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Virgo and the Sparklings (2023)

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[Carmine's Father] Damn brat!

- [child bawling]

- Don't call us your parents!

We regret having you as our daughter!

[Carmine's Mother]

Don't call me Mom anymore!

We should've just abandoned you

since you were little.

- Stay there!

- [Carmine's Sister] She's scared.

Stay there forever!

[Carmine's Father] You stay out of this.

You're no different. What a brat!

- [loud thump]

- [Carmine's sister screaming]

[Carmine] Sister...

Fight back!

Fight back!

[Carmine screaming] Fight back!


[Riani] Morning, Sir!

[upbeat music playing]

[Riani] Sir, I'm not late, right?

You're not late.

[Teacher] But didn't you transfer?


[class laughing]

[Teacher] 45 more minutes.

I think it's pretty easy.

[door opens]

Good morning, Ma'am.

[Teacher] This is our top of

the class candidate.

Coming this late.

Thank you, Ma'am.

[tense music playing]

Ten minutes left.

[clock ticking]

[Teacher] Don't forget the questions

on the other page.

[clock ticking]

[Teacher] Time's up!

Bring it to the front, Kids.

Riani, time's up. Bring it here.

[Student 1] I'd rather die

than doing this again.

I thought you studied for this.

[Students 2] They weren't

in the mock exam.

[Teacher] f*re!

- Riani!

- f*re!

There's f*re, back off!

Riani! What did you do?

[Student 1] Where did the f*re come from?

- [Student 1] Get some water!

- [Student 2] Did you bring a match?

Back off! Back off!

[students clamoring]

[Student 2] Water! Water!

[Teacher] All of your answer sheets

are b*rned, so I can't mark them.

So, you have to retake the exam.

[students protesting]


[upbeat music playing]

[Riani's father] Peanuts and gums, Ri.

- You eat that if you're craving to smoke.

- But I want to smoke now.

[Riani's mother] We're being

serious, Riani.

This is the third time you're transfering.

Your dad can't keep moving like this.

[Riani] Yes, Mom.

[Riani's father] Okay, Ri.

- [car door closes]

- Ri.

Be careful.

Stay away from bad influences.

[Riani's Father] Ri, remember.

This is your first day.

Yes, Dad.

[Sasmi] The colors are so cute!

[Sasmi] Super cute!

Oh, Vanessa!

[Sasmi] This is really cute.

[Desi] Does she have

to take a car to school?

Is she showing off or something?

I told you, you can't sell these here!

[Monica] Watch out!

Oh, my God. Monica!

- Eat that!

- Got what she deserves.

- It hurts!

- She's making it hard for everyone.

Bunch of bumpkins.

Why are you laughing? Instead of helping.

Get inside.

You can do it!





[school bell ringing]

[distant angklung playing]

[angklung playing]

[guitar playing]

Everyone wants to be different

But I just want to be ordinary


Impossible for me

To always run forever

My heart's tired and hurt

More than my own feet

Where's the place

Where anyone can accept

Me who always brings troubles

To the people around me

Oh, should I

Accept my fate

Create a friendship

From the wind

Who sings with me

[Sasmi] Hi! Have you been in a band?

I think you have the potential

to be a star.

[Monica] Like me.

Imagine it.

Three girls playing electro rock,

singing at many cool gigs.

I'm sure within five months,

your pocket money will increase a lot.

Let me think about it.

[Monica giggles]


Hey, wait!

We can be a cool indie band

like Scorpion Sisters!

- You guys listen to Scorpion Sisters too?

- Tell her.

Five times a day!

See? We're a match!

Your voice even sounds

as good as Scorpion Sisters' Carmine.

It's so great, I saw sparkles

when you were singing!

You too? I saw glitters

floating in the air.

- It was so cool.

- Who are you anyway?

We are girls with a bunch of dreams.

We dream to rock the world

with music,


We're a band

who's looking for a new vocalist.

- Are you interested?

- [Ussy] Interested wouldn't be enough.

I listened to your guitar play.

You're good for a chill kind of music.

But to play in my rock band...

I think not.

Ussy, wait!

We'll talk again later, okay?

[Monica] Wait for me!

[Ayu] Hey.

Why did you transfer in the middle

of the school year?

Were you pregnant?

[Riani] Yeah. I gave

birth to seven twins.

- If you want one...

- [Desi] Show some respect!

[Teacher clears throat]

What are you all doing?

- Hi, Ma'am!

- Is your class here?

- No, Ma'am.

- Then, go back to your class.

See you, Ma'am.

Where's the kid?

I don't know.

- [stomps feet]

- [grunts]

She disappears!

[bell rings]

[Sasmi] Hey, we meet again.

Let's eat together.

This is very good.

Why'd you invite her here?

If you still want to join Stardom,

smile now.

I won't be long.

It's okay, take your time.

I'm Monica Johannes.

My drummer.

This one is Ussy.

A pianist whose fingers

are sweeter than her words.


I'm Sasmi, the manager of this band.


[Monica] Hey, Riani.

How about a session with us?

[giggles] Just once.

Maybe you'll fit right in.

Enough. Don't push her.

[Ussy] Maybe she's doubting her skill.

She could only play in an empty class.

[clears throat]

Ussy usually isn't this rude.

- It's only because of the band...

- Listen.

I can see from her eyes

that she easily gives up.

[Ussy] Her music is hollow.

It has no spirit.

Don't expect her to play rock.

[Sasmi sighing] Ussy...

[Riani] If you want to see

some kind of vigorous rock music,

just tell me.

I'll show you.

- [Ussy] Let's just get inside.

- [Monica] We're not waiting for Riani?

[Ussy] I doubt she'd be brave enough

to come.

[rain pouring]

[romantic music playing]

You're going there?

