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Host, The (2020)

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I'm sorry.

Would you mind if I had a drink?

This is a very unusual
and very...

disturbing case.

Now, we need to break into
your thought patterns.


Stop the symptoms
before they appear.

You seem to have been
having dreams.

Anxiety dreams.

Not normal in the circumstances.

Though there's nothing
particularly normal

about these circumstances.

This... is where
your thoughts are.


And you are able
to describe this

in more detail and accuracy
than your own bedroom.

Please tell me everything.

From the beginning.

You're amazing.

Oh, don't smoke.
They'll know we've used the room.

- It's fine.
- It's not, with your concierge friend

losing his job over our hookups.

You're not hungry?

- No, you have it.
- Raw fish.

That's for you. You like sushi.

We better tidy up
and get back to the bank.

At bank, we get some sushi.
We can't be late today.

- I've gotta leave early.
- Why?

We can't keep doing this.

I know.

It's doing my head in, too.

I keep having to buy George
Manchester season tickets.

This isn't a joke.
Not for me, anyway.

All right, I'm sorry. Hmm?

I know I'm not sensible
as boring Ben.

But we're good together, huh?


With a hour a week we get
to spend with each other.

Leave Ben, and we can start
seeing each other properly.

And maybe
we can even live together.

Where? Your entire flat
is smaller than this bedroom.

Or we can get
a bigger place together.

With what? You've been
in that job seven years,

- and you're still broke.
- Well, you're earning all right.

I can't just leave him, Rob.

We need a plan.
Thought for the future.

What future?


Why're you leaving early today?

We're going to a wedding,

in Dorset.

I do hope the weather
holds out for you.


You've got a sweetheart,
you know?

I'll see you at work.

Bro, where've you been?
I thought we were doing lunch.

Look, don't, all right?
I just got dumped.

It's always something, isn't it?

- Yeah.
- All right.

Meet me here for dinner
after work, all right?


Well, Ms. Gueller,
thank you so much.

And if you'd like
to follow me...

Another migraine, eh?

Sarah not back from lunch?

Not yet.

Any calls?

Yeah, Sharon from HR. She asked
if you could give her a call back.

Wonder what I've done this time?

- Robert.
- Hi.

This young lady would like to
set up a safe deposit box.

It's in the amount
of £50,000 cash.

It's already been counted. She set
up the account, there's the number.

Um, still waiting
for approval on this.

So, let's give it off the
register for the time being.

- Certainly, Ben.
- Ms. Gueller,

- it's been a pleasure. All the best.
- Thank you very much.

Hey. Thank you.

It's a lot of cash
to be carrying around.

What do I know, huh?

You're a sight for sore eyes.

- How are you?
- Great.

Um, lemme just go
and get your receipt, okay?

Uh, yeah, so we'll look
after the cash for you

once all the verifications,
you know,

ID, address have all been
approved, okay?

Um, we'll be in contact
with you on Monday.

- Okay, great. Thanks, bye.
- All right.

- Robert.
- Yes.

I'm leaving early today,
so if you wouldn't mind

locking up the shop,
that'd be great.

- Yeah, no problem.
- All right, have a good weekend.

- Yeah, you too, Ben.
- Don't be long.

I'm sorry about earlier.

It's just... I think
you could be brilliant

if you put your mind to it.

- Um, Sarah...
- Let me finish.

If things were different,

if your situation
were different,

then, maybe we...

I have to go.

Um, Patricia,

would you, um, mind
putting away these

I've just gotta go
and pack my stuff up.

Please. Thanks.

What're you doing?

Um, I was just, uh, locking up.

Have you got your stuff?
We can go.

Okay, yeah. I'll just get it.

You all right, Patricia?

Yeah, Trish, you know,

it's a bit late to get the tube.

Why don't you jump on a taxi?

- See you on Monday.
- Yeah, see you Monday.

Hey, bruv, I think I'm coming
down with something or so,

I might just slope off again,
early night.

Oh, no, you don't.
Me and you are goin' for dinner,

we're gonna have a catch-up.
Where'd you wanna go?

Your choice.

- Park Chinois.
- Come on.


- How's the family?
- Yes, they're good.

They, uh... They ask about me?

The kids do, yeah.

So, uh, what about this
married woman, then?

She, you know,
went back to her husband.

Actually never left him.
I didn't get that far with her.

Didn't make the grade.

Well, you more than
made the grades.

You're too good
for a situation like that.

