Her Chapter 1 (2023)

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Her Chapter 1 (2023)

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"Handling time is like playing

with darkness"

"Your dreams have drowned in the sea"

"Your journey started

with a hesitant step"

"There's no path in sight"

"Follow your heart and walk ahead"

"People around you are like shadows"

"Too close to f*re"

"Burning desire"

"The near you are, the less you see"

"I hear you speak, but can you feel?"

"Don't walk away, don't walk away now"

"Don't walk away, don't walk away now"

"Don't walk away, don't walk away now"

"I see you too close to f*re"

[Footsteps approaching]

[Bottle rattles]

[Alarm ringing]

[Phone vibrating]


It's a double m*rder ma'am.

This way.

[Camera clicks]


The car is registered under

the name of Vishal Pasupuleti.

We still don't know

the identity of this woman.

We haven't found her

handbag or mobile either.

They seem like husband and wife.

What about the b*llet casings?

We found one casing near

Vishal's d*ad body.

It's 9mm.

What about her's?

Haven't found it yet,

we're searching for it.

How will you find it here Deepak?

Looking at his g*n wound,

we can figure that

it was from a point-blank range.


However, her's was a long sh*t.


Extend the search perimeter

by 50 feet on that side.

Yes ma'am.

- Deepak sir is calling you.

Sir, nothing will happen to me right?

Did you m*rder them?

- Sir!?

Then why are you afraid?

It's written here that you found

these bodies

when you were searching for your sheep.

Come sign it.

Sign it, man!

Receipt from Garden resorts.

Go and enquire there.

We may find some details

about the woman.

Yes ma'am.

- Ma'am?

We found another b*llet casing.

9mm again.

[Police siren wails]

Yes, Jagdeesh.

Appoint four spotters to check

the traffic footage

near the crime scene.

Report if there is anything suspicious.

Good ma'am.

We've cleared the d*ad bodies

before the press arrived,

otherwise we would've had

a tough time clearing them.

What's the address?

[Door bell]

Is this Mr. Vishal's house?


You are?

I'm Anita, his wife.

[Anitha weeping]

Vishal! Brother...


These m*rder were committed

yesterday night

approximately between 8pm to 10pm.

There are injury marks on her body

especially on her chest and lower abdomen.

It suggests sexual as*ault.

And about Vishal...

his left jaw is broken.

And what about the b*ll*ts?

b*ll*ts are still in their bodies.

We have to wait for the blood samples

and ballistic results.

Thank you doc.


Ma'am I'm Anil, Anita's brother.

Is she okay?

We won't be able to handover the body

until the formalities are completed.

I hope you understand.

Yes ma'am.

Do you guys doubt anyone?

We're still in a state of shock.


As far as I know

he doesn't have issues with anyone.

He's just a regular financial

consultant at Deloitte.

It hard to fathom

why anyone would want to k*ll him

in such a gruesome manner.

Do you know anything

about the woman with him?

I don't know ma'am.


Okay, thank you Anil.

We'll talk later, you can leave.

Okay ma'am.

Let's go.

Please check Vishal's recent call records.

They might help us identify the woman.

Okay ma'am.

[Reporters barge]

Do you know the reasons for these m*rder?

Do you know anything

about the victims ma'am?

Ma'am, is this honour k*lling?

Ma'am, is it true that

they were sh*t d*ad?

Investigation is still going on...

We'll inform you once we know the details.

Okay? Thank you.

[Reporters follow]

Move guys, move. Let ma'am leave.

[Reporters plead]

Wait. Wait everyone.

Sir sir. Atleast you should answer sir.

Who are you suspecting sir?

Investigation is going on.

Are you not able to understand?

Investigation is going on.

Please wait.

We'll inform you first.

Okay? Happy?

Okay, Thank you.

[Phone rings]

Yes Deepak.

They've spent two nights here

at Garden Resorts ma'am.

CCTV confirms that.

Did you find any details about the woman?

The room is booked under Vishal's name.



[Phone chimes]

Bad timing Archana.

We already have a lot of unsolved

cases in our jurisdiction.

Now, these m*rder.

What's the status?

Sir, initial evidence suggests that

the man was having

an affair with another woman.


We're preparing the m*rder book

and that should give us some leads.

Be aware.

After a six-month suspension,

this is your first case.


Let's cr*ck it.

You look gorgeous.

Thank you.

You've already told this to me twice.

Yeah, right?



I've complemented you twice, right?

So... it's time for

you to pay the bill, right?


You've invited me for dinner

so you need to pay, right?


One second.


I forgot my wallet.

Google pay or paytm?

No sir, cash or card only.

Ah, sh*t.

Umm, just give us a minute.

Okay sir.

- Thank you.

I'm not going to come out

for dinner with you again.


