Love at First Sight (2023)

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Love at First Sight (2023)

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- [birds chirping]

- [gentle music playing]

[chimes ringing]

[music building]

[music fades]

Oh, can you hear the sound now?

Everybody catch my wave

I can never leave this town now

Everything goes my way

Oh, can you hear the sound now?

Everybody catch my wave

I can never leave this town now

Everything goes my way

[narrator] December 20th

is the worst day of the year

to travel through

John F. Kennedy International Airport.

Over 193,000 passengers

arrive and depart that day

[scanner beeps]

causing, on average,

23-minute delays at check-in

and a peak wait time

of 117 minutes at security.

But of all the passengers inconvenienced

on this inconvenient day

- Excuse me.

- [man] Sorry.

it is the story of only one that matters.

Because today, that passenger is late.

[woman] Excuse me.

[indistinct chatter]

- Whoa, whoa.

- Oh. Sorry. Sorry!

[narrator] Hadley Sullivan is

about to miss her flight to London

by four minutes.

[panting] Wait! Please, I'm here.

Uh, sorry, miss. You're too late.

[Hadley sighs]

- [continues panting]

- Everything goes my way

[narrator] There are 367 souls

aboard flight TA-5120.

412 pieces of luggage, 344 personal items,

4 emotional support animals,

and 62 neck pillows.

Together, these passengers will travel

for 6 hours and 47 minutes,

all without Hadley.

Some might say it's bad luck

to miss one's flight by four minutes.

Or you might prefer to think

that everything happens for a reason.

But for Hadley, those four minutes

won't be unlucky at all.

Because very soon,

a girl and a boy will meet,

and it will change everything.

[song stops abruptly]

But just to be clear,

this isn't a story about love.

This is a story about fate.

Or statistics.

Really just depends

on who you're talking to.

[energetic music playing]

[narrator] The girl

is Hadley Ella Sullivan.

Twenty years old, 65 inches tall.

She's late 21% of the time,

which is, coincidentally,

the average battery life

of her cell phone.

She's afraid of three things,

including mayonnaise,

small spaces,

and dentists.

There was one thing, however,

she never thought to be afraid of.

It's just for a term.

Dad, you're literally gonna be teaching

poetry in the country Shakespeare's from.

- How are you not freaking out right now?

- Oh, I'm freakin' out.

This is awesome.

I've always wanted to study abroad...

Actually, honey,

you and I are staying here.


[narrator] She wasn't ready to admit it,

but on her list of fears,

divorce suddenly ranked

much higher than mayonnaise.

[music fades]

[sighs] The best thing we can do

is get you on the next flight.

There are two seats left,

both in business.

- When does that leave?

- [agent] Hour and a half.

Arrives in London at 9:55 a.m.

- My dad's wedding's at noon.

- [agent] Do you need to think about it?


You know, can you give me one second?

I'll just be

Sorry, just one second.

- [sighs] Just, uh

- [line ringing]

[cell phone vibrating]

[dad sighs]

[groggily] Hey, sweetie. What's up?

- Hey, I, uh, missed my flight.

- What?

Yeah, I can get on the next one,

but there's only business.

It doesn't get in till 10:00.


- No, tonight. I'll be traveling by comet.

- Hadley.

- [sighs]

- [Hadley] Sorry.

All right, well, buy the ticket,

and and I'll reimburse you.

- Uh, no, I can pay for it.

- Don't be ridiculous.

- You can't afford that.

- Okay. Thank you.

I really have to go.

All right.

Well, text me right when you land, okay?

Yeah, okay.

- Bye.

- Bye.

Okay, yeah.

One business-class ticket

to London, please.

Thank you. Thanks.


[indistinct chatter]

[announcer on PA]

If you see any unattended luggage

or anything suspicious,

contact the TSA immediately.

If you see something, say something.

Oh. It's d*ad.

So that's why it's open.

Course it is.

- [woman] What?

- Um [clicks tongue]

Never mind. Nothing. Thank you.

[announcer on PA]

boarding announcement for flight AI-3670

You can borrow mine if you want.

[energetic music playing]

[announcement on PA fades]

[narrator] This,

as you may have guessed, is the boy.

Oliver Martin Jones,

22 years old, 1.8 meters tall.

He is on time 94% of the time,

which iscoincidentally

the average battery life

on his mobile phone.

He too has always

been afraid of three things,

germs, the dark

[both trumpeting]

and surprises.

[kids chuckle]

[woman] Here is the scroll

The scroll?

on which is writ

every man's name that is thought fit

in all

[gasps softly]

[doctor] At the moment,

it's still localized.

With the right course of treatment,

her chances are very good.

These things aren't always predictable.

[narrator] It was then that Oliver decided

he'd never be surprised like that again.

[Oliver] Everything in our lives

is now measured by big data.

Our social connections,

our buying habits, even ourdaily steps.

That means that eventually, one day,

everything in our lives

will be predictable.

I think there's always some things

that will catch us by surprise.

[scoffs] Not if we have enough data.

[narrator] When you're afraid

of surprises,

it can seem better

to leave nothing to chance.

Borrow mine, if you want.

[narrator] That is,

until you meet an American girl

with a d*ad phone battery.

[music fades]

Sorry, I don't, uh,

share electronics till the third date.

[indistinct chatter]

Okay. No, I

I suppose it is quite intimate.

[Hadley exhales] Mm-hmm.

[clears throat]

Yeah, I'm done, if you wanna use it.

[Hadley] Oh, uh thanks. I [laughs]

Battery keeps dying.

It probably just needs a service.

Phone batteries, they have

a finite number of charging cycles.

You, like, a tech bro, or

- A maths geek.

- [Hadley chuckles]

I'm studying statistics at Yale.


Subtle status drop there.

[both laugh]

[exhales, clicks tongue]

British, you know? Can't help myself.

[Hadley chuckles]

I'm Oliver, by the way.

As in Twist?

And they say Americans are uncultured.

Oh. We definitely are.

I'm just a Dickens fan.

I'm Hadley.

Well, it's nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you.

[bag zips]

What are you studying, Dickens fan Hadley?

- English lit?

- I'm [clicks tongue]undecided.

It's not like I woke up one morning

and was like,

"Oh, I'm gonna be

a tax law attorney." [laughs]

[chuckles] Does that happen to anyone?

Tax attorneys, probably.

[both chuckle]

Where are you headed?

Uh, London. You?

Same. Yeah, I'm actually, uh

[chuckles] I'm supposed to be

in the air currently.

- But I missed my flight by four minutes.

- Ooh.

I I'd say it was fate,

but you probably chose

to be four minutes late.

- [Hadley] Hmm.

- [both chuckle]

[Hadley sighs]

[Oliver] I was gonna go get some food.

Do you wanna come with?

Is that, like,

a third date thing for you?

[both chuckle]

- No, food would be great.

- [lively music playing]

[narrator] Ordinarily, Hadley's

perpetual tardiness and uncharged phone

led her to get into trouble.

Today, it led her to Oliver.

[Hadley] Are you heading home

for the holidays?

I assume that London is your home.

Yeah. To be honest, I'd rather stay here.

Don't wanna get behind on my research.

What are you researching?

The percentage of Americans

who miss their flights.

- [music fades]

- [Hadley] Hmm.

Hilarious. Very funny.

- [chuckles]

- Oh. Ew.

- That's nasty. [laughs]

- Ah.

[Oliver] I've got a Lysol wipe for you.

For your dirty, dying phone.

Thank you. [giggles]

I've always, uh, hated airports.

[Oliver] Really?

I love 'em.