Want to go with me?

Thank you.

Come in. It's free.

Let's go.

[electric guitar playing]

Oh, sorry.

[playing off-tune]

[clicks tongue]

See, I told you.

She plays chill songs.

How could she play rock?

What? Can't handle the truth?

Well, prove it then.

- [Sasmi] Hey, Ussy!

- Where's your old vocalist?

Oh. I knew it.

[Ussy] Can you stop changing the subject?

If you want to play, go

on. If not, then leave.

Don't waste my time.

- Wait.

- [drum playing]

["Salah" by Potret playing]

All this time you still feel

That I always wait for you

Two weeks without you coming

'Cause you're with the others

Poor my heart, baby

'Cause you're wrong all this time

Every time you don't come, baby

Even though I was never home

I always tell you

I am not as good as you thought

I never wait for you

I love you

Doesn't mean I don't play with others

Baby, you were wrong about me

I always tell you

I am not as good as you thought

I never wait for you

I love you

Doesn't mean I don't play with others

Baby, you were wrong about me

- Wait. I'll pay first.

- [Ussy] Okay.

- Okay.

- Sure.

[news from TV] A man went berserk...

How much should I pay?

Two hundred.

- the motive is still unknown.

- Two hundred?

[car engine]

[Monica] Guys!

- Thank you, Miss.

- Yeah.

[gasps] Wow.

[rock music playing]

Scorpion Sisters.


Are we really practicing

at Scorpion Sister's place?

Isn't it expensive?

Just relax.

I've been selling stuff for this.


If we want to be as

cool as Scorpion Sisters,

we have to practice at the same place.

- [Monica squeals]

- They smell really good.

I was starstruck.

- I couldn't do anything.

- Let's go.

[Carmine] By the way, the photos

were very good.

[Carmine] I put it as my profile picture.

I really didn't get Sasmi and Monica.

They were really insistent

on a new vocalist.

Is my voice not good enough?

[laughing] Well, it's not... good enough.


No one's perfect.

Well, then I'll be the vocalist.

- Are you serious, Ri?

- Yeah.

[Ussy] But, Ri, we're serious

about this band.

I'm serious.

How many times do you want to practice

in a week?

Two, three, five times?

Woah, good!

I'm never wrong when it comes

to choosing.

Because Riani is officially in the band,

we have to decide on the name.

[Ussy] Sure.

Ussy, Monica, Riani.


No. It sounds like a yoghurt's brand.

Well, then. Riumo.

How about...


[Monica] Wait. What's your birth month?

- September.

- The Septembers!

- The Septembers!

- [Monica] Zodiac!

- What's your zodiac?

- Virgo, duh!

[Both] Samesies!

We're virgos too.

[screams] Virgos! The Virgos!

[all squealing] The Virgos!

- [sings] All this time you still feel...

- Let's leave her.

- [girls murmuring]

- It fell!

I know why you transferred here.

[Ayu] The f*re in your old schools.

It was you, right?

- [Desi] Damn arsonist.

- [Ayu] Just admit it.

[Tania] I can spread this

to the whole school.

We can say that you want

to burn our school.

What? It's all a lie.

You easily believe such gossips?

[Tania] No smoke without f*re.

But, relax. We're not that mean.

Give us one million

and you'll be safe.

A million?

What can you buy with that?

Going to a cheap salon?

[Desi grunts] You're so cocky.

[Riani screams]

Oh, my God. It hurts!

- [Riani screams]

- [Desi] What's with you?

[Tania] Hey!

- [Monica] h*t her!

- [Sasmi] b*at her up.

- Stop recording!

- [Ussy] Oh?

[Ussy] One more step,

and I'll post the video.

If I join Miss Indonesia,

what if that video comes up?

You better watch your back.


[Sasmi] Miss Indonesia?

Just dream on!

[Monica laughing]

- Thank you, Guys.

- [Monica] No problem.

We should fight them back.

Then they'll be scared.

But your acting was bad.

- [Ussy chuckles]

- You'll be tough to pitch.

[Sasmi] Take some acting class.

[Ussy] Right.

We'll be practicing at my house.

You have a music studio

in your house?

[squeals] Tell her!

[indistinct conversation]

[Sasmi] Hey, Ri.

Quick, come on in.

- Come on.

- Yeah.

[indistinct conversation]

[indistinct conversation]

[indistinct conversation]

[indistinct conversation]

[indistinct conversation]

Good afternoon, Auntie.

[Monica chuckling]

No. She's not her mom.


Well, she looks like rich people.

[Ussy] Where have you been?

Come in!

Come on.

[indistinct conversation]

[upbeat music playing]

[indistinct conversation]


[Sasmi] Ri, do you know this? Stardom.

[Riani] I know.


The bands who came out from it

are now very popular, right?

Yeah, and we're planning

to get an audition.

- [Monica] Scorpion Sisters joined, too.

- [Ussy] They're going too?

- [Monica] Yeah.

- They're already popular. What for?

[Monica] Actually, that's great.

When else can we compete

against our own idol?

Can you imagine?

We're on a big stage,

watched by the whole nation.

[Riani] Hold on.

You said it's only to get

more pocket money.

Why is it the Stardom now?

[Ussy] Simple. Go big or go home.

It's not that simple.

What if I make a mistake?

A mistake won't k*ll you. Here.

[Ussy] Mon.

[paper rustling]

I got this in the bag!

Guys! Look here.

I want to record our first day

of practice as The Virgos!

Where's the place

Where anyone can accept

Me who always bring troubles

To the people around me

Oh, should I

Accept my fate

Create a friendship

From the wind

Who sings with me

[mouthing] Stop!

Code red!