"Become a part of my breath slowly"

"Let me fill you up inside me slowly"

"I saw myself smiling up at you"

"Hold me tight in your warm embrace"

"Read my lips and talk with your eyes"

"Let's be alone and stop the time"

"I'm yearning to be one with you"

"Become a part of my breath slowly"

"Let me fill you up inside me slowly"


"Let's reach the shores"

"Let's travel distances"

"Let's walk as long as our legs take us"

"Let's transcend words"

"Let's meet silences"

"Let's revel in each other's company"

"I saw myself smiling up at you"

"Hold me tight in your warm embrace"

"Read my lips and talk with your eyes"

"Let's be alone and stop the time"


"Become a part of my breath slowly"

"Let me fill you up inside me slowly"


Good morning ma'am.

Yes, Deepak.

We know the identity of the woman.

[Brakes squeal]

This way ma'am.

The m*rder woman was

identified as Swati.

Her mother filed a missing person complaint

at their local police station.

Apart from that,

Swati's husband Ashok was k*lled

in an accident a few months back.


Ma'am, I'm extremely sorry.

I asked you to come

so that you could speak to her

but as soon as she saw

her daughter's d*ad body,

she cried a lot and fainted.


Take her official statement

once she is awake.

Yes ma'am.

[TV news] 'The victims of the twin m*rder

that occurred in the city outskirts'

'have been identified as

Vishal and Swati by the police.'

'They revealed that the criminals may have

attempted to sexually as*ault the victim.'

'Until the investigation is complete,'

'ACP Archana has refused to divulge

further details regarding the case.'

Look into those blood samples once.

Be more careful,

now that the press is involved.

Yes, ma'am.

As of now, we understand that

Vishal and Swati was having an affair.

But we need to find out whether this was

a personal att*ck or a random att*ck.

So let's start with the families first.

Ask around in the colony.

Ok ma'am.

You go that way.

How long were you married for?

5 years ma'am.

Love or arranged?

Love marriage ma'am.


think again before signing the statement.

If you have anything to say,

now is the time to do it.

Ma'am we are still unable to come out

of the shock that Vishal is no more.

And seeing Vishal with that woman...

Did you know anything about their affair?

No ma'am.

He said that he was going to Vizag

for a two-day business trip.

What was Vishal's daily routine?

Morning 7am to 8am gym.

9am to 6pm office.

He comes home after that.

Sometimes after work...

he goes to meet his friends,

but he keeps me informed.

Who were his close friends?

At work, he is close to

Karthik and Surendra.

Mahesh and Venu

were Vishal's college friends.


- [Phone vibrating]


- Ma'am?

Yes, Deepak.

We took Swati's mother's statement ma'am.


Swati's in-laws also stay nearby.

I'll go and talk to them as well.

And also find out about

Swati's character if you can.

Sure ma'am, I'll find out

and get back to you.

Add Vishal's friends and

that gym instructor to our enquiry list.

What do you think about Anita and Vishal?

I don't know ma'am.

Everyone is saying that

they were a perfect couple.

There's nothing called

as a perfect couple, Natraj.

Hi Doc.

Hi ma'am, how are you?


Are those reports ready?


Apart from the victims' samples we found

two more samples in the crime scene.

One was in the skin tissue

found under Swati's fingernails

and the other sample was found

on the car seat belt.

So, at least two persons are involved?

That's correct.

And according to DNA reports

these two men's age

is between 25 and 35 years.

Unfortunately the samples

did not match

with those in the existing

criminal database.

What about the ballistic reports?

Kailash is working on it.

It'll be done by tomorrow.

Thank you, doc.

Call me Shanti.

We have to check the bank statements

of the immediate family members.

Get a court order if necessary.

Yes ma'am.

What's the update guys?


I had a conversation

with Swati's in-laws ma'am.

They were saying that

Ashok was a heavy drinker

and because of that Swati and Ashok

used to quarrel a lot.

After Ashok's death,

Swati did not remain in touch

with her in-laws.

Did you check Swati

and Vishal's call logs?

We did ma'am, nothing is abnormal.

[Cell phone rings]

Excuse me ma'am.

Yes, Jagadish tell me.


From our enquiry list,

ask all the men aged between 25 and 35

to come to our office for tea

tomorrow morning.



Ok ma'am.

Ma'am, we have a lead.

According to CCTV footage,

on the day of the crime

474 vehicles passed

through that road.

After checking their registration plates

we found out that

one tata van had a fake number plate.

This one.

Here's the catch.

This vehicle entered

the service road but didn't exit it.

Take local police's help

and comb those nearby areas.

Ok ma'am.

And... send a look out notice

for that tata van, yeah?

Yes ma'am.

[Train horn blares]

[Pounding on door] Hello. Anyone inside?



Should I go get the keys?