I like how you're neither here

nor there, you're just

in no-man's-land.

No, it sounds lovely.

Just like purgatory.

[both chuckle]

Not a carbs guy?

No, I just I just hate mayonnaise.

- Really?

- [Oliver] Yeah.

- It's a disgusting condiment...

- I hate it too, actually.

Um, it's, uh,

number two of my top three fears.

- What are the others?

- Dentists and small spaces.

- You've thought about this.

- [Hadley] Not really.

Like, if I were to ask

what you're afraid of,

you wouldn't have to think.

You would know.

Well, how do you know I'm not fearless?

'Cause you are eating deli meat

with a fork and Kn*fe.

[ringtone playing]

[Oliver sighs]

Sorry, I gotta take this.

Oh yeah. Go for it.

[guy] You did say 11:00

you were getting in?

No, it's10:00. I emailed you.

You did?

I blame the gym's Wi-Fi. It's a bit dodgy.

[Oliver] You've got one job tomorrow.

Pick me up at 10:00.

Don't worry. I'll be there.

And by the way, I've got a little surprise

planned for you, so be ready for that.

What? No, I don't like surprises.

It's a good one. You can't be annoyed.

I've warned you,

so you can't be as pissed.

What kind of logic is that?

Luther, no.

I don't want a surprise.

You think they're all good. None are good.

No, sorry, Wi-Fi's breaking up.

No, I can't hear you.

- [imitating static]

- Luth. Luther!

[continues imitating static]

[announcer speaking on PA]

[indistinct chatter]

- Sorry about that.

- [Hadley] Okay.

So if claustrophobia

is one of your biggest fears,

then why are you about

to embark on a seven-hour flight?

[Hadley] That is a very good question.

A wedding.

Same as you?

[Oliver] Right.

That is actually myloungewear.

So I like to relax

in a finely pressed suit.

Hey, I get it.

Wrinkles are stressful.

[announcer on PA] to London Heathrow

Did he just call our flight?

- Already?

- Um, uh

- sh**t, I can't miss another one. So

- [Oliver murmurs]

- ["Everything Goes My Way" playing]

- Oh. This way.

- [Hadley] Backpack. Thank you!

- [Oliver] I'll get it.

- [grunts]

- [Hadley] That's very kind.

I can never leave this town now

Everything goes my way

Oh, can you hear the sound now?

Everybody catch my wave

I can never leave this town now

Everything goes my way

Everything goes my way

[both panting]

[Hadley laughs slightly]

- Everything goes my way

- Wait! Wait!

- [both panting]

- [sighs] Oh.

Great. We're here. We made it. Okay.

Everything goes my way

- [Hadley] Thank you.

- Mm.

Good health every day

Crossin' our heart

That we're here to stay

- [Oliver] Thank you.

- Phew.

- [Oliver sighs]

- [Hadley laughs, sighs]

- Now come, come for me

- [exhales] You're really fast.

I'll drop you a line

You say we're movin' slow

I say we're doin' all right

Come, come for me

I'll drop you a line

You say we're movin' slow

- I say we're doin' all right

- [song ends abruptly]

Well, this is me.


Very nice.

I'm further back, so

Hello, madam.

May I help you find your seat?

- I'm right here. I'm good, thanks.

- Okay.

- Excuse me.

- Sure.

[softly] Thank you.

- [Oliver] Let me get that for you.

- Oh. Thank you.

[Oliver] Sorry.

[inhales sharply, grunts]

- [Hadley chuckles]

- [groans] Back to the gym.

Um, sorry. One sec.

Um, it's, uh, lovely to meet you, Hadley.


- Good luck.

- You too.

"Good luck"?

[under breath] What a knob.

- [gentle music playing]

- [Hadley sighs]

[passengers chattering]

- Evening.

- All right, mate.

- [gentle music fades]

- [baby crying]

[Oliver sighs]

Uh, excuse me, miss.

- [narrator] Yes, sir?

- I think my seat belt is broken.

Oh. May I?

Oh. Nope.


You're right. Oh dear.


You can't fly without a working seat belt.

I have to be on this flight.

- [narrator] It's a safety issue.

- Is there somewhere else I can sit?

I'll strap myself into cargo if I have to.

Sit tight, lovely.

I'll see if we can move you.

Thank you.

Mom, hi. I missed my flight.

But I got on the next one,

so everything's fine.

Um, I'll call you when I land.

Okay? I love you. Bye.

- [Oliver] Thank you for this.

- [narrator] It's nothing.

Look, technically we're not supposed

to move from economy to business,

but, um,

today just happens to be your lucky day.



- What are you...

- My seat belt's broken.

- They have to move me.

- [narrator] I'm sorry.

Do you two know each other?

- Yeah...

- Sort of, um

[engines humming]

Then I guess

this really is your lucky day.

Well, this is unexpected.

I would've thought you'd seen it coming,

Mr. Predictive Analytics.

All right, okay. Very good.

- Well done.

- [lively music playing]

- [Hadley] Hmm.

- Do you always get pj's?

[chuckling] I've actually

never flown business either.

Do you mind if I

- Oh, thank you.

- Wipe you down...

Uh, not, uh, like that.

29% of airplanes

are not cleaned thoroughly.

I I made that one up.

[both laugh]

Over the next 6 hours and 47 minutes,

Hadley Sullivan

and Oliver Jones will fall in love.

But then, 18 minutes after they land,

they'll be separated in a crowd

and never see each other again.

Well, that's unless they get each other's

name or number or email,

Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook.

There's loads of options, really.

- Great.

- [lively music building]

[engines whirring]

[music fades]

[woman on recording]

In case of an emergency landing in water,

your life jacket is located

under your seat

and will inflate automatically.

It has a whistle

for you to use for attention

and a light

so you can be seen in the dark


I've never seen anyone read those before.

Well, then you're very lucky

to be sitting next to me.

Oh. You mean in general?

And in case of an emergency.

Right, 'cause if we crash-land

into the pond,

then all five-foot-nothing of you

is gonna pick me up

and carry me out of there.

You know the chances

of this plane crashing are, like,

one in five and a half million.

You're more likely to die

on your ride home...

Can we not talk about dying right now?


- Sorry.

- It's okay.

[pilot on intercom]

Cabin crew, prepare for takeoff.

[whirring grows louder]

[Hadley breathing shakily]

[energetic music playing]

[engines roaring]

[Hadley exhales]


[Hadley sighs]

You okay?

[Hadley] Mm-hmm.

Um, what's your favorite color?


- Animal?

- [Hadley chuckles]

[laughs] Seriously?

Come on.

Yellow, Mexican, dogs. You?

Blue, curry, and birds.



What do you mean, "Ew"?

They're the symbol of freedom.

They sh*t everywhere.

So do dogs.

Dogs aren't creepy.

Okay. What's your favorite number?

Um two.



It's the imaginary unit.

It's the square root of negative one.

- Wow. You're such a nerd.

- [chuckles] I know.

Maybe. But I think it's working.

What, you being charming?

No. Me distracting you.

[energetic music fading out]

It's good to know

that you think I'm charming,though.

[whirring of engines fades]

[chime plays]

[flight attendant] The captain

has switched off the seat belt light,

so please feel free

to move around the cabin.

In a few moments,

the flight attendants

will be passing around

Thank you for that.

No worries.

I'll get that for you.

- Oh, thank you, young man.

- [Oliver] That's okay.

- You got a good one there.

- Thanks.

How'd you two meet?

- Actually, we...

- It was at an airport, believe it or not.

[woman] Really?

Yeah. See, um, her phone was d*ad,

so I gallantly offered her my charger.

We started chatting.

