21x1079 - The Morning Comes! Luffy and the Others Rest!

Episode transcripts for the TV show "One Piece". Aired: July 22, 1997 – present.*
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Japanese animated television series based on the successful manga of the same name.
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21x1079 - The Morning Comes! Luffy and the Others Rest!

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With weakness as my ally

yowasa wo mikata ni tsuketa boku wa

I soar higher than anybody else

dare yori mo takaku toberu no dakara

It's a pity to linger in a place like this

konna tokoro de tomatte tara

For the things that's been lost will lose their spark

nakushita mono ga kagayakanaku naru

At times when you're lost somewhere

kimi ga dokoka mayotta tokini

If my heart is also adrift

boku no kokoro mo samayotte itara

I won't be able to find you

mitsukete agerarenainda

Your kindness, nor your strength

yasashisa dake janaku sono tsuyosa mo

I already know


It's the break of dawn

yoake no toki sa

To the highest point of reach

saikou toutatsu ten ni made

I'll dash through all the way, yeah

ikki ni kakenukete iku kara, yeah

I bet you're laughing, numbed by it all

mahi shite waratterundarou

For the pain of those days is now in the past, perhaps

ano hibino itami mo kako dakara tabun

With the world as my enemy

sekai wo teki ni shinagara

I stand my ground on quivering legs

kuzuresouna ashi de fumitodomaru

Keep moving, just a bit more for me

ato sukoshi dake ugoite kure

The awakening moment The time of resurrection has come, now

saa fukkatsu da mezame no toki ga kita ima

The awakening moment The time of resurrection has come, now

saa fukkatsu da mezame no toki ga kita ima

"The Morning Comes! Luffy and the Others Rest!"

So Nika...

...finally emerged.

I can't believe two Emperors of the Sea fell at the same time...

We can't cover this up.

The news will spread around the world in no time.

The timing couldn't be any worse!

What should we do?


Is it true that Zou disappeared?

Yes. Slowly into fog.

What does that suggest?

Then they won't open the borders!

The Land of Wano will stay as an iron-tight fortress!

I guess they changed the plan accordingly.

Seems like someone smart is in charge.

So it's impossible to take control of them by sending a big army!

Can you at least...

...bring back Nico Robin?

I will!

CP-! CP-!

A jamming signal?

You guys...

Who are you?!

Wait there!

I'm heading your way!

The Kozuki Clan...

The real g*n family is back!

The Land of Wano is freed from years of tyranny,

and is going wild over the Kozuki Clan's victory.


Are you...

...a Navy soldier?

I won't tell you!

Did you come to ask that?

You look miserable...

I thought you predicted that you'd be okay...

...as long as you didn't betray Kaido...


When I saw the monster, I knew I was gonna die,

so I became Kaido's subordinate.

Kid and k*ller, on the other hand,

continued resisting...

...despite certain death!

Even if I foresaw their victory...

how could I...

how could I suck up to Kid after all this time?

So it wasn't me?

That one-percent thing?

The certain man you predicted was...

That was me...


Both of them are b*at up.

Frankly, there is a possibility they'll never wake up...

Don't worry.

If we let them sleep for a while, they'll wake up noisy and full of energy!

Come on! Take all you want!

The safe products from the Paradise Farm are all ours now!

Take it! Take it!

I'm hungry...

No, I'm not! Samurai don't get hungry!

Everyone! Don't put away the f*re Festival decorations yet!

By Momonosuke-sama... I mean, g*n-sama's order,

we'll have another festival!



Starting today, I'll be teaching this class.

Is Miss Sarahebi gone?!


I'm sorry, but I need you to forget everything that she taught you.

I will teach the history of the heroes from scratch!

--What?! --No!

First, let's talk about a fine fellow, Kozuki Oden!

He was a bad guy, right?!

Truth be told,

that's a false story made up by a traitor, Kurozumi Orochi!


I'm gonna talk about the life of the true hero...

...Kozuki Oden!

This man was very simple and innocent, and the one-and-only hero!

Shortly after he was born, at the age of zero, he sent his nanny flying!

Of course, I was surprised!

Komurasaki-sama, the most beautiful woman in the Land of Wano, is Oden-sama's daughter!

That Kawamatsu-dono the Kappa saved her from the burning castle!

It's a beautiful story of loyalty!

The samurai who protected her by disguising themself as a yakuza named Kyoshiro...

...is a member of the Akazaya Nine, Denjiro!


Do you know who took down Kaido?


Yeah, I heard that the warrior's name was Joyboy!

Seems like he already left the country...

I wish I could have seen him! He's a hero just like the God of the Blade!


Build temples?

Mm-hm. Just like Ryuma the God of the Blade,

I want to build one dedicated to Oden-sama on a hill overlooking the Flower Capital!

Surrounding it,

we will build temples dedicated to Yasuie-dono and the other Daimyo who fought for the country.


...temples for Ashura and Izo...


Onimaru! That tickles!

To think, you're alive!

This brings back memories.

You're our comrade too, since you fought for this country.

Do you want me to ask them to bury us in the same grave as Ashura and Izo?

Is that okay, Marco-dono?

Of course-yoi.

One's home soil is the best.

That's probably what Izo would want.

I survived again...

So did we...

If we survived while something happened to our heroes,

it would be too much...