[indistinct conversation]

[Ussy playing Fr Elise]

[Riani harmonizing]


- [cup clinks]

- [sighs]

What's going on actually?

Oh, my God.

So, your dad doesn't allow you

to be in a band?

Classical music only.

And he's a control freak.

I got away with going against him

just once.

When I got into public school.

Even then, he tried to move me

to France.

[Sasmi] At least you're not me,

I'm getting scolded anywhere.

I was scolded at school,

at home, and even in the toilet.

My business never interferes

with my school.

Doesn't she understand that her daughter

wants to be a businesswoman.


[Monica] My dad is the most inconsiderate.

He was the one who taught me

to play drum, though.

[Monica] He's weird, right?

Well, then, we have to win Stardom.

Because that's the fastest way

to make them believe in our dreams.

[Monica] If only we win.

What if we lose?

Then we get caught by our parents?

Oh, my God.

I'll drown in

Natuna Sea and die.

[growls] And I'll haunt all of you,

especially you, Riani!


[Monica] What are you

I know how we're going to do this

without getting caught.


We should just wear masks.

To fake our identity

and make people curious about ourselves.

[Riani] So we'll put on the masks

when we're on stage.

We'll take them off once we're done.

Our parents would never find out.

[Monica] What else?

- Just mix it, Mon. We have a lot.

- Okay.


[Sasmi] What about hers?

[indistinct conversation]

[Sasmi] Okay, I got it.

- Cute!

- That is so cute!

Here they are.

Bring them here, Miss.


[all squealling]

[Riani] So cute.

They're great.

Everyone, listen to Sasmi.

I'm the manager.

Why did she cut it?


Once I'm done with the alteration,

it'll be perfect.

[all whooping]

[News Anchor] Possessed people were

found in at least seven ares in Bandung,

- varying from 12 to 18 years old.

- Hi, Mom.

From the report, they only att*ck

their own parents.

We still don't know if there's

a connection between these cases.

[Riani's Mother] I heard this happened

because they played too much phone games.

They get impulsive like that.

b*ating people here and there.

[Riani] You heard that

from a Whatsapp group, right?

There are lots of gossips

going around, Mom.

Hey, don't mess with me.

I'll invite you to my Whatsapp group later

and I'll make you the admin.

Oh, my God.

What is this?

Oh, my God.

I'm sure

the costume will make

everyone look at me.

Just like that.

To me, right?

You forgot something, Esmeralda.

I'm the vocalist.

Oh, no.

Silence, Rosalinda.

Let me dream just once.

Why don't you want

to be touched, Rosalinda?

Am I that repulsive?


[Sasmi's Mother] Sasmi is possessed!

- [screaming]

- Sasmi!

- [Sasmi's Mother screams]

- [Sasmi] You're selfish!

- [Sasmi screaming]

- Sasmi, calm down.

What happened to you?

[Sasmi] I just want to help you!

- [Monica] Sasmi, calm down!

- [Sasmi] You're heartless!

- [Sasmi's Mother screams]

- You're selfish!

- Sasmi, calm down!

- No! That's my work.

Calm down!

Sasmi! No! Stop!

- Stop!

- Calm down, Sasmi!

[grunts] Oh!

[Monica] Sasmi, stop!

[screams] Sasmi! No!

- [table breaking]

- Oh, my God.

Sasmi? No, Sasmi!

Sasmi, what happened to you?

You don't understand

why I sell stuff, right?

- You never understand!

- Sasmi, no!

- It hurts!

- Yes, Sasmi. I understand.

- [screams] Sasmi!

- Sasmi!

- [Sasmi grunts]

- Sas, wake up!

I love selling stuff!


[incoherent talks]


[screams] Sasmi!

Be careful. Nurse, please be careful.

I'll be with you, Sasmi.

[car door closes]

[sighs] Riani.

That was f*re, wasn't it?



It cured Sasmi, Ri.

And made her got h*t, too.

If you didn't wake her up,

it could've gotten worse.

[Monica] But, do your parents know?

About your power?

Dad and Mom...

[dramatic music playing]

They only know I'm obsessed

with f*re and...

addicted to smoking.

But this means you can do this

since you were a child?

It became uncontrollable

as time passes.

It bothers me a lot, too.

[Riani] That's why I moved schools a lot.

Even when I was singing,

the f*re sparks appear.

So, the sparks from back then was f*re?

[Monica] So, you have another

strange power?

Maybe, you can pass through walls

or something.

Or can you cure pain from the past?

If you do, let me try.

- That's impossible.

- Well, I was just asking.

[Riani] I can see the colors of sound

and what emotion it presents.

It's called Synesthesia.


- Synesthesia.

- Synesthesia.

[Riani] So I can see color of voices

and their emotions.

If you're honest,

your color will be light blue.

[Riani] If you lie, it'll be gray.

So, when Sasmi was possessed,

what was her color?


A color I've never seen before.

Let's go in.

[News Anchor] The possessed people

wake up after 24 hours.

The police ask the people

to stay calm

and not to play the video...


About your f*re...

I think,

we should open a recovery clinic.

I'll give my testimony,

then if this happens a lot,

a bunch of people will come to get cured.

So, you want me

to be some kind of shaman?

Well, not a shaman, but...

Hey. But, Sas...

Did you pee under a tree

and then get possessed?

Were you on dr*gs?

No. Oh, my God.

I was just sitting, waiting for you guys,

and I was on my phone.

Suddenly, I realized

I was in the middle of the street.

Alright. The important thing is

you're okay.

Because we don't have our manager.

Just in time!

You guys still haven't recorded

the audition video, right?

You have to do it soon

because the deadline's coming.

Scorpion Sisters has made theirs.

Check it out.

Scorpion Sisters' instagram.

Let me see.

This one?

- Yes.

- This is so cool.