One thing led to another...

And he's been charging

my batteries ever since.

[woman] Oh, good for you two.

[woman chuckles, sighs]

Anyway, have a nice flight.

[Hadley] You too.

- [sighs]

- So, tell me more about this wedding.

Oh, yeah, uh [laughs]

Yeah, um

[clicks tongue]

It's my dad's second marriage

to a woman I've never met before.

[clicks tongue] So

- So you're going to your dad's wedding.

- Yep.

And you've never met his fiance.

- Nope.

- How does that work?


[laughs] Um, it starts when he gets

a job teaching poetry at Oxford.

Then after promising

that that will only last for a semester,

he files for divorce from your mom

and falls in love

with a woman named Charlotte

and proceeds to ask her to marry him.

And then he makes you,

who he hasn't seen for over a year,

fly across the ocean in a tin can

so you can stand next to him

wearing a dress the color of a bruise.

That's awful.

- Yeah.

- [both laugh]

If it's, uh, any consolation,

50% of marriages do end in divorce.

That means 50% don't.

Yeah, but I mean, the chances

of this happening were incredibly high.

Is that supposed

to make me feel any better?

- Doesn't it?

- [Hadley] No.

I think it just sucks.

You know, the worst part is that

he's gonna get up tomorrow,

and he's gonna make

the exact same promises

that he just broke.

I get that people can fall in love again.

I just feel like, if it's real,

why do you have to try

so hard to prove it?

Why do you have to throw this big,

grand party to rub it in everyone's face?

I think that real love isn't about that.

Real love is about finding someone

that will hold your hand

when life gets rough.

And that's it?

No wedding, nomarriage, just

someone to hold your hand through life?

[gentle music playing]

Yeah, pretty much.

I like that

weddings are a promise, I guess.

Not everyone keeps their promises.

[gentle music fades]


that's my wedding. [laughs]

What's yours?

Please say something dramatic,

like your stepmom's marrying your uncle

or something like that.

- [chuckles] Um

- So what'll it be?

Some delicious chicken and vegetables,

or some very dry fish?

- Chicken.

- [narrator] Mm.

- Right.

- [Hadley] Um

I'm gonna go for the fish


Excellent choice, madam.

- Wow, our second dinner date.

- [Hadley] Hmm.

Things are moving fast.

[upbeat music playing]

[engines whirring]

[flight attendant] For you.

[upbeat music fades]

[inhales deeply] All right?

Yeah. Sorry, I

Oh my God. [laughs]

- I mean

- Sexy, I know.

- Perfect fit.

- I thought so.

- Look cute.

- [laughs]

Oh, you weren't lying about Dickens.

Oh, um

[clicks tongue]

I actually haven't read this one.

- Hmm. Looks like someone has.

- [Hadley] Yeah.

Um, it was my dad's.

He gave it to me after the divorce.

It was a thing that we would do.

He would give me books he loved,

and then I would love them too.

[somber music playing]

[dad] It's one of his best ones.

I've read it at least a dozen times.

You know, I don't get to recommend books

as often to you now.

But certain ones are too important

to get lost in all this.


So, should we h*t the slopes?

Yeah. Um, just gotta pee first.

[somber music building]

[Hadley] "'Is it better

to have had a good thing and lost it,

or never to have had it?'"

[Hadley] That's why I'm giving it back.

[Oliver] Without having read it.

Without having read it.

Right. [sighs]

[inhales sharply] Do you wanna join me

at the cinema?

Make our first date dinner

and a nice, cheesy rom-com?

I'm down for a cheesy rom-com.

As long as there's a happy ending.

You know what I meant.

- [laughs]

- Okay.

- I meant like...

- No. No, it's fine.

- In the movie with the characters

- Hey.

- I like happy endings.

- [Hadley giggles]


[gentle music playing]

[pencil scratching]

[mom] Oh, let us come to the gate.

- Let us come with you.

- Mom, I'm 21.

- [mom] Just come to the...

- No!

Okay, well, work hard,

but don't forget to play.

I will.

- And make sure you eat properly.

- [Oliver] Same to you.

[mom, softly] I'm so proud of you.

Okay. Go.

Go on then.

Live your life.

Have a grand adventure!

- [Oliver sniffles]

- [mom] Farewell!

[Luther] Toodle-oo.

[mom laughs] Bye!

[pencil continues scratching]

[gentle music fades]

[Hadley exhales]

Are you preparing a speech?


Best man?

- That's what they tell me.

- [Hadley chuckles]

You get some rest?

Little bit.

I was thinking about it, and

I don't think you should give it back.

The book.

Why not?

Well, historically,

you and your dad were very close,

which means the odds are

you will eventually forgive him.

So you might as well just do it now.

[clicks tongue] You and the math thing.

- [Oliver chuckles]

- Mm.

[scoffs] Yeah, drives my brother nuts too.

You have siblings?

Uh, yeah, one.

He's two years younger. Luther.

Does he live in London?

Yeah, with our mum and dad.

Well, until a few months ago

when he decided to buy

a garish green Sprinter van.

Hmm. Those are cool.

[Oliver] Mm.

That's what he tells me.

Are you guys close, historically?

- You ask a lot of questions, don't you?

- Are you?

Our mum got sick when we were kids.

So, yeah. But we're both very different.

It's fine,though. I'm used to it now.

She okay now, your mom?

Uh, she was in remission

for 14 years, but it came back.

I'm sorry.

[clicks tongue] Oh no

[acoustic version of "I Wanna Dance

with Somebody (Who Loves Me)" playing]

You're sort of dangerous.

Do you know that?



I'm way too honest with you.

[inhales sharply]

Anyway, I should nip to the loo

and then get some sleep, I think.

Yeah, same.

I've been in love

And lost my senses

Spinnin' through the town

Sooner or later, the fever ends

And I wind up feeling down

- I need a man

- Excuse me.

- Who'll take a chance

- Oh.

On a love

That burns hot enough to last

When the night falls

My lonely heart calls

Oh, I wanna dance with somebody

I wanna feel the heat with somebody

Yeah, I wanna dance with somebody

With somebody who loves me

Oh, I wanna dance with somebody

I wanna feel the heat with somebody

Yeah, I wanna dance with somebody

With somebody who loves me

Don't cha wanna dance

Say you wanna dance

- Don't cha wanna dance?

- I wanna dance with somebody

Don't cha wanna dance

Say you wanna dance

Don't cha wanna dance?

Don't cha wanna dance

Say you wanna dance

Don't cha wanna dance?

[engines roaring in distance]

With somebody who loves me

- [song fades]

- [chime plays]

[on intercom] Ladies and gentlemen,

this is your captain speaking.

We're making our final descent

into Heathrow,

and we'll be touching down

in about 15 minutes.

From all of us on the flight deck,

thanks for traveling with us,

and we hope you enjoy your stay in London.

[Oliver sighs]



- I was going...

- I feel like...

- Sorry, you...

- No.

- [both chuckle]

- No, you.

Uh, I was just gonna ask if, um [sighs]

This wedding of yours, where is it?

Oh, um

[clicks tongue] Um

Shoreditch, I think?

Shoreditch, yeah.

That's very cool. Very hipster.

What about you? Where do you go for yours?

I have to be in Peckham at 1:00.

It's at an old chapel where my parents

used to do amateur dramatics.

Well, at least you have till 1:00.

- My ceremony starts at noon, so

- Noon?

Not the reaction I needed. [laughs]

You should be fine.

If you hurry.

And customs goes smoothly.

[clicks tongue] Oh man.

[Oliver] Cumulus clouds. Best clouds ever.

