The marvels (2023)

Batman, Superman, Avengers.. etc.. Movie Collection.

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Batman, Superman, Avengers.. etc.. Movie Collection.
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The marvels (2023)

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Dar Behn; There’s only one here, there’s four a pair
We’ll keep searching, it might be buried elsewhere
Dar Behn: Else where? Like where?

Muneeba: Kamala , are you doing your homework?
Kamala; Yes, science

Enter Kamala Khan, shine on
Arrives just in the nick of time because the avengers are in trouble
Why are hands so hard to draw?

What’s your name kid?
Ms Marvel
Dude, twinsies

Can you fly?

Carol; I see flashes, moments I piece together

You expecting a call?
Let it go to voicemail

Nick fury my favourite one eyed man of intrigue
Fury; Carol Danvers prodigal child of the milky way

What do you make of these surges across jumpway yard
Carol: I didn’t notice anything unusual until now

Monica will give you intel
Carol: What’s she doing there? I thought she was on Earth
Fury: She’s not the kid you remember

Monica; Can we get this fixed before dinner?
I do know someone with superpowers
Monica: You go, I’ll see if i can reverse the damage

Monica; I don’t want to talk to her not like

Fury: You know you are going to have to talk to her

Monica: I know, just save the family reunion until after I get back

Carol; It’s a jump point but it won’t close, it’s stuck

Kamala: My name is Kamala, I’m Ms Marvel , i haven’t got my mask on, is this an Avengers test?

Carol; What did you do to me?
Kree: It’s too late, you can’t stop it
Carol: Let’s see about that

Going after the skrulls on Tarnax
Fury: Don’t go in swinging , this is is a peace and rehabilitation mission

Kamala: I didn’t break my closet door
Muneeba: So the door broke itself?
Kamala; I was in space
Yusuf: Did Captain marvel break your door?
Kamala: Captain marvel was in our house?
Muneeba: She came walking up and down our living room, you show up with no apology
Yusuf; Is captain marvel pressuring you in any way, she’s an important figure
Aamir: They’re working together, look at her face, so secretive

Kree; The Annihilator
Carol: I don’t like that name

Monica: We switch places when i use my powers
Fury: Strong theory, strong theory

Kamala: What the hell is happening?
Muneeba: What the hell is happening ?
Kamala: I was on a space ship then this freaky thing ate a man
Run please

Kamala: Is that the new Ipad? I haven’t seen it
Monica: I wish
Kamala; If this is top secret, why is it on a clear case?
Monica: Just scroll a little

Muneeba: Why do you have intel?
Monica: Your daughter is the hero who saved Jersey city
And being electro magnetically gifted

Kamala: What does S.A.B.E.R stand for?
Monica: Strategic aerospace biophysics and exolinguistic response
Fury: That’s classified

Monica: Carol can absorb light energy, i can touch it and you can turn light light energy into physical matter which I’ve never seen before
Kamala; I can totally show you

Carol: It’s really good to see you again Lieutenant trouble
Monica: It’s Lieutenant Rambeau
Carol: Right, sorry

Muneeba; Where is our daughter?
Monica; The third person we switch with, teenage girl

Monica: Our exposure to unstable points and suspectability to electromagnetic energy entangled our whirl winds

Carol: When did you get powers?
Monica: I walked through the barrier of a witch hex, now i can see and feel all aspects of the electromagnetic spectrum
Muneeba: I’m so happy for you

Dar Behn; I know what the skrulls have been through , maybe more than anyone
After my predecessor was destroyed, heretics rose, the civil w*r polluted our sky, my people can’t breathe, our sun is dying

The skrulls will find their rightful place in the Kree Empire and I will aid in the relocation
I’d hate for your people to suffocate when I strip the atmosphere

Dar Behn; So it works?

If you give me time

Dar Behn: Use it now before the Annihilator returns

Kamala: I can’t fly , do you have a ship I can borrow

Carol: Kamala don’t talk to them

Kamala: You know my name

Dar Behn: The Kree came here hopeful we could create a covenant of peace and you sicc the Annihilator on us

Carol: We save who we can!

Dar Behn: Breathe
Do you remember when the sun used to shine on Hala ? How beautiful our home was, before it, before her
I was there, I heard her lies, she claimed to set us free
When she destroyed the supreme intelligence, she destroyed the Kree
For thirty years I have fought alongside you , brought you peace, found a way to return Hala to its former glory

Monica: They grounded us to investigate earth bound anomalies
Carol; That must have been really hard for you, i know how much you wanted to go to space
Monica: You said you’d be back before I knew it
Carol: I meant what I said, I didn’t know what I was getting into, if you knew, I didn’t know how to explain that to a little girl
Monica : A little girl who hung on your every word
Carol: People needed me
Monica: We needed you

Kamala: Sorry , I didn’t have anything to wear
Carol: Looks good on you, sorry for how I spoke to you before
Kamala: Thank you
Carol: Let’s start over, Carol Danvers
Kamala: Kamala Khan , when I’m fighting in the streets of Jersey city, I go by Ms Marvel, is that okay?
It’s a copyright issue, I never thought I’d meet you , now we’re touching, I realise i should have asked your permission , twinsies

Monica: When was the last time you led a team?
Carol: Last week, you trying giving Goose worms
Kamala: We’re a team?

