01x12 - Together

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Vermeil in Gold". Aired: July 5, 2022 – September 20, 2022.*
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Follows a young magician who accidentally makes a contract with a legendary and powerful female demon, eventually becoming her master and lover and the trials and challenges they face so that they can live in peace together.
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01x12 - Together

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That's right. I finally understand.

I still don't know if these feelings are right, but it doesn't matter.

She may be the strongest scourge to walk the face of the Earth, but I don't care.

If they're going to say that being with you is wrong, then I don't want to be right.

Vermeil, even if the entire world turns against us, I'll always stay by your side.


I want to be with you forever.

I love you, Vermeil.

You'll never be alone again. Not on my watch.


Well, all right.

That was a mythic-level item you just broke, but I guess that's what it's gonna take to stop you.

I didn't think I'd have to work this hard, honestly.

I'm kinda into it, though!

C'mon, let's have our climactic battle!

Shiro ka kuro kongaragatte gray Black or white? Tangled up, they turn gray

Itsudatte aimai na mama de Everything always seems so ambiguous

Tayorinaku aruku tonari de hohoenderu kimi I walk by your side as you smile, helpless

Akogare wa tashika da toshite Admiration clear as day

Hateshinaku tooku mabushii Shining out across the endless distance

Chippokena kono genjou Abracada-Boo mahou kakete yo Cast a spell on this pitiful situation with an Abracada-Boo

Kimi no hitomi no yami ni kakushita There's a loneliness hidden beneath the darkness in your eyes

Samishisa wa yasashii uta de dakishimeteitai no ni I wish I could embrace it with a gentle song

Sekaijuu ga uso datte sawagihajimetatte Even the whole world starts to shout it's all a lie,

Kimi ga kimi naraba As long as you are as you are

Kirameku kaze o makiokoshi shinjitsu o sakebu I'll sweep through with a glimmering wind and scream out the truth

Sekaijuu ga tsumi datte togameta toshitatte Even if the whole world yells out that it's a sin,

Tatta hitori demo Even if I'm all on my own

Kimi o rikai shi tsuzuketai I want to keep learning to understand you

I'm on your side mamotte ageru I'm on your side, I'll protect you


If you broke those chains, that means you must've seen all the stuff inside.

So you've gotta know all the talk about demons being evil is no joke, but reality.

The powers of destruction they wield shouldn't be allowed to exist!

Especially when it comes to what SHE can do.

Her powers can do more than just change the world; she can obliterate it.

Her powers are so strong and so accursed that no demon even measures up to her.

That's why we're going to use those powers in a much more fun way: to destroy the world!

And with how you treat him like a sad little pet, you're only gonna end up hurting yourself!


She's a demon? Who cares? She's a scourge? Who cares?

Powers of destruction? Who cares?

No one...

No one sees the REAL Vermeil!

Do you know that Vermeil loves desserts?

Do you know how Vermeil looks when she smiles?

Do you know how horrible Vermeil feels about what happened that day?

I'm not going to let you lay a finger on my Vermeil ever again!

All right. I like you getting pissed, it's a good look for you.

But what're you actually gonna do?! There's no stopping what's about to happen to you!

Vermeil, let's fight back with everything we have!


I'd like to see you try!


Wow. I can't believe you've lasted this long.


I know.

It's time to stop.

Wait, what? We're already out of time?

Just by looking at her, I can tell she's a Platinum Square, too.

Let's go, Iolite.

C'mon, can't we fight just a little longer?


It's getting quite busy outside. Prolonging this fight would be fruitless.


Fine, if we have to.

I'll let you guys have this win.

Hold it! What are you guys really after?!

Who knows? Better keep trying, little Master.

Because I'll be back to finish this battle eventually.

See ya!



You're right.

As long as I have you, Vermeil...

Holy crap! You were there this whole time?!

Well, of course!

Though you were in quite the precarious situation there.


Live your days by her side.

You may very well see the entire world turn against you. Are you prepared for that?

I am.

I'm glad to have entrusted her to you.

Vermeil, I promise to become stronger. Strong enough to keep you safe.

I'll be the strongest mage in the entire world and protect you from everything and everyone.


Take care of Vermeil. She's a very dear friend of mine.

I will.

Tis nearly time. Go, now.


You needn't worry, not with him beside you.

Goodbye, Vermeil.

Wh-what the...?

She was the mage who sealed you in that book, right?


I see. It was you...


Are you all right, Alto?!

What's wrong?! Can't fight back without your demon familiar?!