They're the only thing on this earth

that looks like how you drew it as a kid.

[Hadley] Hmm.

So, your family's

not a collection of stick figures?

- Mine definitely is.

- Okay, that I wanna see.

Sorry, no meeting the family

till the fifth date.

Says the girl

who slept with me on the first.

I'm breaking all my rules for you.

Me too.

[energetic music playing]

[engines whirring]

[officer 1] UK passports to the left.

- Everyone else to the right.

- Ready?

UK passports to the left.

All others to the right.

UK passports to the left.

Everyone else to the right.

Sir, ma'am,

I need you to keep moving.

- Give me your phone.

- Okay.

- Sir, can't have you holding up the line.

- Sorry. I'll be two seconds.

- This is my number.

- [officer 1] UK passports to the left.

- All others, right.

- Text me so I've got yours.

Sir, now.

- Cool.

- Yeah, I'm going.

- Yep. I'll see you on the other side.

- [grunts]

Wait. What?

See you on the other side.

Okay. [chuckles]

It's not like the lines

lead to separate countries.

[Hadley sighs] Oh sh*t.

[toddler fusses]

[officer 2] Next, please.

[officer 3] Next!

[officer 2] Next, please.


[energetic music fades]

- Morning, madam.

- Um, morning.

Hi. Sorry.


- There.

- What brings you to London?

Uh, a wedding.

And how long will you be staying?

Uh, just the weekend.

And did you get his name or number?


Of the person you're staying with.

Oh, yeah, um

Andrew Sullivan.

He's my dad.

We're gonna be at the, uh, Spits

Spitalfield Hotel for the wedding.

That's where we're staying.

My dad's getting married.

Enjoy your trip.

["Passing Ships" playing]

Running water

Like a moment, slips

Through my fingers

Missed connection, passing ships

In the same city

With all these strangers in between

Every corner

- Every double take

- [Hadley] Hi!

Can I, uh?

- Am I gettin' warmer

- [chime dings]

[Hadley] One sec.

Um, I believe I'm going toShoreditch.


Saint Luke's Church. Yeah, inShoreditch.

I'll leave a light on

'Cause you might be

Someone special to me

And I get the feeling

You might be something that I need

[narrator] Word to the wise.

If you have only a 2% chance

of finding love in an airport

and the boy gives you his number,

make sure your phone is properly charged.

- [song fades]

- [Hadley sighs] No. sh*t.

[narrator] And get his last name.

[Hadley sighs]

[cell phone vibrating]

- Hey. I'm just in a taxi.

- [Andrew] All right, well, how how far?

We are half an hour away.

All right. Uh, Charlotte's friends

will be on standby.

For what?

For you.

I can't wait to see you.

[line clicks]

["Why Don't We Start from Here" playing]

Why don't we start from here?

Why don't we start from here?

- Let's go!

- Ooh

- Let's go!

- Ooh

With every penny that she'd made

She took a bus to board a plane

Not a single plan in place

For thegreat escape

She's not wealthy, but she's rich

Read all the books on how to live

And the final chapter said

This is the great escape

[narrator] Hadley arrived

at her father's wedding

with seven minutes to spare.

Just enough time for four bridesmaids

to work their magic.

- She's late.

- Don't worry.

Ugh, who turns up late?

- [woman 1] Is that her?

- [woman 2] Are you Hadley?

- Hey.

- [woman 3] Hi.

[woman 2] Hadley.

- Hi. I'm Bertie.

- Hi.

And this isViolet, Jasmine, and Shanti.

[Hadley] Hey, guys.

Sorry I'm so late.

Right, Little Miss Apple Pie,

Lady Time is marching on.

- [women chuckle]

- Just gonna straighten this out for you.

Your hair is scrumptious.

And your skin

Don't eat her.

- I could lick it.

- [all laugh]

I won't! I won't! I won't!

- [Jasmine gasps]

- The pineapple.

- Very few can pull off that look.

- Oh.

- [chuckles] Thank you.

- [Bertie] Yeah.

[women laugh]

- You want tequila?

- [Hadley] Ah.

First rule of a British wedding

- Get smashed.

- [group cheers] Yes!

- [Hadley chuckles]

- [Violet] Mm!

- [Hadley grunts]

- [women cough]

["Honey, Honey" playing]

[Hadley inhales sharply]

[guests chattering]

[narrator] Despite the shenanigans,

Andrew Sullivan's second wedding

only started ten minutes late.

It lasted 52 minutes and 18 seconds.

There were 760 flowers,

five bridesmaids,

and 48 hats.

I felt like a little kid

When we first met

I must admit

I think you swept me off my feet

I lost my head and stole your heart

And now it's time to play your cards

I think that you could fall for me

[narrator] 100% agreed

that Charlotte Engleby

looked incredibly happy,

and thatAndrew Sullivan

was very much in love.

It's so nice to have someone to share

[narrator] The minister talked

for too long,

seven jokes were told,

four heartwarming stories,

and the word "love" was used 12 times.

31% of the guests were moved to tears,

two rings were exchanged,

and one bridesmaid couldn't stop thinking

about the boy from the plane.

as long as you both shall live?


- Um, I'm sorry. I mean, I do.

- [giggles]

[guests laughing]

Then I now pronounce you husband and wife.

- [guests cheering]

- Oh, my darling

The world just got a little lighter

My love, my sweetheart

The days ahead are looking bright

My one and only

It's you and I

And side by side, we'll run

[all cheering]

Oh, it's you and I

And side by side, we'll run

It's you and I

And side by side, we'll run

["Honey, Honey" fades out]

[narrator] The average wedding

has a 75-minute break

between the ceremony and the reception.

Today's wedding, however,

has a gap of 240 minutes,

which meant for the next four hours,

Hadley had to figure out

what on earth to say to her dad.

[Andrew] Hadley?

- Hey.

- [Hadley] Hey.

Oh God, it's good to see you.

[Hadley chuckles]

Look at you. You look different.

- More, uh, grown up.

- Yep.

Weird how that happens. [chuckles]

Anyways, congrats.

- Big day.

- Well, thank you.

Um, that means a lot,

and we're really glad that you're here.

Well, you know,

tried my hardest to miss it. [chuckles]

Yeah. Yep.

That was a joke. [scoffs]

- Yeah. It's a funny joke. Um

- [Hadley chuckles]

Hey, listen,

there's something I want to ask you,

which didn't feel right

to bring up over text or mobile...

- Cell phone. [chuckles]

- Yep. Um

Charlotte and I were wondering if [sighs]

you would do a father-daughter dance

with me at the reception.


I told her you would think

it was stupid. I know, it's


Real... It's fine?

Yeah. It's fine.

- Uh, was that it, or?

- [Andrew] Yeah.

- Yeah. That's great. Okay.

- [Hadley] Great.

- [chuckles]

- [Charlotte] Hadley!

So great to finally meet you.

[bridesmaids chattering]

Your dad was in a state when he thought

you weren't going to make it.

- He wanted to call the whole thing off.

- Really?

Yeah. Are you kidding?

I'm not gonna do it without you.

I mean, you're my daughter.

Hey, the photographer told me to tell you

that he needs you ready in five minutes.

Well, tell him to bugger off.

I'm with our guest of honor.

- [Andrew] Okay.

- [laughs] No, don't you dare.

- [chuckles, clicks tongue] Oh.

- [Andrew chuckles]

[both kissing]

All right then. Photos it is.

You only get one big day, right?

Well, you know, not statistically.

- Char, some guests want to say goodbye.

- [Charlotte] Okay.

[guests chattering]

[Charlotte] Oh, Tom! Karen!