Yeah, well, it suited me.

How's your financial
situation at the moment?

Uh, yeah, good. Yeah,
I should be able to pay you back soon.

- Everything.
- I don't care about the money.

I just wanna know that you're
looking after yourself.

I'm fine. I've got my job.

- Got my flat. I'm okay.
- Are you?

- Yeah.
- You smoke too much, you drink too much,

you gamble. I can't be the
only person you owe money to.

It's not like you can even
come over anymore,

because you've b*rned every single
bridge you got with the family.

You just seem to make one
bad decision after the other.

- Like, dating a married woman...
- Hey!

I'm not gonna stand here
and get lectured by you!

Hey, I looked after you.

Literally, for both Mum
and Dad when we were kids.

So, just back off.
Let me make my own choices.

Your mistakes, more like.

Just forget dinner, all right?

And go home to your wife.

- Does she even know you're with me?
- Yeah.

- Oh, what, she knows we're goin' to dinner?
- Yes.

To the most expensive
Chinese restaurant in London?

Yeah. I didn't think so.

Thanks, bruv.

I'll see you around.

♪ Don't be a fool

♪ In another man's hand

♪ Don't be a fool

♪ In another man's hand

♪ Things we do don't always
turn out all right

♪ In our minds
we have a constant fight

♪ Don't be a fool

♪ In another man's hand...

♪ Don't be a fool

♪ In another man's hand

♪ Chasing love...


Can I get a whiskey, please?


Let me see.

Full house wins.


Straight wins.

Players ready?

Straight wins.


I've only got eight left,
all right? Just...

Can't you stake me?

- You pay tomorrow.
- Of course.

Show me your cards.

Royal flush wins.

You owe me, tomorrow,
end of the day.


All right. Okay. Yeah.
Sure, I'll get your money.

- Understand. I want my money tomorrow.
- All right.

Are you all right?


I understand you're in trouble.

We like to challenge fortune.

But we also know
that the house always wins.

Yeah, I guess.

I, uh... I just had
a bit of bad luck, that's all.

You didn't choose
your opponent wisely. Hmm?

But, uh, I can help you.

If you want me to.

Why would you wanna help me?

I invest in friendships.

And I believe you can become
my trustworthy friend.

I don't have myself down
as very trustworthy.

My name is Lau.

- And you are?
- Do you want me to help you?


I'll pay the £12,000.

But I need more than that.

- How much?
- Another 50 grand.

All right.

Wait. What's the catch?

Tomorrow, I want you to
take a flight to Amsterdam,

and exchange this briefcase
for a suitcase.

Then you can come back to London

with that suitcase.

You book a hotel.

You text the address
to the number in this phone,

and ditch the phone
in the canal.

And at that particular address,

somebody will contact you
for the exchange of the cases.

- What's in the cases?
- It's better not to ask.

You'll get a 6:00 a.m. flight
from Heathrow.

And if I don't do it?

Then we're not friends.

You deal with
the consequences yourself.

I pay Li the $12,000 now.

And when you come back
with the suitcase,

you will receive this £150,000.

Plenty there to pay your debt.


Oh. This man is my friend,

so I take care of his debt now.

We'll give you the briefcase
tomorrow morning.

We'll get it through UK customs.

But you have to deal
with Amsterdam security.

If you lose this case,

or the suitcase
that you pick up...

your life will be on the line.

Good luck.

♪ Chasing love

♪ Losing love

♪ Dying for love

♪ In places

♪ Strange faces

♪ Chasing dreams

♪ Silent screams

♪ Nowhere it seems

♪ To find love ♪

Hey, bruv, it's me, um...

Look, could you give me a call
when you get this?

This, um... This is important.

Um... Sorry, I think
you're in my seat.

- Sorry.
- That's okay.

Uh, you've left your case.

No, that's yours.

- Sorry, do you mind?
- Um...

You need to put the briefcase in
the compartment, as well, sir.

Can I keep it on my lap? I've got some
things I wanna read during the flight.

Okay, just pop it under the seat
in front of you, if you would.

So, off to Amsterdam
for a fun weekend, eh?

- Yeah.
- With friends?


I must've read that magazine
50 times cover-to-cover.


I travel so much with my work,

I always bring my own
reading material.

I, uh...

I don't wanna be rude, um,
but I didn't get much sleep last night.

I could really
do with some rest.

- I'm sorry. I've been blabbering.
- That's okay.

Ever since I started
in airline security,

I spend a lot of time by myself.