No sir.

Sir, your mobile.

Go, search.



Move aside.

Call forensics.

Okay sir.

Morning sir.

We arrived at the reported house.

We found a d*ad body inside.

Yes sir.

Sure. Yeah.

The Tata van we are looking

for might be in these areas.

Mirzaguda, Dontanpalli

and Jaanwada.

Where is this truck driver?

Did you see this van anywhere?

No idea sir.

Good morning sir.

Sir, we've summoned the friends and

family members in the enquiry list.

Sure sir, I'll update you.

I'm a trainer at 247 fitness

center ma'am.

Vishal and Swati are my clients.

They met in a group session

three months ago.

I did observe their closeness

but since it was their personal matter

I did not get involved in that.

Vishal and I are colleagues, ma'am.

I've known him for 3 years now.

He was a good man.

He was always there to help.

but to see him like this...

We're all in a shock.

There's no need to be afraid.

Take it easy.

Oh!! So I'm not a suspect?


Then, why did you call me ma'am?

We just need your official statement.

Sure, will answer.

On 8th May, where were you

between 8pm and 12am?

8pm to 10pm,

I was working with a client madam

and after that I went home.

That evening our whole

family went out for dinner.

Since Vishal was out of town,

Anita was also there with us.

I was at my home that night.


I don't drink tea ma'am.


I don't like coffee ma'am.

Hey! Get some water.

How do you know Vishal?

Both of us studied

in the same college ma'am.

I'm still unable to believe

that he is no more.


Did you notice any changes

in Vishal recently?

Nothing strange ma'am.

I went to Vizag a week ago

and returned only today ma'am.

So, I basically don't know

what happened during that time.

Swati was my brother's wife.

My brother d*ed in

an accident 6 months ago.

I did not meet her thereafter.

Don't you feel sorry that

this happened to her?

Of course, I feel sorry for her.

But I lost touch with her

after my brother's death.

Do you doubt anyone?

No, they were a perfect couple.

All the neighbours would be invited

to the events in their house.

Vishal was a very cool guy.

I'm not able to understand why

would anyone want to k*ll him.

I can't even imagine

what Anita is going through.

Ma'am you should definitely catch the guy

who is responsible for this.

Please don't let him escape.

Send these samples to the lab.

It'll take atleast 24 hours.

Ok ma'am.

That's the van we saw

in the CCTV footage, right?

Yes sir.

[Kids indistinct chatter]

Fast. Let's go.

Hey, get down. Constable, catch him.

Hey, what are you doing?

Don't you have school today?

[Phone vibrating]


Ma'am, we found that Tata van

near Vikarabad highway.

Since when was this van here?

We have no idea sir.

Why would the children play here then?

They are just kids sir.

How would they know?

Who's the owner?

Along with fake number plates

they've tampered with the chassis

number as well ma'am.

What are you doing here? Move!

Who removed the tyres?

Since it was empty we went there.


Do one thing.

Get a vehicle expert

and find out the VI number.

I want to know the owner of that vehicle.

Ok ma'am.

[Phone vibrating]


Hello ma'am,

this is Kailash from ballistics.

Yeah Kailash.

Can you come to the lab once?

I need to talk about something

very important.

[Engine starts]


Hello madam.

Yeah Nataraj.

Tell me, madam.

I need to know

the registration details of a car.

Note down the number.

Okay, madam.

What's going on, Kailash?

Why did you asked me come so suddenly?


the w*apon used to commit

these m*rder is a Zoraki 2918.

It's a Turkish g*n.

But, for a crime of this nature

using a barrel-modified

semi-a*t*matic w*apon felt strange.

So, I did some research


it's connected to you.

That's why I asked you to come here.

The g*n used to k*ll officer

Seshadri Prasanna

in the warehouse sh**t

six months ago...

and the g*n used in these m*rder...

are exactly the same.

And it's an exact match.

I brought a version of this model.

And I had a doubt because

I did that report.

So, after I had a doubt,

I did some tests..

..matched some samples and yes,

it's a perfect match.

It's the same one.

Are you sure?

Yes ma'am, I'm absolutely sure.

It is the same g*n.


Ma'am, we traced down

Keshav's location.


[Line ringing]

[Cell phone rings]


Sir, we know where Keshav is.

What's your next move?

Sir, let's raid the place.


Tag along a backup team.


Sanjeev, wait there. We'll pick you up.

[Phone vibrating]


Madam, our vehicle broke down.

We'll be a little late.

How late?

Atleast one hour madam.


Hurry up guys.

Backup is going to be late.

What shall we do?

We'll wait ma'am.

We'll lose the remaining evidence

if we wait.

He's right ma'am.


You're the boss.

Ok, let's go.

[Glass shatters]




Yes sir.


Are those last location

co-ordinates exact, sir?