You made it! Oh, you all look so lovely!

[Tom] Uh, look.

We'll be back for the reception.

We've just got to pop

to a memorial at Peckham House.

[Charlotte] Oh my God, I'm so sorry.


[Karen] A friend of Tom's

from the theater.

[Tom] It's a tragic story, really.

Uh, married, two sons,

b*at cancer 12 years ago,

only for it to come back out of the blue.

[Karen] One of her boys had to fly home

from uni in the States.

Gosh. Can you imagine making that trip

all alone for your mum's memorial?

[gentle music playing]

[Hadley] I'm going to a wedding.

Same as you, right?

Actually, that's my loungewear.

Yeah, I just like to relax

in a finely pressed suit.

[narrator] There is only a 0.2% chance

that Oliver and Hadley's families

have mutual friends.

[music fades]

Hadley, honey, um,

we're gonna do some photos now.

[narrator] In 13 minutes,

a London bus will depart Shoreditch,

headed towards Peckham,

which meansHadley Sullivan

only has two minutes

to decide if she's going to be on it.

If she isn't,

there's less than a 6% chance

she will ever seeOliver Jones again.

- Yeah, um

- [bright music playing]

[narrator] You see, fate can only be fate

if we decide that we want it to be.


- Hadley, what areyou doing?

- Sorry, I

- I have to go.

- [Andrew] What?

Yeah, there's something

I I have to go just do,

but I'll, uh, come back.

Right now, in London?

Yeah. How long

till the reception and the drinks and the

Four hours.

Great. I'll I'll see you then. I promise.

What are Where are you going?

It's fine. I'll be fine.

[bright music building]

[Hadley sighs]

[plane engines roar in distance]

[narrator] Hadley wasn't sure

this was the right decision,

but something inside her

kept saying she needed to be there.

Uh, does this bus go to Peckham?

It does if you pay today.

Uh, how do I do that?

By touching your Oyster.

Touching my

- Just use a credit card.

- Right. Obviously. Makes sense.


[reader beeps]

- Off you go.

- Cool. Sorry.

- [bright music fades]

- Kids these days.


[narrator] Didn't think

that was the whole story, did you?

[tape rewinding]

[energetic music playing]

[plane engines roar in distance]

[guests applaud]

[music stops abruptly]

[officer 1] Next, please.

[announcer speaking indistinctly on PA]

[somber music playing]

[somber music fades]

- [dance music thumping]

- [Luther] Whoo!


Yo, yo, yo! My bro!

This is your welcome back track!

Sorry about this.

- Luther.

- [Luther] DJ Jonesy.

Find me on Insta.


- Surprise.

- You're gonna get us arrested.

Uh, for what?

The crime of my sick beats?

DJ Jonesy. Find me on Insta.

Okay, yeah. Maybe we should go.

[music stops]

[indistinct chatter]

Right. Before you say anything,

I wasn't busking.

I was welcoming

my brother back from America.

You better go and do it somewhere else.

Yes, sir.Understood.

We were just leaving, weren't we, Ollie?

Actually, I was just sort of waiting

for someone.

Well, I sort of don't care.

Okay. Let's go.

[Luther sighs]

- [Oliver] What?

- [Luther] Good to see you.

[Luther grunts]

["Vacation" playing]

[engine starts]

Waiting in lines

Time ispassin'

Just one more try

The heart is beatin'

You played your cards

The game is over

Great to see you.

So, how was your flight, grumps?

It It was all right, actually.


Are you really gonna do an EDM eulogy?

Oh my God, what are you doing for yours?


You see, I'm gonna give a speech,

like a normal human being.

[in singsong] Boring!

[narrator] Finally in Peckham,

Oliver Jones prepared himself

for the day's event.

This, naturally, involved putting on

a Shakespearean costume.

How you doing in there, Romeo?

- [song fades]

- I'm not Romeo. I'm Macbeth.

- [scoffs] Well

- [sighs]

[exclaims] You look smashing.

Yeah. All right, Bugs Bunny.

Let's do this, shall we?

- I'm Bottom.

- [Oliver] Bottom?

- Of course. Yeah, bottom of the barrel.

- [Luther] Shakespeare character.

[narrator] In spite of there being

one Puck, two Hamlets, and five Juliets,

this wasn't your typical

Shakespeare-themed party.

In fact, it wasn't a party at all.

- [guests chattering]

- [Luther murmurs]

[band playing gentle tune]

- Oi. Oi.

- [exclaims]

- Hey, Dad.

- [growls playfully]

[both laugh]

- Good to see ya.

- [dad grunts] Oh! Hey.

Good to see you. How was your flight?

- Surprising. Though he wouldn't say why.

- You okay?

- Uh, where's Mum?

- Here.

Hey, Mum.

[gasps softly] Oliver.

[song ends]

- Good day to thee, fair friends!

- [guests cheer]

Thank you all for coming

to what can only be described

as Tess Jones's living memorial.

Or as our son Luther

likes to call it, her farewell party.

But he's a little bit simple like that.

- We do love him.

- [guests laugh]

[dad] So, yes, thank you for

for helping her

realize her dream

of having all her friends

and some of her enemies

perform for her.

Acceptable eulogies

will be musical numbers,

interpretive dance

- Thank you very much, Gloria. Yes.

- [laughs]

[dad] And iambic pentameter

from yours truly.

Um, and without further ado,

the the star of the evening,

and the center of attention,

would like to say a few words.

So here she is.

The love of my life.

My summer's day.

[smacks lips]

- Tess.

- [guests cheer and applaud]

[sighs] Thank you, all of you, for

being here, uh, today.

Well, yes, so what happened was

that Val and I were planning my funeral,

and it was just turning into

such a brilliant show

that I realized

I I wanted to be alive to see it, so

And you are right.

I do hate it when people say

nice things about me behind my back.

I think it's a it's a tragic waste.

[guests laugh]

You only really know

what kind of story yours is

when you know the ending.

And, um [clicks tongue]

I now know that mine is a love story.

[somber music playing]

I feel like my life really began

the first day that I met Val

in a Shakespeare class.

Uh, at uni.

[dramatically] He was giving

his Richard III.

- Brilliantly.

- Terrible.

[Tess and guests laugh]

[Tess] But as the Bard says,

"Whoever loved,

that loved not at first sight?" [chuckles]

What can I say? I have eccentric tastes.

[sighs] And since then we have written

the most beautiful story together

with our two darling, dashing,

daring sons. [chuckles, sighs]

And I am so grateful

to each one of you for being a part of it.

It's been glorious.

So, let's be merry.

Let's eat as much as we possibly can

and get really drunk. [laughs]

- [guests laugh]

- [Tess] And the only rule of the day is

[tearfully] don't forget to say goodbye.

[softly] Okay. Ta-da!

The end.

- [Val] Ah! Thank you, thank you!

- [guests cheer]

[Val] We should be here

for at least one night only.

Get this old hand off the stage.


[uplifting music playing]

Now, I'm happy to announce that I shall

be performing my Shakespeare medley

[narrator] Tessa Jones's living memorial

lasted one hour and 32 minutes.

Twenty-six eulogies were performed,

including nine monologues

honesty or [splutters]

f*ck, I've gone and dried.

It's completely gone. [mutters]

I've had a nightmare learning this.

[narrator] five poems


She loves me!


[narrator] eight songs,

three dances,

one freestyle rap,

and a bizarre DJ set.

- [Luther exclaims]

- [guests cheer]

When I say "DJ," you say "Jonesy."


- What? Who?

- What? [laughs]

[Luther] Oh, better than that.

- DJ!