This is so cool.

Leo must be the one who sh*t it.

But, wait. Are Leo and Carmine

going out, Sasmi?

Right. The rumor is...

Carmine is the one chasing Leo.

It's confusing, right?

Well, why doesn't he want

to be with Carmine?

Carmine's got everything.

Beautiful, in a band...

- A singer.

- Maybe Leo doesn't like too pretty girls.


- You got a crush on him?

- No.

Are you sure?

- [laughs]

- No!

- [Monica laughs]

- Aw! You like him.

[laughs] So, which one is Leo?

- Leo!

- Leo!

- Which one?

- Give her his Instagram, Sasmi.


Let me see.

That one.

Here it is.


That one.

Let me see his videos.

Oh, my God. Leo.

He takes good photos,

and he rides a motorcycle, too.

Oh, he's got a video.

- [Monica squeals] Oh, my gosh.

- Hey!

- He's so handsome.

- He's Carmine's crush.

Or Riani's crush?

- It's true, right?

- No!

- Let me take you!

- No. I'm scared. Please.

Please, don't push me.

Just write my cast.

- Sure!

- So it's not plain.

- I brought three colors.

- Give me the red one.

[squeaks] Oh! It fell.

There we go.


Now this is The Virgos!

Sasmi, these are so cool!


[Sasmi] It'll be better

if your hair's neat.

It's even better now.

- Get ready. I'll get the camera.

- Okay.

Ready, guys?

Let's start.

[upbeat music playing]

I've searched every gap

Maybe I can hide

From the loneliness

Everyone wants to be different

But I just want to be ordinary


Impossible for me

To always run forever

My heart's tired and hurt

More than my own feet

Where's the place

Where anyone can accept

Me who always brings troubles

To the people around me

Oh, should I

Accept my fate

Create a friendship

From the wind

Who sings with me

Where's the place

Where anyone can accept

Me who always brings troubles

To the people around me

Oh, should I

Accept my fate

Create a friendship

From the wind

Who sings with me

Me who always brings troubles

To the people around me

Oh, should I accept my fate

Create a friendship

From the wind

Who sings with me


- Hold it!

- Help!

Help! Hold the door!

Hey, what are you doing?

They bullied you, Ri.

[indistinct screams]

But it's for helping people.

- I can't choose who I should help.

- Riani!


Do we have to hold her like this all day?

Mom! I need make up!

- Call the teacher?

- What can they do?


[Sasmi] Riani!

- Help her!

- Let's go!

There. There.

Go there!

[indistinct screaming]

Why is this happening?

[Riani] I can try waking them up.


Put this on.


[grunts] Open it!

Put this on.

Don't let them recognize you.

Hurry! This is hard!

Let's open it together.

Hurry! She's mad!


Alright! Go!

The jacket. Take it off.

Don't let them become like me.

One, two, three!

- Fight them, Ri.

- Come on, Ri!

The f*re's not coming out.

Where's the f*re?


- [Sasmi] You can do it, Ri!

- Bring the f*re out!


Where's the f*re!

- Riani, can you do it?

- Focus!

What should I do?

It's hard! I can't do this.

One, two, three!

Watch out, Ri!

Tie them up!

- [Sasmi] Ri, come on!

- [Monica] Go around them!

[Sasmi] Look at me. Focus. Come on.


Let's run!

[Sasmi] Quick! Quick!

Come on!

[breathing deeply]

Oh, my God.

You're okay, Ri?

I'm fine.

You have a potential to be a hero.


But it was really hard holding the door.


Hold this for me.

[everyone takes a deep breath]

The timing wasn't very good.

- Clean your face.

- The f*re didn't want to come out.

Can you help her, Manager?

Your manager here was cool,

I helped get the f*re out, right?

- [Monica] You were late a bit.

- [Ussy] If it was faster, it'd be better.

[Sasmi] If you want to help people,

you have to control the f*re.

It should be a*t*matic.

You shouldn't have to be angry.

[Sasmi] Let's practice it together.

One, two, f*re!

- [grunts]

- [f*re spurting]

Come on, Ri.





[Sasmi] Come on, Ri, you can do it.

One, two...

- f*re!

- [upbeat music playing]

[Monica farting]

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.


[Riani groans]

- [Sasmi] Again. You can do it. Focus.

- Come, on!


[Riani groans]


How do I put it out?

- [Sasmi] Put it out!

- I can't!

- [squealing]

- [extinguisher spraying]

[Monica] Ta-da!

Your idea is amazing.

Brilliant! How did you come up with that?

This is to test Riani's power!

- [Ussy] When will it boil?

- It takes so long.

- Turn it up.

- [Sasmi] Turn it up.


[kettle whistling]

It only takes five second!

- Me?

- [Sasmi] Just stay put.

- For a refill.

- [Sasmi] To warm the tea.

[glasses clinking]

Looks good!

- [Monica] Me first!

- [Sasmi] Wait!

- Oh, come on.

- There's still a lot.

I want some too.

Okay, Sasmi first. She's hungry.

Is that for me?

- For me.

- Ri, do this more often next time.

I want some.

Get some for me, please.

I'm tired of being the stove!

- [screams]

- Put it out!

Ri, put it out!

Where's the f*re extinguisher?

- What should I do?

- [Ussy] I don't know!

Don't get too close!

[Riani] I don't know!

- [screaming]

- [extinguisher spraying]

My hands!

It's still here!

Oh, my God.


[Monica] Don't use the blue one anymore.

We got the same video.

But only Desi and Ayu watched it.

I can send it to you.

But, if all of you get possessed,

we have nothing to do with it.

You ready, guys?

Make it fast, Ri.

If I get into the hospital again,

my business is drying up.

My dad is on a different island,

if I really get possessed,

I'd have to swim across the sea.