Let's hope they are okay.

I'm hungry...

I'm not, I'm not, I'm not.

Big brother-sama!

Big brother-sama!

Yamato-kun, where are you?!

Luffytaro-san and Zorojuro-san have...

Big brother-sama! Luffytaro-san and Zorojuro-san have...

...woken up!

You are still a tomboy...

It does not hurt though...




Thank you for waiting!

Grilled fish!

More to come!

Luffy! Zoro!

Luffy! Zoro! You are up!

Luffy! You woke up!

Good morning, Luffy! I'm glad that you woke up!

You shouldn't drink that much yet!

Oh, this is something to celebrate!

Let's get this party going!

Whoa! You two! Do not eat too much yet!

The whole country was going to have a banquet when you woke up!

Let us have it today!

Hey, I am Momonosuke!



So you became an adult!

Your body looks strong!

Because of Oden's blood?

Let me punch you.

Do not!

Do not do it!

I won't go full-out!

Your body looks tough!


They are bullying me!

Onami, help me!

Stop it!

I-I am still eight years old!

It does not hurt though...

Oh, you're right.

He's tough as I thought.

This is the world of adults, Momo!

You can't hide behind the privilege of youth anymore!


You're a child inside, but you look like Oden outside!

Stop putting a tray on my head every time you see me!

Your body's very tough! You have to thank your parents!

You're gonna be the strongest samurai in this country!

I will work hard on that!

Let's eat! Let's eat!

Oh yeah, Yamato!

Let's take a bath before the banquet! Your prayer is answered, right?


I heard there is a custom in the Land of Wano to pray to the gods and Buddha,

holding something back until your wish comes true.

Until you two got better,

I gave up eating and taking a bath!

Oh, really?!

Thank you, Yamao! I got better thanks to you!

He's such a good guy!

We aren't dirty though.

I wiped your body clean.

Are you happy?

Mosshead! I need to talk to you!

Oh yeah, you...

After the battle,

if I lose my mind,

you must k*ll me.

Yeah... I...

I came back from hell to k*ll you!

No, forget about it.

It's good now.

You can't be sane with that silly face!

What did you say?! Any way you look at it, I look sane!

Die gracefully!

You die, Mosshead!

You told me to k*ll you!


Let's go take a bath.

Oh, Nami. There's no mixed bath in the castle.

Is it okay if I come with you?


All right! Let's bathe!



Bathing is the best!

What?! Am I dreaming?!

Y-Yamato! You...

It feels good!

It's great to take a bath together!

We'll have a banquet after this!

That's great!


The men's bath is so noisy!

I want to be bewitching like you!

Feels good!

Remember? We used to take a bath together with Oden-sama and the others.

Though it's uncomfortable for me to bathe with other men.

Okiku-chan, you haven't changed at all!

I'm older than you now!

Feels good!

It feels really good!

Hey, did you hear?! They said the banquet is today!

Let's celebrate again! The revival of the Kozuki Clan!

Let all the regions know!


Now it's fixed.

Yeah, we can set sail.

General Franky is fixed, too!

That one is so cool!

Don't get cozy with the others, guys!

Don't drop your guard until we sail out safely!

Information must have leaked from somewhere and reached journalists by now.

We'll be targeted as replacements for the Emperors of the Sea!

He's right. This is an isolated country, so people can't see us from outside,

but we can't see our enemies' actions, either.

Maybe the bounties for our captains are higher than we've ever seen!

Yes! I don't know where information leaked from and how...


I know you're the source! How annoying you are!

The bounties that everyone cares about have been released!

Do you wanna see them?

It's all there!

Your new bounties and...

...the names of the ones who'll be called the new emperors of the sea!

I asked, "Where are you now"!

I told you, Sakazuki-san, I'm in the air.

In the air, where?!

Oh, I can see the Land of Wano now.

Don't do anything unnecessary!

Okay?! Ryokugyu!

I understand!


I really do.

"Time's up"

"jikan gire sa"

Someone laughed again

dareka ga mata waratta

All right, now hide-and-seek

joutou saa kakurenbo wa

Is over


Let's go, come on (We can see it soon)

ikou hora (mou sugu mieru)

Make our hearts b*at loudly (Our island)

kodoku nari kishimase (boku tachi no shima ga)

Something will change (We can see it soon)

nanika ga kawaru (mou sugu mieru)

Be tough, there's still time (--)

chikara zuyoku nare jikan wa aru zo (--)

Let's raise it

kakage you

We can't go on Living a life of nothing but loneliness

kono mune afureteru kodoku dake ja ikirenai

We're young, so we're free

osanai boku ra nara jiyuu dana

A foolish dream

baka na yume

We live it


We'll illuminate the dark path ahead

mienai saki wo terashite yuku

Get on our feet and try

jibun no ashi de Try

Let's see the ends of the world together

sekai no hate wo tomo ni miyou

Together we can go and fly

issho nara ikeru Fly

The long-awaited dawn excites the people

and toast-making cheers are heard throughout the Land of Wano.

As the winds of the times blow violently,

news of the defeat of the Emperors of the Sea sweeps across the sea.

The names of Luffy and the other captains gain prominence in the world along with some new stars!

On the next episode of One Piece! "A Celebration Banquet! The New Emperors of the Sea!"

I'm gonna become the King of the Pirates!
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