- [crowd] Jonesy!

- DJ!

- [crowd] Jonesy!

- [Luther] DJ!

- [crowd] Jonesy!


[narrator] 87% of the guests

were moved to tears.

The word "love" was used 39 times.

And one son

wished he was still holding hands

with the girl from the plane.

- [guests chattering]

- [uplifting music fades]

[band playing gentle tune]

[narrator] As Oliver Jones took time away

from his mother's memorial,

Hadley Sullivan averaged

19 kilometers per hour towards it.

[bright music playing]

[announcement] Peckham House.

[bell dings]

Oh. Excuse me.

- [woman] Yes?

- [Hadley] Hi.

Um, could you help me? My phone's d*ad.

I'm trying to get to Peckham House.

Oh, okay. Yes.

So, right on Queen's Road,

left on King's Grove.

It's on the left through the gate.

Great. Cool. Thank you.

- You have no idea how much I needed that.

- Well, I hope you find him.

[Hadley sighs]

[inhales sharply]

- [bright music fades]

- Wait.



[swallows, breathing shakily]

[Tess] There you are.

What's the matter?

[sniffles] I'm fine, Mum.

- Talk to me.

- Hey, go go sit down.

Go on. You're gonna miss your party.


[Oliver sighs]

Talk to me.

I just

I just don't understand

why you're not getting treatment.

I've read the data.

I know that

I know that if you started with the chemo

with an anti-inflammatory diet,

you could have another 6 months,

12 months, maybe even 18 months.


Serious question.

So, I can be sick

all the time?

[Oliver sighs]

You'd be here.

[inhales sharply]


[softly] I know. I'm sorry.

But three months, six, 12 months,

it doesn't really make any difference.

I am still going to die.

[Oliver sighs, sniffles]

[exhales deeply]

[softly] I want to still be me.

[Oliver inhales sharply]

I'd like to do some living before I go.

[gentle music playing]

- Please.

- Yeah.

Come here.

[quietly] I love you so, so much.


Come and live with me.

C'mon. You know you want to.

Let's make a massive, great,

unforgettable spectacle of ourselves.

Mom, I just need a second.

- [sighs]

- [softly] Okay.

- Love you.

- I love you.

[Tess sighs softly]

[uplifting music playing]

[birds singing]

[indistinct chatter]

[Hadley] Excuse me.

Uh, is this the memorial?

Oh, for Tessa? Yeah.

Uh, do you know if there's an Oliver here?

Haven't seen him in a while.

Maybe Luther'll know.

Okay. Thank you.

[guests chatting]

Uh, Luther?

- Yeah?

- You're, uh, Oliver's brother?

Oh. Right?

You're American.


Uh, is Oliver here? I'm a friend.

[Luther] Yeah.

- Excellent teeth.Excellent teeth.

- [Hadley] Uh, thank you.

Uh, nice van.

Oh yeah, that's a Sprinter.

I can see that. [laughs]

[Luther] Let's find Ollie. This way.

- [excited chatter]

- [upbeat music playing]

[Luther exhales]

- [Luther] Hi, Mum. Hi, Dad.

- [Val] Here he is.

[Luther] Have you guys seen Ollie?

Not since he left. Why?

Someone is trying to find him.

I present Oliver's friend.

[both] Oliver's friend?

Hi, yeah. Uh, Hadley.

Nice to meet you guys.

Uh, Val.


- Hadley.

- [both laugh]

Are you all right, lovely?

You look like you've seen a ghost.

Um, sorry. I just

I was told I thought

Uh, this was a memorial. So I'm...

Oh. You thought I was d*ad.

I'm very glad that you're not.

- [both laugh]

- Me too.

Um, I brought

I don't know if it's weird,

but, I, uh I have these, so

- You should have them, I guess.

- I think it's less weird now.

- Thank you so much.

- [Hadley] You're welcome.

And don't worry about the, uh, confusion.

It is pretty unusual for somebody

to have their memorial before they die.

It's kind of a genius idea, though.

I mean, what's the point

of having all these people

say really nice things about you

if you're not around to hear it?

- My thoughts exactly.

- [gentle music playing]

Uh, let's have a little dance.

Oh, go on, Mum.

- Come on then.

- Hoick me up.

- [grunting] There we go.

- Lovely to meet you.

- Uh, me too.

- Nice to meet you.

["Above the Clouds of Pompeii" playing]

[Tess and Val speaking softly

and chuckling]

You took me walking through the town

Showed me the statues underground

Said, "Just don't they look in peace?"

Sometimes I wish that was me

I was the son you always had

Tuggin' at your coat

While you were sad

I was the son you always had

I was the son you always had

[music building]

Don't cry, hold your head up high

She would want you to

She would want you to

Please just don't cry

- Hold your head up high

- Hi. [chuckles]

She would want you to

She would want you to

[music swells]

[song fades]

[gulls calling]


It's your dress.

It's horrible. [laughs]

- I like it.

- No, you don't.

- I do.

- No, you don't.

It's pretty.

For a bruise.

So, how was it?

- The wedding?

- Yeah.

[clicks tongue] Oh, it doesn't matter.

Come on.

It was

annoyingly nice.

And Charlotte's totallyunhateable,

and my dad's genuinely happy, so

Oh God, that sounds awful.

It was the worst.

[Oliver chuckles]

I feel pretty sh*t that I just complained

about my dad that entire flight.


Because he's not dying.

[gentle music playing]

Why didn't you tell me?

[exhales] It's a bit complicated.

Don't you think?

"Hey, nice to meet you."

"Um, by the way,

my mum's dying of lung cancer,

so I'm flying back to London

for her memorial, but, plot twist,

she's not actually d*ad yet."

"She's just throwing herself

a Shakespeare-themed going-away party,

which is a completely normal thing to do

when you should be getting treatment."

[Hadley sighs]

Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.


You know, only 9% of lung cancer patients

make it past 10 years.

Why do you always do that? [chuckles]


Explain things away

with numbers and stuff, instead of just

saying something honest.


[Hadley, chuckling] Like

I don't know. Like, anything.

Something that you

really feel.



Sorry, I

I I want to.

I just feel like this isn't...

- You said to be honest.

- I know.

That's the most honest thing

I've done all day.

[Hadley] Sorry.

[Oliver sighs]

I feel like you have a lot

going on right now

and you're pretending

like none of it bothers you.

What would you want me to say?

Do you want me to tell you

that I'm completely gutted?

That I already miss her?

That this is the worst day of my life

apart from the one I know is coming?

I'm trying to be there for you.

I don't know.

Maybe I don't want to spill my guts out

to some girl I just met on a plane.

[Luther] Oi, Ollie.

People are leaving, so if you want

to do that speech, now's the time.

Oh yeah. Okay.

[Hadley] You should go.

It was stupid of me to come.

I didn't mean that.

Uh, no, it's fine.

Um, I gotta get back too. So Uh

Tell your family

I really enjoyed meeting them.

Come on, Ollie.

- I'm sorry.

- [Hadley] It's okay.

- You all right, Romeo?

- [Oliver] Yeah.

[narrator] Approximately 17.6%

of people will walk away

from the love of their life.

Oliver was about to be one of them.

Excuse me.

Sorry, I think you left your bag.

- Oh, that's not

- [gentle music playing]

Thank you.

[indistinct chatter]

- [taps mic]

- [Oliver] Right, um

Uh, I didn't get a chance to speak

during the eulogies, so

[music fades]

here we go.

[guests murmuring]

[Oliver] Thirty-seven.

That's how many plays

William Shakespeare wrote in his life.

It's also how many

my mum read or performed

for me and my brother when we were little.

