you're too
smart or you're too stupid.

Why should you trust me?

Alright, I don't trust you.
So I trust my wife. How's that?

What kind of a wife is she anyhow?
She sleeps right between us.

Now listen, you ..

Oh, I see what you mean.

It's none of your business anyway.

You know, this is the first holiday
I haven't been with my baby.

Next year will be different.

We'll be together I hope.

What's its name?

Charlie. After his daddy.

You know that was a lot of nonsense
about us not being married.

Charlie was here on furlough,
and we got married.

But .. I don't know what happened to
the papers. They got mixed up, and ..

Before we could sign a duplicate,
he was called back.

Three weeks later we
got word that he'd d*ed.

k*lled in action.

You know it always fascinates me
how you make those cigarettes.

Go ahead. Try it.

Now ..

Bend it with these two fingers.

Now let go with one hand
and take the tobacco.

Now spread it.

Evenly .. not too much.

Now .. now press it against the paper.

Lightly, not too hard.

It's so tricky.

Now roll it, back and forth.

No, the paper, not the tobacco.

No. Here, let me show you.

Now, lick it.

Wet it.

More, more. It won't stick together.

You shouldn't have done that.
- I know, but I couldn't help it.

Oh Peggy, it's t*rture.

Maybe I ought to pack
my things and go away.

Maybe you should.

But .. maybe I couldn't stay here.

Without you.

No Ray. Please don't.

Mr Marko trusts me .. and I
don't want to feel cheap.

What kind of a husband is he anyway?

He goes off and leaves
you and doesn't care.

He leaves his gold here too,
and he sure cares about that.

But that's different, can't you see?
He married you for selfish reasons.

Not for love.

He'd have married any woman, as long as
she was strong enough to work for him.

So you think your love is unselfish?

If I were to be the same girl only ..



Bow-legged and bad teeth.

You'd love me just the same, huh?

Just for myself?

There is no sense in arguing with you.


It's no use. The ace
of spades is buried.

Let me try one.

What time is it?

A quarter to eleven.

Still about eight hours until dawn.

Say, are you serious about
staying up all night?

Why not? If you're sleepy,
go ahead and lie down.

Well, I can take my sleeping
bag out to the mine.

You can't do that.
You'll freeze to death.

You can come out and keep me warm.

You got to put one over here.
- Oh I will at that.

Ray, please don't.

Maybe I'll never have a chance
to tell you this, Peggy.

This isn't just the usual thing.

A guy, restless just because he
sees a female around the house.

I never felt like this before.

I can't imagine going
on living without you.

What are you trying to
do Ray, break my heart?

Do you think it is easy for me?

Oh Ray, if you only knew.

There's nothing else for us
to do but to try to forget it.

When the winter's over
and I go back to my farm.

I'll probably go in a corner
and cry like a little baby.

Will you .. make me a cigarette, please?

Yeah, sure.

I have to get some tobacco.

Hey there, did you fall asleep?


I'm coming down.

Ray, what's the matter with you?

Peggy .. stay calm.

Don't show any concern.

What is it for heaven's sake?

Take a look at the window.
The lower left corner.

Take it easy.

It's all frozen up. I can't see a thing.

Now .. take another look.

Can't you see? The ice is melting.

Can't you see the water
running down the window?

Ray, I'm scared.

What is it?

Somebody was breathing on that window.

On the outside I mean.

An animal?

A bear maybe?

Don't be silly.

Peggy .. listen.

Don't ask any questions.

Do what I say.

Now get up.


No buts. Do what I say.

Now walk over to Marko's bed.

Peggy, don't you trust me?
Do what I say.

Now sit down on the bed.

Go on. Sit down.

Now take off your shoes.

Keep talking, laugh.

Be seductive.

You're crazy. What do you want from me?
- For heaven's sakes, don't argue.

Lie down.

Now, stretch out your arms too.

As if inviting me to come closer.

I certainly will not.
- Peggy.

Don't argue. Don't joke.
This is no time for it.

If you come any closer, I'll kick you.

Shut up.

Here I am, Marko.

Peggy, turn on the light.

Wait a minute.
- Back up.

I know exactly what's going on here.

I saw you both!

Sit down, old man. You must be tired.

You see Marko.

I had to do this little trick to get you
in here before you caught cold outside.

What do you mean? I had to come back.

I missed the bus and I had
blisters on my feet so I ..

Sure, sure.

Only you didn't have to go
into town to get any salt.

There's a whole sack of it up there.

Enough for three months.

But you preferred to hide it.

So you'd have an excuse to go off
and leave us here alone together.

You planned this night from the moment
you first brought your wife up here.

What are you talking about?
- Shut up!

You planned to k*ll me.

To get rid of the 50/50 partner.

You felt sorry suddenly about
giving away part of your gold.

So you figured out how to do it.

Quite clever I must say.

You married Peggy.

A bad girl in your mind.

And you brought her out here
so we could fall in love.

You used all kinds of tricks
to arouse our affections.

Why you even played jealous.

Forced us to dance, to kiss.

To get ideas into our
heads, to excite us.

And then you pretended to go into town.

Only you hung around outside
the house and spied on us.

Hoping to catch us cheating on
you so you could sh**t to k*ll.

The unwritten law.

No jury would convict you,
the poor, cheated husband.

Yes, pray, you old hypocrite.

Ask the devil to forgive you.

Nobody else would
listen to your prayers.

You stopped at nothing.

You even k*lled my dog so he didn't give
you away while you spied on us outside.

Ray! Stop it .. stop it!

Ray, don't!

I'd like to k*ll him.

0h, let's get out of here.

Here's your share.

I split the gold three ways.

Goodbye Mr Marko.

I'll leave my address with
Foley for legal formalities.

Ray, look at that cloud.

Yeah, looks like a storm.

Put your foot on it.

You reckon it's safe to go?

It all depends on which way
the wind will blow.

Ray, watch out!

Why, you dirty m*rder.
I ought to break your neck.

But you're still Peggy's husband, and
I don't want to make trouble for her.



Don't leave me here!

I think I broke my leg.

Help .. me!

Ray, wait.

Shouldn't we go back?

No .. never.

Let's go.






Look! The highway .
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