I can't swim.

Calm down, Monica.

I'll wake you up first.

You promise?

- Okay.

- Wait!

If Riani gets possessed too,

what do we do?

Is this zoomed to the max?

Can't we back off a bit more?

If we don't watch it directly,

we're safe, right?

I hope so.

- [ominous whispering]

- [Sasmi] Who's that? He looks familiar.

[Monica] Yes, I feel like I've seen him.

[screams] Riani!

- [Monica] What's with you?

- [Riani] Sorry.

[Sasmi] I think it's safe

seeing it directly.

[ominous sounds]

But maybe

the video that'll get you possessed

is just the one from Ayu?








I remember where we saw him.


That one

The handsome one.

Handsome by your standard or mine?

What's your standard of handsome?

When he doesn't know he's handsome.

That's called lacking confident.

- No.

- [Riani shouts]

[Riani] Guys, get up first.

- Oh my god, I can't get up.

- I don't have the strength.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my gosh.

The night

Be prepared

[crowd cheering] Scorpion Sisters!

Let go of your anger

Let it blow up

Without holding it back

Let go of your soul

Everything that's mine



[camera shutter clicks]

You were the one at the studio, right?

Your voice is really beautiful.

Hi, Leo.

I'm Riani.

Bandung 3 High School

Art Festival's committee.

We want you to be the photographer

for our event.

Can we talk for a bit?

[Leo] What?

[Riani] Let's talk for a bit.

[Leo] Okay.

Outside, it's too noisy here.

Oh, okay.

[Riani] Outside, okay?

Your anger

Let it blow up

Without holding it back


That's for the people you hurt!

- Huh?

- This is for my foot.

Because of you, I almost d*ed

getting h*t.

[Monica] Damn handsome shaman!

- [Ussy] Monica.

- What?



Who are you?

Don't pretend you don't know.

You caused a lot of people

to get possessed!


It's a prank, right? Where's the camera...

Many people have gotten hurt

because of your video.


What are you talking about?

This is the photo that I took.

You made this, right?

I swear I have no idea.

You've been caught. Don't deny it!

[grunts] Okay.

Just think about it.

If I were really behind all of this,

by putting my own photo,

it means su1c1de, right?


He's kind of right.


[Riani] Sorry.

We were too pissed off.

It's okay. But let me see.

[Leo] This photo really

can get you possessed?

Sasmi's one of the victims.

I might get blamed for this.

Have you met the person

on this photo?

[Riani] You knew him?

Well, I can look him up tonight.

[Carmine] Leo.

[all] Hi, Carmine.

- What's going on?

- [Leo] Nothing.

They just got the wrong person.

Let's go inside. There's one more set.

Sorry, Car,

something urgent came up.

It's our h*t song.

[Leo] Next time, okay?

Hi, Carmine.

[Monica] Hi, Carmine.

Alright. I'll find him.

You're doing it now?


- We're coming with.

- Let's go.

That'll be diffcult,

because I ride...

Just me, then.

- You just want to be alone with him.

- What are you trying?

How sly.

It's an investigation.

- Well, you're right.

- It's an investigation.

Just you two?

[giggles] It's okay. Here.

Safety first.

- Or you want to sit in front?

- No.

It's for the investigation.


Investigate thoroughly.

Why can't I go?

[Sasmi] Don't stay out too late.

[Monica] Five centimeters apart!

- You'll get frozen at midnight!

- [Leo] You okay?


His name is Juna.

He's a fan of Indie Bands.

He's always there for their concerts.

[knocking sound]


Excuse me?

[knocking on door]

[Riani] Hello?



[Riani] Hello!





Open the door!


[Leo] Are you okay?




[Leo] Juna!

Stop running!

[Leo] Why are you hitting me?


What's wrong with you?

[Riani] Be careful, Yo!


Yo! Yo!



[Riani] Leo!

- Are you okay?

- I'm okay.

Where's Juna?

He got away.

He ran so fast.

But relax, I'll find him tomorrow.

I'll go with you.

How? You hurt your leg.

Can you walk?

I can.

Let me carry you.


So it won't take long.

[romantic song playing]

Hold on properly.

Come on.

[Riani] Guys, check this out.

[f*re whooshing]


- That's great!

- How did you do that? Again!

- That's so cool!

- Again!

[Riani screaming]

[water splashes]


- Great!

- Again!

Why are you running, Dad?


- Why are you doing this?

- Let's catch him!

Do as we practiced.

Put on your mask.

- Run!

- Why did you do that to me?

- Come on!

- Don't use the blue f*re!

Wait for me!

[girls squealing]

Why are they running here?



[indistinct scream]

Ri, now!

Run! Run!


You're awake, Son.

- Do it jumping!

- Okay, wait.

[Sasmi] That's so cool!


[Sasmi] I like that! Come here.

Come here.

- Do it gracefully.

- You were like

Do it again!

Oh God! Help!

- Am I on f*re?

- No.

- Are you hurt?

- Mon, I'm sorry!


Once again.

[Monica] One, two, three!

Ri! Control your face!

So cool!


You're so cool!


That was crazy!



You're ready to be a hero, Ri!

[instruments playing]

That was fun.

One more time?

- You're already cool.

- Let's practice one more time.

Wait, Guys.

- What's wrong, Ri?

- My back hurts.

What's wrong?

What's wrong?

Can you please get my bag?


Let me hold it for you.

Did you fall or something?

I think I'm just too tired.

My body's been sore lately.

It feels...

kind of cold.

I think you caught a cold.

Let me put it on you.


[Ussy] Ri, what is that?

It's okay.


There's something wrong.

You can't just use some balm on it.

Ri, let's go see a doctor.

No. No need. It's okay.

It'll go away in a bit.