Yeah, they are same.


Did you bring Keshav's file?

Yes sir.

How do you know that

one who escaped is Keshav?

Excuse me?

Archana, this is Sudheer

and Vikranth from NIA.

They're are also searching for Keshav.

Hello sir.

- Hello.

Is this Keshav?

Sir, I know what Keshav looks like.

This is not him.

How about this guy?

Yes sir.

She's right, that's Keshav.

Good sir.

We can collaborate on this case.

That won't be possible.

Why sir?


you wait outside.

But sir, I can!

Please, I'll call you.



Tell me about Keshav.

Do you guys think Keshav

mainly deals in dr*gs?

He recently supplied arms

to Kashmir militants.

He is a national thr*at.

He is above local police sir.

Please understand.


We'll handover the case to you.

You can take it.

Thank you sir.

- Thank you sir.




NIA is taking over the case.

Sir, I won't question

NIA's interest in Keshav's case

after looking at those w*apon

in his warehouse.

Sir, let me work on this unofficially.

In that raid led by you,

we lost an officer

and two are still in the hospital.

You should've waited

for the back up to arrive.

Sir, given the w*apon he has,

no backup could've been of any help.

In fact, we would've lost

more men that way.


tell the same thing to

the internal inquiry panel.

As far as I can tell...

inevitably, you'll either be

suspended or transferred.

But sir...

- Now you can leave.

Ma'am, are you ok ma'am?

Ballistic reports have arrived, Sir.

They confirm that g*n used

in the m*rder

belongs to Keshav.


You sure?

Yes sir.

Isn't NIA working on that case?

That's why I need your help in this, Sir.

Sir, I need Keshav's details

from NIA. It's urgent.

You know that's not possible Archana.

But why sir?

Come on...

You know better.

You've been in the department

for six years now.

Red-tape, bureaucracy, politics...

You understand?

Sir, I understand policing not politics.

I'll talk to the commissioner

and let you know.

But don't get your hopes up.

Follow your other leads.


[Engine starts]

You guys don't even know how to salute.

Ma'am is here.

Yeah, okay.

Did that vehicle expert find

that VIN number?


Pasha, bring two tea and ask

Deepak sir to come over.

Ok madam.

May I come in ma'am?

Yeah Deepak.

Yes ma'am.

- Come sit.


- Yes ma'am.

Did you thoroughly check

Swati's character?

Yes, ma'am. I did.


Did she have any other affairs

apart from Vishal?

No ma'am.

I did not find anything like that

in my investigation.

You sure?

Yes ma'am. She's clean.

Why are you following me?

I am Ravi Varma, Private detective.

I have some details regarding this case.

A few months ago, Swati's husband

Ashok hired me to tail Swati.

Come in.

While I was following Swati...

I found out that she was having an affair

with an inspector from your team, Deepak.

[Camera clicks]

[Camera clicks]

I've been trying to tell you

this since yesterday

but after knowing that

Deepak is in your team

I wanted to meet you in person.

Finally, we met.

If you want any more details

regarding this case,

please contact me on this number.

Thank you.

- Welcome, madam.

Looks like they are husband and wife.

Did you find any details about the woman?

The room is booked under Vishal's name.

Did you check Swati

and Vishal's call logs?

We did ma'am, nothing is abnormal.

You idiot!

Nataraj, don't h*t on the head Nataraj.

Why are you hitting me on the head.


- Stop Nataraj.


It's absolutely fine if you remain silent,

but do not dare say that

you don't know anything.

Where were you that night?

I was in this station working

night shift at that time.

You can check it ma'am.

Nataraj, check the station CCTV footage.

Ok ma'am.

What's the connection

between Swati and you?

Don't test my patience Deepak.

I want to know every detail. Tell me.

Ma'am, I met Swati one year ago

through a dating app.

[Deepak] 'We started talking regularly.'

'I understood that

she was not in a happy marriage.'

'In a weak moment,

we both got involved.'

'However, a few days later

she herself told that we should stop it.'

That's it, that was the end.

We didn't even meet after that.

Why did you not tell us then?

Ma'am, I was shocked seeing

Swati's body that day.



If this matter leaks out...

I was afraid that my wife

and kids would get affected.

Please ma'am, believe me.


I checked it madam.

He was here the whole night.

You heard it ma'am.

It's obvious that

I did not commit those m*rder.

It's over.

You're a suspect.

We're arresting you

for misleading the case.


Please ma'am, Please.




Do you also have an affair with Swati?

Yikes, no!


Don't let the information

that Deepak is a suspect leak

until the investigation is complete.


- Okay, ma'am.

CCTV confirms that Deepak

did not commit those m*rder.

But we can't believe his line of enquiry.

True ma'am.

So let's do it again.


- Okay.

Hi Usha.