[woman chuckles]

[Oliver] Nineteen hundred is how many days

she, uh, she took us to school,

before I started driving, and

Twice is

[gentle music playing]

is how many times

she made me strawberry jam roly-polies

when a girl broke my heart.

The thing is, is

I, uh

I tried to measure my mum's life

in in numbers.

It's, uh It's what I do.

Mum, you know this about me.

It's what I do with everything.

It helps me

make sense of the world, I guess.


The thing is, is that, well

Tessa Jones is not a number.

[Tessa sighs]

She's not the plays she acted

or the meals she made

or the advice she gave.

She's my mum.

[Tess sniffles]

I'm gonna miss you so much.

[gentle music fades]

["Lonely" playing]

Excuse me.

- Is this the way to the station?

- [jogger] Dunno. Sorry.

[ducks quacking]

[quietly] Ah, sh*t.

My backpack.


- Maybe

- [Hadley sighs]

I'm scared of bein' lonely

- I'll let anybody hold me

- [Hadley sighs deeply]

[Hadley grunts]

And maybe

- You're not here to get to know me

- [Hadley] Ugh. [sighs]

But I'll still let you hold me

- So I don't have to be alone

- [Hadley grunts]

[indistinct chatter]

Would you be willing to do a little trade?

I wonder

Do you stay until the morning light

Excuse me. Sorry.

Um, are we near Spitalfields?

Just a second, love.

I'm just dealing with a customer.

- Sorry.

- [vendor] Sorry about that.


I'm scared of bein' lonely

I'll let anybody hold me

[line beeping]

And maybe

[Hadley] Would you mind

if I borrowed your phone for a second?

Thank you. I'll just be a second.

[Hadley sighs]

[ringtone playing, phone vibrating]

- Hello?

- Dad?

Hadley, are you okay?

We've just pulled up to the reception.

- You haven't been answering your phone.

- The battery's d*ad.

Sorry, I'm


What's wrong?


[crying] I'm lost.

What street? Where are you?

Uh, Ezra Street, E2.

All right. Don't move.

I'm I'm comin' to get you.

'Kay. Thank you.

[band playing "Bad Kids"]

[train rattling on tracks]

- [crowd chattering]

- Come on, kid, take a little trip

You wanna get high

On the east side with all the bad kids

Very bad kids

But the shoe don't fit

- Drops like a brick

- [Andrew] Hadley!

When times get tough

- Gets a little rough

- Hey.

And you just want love

But up comes nothing

Sorry I ruined your big day.

[Andrew] I was just worried.

What happened?

Promise you won't freak out?

No, but I still wanna know what happened.

I, um

I went to find this guy

that I met on the plane.

A guy.


- And how old is he?

- Dad.


His name's Oliver.

He's, um, a math nerd.

And he's

kind and

surprising and

Um, I thought he was coming out here

for a wedding, like me,

but turns out it was

for a memorial for his mom,

who's actually not d*ad.

She's just really sick.

And, uh

I don't know. I just felt like

I needed to be there for him.

I know that sounds

really stupid. [chuckles]

Well, why would that sound stupid?

Because I've known him

for, like, eight hours and

I dunno.

I sat next to this guy on a plane,

and now I'm bailing on your wedding

to go out and find him,

and that's insane and makes no sense.

- [scoffs]

- It's not supposed to.

[song ends]

Sounds like you were being brave.

Why didn't you fight for Mom?

[gentle music playing]

Why didn't you fight for us?

Oh, Hadley. [sighs]

Why? Why didn't you? [chuckles sadly]

I don't know

that I have a good answer for you.

It's hard.

Somewhere along the way, we just

both stopped puttin' in the work.

When I came here,

we knew.

Love is a lot of work.

Is that why you picked Charlotte, then?

Because it's easy or


No, I I learned my lesson.

And I don't wanna lose you too.

I liked our old life.

I didn't want it to change.

I'm sorry.


I never meant to hurt you.

I know.

It's okay.

Really. It's okay.

I'm glad you're happy, Dad.

You are?

Yeah, I know.

It's a shocker for me too, but

Yeah, I am.

Thank you.

You're welcome. [chuckles, sighs]

[Andrew] It's so good to talk.

I missed you.

Should we finally get to the party now?

[both chuckles]

[band playing gentle music]

- Oh, hey, cool trainers.

- [clears throat]

- Sneakers, Dad.

- [both laugh]


I know. I think if you give her a chance...

[chuckles] No, Charlotte.

- [Andrew] Hey, honey!

- [laughs]

[Charlotte] Hello, babe.

I'm absolutely starved.

I haven't eaten all day.

- Or all month, if I'm being honest.

- [Andrew chuckles]

- Would you like some?

- Oh no. Thank you. I'm good.

- Is everything all right?

- Oh, yeah. Yeah. We were just talking.

[Charlotte] Mm.

I'm sorry I just ran off like that.

Oh, it's fine. All of the pressure

that I've been putting on you

withthe bridesmaid thing

and the dance thing,

I would have run away too.

It's not that actually.

No, it's just I know how important

you are to your dad.

And I just really want you to like me.

[Hadley chuckles]

Sorry. I'm being intense again. [laughs]

[Hadley] It's okay.


Sure you don't want some sandwich?

- I'm good. I don't do mayonnaise.

- She doesn't do mayonnaise.

Yeah. [chuckles]

[chattering fades]

Do you know what? I really like her.

- Can't have been easy walking in here.

- [Val] Mm.

- Plus, she fancies you!

- Mom, shut up.

- Are we going to talk about her?

- No, we're not.

You know how bad the odds are

on long-distance relationships?

It's like 56%. I'm not gonna do it.

Hold on. Hadley Ella Sullivan.

- Born January the 16th.

- Give me that.

- Very nice.

- Come on!

You honestly have to get this to her.

I can't. I don't know where she is, do I?

Well, that's what the Internet's for.

I can't believe you. Wait. Oi!

That's not for you.

- [Tessa] Don't fight.

- [both bickering]

I'm dying. Don't fight.

- Stop it. Leave him alone!

- Give it here! [groans]


[Val inhales sharply]

[Luther] Sweeties?

[Val] It's a very good book.

[Luther] Mm.

And what's this?

At Saint Luke's Church!

Reception afterwards

at the Naval College at 6:00p.m.

There you are. That's great.

- So you want me to crash a wedding?

- [Luther] Ugh!

Just go.

Who cares what the odds are?

Come on, Mum.

- Let's get you home.

- Yeah. It's a good idea.

[Luther and Val strain]

- Okay? Up. Up.

- [Tessa grunts softly]

I'll bring the I'll bring the oxygen.

- Okay. Go, go, go.

- You better go.

Um [clicks tongue]

[scoffs] You know

if I knew the odds

that your mother was gonna get cancer and

and die when I fell in love with her,

do you know

what I would have done differently?

Absolutely nothing.


["Strange Game" playing]

It's a strange, strange game

Love will never be the same

I wonder

Will I be sane again?

Well, I'm blushin', just a-thinkin'

You know, I never in my whole life

My friends, they've started talkin'

They say I'm changin'

I dunno what they're on about

- [song continues in distance]

- [Hadley sighs]

[door opens]

[woman huffs] Bloody weddings.


Sorry. [chuckles]

Hi. I'm just always late.

If it makes you feel any better,

I've been late all day.

[both laugh]

Sounds like there's a story there.

You could say that. Yeah.

Did it have a good ending?

I don't know. [laughs]

Um, there's definitely some things

that I wish turned out differently.

But then


[song ends]

Yeah, I guess it does.