Carol; How do you have one?
Monica ; What are quantum bands?
Carol: A myth, i thought they were, a Kree ancient artefact

Monica: Quantum bands working together in unison to connect the universe

Monica: She must be overloading it with energy from her space hammer
Carol: It’s called Universal w*apon
Kamala: I would have said cosmic rock

Fury: Hell? Does that mean I’m the devil? They insisted , your father is not adjusting well to space travel

Aamir: Babes I’m in a space travelling elevator going up or down

What is that?
Carol; Kree t*rture device
Kamala: We put it on our heads?
Carol: To access our memories

Monica: She absorbs your energy and redirects it
It’s like you gave her your power to use against you

Monica: I don’t want to relive this

Maria: The cancer’s back, I need you to take Goose
Carol: No
Maria: No?
Carol: I’m not taking the cat
Maria: It’s not a cat
Until Monica gets back
Carol: She blipped, You b*at it once, you’ll b*at it again
It should have been you, the race to the hangar
Maria: I didn’t need to be captain marvel, I’m just fine being Captain Rambeau

Monica: Don’t do that again
Carol: It wasn’t on purpose

Kamala: Your Mum
Monica: Passed away, while i was blipped , i came back, no-one was there
Kamala: She seemed really cool
Monica: She was

Carol: Oceans cover 99.36 per cent of the planet
Monica; Very specific stats, you’ve been there?
Carol: Yeah
Kamala: She said that weird
Monica: Why are you being weird?

Muneeba: What is wrong with that cat?
She’s looking a little pudgy, i think you’re overfeeding her

What is it?
I haven’t the foggiest idea
How’d it get here?
I don’t know
Should we tell Fury?

Kamala: Mrs Marvel, Dr Marvel, Professor Marvel
Spectrum, Vision
Carol: Ooh Vision, sorry

Monica: I don’t need a code name and it’s not going to matter if we’re not connecting out there

Kamala: She gave the eyes

Kamala: Can you hold on a minute?

Infiltrative w*apon

Or from a traitor within

Nick Fury: Let’s not go there, just keep studying this egg did you say?

29 objects identified

Fury: Goose? Goose!

Carol; Comms
Kamala: I always wanted these, testing
Monica: We can hear you baby

Carol: I’m kind of famous here
Kamala: You’re kind of famous everywhere
Carol: It’s different here, I helped a prince with a legal issue

Monica: That’s what you meant by legal issue

Carol: It’s a marriage of convenience, diplomatic, car trouble in a matriarchal society, he is a friend

Carol: Their language is song, most of them won’t understand you if you don’t sing

🎵 A pleasure to announce to this room full, two new faces, one could be more cheerful 🎵

Kamala: I’m feeling so many feelings

Monica: How many chapters for a captain marvel fanfic is this giving you?
Kamala: A lot

Carol: Can we talk?
Prince: Of course
Monica; He doesn’t have to sing?
Carol: He’s bilingual

Carol: Lady of light
Kamala: Glow star, glow star light lady

Carol; Entertain Dar Behn as long as possible, we’ll get the jump on her and take the band

Dar Behn; Pardon your crimes against the Kree
To you, i will never kneel

Kamala: I thought you said you could fly this thing

Monica: Carol get down here

Carol: Hold that thought

Monica; Can you believe this woman?

Kamala: Oh captain my captain

Kamala: Dar Bahn was going to take my bangle
I made a tough call like you did on Tarnax

Carol; Don’t be like me, i messed this whole thing up

Kamala: If we weren’t entangled, we wouldn’t be here

Carol: The kree were led by artificial intelligence for a millenia , i destroyed it, I started this civil w*r, I’m the reason they can’t breathe , that’s why they call me the Annihilator , i never wanted you to see that version of me

Monica: Is that why you never came back?

Carol; I thought if I fixed it, I could come home

Monica: That’s not how family works , i never expected you to be the mighty Ms Marvel

Kamala: I’m glad to be here, it goes without saying, i came at you strong at the start and didn’t give you space to be a real person

She could be anywhere
Carol: She’s targeting everyone i care about and taking resourcing from every place I call home

Monica: We have to warn Fury

Fury; Evacuate as many people as you can then come up with Plan B

Carol: Spit him out, spit him out
Fury: That’s the plan, it’s much easier to transport a family of cats then hundreds of crew members
Carol: So we’re herding cats ?

PA speaker: Attention crew, let the Glurkins eat you, you’ll be fine

Kamala: I’m really sorry

Fury: You think that’s smart, taking it to the badguy?
Muneeba: Give it to me, I’ll take it home

Kamala: Dar Behn opened a jump point, we need both to close it

Fury: Are you praying? Don’t stop, we need all the help we can get

Carol: I know you want to protect Hala but this will be the end of the Kree

What you took from us, i’m returning the favour

Monica: The reactor in your sun’s core has d*ed, need an incredible amount of energy to jump start it

Carol: How’s it feel Ms Marvel?
Kamala: This travelled through space and time to find me, I was born for this

Carol: Your Mum would be proud
Monica: Higher Further Faster

Kamala; You just became part of a much larger universe which is just me, I’m finding others, did you know Antman has a daughter?
I’m putting together a team and i want you on it please
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