It's been like this lately.

Did you use your f*re too much?

Do you have health insurance?

I got some for sale.

It turned so blue.

Hey, what's this?

I think it's Leo's.

- Leo, huh?

- You said your back hurts.

- [Monica squeals] What's going on?

- Leo's the medicine, huh?

Oh, my gosh. Sorry.

Go meet Leo, you'll be well in no time.

I ran into Juna again, yesterday.

And I think he's just

a regular DVD hacker.

Why did he run away then?

Not sure. Maybe he thought we were cops

or something.

Let's look into him later.

I'm not sure about him.

- [Leo] Riani!

- Yeah!

Put your bag there.


[Carmine on the phone] Leo?

[Leo] Now, push, slowly.

Then, shake it.



You don't need to bend your body.

Done? Take it up again.

[Leo] Hey.

Don't put it in too deep.


Move it slowly.

Then, press it.


What's wrong?

It hurts.

- [Leo] What hurts?

- [Riani] It stings.

- [Leo] Alright. I'll keep going, okay?

- [Riani] Mhmm.

Push it for a bit.

Now the last shake.

[Leo] Forward.

[Riani giggles]

[Leo] Now, wait until it dries.

[Leo] Thank you, Ri.


This photo is very important to me.

This is the first time I took my parents

and my brother on a trip.

With the money from taking photos.


I'm curious about Juna.

How could he make a video that

gets kids possessed

and hate their own parents?

He must really hate his parents.

I can't imagine it.

Having such a big anger

to Dad and Mom.

[Leo] I can.

I once had a fight with my dad,

it was quite a big fight.

He didn't want me

being a photographer.

I fought back.

And he threw me out of the house.

But it was a good thing.

Because of that,

I can be independent.

[Leo] Just like now.

[Riani] When was this taken?



It was the first time I met you.

I haven't heard such a beautiful voice

in a while.

I got chills.

You think I'm a ghost?


Wait. Let me check.

Is there a nail here?

Oh, you're safe.

- [Riani laughs]

- Sorry. I'm kidding.

It's not funny, right?

[car door closes]

[car door closes]





- [screaming]

- [Woman] Help!




[Riani's Mother] Ri!

Oh, my gosh.

What happened, Mom?

The neighborhood kids were possessed

and att*cked us.

Thankfully, the neighbors came quickly

and called the police.

If not...


The police said,

it's the first case of attacking

other than their own parents.

[Riani's Mother] I don't know

what's going on, Ri.


How could I have enemies?

It's only been three months

since we moved here.

[Riani's Mother] This is really dangerous.

You have to be careful.

If you see something strange,

call the police.

Don't get involved.

[Riani] It's a thr*at.

He followed me for days.

He knew about me and my f*re.

Then, what's your next plan?

He hurt my parents.

I won't let him roam free out there.

Wouldn't that get your parents

in more danger?

Juna is pissed off because of my f*re.

If I wake those possessed people,

he'll stop me.

He'll come to me.


[Ussy] What happened?

[Sasmi] No! I'm not possessed!

I just got an E-mail,

we passed Stardom!


We just need to upload

our live performances.

I'll find you guys small jobs.

We must keep up the spirit.

- [squeals]

- Check this out!

Scorpion Sisters got in too!

We're got in with Scorpion Sisters!

It means we're on the same level

as our idols!


[instruments playing]

[Riani] Okay. Let's move on

to the second song.

[rock music playing]

It's not easy to step up and

overcome our obstacles

We won't give up

I'll rely on my heart. I don't care

about the obstacles

I dare to live my days

I don't have to doubt


I won't ever stop


[Monica] Ussy, look at that!

Riani's sparks can wake him up.


[indistinct chaos]


[upbeat music playing]


[crashing in the distant]

[indistinct chaos]

- [girls screaming]

- Ri! Help!


[Monica] Riani! Where's Riani?



[f*re whooshing]

Where am I?

Mom? Mom.

[Sasmi] Where have you been?

Where have you been?

See! We have a victim.

- Should it be like this, Ri?

- Mom!

Do you really want to help people?

Your sparks could save them!

Look at them now!

What's the use of our practice?

Focus, Ri.

Ri! Why didn't you follow us?


Mom! I'm sorry! It's my fault!

[woman bawling in the background]

[Man on news] We now have a casualty.

There's an escalation here.

From one point,

it spreads to the whole city.

I think, we have to get ready

for a bigger terror.

We just got a recent statement

from one of the senator members,

Ridwan Bahri.

[Ridwan Bahri] I have contacted

and urged the Police Chief

to catch the one behind this.

[News Reporter] What can the senator do

to stop these possessions, Sir?

We are urging the people not to panic

and not to play the video.

Because the video is now widespread.

And it's getting harder to track.

We hope that the people

won't further spread the video.

Let alone for the sake of pranks.

[Reporter] That's merely prevention.

People are dying out there.

[Ridwan] No further comments.

[Reporters] Sir! Sir!

[crowd in chaos]

[phone vibrates]

[upbeat music playing]


This is the five finalists

that will perform live

on the most popular

Youtube channel in Indonesia


Rangki and Bang Joe!


Rich Buddy

The fourth finalist: Scorpion Sisters!

And the last finalist....

Virgo and The Sparklings!


I'm so happy!

[vehicles roaring]

[phone rings]



[melancholic music playing]

[instruments playing]

[Sasmi] Stop!

It lacks something, Guys.

It feels empty without Riani.

Everyone knows that it's empty, Sas.

But, where is she?

If she's not here,

then we're not going to practice?

If this is what we're going

to perform at Stardom,

it means su1c1de.

It's better not to perform at all.

Don't joke around, Mon.

We got into the final.

Isn't this your dream?