No bother.

Airline security...

That sounds interesting.


It's my job to identify
suspicious-looking passengers.

t*rrorists, um, drug
smugglers, that kind of thing.

I mean, we're, uh...
I mean, we're safe?

Right? I mean,
there's no t*rrorists on board,

or drug smugglers?

No, there's no t*rrorists here.

So, what's that symbol on
the front of your briefcase?

- What sign?
- That one.

- Looks, what, Chinese?
- Oh, I hadn't noticed it.

Um, this is my brother's case.

Um, probably just means
that it was

made in China.
Most things are these days.

Well, it's all double Dutch
to me.

- Come with me.
- Hey.

We can cut the line.


Where're they going?

This man's with me.

Go on.

Sorry, excuse me.

Would you mind if I go in front?
I'm in such a rush.

Sorry, excuse me.

Um, thanks for getting
me through back there.

Oh, thanks aren't necessary.
I'm glad I was able to help.

Look, can I offer you a lift?

- Oh, no, no. Um...
- It's really no trouble.

- I have a car waiting. Come on.
- Oh, okay.

Get in. It's fine.

I'm sorry, Robert. I haven't
properly introduced myself.

I'm Herbert Summers.

How do you know my name?

Are you sure you don't know
what this symbol means?


Well, it belongs
to one of the largest.

Triad gangs in the world.

And this case with this symbol
indicates to other Triad members

that it can be received.

I haven't been
completely honest with you.

I don't work
for airline security.

Well, then, who are you?

I'm a special agent
with the DEA.

- Oh.
- We work in collaboration

with other
international agencies.

Interpol, Europol,

Scotland Yard.

Right now, we're tracking
one of the most important

heroin conduits that's going
into the United States.

And the key man
to that smuggling operation

is a gentleman by the name
of Lau Hoi Ho.

- Sound familiar?
- Yeah.

Well, you should.
He's the one that gave you this case.

He's the UK head
for a Triad g*ng called 14K.

And this briefcase
is full of the highest quality

counterfeit money in Europe.

And, you, my friend,
have just been used as a mule.

Now, if I opened it,

I would have to send you
to prison.

But you don't worry.
We're looking for bigger fish.

What we do need for you
to do is make the exchange.

But they'll k*ll me.

Not if you do exactly
what they tell you to do.

But that means
I'm smuggling heroin.

What if I get arrested?

I could lose everything.


Look, I told you
we would take care of you

if you cooperate with us.

We'll record your every move
in Amsterdam.

We'll film the exchange.

I can help you get across
the UK border

with this case, like I did here.

But you must
take the heroin to Lau.

And then what happens to me?

You cooperate with us,
you testify in court,

and walk away as a free man.

And this little act of misjudgment
on your part will be forgotten.

We'll protect you, Robert.

Your hotel.

How do you know that?

So, what's it gonna be?

I don't have a choice, do I?

Not really.

Look, just do exactly what
the Chinese told you to do,

and leave the rest to us.

Okay, let's go.

Hi, um...
Sorry, do you speak English?

- I'm sorry. Can I help you?
- Yes, um,

I've booked a hotel room,
and it's the same address as here.

Um, I'll get my phone for you.

Ah, yeah. Um, at the back,

downstairs and Gerrie
will help you.

- Where are you from?
- England.

- England. Liverpool, Manchester?
- London.

Hmm. London.

Here, you smoke?

- No. Thanks.
- Come on, you should try.

Okay. Um...
what can I do for you?

Yeah, I've made a reservation.

- Ah. Name?
- Uh, Robert Atkinson.

Uh-huh. Are you alone?


Oh, I'm sorry, but the room
has been double-booked.

What? Don't do this to me.

Um, look, I've paid in advance.

Um, lemme show you.

Can you hold on for a minute?

Well, you can show me
whatever you want.

But I know my rooms
are sold out.

Huh? But that's okay.
I'll give you an upgrade.

There's a very special place
on the canal.

Oh, I'll make a call.

This place is like
a palace inside.

It's a lot better than here.

It's just around the corner
from here.

You really should explore
the nightlife in Amsterdam.

- You can have great fun.
- Okay.

Yeah, this place is gonna
take your breath away.

It's really special,
and you'll like Vera.

Yeah, she's blue-blood.
You British like that, huh?

But Vera is different, you know?

She... She really appreciates
this city,

- all its beauty and all its flaws.
- All right.