Do you know him?

We found in our enquiry that

you and Swati were close friends.

I saw him for the first at the hospital.

Apart from that,

I don't know anything else.

Tell me about her.

Ma'am, it's true that Swati

and I were close friends.

but after her husband's death

we lost touch, ma'am.

Do you doubt anyone?

Did Swati have any enemies?

I don't want to get involved in this.

If this gets out people will judge me.

It's okay, we're not judging you.

We just want to know what she was like.

Did Ashok and Swati

have any problems?

There were only problems with her.

I lost my son because of her.

Swati was my college friend.

Unable to repay his debts,

her father left their home.

She was a very quiet girl during college.

She rarely spoke with anyone.


Will you join us for a movie?

Because of financial problems,

the situation in her home changed

and her behaviour too.


Did you read this book?

Little Woman, right?


Oh no, Aunty!


She used think twice

before talking to guys

but after that...

the way she behaved

with them totally changed.

Hi, you kept me waiting for so long.


Let's go.

As quickly as she liked someone,

she used to let go of them as well.

I think she was a bit confused.

Ashok was a good man.

We got them married

because he liked Swati.

but we never anticipated

the trauma she'd bring us.


Okay. Thank you, Usha.

We'll meet again if necessary.

Ok ma'am.

- Okay.


Where are the other two tyres?

How should I take my vehicle away?!

Finding your vehicle itself is a big thing,

and you want tyres as well?

What do you think of me?

[Phone vibrating]

- Hello.


Along with Deepak's

we've run all the samples you've given us.

I'm sorry to disappoint you

but they did not match

with the samples found at the crime scene.

There's no match.

Ma'am, Tata van's owner

has come to collect his vehicle.

I don't think he's a proper lead madam.

And he was also out of town

when the m*rder occurred.

Namaste, madam.

Is it your van?

Yes madam.

It was stolen 10 days ago.

I even lodged a complaint.

This is my Aadhar card, madam.

My vehicle registration papers, madam.

These are the photos I took with my van.

Submit your contact number

and take your vehicle.

Ok madam.

[Phone vibrating]

- Sir.

Archana, the NIA has not responded

so far to our request.

Sir I'm unable to understand why NIA

is not responding to our request

when we have information about Keshav.

They may have more information

than us regarding Keshav.

An inspector in your team is

a suspect in our case,

and you found that out just yesterday.

Just imagine the consequences

if this news leaks out to the press.

Sir give some time,

we'll definitely cr*ck it.

I'll be monitoring your progress

if not I'll have to look at other options.

The NIA hasn't responded

so far to our request.


The NIA may have more information

than us regarding Keshav.

She's right. That's Keshav.

We can collaborate over this case.

That won't be possible.

In the raid you've conducted,

an officer lost his life.

Two officers are still hospitalised.

You should've waited

for the backup to arrive.


[Door bell rings]



When did you apply for NIA again?

You didn't even inform me regarding this.


Not now.

Don't open it.

- Wait!

Don't open it Sesh.

- Wait.


I'm not liking it.

Please don't read it.

I would have told you if I got selected.

I'm sorry.

Just leave me.

I know you really wanted this job.

You've told that your boss

had some issues with you, right?

maybe he said something

negative about you.

Just leave me alone.

That's okay...

Just leave me alone Sesh!

Looking at his g*n wound

we can figure out that

it was from point blank range

but her's was a long sh*t.

There are injury marks on her body.

It suggests sexual as*ault.

And about Vishal,

his left jaw is broken.

Apart from the victims' samples,

we found two more samples

in the crime scene.

One was in the skin tissue found

under Swati's fingernails

and the other sample

was found on the car seat belt.

So, at least 2 persons are involved.

What about the b*llet casings?

We found one casing near

Vishal's d*ad body.

We found another b*llet casing.

This is also 9mm.

Sir, initial evidence suggests that

the man was having

an affair with another woman.

All the neighbours would be

invited for functions in their house.

Nothing strange ma'am.

Both of us studied

in the same college ma'am.

Oh!! So, am I not a suspect?

Of course I feel sorry for her

but we lost touch with her

after my brother's death.

Actually, I went to Vizag a week ago and

returned only today, ma'am.

Ma'am, you should definitely catch

the guy who is responsible for this.

Along with Deepak's we've run

all the samples you've given us

but they did not match with

the samples found at the crime scene.

For a crime of this nature,

using a barrel-modified

semi-a*t*matic w*apon felt strange.

Ma'am we are still unable to

come out of the shock that Vishal is d*ad.

According to CCTV footage,

on the day of the crime

474 vehicles passed through that road.

After checking their registration plates

we found out that one tata van

had a fake number plate.

This is my Aadhar card madam.

These are the photos I took with my van.

I was in this station working

on a night shift

you can check it ma'am.