[Monica] This is my dream!

But I don't want it to be a nightmare

just because our performance is bad.


The whole country laughing at us!

Let's just not!


I have sacrificed a lot for our music.

You think it's easy?

What are you saying?

You think you're the only one

who made sacrifices for The Virgos?

I sacrificed a lot for this band.

I sacrificed my grades at school.

I want to see us succeed,

- but this is just forcing it!

- Enough!

There's still another way...

The only way is for you

to find Riani and bring her here.

Don't just sit around

and sell stuff here, Sas.

- What?

- Mon.

You said this is your dream.

Then prove it!

No wonder people call you a bumpkin.

You can only dream.

Delusional. Coward.


Am I that pathetic in your eyes?

Mon? Mon!

[melancholic music playing]


The practice's over?

There's no practice, Ri.


The Virgos is disbanded.



I want you to know

I do love you

I want you to feel

What I'm feeling inside

Try to listen

To what I'm saying

Don't hurt me

Hold your ego

Because I want to love you, always

Don't hurt me

Hold your ego

We're going home tomorrow.

Because I want to love you, always

[Riani's father] If she knew the risks,

this wouldn't have happened.

[door opens]

[door closes]


Come sit here.

I fell, Mom.

Don't lie to me.

[Riani's Mother] I told you before,

don't mess around.

I told you.

Dad can't be transferred anymore.

I'm also tired of moving around.

Don't you think about us?

We don't need to move, Mom.

I haven't done anything.

[Riani's Mother]

Haven't done anything, Ri?

If you really haven't,

you won't end up like this.

Even if we move,

I won't change. I can't.

Do you want to keep

being like this forever?

[Riani's Mother] Are you proud of it?

Other kids aren't like you!

Other kids can't do this, Mom.

- Riani! Enough!

- Put it out!

You knew?

Yes. Since you were a child.

Why didn't you tell me?

[Riani] Why did you let me suffer alone?



This is why I don't want you

to use your f*re.

It is weakening you.

If you keep using it,


[Riani's Mother sobbing]

If you love us,

take care of yourself.

[Riani's Father]

Don't use that f*re anymore.


[Riani's Father] Okay?

I can control the f*re, Dad.

I can help people.

Why should you help people

if your life is the price?

You're still young.

Let the police handle it.

You both know

the police can't do anything.

We just don't want to lose you.

[melancholic music playing]

[Leo] Ri.



So, why are we meeting here?

[Leo] Are you in a bad mood?

Is it that obvious?

This is the face of a person

who always thinks about others

but forgets about their own selves.

[Leo] Right.

Congratulations on Stardom.

I will be voting for you.

The Virgos has disbanded, Leo.

How come?

What about Stardom?

Are you here just to congratulate me?

So I watched a few videos

about the possessed people,

and most of them

they started to get possessed

in the middle of the video.

Where did you get this video?

Lots of people tried it,

for a challenge.

I just realized it now.

So we need to gather the videos

and watch them till the end.

- Let's go.

- [Carmine] Leo?

You said you can't take pictures

of the show.

Why are you here?

I have something to do.

But you can take our pictures

for the Stardom, right?

I'm sorry, Car. They've booked me first.

Hi! We haven't been properly introduced.

- [Carmine] I'm Carmine.

- Riani.

You're The Virgos' vocalist right?


[whispering] Stay away from Leo.

Are you Leo's mom?

Car, we need to go.

Good luck. Let's go.

[Riani] We need to know the exact second

they get possessed

- and what they're seeing.

- What if I got possessed?

It's okay, Leo.

It feels like being drugged.

I'll be waiting outside.

Being drugged...

[Riani] If something happens,

I can wake you up.

- Let's go.

- Ready?

[video playing on laptop]


It's safe. It's a prank.



Ah! Hot!


It's okay.

None of the videos you compiled is right.

[video playing on laptop]

How many more videos?

They're only 15 seconds, Leo.



Listen to me.

[Riani] We were wrong.

It's not the video, but the voice.

I know this voice!


So you finally found out.

How dare you!

[casting spell]

[distorted] Get her.



[whispered] Get up.


[whispered] Don't move.

Release them!

Don't want to.

We can do this all night long.

What do you want?

All the parents are hospitalized

and some even d*ed.

What did they do wrong?

[Carmine's father] I told you

to stop doing that. Damn brat!

[Carmine's mother] We should've

thrown you away long ago.

This is all

because of them.


I don't need to be woken up,

this is the real me.

Do you realize

that my voice doesn't affect you?

Because we're the same.

People like us should lead the country.

You should help me, Ri.

I'm not like you!

[distorted] Get her.


[Riani] Are you really okay, Sas?

I'm fine, Ri.

[Riani] Leo?

I'm fine. It's just...

kind of sore.



[Riani] The next target should be Stardom.

Because all the young people will watch

the live streaming on Youtube.

The world will collapse.

I have to stop her.

I have to go to Stardom.

You can't do that, Ri.

Even more, you're alone.

[Leo] You know it's chaotic out there.

The security will be tight.

There won't even be a live audience.

But, The Virgos can get in.

[Sasmi] The Virgos is disbanded, Leo.

The others no longer care about Stardom.

It's not about the band anymore.

We'll have to get them.


- Ussy, wait. Listen to me.

- Wait.

[Riani] Mon.

This is a matter of life and death

of so many people.

[Riani] A country, Ussy.

Only us, The Virgos, can end it.

My band got into Stardom, Dad.

It's a huge band competition.

[Riani] Monica got into the final

of band competition, Uncle.

It'll be streamed on the most popular

Youtube channel.

Being on a band makes me happy, Dad.

This is my dream.

I'm sure my dream can make you proud, too.

You know,

I paid 100.025.000 Rupiah

for the surveillance cameras of our home.