And the art she has there...
Come on, come on.

We gotta go.
It's really wonderful...

So, we now even have vegan...

We've got everything.
Chicken, beef, vegan.

Well, this is the place.

What? No.

This place is massive.

Yeah. You have no idea.
It's very exclusive.

- Yeah, but I'm not paying any more...
- No, no, no, no.

You don't have to pay anything extra.
It's our mistake.

Me and Vera, we always
look after each other.

It's been taken care of.

Eddie, hi.

Well, this is the gentleman.

Oh, yes, yes. I have
a very nice room for you.

- Great.
- Thank you, Vera.

Well, have a good time,
Robert, huh.

Oh, wait, I have something
for you. Wait.

Whoa! I won't need
to go to the gym tomorrow.

Oh, and please do come and try
one of my special burgers, hmm?

- They're the best in town.
- Okay. Yeah, will do.

- Come in.
- Hi.

This place is amazing.

It's certainly an upgrade
from the burger joint.

Oh, thank you.
I'm glad you like it.

How much do one of these
rooms normally go for?

Oh, this isn't a hotel. Come.

Gerrie is an old friend.
I help him out when he's overbooked.

Can I have
your passport, please?

I just need
to make a copy of it.

I'll return it later,
if you don't mind.

Yes, of course. Uh...

- Here you go.
- Thank you.

These paintings are great.

I have the largest collection
of this artist.

You see how the frame
isolates to content

of her paintings
from the outside world?

Huh! What, the artist
is a woman?

Oh, yes. Yes.

I love that you can almost
see the layers of its history.

Like a kaleidoscope.

But it isn't about history,

or family, or love, or...

It's about the only
certainty we have in life.


Oh, yeah.

It's closest to the kitchen,
in case you need anything.

If you smoke,
please use the garden.

Is that all your luggage?

Uh, it's just a short visit.

Well, this is your room.

It's fresh and clean.

If you need anything,
I'll be upstairs.

Thank you. Uh, sorry, Miss...

Oh, Vera Tribbe.

But, please, call me Vera.


You're different from other men.

No one's ever said that
about me before.

Just make yourself comfortable.

A yell, and I'll be here
in a flash.

Papa, please!

You're hurting me.

He can hear you.

I don't care. I want him
out of here now!

- Papa.
- You hear me?


Are you awake?

Well, I am now.

May I come in?

Uh, one sec.

Did I get you in trouble?

It's just my father.

I... I didn't realize I was intruding
into a family home. I'm sorry.

Me and families don't
really do too well...

No, no, no. Not at all. Please.

I'm sorry for his behavior.

No, honestly, it's fine.

Are you hungry?

Uh, I was just about to eat
something and I thought...

Well, I thought
maybe you could join me?


Sure. Thanks.

Make yourself comfortable.
I'll bring dinner and something to drink.

Great. Thank you.

So, here we are.

Oh, great. Thank you.

Let me get that for you.

- Wow, great place.
- Thank you.



Help yourself. Bread and cheese
was a luxury at one time.

Potatoes sustained this country

through the w*r
when we had nothing.

People would walk miles
just to eat tulip bulbs.

- Really?
- Hmm.

Well, I just realized I haven't
eaten since yesterday.

What is that?

This Kn*fe is from
the fourth century.

It's been in my family
for generations.

Try it.

- Do you like it?
- Yeah. It's good.

So, why are you in Amsterdam?

Are you interested in
any of our museums?

The coffee shops?
The red light district?

Oh, no. Not at all.

We had to build up
the city after the w*r,

only to watch tourists
use it as a brothel.

Those poor women are used until
they're nearly split in half.

Yeah, but,
it's legal here, right?

So that is why you're here.

No, no. I just mean
it's part of the economy.

Well, men have their needs
when a wife can't fulfill them.

Look, um, I uh...

Sorry, I've just remembered
something really important.

Do you have an adaptor
for a British plug?

I need to charge my phone.


Right. Well, then, I need to get one.
This is really important.

All the shops are closed now.

What, really? Nowhere's open?

Look, I'm sorry, okay.
This cannot wait till tomorrow.

But wait, uh, Gerrie may have one.
I'll call him.

Great. Yeah.
Brilliant. If you could.

Hey, Gerrie. It's Vera.

It's your lucky day.

- He has one.
- Are you serious?

He's out on an errand.
He'll bring it later.

Look, if... If you want me to,

I can ask Gerrie if he's had any
cancellations when he gets here.