- ["Lemonade" playing]

- [Hadley] Maybe it wasn't meant to be.

We're all drinkin' lemonade

We thought we'd

- Hey.

- [Hadley] Yeah.

Oh. You're up.

By now

[clears throat]

- [Hadley chuckles]

- By now

Hey, thank you for doin' this.

And, you know,

I don't just mean the dance.

I mean everything.

I'm really grateful you're here.

Me too. Really.

You know, you're welcome to stay

for Christmas,if you want.

I mean, no pressure.

I know it wouldn't be the same

as before, with Mom,

but it could be nice.

"Is it better to have had a good thing

and lost it, or never to have had it?"

Our Mutual Friend.

You've read it!

Not yet, but I'm going to.

- Think I get it now.

- [Andrew] Hmm.

Well, in that case,

I just have one more question.

Oh no.

Are you ready to boogie?

- ["Video k*lled the Radio Star" playing]

- Am I? Oh, go for it.

I heard you on my wireless back in '52

- Okay.

- [crowd cheers]

Lying awake

Intent at tuning in on you

If I was young

It didn't stop you comin' through

Oh-a, oh-a

They took the credit

For your second symphony

Rewritten by machine

And new technology

And now I understand

The problems you can see

Oh-a, oh-a

I met your children

Oh-a, oh-a

What did you tell them?

Video k*lled the radio star

Video k*lled the radio star

Pictures came and broke your heart

Oh-a-a-a, oh


Can I get a lift to Greenwich?

- [Val] Driver, come on.

- [Tess] Jump in.

[all laugh]

- [Luther] All aboard!

- [engine starts]

[Oliver] Doesn't this thing go any faster?

- [music swells]

- [guests cheer]

Video k*lled the radio star

Video k*lled the radio star

In my mind and in my car

- We can't rewind, we've gone too far

- [Charlotte exclaims]

Pictures came and broke your heart

Put the blame on VCR

You are a radio star

[narrator] December 21st is the best day

of the year to be in love in London.

With 2,380,000 Christmas lights

illuminating the city,

and hundreds of cups of hot chocolate

steaming in cold hands,

it is the fourth most popular day

for an engagement proposal.

Four hundred and twenty-two

couples will get married,

39 will celebrate

their 45th wedding anniversary,

and thousands of strangers

will meet eyes for the very first time.

But of all the couples who are

falling in love on this lovely day,

it's the story of only one

that really matters.

- [Val] Oh no! That was it!

- [Tess] It wasn't.

- That is not what happened.

- [Val] You put the cat in the fridge.

- [Tessa] What cat?

- [Val] And you said the cat looked hot!

- [laughing]

- There's nothing like a family outing.

We haven't done this for years.

- [Oliver] Yeah, it's a good story...

- [Tess] This is wrong.

[Val] Look, okay.

I'm just saying, we're gonna get there.

[Luther] We'll get there.

You're in the fastest van in London.

[Oliver] More traffic straight on.

[Tess] You know what?

[Luther] Stop stressing me out.

I can't drive with your voices.

- ["Time" playing]

- Time keeps on comin'

- [Jones family continues chattering]

- I've been all around

I'll keep on runnin'

Till time catches on

I've been on the run

Now you're back in your hideout

Never gave it all for free

Everyone was talking

[Tess] It was a left back there.

It was a left!

This is the wrong road.

- Just following the satnav.

- It's on the other side of the park.

About you and me

I'll keep on lovin'

Someday she'll love me

- [Oliver] Wrong way, Luther.

- [Luther] This is as close as I can get.

[Tess] This is it. There. Ugh.

- [Val] Oh God!

- [Luther] What do you want me to do?

Drive across the grass?

- Listen, you have to trust me.

- Stop the car.

- [Tess and Luther] What?

- [Oliver] Stop!

[Hadley sighs]

- Luth!

- What? What?

- Stop.

- Stop the car!

- [Tess, Luther] What?

- [all grunt]

- [Val] That was fun.

- [Tess laughs]

[Oliver grunts, panting]

Thanks for the ride.

I love the van. [taps]

Go get her, Macbeth.

Once uphill, you'll be fine

But your love's lost down the line

- [Oliver] Hadley!

- Hate to say I was wrong

- [horn honks]

- Came into this life on my own

And I'll try

Yes, I'll try

Hope for love, turn out the light

And I gave my own life

My own life, my own life

[song fades out]

[breeze bl*wing gently]

[Oliver sighs]

Say something.

You say something.

Okay, um


That's what I'm afraid of.

Or that and the dark.

And germs. [chuckles]

Okay. [laughs]

Why are you telling me that?

Well, you asked me

what I was scared of when we met.

That's it.

I'm scared of

being caught off-guard by things like

cancer or


[gentle music playing]

Okay. It would be really great

if you could say something now.

[laughing softly]

Do you like that surprise? [chuckles]

Yeah, I suppose

I could get used to those. [sighs]

Even from a girl you just met on a plane?

Especially from the girl

I just met on the plane.

Do you need to get back?

[sighs] I've got some time.

Planning on, uh,

missing my flight tomorrow, so

- You are?

- Mm-hmm.


Well, did you know that one in every

50 relationships starts at an airport?

- Oh, does it?

- Yeah.

Well, actually,

approximately 8% of couples

meet because of a missed connection.

What are you actually researching?

Uh, actually?

Actually, yes.

- [laughs, sighs]

- Okay.

[Oliver takes a deep breath]

The statistical probability

of love at first sight.

[both laugh]

[gentle music swells]

[narrator] Hadley Sullivan

and Oliver Jones will kiss 12,872 times

in their life together.

They'll be married 58 years,

have 1,462 arguments,

and make love 5,787 times.

Hadley will hold Oliver's hand

when Tessa takes her last breath.

Oliver will hold Hadley's

when she takes hers.

And they will both hold

their daughter's hand the day she's born

and marvel at her tiny fingers

and how none of it

would have been possible

were it not for a missed flight,

a broken seat belt,

and a choice to love each other every day.

[music fades]

["I Wanna Dance with Somebody

(Who Loves Me)" playing]

I wanna dance with somebody

I wanna feel the heat with somebody

Yeah, I wanna dance with somebody

With somebody who loves me

I wanna dance with somebody

I wanna feel the heat with somebody

Yeah, I wanna dance with somebody

With somebody who loves me

I wanna dance with somebody







With somebody who loves me



I wanna dance




- I wanna dance

- Ooh

With somebody who loves me

I wanna dance

With somebody who loves me



- I wanna dance

- Ooh

With somebody who loves me

[song fades out]

["When Love Arrives" playing]

One foot in front of the other

One breath at a time

Everything is spinnin' way too fast

I wanna slow it down

Each day blurs into the other

And all I think about is you

But am I ready for love?

Why can't anything start on cue?

Nothing's gonna h*t you harder

Nothing's gonna hold you as tight

There's nowhere to hide

When love arrives

It's blindin' like a supernova

But still you have to open your eyes

It's a wild ride

When love arrives

Blindsided, right out of nowhere

This just never happens to me

I'm still waitin'

For the credits to roll

On this movie

One glance, one spark

And you're under

Always sounded stupid to me

But now my feet

Are barely touchin' the ground

Am I crazy?

Oh, nothing's gonna h*t you harder

Nothing's gonna hold you as tight

There's nowhere to hide

When love arrives

It's blindin' like a supernova

But still you have to open your eyes

It's a wild ride

When love arrives

It's hard to find

But you'll know it's right

When love arrives

For you

Hold on tight

It's a wild ride

When love arrives

For you

["When Love Arrives" fades out]
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