[Chaos of voices]

Armed robberies.

What's this case?

Victim statement reveals that

these robberies

may have been committed using

a semi a*t*matic g*n.

[Line ringing]


Yes madam.

Anita's brother Anil has only one

active mobile number, correct?

Yes madam.

Then, why does his bank statement

show two phone bills?

Check that.


Hi Kapil.

The common points in the robberies

that occurred in the past four months,

are three thieves.

They used a g*n to thr*aten

the victims and rob.

People who live alone

and those who live in sparsely

populated areas were their targets.

Recently, an old man was k*lled

in a robbery gone wrong.

The case got escalated

after that incident.

Call forensics.

You said g*n, what kind?

They didn't f*re the g*n,

but based on a victim's statement

it could be a semi-a*t*matic w*apon.

Can these victims identify those robbers?

They were wearing cover-up masks.

CCTV confirms the same.

Can I take a look at the CCTV footage?

Also, I want to talk

to the witnesses/victims.

I'll arrange it ma'am.


Ma'am, here.

We might have a lead.

Who's this Santhosh?

Ma'am, he has criminal records.

Attempt to m*rder,

extortion and recently...

domestic v*olence case also

has been charged against him.

And most importantly

he received 10 calls from Anil.

Why didn't we find

about this earlier call records?

Ma'am, I'm very sorry...

we couldn't figure it out because

Anil used his d*ad mother's phone

to make these calls.

Ask Anil to come to the station.

You go and bring Santhosh here.

Okay ma'am.

I'll call you after the meeting.



Where are we?

TSP Sir.

Why does Telangana Police

need Keshav's file?

It's ACP Archana Prasad Sir.

Yes Bharath!

Ma'am, the press is here.

I think she is onto something.

What about her?

Six months ago,

in the warehouse sh**t-out...

officer Seshadri Prasanna

was sh*t by Keshav.

and Seshadri was Archana's fianc sir.


There's been no updates regarding

this case, why ma'am?

Who perpetrated the m*rder ma'am?

Have you found any evidences

or clues regarding the case?

See it's all circumstantial

and we're working round the-

There are rumours around

that some inspector is involved

and that he is under custody.

Is it true ma'am?

Didn't you mention that

they are rumours?

So what are you suggesting?

Since two years,

she's been trying to join the NIA.

She has a personal motive

to catch Keshav.

I think we should give her

a chance sir.


May be on a deputation basis.

But isn't it too late now?

In three days...

the batch has to report

for training in Delhi, right?

Yes Sir.

Can she report before that?

Please cooperate with us.

Kindly wait until

the investigation is complete.

[Cell phone rings]

- Thank you.

Ma'am, please answer us ma'am.

Hi Archana, this is Vikranth from NIA.

Yes sir, I have your number.

Do you want Keshav or Keshav's file?


NIA is reconsidering your application.

Boss wants you to report

in three days and begin training.

Thank you sir but you know,

I'm in the middle of a case.

I'll speak to the DCP.

We'll look into other options.

Sorry sir, I can't report

until the case is resolved.

I can't let this go unfinished.

Are you sure?

This might be your chance.

Yeah sir, I understand but...

Sir Keshav's file?

Good luck.

Where is Santhosh's garage

in these narrow lanes?

[Google voice assistant -

Take the next right.]

Right sir. Right, right.

Go right.

[Google voice assistant -

Take the next left.]

Sir, go left here. Left.

Go. Go.

- We'll h*t the vehicle sir.

No it won't, just go.

Go, turn the wheel completely.

[Google voice assistant -

Take the next right.]

Sir we need to go right, here.

[Google voice assistant - Take the next

right and your destination is on the right]

Sir, stop here.

Hey stop here, stop!

Here sir. Here.

[Google voice assistant -

You've reached your destination]

Even a car is not able

to get into this hole.

How can there be a car garage here?

Hey, cut the crap.

Just turn the damn car around.

Sir, the map is showing wrong route sir.

What's this ma'am?

You tell me.

Your deared mother's phone

is still active.

Yeah, so?

You're using it.

Two weeks ago,

how many times

did you call Santhosh?

I may have called him.

He services my car ma'am.

Why is that a problem?

There are criminal records on his name.

Just a few days before

those m*rder were committed,

you guys were in touch regularly.

Each call averaging 30 minutes.

What do you guys rant about?

As I mentioned,

he services my car

and my engine has a lot of problems,

it was costing me a lot!

Do you think we're idiots?

Don't take our kindness as weakness.

Ma'am, I don't remember

talking anything apart from this.

Our team went out to bring

Santhosh into custody.

For your own good,

just confess before they arrive.


Get ready for a special treatment.

But ma'am...


One day I came to know that

Vishal was having an affair with Swati.