- No, no, no, please.
- I don't want to be any trouble.

You're no trouble.
I like your company.

My father, he...

He doesn't mean to be rude.
It's not his fault.

Uh, could you show me
where the garden is again?

- I need to...
- Oh, yes, yes. Of course.


So all this space
for just you and your father?


And he spends most
of his time in his room, huh?

Yes. All the time.

Do you never get to
take him out?


And have you always
looked after him?


So, no children or husband?


Do you have a job?

No. I was hoping to study
art restoration,

but I just look after
the house now.

Can't leave my father alone.

You could go.

I mean, leave your father.


Well, it just feels like you're
kind of like a prisoner here.

And go where?

- My father is a good man.
- Of course, he is.

Certainly sounds better
than my father.

My father was a brute,
to me and my mother.

My little brother managed to escape
it, but me and my mum weren't so lucky.

- What did you do?
- Nothing.

When he felt like it,
he just lashed out.

Usually after he'd had a drink.

My father was very affectionate
with me when he drank.

What do you mean?

He had no wife.

- He needed my love.
- What?


He might hear us.

Are you afraid of him?

What did he do to you?

Shh. Please.

You know what, you should leave.
Just f*ck him.

Don't talk about him like that.

Who are you, coming into
his house, enjoying his food,

his wine, his bed?

Maybe you are like the others.

I... I'm sorry. Hey,
I shouldn't have said that.

I've got a really hard day tomorrow.
I should get some sleep.

Wait. I'm sorry. I'm...

I wanna show you something.

Isn't it beautiful?

My father had it built specially
when he renovated the place.

Take a dip.

It's very relaxing.

Oh, no, I've...
Not brought my trunks or anything.

Please, I feel so bad
that I snapped at you.

You've got trunks.


He'll be asleep now.

I'll go and get more wine.

No, Papa!


I told you to get rid of him!


Thank God.
I thought you were your father.

He's not coming
down here, is he?

Look, I don't understand.
Do I have to leave?

I want you to stay.



It's my father's wine
from the cellar.

Chateau Lafite Rothschild.

It's nice.

He would get so angry if he
knew we were drinking it.

Like your father.



My father's d*ad.

So, my father's good with money.

Yours isn't.

I'm not feeling well.

What have you done?

What have you done?

I don't feel...

Oh, hi!

Vera, did I wake you?

Of course not, Uncle.

I'll be right back.

Well, I was worried.

You know, I was standing
outside, and ringing and ringing.

Aw, you brought croissants!

Did you hear what I just
said, Vera?

I was waiting outside.

Yes, yes, yes, sorry.
I was in the kitchen.

No need to worry.

Well, okay.


- Coffee?
- No. Not for me, thanks.

I won't be staying that long.


Vera, are you sure you're okay?

- Yes.
- If you need anything,

anything, just call me. Yeah?

I know.

- What's that on your dress?
- What?


I was grinding some meat.

Well, you said
you were going somewhere?

Yes. I'm off to my club,

Okay, my sweetie little niece.

Do be careful.
You know how much I care about you, hmm?

My father was right.
You are like the others.

But I can cleanse you.

No! No!

Stay still, please.

Thank you.


Don't do this, please!
Let me go!



Try not to move.


I'm looking for Robert.

Hi, I'm sorry, but there's
no one called Robert here.

I know he's staying here.

There's nobody here.
Please go away.

Where's Robert?

I don't know who Robert is,
I swear.

I know he's here.
If you don't tell me where he is,

I will take out your eyes
and then your ears.

Do you understand?

I'll count to three. One!

- Two, three!
- Stop, stop!

He's here. He's here.

- What have you done with him?
- Please. Nothing.

I'll take you to him. Please.


He's in there.

Open it!

Hurry up!

It's stuck.


I f*cking hate disturbances.

Yeah, do your thing.


I told you not to move.

Please, don't...

Please, don't do this. Please.


You can let me go.

Please, don't do this.

You're all right.
You're safe now.

Something went wrong.

Neither of them answered
my calls or messages,

and they never left the house.

We need to get in that house.

But how? She has nothing
to do with your operation.

The mission's over.
Lau walks free.

We are so close.

I know it's slow progress,
but we can't stop now.

You did the right thing.

Just hang in there
and we'll get Lau.

We can put him in prison.

But not for m*rder.

He'll get what he deserves.

Locking him up doesn't free
us from men like Lau.

