06x41 - Space Adventure!

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Peppa Pig". Aired: 31 May 2004 –; present.*
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Adventures, mishaps and friendships of Peppa Pig, her brother George, their parents, and the other animal families who make up their town.
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06x41 - Space Adventure!

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Peppa and George are spending the day
at Granny and Grandpa Pig's house.

- Grandpa Pig!
- Papa Ig!

Hello, Peppa and George.

Bye! See you later!


Hello, Peppa and George.

Granny Pig!

Granny Pig is wearing a spacesuit.

Why is Granny dressed as a space person?

Oh, Granny is playing another
little game with her friends.

I’m doing an important
historical reenactment.

It’s about when people
first landed on the Moon,

a long time ago.

Follow me!

If you ask me,

it’s just an excuse to have
cups of tea and some cake.

System checks complete, Granny.

Rocket is ready for blast off.

Wow! A rocket!


It’s Grampy Rabbit's.

He’s kindly lent it to us for the day.

What excitement!

I’ll just get the rocket ready

for its blast off to the Moon!

Granny, are we really going to the Moon?

No, Peppa, it’s just pretend.

We're going to pretend
the garden is the Moon.

And do the things they did
on the first Moon landing.

We will plant a flag!

And we will collect Moon rocks!

Just be careful of my rockery.

Don’t worry, Grandpa Pig.
We will be very careful.

Well, while you play your game,

I think I’ll make myself useful
getting the tea and cakes ready.

Have fun!

All aboard, everyone!

Ten, nine, eight,

- seven,
- Oh, well.

- I suppose these harmless little
garden games keep Granny happy.
- six, five, four,

three, two, one!

We have lift off!

Oh my goodness!

Grampy Rabbit's rocket
has really taken off!

Why does the game have to be so noisy?

Grampy Rabbit, this was
just meant to be pretend!

Pretended? What would be the fun in that?

So, are you really going to the Moon?

We certainly are!

It’s a space adventure of a lifetime!

If we’re really going to the Moon,

I suppose our reenactment
will be even better!

Grampy Rabbit's rocket
has landed on the Moon.

It’s one small step for Granny Pig...

And one giant leap for Grampy Rabbit!

Come on, Peppa and George!

The Moon is very bouncy!

Yes, Peppa.

We can jump very high to the Moon.

These games of Granny's...

I hope they’re not messing up my garden.

The first people to land on the Moon

planted a flag to show
that they had been there.

Excellent, George.

And they collected rocks.

This is a pretty rock.

Well done, Peppa

We can take that Moon rock home with us.

Did Grandpa Pig mention
cups of tea for later?


I think we’ve earned it.

Let’s go home.

Three, two, one!

Lift off!

The rocket is flying back home.

My goodness!

Granny’s garden game
is getting even noisier!

Grandpa, Grandpa!

How did the game go?

We went to the Moon!


It’s true.

We really did go to the Moon.

Of course you did, Granny Pig.

And we brought you back a Moon rock!


It will sit very nicely in my rockery.

Peppa loves space adventures.

Everyone loves space adventures.
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