Building permissions, right?

Let's see.


I'll call you back.


We have a booking on Vishal's name.

Your name, Miss?

We'll be really happy

if it gets done sooner.

Before Anita came to know about this,

I thought a strong warning

would keep him under control.

Is that why you called Santhosh?

I knew he was a ruffian.

That's why I approached him.

[Cell phone rings]

Sir, tell me.

Do whatever it takes.

Vishal should not be seen with her anymore.

He should cut ties with her indefinitely.



Ma'am, we just wanted to scare him.

We did not k*ll him.

Vishal is my sister's husband

for heaven's sake.

I wouldn't do that.

[Knock on door]

What happened Natraj?

- You go that way, I'll check here.

[Screaming in pain]


Sir, please get up.

Careful sir.

We didn't get him, sir. He got away.


Sir, please don't touch,

you'll bleed more.

Take his confession statement

and collect his passport.

Okay madam.

- Passport?

Ma'am, You can't take my passport.

Yes, we can.

Until the investigate is complete,

you can't go anywhere

without letting us know.

Is that clear?


Keep two constables outside

his residence temporarily.

Whether Santhosh committed

these m*rder or not,

he needs to be caught

for as*ault a police officer.

Should we release a statement saying that

he's a suspect in the double

m*rder investigation?


What shall we do then, madam?

[TV news] 'The man in this picture

is Santhosh.'

'The police have revealed that he

kidnapped an eight year old girl Archana.'

I want my picture back.

'The cops requested the public

to give them the needed information.'

The g*n used to k*ll officer

Seshadri Prasanna

in the warehouse sh**t

six months ago...

and the g*n used in these m*rder...

are exactly the same.


[Glass shattering]


Good morning ma'am.

The armed robbery case

victims have arrived.

In your statement,

it's mentioned that

they used a g*n to scare you.


Was it this g*n?

I'm not able to recall ma'am.

This incident happened

almost 3 months ago.

I can't tell you for sure

if this is the same g*n madam.

This is the g*n madam.

Can you tell anything about them?


those pricks took away

150 grams of gold

along with 2 lakhs cash.

I pray they rot in hell.

How can they take our cash

and lead a good life madam?

The tall one among the thieves,

pointed the g*n at me

and took me inside the bedroom.

Are you sure?

100% madam.

He used the g*n's grip to h*t me

on my forehead.

Believe me madam.

Look, I still have those stitches.

Think carefully.


One of them used our slang madam.

Your slang?

Come on, our Chittoor slang madam.

Guys, I found the cash.

Let's leave.

Please don't harm me.

[Phone vibrating]


Hello madam, I'm calling from

Miyapur police station.

That kidnap suspect

you're searching for

has surrendered to us madam.

We'll hand him over soon, madam.

Okay madam.

[TV News] 'The man

in this picture is Santhosh.'

'The police have revealed that he

kidnapped an eight year old girl Archana.

How dare you kidnap a child?

Guys, catch him.

[Indistinct screams - Catch him.]

Police station?

We'll be there in one hour, madam.


Thank you, you can go now.

Fine, madam.

Namaste madam.

Hi Shanti.

In the robbery case being

handled by Inspector Kapil,

an old man was m*rder

by being h*t on the head, correct?

Yes ma'am.

Did you analyse the DNA samples?

Yes, we have them.

Can you match them with the samples that

we found at the double-m*rder crime scene?

Okay ma'am but may I know why?

Umm...just a hunch.


I'll see your end.

How dare you h*t me, you idiot?

I'm complying Sir.

Move inside.

Why are you pushing me so hard Sir?

Please sign here madam.


You have to see this.


Ma'am, this is Shanti.

There's definitely a match.

The guy who k*lled the old man is

the same one who att*cked the woman.

You dumb-wit!

How dare you h*t me with a spanner?

Tell me why you k*lled them?

Who are they sir?

Why would I k*ll them Sir?

If I go out, people are chasing me

and pelting stones.

Why are you dragging me

into this kidnap case sir?

Don't act smart!

Anil confessed everything.

Is that clear?

Stop Natraj.

You idiot!

Speak up!

Natraj, stop it.

Please wait madam.

Inserting a heated rod inside him

will make him spit everything out.

Nataraj, wait outside.


Madam, trust me.

Anil told me to just warn

his brother-in-law, that's it.

Then why did you run near the garage?

Listen. There are criminal cases on you.

Why did you run if you had nothing

to do with those m*rder?

Please believe me madam.



Off-late, greedy for some quick money...

I've been tampering the chassis number

of stolen vehicles madam.

I thought these policemen

came to catch me for that.

Have you seen this Tata van before?

Yes madam.

Total 15 trays, 100 liters.

[Santhosh] 'His name is Dhananjay madam.'

'He is from Chittoor.'