Locking him up allows us
to pump him for information.

We'll cut the head off the snake

and save innocent lives.

Lau will pay.

You'll have your revenge.

- Hi.
- Hi. What's the emergency?

It's your brother.

Robert and £50,000 in cash
have gone missing.

- What?
- He closed the bank on Friday.

I was with him
as he closed the bank.

Was he carrying anything?

Just his bag.

I'm not going to lose
my job over this.

And I don't want to get
your brother into trouble,

but I need that money back.

Now, the police are on their way
to pick up the security tapes.

- So...
- I'll find him.

- I'll expect to hear from you by the end of today day, yes?
- Yeah.

Excuse me.

He went to Amsterdam.

He sent me a photo.

All right. Forward it to me.

- If you hear anything, let me know, okay?
- Okay.

Thank you.

Chief Vanderbilt,
these two people haven't just

vanished into thin air.
They're still in the house.

I would be out of a job if
we entered a particular house

without any solid evidence.

You need a warrant
and I cannot give you one...

I'm missing my key witness.

That's Albert Tribbe's
niece's house.

That family is the most
powerful family in the city.

And I don't think they really
need to get involved in narcotics.

- I don't think it's about narcotics. I think it's about...
- Whatever it is,

it's out of bounds, Mr. Summers.

Then let me speak to the uncle.

I don't think
you are understanding this.

This city is my jurisdiction.

And I'm telling you to stand well
away from the house and the family.

And if I see you anywhere
near her house, or her uncle,

you will be arrested and on
the next flight to the US.

Hi, uh...

I was wondering if you'd seen...

If you'd seen this man?

He was in here
last Sunday night.

Wait here.

Get off me!

- Whoa, whoa, whoa!
- Wallet, now!

Here, take it, take it.
It's yours.

What is your connection
with Robert Atkinson?

He's my brother.

Why are you looking
for him here?

Uh, he's been missing since Friday,
and this is the last place he was seen.

- Have you called the police?
- No.

Smart man.
You have a nice family.

Your brother is doing
something for me.

Because as a friend,
I helped him.

But it appears
he has betrayed...

What was he doing for you?

So now, you go to Amsterdam
to find him.

And make sure he comes back
with what belongs to me.

- And what is that?
- You ask me too many questions.

If you don't come back with
your brother and my property,

I'll be paying a visit
to your wife and kids.

Yeah. I need to speak
to my wife. Tell her I'm...

No messages to anyone.


My assistant will meet
you at Schiphol.

Hey, Rob, it's Steve.

If you're there, mate,
please pick up.

I don't care what you've done.
I just want to know that you're all right.

I'm so sorry I didn't
pick up your call.

I'm coming to Amsterdam
to get you.

Yes. Yes.

But, sir, we're so close.

I can't be sure.
He's disappeared, off the grid completely.

It doesn't make any sense.

But we can get into
the house another way.

Yes, I do know
how much this case costs.

That's why I'm saying we have to
keep going. We're almost there.

I think you're
making a mistake, sir.

We almost have him, please.

Yes, Chief. I understand.

Steve Atkinson?

- Yes.
- Come with me.

Are you with Lau?

Where's my brother?

Let's go.

Hello, Steve.

My name is Herbert Summers.

I'm from
the United States government.

I work with
the Drug Enforcement Agency.

We've been investigating a major
Chinese drug-trafficking operation,

and your brother was helping us.


You know where he is?

Jun Hui works undercover for us.

She followed him to a house,

and he never returned.

And that was the last
we saw of him.

We've been monitoring
every exit.

He hasn't left the house.

And I cannot get through to him.

Wait. What was he doing for you?

Your brother was set up.

We stepped in
and he agreed to help us.

Set up how?

Your brother lost a poker game.

And in exchange, your brother
agreed, although I must say,

to smuggle heroin for him.

That's why he left me
that voicemail.

Ah, I ordered
for the three of us.

- The best in town.
- Thanks.

Robert actually booked
a room here.

Although it seems that the owner
took him directly to the house.

Has anyone been into the house?

It's owned by one of the
wealthiest women in the city.

She never leaves her property.

She's like a recluse,
or a hermit.

So why haven't you just
raided the house?

It's the most powerful family
in Amsterdam.

Local police don't want
to get involved,

and we just don't have
the jurisdiction here.

- So now what?
- We have a plan.

And you're gonna help.

It's okay.