Including the one inside

your music studio.

So, my daughter wants to become a star?

I've been waiting a long time

for you to say this.

[happy music playing]

When is it?

I'll be invited, right?

Yes, Dad.

Be careful.

Be careful.

[upbeat music playing]

Let's shut Carmine's mouth up.

Let's go.

It's closed.

What? Why is it closed?


Is there another way in?




The event is starting!

Kedondong and noni, if you buy a throng,

don't forget about me.

Stardom is starting!

[Sawit's Mom] Sawit!

- Hey!

- Why are you bringing your phone?

It'll be fine!

- It's starting!

- This is the show we've been waiting for.

I can't wait!

The Stardom finals!

Back off!


[door opens]

And out of all five finalists,

the one that we've been

waiting for the most...

- Scorpion Sisters!

- [Carmen mimicking] Scorpion Sisters!

- The vocalist with the golden voice.

- The vocalist with the golden voice.

- Everyone's favorite!

- Everyone's favorite!

- Carmine!

- Carmine!

It's easy.

- Huh?

- Huh?

- Let's go.

- Let's go!

[Carmine] They ask us a question,

but they won't hear.

[Carmine] They give.

[Carmine] But they forget to love.

[Carmine] They want us to be different.

Chasing a dream

they couldn't hope to reach.

Hey! Come join us.

- Come play with us.

- Run!


[Carmine] They think we're stupid

and silence us with v*olence.


Get out!

[Carmine] We'll create a new world.

Without cries.

[Carmine] Without disappointment.

Without greed.

Without them.


[manic chuckles]

Why did you turn it off, Ri?

[Carmine] You said you want to be famous

like Scorpion Sisters?

Quick! Close it!



Open up, guys!

[Drag queens] Hi! Hello!

Where are you off to?

[screams and grunts]

We missed one person! Leo!


One! Two! Three!

- [screams]

- [squeals]

- Use that!

- Use that!

You locked me out!

- [screams] Run!

- [screams] What? Wait!


Fight them!

Let go of your anger

Let it blow up

Without holding it back

Let go of your soul

Everything that's mine




[people screaming in chaos]


[indistinct chaos]

Get ready

Let go of your anger

Let it blow up

Without holding it back

Let go of your soul

Everything that's mine



Let it blow up

Without holding it back

Let go of your soul

Everything that's mine


[mic feedback]

[distorted] Get her.

[heroic music playing]

[screams] Charge!

[Monica] Hey! What should I do?

- [grunts]

- [Monica laughs]

What do you want?

[fighting sound]


No... No!



[Leo grunts]

[distorted] Listen to me.

Fight her.


- [possessed people grunting]

- No! Let me Go!

Let go!

Riani, help!

I didn't want to do this to you.

Because they said love has to be honest.



[whispered] Go.


- [girls screaming]

- [possessed people grunting]

Riani, Help!

[distorted] Get her.

Are you sure you don't want to join us?

I'll take that as a no.

[distorted] Get her.

Still up for it?

[Riani pants]


- Yo.

- [Carmine] Aww.

[Leo grunting]


[indistinct chatters]

[girls screaming]

Carmine? Carmine!

Carmine? Carmine!


- Riani!

- Riani!

- Ri!

- Ri!

- Riani!

- Wake up, Ri!

- Riani!

- Riani!

- [Leo] Slowly.

- Hold her.


Wake up, RI.

I still want to be in a band with you.

- Please, wake up, Ri.

- No. No way. Ri?

Riani? You can make it.

Wake up, Ri.

The f*re we got from her

is coming back to her.

Guys, Hold her!





Riani, are you okay?


It's chaotic out there, Ri.

- I have to help them.

- You're still weak.

- But I have to do it.

- No.

Let's do it like in Rembulan.

Use your voice.

So you won't have to go out.

She should be on live, right?



- [Cameraman] We have to check it.

- [Leo] Alright then.

- Please check it right now.

- Sure.

One, two, three.



Stop scolding me! You're confusing me!


We can't! She doesn't have enough energy.

We have to give back her energy.

Let's gather everyone she'd helped.

- Sir!

- Camera operator, please come over here.

- Sir! Sir!

- Everyone, quick!

Sir, help us!

What should we do?

Make a line, and touch the shoulder

of the one in front of you!

Ready? Everyone's ready?


[grand orchestral music playing]



[slaps] What's wrong with you?

- What happened, Mom?

- How could you do that to your mother?

Is The Virgos still performing?

[Sasmi] No. Because the one who'll

perform is Virgos and The Sparkling!

[rock music playing]

It's not easy to step up and

overcome our obstacles

We won't give up

I'll rely on my heart. I don't care

about the obstacles

I dare to live my days

I don't have to doubt

Won't stop running

Look at me

Screaming out loud

My real self

As bright as the sun

Hands held tight

Darken the guts

'Til the day I stand here

Screaming out loud

Something big will...

- The end of the world, Uncle?

- More bad guys?

[girls speaking over each other]

[overlap chattering]

Wait a minute.

Will you give us a w*apon?

So. how is it, Uncle?

[overlap chattering]

- Talk slowly.

- One by one.

[overlap chattering]

And make me stop

Look at me

Screaming out loud

My real self

As bright as the sun

Hands held tight

Darken the guts

'Til the day I stand here

Screaming out loud

[audience cheering]

Look at me

Screaming out loud

My real self

As bright as the sun

Hands held tight

Darken the guts

'Til the day you stand here

Screaming out loud

Screaming out loud

My real self

As bright as the sun

Hands held tight

Darken the guts

'Til the day you stand here

Screaming out loud

Screaming out loud

- [audience cheering]

- Virgo! Virgo!

[metal clanks]

[door opens]

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