You didn't commit!

What are you doing? Stand up!

You'll never be close to b*ating me if you continue with this shoddy performance!

Hold on a sec, Jessica.

You good to keep going?


Don't worry, I'll be gentler than Jessica.

You said you want to get stronger, yeah? I like your resolve.

I'll admit, you're pretty incredible. Already surpassing me in most magical aspects.


That's not enough!

You lack physical strength! You lack tactical know-how!

But most of all...

You lack experience!

You all right?

I-I'm fine!

Goodness. Weren't you going to be gentle?

Please, I went easy on him.

Thank you both for taking time out of your busy schedules to spar with me.

Could I train with you again sometime?

Why do you want to get stronger so badly?

What I said before aside, you're already plenty strong.


Live your days by her side.

You may very well see the entire world turn against you. Are you prepared for that?

I am.

Vermeil, I promise to become stronger. Strong enough to keep you safe.

I'll be the strongest mage in the entire world and protect you from everything and everyone.

I want to protect her.

I don't want to see the person I love cry.

I promised I'd protect her from anyone and everyone.

So I need to be strong enough to do it on my own.

Wh-what's wrong?

N-nothing, just, uh...

Huh? Just what?!

I like it! You've got promise!

Wait, was it weird of me to say all that or something?!

Chris told me I was lacking a bunch of things.

That's good.

It means I can still get a lot stronger than I am now.

I keep saying I want to protect her...

And while we might've won for now, I can't even hold my own against Chris.

I should probably brush up on the basics a whole lot more...


Oh, sorry! Is everything all right?

Yes, but...

I don't know why, but my chest is throbbing...

Huh?! That can't be good! Let me see!

Huh?! A-all right...

It hasn't been long since that ordeal. I hope your heart's all right...

H-hey, Alto?


Do I... have to show you everything?

Huh? I-I mean, no, of course you don't!

W-wait, when has Vermeil ever been like this?

Hey, Alto?

Wh-what is it?

All this time, my heart's been racing.

It started... when you told me you loved me.

Thank you.

Thank you for accepting me.

For loving me, despite what I am.

Thank you for holding me close when I was crying back then.

I love you, more than anything in the whole world, Alto.

I love you, too, Vermeil.

I love you.

I'm going to get stronger.

For one person and one person alone.

I'm going to get stronger for Vermeil.

My, I do quite like the determination on your face.

These recent incidents have caused harm to people at our illustrious academy.

Those harmed were all innocent students.

As president of the Student Council, I cannot stand idly by.

It is the duty of the Student Council to protect the students of the Academy.

What say you all?

I'd say you're getting ahead of yourself, but I know you won't listen to me.

Still, noblesse oblige. We must do our best to improve the lives of the students beneath us.

I follow your gracious lead, Madam President.

It's not just about the students. We gotta protect all their familiars, too.

They messed with my Rex. They're gonna pay for that.

Very well.

How about you? What say you?

Even I will admit that it will be quite difficult.

We may find ourselves up against the m*llitary or Platinum Squares.

Knowing that, do you still wish to proceed?

That doesn't matter.

I'll go to the ends of the Earth for Vermeil.

That's right, because...

Because I'm Vermeil's master!

Yes! We passed the Bronze exam!

I was concerned after the incident, but thankfully, they rescheduled the exam.


But seriously, I can't believe YOU passed. Kind of shocking.

Of course I passed!

My secret w*apon makes no mistakes. That's why I got a perfect score on the multiple choice!

I'd expect nothing less from you.

You freak me out the most, for real.

But whatever, we all passed, so...

Wait a minute, where's Alto?

He was just here...

Dangit! That blasted woman again!

H-hey, Vermeil, we can't keep doing this here...

Why not? You love me, don't you?

W-well, yes, but that has nothing to do with it.

Oh, shush! You're my Master, you're supposed to give your familiar whatever she wants!

Familiars have served mages since the times of old.

Sometimes, they bare their fangs...

Others, they offer their all to their masters.

Here's to forever, my darling Master.

Does it get easier with time for the immortal?

If I was born normal, if I become normal, can I stay close?

With the children, we link our arms

Make a circle and sing a song

Knowing there was no chair for me all along

You locked me into the dark, I'm your preserved flower

The world is too slow to understand

Not all blossoms spark, And spikes may be sharp

They only want to see the beautiful parts

Sitting in a shower of scarlet rain

It all used to be ours, I'm counting the hours

Hours that stood between us like a river

Once I crawled through the water

All I ever knew have become distant past
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