Hi. Um, we received a photo from a friend
who stayed with you a couple of nights ago,

and we were wondering if you had a
room we could rent for a few nights.

Hi. Um, there is
no one staying here.

I'm sorry.

Um, Robert texted us
this address, didn't he?

Yeah, yeah. He, um...
He even sent us a photo of the room.

It looks so romantic.

Robert said we'd love it.

Well, you better come in then.

He was right.

This house is beautiful.

Sorry. No pictures, please.

Oh. Of course.

This way.


Can't imagine how Robert could
afford to stay in a place like this.


It's 200 euros.


Thank you.

May I have
your passports, please?


I'll make a copy and
return them to you later.

Thank you.

Thank you.

So, are we
the only guests, then?


I'll show you up to your room.

This is your room.

It's a shame that
Robert had to leave.

Yeah. When did he go?


If you want to smoke,
please use the garden.

Thank you.

You live here all by yourself?

Sort of.

My father, he lives upstairs.
He's ill.

It's like living alone.

Have a lovely stay.

This was Robert's room.

This is Lau's briefcase.

He gave it to Robert.

What the hell is in it?

It's all here.

Hey, keep an eye out.


Are you awake?

Of course I am.

Who are you
talking to down there?


Papa, I think one of them is...

Is who?

We might have a problem.

Come in.

I can help.

Think, child.

Have they been truthful
with you?

Have they asked you
awkward questions?

- But Papa...
- Vera...

my daughter...

Beware, even those who look
innocent can be dangerous.

- Sorry about the noise.
- What happened?

She left.

Some people are never happy,

no matter how much
you do for 'em.


You want a drink?

Yeah, thanks. Tea?

Maybe something stronger?

Give me five minutes,
I was about to help my father

- into bed.
- Okay.

She's asked me for a drink.
Have you found anything?

- Not yet.
- All right.

Keep the line open. I'll try and keep
her talking so you know where she is.

Here you are.


- Was that your girlfriend?
- No.


So, how long
have you been together?

About two years.

Wow. She's very lucky.

If she's not careful,
she'll lose you.

She's just a bit upset.
She'll come around.


Why don't you
come and see the garden?

Yeah, sure.


It's nice.

So, what did you argue about?

Uh, it was nothing, really.

She'll be back soon...

As soon as she's spent all my
money on a bunch of rubbish.

You're good with money?

Your father taught you well.

My father?

Not really.

My brother is, though.


Always looked after me,
always protected me.

That must be nice,

having someone to protect you.

How about another drink?

Yes. Of course.


- Pardon?
- Table for one, sir?

No, no, no. Thank you.
I'm here to meet someone.

Excuse me. Sir, you can't...

Mr. Tribbe.

Herbert Summers.
May I have a word, please?

I'm sorry, Mr. Tribbe.

It concerns your niece.

It's okay.


I'm with the DEA.

We're tracking a heroin-smuggling
operation into Amsterdam.

And, I'm sorry,
how does my niece

fit into this, Mr. Summers?

I've got
a table of friends waiting.

Our man was working undercover.
He's disappeared.

He was last seen going
into your niece's house.

You know, lots of people
disappear in this city.

In fact, they come here
to disappear,

from their wives,
their fiancees.

They usually turn up
after a couple of days.

- You look in the clubs?
- Mr. Tribbe.

I'm so sorry you have
been bothered with this.

We'll take you
straight to the airport.

Mr. Summers is leaving now.

Mr. Tribbe, please.


My God.

It's okay.

You tell me everything.

- Everything all right?
- Mm-hmm. Fine.




It's strong.

What is it?

My father's cognac.

Do you like it?

Yeah. It's great.


Why are you here, Steve?


Wh... What?

Are you here
looking for your brother?


What have you done?


Steve, wake up! Steve, wake up!


What are you doing?

What are you doing?

Take it off!

What the f*ck are you doing?
Let me go!

You sound
just like your brother.

What did you do to him?

What did you do to him?

You'll see.

No. No, no, no!

- Help!
- Get away from him!

Stop, stop! Please, please!

No! f*ck!

Get off him!

- Yes?
- Help!

Vera, can I come in?

- Coming.
- Help.


Time's up.

Can I come in?

Yeah. Sure.

I know about your father.

What do you mean?

I know you didn't mean it.

And he was strict with you,
but he did love you.

I know.

I know he loved me.

When Mother d*ed, he married me.

What do you mean,
he married you?

He had no one else.

And someone
had to take care of him.

And I loved him.