'He came to me a couple of times

for my help in selling stolen bikes.'

'I used to sell the parts

and give him his cut.'

'One day, he came to me

with this Tata van madam.'

I have some work with this van,

there should be no issues later.

I'll take good care, you can go.

Where does he live?

I have no clue, madam.

- Phone number?

Phone number!


Kapil Sir!

Phone number, no luck with that.

We did track the IMEI number though.

He is close to Karnataka state border.

Raichur, to be exact.

Intimate the local police

that we'll be coming.

I'll inform DCP sir.


- Hello Sir, I'm Chandrajit.

Hello, Hi.

- Hi ma'am. - Hello.

'The person you are calling

is not answering your call.'

Mom, what did you make?

What are doing here,

go there and play.

Why is he not answering the call?

Where is he?

He is not picking up his phone uncle.

Let him be,

he'll come when he is hungry.

Let's go.

You pig! Stop running.

What do you want?

- Who are you? We don't know anything.

Under whose name is the SIM registered?

Just a minute Sir.


Dhananjay Boina sir.

Yeah. Okay, thank you.

- Yeah Sir.

Confirmed Sir. He is Dhananjay.

Sir. I don't know anything.

I'm just a watchman here.

Dhananjay is my nephew.

These three people came

four days ago sir.


Who is he, huh?

Where is he?

His name is Lohia, sir.

[g*n cocking]

Drop your g*n.



Oh god! Where is our child?


Where are you my dear?


[Thunder rumbling]


Lohia, leave the girl alone.

I told you to back off!

- [g*n]

No uncle, please!

Don't harm me.

Lohia, let the girl go.

Stop Lohia.

You can't escape, let the girl go.

Lohia, surrender!


Lohia, don't harm the girl.

Stop Lohia.

Lohia, don't harm the girl.

Save me!

- Drop your g*n!

Drop the g*n, Lohia.

Lohia, stop.

- sh*t!

Back off!

- Don't harm me, Uncle. Please.



- [Screaming in pain]


Did you think that

if you come here and hide,

Telangana police

won't be able to catch you?

What are you looking at?


A marijuana dealer

I know asked me to take up a contract.

I agreed.

Who gave you that contract?

Don't be afraid.

[Screaming in pain]

Sir, he's coming.

You've to come to the

station along with us.

Why ma'am?

Are you fooling around with us? Move!

Sir, what happened sir?

Sir, please stop.


Sir, what happened sir?

Have you heard the names,

David and Dhananjay?



This woman should never dare to

mess with any man's life again.

He didn't tell you to k*ll her.

Then, why did you?

Step out!

- You wait.

Hands up.

Pull her out!

- Hey! Who the hell are you people?

Hey, leave me alone!

Pull her seatbelt!


- Move, witch!


Hey, who the hell are you?

- Shut up or I'll k*ll you.

Grab her tightly!

- Leave me!

Grab her legs!

Why did you remove the mask?



- [Swati screaming]


Is this how you wanted to see her?

She was a bloody slut!

And your brother was

a bloody alcoholic!

You only know that he was drunk

when he met with the accident,

you don't know why he had to drink.

Sir, your brother's bag.

Ever since Swati came into

my brother's life, everything changed.

She used to make an issue out of everything

and never let anyone live in peace.

My brother worked really hard

to provide for her.

She took him for granted

and started going out with other man.

Because of that witch,

my brother lost his life.

She has no remorse despite his death.

Few days after my brother's death,

she started having

an affair with someone else.

Thank you, sir.

My brother d*ed because of her.

She destroyed our family.

So, that's how you respond.

Put Swati's character aside for a minute,

two married men Deepak

and Vishal had an affair with her.

What about that?

I just wanted to teach her a lesson.

Teach her a lesson?

By raping and k*lling?

I never thought it would end this way.

Two individuals have lost

their lives because of you.

And you say this is not what you wanted?

I want to slap you tight!

But, I don't want to touch you!

[Thunder rumbling]

Please give us your driving license.

Where did you get that g*n from?

I found it in a house that we robbed.



Ajay... Kirloskar?


Please be quick, Sir.

I need to go to school.

Why the rush?

Didn't you go to school as a kid?

Where did you get that g*n...huh?

What g*n? And who are you?

Where is Keshav?

Where the hell is Keshav?!

A small gift for you.

What? For me?

[Kirloskar laughs]

See you.

Thank you so much man.

By catching Keshav's man Kirloskar,

finally, you made the NIA

come back to you.

Congratulations and well done.

I know you'll get him.

Thank you Sir.

Hi Archana.

Hi Sir.

Since you're on a six month deputation

you don't have access

to everything over here.

But, you can have this.

Thank you Sir.

[Glass shatters]


- [Rapid g*n]

[Glass shattering]

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