But then... But then he...

He what?

Then he took our child away
and drowned her in the canal.

He said it was his and he could
do whatever he wanted, but...

But it was my child, too.

No more baby.

I'm so sorry, dear...

But it's for your own good.

Hey, arrest her.

What have you done with them?

Where are they?

Vera, you know I'll always
take care of you.

But now you have to tell me
where they are.

Open this door. Open it!

No, no, no, no. Please.

Come on.



Down there!

Hey, Jun? Jun? Jun?

- Jun, are you all right?
- Help me out, man.

Find me the keys. Jun?

- Quickly!
- Got 'em.

Just a second.

It's okay. You're all right.

You're safe now.

Just go with them for now,

and this will all be
over shortly.

I'm gonna need some sample
of those buckets,

- check for DNA.
- Yeah.

Send a team to Gerrie's bar.

Arrest him. Shut the place down.

See you.

They did a background check
on Gerrie.

Turns out that he actually
worked for Vera's father.

Long list of priors
including attempted m*rder.

When he got out of prison,
he couldn't find any work,

so he went to Vera for help. She
actually bought him that burger joint...

In exchange for services.

- You okay?
- I want to go home.

Just take them to the hotel.

I will send a doctor over there.

Thank you for everything.

I'm sorry.

You'll be okay?



Have you thought about
what we said last night?

There's no other way?

No. I wish there was.

Look, Steve,

I know it's dangerous.

But unless you
make the exchange,

they're gonna come after
you and your family.

What if I pay him the money
he gave to Robert?

For Lau,
it's not about that money.

Your brother was supposed
to smuggle heroin for him.

And that's much more valuable
than the money he lent Robert.

Several million
on the open market.

Look, Steve, I...

Don't worry.

We'll take care of you.

Like you did with my brother?


I'll do it.

The exchange will take place this
afternoon at Schiphol car park.

The brother returns.

I believe that's yours.

Well done.

I had my doubts,
but it appears you came through.

So that's it?

Robert's debt's paid?

Yes. We're even.

Yeah. Even.

I heard about your brother.

Terrible way to go.

Armed police!
Get your hands on your head!

- Armed police!
- Don't you move.

Whatever you say may be used as evidence.
Do you understand?

Piss off.

Do you understand
what I'm trying to say to you?

Sergeant, cuff 'em.

I am cautioning you.
You have the right to remain silent.

Any evidence used against you
will be used in a court of law.

You have a right
to legal representation.

If you do not have a lawyer,
we'll provide one for you.

- Moving one!
- Please move two.

I need to thank you for
everything you've done for us.

I don't think we could've
done it without you.

Thank you for everything.

I'm finally free.

No person should have to take
on the sins of his family.

There was nothing you
could've done to prevent it.

We can choose any road.

Even on the wrong path,

sacrifices will be made,

and justifications.

One bad decision
leads to another.

This was his road

that he chose.

The best advice that I
can give you in this case

is that you need
to forgive yourself,

and your parents,

and your brother.

Forgive yourself.


- Did I do well?
- Oh, you did, you did.

But don't allow any more
strangers to come here.

- Harry.
- Vera.

- Good to see you again.
- Yeah.

- Hi.
- Hi.

- New traveler?
- Uh-huh.

Please come in.

Okay, Tom.
Have a nice time, huh?

Okay. Thanks.

♪ Things were never what they
Seemed to be

♪ Said a fool
Who lies in history

♪ Don't be a fool

♪ In another man's hand

♪ Don't be a fool

♪ In another man's hand

♪ Things we do Don't
always turn out all right

♪ In our minds
We have a constant fight

♪ Don't be a fool

♪ In another man's hand

♪ Don't be a fool

♪ In another man's hand

♪ Chasing love

♪ And losing love

♪ Dying for love

♪ In places

♪ Strange faces

♪ Chasing dreams

♪ Silence screams

♪ Nowhere it seems

♪ To find love

♪ To find love

♪ Find love

♪ Find love

♪ Chasing love

♪ Losing love

♪ Dying for love

♪ In places

♪ Strange faces

♪ Chasing dreams

♪ Silence screams

♪ Nowhere it seeks

♪ To find love

♪ To find love

♪ Chasing love

♪ I'm losing love

♪ Dying for love

♪ In places

♪ Strange faces

♪ Chasing dreams

♪ Silence screams

♪ Nowhere it seems

♪ To find love

♪ Oh

♪ Find love ♪
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